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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #8 5.17.17: Danilo is the Man with Several Plans…

• In Michoacán, Ryan converses with the Padre Otero about Laustela. Otero explains that she used to sing in the chorus and eventually came to lead it before she left. He also explains that Laustela’s mother was a single mother, who eventually left her with a tia-abuela named Herminia, who took care of her despite her advanced age. Ryan confirms that he is a friend of Laustela, and used to see her when she taught music in el Gabacho, but lost track of her years ago. He had some pressing business close by and decided to visit her town because she used to speak highly about it. Otero is happy to hear about her after all those years but because he never did again after she left. Ryan asks if he knows why she did and suggests she had problems with her husband. Otero stands up, surprised to hear that Laustela married that boy she used to date.
• Mercy wonders how Laustela will convince Don Chayo to sing at the festival since she’s a stranger but Laustela reminds her that she is the best person to explain that Ryan, and Furia, has been cleared of all charges. Joe also has his doubts and Mercy orders them to keep looking instead of wasting time trying to convince Chayo. Just then, Danilo limps in surprised that they have a meeting without letting him know. Mercy explains that Ryan is in New York so she is taking care of any pressing business but Danilo reminds her that she is no longer alone and that he can help. Mercy tells him that the meeting is over but she will get him up to speed. Everyone exits the board room expect Mercy and Danilo.

• Otero explains that he never thought Laustela’s boyfriend, Fausto, was right for her because he was a loser and a bad person. The rest of the town didn’t either, despite the fact that he pretended to be a good person in the beginning. Ryan explains that she was a single mother when he met her and Otero laments that Laustela ended up like that when she always wanted a family. Ryan asks him to take him to Herminia’s house and Otero goes to look for the keys to show him.
• Danilo looks at the dates of the festival and suggests his band. Mercy laughs it off, especially because they don’t need to sink the company any further, but Danilo reminds her that she has no shares in Furia. He reiterates that he will make any decisions in the absence of Ryan and tells Mercy to let Tato know they will be the headliner at festival. He limps out and calls Ryan to no avail. She leaves him a message to call her back ASAP because Danilo is trying to make all the decisions by himself.
• Genesis tells Laustela that thinks have gone from bad to worst with Don Chayo’s cancellation. Laustela is sure she can convince him, especially because she knows all his songs, thanks to her aunt. She explains that her aunt taught her everything she knows about music and they both lament the fact that they had to leave their Mexico and Cuba and everything they loved. Genesis begins to cry then smiles and tells Laustela that she thought she was going to be arrogant but she now knows she’s just another immigrant like the rest of Furia’s employees. Genesis then confirms that Mercy used to tell them horror stories about her and Laustela tells her that she shouldn’t believe everything she hears. Genesis nods and then wonders if she was as close to her father as she was to her aunt. Laustela shakes off the question by saying she didn’t know Pedro that well and then asks if Danilo’s bad could be their headliner. Danilo suddenly comes and tells her that his band is more than available and asks Genesis to prepare the training room. She obliges and Danilo goes off to get the rest of the members over to Furia. Mercy comes and asks Laustela if she is still willing to talk to Don Chayo and Laustela nods.
• Otero takes Ryan to Laustela’s old house and confirms that they lived humbly but never wanted for anything. Ryan confirms that Laustela is doing a lot better than when she lived there and Otero is happy to hear it. He asks Ryan to take Laustela a box he saved after Herminia’s death. Ryan nods and then asks what happened to Herminia. Otero explains that she probably died of loneliness since she passed a little after Laustela left. Otero then goes off to officiate mass and Ryan stays behind to look at the contents of the box. Inside, he finds a photo and some CDs.
• Genesis gives Laustela Don Chayo’s address but she wonders if they can meet someone else because she wouldn’t like to invade his privacy. She tells her that he is recording an interview today and a single the day after tomorrow based on his FB notifications. Laustela thanks her but thinks the sooner she talks to him, the better.
• Ryan also finds a letter from Laustela to Herminia in which she explains that she is going away with the man she loves to become a famous artist. Just then, his phone rings and he gets a third voicemail from Mercy. He shakes his head as he listens to her complain about Danilo.
• Danilo meets with Asdrubal and tells him that he will now be the headliner at the festival and without El Dorado’s help. Asdrubal thinks it will be the perfect time to test him out as a money launderer and explains that he should report he won a lot more money than he actually did for performing at the festival so that El Dorado can launder his money. Danilo thinks it would be complicated since Ran is the one who manages the accounts at Furia and Asdrubal asks Talisman to get Danilo his gift: a gun. Asdrubal asks that Danilo not break it like he did the tour bus but Danilo is quiet.
• Laustela meets Don Chayo in his dressing room before the interview and gets right to the point: Ryan nor Furia has anything to do with organized crime and she knows because she is Pedro Carrillo’s daughter.
• In Furia, Danilo watches Morgana and his band practice. Once the song is finished, Danilo tells Morgana that she needs to sing with more emotion or wear less clothing (whichever is easiest). Genesis comes and tells him that Laustela is out and probably won’t be back soon since she’s talking with Don Chayo.
• Don Chayo tells Laustela that he has already fought with everyone who says regional music is linked with organized crime but Laustela asks for an opportunity to convince him, as his biggest fan. She tells him that newer bands won’t have staying power, like him, because they don’t care about the music like they do. Don Chayo asks her not to lie but Laustela tells him that she is one of her best memories from Mexico is listening to his music because it brighten up her darkest days. She tells him that she will never forget his best song, Que Nadie Sepa, and they both begin to sing. She tells him that his music gave her strength and they have to show the newer generations what they are about.
• Morgana asks Danilo for a break but he tells her to keep going until they get better. Just then he receives a call from Ryan, who tells him that his band is not ready to headline a festival. Danilo thinks they are but Ryan doesn’t want to discuss it any further because he is unwilling to risk Furia’s reputation and hangs up. Morgana realizes that Ryan rejected Danilo’s offer but Danilo tells her they have no other options because Don Chayo refused to do the festival. Morgana reminds him that Laustela may be able to convince after all and Danilo suggests Morgana use her own ASSets to do a better job on stage.
• Don Chayo performs at the interview. Once finished, the presenter comes and asks if the song is new. He confirms it is and they will be recording the video for it soon. He also announces that he will be performing at the festival and tells the audience that a wonderful girl, who spoke with such love for regional music, was able to convince him.
• In her office, Mercy and Genesis watch the interview. Genesis is ecstatic to see Laustela convinced Don Chayo but Mercy reminds her that it’s easy for a young woman to convince an older man, alone in a room. Genesis shrugs and Mercy asks if Danilo is still practicing. She confirms that they left a little while ago.
• In the dressing room, Don Chayo compliments Laustela on her persuasion skills and then tells her he has two conditions for performing at the festival: 1) he does not come back to Furia and 2) everything regarding the festival is handled by her. She agrees and they hug.
• Sometime later, Laustela arrives home and Mercy congratulates because not all their years of friendship, or her many offers, made Don Chayo change his mind. Laustela confirms that all she had to do was speak with the language of the heart, music, and show him why she was her number one fan. She then tells Mercy that their debt is squared but Mercy wants to see Don Chayo’s signed contract first and then they’ll talk.
• Ryan calls Steve and tells him that he feels horrible for investigating Laustela behind her back. Steve tells him he should admit that he’s falling for her but Ryan can’t forget what Realstela did to him. He wonders how long he will carry around his feelings of loss and Steve tells him that he must let go of the past to be happy. They hang up and Ryan looks at the picture of Laustela and her aunt before calling her. He asks her how her day went and she gives him the good news: Don Chayo will be the headliner at the festival. Ryan is happy and asks her what Mercy did to convince him. Laustela confirms that she was the one who convinced him and Ryan smiles. He apologizes for the final conversation they had but Laustela tells him to forget it. She then asks him when he comes back and Ryan tells her that he will be back soon. He bids her a good night and they laugh before hanging up.
• The next day, in the Furia conference room, Mercy, Joe and Laustela wait for Tato and Don Chayo to sign the contract for the festival. Tato comes in, ecstatic to have Don Chayo confirmed and then Don Chayo comes in, furious, with a newspaper in hand and asks for an explanation. Danilo then limps in, asking what is happening, as Laustela reads the headline which states that Don Chayo’s band was replaced by Danilo’s bad.
• Ryan visits Herminia’s grave as a cemetery worker comes and suggests he at least bring flowers for Herminia. Ryan confirms that he actually knows Laura and the man tells Ryan that it was Laura and Fausto’s fault that Herminia died.
• Danilo looks at the newspaper as everyone waits for an explanation. He tells them that he has nothing to do with the story but Don Chayo tells them that he is not performing at the festival despite the fact that Tato has already started printing posters announcing it. Joe thinks they can come to an agreement and Danilo introduces himself as the new owner of Furia (much to Mercy’s annoyance) as Laustela suggests they reach out to the media and tell them Don Chayo is still performing. Danilo agrees and tells Don Chayo that the story was an insult as his Tato’s lawyer as them how they will stop the story from spreading. Laustela tells them that they have an idea.
• Ruben reads the news story to Morgana and they both smile. She thinks it’s great El Dorado got the story out so quickly and imagines that it must have caught a lot of money. Ruben worries that they may owe El Dorado too many favors but Morgana thinks El Dorado will be the perfect person to help launch her solo career.
• Danilo thinks Laustela’s idea to gather the press at Don Chayo’s video recording so they can clear the air is great. He then offers to share production costs for the video and strokes Don Chayo’s ego by telling him that he has a lot to learn from him. Don Chayo agrees with their idea but reminds Laustela that she is responsible because she is his number one fan. She agrees and Mercy tells them that they should send out bulletins to confirm Don Chayo as the headliner as Tato confirms that he will open the ticket presales. Danilo then asks Don Chayo to tell them more about his video.
• Sometime later, Danilo limps into the training room, furious that Don Chayo ruined his plans. Morgana asks what he wants 40% at Furia for if he doesn’t have the balls to follow through. Danilo confirms that he is thinking and Morgana chides him for his mysterious, and ultimately useless, plans. Danilo smiles after a second and tells her to guess what Don Chayo’s new video will be about.
• In the conference room, Don Chayo signs the contract and Laustela thanks him for giving them the opportunity. He then says goodbye to everyone and leaves. Tato then announces that per his lawyer’s request, Furia will also have to sign a contract. He gives it to Joe and announces that Furia will be legally responsible if Don Chayo backs out of the festival. Joe and Mercy think Furia’s years long relationship with Tato should be sufficient but the lawyer wants the contact signed. Laustela offers to sign the contract and Joe because she was the one who convinced Don Chayo to perform at the festival. Mercy and Joe exchange a look.
• Ryan tells Otero what the cemetery worker told him but Otero suggests he pay no mind to it, as it’s not true. Ryan asks if he has proof and Otero tells him that he doesn’t need proof to know the truth. Ryan wonders if there is something of truth to the rumors that Laura and Fausto took Herminia’s money and ran way. Otero confirms that he is free to believe whatever he chooses.
• In her office, Mercy congratulates Laustela on another job well done and Laustela confirms that she likes her job and loves being among the music and the artists. She goes to check on the video but Mercy asks her to sit back down and asks about her relationship with Ryan. She hopes they would be back together already, for Paloma’s sake, but it’s her responsibility, as the woman, to decide if and when she wants to get back together with him. Laustela is surprised at how interested Mercy is in her relationship with Ryan but tells her that she already made a decision. Mercy hopes it is the right one and suggests she let Ryan register Paloma as his daughter so that everyone knows the truth and they can live happily ever after.
• Ryan wonders how Laura could’ve been so blind to Fausto’s true nature but Otero confirms that love is blind. Ryan nods and assumes Laura might have been an accomplice for love and Otero nods. Ryan asks if he knows where Fausto may be but Otero doesn’t remember; only that he came form a frontier town. Ryan thanks him for everything and leaves.
• Laustela doesn’t want Paloma to think Ryan will be there her whole life, because that may not be true, but Mercy thinks her relationship with Ryan is separate from his relationship with Paloma. Laustela would love a father for Paloma but it’s not always what one would want. Mercy doesn’t understand why she’s being so difficult if Ryan is Paloma’s father, and suggests that she agree to her request lest Ryan fight her in a court of law, but Laustela will not agree to anything under duress. She goes to leave and Mercy tells her that she worries about Paloma and confesses that she’s beginning to love her. She thinks it may be the call of blood and Laustela smiles, knowingly.
• Sometime later, Danilo introduces Laustela to Morgana and Ruben. Morgana is less than happy to meet her but Ruben is excited. Danilo confirms that they already took their promotional photos and she reminds him to clear everything up regarding the festival. He slowly caresses her face and thanks her, much to Morgana’s annoyance, and Laustela goes to see if Don Chayo needs anything.
• Don Chayo is getting ready for the video and Laustela chides him for all the weapons he will feature in his video. Don Chayo explains that he will be fighting against organized crime in the video and she nods before thanking him for allowing Danilo’s band to appear in the video. Don Chayo reminds her that Danilo suggested it, a lot, and thinks it would be good publicity for them. He then asks if she would like to be in the video but Laustela prefers not to. She then tells him that she received word from Furia that they have sent out bulletins, confirming him as the headliner, and presales are going great. Don Chayo is happy and then goes off to film the video.
• During the filming of the video, Morgana dances seductively, front and center as Laustela dances from the sidelines. Then, Don Chayo and Danilo fight for Morgana’s love as the video continues and both band point guns at each other.
• During a break, Morgana asks for more makeup as Laustela tries to figure out why the reporters haven’t arrived yet. When alone, Danilo approaches Don Chayo, who is sitting by the guns, and puts his real gun among the prop guns. He then sits, grabs the real gun and shows it to Don Chayo, surprised at how real it looks. Don Chayo confirms that he can never distinguish between real or fake ones, and that’s that he used to have a gun collection. Danilo asks if his wife made him get rid of it but Don Chayo confirms that he just doesn’t need a gun to earn anyone’s respect. Danilo agrees and tells Don Chayo that he thought it would be easier to handle a gun but Don Chayo explains that every gun is different. Danilo asks how he would cock the gun he has in hand and then calls Ruben over so he can serve as a target. Ruben suggests Danilo does it himself but Danilo eggs him on and Ruben agrees. He sits down and Don Chayo points the gun at him and shoots. Ruben falls on the floor, bleeding profusely, as Don Chayo screams that they changed the guns and Danilo chides Don Chayo for shooting Ruben.
• That night, Mercy tells Joe that the festival is going to be a success. A lot of the sponsors have signed up again after hearing that Don Chayo is back as headliner and 75% of the presale tickets have been sold. She thinks it will be a way for Furia to come back to what it once was. Joe reminds her that Don Chayo doesn’t want to renew his contract with them though but Mercy asks him to leave it in her hands. She then receives a call form Laustela, who tells her what happened. Mercy is shocked and tells her that the press can’t find out but Laustela confirms that they were late and she was able to intercept them before they got on set. She also explains that Ruben is fine and the incident shouldn’t derail the festival. They hang up and Mercy is shocked to see how efficient Laustela is.
• In the hospital, Morgana comes and asks Danilo how Ruben is. The doctor comes and explains that Ruben is fine because the bullet missed any vital organs but he needs to let the police know what happened. Danilo asks the doctor to make sure the man responsible goes to jail and leaves. Once alone, Morgan chides Danilo for his stupid plan since Ruben could’ve died. Danilo feigns cluelessness but Morgana reminds him that he insisted the band be in the video and now she knows why. Danilo reminds her that it could’ve also been Asdrubal’s idea but Morgana chides him for going along with it either way. Danilo admits that it may not have been the best plan but she heard the doctor; all he needs is for her to keep her mouth shut. Just then, Laustela comes and asks how Ruben is. Danilo tells her that Ruben is in grave danger and then she asks again what happened, as she couldn’t talk to Don Chayo after the shooting. Danilo tells her that it was an accident and he already spoke to Ruben so that he doesn’t press charges. Laustela thanks him and asks to speak to Ruben but Danilo tells her it is all taken care of and Laustela leaving after asking Danilo to keep her updated. Once alone, Morgana asks Danilo why they wouldn’t accuse Don Chayo and Danilo confirms that they are going to wait until the festival is sold out and then accuse Don Chayo so he can’t make it and their band performs in his place…


Good Morning!!

Thank you so much, Alfredo, for working diligently and quickly on this recap. As always, a tremendous job in describing all the details...very well written!

Some quick thoughts before I start my day...

Just when I thought things were starting to slow down, the writers bring us a shocker. I knew as soon as Asdrubal handed the gun to DanilowdownAH that he was going to do something really stupid. But I was totally floored. DanilowdownAH just hit the all-time low on my scorecard. Talk about heartless and self-serving…I was stunned by his callousness and indifference in using his friend just to get his band to the festival. I had started questioning his integrity and loyalty (to his “friends”) when he first suggested to Morgana to “work it” with Ryan, but endangering his buddy’s life like that with such ease? WOOOWWW!! What's the deal the people in this band? They seem to have been together for a long time yet none of them are loyal or care about each other? They just use each other to get what they want? I sure hope Ruben obliterates Danilow's little plan..and I hope Morgana, with what little brain she's got, takes her ASSets and runs as far away as she can.

I did enjoy seeing Ryan and Estella finally having a conversation without sneering at each other...that was sweet.

Gotta go...looking forward to reading everyone else's comments


Thank you Alfredo and Anita for this week's recaps.
I'm glad to see that the pace hasn't slowed down, seeing how this is a short novela I hope the writers keep it up.

It was interesting to find out about Laura's past. Ryan is definitely making her a priority, by dropping everything and going to dig into her past. I wonder if he'll find out something that makes him doubt that Paloma is her daughter. So far all he knows is only helping him to keep guessing what her true character is.

Danilo sure showed his true colors, though. Callous, murderous, selfish...and I'm sure we have yet to see the worst in him. What a dumb, tiny little person he's turning out to be.

Now that Paloma's parentage is becoming such an important part of Walter Cabrera's legacy, I wonder if by some twisted telenovela reckoning, we find out that she is actually Ryan's or even Danilo's daughter...We're all sure that Laura isn't the mom, so... who knows.
If that's not the case, I bet that either brother will have a child soon enough... I had to gag at Morgana's horrified expression when Danilo suggested a baby. Good for you girl, work those assets, you're too pretty to be changing diapers while your baby daddy goes around town almost killing innocent people.

Thanks, Alfredo. I missed most of the episode last night.

Ugh, Danilo is ruthless to risk his buddy Ruben like that. Glad Morgana is on to him.

Ryan, Paloma's daddy is lo de menos. Find out about Fausto.

Thank You ten times over Alfredo, because you work ten times over to get these out to us .

OK. LowDownAssWipe is dead to me. We all understand that it was simple chance that the bullet missed his heart by less than a foot, right? I am sure the original plan was with Curly dying and he just had some TN luck. AssWipe is dead to me, and I will watch the rest of the show wishing him a slow agonizing death, (and watching assets).

Ryan gets lowdown on Lauest...
Finally a TN with a nice Priest.....! !
Lillian(Mercy) is now trying the Faaaaaaamilllly card to get the baby surnamed....
Old Goat is still singing in the Goat Rodeo....
Assets has mire wiggle than a box of fishing worms.......
Yada yada yada
DaniLowDown ass MUST DIE turd

Nice, Alfredo a big thanks.

dodo, and I liked the cad Danilo, what a cold hearted coward.

Well, Ryan got his dirt so his self righteous ass can bully a girl without the luxury of being born with a silver spoon. Did he forget, just a week ago he was on trial for murder and despite the best legal counsel money can buy needed someone to lie to save him?

What in the heck are those things stuffed in Morgana's daisy duke top?

"Now that Paloma's parentage is becoming such an important part of Walter Cabrera's legacy, I wonder if by some twisted telenovela reckoning, we find out that she is actually Ryan's or even Danilo's daughter." That parentage IS an intriguing many possiblities, but since it seems Laura was an only child we can rule out any blood relationship with Laura. Even more twisted would be if she were Pedro C's or Walter's daughter!

"What in the heck are those things stuffed in Morgana's daisy duke top?" ROFLMAO I've asked myself that question many times, tofie!

Kirby: "I will watch the rest of the show wishing him a slow agonizing death" I certainly will be hoping for that too. I thought NoJuan was bad, but at least he showed some caring for Perla...but this guy, I do wish the worst possible death for him.


Tofie: 'Tha girls' AKA assets

You are talking plastic, right? That's OK, my boat and car are plastic and are both a lot of fun too. :-)

Yeah, I am liking many of these people less and less. Stealing a car is a big deal in and of itself. I think they even have a colloquialism for it and a game too, like Grand Theft Auto. Not to mention all the other shit he has done, like trashing her house, etc. etc. For his momentary flashes of good, Ryan is a rotten , dishonest jerk. We still do not really know his angle. He is out of jail now, so why not set his prisoner free?

Maybe I will feel different when they let us know what disgusting deeds Laura is running from, and why some blind old prune wants to kill her. Good luck, what you planning on using Geronimo, a bow and arrow?

Good morning, all. Thank you , Alfredo for another excellent recap.

Well, do we have another telenovela lacking good folks?

Kirby, as you pointed out , we have a priest, but will we see him again, or was that a once and done thing.

I got a kick out David Z. As he turned to leave the church. He kind of cowboy sauntered up the aisle ala John Wayne. Then, he paused to carefully put on his hat..beige this time. I think that he is enjoying this character..muy macho. I remember Fernando Colunga being interviewed by Cristina about his role as hot Don Luis in period costume and sword in Alborada. He had quite a lovely swagger . He kind of moved his shoulders as he walked in a very determined manner. David Z seems to be channeling FC.

Well, so much for my reading of Danilo as goofy and vaguely charming. He is evil ..and stupid...the worst combination because dumb is dangerous. Que lastima. Do telenovela writers no longer like nice people as characters? I like nice people.

Enjoying the caray patio as I enjoy my patio and my blooming rhododendron until the heat rises...90 yesterday, today, and tomorrow before we dip to the 70s over the weekend. QTH?

Thanks so much, Alfredo! Wow, DaniLow really hit a new low last night, setting up his bandmate/friend Ruben to be shot, and possibly killed. I guess he figures the payoff is worth the risk-- El Dorado won't kill him, AND he gets to headline the music festival and throw his weight around at Furia.

Considering that Don Chayo is a real life regional music singer, he's being quite a good sport being given such a large role in this tn, not just a brief walk-on role. Will fictional Don Chayo get sent to jail for shooting Ruben? Poor man.

The mysteries of Laura's past get murkier. Seems that young Laura got involved with the wrong man, but I don't for a minute believe that she robbed her beloved grand-aunt. We know that she left and stayed out of Mexico because she and Paloma were in danger from Mr. Blake. We just don't know how she went from being a starry eyed girl, running off to be a music star with her boyfriend in a border town, to being locked in a room with a gun and a baby making threats and counter-threats to Mr. Blake and his henchman. There was also a brief flashback during one of her nightmares where someone was trying to drown her and she stabbed that person in the hand with a knife.

I think there are plenty of good people-- Laustela, Rosario/Chayo (not to be confused with Don Chayo, who is also good peeps), Genesis, Paloma, the priest.

And then there are characters who are a bit grey, but not bad-- Ryan, Joe (yeah, he's having an affair with Mercy, but doesn't seem to be evil), the maid (I think she's actually good, and she had no idea Mercy wanted her novio to rob Laustela), the director of the Everwood Foundation and the teacher who was Laustela's friend (good people who let bad info/rumors influence their treatment of Laustela).

Also good peeps: Agustin

So, is crazy Mr. Blamey Blake the father of Badbeau and abuelo of Paloma? Did Badbeau rob Laura's guardian? Were Blamey Blake and Badbeau involved in drugs?

Vivi: Body Count in LDVDEC

1.) Several of the teachers at the Elementary School

2.) The Racist Skinhead

If there's anyone else I might have left off, let me know.

Alfredo--Gracias for a timely and detailed recap. Onward and..., though it seems a little downward after last night's episode, rather than upward! Love how the onion peels are sliding off Laura's backstory.

Vivi--You put together just about all we need for a believable backstory.

Susanlynn--All three of your possibilities seem probable.

Danilo is more stupid than evil right now. He's sure he'd planned the perfect scheme to get Don Chayo out of the limelight--at least on stage, as he explained to Morgana. He didn't take into account that Ruben might die. I guess he thinks, oh well, he's only a band member, he can be replaced, but he needs to get his band to the stage, front, center and the highliner. I think the only thing that makes this band stand out are Morgana and all her Assets. Please, someone keep Danilo from following through with his scheme before the Fiesta.

I don't know how much others are interested in your body counts, so early in the story, at any rate. Nowadays, unexpected deaths, accidental or otherwise, seem to be par for the course. I, personally, would rather concentrate on the living characters and the evolution of their personalities and the complexity of the story, whether death touch them intimately or not. me, anyone who puts someone in front of a guy with a gun (that he knows is a real gun) is evil. I thought Dan was young, inexperienced, and foolish , but he is a guy completely willing to injure or kill someone to get what he wants. Dan, you are a bad person.

Susanlynn--You are correct. Put a gun in someone's hand and sleazy mischief can become deadly. Danilo stepped over the line into evil when he switched the guns to make Don Chayo the "delivery person" in his little scheme. If he hadn't been given the gun, he'd still be trying to figure out how to get Don Chayo off center stage.

Yeah, I now see evidence that Danilo is not so vanillo.

Ryan is controlling, but I can see why he wants to know Laustela's whole story. He needs her to keep their lie going and he doesn't want her past to jump out and bite him on the butt. That said, nosy as I am to find out the Fausto story, he could even be putting her in danger if he asks the wrong people the wrong questions in that little town. He should've never gone there without telling her.

For the record, Ryan ordered her car taken, but he didn't order her home trashed. That was the gang goons that trashed the house.

Danilo reminds me of a spoiled kid that's never been held accountable for their actions and thinks they can get away with a smile and a lot of lip. Time to grow up before somebody gets killed.

Did Walter support Dan and his mother? Did Dan grow up with money like Ry did?

Ryan is doing this for his own benefit and not Laura's. He's a controlling creep but we see a lot of controlling creep galan's in plenty of TN's, I just don't find it attractive.

Susanlynn--From what I could discern, Dan did have contact with his father, but probably on occasion. I think Walter would have contributed to their upkeep, if they had needed it, but from Danio's speech patterns, he grew up in a middle-class or lower-class community NOT in the lap of luxury.

We may find out differently. Maybe he has only taken on this "persona" to further his image as a bad boy band leader.

Quote--->"more stupid than evil right now. "

To put a loaded gun in someone's hand and coax him into shooting your bandmate is a bit beyond a bad practical joke.

NieCie thanks about the house trashing, I was not sure if Ryan had it done or was an unwitting benefactor.

Anita...I always say that if you listen to people around you, you could write an interesting telenovela. The other day at college, I was waiting for the elevator. A young man and woman were standing next to me having a conversation in a normal voice. The woman was telling the man that her parents never divorced but had been separated for years. She went on to tell him that she saw her father about once a year but had once not seen him for four years. Then, she said that when she did see him, he always wanted to buy her expensive gifts to make up for not being with her much. If I were a telenovela writer, I would have a plot point right there.

True confession..I am kind of missing all those damaged and demented vineyard folks. Crazy, right? Stockholm syndrome, perhaps?

Alfredo, thank you for another fascinating, detailed summary. I so enjoy your writing! There is nothing that you miss and your creative writing juices are evident at every turn.

I have to admit, I'm running trying to keep up here. I think my brain was utilizing cruise control during Vino, and now that there is an actual, interesting story and characters to try and absorb, I'm struggling a bit.

Was it too much to hope for a rather likeable villain who did stupid things without being totally evil? Apparently and disappointingly so. Callously putting Ruben in harm's way completely took me by surprise. He not only isn't skirting the line between good and evil, he pole vaulted over it. I thought that charming, rather lopsided grin was genuine. I didn't see the monstrous glean behind it. Sigh.

The comments were all enjoyable today - as always.

Alfredo, thank you for explaining everything so beautifully.


Thank you, everyone! Always great to see everyone here :)

Is it weird that I like Danilo even more now? He is truly evil, yes, but I like intelligence over goofiness any day. Since Ryan and Laustela are not too dumb themselves it should be an interesting dynamic.

What I hate is that Laustela seems to be warming up to Danilo and may even help him, inadvertently, achieve his goals. Ryan may suspect things sooner but he's off chasing Laustela's tail.

I also don't believe those things they say about her in her town but it does make things more exciting because the story can go a variety of ways. I love that Ryan's being proactive, despite more obviously pressing matters, because Laustela isn't saying the whole truth. He does seem a little controlling, ala Ricardo in MPV, and wonder if DZ just plays his protagonists like that (as he was the same in TVA) as opposed to William Levy or Gabriel Soto (sans Vino) who plays them more subtlety forceful.

Morgana is the one to watch out for because she knows Danilo's tricks and may have the key to taking him down in the long run.

Alfredo..yes, proactive. There was a lot of passivity in Vino . People just let things happen. I hope that Dan does not completely bamboozle Ry and Laustella.

Anita: The Villains in this TN are likely to wreak havoc & cause chaos.

As for your statement, pumunta kayo sheol uppity agitating anak sa ligaw!

Stockholm syndrome, perhaps?



Alfredo, thanks for another entertaining and thorough recap! I must admit I was shocked that Danilo was so callous in setting up Ruben as a target. I was sure Ruben was dead. I was liking Danilo, but have to back off from that.

Julie, you mentioned not seeing Africa Z. in her sweet roles. In Amorcito Corazon, she was planning to be a nun and wore the novitate uniform in the beginning. Willy (Daniel Arenas) eventually won her over. The triple boda finale with a bollywood style dance is a great watch on YouTube. In Amores con Trampa she played older as the wife of Eduardo Yanez and mother of a large family. By the end, she was finding outlets for her creativity as well as loving her family.

Hey ! #chickietomypeeps

Alfredo DZ came in halfway through Fin del Mundo opposite de Sousa as Chava 2.0 and many hated him, but I thought he did an outstanding job especially coming in and having a character change midstream. His overall personality was very similar in that one as here and in TVA, I think.

La Paloma ! ! Oh shoot! I had forgotten that I had watched Africa in Amores con Trampa. She was nice there, that was a fun TN with the talking animals!

Lordy that was a fun fun TN. One of her other castmates from La Malequerena was on that too, the Salinas chick.

OK 'La Malquerida' I can never keep that one straight from that touching yourself all over dance thing.

I like the recap Alfredo. Don't like the sneaky dumbnilo.I'm done with him.
He was kind of funny, but he's not so nice. Ruben could have died and all he
Cares about is that tired band of his.
And it don't look like it missed any
Vital organs. Now if he's gonna get up there and song those badsounding songs
Those people are gonna demand their money back. And they should, that band
Sounds terrible.I dont know if its the
Music or them.

Don Chayo seems to be a nice old man.
He did not Deserve what dumbnilo did to him. I don't like him anymore. Ryan
Better keep an eye on him or he'll just destroy that company. He needs to
Keep an eye on cheatin moma too. Alot
Of cheatin going on.Have I said I do not Like dumbnilo? I don't.

I liked the short phone convo between
Laura & Ryan. I'd like to see more of
Them and less of the Music industry stuff. That is some crooked stuff with
Them. Alright ryan,baby you gonna have
To step up.Baby bro and moma is cookin
Some nasty stuff up.Don't be like dumb
David in the wine country.
I am very disappointed in Danilo. Im
Tired of talkin about him. These shows
Will have disappointments. Ok,thank U
A question to whoever might know about
This, would Regional music in Mexico be like country music,the way country music is in America? I hope I asked that question correctly.

Yeah, I'm surprised you missed Africa, Julie. I've been watching her since her Peregrina days and she has been like Laura Flores "a little bit of everything" actor. First she was the protagonist (Peregrina and Codigo Postal) then the whiny side character (Elsa in Ciudado) then she was part of an ensemble (PVAA) then she was a nun then she was a bumbling mess (Corona) then a tragic character (LM) and then a fun now and now finally a villain.

I hope to see her in more roles in the future.

You hope to see her more AA,
I hope to see MORE of her.

Kirby: Who's got Stockholm Syndrome ?

Alfredo: I like seeing Africa as the Antagonist!


Thanks, Alfredo! Boy was I disappointed in Danilo last night. I thought he was going to annoy me with his stupidity and charm me with his naivete. Now I just want him to have another bus accident.

The short list of people I'd want to hang out with in this TN is getting ever shorter. Let's see... Genesis, Agosto, Paloma, Chayo, Laustela (and she apparently has a backstory that will probably sound really bad but turn out not to be what it sounds like).

Susanlynn: "I am kind of missing all those damaged and demented vineyard folks." They were much easier to keep track of, weren't they? And after a few weeks, we had a good idea of what to expect from them, even if we couldn't figure out why they were doing what they were doing. Estela's "friends" are much more complicated.

Steve, was that Tagalog?

Julie...the only other tn that I have seen Africa in was LA Mal. She was an abused woman with a heart of gold in love with a sweet, rich , hunky artist. That was a very good tn. Christian Meyer and Victoria R were in it as well as many of my other favorite actors , including Arturo Peniche and his son. My telenovio Marcelo Cordoba was in it very briefly.I had to record it because it was on at 10pm. Then, I watched it the next morning while I was eating breakfast. Did you see Passion? The actor who was captain Rick's (FC) bff played a very evil guy in LM.

P.s. I coveted Vick and Christian's bedroom which was the site of many scenes.

Julie: Like I've said before, Danilo Carrera sure does love to play the Arch-Villain & Narcissist!

Plays the role super well.

I dont think hes so muxh arch villain (Mercy seems more the type ala Dona Juana in Alborada). Hes more that annoying brat villain that triea to get his way no mattwr what (ala Diefo in alborada).

Nina, "would Regional music in Mexico be like country music,the way country music is in America?"

I'm not even close to an expert, but while regional music may be somewhat comparable to country music, there is much more variety in the genres of regional music. The types vary from state to state (or region to region) and can be distinguished generally by the instruments used. The type of music the bands play on DV is referred to as "Norteno" music in which the accordion is very prominent.

Steve: I'm not sure if this is accurate, but from my recollection, the "bodies" so far include :
1. Casualties from the attack at the foundation
2. Pedro Carrillo
3. Walter Cabrera
4. Man killed by El Dorado’s men
5. Laustela’s Tia Herminia

Have a nice evening!



RC: Thank You.

I'll be watching tonight, but might flip between this & ABC's "Scandal".

Hi gang!!

I write this from Barcelona (it's, like, obscenely early here... or perhaps late, depending on your point of view), and am sorry that I haven't been able to chime in previously. For what it's worth- Alfredo, you are the MASTER. Were any of you around for what an incredible job Anita did in cleaning, preparing, serving drinks, and pretty much EVERYTHING for the 'Camino' table?? The few recappers that we have had here, my DEEPEST thanks to you all for keeping this fun little patio alive and kicking... (although, in all sincerity, do you guys think it at all POSSIBLE that a patio that Kirby has joined to NOT be fun with a capital letter 'F'??? (lol)

Actually, I just found out (like, 3 hours ago) that my adopted mother who I was supposed to go visit in Biarritz as of Sunday morning has been called to Montpellier because her only surviving relative (a sister) has had a stroke. So God knows what the f**k I'm going to do from Sunday until I can go back to Canada the following Saturday... (anybody got any suggestions?) But no more of this anon! (lol)

Guys, this novela is reaching it's end in terms of it's initial run, and I can honestly tell you that it's fan-fu*king-tabulous. I NEVER would have thought that Rosy Ocampo could produce a novela that would have me BITTER because I have to wait a full 24 hours to get closure from the last episode, but she's done it here. You guys will love this one. :-)

Thanks, and my continued best wishes to all!

P.S.- Oh! I should probably mention that they've already signed on to a SECOND season of LDVDEC... and I think we're all kind-of on tenterhooks to think what that will entail as- to Sra. Ocampo's credit- with just a few more capitulos to air, there are still SO many f**king things up in the air!!! :-)

Let me be the first to congratulate YOU on being in Barcelona (and not knowing what to do with yourself). LOL. Be my guest and go, no, corre, a comer at Casa Alfonso. It was recommended to us by the clerk at Viator-- We had a fabulous time and wished we had had time to go back.

I had no idea Doble Vida was going to be in two parts. Shoot, this is beginning to sound more like a standard U.S. multi-year production. I wanna know NOW how this all comes down.

Looking down the list of characters/actors for this etapa made me think that Rosy was thanking everybody that she could by giving them some kind of part in the story. BTW, you know more than any of us regarding the actors/production team, so I am curious. There are TWO men with a surname of Estrada on this production, Daniel and Raul. Estrada is pretty common, but do you know the status of Carla Estrada's son, the one that was in Pasion? Does she have any other children--maybe in the entertainment life? Wiki gives us no clue.

Anita..Can you refresh my memory. What character did Carla's son play in PAsion? I wish that CArla and MOnica would do another historical romance again.

I believe Carla's son played the young man at the end who was some sort of royalty - king (?) not sure. But he was very handsome.


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