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La Piloto #53 5.18.17: In Which Yolanda Gets Revenge…

• Yanez’s men throw John in the truck as Yanez tells Yolanda that the Lucios are done. Just then, Oscar shows up and begins to shoot at them as Yolanda escapes in the truck carrying John. Oscar manages to capture Yanez and his men, who surrender immediately.
• In the truck, Yolanda checks the gun she got from John and finds the magazine empty. She curses her luck.
• Oscar points his gun at Yanez and demands to know where John is. Yanez smiles before Oscar shoots him in the head. Oscar then shoots him two more times in the chest and leaves with him men to find John.
• Arley begs Amanda to stay but she realizes it was a mistake to come. Arley holds her hand and tells her that he is ashamed for having shot her and begs her (AGAIN) to forgive him. He confesses that he is now an enemy of the Lucios, who betrayed him, but Amanda will never forgive that Arley put his boss’ best interest above hers and their child. Arley begs her to listen and tells her that there is money hidden in Cielito Lindo and remembers when he first stashed it there, as Zulima was nosing about. He tells Amanda that he is sure the Lucios weren’t able to get it out and she should go get it and use it for their child. Amanda shakes her head but Arley begs her to use it for herself and for him because he’s going to escape. Amanda cries as Arley begs her to help him escape.

• Wilmer brings Olivia a coffee and tells her to not worry about Yolanda as they will hear from her soon. Olivia agrees but she hates that Yolanda has to use herself as bait anyway. Just then, Wilmer receives a call from Dave, who asks if Olivia is with him. Wilmer confirms she is and Dave asks if they know anything about Yolanda, before asking for a number where he can reach her. After Olivia nods, Wilmer gives Dave Yolanda’s cell phone number and Dave thanks him before asking if he knows how to unblock a cell phone. Wilmer tells him he can try and gives Dave instructions on how to do so over the phone.
• Around the block from the police station, Zulima drives her stolen truck by Dave’s and hides below the wheel when she sees him. She curses her luck and parks the truck a few feet way from where Dave is parked. She wonders what he is doing there.
• Wilmer finds it strange that the battery in the cell phone doesn’t have a serial number and Dave tells him that it would be best to do it in person and arrives to meet him. When they hang up, Dave receives a call from Yolanda’s number. He answers, surprised to hear from her, and Yolanda confesses that she has John in the truck and needs to turn him over ASAP. She explains that she is alone, without bullets, and Dave chides her for going up against John alone. He then asks if the truck she’s in has a locator and she confirms it does. Dave tells her to get rid of it immediately and he will go get her. She tells him she’s on her way to AeroTours before the call drops. He tries to call her back, to know avail, and drives off, missing Zulima, who is hiding in the car nearby.
• Arley gives Amanda the map to where he hid the money in Cielito Lindo and advises her to be careful. Amanda is scared but she will try. Arley thanks her and suggests she get help from her friends but warns her to not let Zulima know anything. Amanda asks about Zulima then and Arley confesses that the day he tried to kill her Zulima was with them but they didn’t try to kill her because she was sleeping with John. Amanda reveals that Zulima told them John had raped her but Arley tells her to be careful because Zulima is a snake. Amanda nods but Arley tells her to remember El Cartel de las Sombras have eyes everywhere. Amanda tells him she will think about going to get the money as the guards come in and try to take him away. He tells them to wait, goes to kiss Amanda, and then allows the guard to drag him away.
• Zulima asks a policeman on the door what Dave was doing there but the guard is quiet. She walks off, frustrated. Just then, Amanda comes outside and gets a call from Lizbeth. Amanda tells her that she is on her way out of the prison as they speak. Lizbeth looks at Raul, who is sitting next to her, and at Monica, who sits in the kitchen, observing her.
• Dave drives to AeroTours and continues to call Yolanda to no avail.
• As he is lead to the cell, Arley smiles and laughs and tells the other prisoners that he is ecstatic because his girlfriend came to visit him. Camiengo asks him who is she’s and Arley reveals that it was Amanda, who is now pregnant. Camiengo asks if she’s the flight attendant the Lucios wanted dead and Arley confirms it is. Camiengo hopes the child doesn’t come out like them and Arley tells him that he has a lot of cash and will send the child away with Amanda, where he can be realized right. He then tells the inmates that he has cigarettes for everyone and begins to throw them to the other inmates.
• Amanda tells Lizbeth that she is walking to the car and will tell her what happened when she gets to the apartment. Lizbeth wants to know what happened now and Amanda reveals that Arley was surprised to see her pregnant and even offered to take care of the baby. Lizbeth thinks he’s crazy because he can’t even take care of their baby form jail but Amanda isn’t sure. She reveals that Arley stashed some money in Cielito Lindo and asked her to go get it. Lizbeth tells her that they should discuss that in person and implies that she isn’t alone. Amanda understands and asks about Yolanda. Lizbeth confirms that they haven’t heard back yet as Amanda finds that Dave is not waiting where he said he would be. She asks Lizbeth to stay with her on the phone, while she looks for Dave, so she can tell her what Arley said about Zulima. Just then, Zulima comes in her car and Amanda tells Lizbeth that she will call her back before hanging up. Zulima rolls down the window and tells Amanda that it is great to see her. Amanda is quiet.
• Oscar and his men look at the GPS and chase the truck. Oscar wonders what is wrong with the GPS as the truck has stopped moving but they don’t see it. He stops the car and begins to look around.
• Zulima asks Amanda why she is not happy to see her but Amanda asks her where she has been. Zulima reveals that she has been through the ringer but Amanda wants to know if she sold herself to the Lucios, as Arley told her. Zulima chides her for believing Mena but Amanda remembers when she saw Zulima coming out of John’s room and told the girls. She tells Zulima that she doesn’t believe one word she says and warns her that she will tells her friends the truth before storming off. Amanda walks toward the back of the car as Zulima sees her in her rearview mirror and puts the car in reverse. She hits Amanda, who is knocked unconscious, and speeds away.
• A few blocks away, Zulima stops the car and breaks down. She tells herself that she crossed the line and remembers when she accompanied Amanda to Cielito Lindo and they caught Arley cheating on her with Cindy.
• Yolanda gets John’s voicemail and tells him that she is close to AeroTours and will meet him there. A few moments later, she arrives at the headquarters, gets out of the car, and looks around nervously.
• On the road to Villa Antigua, Dave finally gets Yolanda’s voicemail. He listens to it and calls Monica. He tells her that he left Amanda at the prison because he’s on his way to Villa Antigua as he is meeting Yolanda there so she can hand over John Lucio. Monica thinks it may be a trap but Dave has no time and asks her whom they can turn John over to. Monica suggests Garrido, the policeman in Villa Antigua, as they can’t turn him over to Montgomery. Dave thinks it’s a risk but Monica reminds him they have no other options. Dave agrees and asks her to take care of everything while he goes to meet Yolanda.
• Oscar, back at Lucio headquarters, orders his men to keep their eyes open because this is the most important moment in the time of the Lucios. He instructs them to always have two trucks and a helicopter full and ready to go, in case they have to escape at a moment’s notice. The men agree but one of them asks if John will sell them out to the DEA. Oscar reminds them that John’s loyalty should never be in question but they need to watch out for Yolanda. He then gets a message from one of his men that Vergara, Moncada and Montgomery are there to see him. He goes off as the other men go to fulfill his orders.
• Amanda is wheeled into the OR, still unconscious as Zulima sees everything from down the hall.
• Lizbeth and Raul are at his doctor’s appointment. The doctor tells them that Raul is suffering from paraplegia and Lizbeth asks if there is something they can do so Raul regains mobility in his legs. The doctor tells them there is a treatment but it is in its experimental stages. Raul wants to know what it is and where they can do it and the doctor explains that it is a stem cell transplant in Canada. Lizbeth thinks it sounds expensive and the doctor suggests they do their research beforehand. Raul and Lizbeth are quiet and the doctor leaves them so they can talk it over. Raul thinks he will have to spend the rest of his life working and Lizbeth asks if his police medical insurance will cover it. Raul shakes his head and reveals that he is scared something is happening at the Villa Antigua station as his commander was being dodgy when he spoke to him. Lizbeth then remembers when Amanda told her about the money in Cielito Lindo and smiles. She tells Raul that she may have a way to get the money they need. Just then, she gets a call from a nurse, who tells her that Amanda is at the hospital because of an accident.
• Yolanda waits for Dave and then looks to see if John is still unconscious in the trunk. He is and she remembers when she told him she loved him but also when he confessed to having ordered her execution. She shakes her head and laments that she had to betray John but it was his own fault. She then takes out her cell phone, sees that it has no battery, and goes off to find a charger.
• In Lucio headquarters, Oscar explains that Yanez helped Yolanda kidnap John but he already took care of him. Vergara wants to know if they have been able to communicate with Yolanda but he tells them that he has not and she threw away the tracker on their truck. Above all else, Oscar wants to know what Yolanda will do now that she has John in her possession. Moncada wonders if she will hand him over to the DEA and Oscar thinks it’s an option. Montgomery offers to call the police station to find out if John has been arrested and they all agree.
• Arley tells Camiengo that he is in jail because the Lucios betrayed him and thinks they are stupid for sending Canengo to finish him off. Camiengo asks if Canengo is dead but Arley reveals that he is alive and in solitary. Camiengo reminds him that he will get out of solitary sometime and Arley tells him that he will be waiting. He then suggests Camiengo be on his side and Arley will protect him but Camiengo doesn’t want to be in the middle of his fight with Lucios. Arley laughs and reminds him that he will have to choose a side eventually as a guard, Copete, comes and gives him the news about Amanda.
• Dave arrives at AeroTours and runs to Yolanda as John starts to wake up in the trunk. Dave tells her to hide as the federal police are on their way as John looks out the window and sees them. When Dave approaches the trunk, he pretends to still be unconscious, as Yolanda runs and hides.
• Arley asks Copete to do him a favor and investigate a little more about Amanda’s condition. Copete doesn’t think he can as the secretary who told him what happened left for the day but Arley reminds him that he is charming and will get the information of out her if he puts his mind to it. Copete thinks he would need a little more money to do all that work and Arley obliges. He then tells Copete that there will be a lot more money for his help and Copete reminds him to get the money soon because he knows how things work around there. Arley agrees and Copete leaves. Arley remembers when he apologized to Amanda for attempting to kill her.
• Montgomery reports that the federal police have no news about John since what happened at the airstrip. Vergara thinks it’s good news since Yolanda didn’t turn him in but Oscar reminds him that John is still missing. Montgomery advises Oscar to think with a clear head but Oscar is worried since this the first time John has been captured. Vergara thinks it’s ironic that Yolanda was the one to capture him but Oscar reminds them that their whole organization is in danger if Yolanda turns John in. Montgomery asks if Dave might be involved in John’s disappearance but the other men are silent as Oscar shakes his head.
• Dave opens the trunk and John pretends to be unconscious. When Dave approaches him, John kicks him in the stomach and Dave goes down. John jumps out of the trunk and both men fight over Dave’s gun as shots ring out. Dave manages to get the upper hand and knocks John to the ground as Yolanda watches form a nearby window. Dave points the gun at John’s face and John asks him if Yolanda had something to do with it. Dave confesses that Yolanda was always involved in Yanez’s plan and reiterates that he is going to jail. As the police cars arrive and surround them, John vows to make Dave pay. Yolanda watches the whole scene from inside the cabin and tells herself that everything will be okay while praying to her medallion.
• John is place in handcuffs by the police as Monica smiles. John asks Yolanda to show herself but Dave tells her she isn’t there as they drag John away. Monica then asks Dave if he’s hurt but Dave explains that it’s only a few bumps and bruises. Garrido comes and tells Dave that he also has to arrest him as there is a warrant from Interpol in his name. Dave nods and places his hands out to be cuffed. He tells Monica that the most important thing is that John Lucio is arrested and then looks back at the cabin where Yolanda is. She crouches down and preys again as Monica explains to Garrido that Dave only tried to report a corrupt officer in the DEA and that’s why there is warrant in his name. Garrido wants to know who the corrupt officer is and Monica reveals that it is Montgomery. Dave tells Garrido that neither Montgomery nor Oscar can find out that they arrested John, lest Oscar try and help him escape. Garrido agrees, removes the cuffs, and tells Dave that they will talk it over in the police station. Garrido then radios his men and tells them that they will need to maintain radio silence about their arrest for the time being.
• Oscar continues to stress out about John’s disappearance as Montgomery talks on the phone. He hangs up and reports that one of Garrido’s men reported that they were headed to AeroTours but didn’t say why. Oscar is sure it has to do with John and asks his men to ready the helicopter because they are going to Villa Antigua. Vergara thinks it is suicide if he goes because the police will try to arrest him too and suggests Moncada goes. Oscar thinks it over and reiterates that the helicopter be ready ASAP.
• Monica and Dave meet with Yolanda outside the cabin. Monica tells her she did an excellent job and Yolanda thanks her. She then thanks Dave for always believing in her and asks him what will happen now. Dave suggests she hide in the truck for the time being while they go to the police station. She nods and thanks him as Monica looks away, visibly disgusted.
• Garrido and his men arrive at the station and he instructs them to take John to the back of the station and act like he’s just another prisoner. John screams that he wants a lawyer as Garrido tells his men that no one can know John’s there, not even their families. John screams that he will not be defeated so easily and suggests the men join him. They are all silent as they drag him to the police station through the back…


Thanks, Alfredo.

So even Zuli realizes she went too far mowing down a pregnant woman. I guess she's out of cigars and has no place to do her Santeria rituals.

Nice of Arley to tell Amanda about the cash stash, but I don't doubt that he'd shoot her again if he had too. He just wants to get out of prison.

Would be nice to see John and Arley sharing the same cell.

Sorry to see Yanez go, but glad to see a smile on his face cause he knew he stuck it to John.

Alfredo: Maraming Salamat!

Niecie: I was disgusted when Zuli killed a pregnant woman UGH! Where are those anvils for that wretch ?

Yanez got whacked ? WTH ?

Thanks, Alfredo, You are truly amazing.

The "Federal Police" could surely use someone with your accuracy and attention to detail. !

So Zooli just throws her stolen car in reverse and runs down her preggers ex-coworker. Hell is too cozy and friendly for her. It may take me a few episodes to dream up an appropriate anvil for her, but all of her credentials have been input into the Anvil-O-Matic and gears are whirring. OK?

Is there any real suspense as to whether John will be out of jail in two shakes of a sheep's tail? And NieCie you are sooo right, Arley / John cellmates would be a hoot. John is a Baaaad Mf'er when he is beating the stew out of someJuan with ten guys with machine guns standing by to ensure he is the winner. Luuuurvwe to see him alone in the dark with Arley.

And Arley could give a rat's patootie about 'Our Baby', My Son', etc. etc. NieCie nailed it, as he simply sees Amanda as a possible way out of jail.

Not that I believe for a nanosecond that Arley was sincere handing out his precious cigs as a celebration about his potential Daddyhood, but if there was a shred of truth in it, he needs to find out E X A C T L Y WHY he will not be a Papa after all as soon as he is out.

Zooli: meet the Shredder
Shredder: This is Zooli who killed your unborn son.

Enjoy yourselves you two.

Zuli is a horrible person beyond redemption. There was no reason to mow down Amanda. I hope she spends the rest of life in jail being tortured...nothing short of that will do.

Yoli got her man. Good for her but does she know that mi Col is on the hunt for her...she needs to be ready

Monica rolling her eyes at Yoli and Dave was priceless. I totally get her reaction.

Why is Zuli still free to roam around and wreak havoc...she should be out of the country or with the senator by now. Yet she's still spying and accessing info she doesn't deserve.


Monica rolling her.....
Yeah DEADav appears to be one of the few if not the only man in Columbia not selling drugs or dead. Pickins are getting slim.

Monica's neckline has fallen and her jeans look to have shrunk too. I wonder if that has anything to do with Yoli being back in town. I guess if that doesn't work she will still be gunning for Yoli, along with the rest of Columbia and Mexico.

Nett: I totally forgot about the Colombian Army Colonel on the hunt for Yolanda.

You're right, she needs to be PREPARED!

Steve: Yeah the S&M Col with one eye is unstoppable. He is like the original Terminator movie with Schwarzenegger.

THank you all for stopping by and commenting on this crucial episode.

I only saw dark clouds at the beginning of this one and then Amanda's accident happened and I was floored. Zulima is such a witch! I hate that she always appears when she needs to be and whenever someone knows the truth, they are otherwise indisposed.

And then John got caught and I clapped for 5 minutes. Seeing him in cuffs was great. He's not the worse one out of our villains but his stupidity was too great to go unpunished. I'm glad it's all falling apart and the Lucios are squirming along with their puppet masters.

I also felt Arley was sincere. He is gearing up for a war with the Lucios, either way, so that may benefit everyone in the long run.

Wow Alfredo, sounds like this episode was really jam-packed with explosive moments. Like everyone else, horrified that Zulima is capable of mowing down a pregnant woman (albeit it in reverse). Is her momentary regret a sign of redemption? These stories always have a WTF moment when some terrible baddie suddenly sees the light and is ready to toe the straight and narrow. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks as always for your dedicated craftmanship.

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