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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #32, Tuesday Jun 20 2017: The Gift Horse

This is just a mini-recap. Don't hesitate to add details in the comments.

Laura and Ryan are still in the stable when Danilo comes home. (Steve tried to warn Ryan, but Ryan was ignoring his phone.) Dani doesn't catch them because Morgana has arrived to pick a fight with him. Steve texts Genesis to ask for another chance.

Laura sneaks into the house, while Ryan waits in the stable to get the all-clear. Before Dani can go into the house, Marcelino Salgado arrives with the horse. Laura comes outside to greet them, and her hair is miraculously dry!

Danilo makes a big show of gifting the horse to Laustela, in front of Morgana. Later, after everyone has left or gone inside, Morgana decides to harm or mar the horse. Steve sends Ryan the all-clear, but as Ryan tries to leave, Morgana intercepts him. He makes an agreement with her and tells Laura so, but doesn't tell her or us what that agreement is.

Joe tells Mercy he's one signature shy of a divorce, but is interrupted by a phone call from his wife. The kids want to see him. Joe says he's too busy with work.

Next day, the doctor tells Leticia that she might have a tumor, and on top of that, she's pregnant. But she tells the kids she got a headache from being nervous and angry. And she wants to know where Maria got the money to buy the phone. Did she steal it from her father? Maria says she wanted to punish Erasmo for leaving them. Tadeo and Leticia scold her for giving Mexicans a bad name. Leticia says Maria has to go back and apologize. Oh and Tomas hasn't come home yet.

Fausto wakes up and tries to suck some of the backwash out of a crushed beer can. He lights a cigarette, and I imagine him perishing in a fire. Nina is gone, and so is Laura's passport.

Leti tells Laura about the pregnancy (will Morgana try to buy/steal this baby?). She makes excuses for Tom hitting her. Laura tries to persuade Leticia to consider the welfare of herself and her children.

Ryan asks Mercy to leave Furia so she doesn't get implicated in Danilo's crimes. She's not willing to go down with the ship. She wants to help him fight Danilo.

Laura and Morgana have a confrontation that sounds like "meow meow meow meow meow." Morgana vaguely threatens Laura.

Tom comes home. Remind me to make fun of his shirt later. He apologizes. Leti says, "you can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister" (not in so many words, but in a gentle way). She offers to move out. He begs her not to leave him. He neeeeeeeds her. He cries on his knees. Is there anyone who is unfamiliar with this pattern? It must feel different when it's happening to you.

Meanwhile, Mar and Tad return the stolen money. Maria offers a backhanded apology that escalates to an argument with Erasmo. When the kids leave, Bonita makes a nasty comment about them, and Erasmo defends them. But talk is cheap.

There's a meeting at Furia. They agree (thanks to Ryan) to an accelerated release of Morgana's CD. Morgana doesn't have much material... and she wants "Estela" to write her songs! (I think this is what Ryan and Morgana agreed to at the stable.)

Joe tells Ryan that Walter never knew about Joe's affair with Mercy. He loves her and will do anything to be with her.

Paloma is fixing to go to kindergarten. Rosario will pick her up afterwards, and Danilo has hired guards. Rosario urges Laura to to tell Ryan and/or Danilo about Fausto. Laura doesn't want to bother Ryan, so she'll fix it herself. Fausto texts to say he'll be asking for the money soon.

In the auditorium, Laura demos a song for Morgana. Morgana complains but expects Laura to redo it until Morg likes it... instead of Morgana, the self-proclaimed artist, figuring out how to make it work. Actually she's just yanking Laura's chain. This goes on for WEEKS (there is a comical sunrise/sunset sequence to emphasize the passage of time), and Morgana's belly is still as flat as flounder. Finally Morgana deigns to sing something. Her accompanying dance reminds me of Charo, but without Charo's humor. Laura tires of Morgana's attitude and stomps off. And it turns out that Morgana has secretly gotten someone else to write her a song.

Danilo tries to get Milton to do a story, I think about himself and Laura. Milton is not enthusiastic.

At Furia, on the night of the launch show, Morgana demands that Leticia mend her skirt. Leticia can't sew, but she rigs up something with a scarf that looks pretty good. Morgana thinks Leti looks familiar, but Leti plays dumb.

Ryan is in the middle of introducing the night's acts when Danilo interrupts and announces that he and La Regia will be getting married next month. Ryan hugs him sarcastically (yes that is totally a thing). Tomorrow will be La Regia's first BIG concert. It looks like she and Danilo are making out. Morgana is pissed. Laura is not happy either. He asks if she's on the rag. She threatens to dump him on their wedding day. He offers to call off their wedding and tell everyone she's really Laura Oviedo.

Nina tells La Tona that she's been hiding from Fausto all these weeks. She'll tell La Tona about Fausto if Tona agrees to help someone who helped Nina. She hands the passport to La Tona, who is impactada. "She's still alive?" Tona rapidly downs three shots (in between scenes) and orders another. She tells Nina she won't let him hurt Laura. Tona wants to "take care of it."

Danilo gives Laura a ring. He kisses her, and Ryan walks in before Laura can push Dani away.

Next time: Laura threatens Danilo.


I can't hear the name "Milton" without thinking of this:


Thank you. Julie!!

So what happened to the rain? Another TN weather mystery? or maybe it was a timed sprinkler system and one of those automatic dryers they have in the bathrooms. no signs of anything being wet--clothes, hair, NADA.

Morgana did demand that her solo album be released expeditiously in return for her silence after she caught Ryan in the stables.

"Laura and Morgana have a confrontation that sounds like "meow meow meow meow meow." Morgana vaguely threatens Laura." Laustela pretty much told Morgana that she knew why and how she had coerced Ryan into speeding up the album. She told Morgana that she could tell Danilow about her and Ryan as she was not going to allow her to use that to threaten her. Laustela kept telling MorgaBitch that she could have Danilow...she does not want him and she will never "give in" to him. Morgana told her that Danilow is stubborn and the more she rejects him, the more he will want her. She advised Laustela to just give in because as soon as she did that, Danilow would lose interest and look elsewhere.

I had a feeling Nina was going to give that passport to La Tona. I was hoping I was wrong, but no. she done did it. Now Laustela has one moer person that will be actively after her. Fauxpas seems to have postponed his blackmail...maybe because he doesn't have the passport anymore? He sent that text to Laustela saying that for old times sake, he was going to give her more time...and that was before the "several weeks later".

Danilow really pushed it...announcing that he and Regia were getting married on stage. That look on Laustela's face was priceless...seemed like she wanted to barf. A good reporter should be able to catch that. I thought maybe he did it just to give Milton a good story since Milton hinted that romance always makes for a good story, but he actually had a ring so he must have already planned it.

LetMe pregnant...good grief! " (will Morgana try to buy/steal this baby?)" Julie, I asked myself that very same question! I understand why she doesn't want to tell TomAss, but OTOH if she tells him maybe that will help keep him from hitting her again...maybe.

Enough for tonight...more laters.

Thank you Julie, most appreciated.
In VEA we watched stupid boring people. Here we have stupid Crazzo people. Married? Is there no end to what DaniLow thinks he can buy with that one teeninesy widdle biddy secret?

"OK folks, after her last song stick around and you will see my new wife kiss a donkey. You already saw her kiss a Jackass, right?"

Of course, LetMePlunkOutAnotherOne is preggers. TN broads are so fertile all they need do is use the same shower as a man and preggo.

Oh my goodness, Julie, now I'm going to be thinking of that video when I see Milton!! Thanks for sharing!

Julie good bullet points. As soon as I heard the doctor tell our letty you're pregnant I thought there's the baby that Morgana is going to kidnap or bye and knowing the kind of person letty is that heffas gonna steal her baby, with Tomas' help. Morgana is as dumb as a Wet rock in a drainageditch.She's not Even tryin to act preganant. Moving like that, no rythum at all.

Danilo has just lost all sense of any
Reality he had left in the one quarter brain cell. All sense of reality. It's
Being fryed on that junk he keeps sucking up his stupid nose.

I think erasermo is kickin himself.And
I think that's good, kick his own ass for Kickin his family to the curve.
Hey guys here's a thought. There is
Another baby to be stolen, bonita's
Baby. Or she might even help morgs do
The deed. These people crazy on this show. It'll Be interesting to see how
This turns out.

Thanks for the bullet points/recap julie.


Julie, your recap was a joy. I have to tell you that "Morgana's belly is still as flat as flounder" made me laugh out loud.

I believe some writers actually dislike certain characters. Leticia must be one. First, she loses her philandering husband. Next, she lets Chava, one of the few good men in this go. Next, she marries an abuser and gets pregnant. I don't want to know what's next.

RgvChick, I was also thinking about if Let should tell Tomas. My vote is no. I fear he would never let her go then. Not that he would anyway, but this will strengthen his sick resolve.

"Joe tells Mercy he's one signature shy of a divorce, but is interrupted by a phone call from his wife. The kids want to see him. Joe says he's too busy with work". I missed that scene. Did we see or hear the wife?? I'm withholding final judgment until we get the entire backstory.

That hay looked downright uncomfortable. I hope it was clean at least. Wouldn't be my first choice as a trysting spot. "Laura comes outside to greet them, and her hair is miraculously dry!" The waterworks made no sense. Bad editing? Bad writing? Both?

"Fausto wakes up and tries to suck some of the backwash out of a crushed beer can" was a perfect description of a total waste of a human being. May I dare hope he is Dan's next victim?

"In VEA we watched stupid boring people. Here we have stupid Crazzo people". You've got it Kirby! :)

Thanks for your kind words everyone regarding hub. He had some tough surgery and in for a long recovery but the first one is over.

Julie, thank you!!


How's Morgana the Abortion Idiot plotting to fake a pregnancy ?

Good Morning!

Diana, yes, we did see Joe's wife--very pretty, to me she looks like a young Erika Buenfil. She was agreeing that there was no use holding on to the marriage when there was no love. They talked about Joe's busy day and how he was preparing for the show. He mentioned that he would always invite her to the shows but she never wanted to go because she didn't like regional music.

Steve, Morgana hasn't said specifically how she is going to fake the pregnancy, but she did call someone to ask if "something" was ready because she was going to need it right away.

Gotta rush off...busy morning...

I think the call about something was when Morget'erdone was calling her ghost song writer.

Thank you, Julie, for the last two recaps, they're a joy to read, and my only way to stay informed as I am crazt busy at work and behind on watching.
Morgana should go shopping at FakeBelliesRUs the time it takes for LetMeNotUseProtection to have her American born child. I called it last week that Let will be pregnant - it was either her or Laura and Laura alreeady has a child that the bad guys can use to blackmail her.
The whole stable debacle sounds fun, reminds me of all the rancho novelas where the horses' shack was the IT place for forbidden hookups.
We're having the hottest day in the last few decades today in France. I'm wearing a tiny skirt and blouse to work - not exactly Morgana style, but super close LOL

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that last phone call from Morgana. It did sound like she was asking for a song. She had been telling Laura that her song was going to be better than Laura's song, which is weird since Laura was WRITING Morgana's song - but I guess Morg has a secret magic song that will rule them all. We shall see.

Morgana grabbed a jar of something from the cleaning supplies and muttered something about the horse, but I don't know if she actually did anything with it.

I forgot to add a title. There's one there now, but it's pretty much meaningless. I don't think Danilo actually looked the gift horse in its mouth...

Thank you RgvChick! So sorry I missed the scene with Joe's wife. It sounds as though it is a loveless marriage on both sides. For me, that still doesn't excuse the cheating. They should have separated first.

Stay cool Adriana! I have total confidence your outfit will not resemble ANYTHING in Morgana's closet :)

Julie, I have no doubt Morgana was going to hurt the horse. I'm hoping Ryan sidetracked her. If she does anything to the horse, I wish her a fate matching the rest of the terrible villains.

Back late tonight.

Stay cool and safe all.


And funny that Leticia happened to endear herself to Morgana just in time for a false pregnancy plot.

I can't imagine that Morgana would play this straight and try to make a deal with Leti, though. That's not her style. But she might try to "help" Leticia out of her Tomas predicament.

And I vote NO on Leticia telling Tomas about the pregnancy. I don't think he will stop beating her because of that. It will only reinforce his possessiveness and sense of entitlement to treat her as property.

Julie, I'm sure you're right, TomAss will probably not stop beating her, but he is going to find out about the pregnancy eventually. I think the reason she doesn't want to tell him now is because she is afraid he doesn't want children. She kept asking him if the reason he had changed was because now her children were there, and maybe he just wanted her (by herself, no baggage). BTW, LetMe is the one who asked the doctor if she had a tumor. He only told her that it is rare that women die of the condition she has, but that she does need to take precautions...because she is pregnant.

"Dani doesn't catch them because Morgana has arrived to pick a fight with him. " I thought this was interesting...Danilo asked Morgana why she hadn't helped Natividad with the "clean up." She responded that she didn't want to get involved; he then came back with "you are more involved than that." As their conversation continued, Morgana asked him why he was so intent on getting the 20% for Furia when he would be loaded with the money he was going to make with the laundering business...he could even start his own company "Danilo Productions." He responded that he wanted justice. His father always placed him last and gave Ryan everything. He wants what is his so he can rub it it Mercy's and Ryan face to show them that he is the one in charge and he will do whatever he wants with the company.

Kirby, "Here we have stupid Crazzo people" most definitely true!! And we have several people that are very stubborn and seek total control of others.

OK, got rid of the tumor. Thanks RGV. Thanks also for providing so many more details. I've got a cold, so I haven't the energy to do more than what I did last night.

There will be another abbreviated recap tonight, probably even shorter, and then I believe Anita has Thursday.

Julie! Tell us about the shirt...I was focused on the one pant leg in boot, other out of boot that I didn't notice the shirt.

Kirby, that's an awesome pic! I luuurve that blue on the bird's beak!

Blue is my fav color... and the blue-black combo even better :-)

It's mating season, she's wearing makeup.

Little blue heron as compared to the much larger Great Blue herons I normally show. This one is about half the size.

On the Joe/Mercy/Ryan issue--things are getting better...

“Joe tells Mercy he's one signature shy of a divorce.” Joe and Mercy seem to be coming to terms with their relationship. Mercy tells him that he should know that she would be glad to live with him, that she doesn’t want to be alone in the big house, and he is all she has. He tells her that then it’s time they start planning on a life together. Phone rings and it’s his wife…

Joe in Ryan's office: Joe and Ryan are now reviewing closely documents that they sign. After Joe tells Ryan that they have a pending conversation that includes his continuing to work there, Ryan tells Joe that he knows how to separate business from personal issues. He needs allies in the company even though he doesn’t understand their (Mercy/Joe) relationship. Ryan tells Joe that he is no one to judge…he just needs time.


Kirby, I wish my makeup looked that good! LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

Bird does look good, but

I'd bet the bird wishes she could type though. As it is, she is like Morgana, just a Hunt 'N' Pecker.

Kirby, "As it is, she is like Morgana, just a Hunt 'N' Pecker." And Danillow is El Snortin' Dodobird!

Oh yeah, Tom's shirt. I noticed on Monday night that it looked to be flannel, but there was a leather or suede patch on the right upper chest/shoulder. I think that's for a gun. So it's like a hunting shirt. What is he hunting? Latinas?

We don't know his occupation. I noticed that his house looks very sparse. How long has he been unemployed? Did he sell off most of his stuff to raise money? Or did he come here from Montana recently and just didn't bring a lot of stuff?

Based on the lecture he gave Tad last week about how it's hard to make a living as an artist and Tadeo needs to get a degree (ahem, there's such a thing as a degree in the arts), I thought Tom might be in the arts.

But the shirt cracked me up because it seems so pretentious - I don't believe for a moment that he was ever a hunter.

Then again, I have a so-called biker jacket but no motorcycle, so maybe we're both pretentious.

Julie, that's what's strange about TomAss...his house is sparse, he is unemployed, so where did he get the money to pay the ransom for LetMe's kids???

Maybe he does have the money, but is keeping it in reserve now that he has Leticia paying his bills.

Or maybe he was planning to borrow.

We don't know much about him, so he could have a whole entire life that's yet to be revealed to us.

I did laugh at him saying he was stressed out over being unemployed. I don't see him looking for work. My heaviest job search consisted of slaving away over a hot keyboard for 15 to 20 hours a week.

RGV I think he OFFERED to pay for her kids ransom, like most blow hards, but didn't she actually GET the money from LauStela?

That shirt with the leather recoil patch must have come from Goodwill. I think it most likely was a light hunting jacket. You don't usually see leather on a shirt which is expected to be laundered on a regular basis. But what do I know.

I don't have special clothing for shooting things, or riding a motorcycle. A neighbor who has a Harley came in from a "Ride" one day all dressed in his do-rag and vest with patches and I asked him if it was dress up day at school.

Kirby, Laustela did get the money for LetMe, but when LetMe got the call to deposit the money she panicked, called Erasmo who wasn't allowed to answer, so she called TomAss who answered right away. They met in the park and he handed her the money. She never got the money from Laustela.

Thanks. I prob was not paying much attention to LetMe. As in LetMeGoToTheKitchenNow.


Oh, right - Tom and Leticia actually went to the ATM, where he took out the money. Right? So he actually had it and presumably didn't need to borrow it.

I think one of the items in his apartment is a small popcorn machine. Because, priorities.

Diana: Letty is preggers ?

Thanks, Julie. Fab title and recap.

The horse is so cute. I hope he gets a bigger part.

If Laustela just can't bring herself to tell Ryan that Fausto is back at the blackmail trough, maybe she really should stay with Danilo for keeps. Danilo and Calao would kill Fausto, Tona, Mr. Blake...

Poor Letmebepitiful. Pregnant by somebody she didn't want to have sex with in the first place. She only did it out of pity.

Joe seems to have neglected his two little kids and his wife doesn't seem like a bad person. I need to see more because so far he and Mercy just seem selfish and self-involved.

Diana - Wishing your husband the best of recoveries. It must be a relief to have the surgery over.

"The horse is so cute. I hope he gets a bigger part."

Me too. I hope he can talk.

Right Wilbur?

Julie, good recap/minibullet points. I think letty's baby will be the victim
Of a kidnapping.Or laura's baby. Some
Ones gonna loose their baby to Morgno
Babyinthewomb-ever for awhile, then
He or she will be returned to momma. So who do y'all think will get to keep their baby: letty,Laura or bonita? Cuz
Morgnobaby got three to pick from.

Tomas alas is a very troubled man. The
Way he was holdin on to letty, there was some kind of abuse as a child.He's
Holdin on to her and cryin like a big scared child. This man suffered some kind of abuse. And the wife #1(that we know of there could be more women) was
also witness to his absessiveness and
That's why the restraining order.Letty
Didn't even think about that order,and
She's still not. Well she better start thinking about something because after while mama gonna start showing, and Maria and tadeo are going to notice it
Too. I'm glad she told Laura cuz she's going to need some support, but Laura has got her own problematic drama going on and shes stuck between two brothers.one cold-blooded murderer and the other one..... I don't know.. part coward Part galan. Coward cuz he wants
To run away and galan cuz he's so gosh darn cute and sometimes he steps up.He
Need to do a lot more stepping up.

Who did Morag get to write her a song.
And it's time for chav to get out of
Jail. It's time to FREE CHAV,he's very much needed. Badly.

Ok I tried to publish a comment this
Morning and the net monster are it. So
Here we go again, I hope it goes through.

Thank you Juls.

Yaaaaah the Monster didn't eat it. Enjoy y'all:)��

Niecie, "Poor Letmebepitiful. Pregnant by somebody she didn't want to have sex with in the first place. She only did it out of pity." That may have been true in the beginning, but when she was telling Laustela that she was pregnant, she also told her that TomAss had won her heart little by little. And when she was talking to Tom and he was pleading with her, she told him she loved him...so...LetmebePITIFUL, PITIFUL, PITIFUL!!!

That was a beautiful horse! If he can talk and Ryan and Laustela have another tryst in the hay, I hope he knows when to keep quiet too.

" can talk and Ryan and Laustela have another tryst in the hay"

We he he he he...." Now Ryan, nibble on her mane boy. There ya go, ya gotta make your filly know you're there."

LOL Kirby! Now how would Mr. Ed know what to do/say? I don't remember him having a fillyfriend, but that was so long ago I might have forgotten :-)

When Leticia told Laura that Tomas won her heart, I thought she was just saying that to pretend (to herself as well as to Laura) that she didn't marry him for purely practical reasons.

And when she told him she loved him, I thought that was to make him stop sniveling.

Admittedly, I find him pretty repulsive. But his behavior can't possibly be winning over her heart, can it? Even before he hit her he was a bossy, controlling grouch. When they got married, she was concerned because she DIDN'T love him, and all he's done since then is complain about her kids.

But if that's what it takes to win her heart, I don't know if anyone can help her.

Julie, I agree, the man is repulsive. How any woman could let herself love a man like that is inconcievable, but women do things in desperation. Maybe LetMe has convinced herself that she loves him to justify being with him.

Hi, everyone. Julie, I am looking forward to reading your recap and the comments because I could not watch last night.

Julie..Did you sense me waving as we skirted Boston?

Okay, I will be back later !!!

Diana, Hope that your hubby has a very speedy recovery.

"But women do things in desperation. maybe letme convinced herself that she loves him to justify being with him".

RgvChick you're right. I had a cousin
Who was a punchin bag for her husband,
She didn't have anywhere to turn cuz her dad my uncle kicked get out of the house when she went back home. So she
Went back to the abuse and took it.And
The babies too.
Some how they made it work,their later life Was peaceful.She died about 3 yrs
Ago from something I forget what.
But her life Was hell back in those days, the 60s. But folks Said they loved each other. And I think they did in the end.
It's sad what some women will put up
For their kids. Letty did that for the
Sake of the kids, but OMG.This is worse than being married to erasermo. Atleast with him she knew what she was getting. Poor letty. I really hope this turns out good for her cuz she did not ask for this, she thought she had a partner in her husband but he just shot all that to hell, threw his family to the curb for Ol what's her face.
She's made some bad decisions but I hate how she got there,thanks to hubby


This comment has been removed by the author.

Nina: I'm praying nothing horrible happens to Leticia.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin :(

Hell hath no Furia as a Moronga and a dopehead scorned!

The sound keeps cutting out on me, so I'm relying on captions. I know I always say that I rely on captions, but I didn't realize how helpful the sound was (even with captions) until now that it's gone!

Julie, here's the link to the song Regia just sang... goood message to Danilow



Thanks - I did hear all of that. I've only had two sound outages so far, just a few minutes each, so I think it'll be okay. I'll be done in maybe half an hour, tops...

Glad you got most of it. Appreciate you taking over for Alfredo. Kirby calls you "Jewels" and for good reason!

Done... enjoy :o)

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