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La Piloto #47 5.10.17: In Which Yolanda Gets Caught (Again)...

• Wilmer arrives at the airstrip field and finds Raul. He tells him he needs a doctor as Dave comes behind him and orders Wilmer to drop his gun. Wilmer tells him he found Raul like that and Dave goes to see if he can help Raul. Monica comes and Dave asks her to call an ambulance. She obliges as Dave goes to check Arguelles’ pulse and finds him dead. He then asks Wilmer who he is and Wilmer explains that he came with Yolanda in a motor home. Dave goes to help Raul again and tells him help is on the way.
• Sometime later, Dave drags Wilmer to his car with Monica in tow and asks him how he knows Yolanda. Wilmer explains that he works for a telephone company and was helping Olivia find her brother by tracing the outgoing calls made from Lucio cell phones. He met Yolanda through Olivia and came with her to meet up with her boyfriend, John. Dave asks why John wanted to kill her but Wilmer doesn’t know so Monica asks where Olivia is. Wilmer explains that she is with Christian, who was shot yesterday when they rescued him and Estela. Dave orders Wilmer to take them to the hospital and push him into their car.
• Yolanda arrives in Mexico City and parks the RV. She begins to cry and goes over to Olivia’s revenge board and pulls off a photo of John. She remembers when she met up with John at the airstrip and he confessed to ordering her murder. She cries some more.

• At the Lucio headquarters, Zulima attends to John’s wounds. He tells her and Oscar that he was in a shootout involving Yolanda, who is alive and found their airstrip. John doesn’t believe a word she told him because the DEA was with her and Oscar agrees. He tells John that Yolanda and the DEA want them gone and will do whatever they can to do so, even if it’s illegal. John tells him that he will bring the war to them and orders Oscar to get their men and find Dave and everyone helping him.
• Lizbeth meets with her lawyer, Arias, who tells her that he was able to get her another appointment with the judge for the next morning. She thanks him and Arias suggests that she remain in her cell for the night so she doesn’t get in trouble as the judge is very strict. He also tells her to review what she is going to say and Lizbeth nods. She then asks if Raul heard the good news but Rivas has been able get in touch with him. Lizbeth is worried because he is usually good about returning his calls.
• Dave arrives at the hospital and Monica goes to ask the front desk about Christian. She comes back and tells them that his injury is grave and they have operated on him twice. She also looked around but didn’t find Olivia or Estela and Dave assumes they are hiding from the police. Dave then looks at Wilmer, who reiterates he doesn’t know where they are. Monica gets in the car and they drive off.
• Estela and Olivia arrive at the RV and Olivia immediately asks her what happened and where Wilmer is. Yolanda doesn’t know and tells them everything went wrong. She confesses that John ordered her execution and it was his fault that she was kidnapped in Colombia. She then tells them that Dave, Monica, and Raul arrived and she was able to escape in the ensuing shootout. Olivia suggests they get rid of the RV as the Lucios may be looking for it but Yolanda can only think about John’s betrayal. She breaks down and remembers when John tried to kill her again at the airstrip. Olivia tells her that they will protect each other and Yolanda vows that John is now her enemy. Estela is shocked to learn John knew she was also kidnapped and did nothing but Yolanda chides her for only thinking of herself.
• Dave drives around the streets, looking for the RV, to no avail. Monica doubts they would be out in the open but Dave suddenly sees the RV and parks behind her. Monica and Dave get off and order Wilmer to stay behind in the car. Dave approaches the RV with Monica, guns drawn, and board the RV. They look inside all the rooms and find it empty. Monica tells Dave they should leave and he obliges.
• The three women, now in sunglasses and hats, walk down the street. Yolanda proposes Estela stay close to the hospital, but not inside, and call them at Wilmer’s number if anything. Yolanda reminds her that if she sees the police or runs into any trouble, she should board a train away from the city and call them once she’s far away. The three of them agree and then split, with Yolanda and Olivia walking off together.
• The Lucios and Zulima watch the news report on the shootout in the airstrip. The reporter states that several planes were confiscated and others had enough supplies to produce cocaine. John turns off the TV, pissed at how bad they will look with El Cartel de las Sombras, as does Oscar, who reminds him that all the good faith they had accumulated is likely gone now. John then asks about Roberto and Oscar explains that he is looking for a mechanic to help them with some broken trucks. Oscar then receives a call from Montgomery, who reports that he hasn’t heard anything from the Cartel leadership and confirms Arguelles is dead. Montgomery will inform them of anything new and hangs up.
• Dave arrives at the hospital and tells Monica that the girls must come back for Christian eventually so they will wait for them. Dave wonders why John wants to kill her and Monica assumes that he found out about Santamaria and thought she betrayed him. Dave reminds her that Yolanda was kidnapped but Monica reminds him that John doesn’t care for explanations. Monica gets off and goes inside the hospital as Dave and Wilmer drive around the hospital.
• At a park, Yolanda wonders how she got to where she is now. She laments the fact that someone is after them and they have no peace of mind. Olivia quietly nods.
• At a gas station in Panama, a man buys Santamaria and Rubio supplies. Santamaria pays the man and sends him off as Rubio asks where he got the money. Santamaria thinks he shouldn’t ask so many questions and asks him to drive as they are in a hurry.
• Inside the gas station, the cashier struggles against the ropes around her hands and ankles and tries to take off the handkerchief covering her mouth. The cash register is empty.
• Olivia confesses that she wonders the same thing as her phone rings. It is Estela, who informs her that Christian died during his second surgery. Monica sees her and shouts her name but Estela runs off. Olivia cries in Yolanda’s arms.
• Sometime later, Reyes interviews the cashier about the robbery at the station. Reyes thanks her for any and all help she’s willing to provide and sends her on her way. He then calls someone and informs him that Santamaria is on his way to Panama City and he needs reinforcements.
• On the side of the road, Rubio and Santamaria change a flat tire. Two officers come, aim their guns at them and ask them to surrender.
• Olivia vows to get Christian’s body out of the hospital if it’s the last thing she does because she promised her mother that she would come back with him. Yolanda promises to help her as they were able to rescue him from a warehouse full of Lucio men. She also vows to make the Lucios pay for what they’ve done in honor of all those they have lost, including Lizbeth, Zulima, Amanda and Omar. They load their guns, put on their sunglasses and hats and leave.
• Dave arrives at the hospital as Wilmer swears he doesn’t know where Yolanda is as he only met her a day ago. As they park, Monica comes and tells them that she saw Estela but she ran off before she could stop her. She then reveals that Christian died during surgery.
• Zulima pours John a drink and he asks her if she didn’t know Yolanda was alive. Zulima maintains that she didn’t and was shocked to hear she was. Oscar comes and informs him that Montgomery called him and told him that Raul is on his way to the hospital. They both decide to go, much to Zulima’s chagrin because the police are looking for them, to see what information they can get out of him. Zulima asks John to please be careful.
• Outside the headquarters, Oscar instructs his men to keep their eyes open for any intruders and police. The men nod and he spends them off. Oscar then suggests to John that they bring Raul to their headquarters and make him talk if he refuses to do so at the hospital. John agrees and Zulima comes and brings them hats to hide their faces. John thanks her and then orders them to turn off their cells as that is probably how Yolanda found them. They agree and he tells Oscar to contact Bautista so they can use the business phones from now on. John goes to the car and Zulima warns Oscar to be wary of John as he is asking questions about Yolanda and to get rid of Roberto ASAP before he says something. Oscar agrees and they go off.
• Dave tells Monica that Olivia will probably come for Christian’s body so they must split up and keep an eye out. Monica then receives a call from the hospital staff, who inform her that Raul has woken up. Dave tells her to go see him and he will stay back and wait for Olivia. She agrees and leaves.
• From across the street, Olivia and Yolanda watch them and wonder what Wilmer is doing with Dave and Monica. Yolanda assumes they caught him and he talked. Yolanda then suggests they ask Estela to come to the hospital and find out what paperwork they need to release Christian’s body and Olivia agrees.
• Dave tells Wilmer that he will let him go because he can’t book him but asks that he wait in the car while he goes to find Yolanda and Olivia. He agrees and Dave goes inside the hospital.
• On the car ride to Raul, John remembers when he gave Yolanda her gun. He then vows to kill her with that same gun aloud and Oscar asks him what he is thinking about. John shakes his head and then asks how things are looking at the hospital. Oscar informs him that the guard at Raul’s door is on their side and there should be no issues. John smiles and cocks his gun.
• Monica arrives at Raul’s room and asks him how he is. Raul smiles and confesses it’s the first time he’s been shot. Monica shows him the bag they gave her of his personal effects and tells him his operation was difficult. Raul is aware but worries that he still doesn’t feel his legs. Monica thinks he should wait till the anesthesia wears off and then Raul asks about Dave. Monica explains that he is with a friend of Yolanda’s, Wilmer, waiting to see if either Yolanda or Olivia come to claim Christian’s body. Raul laments the loss of life and then asks about his father’s health. Monica confesses that Arguelles is dead and Raul begins to cry.
• Estela looks around the hospital entrance and then goes to Dave’s car and grabs Wilmer. She takes him to Olivia and Yolanda and he hugs Olivia. He laments what happened with Christian and she nods. He then assures her that he is there to help her with everything and tells Yolanda that he is happy to see her. Yolanda is quiet and Wilmer explains that he left the RV when he heard the shootout and got arrested by Dave. Yolanda knows he told Dave where to find them and Wilmer agrees but thinks Dave is a good person. Yolanda explains that not everyone he thinks is a good person is and asks if they thought of how to get Christian’s body out of the hospital. Estela explains that since he died of a bullet wound, the hospital can’t turn over the body immediately without doing specific autopsies. If they are lucky, they will release the body in three to four days. Olivia thinks that is too long and reminds them that the Lucios can’t find out or they will locate them. Yolanda asks if she wants to take Christian’s body to Tres Fuegos and Olivia nods. Wilmer doesn’t like the fact that they will have to steal Christian’s body but Olivia reminds him that Christian was her brother. Wilmer nods and Yolanda tells them that they need a plan ASAP.
• Inside the hospital, Dave talks to a guard and instructs him to let him know if anyone asks about Christian Nieves’ body. The guard agrees and Dave tells him that he will be waiting at the morgue.
• Sometime later, Wilmer goes outside the hospital and finds the coroner’s van. He knocks on the window and tries to talk to him.
• In one of the hospital hallways, Yolanda opens a door as Dave finds her and chases her down. Olivia, dressed as a nurse with Estela, takes the opportunity to wheel Christian’s body out of the morgue. They take it down to where Wilmer is waiting.
• Dave corners Yolanda and aims his gun at her. She asks her to calm down but Yolanda asks if he is going to shoot her. He asks her to maintain her distance but Yolanda challenges him to shoot her. He holsters his gun and handcuffs her as she tries to resist. He then drags off her.
• Wilmer, Estela, and Olivia load Christian’s body into the back of the coroner’s van. The coroner struggles against his restrains in a corner of the van.
• The Lucios arrive at the hospital and instruct their men to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. They then go inside the hospital as the men guard the entrance.
• In the hallway, Monica calls Arias and tells him to not tell Lizbeth what happened to Raul so she can be focused for her appointment with the judge. When she hangs up, she spots the Lucios going up the elevator across the hall and dashes into a nearby elevator. She calls her contacts and asks for reinforcements before exiting the elevator and grabbing a wheelchair. She wheels it to Raul’s room and helps him get out of bed so they can hide.
• Moments later, the Lucios arrive at Raul’s floor and aim their gun at the front desk, instructing them to be quiet. They go into Raul’s room but find it empty. John is sure he was there a short while ago and they must be close. Oscar agrees and they go to find him.
• Dave takes Yolanda to his car and sees that Wilmer has escaped. Yolanda asks him what he wants and Dave explains that he wants the Lucios. He then explains that she was a way to get to them at the beginning but Yolanda thinks she’s still that bridge he needs to get to the Lucios. She reiterates that he used her but Dave shakes his head and asks why John wanted to kill her. She explains that he thinks she is working with the DEA but doesn’t know where he got that idea from. Dave reiterates that he can help her but she shows him her handcuffs and asks if that’s how he plans to help her. Dave knows she doesn’t trust him and Yolanda reminds him that she is one step away from jail. Dave reminds her that she has no other options but Yolanda tells him that he will never catch John because she doesn’t work for him anymore. Dave reiterates that he’s her only option and Yolanda asks him if she will spend 20 to 25 years in jail with his help. He goes to caress her face but Yolanda asks him to not touch her and explains that she will only talk to him when she has a lawyer present. He takes off the handcuffs and asks her to not make things more difficult before loading her into his car…


Thanks Alfredo for the detailed recap. Estela is finally showing that she can be quite resourceful. I wonder if SantaMaria will kill the latest officers who are trying to capture him. Like Yolanda he seems to be a survivor. Monica is terrific in deed as well as an actress. Looking forward to this evening.


Thanks Alfredo!!

So worthless Estela lives and young, naive Christian dies. I'm sick. Olivia has now lost her father and brother.

My disappointment in John's mental skills continues.

Smart of Yoli to create a distraction to allow Liv to recover the body but I wasn't expecting her to surrender. But Dave has to confess soon that he has no right to detain her. However she has no where to run. With Los Lucios and Mi Col chasing her she needs all the allies she can gather.

I hate Chris died but I guess that will only serve to fuel Livs vengeful fires even more.

I'm surprised our jail bird is getting to face the judge so soon after solitary...I thought she'd be stuck for a while longer. But Raul does need a nurse these days. Speaking of nurses....what happened to the narco nurse...haven't seen her in a she still alive.


Thanks, Alfredo. The rollercoaster continues.

Lynette - I'm surprised Estela actually did something good checking on Christian and she sincerely grieved his death. Maybe she'll find redemption.

What I learned last night: Estela may have some years on her and guzzle the booze too much, but she can outrun nimble Monica. Unbelievable that Monica couldn't catch up to Estela in the hospital...

When Wilmer confessed he lives with Yolanda in a motor home and they met through him helping Olivia trace phone calls, John was cool but looked like inside he was thinking "what crazy thing is my girl Yolanda up to know?!"

Thanks Alfredo. Always very impressed at the amount of time and detail you contribute to the CarayCaray website. You do so much and it's very helpful. So we still have about half the novela left huh? Yolanda knows now she can't trust John but still hasn't figured out she needs to trust Dave. I'd like to see her finally see his value and work with him rather than against him. But clearly it's going to take a while.

Sad Christian lost his life too. This is good news for Zuli, who's still innocent in Olivia and Yoli's eyes. Christian would've set them straight about her.

Also, if I was Yoli I wouldn't want another man to touch me again so I can understand why she doesn't want Dave's hands on her.

Alfredo--I know this is late, but I was doing the Vino Postmortem. All done. No more Vino, but yes, more vino...
Thank you for the recap. I couldn't figure out what John and Zuli's conversation was exactly, so thank you for the dialog. I had to hold my breath while Our Gang got Christian's body out and Monica getting Raul to safety (we hope)--'cause I didn't see that shown at the end.

I'm sorry, too that Christian is dead. It should have been that two-faced Roberto who got shot dead.

I'm wondering what S&M and Rubio have to do in all this. Is he really heading for Panama City, or is he really heading for Mexico City. How on earth is he going to find Yoli and get his revenge on her, unless he hooks up with the Lucio's (which won't be a good thing in the long run.)

JudyB--You and I are the hopeful ones. I hope Yoli will trust Dave sooner rather than later, because John and Oscar are too close for comfort. She needs him as much as he WANTS her. I also hope she can remember the good times and that he has never harmed her.

Nett--I see you formed the same thoughts about who's chasing Yoli before I did. Good work--we're a team!

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