Thursday, May 11, 2017

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): El Capo, Guerra de Ídolos, La Querida del Centauro2, y más: Week of May 8, 2017


SCHEDULE ALERT: from your faithful, if erroneous admin. This WAS to have been Thursday's post, but as I am out of the reach of internet OR television this week, please take it with a large grain of salt. I've been led to understand that Telemundo (as it grasps desperately for ratings) has been playing fast & loose with the schedule, so pay heed to your fellow commenters who are more current than I.

Here's [ed note, was] Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Corazón Valiente
• 12PM-2PM (Tues -Fri)—Gonul
• 8-9PM—El Capo
• 9-10PM—Guerra de Ídolos
• 10-11PM—La Querida del Centauro2

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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