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La Candidata 6/12/17 Chapter 8: Regina and Gerardo Are Exposed

• Regina tells Emiliano that Ximena imagined an affair between her and Gerardo or thought they had one but it’s not true. She has known Gerardo since they were at the university together and he even knows Alonso like they know Teresa. Emiliano doesn’t think Ximena anything but Regina reiterates that she has a strictly professional relationship with him as a fellow senator in another political party. Emiliano asks if she’s sure but Regina is quiet.
• Alonso tells Cecilia that she has nothing to be sorry for but does ask that she go to him first should they have another problem. Cecilia nods and explains that she just didn’t want to be the source of any tension between him and Regina, who apologized for her behavior afterward, but vows to not let anything like what happened interfere with her work again. Alonso smiles and asks if she wants to take the day but Cecilia prefers to work though she needs him to forgive her for any trouble she may have caused. Alonso nods and asks her to talk to the newspapers so they don’t run the note that may implicate Omar. He then asked if she cried, and points to the bridge of her nose, which Cecilia quickly wipes away. She tells him that she was sad and angry but she feels better now. Alonso thinks that’s good and gets closer as Magda comes in and sees them.
• Regina reiterates that she is not having an affair and would prefer that Emiliano not talk to Ximena again. Emiliano wonders if it’s because she’s the daughter of the opposition and Regina nods, on top of her being a liar. She offers to take him to dinner but Emiliano reminds her that she has her nightly meetings and pulls away from her. Regina doesn’t fight him and leaves his room without another word.

• Alonso quickly sends Cecilia away and then asks Magda if Natalia called. Magda tells him no and Alonso orders her to be vigilant and pass along any calls from Natalia, no matter what. Magda nods and then he asks her about her own problems with Israel. Magda tells him that it’s all taken care of and asks if he wants his next appointment to come in. Alonso wants to talk to Ochoa first so he can help him take care of his mother’s problem first.
• Cecilia talks to the Editor-in-Chief of the newspapers running the money laundering story about Omar and tells him that the source making the accusations obviously lied to deviate attention from his own misdoings at the lending institution he works at before handing him a folder with the proof. The Editor thanks her for the information and Cecilia tells him that it’s a pleasure to work together to punish wrongdoers. She leaves as Hernan, the writer of the story, watches her leave. The Editor tells him that the folder he has in his hands proves that his source lied and he won’t punish stories based on the gossip of a delinquent. Hernan argues that it’s important for the public to know the truth but the Editor thinks he should be thankful that they got the information before publishing the story. The Editor storms off as Hernan curses his luck.
• Regina gets to her office and finds Ximena waiting for Gerardo in his office. She tries to introduce herself but Ximena knows perfectly well who she is and thinks she’s the reason her mother is in a clinic right now. Gerardo comes and chides Ximena for her accusations but Ximena is surprised that he would defend Regina so quickly. Regina storms out and Gerardo reiterates that her accusations aren’t true and she shouldn’t be hurting someone who doesn’t deserve it. Ximena wants to know if he cares more about Regina than Teresa but Gerardo proposes that they go to dinner so they can talk. Ximena is quiet and Gerardo sees Regina leave with Daniela.
• Cecilia arrives at the Governor’s building and runs into Hernan, who introduces himself and accuses her of ruining his story, though he didn’t know Alonso had a new Chief of Press. Cecilia shakes her head but suggests he check his sources before publishing a story. He is surprised to find that she is both beautiful and smart and confesses that he enjoys seeing her more than Pacheco. Cecilia thinks that’s good, as they will be seeing a lot of each other, and Hernan invites her for drinks. Cecilia shakes her head, slightly smiles, and walks away without answering.
• The President of the Senate ends the session and announces that they will reconvene at 1:00 pm next week. Gerardo finds Regina and proposes that they talk about the policies they have on the table, most importantly, a new economic plan to benefit the republic. They both smile and Regina offers to talk at the next session before leaving. Gerardo chases after her and apologizes for Ximena’s accusations. Regina tells him that she is a very beautiful girl and impulsive, just like her father. Just then, Daniela comes and tells Regina that she has just enough time to change for dinner. Regina says goodbye and walks away as Gerardo looks on.
• That night, Natalia receives a call from Javier, who begs her to help him as he has nowhere else to turn. Natalia tells him she wants to and Javier begs her to come and get him. It is revealed that Omar has been listening to the call as well on loudspeaker.
• Regina is waiting for Alonso at the restaurant when she receives a call from Magda, who informs her that Alonso isn’t coming. She chides Magda for not telling her sooner and hangs up as Gerardo enters the same restaurant. He is on the phone with Ximena, who also can’t come, but hangs up as soon as he sees Regina. She sees him too, smiles and calls him over.
• Emiliano is having a drink at a bar. He goes to leave when Ximena comes and he confesses that he almost left. He then asks if she was followed but she shakes her head.
• Javier tells Natalia to come find him at their usual place before hanging up. Omar demands to know where that is and Natalia confesses that it’s the Paris Café. Omar thanks her and leaves as Natalia begs him not to hurt Javier whilst crying.
• Gerardo tells Regina that it must be fate that both were left without dinner dates and asks if he can sit down. Regina nods and agrees that it must be coincidence. They both smile, shyly, and Gerardo proposes that they toast to coincidence and their solitude, which ensured that they would find themselves in the same time and place. They move closer to each other and toast but don’t notice someone at an adjacent table snapping photos of them on their cell phone.
• Emiliano explains that his mother told him Gerardo is only a political rival though they have known each other since college. Ximena thinks it’s a lie, since they are always compromising, but Emiliano knows it’s all part of the political game. He admits that he is frustrated with the whole political world and Ximena agrees as he stands up to go. She asks him why and Emiliano explains that they have nothing else to talk about. Ximena confesses that their recent conversation was only an ice breaker and asks if he’s hungry. Emiliano nods and they smile at each other.
• Gerardo and Regina are also smiling though Gerardo apologizes again for Ximena’s behavior. He assumes it’s because of what happened with Teresa and Regina suggests he give her time to heal. She then reveals that Ximena went to her house to talk to Emiliano and they bond over how difficult it is to deal with teenage children. Regina understands Ximena’s position and recognizes that Emiliano is always alone, sad, and violent, especially after Florencia’s death, and she doesn’t know how to reach him. Gerardo remembers when they used to talk about themselves and politics in college but now they only talk about their children and their problems, though Regina is still as beautiful as ever. Regina thank shim and they both agree that fate has brought them together once again.
• Cecilia, all dolled up and ready to go out, finds Alonso waiting for her at her front door. Alonso admits that she may be surprised to see him there and Cecilia agrees. He asks that she call him Alonso, and not Governor, as this is a social call. Cecilia nods before inviting him inside.
• Hernan arrives at the restaurant he agreed to with Cecilia and finds a table. He sits down to wait for her.
• Alonso explains that he’s there to thank her for her help with that fraudulent story regarding his father. He thinks she has adapted quickly to the world of politics and Cecilia explains that she loves journalism and loves to serve him. She also thanks him for his confidence in her but Alonso thinks she should also thank Mario. Cecilia nods and offers him a seat before calling him Governor again. She apologizes for doing so but Alonso explains that building confidence takes time and she should call him whatever she feels comfortable. He then asks how she knows Mario and Cecilia explains that he has been a sort of surrogate father since he took care of her and her mother when her father died. She assumes he had history with her mother and Alonso laughs. Just then, he receives a call from Natalia as Cecilia goes to get him a glass of water. Once alone, Natalia tells him that she gave Omar a false location though she’s worried about what he will do when he finds out. Alonso asks her to give him the correct address and he promises to help her. Cecilia comes back with the water and Alonso tells her that he as to go but he loved visiting her. Cecilia did too and she accompanies him to the door.
• Ignacio comes to Daniela’s office and wonders how much longer she is going to work since it’s late. She laughs and, sarcastically, calls him a Don Juan, though Ignacio just needs someone to wipe his floors. Daniela tells him that she is not going to give him any information but Ignacio comes up behind her and reminds her that she doesn’t know him. Daniela knows what he wants though but Ignacio explains that their bosses are closer than ever and he figured they could be close too. Daniela explains that neither she nor Regina are close to anyone though Ignacio thinks she’s playing hard to get. He goes to kiss her but Daniela pushes him away and Ignacio goes to leave but Daniela stops him and confesses that they could talk about a lot of things. Ignacio comes back and Daniela asks what his boss and party thinks about Alonso’s run for the presidency. Ignacio has no idea what she is talking about but smiles.
• Alonso meets with Ochoa and orders him to go to the location Natalia provided, find Javier, and take him to where he already knows. He warns him that Omar cannot find out and Ochoa reiterates that his men have already been warned before getting out. His driver then asks if he wants to go home but Alonso asks to be taken to his parent’s house.
• Hernan, already four tequilas in, calls Cecilia and chides her for leaving him stranded. She tells him that she’s in a meeting and can’t make it but he begs her not to leave him like that. Cecilia apologizes but Hernan must call her back as he just got a text from a source. He hangs up and looks at the text message: it is a picture of Regina and Gerardo at the restaurant, close enough to kiss and with a glass of wine in hand. He sighs.
• Ximena asks Emiliano where his bodyguards are and Emiliano tells her that he asked them to hide so he doesn’t have to see them. Ximena thinks it is horrible that he must be followed around all day and Emiliano agrees and confesses that he feels like a baby. Ximena notices the tension and asks him to change the subject since he looks worse off than when she first arrived. Emiliano explains that one girl is already dead because she got close and he can’t stop thinking about it. He suggests the Ximena not look for him again because he’s toxic and storms out.
• Regina tries the dessert but finds it too sweet. Gerardo thinks that it’s not as sweet as her and Regina teases him for being a poet too. Gerardo explains that he is inspired in her presence and Regina suggests he compose a verse, right then and there. Gerardo nods and does but Regina laughs before teasing him again. Gerardo then confesses that he knows she is a woman who is honest and would never renege on a promise, and neither would he, but he is a man who can’t hide his feelings and he still loves her. Regina confesses that he has made her uncomfortable, and Gerardo apologizes, but he thinks it’s important she knows that he hasn’t stopped loving her. He respects her though, and won’t ask for anything else, but he thought she should know. Regina smiles, thanks him, and confesses that she felt like Regina, and not he Senator or Governor’s wife, for a moment so he did stop time like he said in his verse. Gerardo smiles and Regina gets up to leave before giving him a kiss on the cheek. The same patron snaps a photo of the kiss as an unsuspecting Gerardo looks Regina walk away.
• Javier arrives at Café Roma and looks around. Just then, he sees two men running toward him and tries to leave but the men capture him and take him to Ochoa, who explains that the Governor’s mother sent him. He then asks Javier to get in the car and he obliges.
• Omar comes and chides Natalia for lying to him again. He goes to hit her again when Alonso arrives and stops him. He tells Natalia that she will stay at his house tonight as Omar warns him to not challenge him. Alonso reminds him that he is the one challenging him and warns Omar to never hit his mother again. He then tells Omar that they won’t speak again, until the Javier situation is resolved, though Omar reminds him that he doesn’t know how it feels when the thing you love the most betrays you. Alonso is quiet as Omar confesses that Natalia destroyed him but then leaves without another word.
• Hernan goes to find Cecilia at her apartment though she is surprised to see him there as she never gave him her address. Hernan explains that her address is at the Governor’s building though Cecilia notes that her information is confidential. Hernan confesses that it isn’t if you know how to bribe the employees and Cecilia demands to know what he wants. Hernan shows her the photos of Regina and Gerardo and assumes that it would be a scandal if they were published. Cecilia wants to know what she can do to obtain them and Hernan asks her not to disappoint him before going in for a kiss. Cecilia pushes him away but Hernan reminds her that those photos can be her ticket to the Chief of Press position. Cecilia nods and asks him to see the rest of the pictures. Hernan walks inside the apartment and confesses that his night just improved as he kisses Cecilia, who looks uncomfortable at his touch.
• Regina arrives home and asks about Emiliano but her servant reveals that he went out and she doesn’t know where. Regina then calls Emiliano’s security guards, who tell her he is with Ximena. Regina thanks him and hangs up before remembering her dinner with Gerardo and his subsequent confession.
• On his couch, Gerardo is thinking about the same thing when Ximena walks in though he thought she was staying over a friend’s house. Ximena reminds him that he has no right to ask her where she was though Gerardo reminds her that they are living under the same roof and his number one rule is no lying. Ximena thinks that he lied about his relationship with Regina and storms out as Gerardo asks her to come back.
• Alonso comes home with Natalia and hopes that she and her father reach a compromise soon. They run into Regina, who asks them what happened, but Alonso prefers to talk to Natalia in the guest room first. They leave as Emiliano arrives and walks pass Regina, quickly, as she tries to get his attention. She wishes him a good night and then plumps herself on the hallway bench to think.
• Cecilia asks Hernan to show her the rest of the pictures but he asks that she let him finish his part of the deal, first.
• In the guest room, Natalia chides Alonso for blaming her but Omar was going to hit her again. Alonso reiterates that he doesn’t defend his father’s actions but he seemed older and destroyed when they last spoke. He tells her what Omar told him about betrayal and Natalia agrees because she has been betrayed before as well. Alonso agrees but he can’t defend her actions either though Natalia argues that she’s lived with a monster for years. Alonso agrees again but he knows Omar loves her though Natalia notes that what Omar feels isn’t love. Either way, Alonso hates the way his parents are destroying each other and reminds her that she slept with her lover in her marriage bed. He asks if she feels guilty but Natalia blames Omar for everything before asking if he was able to save Javier. Alonso nods and confesses that he regrets doing so before leaving. Natalia begins to cry.
• Magda hears a knock and opens her front door to find all her stolen things returned. She calls for Israel but he is gone and has only left a note stating that he will never forgive himself. Magda looks at it and thinks.
• Emiliano comes out of his room and sees a pensive Alonso looking out the living room windows. Emiliano calls out to him but apologizes for invading his alone time. Alonso confesses that he loves it when he does and asks Emiliano for a hug. Emiliano obliges and Alonso hugs him fiercely as Regina comes and witnesses the whole scene before leaving to bed.
• The next day, Omar orders his men to locate Javier and get rid of him when they do though he asks that they make it look like an accident. His men nod and leave as Omar looks on.
• Regina comes into her room after a workout and finds Alonso getting ready to go to work. He thought she would skip her workout so they could take but she explains that she needs to destress as well. He laments that their relationship has been relegated to postponed meetings but he had to help sort out his parent’s problems. Regina asks if it’s bad and Alonso confesses that it’s bad enough for Natalia to stay over a couple of days. He doesn’t know how long she will stay but they can’t be together for right now. Regina agrees and notes that no reason is big enough to justify physical or psychological abuse. He nods and apologizes for not making dinner though Regina thinks it’s important for her to be close if there are any family troubles. Alonso explains that everything happened quickly and he didn’t have time but Regina must go shower. Before she can, Alonso confesses that he needs to talk to her about something else though Regina asks if it’s about work that they talk about Emiliano first. She explains that she saw them hug yesterday and reiterates that Emiliano needs their help and support, especially after all that’s happened. She asks that he please talk to him some more and Alonso promises he will before asking if it’s true that the Labor’s Union wants her to be their candidate. Most importantly, he wants to know why she didn’t tell him anything...


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Thank you, Alfredo!

Regina with Gerardo at dinner is the first time, I think, we have seen Regina relaxed and not uptight.

Cecilia seemed very comfortable "negotiating" with Hernán about the photos. Isela must have taught her well.

Alonso sure showed himself to be the ass he is as he had to mention to his abused mother Natalia how hurt her abuser Omar was.


In other words: Regina & Gerardo got BUSTED!

Welcome, Jarifa!

Alonso is such a piece of work. Is it bad that I always hate people like him more? Omar and Mario are pigs, but at least they own up to it, Alonso just comes up as a sneaky weasel. Natalia just needs to go far, far awe.

Cecilia definitely learned to leverage sex to get what she wants. She knows that game, but I also suspect that she is very smart and self-aware of her tactics. I was actually more surprised that Hernan would do such a thing as he seemed upstanding and willing to fight the system but guess not.

Steve, Regina and Gerardo did nothing though but talk and drink and even Regina made the boundaries clear. Oh but a photo says a thousand words right? lol


"Sneaky weasel" sure is an apt description of Alonso.
Too bad that , Hernán has turned out to be just another slimeball in a story already loaded with them.

Someone mentioned the other night about the credits, and how Regina was the only one wearing red while the other characters are wearing shades of black and grey. Regina is the only one wearing red on the chessboard but Cecelia is also wearing red in the credits (just not on the chessboard). I wonder what that means.

Ximena is getting on my nerves.

Excellent recap, Alfredo! !Jesús mil veces! What were Regina and Gerardo thinking, eating together in public like that, no matter what the circumstances!? Surely they know they're both public figures and there will be talk. Darn those cell phones! Oh oh--Cecilia's nose--a sign of cocaine abuse--wonder if that's some kind of foreshadowing of something? Yep, you're right Jarifa, Ximena just keeps getting more and more annoying. And Natalia is absolutely about Omar!

Great job Alfredo thank you.

In this episode, Emi got on my nerves. Regina is the one decent parent he has and he treats her like crap. I felt for Regina when she offered to go for pizza and instead he rather play his stupid video game. Child. Then the one parent who is never there for him gets an endearing hug. ugh!!

Ignacio was creepy putting the moves on Daniela, just saying.

Alonso has no right chiding Natalia about her affair. He is just as bad or worse with all his escorts, and now trying to get with Cecilia. He is a dirty, dirty rat bastard.

I totally enjoy Silvia Navarro in this TN she is so well poised, and extremely captivating. I have to say that her portrayal of Regina is top notch.


absolutely right about Omar that is.

Sandie, I loved your "dirty dirty rat bastard"!

Jarifa: Alonso is a hypocrite, greedy, corrupt, narcissistic bastard!

Well said, Steve!

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