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La Candidata Martes, 6/20/17 Chapter 14: Mario's Heart Attack

Too much of a good – or bad – thing never leads to anything positive and nothing is more pathetic than an old man with too high an opinion of his own power... or prowess.
  • D.D.
Chapter Fourteen: Mario's Heart Attack (We're surprised; we thought he didn't have one)

Natalia got away from Omar, whose vileness knew no limit. He cursed her again as though he were unaware of how repulsive he had become to her.

As his goons bagged Susanna's body in black plastic Mario called Cecelia on her cell to tell her that the job was done.
The job is done. You never saw nothing, you never heard anything, and you hadn't seen her for the past several days. Is that clear?”
Very well.”
It was necessary to do what we did.”
Mario ended the call. Cecelia sat at her desk, trying to remain calm. Hernán appeared at the door. She looked up.
Give me a minute,” she said. She rose from her seat and went into the restroom. She tried to catch her breath as she realized what she had done. She then took the vial of cocaine from her purse and opened it. Someone knocked on the door.
Leave me alone,” she said.

In another building Regina was working late at her desk. Daniela entered with some photos.  She explained that she had been in touch with the school and that Susanna did not show up as expected.  Regina thanked her for her efforts.

Presumably after she had snorted her usual dosage, Cecelia called Mario to tell him that the other girls would be asking about Susanna. He told her to say that she had been sent away by his orders. She was to transfer money as usual and the matter would be resolved within a few months. She was not to worry because the body would not be found.

Gerardo and Nieves were in the waiting room at the hospital. He looked at Hernán's story on a tablet and he felt bad for Regina. Nieves began telling him that Morales had been trying to reach him all day but he hadn't answered his cell phone. A doctor came out to tell him that Teresa was conscious and her vital signs were normal. They were waiting for test results on Ximena because she was still unconscious. Gerardo could not understand why Ximena had not awakened. The doctor tried to explain that every person is different and Ximena was a minor but Gerardo wouldn't let him finish.

Emiliano was at the home of Nayeli, a mutual friend, who told him that Ximena was in the hospital. She described what happened – giving her opinion that Teresa had tried to kill Ximena – and then told him that Ximena was alright. He wanted to go to see her but Nayeli was rather cavalier about that. She took out a small ziplock that contained white powder and suggested that they indulge instead. He told her he wasn't interested and turned to leave. She stopped him with a counteroffer that he looked like he wasn't going to refuse.

At the hospital Teresa turned on the waterworks to tell Gerardo that she had tried to make up with Ximena and they fought. She decided to make it up to her by baking her a favorite cake. She started crying again, saying she didn't know what happened and if anything had happened to Ximena she would die. Gerardo wasn't falling for this and he walked out.

Mario addressed the rest of his reluctant harem, telling them that he sent Susanna away. They listened in silence as he told them that they could not do as they wished, but what they were ordered to do. He was going to give them an opportunity to leave or stay. None spoke up. His cell rang and he excused himself to take the call. He reminded Noemi that he would not be home for dinner. “What do you want now?” he asked, irritated.
To know when you're coming home. Why are you treating me like this?”
Because I'm very busy; I have a lot of problems to solve.”
Problems? What problems?”
Get on the internet and see what is being said about our daughter. And please stop bothering me.”
He ended the call.
Noemi went back to the techie and handed him the phone. He pressed a button on it and showed her the location. It could be a couple of meters off, but there it was. She thanked him. He closed his computer and told her to call if she had any questions. As soon as he was out of the room she poured herself another drink.

Pacheco went into Cecelia's office and sarcastically congratulated her on getting him his pink slip.
I was just thrown out, but you know what, sweetheart? You just gained yourself an enemy. I will follow you around until the end.” He got up and pushed his way past Hernán as he was entering, yelling at him to get out of his way. Cecelia was not pleased to see Hernán, whose story was the cause of the whole thing. This could have cost her her career. He told her he had a list of names she would find useful and she told him to hand it over. Further, that she should be happy to have Pacheco out of the way. She said it wasn't going to play that way.
I'm not going to ruin my reputation for you,” he said to her.
Then therefore don't even think about fucking me again,” she said.
Okay.” He turned to leave.
Wait. Close the door.”
He almost slammed the door on his way out as her cell phone rang. It was Alonso, summoning her. She said “Yes, sir,” ended the call, and snorted some cocaine.

Noemi called Regina from her car.
Daughter, I think I must be going mad.”
What are you talking about?”
Forget I called, honey. I know you have so many problems. Forget it.”
Mother, have you been drinking? Where are you?”
I'm driving. I'm at the point of discovering what your father is up to and I want you to be there with me.”
Mother, I can't just now. Mother, you don't have to do this.”
Yes, I have to. I'll call you later.” She ended the call.

Cecelia and Mauro were in Alonso's office. He said they would need to replace Pacheco, whom he blamed for the article about his marriage. He blamed that for the issues with workers. He seemed to expect them to think of a solution. Cecelia and Mauro talked about that on the way out.

At the same moment the local press had found out about Teresa and swooped down on Gerardo like a flock of vultures at a corpse. The receptionist, and the security guard held them back while the doctor protected him as best he could be escorting him to Ximena's room, away from the mob whose weapons were cameras, microphones, and their own assumptions.
Teresa was in Ximena's room, lying next to her on the bed.
I never meant to harm you,” she said to her.
Ximena, who had been staring up at the ceiling, turned to her and said, “Don't worry, Mother. I'm alright. We're alright.”
Good,” said Teresa, stroking her daughter's face.
Gerardo came in, followed by the doctor, who insisted that Teresa go with him to her room. She got up, smiled at Ximena, and left with the doctor and the IV pole she was attached to. Gerardo sat next to his daughter's bed.
I was so worried about you.”
I'm alright, Father.”
And your mother? Is she alright?” he asked, with a worried expression.
I'm alright.”
Did your mother do this?”
No, it wasn't her fault,” Ximena said, on the verge of tears. “She just wanted to make things right. I said so many ugly things. It was all my fault.”
Gerardo continued to stroke her hair.
No, my love. Tell me what happened. We have to understand your mother. She is very sick.”
Ximena nodded agreement.
We have to be patient. I want things to be good. I want it to be good for the three of us.”
She continued to cry. Gerardo kissed her forehead.

Regina was in the office very late. She called Gerardo's cell. He was at home, sitting on the living room floor. He answered when he saw her name on the screen.
Gerardo, I couldn't believe this happened. How are they?”
Fortunately, they will be alright. This was the worst day of my life. The most affected was my daughter.”
It was an accident.”
It was a stupid move on Teresa's part.”
In the end her intent wasn't carried out. This hatred she has for me.... Can we see each other soon?”
No, I don't think so. It's so good to listen to you. Especially after that press mob.”
When can I see you?”
I don't know. There's a war out there.”

Hernán was waiting for Cecelia when she finally left her office. He almost begged for another chance. She told him he would have to help her first. “If you help me, you can have me,” she said as she walked away without a backward glance. His jaw had hit the sidewalk and he didn't even realize that it was hurting.

Regina picked up her purse and told Daniela she was going home to see her mother. She got a surprise she didn't expect or perhaps even want when Alonso appeared at her door.
What are you doing here?”
I came looking for my wife,” he said. The cheerful tone somehow seemed forced.
Daniela took her leave. Considering her attire she should have asked Scotty to beam her up from a planet at war. After she left Alonso entered and closed the door behind him.
No, no, after what happened last time I don't want to talk to you.”
I do,” he said. “You're going to listen to me.”
Really, Alonso, I have to see my mother. She needs my help. I'm worried because she was following my father.”
Alonso laughed.
This is nothing new. They're fighting ever since I know them.”
Don't talk that way about my parents.”
Why not? I have every right. Our parents aren't exactly a good example.”
Regina tried to leave her office but Alonso stepped in her way.
What is this? You are gorgeous.” He tried to touch her face.
Are you trying to seduce me?” she asked. “Because you've lost already.”
You are impossible. When I've come here to put things right with you?”
You're really trying to put things right with me after... You know what, Alonso? I don't know if we should continue together.”
What do you want to say?”
I don't know if we should continue together politically.”
What are you saying?”
I'm tired of telling you that I don't want to talk about this at this moment. I feel deceived.”
I think we have to talk. We can't go on like this. We have to talk calmly.”
You expect me to be calm after those outrageous things I heard in your office?”
We were talking about politics, not our life.”
Politics is our life, Alonso.” She shook her head, took her purse, and turned away.
Wait... I have a proposition. That we govern together. Regina, without you I'm nothing. Politics means nothing to me without you. Of course you are better than me. I'll fall without you.” When her expression didn't change he gave up – or pretended to. “Alright, go see your mother. We've talked.”

Noemi arrived at the location on her cell phone. A young man in a suit stepped outside and saw her, then went inside where Mario had just snorted cocaine (or something else) and got up from his seat to escort two girls younger than his daughters to the orgy room. Neither of them looked like she wanted to be there. They got to the door and the suited man alerted Mario to Noemi's presence outside. He shoved the two girls into the bedroom. The young guard was a little nervous.
I don't know what to do.”
Get her out of here. Sat anything you have to but get rid of her.”
He then entered the bedroom and closed the door. He was drunk, high, or both. His tie was loosened and askew. He stared at the two girls and waved his hand, as though that were a signal for a specific action. He may have thought himself a latter-day Caligula, but he was clearly past it. His eyes were sunken and hooded, as though he were Boris Karloff in a horror film of the 30s. He drank directly from the bottle as he watched the two girls do without him.

Ignacio arrived home and heard an unfamiliar sound. He walked into his daughter's room without knocking and caught her with Emiliano.

Noemi was still walking around with her eye on the cell phone screen when two men in black with kerchief masks seized her and put her in the back of the black SUV. One tried holding her mouth shut yelling “Shut up!” as she screamed.

Ignacio was indignant. He grabbed Emiliano by the hair and pulled him out of bed, shoving him against the wall. The light fell in such a way that he could identify him.
You're the governor's son, aren't you?” He was holding him against the wall in such a way that Emiliano couldn't have answered if he wanted to. He then turned around and grabbed Nayeli, dragging her out of the room and closing the door behind him. Emiliano looked as though he had entered hell.
Ignacio called Gerardo and angrily told him what he had discovered. He accused Emiliano of supplying the drugs and threatened to ruin Alonso's career with headlines saying that Emiliano was getting high with and consorting with a minor. Gerardo tried to get him to calm down and consider what this would do to his daughter. Ignacio ended the call just as Ximena entered the darkened living room. She asked what happened and Gerardo told her.

At the same moment Mario was plowing another woman's furrows with drugged ferocity while the other young woman watched. Suddenly he froze with a horrified expression on his face which suddenly looked twenty years older. He then collapsed on his partner's body.
The two prostitutes did not know what to do. One said they should call an ambulance and the other reminded her they could be arrested. One ran downstairs to the security guards.

Alonso persisted, but Regina finally told him she didn't trust him. He asked for another chance and her cell began ringing. She reached for it and he stopped her picking it up. He saw that it was Gerardo calling and would not give the phone back to her. He accused her of cheating on him with Gerardo. The phone started ringing again and Regina reached for it. She demanded to know where Alonso had heard this. Of course it was the photos of their dining together and she explained that it was a coincidence that she ran into Gerardo the night he – her husband – had stood her up. He demanded an explanation and she told him that what he really wanted was an argument. She demanded he give back her phone and he tossed it on the desk, going on about phone calls at that hour. She finally told him that her relationship with Gerardo was purely professional. He had helped her with the drafting of a new law. Alonso – in his usual Machiavellian manner of passive/aggression – was dismissive and said he would go back to work.
After the door closed behind him Regina picked up her phone and returned Gerardo's call.

Mario's two goons drove Noemi to what looked like a very dangerous neighborhood, threw her against the metal gate of a building, and put a gun to her head. They shouted threats, she screamed, and finally the gunman ran back into the car and it took off, leaving Noemi in an unfamiliar place. She appeared not to have her purse, but she did have her cell phone, which she took out.

Cecelia arrived home and unlocked the door. As it opened and the light from inside the apartment fell on the carpet she saw two drops of blood. She backed away like the hapless protagonist of a latter-day horror film. As she froze in abject fright, Isela came to the door.
What's wrong?”
Oh, it's you, Mother.”
What's up with you? One would think you've seen a ghost.”
Cecelia entered and looked around as she ascended the stairs.
Can I know why you're so worked up?”
It's nothing, Mother.” She looked around. “What have you done to the patio?”
It must be work stuff.”
Mother, will you stop with these questions and let me breathe?”
Tell me what's wrong!”
Cecelia spotted Susanna's watch on the end table next to the ashtray. She froze.
Cecelia, what's wrong?”
Cecelia turned around and faced her mother.
They killed one of the girls.”
Who? It was your father, wasn't it? Of course it was.”
No it wasn't. It was me. I killed her.”
Isela looked at her out of the corner of her eye. She knew this was not the truth.

A doctor had come to the motel and examined Mario.
It's a heart attack. He has to go to the hospital.”
No, he won't,” said the bald goon.
So when he has another heart attack, just call the funeral home.”

Ignacio gave Nayeli the third degree of his own.
This imbecile drugged you, didn't he?”
Enough, Papa,” she said, not even facing him.
Where do you know this asshole from?”
He's a friend of Ximena's; that's how I know him. Will you let him go?”
He's going to stay here until your father decides he can go.”
The phone rang. Gerardo was calling.
What is happening, Gerardo?”
Regina and Alonso will be at your house.”
We're going to have very long conversation. This kid is going to pay bigger than any governor's kid ever did before.”
Calm down. This is a very delicate situation.”
What's up with you? Have you been listening? This is the son of our opposition and you want us to pretend to be courteous? Thanks, brother.” He ended the call. He then told Nayeli that she would have an 8:30 curfew.

Cecelia told Isela that Susanna had gone to Regina for help and Mario had arrived there. Susanna had come to her for help and she called Mario. Isela was not surprised at what he had done. She said he was a pig and the worst of all men. Cecelia was convincing herself that Mario did it for her to protect her position. Isela had no illusions about Mario and said so. Cecelia's willingness to delude herself saddened her.

Somehow Mario had been brought to a hospital and the doctor came into his room to inform him of his condition. He was to remain in the hospital at least through the next day for tests. Mario denied being a drug addict or an alcoholic. The doctor did not seem convinced. Mario told him to do what he had to do but that all information must remain strictly between the two of them.

Hernán knocked on Cecelia's door and thus met Isela for the first time when she answered. He introduced himself as a colleague who wrote for the political daily paper. Isela let him in, teasing that it was rather late for looking for information. Obviously this lady knew nothing of journalism or reporters. She led him into the living room and offered him a drink. She told him that Cecelia was bathing but should be out shortly. In the meantime she had information for him but it would have to wait. He gave her his business card and she said this had to be strictly confidential.
Cecelia entered the living room on the tail end of that sentence and after a slightly awkward moment Isela took her leave. Hernán wanted to know more about her but Cecelia said that was a very long story that would have to wait. Right now she was a little tired and “Do you have something to tell me?”

Regina and Gerardo went to Ignacio's house and heard his accusations. She asked where Emiliano was and Ignacio told her he had him locked up in an upstairs room. He had wanted to call the police but Gerardo convinced him not to.
If we can all be calm,” Regina said, “this situation is just as disagreeable to you as it is to me. If you will allow me to talk to my son. I assure you he doesn't deal drugs.”
No, of course,” Ignacio said, sarcastically. “He's a white dove and my daughter drugged him.”
Ignacio!” Gerardo said, sternly. “Let Regina see her son. We have to talk between us.”
First you tell me how we're going to resolve this matter,” Ignacio said.
Regina looked at him as though he had two heads. He already had two faces.
To me, the only way to resolve this is for both of us to each talk with our children. Or what do you intend?”
I intended for your husband to show his face or does he send you to do his work?”
I knew you would react this way. I'm his mother and so I am in charge.”
You will be in charge when you explain to the press and all of social media that your son is a drug trafficker who sells drugs to minors.”
Haven't you been listening, Ignacio?” Gerardo asked him. “You would be exposing your own daughter.”
I don't care.”
Maybe not now but in the morning you will regret what this does to the rest of your life. We don't know who sold those drugs.”
I want to see my son! Nayeli and he are the only ones who can explain all this.”
Good evening,” said Alonso, as he walked in. “Did you think my security chief wouldn't tell me about this?”

He nodded toward a man who stood there silently, like Oddjob in Goldfinger. Regina looked at Ignacio despite that she knew Alonso was spying on her.


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Thank you, Urban, for the excellent recap!

Wow! How poetic for Mario to have a heart attack in his little ménage à trois! Hopefully that will take him out of the mix for a couple of days.

Not good at all that Ximena is now way too sympathetic to/feels responsible for Teresa's situation.

Cecilia is not too smart: snorting cocaine in a fishbowl of an office? At least she told the truth about she herself being a murderer to Isela.

Of course, nobody knows exactly where Emiliano was again. So much easier for him to get some free drugs and sex and head down the road is self-destruction. The kid needs an appointment with a mental health professional. Nobody seems to have had time to schedule that yet. I wonder what Ignacio had planned for him before the cavalry (Regina and Alonso) arrived.

Understatement of the episode: Alonso telling Regina that their parents weren't the best examples.

Cecilia is a drug addict ?


Truer words were never typed here.

Emiliano needs a shrink badly. In fact, I would hope that someone would recommend in-patient care for a short time to keep him away from the temptations and from the pressure of his family. Despite not coming from any moral high ground Mario would go ballistic at this and Omar would not be any better.

Alonso is in denial about the seriousness of this situation.

Ominous moment was when Alonso told Regina he was nothing without her. He is echoing his father and having Regina followed to discover her with Gerardo in this situation is a foreshadowing of worse to come.

Steve, Cecelia is addicted to cocaine. She was snorting it in episode 1. Isela has tried to get her to stop, but addicts don't stop until they want to.

Urban, that is one thing that seems consistently true with this one: there is worse to come.

Another excellent recap, Urban! Cecilia is evidently even more to blame for Susana's death than was first apparent. She wanted her dead--not just out of the way. But unlike her father, at least she feels a little guilt. She does seem to be becoming even more of a druggy.

Urban you've done it again. Thorough with a grain of comedic relief. Totally appreciated. This TN is so intense, and with so many ups and downs, mostly downs. There are not many characters that provide a sense of positivity.

Emi is such a disappointment, he does not fall far from the tree as far as Alonso is concerned. Regina is his saving grace, but she also has not provided the appropriate guidance and/or support. Too busy with their careers I suppose.

Mario is so filthy, and has mastered the art of objectifying women. His best work is Cecilia, he absolutely does not have any feelings for her, she is just a tool to be used whenever he wants. He has destroyed her and will continue to do so, as long as she remains hypnotized, paralyzed and stupefied by her very low self esteem.


Urban, kudos for the recap, at a tangential episode. Loved the debauchery in the art work! Mario never looked as though he was having fun, though. The quote is perfectly applied.

"Ominous moment was when Alonso told Regina he was nothing without her. He is echoing his father and having Regina followed to discover her with Gerardo in this situation is a foreshadowing of worse to come." Truer words have not been spoken. He just admitted to his own inadequacies. I hope Regina was listening to him. How on earth does he believe they could co-rule? She would always be the shadow president, expected to be beautiful, appear at openings, accompany him on overseas trips, etc. There are pitfalls for women who attempt to help their husbands move their agendas forward without official sanctions.

Thanks for explaining how Alonso showed up. I assumed someone had called him, rather than him following Regina to Ignacio's house. That he would be suspicious of Ignacio enabling the "lovers" might make sense.

Ignacio, being Gerardo's campaign manager, is the worst person to be in a position of power over Gerardo, Regina and Alonso. I don't think he really intends to make Regina go to the press and exposing his own daughter (surprise there, never knew that until now). He's just saying that to bargain himself into a position of power. He can go any which way he wants, from financial to political blackmail. With Alonso there, I can't wait to find out how he's going to use him, too.


Btw. what happened to Mario was almost as good as his having a heart attack in a swimming pool surrounded by his female "employees." I loved your "reluctant harem," Urban.

Thank you so much Urban for your retelling of this episode. I love the way you capture the conversation.

I was hoping that Mario would kick the bucket with that heart attack, but I guess it is too early in the story for that to happen yet. The bad ones always die at the end. LOL..."the reluctant harem", that's pretty much what they are.

As for Emiliano, he needs to be admitted into psychiatric care. What a mess he is, poor kid.

While we are at it, Ximena desperately needs therapy as well. She thinks her near death was her fault? What was Teresa whispering to her in her sleep?

Teresa has been gaslighting that girl for ages. Narcissists are very good at that.

I'm sure Regina will not let Susana's disappearance drop off her radar just like that. She will keep making inquiries and have a run-in with Mario. OK, back to the show.

UA: Let's hope Tessa has a big anvil with Her name on it.

Mario & Omar are SADISTS, Devil Incarnates.

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