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Weekend Discussion, 5/19/17: Toxic Mothers, Round III

Now that we're past Mother's Day, it's time to review some of those that are undeserving of such honor. Do any of them come up to the level of Catalina Creel of Cuna de Lobos? Let's talk about this:

Character (Actress): Barbara Greco (Lucero)
Series: Mañana es Para Siempre (2008)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Murder (multiple counts), false imprisonment
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law:
Interim Punishment(s): none
Karmageddon: Disfigurement, madness

Character (Actress): Fedra Curiel de Ruiz y de Teresa / Azela Robinson
Series: Llena de Amor (2010)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Prostitution
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Incestuous feelings toward her oldest son, arranged for a training session with a hooker for her youngest son,
Interim Punishment(s): Unknown
Karmageddon: Being burned at the stake

Character (Actress): Candela Santana de Mendoza (Alejandra Barros)
Series: La Sombra del Pasado (2014)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Defamation of character, complicity in kidnapping, accessory after the fact (attempted murder)
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Unspeakable snobbery, countless attempts at controlling her adult son,  lusting after a priest, emotional torture of son and daughter-in-law,   and the persistent delusion that she is always right.
Interim Punishment(s): Injury and temporary helplessness
Karmageddon: Murdered by Severiano

Character (Actress): Prudencia Mendoza de Zapata (Cynthia Klitbo)
Series: La Sombra del Pasado (2014)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Defamation of character, assault, theft, adultery, complicity in pregnancy scam, inciting mob violence, filing false assault charges
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Unspeakable snobbery, endless enabling of her toxic daughter, cruelty toward an adopted son, and the persistent delusion that she has any class
Interim Punishment(s): None
Karmageddon: Homelessness

Character (Actress): Úrsula Santibañez / Rosa Maria Bianchi
Series: Yo No Creo En Los Hombres (2014)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Guilty of multiple counts of murder, attempted murder, accessory after the fact (Daniel's killing of Hector and rape of Maria Dolores), slander, perjury, conspiracy to kidnapping, bribery, blackmail, accidental murder (own son)
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Unbridled snobbery, enabling her two entitled and criminal offspring, and forgetting where she herself came from.
Interim Punishment(s): None
Karmageddon: Unknown; was last seen in a hysterical state, leaning over her son's dead body.

Character (Actress): Josefa Cabrera / Azela Robinson
Series: Yo No Creo En Los Hombres (2014)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Guilty of pimping, slander, theft, filing false police reports, inciting crimes in others, accessory to burglary (before and after the fact), entrapment, blackmail, burglary,
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Gossip (see Slander, above), and being a slattern.
Interim Punishment(s): Rejection by Isela
Karmageddon: Imprisonment and in a wheelchair

Character (Actress): Rebeca Murillo de Gaxiola / Michelle Renaud and Claudia Ramirez
Series: El Color de la Pasión (2014)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: “Accidental” death of Adriana, killing of Alonso (with emotional damage and withholding his heart meds), attempted swindling of Lucia's inheritance, attempted murder (stabbing of Ricardo Marquez), killing of Alonso (with emotional damage and withholding his heart meds), attempted swindling of Lucia's inheritance, attempt at covert abortion (Lucia, who wasn't actually pregnant), complicity in framing Marcelo for fraud.
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Guilty of lusting after Alonso when he was married to her sister, attempted hijacking of all Magdalena's suitors, including being the cause of Magdalena being jilted on her wedding day, cheating on Alonso, pursuing Marcelo (who rightfully belongs to Lucia), neglect of Nora's mental health, and thinking she is The Ultimate Woman.
Interim Punishment(s):
Karmageddon: Suicide (Gunshot)

Character (Actress): Teresa de Alarcón / Diana Bracho
Series: El Hotel de los Secretos (2016)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Poisoning Romulo ( Sofia dealt the final blow)
Hiding Romulo's last will by fakery, multiple counts of bribing and extortion (Rom's doctor, Doctor Santamaria, Church ministry and many others), obstruction of justice, stealing and switching of babies (Belen's babies, one of them died), hiding the death of Baby #1
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Forcing her unfavored daughter into a distasteful marriage, mental abuse of favored daughter
Interim Punishment(s): None
Karmageddon: Imprisonment

Character (Actress): Elise Vergara / Silvia Mariscal
Series: El Hotel de los Secretos (2016)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Hijacking of son's inheritance
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Infantilization of son, continuous interference in her son's marriage, unbearable snobbery
Interim Punishment(s): None
Karmageddon: Isolation from son

Character (Actress): Eloísa Ángeles / Isela Vega
Series: Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse (2014)
Crimes Punishable by Man's Law: Guilty of (mercy) killing of husband, covering up his past financial crimes
Crimes Punishable by Divine Law: Classism, verbal abuse, attempting to force grandson into unwanted marriage, forcing Fiorella to dress inappropriately, and being a puppetmistress.

Interim Punishment: Abandoned in poor neighborhood without money, ID, or cell phone and having to beg for pay phone money
Karmageddon: Forgiven and survived

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Catalina Creel as the standard of toxicity: I will raise that to pure evil. If anyone has not seen "Cuna de lobos" it is a classic worth watching just to see the Catalina's twisty maliciousness: so simple but so depraved. It is one of my all time favorites.

Thank you this list, Urban! I think Ursula is the worst of the bunch for sure. She drove one of her children to suicide, turned another into a murderer and a rapist and all to maintain the wealth she already had. If that is all kinds of dark, I don't know what is.

As for Candela, her original counterpart, Margarita, in El Manantial suggested her husband, Justo (Severiano) do anything to ensure their son wouldn't marry Alfonsina (Aldonza) which led to her rape. I don't know if LSdP handled that plot point the same way but that made her a horrible, evil person in my book. The difference between Margarita (Candela) and Ursula is that Margarita suffered interim (as Justo found out about her lust for El Padre and repeatedly raped and beat her) while Ursula didn't.

I agree that Ursula is the worst of this bunch. How could it get worse than this?

I never saw El Manantial so someone else will have to answer your question.

UA: Toxic Mothers ? WOW!


Is that first photo Lucero? She was in MEPS.

UA, I haven't seen Yo No Creo En Los Hombres or Hotel which I have gathered were wonderful and powerful.

The one that stands out for me was Lucero who was utterly devoid of emotion (with one Achilles heel I won't reveal) and chilling in the role. That said, I thought her ending was far more severe than many of her male counterparts.

Claudia Ramirez in El Color was utterly fascinating to me. Yes, she was evil but she was brilliant and resourceful, able to stay one quick step ahead of disaster once her house of cards began to tumble. Her mannerisms, darting, furtive looks and her hands, fingers moving constantly in frantic motion were perfect.

Urban, I think you included Daniela Castro from Mi Pecado and Leticia Calderon from ENDA previously, didn't you? They were frightening as well.

Jarifa, I haven't seen Cuna de lobos but googled it after I saw your comment. I shivered a bit before I even read the summary.

Thanks Urban!


Ugh, Rosario in Mi Pecado was the worst. Even worse was how Lucrecia tried and tried again to show her love but Rosario kept rejecting it. Sometimes you have to let it go.

Azela does the lusting incestuous mother quite well, huh? She did the same thing as Apolonia. Josefa was horrible but I loved her revenge.

Claudia Ramirez in "ECDLP" as The Becista was epic. Before she offed herself, she managed to insult Lucia once again!

Afterwards, The Becista put the gun in her mouth & pulled the trigger.

Thank you a trillion UA for another installment in your "Toxic Mothers" series. I always look forward to them and the others.

I nominate Catalina Lopezreina from Amor de Barrio for the next installment.

Catalina Lopezreina played by Marisol del Olmo.

Crimes Punishable by Man's Law- Murder by Proxy (her first husband Saul Marquez.) Embezzlement. Planned Murder (Daliah and Rodrigo when they were younger.) Various Cases of Murder for Hire/By Proxy for that matter (that FAILED.)

Crimes Punishable by Divine Law- Hubris, Abuse of her Pet Abogaducha, Chauffeur, Lover and Children. General Lewd Tackiness.

Interim- Having to pay Blanca Estela an opposite-of-paltry-sum for the 23 years she was shackled. Her murder was planned but thwarted.

Karmaggedeon- Raped by Chauffeur, Repented and the fact she ordered her rapist to murder her first husband was completely overlooked.

It's probably saying a lot that Azela Robinson shows up twice in this list, though I haven't seen YNCELH (where she apparently ran away with it, much like Claudia Ramirez with most of ECDLP AIUI).

My personal recommendation to the list, actually--assuming she hasn't popped up in an earlier installment--would be

Marcela Arismendi (Susana Dosamantes), Eva Luna (2010)

Crimes Punishable By Man's Law: Murder (her husband's business partner and his wife, said partner's daughter-in-law, a maid, two other employees, and her son's father); attempted murder; accessory to murder; fraud (framing one woman for embezzlement, raising another woman's stolen child as her daughter).

Crimes Punishable By Divine Law: Hubris (I sense a theme emerging), general abuse to all around her, crimes against fashion (ah, that Bumpit).

Interim Punishments: Briefly imprisoned, briefly gaslit by her husband (whom she had tried to kill), one hand burned prior to the beginning of the show in the murders of her husband's partner and his wife.

Karmageddon: Burned alive in a failed arson/murder attempt.

Y'all forgot about Marlene Favela in "Pasion Y Poder" as Mommy Dearest Nina Montenegro AKA Purple Lips!

She treated Miguel like expletive & ignored Regina.

Karma got Purple Lips BIGLY as her mini-me Daniela died from a drug overdose brought to you by Ashmore & Psycho Erick was sent to prison.

Then Purple Lips FINALLY embraced Miguel & begged for forgiveness!

Bill C., Marcela Arismendi was included in the second volume of this category. It was a while back.

Steve, I didn't include Nina in this round because she isn't in these women's league. She threatened Consuelo and grossly mistreated Miguel and Regina but never committed murder. She was semi-rehabbed to an unrealistic degree and therefore not written as intended at the outset. I also don't want any more arguments about her generation on that series.

Thank you for this faboulous post UA.

I like Rebeca and Bárbara because I could still feel for them during the stories, in spite of their evil deeds. Claudia can add this vulnerability to her roles that I find endearing, even for her villainous types. Bárbara's story was just so sad, she was used and manipulated by men since she was a child and she never had a time in her life to be truly happy so her ending felt over the top. I wished she had been locked in jail with Aurora coming to visit her every month.

Josefa was simply brilliant. She was too horrible but Azela made me sad for her when we learned what happened to her daughter. Azela's eyes can bring so much sadness and melancholy in her roles. You should have seen her in Cañaveral de Pasiones UA, even back then she was fantastic.


Ursula in YNCELH was vile and heartless and Josefa was one character I'd love to hate. I remember there was these scene when she rubbed Ursula's tea cup under her armpit Lol! oh my that was crazy.

I hope you bring up Toxic Fathers as well Urban Anthropologist

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