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La Candidata Monday June 19, 2017; Capítulo 13: Regina will Present her Candidacy

As Susana is about to explain to Regina about her being deceptively recruited into this prostitution ring and forced into this life, held captive, who should appear but the super-pimp daddy himself, Mario Barcenas. Poor Susana is mortified to see him show up at Regina’s office door and put two and two together and figured out that pimp-daddy is also Regina’s daddy. Susana goes running and contacts Cecilia for help.

Mario wants to know what is going on and Regina briefly tells him. “Well did she give you names or places,” Mario’s inquiring mind wants to know. Regina tells him that they were barely getting started when he showed up and she got scared and ran off. “Well, maybe she will return,” says Mario. “So what are you doing here?” says Regina. Mario says, “I have something very urgent to discuss with you.” They go back into her office.

Cecelia is with Hernán in his office and she tells him to publish the article they talked about the governor’s and senator’s marriage. She wants him to write about how Regina wants to run for President against her husband, the governor. Hernán wants to know why and she says it will earn her points with her boss. “Ok, you get points with your boss and I get nothing?” Cecelia looks back and says, “Alright, well wait for me at my apartment and I’ll give you whatever you ask for.” Hernán looks at her and his jaw just drops.

At the hospital, some men in suits looking a lot like the Secret Service approach Hugo’s mother with some kind of file they have on her. They open up the file and tell her that they have this compromising information on her business that they will expose if she doesn’t drop her charges against Emiliano, the governor’s son. Also, the Mexican IRS will freeze her assets and take her money for unpaid taxes from this spurious business she runs. If she cooperates, they will destroy the file. As they leave, Hugo’s mom stares back at them incredulously.

Teresa comes in her house and Ximena sits at the table with her tablet. “What are you doing here? Did your father send you to guard me?” “Enough of that Mother!” Teresa says, “You are a traitor. We had an agreement, didn’t we?” Ximena says, “Are you saying this is my fault? You are ruining my life and yours too.” Teresa brings up Regina Barcenas and says that she is the one ruining things. But Ximena tells her, “She’s much better than you are mother. At least with her, maybe my father could be happy. But you, you are just plain crazy!” At this point, Teresa violently grabs her daughter and attempts to hit her. “Are you going to beat me again?” Teresa finally lets go and just stares at her daughter. “I cannot stand this anymore. I would rather be dead than live with you,” says Ximena. Teresa walks out while Ximena cries.

Meanwhile, Gerardo is speaking to his friend Agustín about how Teresa makes life a living hell for him and his daughter. He suggests that they present a case in family court before a judge to declare his wife as incapacitated. “What are you referring to?” says Gerardo. “To take custody of your daughter.” Agustín suggests putting Teresa in a psychiatric hospital, but Gerardo says she is not crazy, she’s just an addict.  (I’m no psychiatrist, but she looks pretty crazy to me!) Agustín says that you can present a case that the addiction is so severe, that it hinders her ability to take care of your daughter. Gerardo thinks a minute, but doesn’t want to send Teresa to a mental hospital because it would be like sending her to prison. Agustín says, “You may not have another alternative, Gerardo.” He stares down pensively.

Cecelia’s phone rings and she answers. It’s Susana calling frantically. Cecelia wants to know what she did. Cecelia tells her to go to Cecelia’s apartment and wait for her there.

What was so “urgent” that Mario needed to speak with Regina about? Seems that he wants Regina to step down and not run for President. He tells her that it’s her job to support her husband for President. Besides that her husband and his family have all the money and power. He suggests that she think about the things that are really important in life, but she needs to step down from any intention of being the Presidential candidate.

Mario’s phone rings and it’s Cecelia. But Regina wants him to explain more. He says that there is no more to explain. “If you don’t step down and support your husband, you’ll end up as nothing but a shadow figure in the Senate and no one will take you seriously. Right now, it’s better that you serve the people. And if you don’t do this, you will lose everything.” Then Mario walks out.

Mario then is on the phone with his other daughter. She tells him that Susana knows that Regina is his daughter and she sent Susana to her apartment. “Well done, my daughter. I’ll take care of things.” (It looks like Cecelia has set up her friend….)

At Teresa’s house, she puts a cheesecake in what appears to be a 10 inch springform pan into the oven and turns the oven on. (I guess she does not believe in preheating to 350 degrees). Ximena is on the couch taking a nap and Teresa sits down next to her. (Maybe she knows the cheesecake will take an hour to bake.)

Cecelia reads an article to Alonso that is to be published and he is very pleased. Then Cecelia shows him the picture of Regina with Gerardo as Regina passes by and peers in. Alonso sees her and comes out. He has a few words with her about her causing a problem regarding being jealous of Cecelia, he’s already told her there is nothing. “No that is not what I came to talk about.” She walks down the hallway and has Alonso follow her. “What is going to be a problems is what I have to tell you.” She explains in no uncertain terms that she is going to go for it. Now is the time to pursue her own desires and not his desires. “I am going to announce my bid for the Presidency.” Alonso sternly says, “I am the candidate for President!” But Regina says, “But right now, you’ll have to run against me.” Regina explains she doesn’t want to play dirty politics like he does. She tells him, “Remember when we got into politics that we did it to improve health, welfare, and education for everyone?” Alonso says, “Yes, I remember all of that, but this is the way things go in the political world.” “No” says Regina, “You are just desperate for power and control. You have forgotten the real reasons we entered politics in the first place. You are hungry for power and what you want no matter what the price is!” She reads him the riot act telling him he and his father manipulate everyone and it’s all dirty. She accuses him of losing all morals and ethics and if he continues this way, he is going to lose her.

Omar’s friend (don’t know this character’s name.) comes over but Natalia tells him Omar isn’t home yet. He says he came to discuss Regina. However, Natalia doesn’t like to get involved in politics thinks that Regina is a brave woman and that they are all wrong about her. He says that if Regina continues, it will only help the opposition. He comes over, takes her hand and tells her that Regina will listen to her. Then Omar comes in and is looking angry because he sees his friend innocently holding her hand as a friend. Omar tells Natalie to leave the room. Then Omar tells him that Natalie cheated on him in his own bed. Omar’s friend feels uncomfortable and leaves. Then Omar goes to Natalie and hurls insults at her, calling her trash.

He bangs at the door demanding to come in and tells her he is going to make her life hell. (I thought her life was already worse than Hell!) She just wants to be left in peace and he calls her a slut. A few minutes later, he comes and unlocks the door with a key. Natalie is frightened, but perhaps he realized that he can catch more flies with honey than he can with acid. He comes groveling and asks her to help him forget what happened and asks to make love to her so they can start anew.

After Regina is finished with Alonso, she walks out and thinks about the differences between Alonso and Gerardo. She thinks back to the time she and Gerardo were in that restaurant and how supportive Gerardo had been regarding Regina’s career. She is going over in her mind Alonso’s thirst for power above everything else contrasted with Gerardo’s kind ways. She then remembers how he told her that he never stopped loving her.

At the Senior Barcenas home, Naomi is with a member of the “geek squad” who is installing an application on her phone and computer. Looks like this is something she can keep track of Mario with.

Back in the office where Regina just left Alonso reeling, Mauro and Alonso discuss Regina. Alonso claims that he taught Regina everything she knows. He was her teacher and her mentor, by golly! And he’s going to be the next President of the country! Mauro advises that he reconquer Regina with lots of love in order to get her under control.

Gerardo goes inside the house, covers his face from the pungent smell of gas and finds Ximena and Teresa passed out on the couch because of the natural gas from the oven. (What happened? Did Teresa blow out the pilot light? What happened to the cheesecake? I guess it was never baked. Perhaps she took seriously when Ximena said she would rather be dead than live with her.) He carries out Ximena and calls for help and an ambulance.

At the hospital, Hugo’s parents are being questioned by the reporters as to whether the San Roman/Barcenas family was responsible the suicide attempt and Hugo’s mom says that they were not. Her husband takes her aside and asks what is going on. She tells him that Hugo was in love with Emiliano. She tells him that Hugo is a homosexual and does not want him exposed.

It looks like Hernán published another article about our power couple a la Enquirer. Cecelia wants to know why he published that piece instead of the one they discussed. He says that it’s because he hates the governor and he will ruin the country. Cecelia says that if he attacks the governor, he attacks her. Then Pacheco appears in the hallway and he’s mad as hell. He tells Hernán to shut his mouth and the he’s only protecting Cecelia because they are sleeping together. The get physical and Hernán threatens him. “This is not over”, says Pacheco.

Of course Alonso is angry because of the piece and sternly tells Cecelia to go fix things. Then Pacheco enters and Alonso starts questioning him. “How long have you worked for me?” He accuses Pacheco of not having his back and Pacheco says he won’t make a mistake again. Too late. Alonso says, “You’re fired!”

Regina goes to the women’s shelter looking for Susana, but she is not there. Daniela shows her the piece just written about her and Alonso.

Susana waits for Cecelia at Cecelia’s apartment. She hears the door open and thinks it’s Cecelia, but surprise, it’s pimp daddy Mario. His henchmen grab Susana and rough her up, then punch her in the abdomen for a final fatal blow. She dies on the stairs. Sad. Her last view of life is seeing Mario in an upside down position.


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Cynthia, this is an AWESOME recap!!! I absolutely loved this episode when it first aired (SO much sh*t going on!!) and was wondering to whom the recapping responsibility would fall now that it's airing in the Northern Parts. I see now that it couldn't have been in better hands! Thanks again! :-)

It's obscenely late, so I just wanted to say a couple of things...

1) Teresa- ABSOLUTELY- intended to kill herself and Ximena. The cheesecake in the oven was merely a cover, should it not work out as she had planned, so that she wouldn't get sent to jail for murder/attempted murder. Nailea Norvind, I thought, was terrific in this scene. Her staring at her sleeping daughter, then robotically walking through the motions of 'baking' the cake, opening the oven door and then cranking the temperature to maximum (for anyone wondering if her attempted gassing of her and her daughter was just a mistake, please ask yourself- who the hell would bake a cheesecake at full power????? To me, this scene showed me how Teresa really cares for her daughter. In short- she doesn't. Ximena's life is meaningless to Teresa as she sees her daughter only in terms of how she relates to herself and not as the living, breathing, individual- her DAUGHTER- that she is.

Also incredibly telling is Ximena's choice of words during her fight with her mother (which Cynthia mentioned in her recap), asking her if her mother was going to beat her AGAIN. Yet another clue as to the monstrous and unstable narcissist that her mother really is.

I'm tired, so I'll make these next two short...

Cecelia- what a mess. You've got to feel for her- her life absolutely sucks in every way, with a monster for a father and an amoral harpy for a mother. But...... setting an innocent girl who TRUSTED her up by in essence delivering her to her monstrous father... I'm sorry. Desperately seeking Daddy's favor / Being programmed this way / Being afraid for herself / Hoping that she's doing the right thing and really just ignorant to what her father is capable of or WHATEVER her rationale to herself might have been... there's no excusing her. Susana's blood is on her hands just as much as it is Mario's and she knows it. Why do you think she was completely WRECKED after her conversation with her father??? She KNEW what was likely to happen, yet she did it anyway... she hates herself for doing it, apparently, but she did. (And, while I'm at it... isn't Susana Gonzalez KILLING it in this role?? The more I see this actress in, the more impressed I am at her talent!)

Last note: Wasn't poor Susana's murder a truly disturbing, even horrifying scene? I love scenes like that... NOT out of any sort of sadism or anything like that, but because to me they demonstrate to me the capability that the entertainment medium that is television really is in making the viewer really FEEL something, even if it is horrible. Scenes like that make me think that- for me at least- the actors, the director, the lighting guys, EVERYBODY... they all just f**king GOT it, and combined to hit the ball out of the park. I just want to give a slow clap to everybody involved in making a scene like that (slow only because of the disturbing, uneasy feeling that I have in my stomach, and with mouth agape, of course), and feel happy for the actors involved for them having done their job (i.e.- reach the audience, in my case of course 'me') so incredibly well...

The look on Juan Carlos Barreto's face as Susana died was simply perfect. I think he could have won the award for the years best villain (which he did, with Azela Robinson winning the female villain award) just based on that one cold, satisfied, chilling look- 'Mona Lisa smile' on his face and all- alone.

Likewise the expressiveness Jessica Ortiz (Susana) is capable of in this terrible scene. There was nothing pretty or graceful in her death- indeed I felt that her 'death mask' (the look on her face at the moment of death) was absolutely terrifying- twisted, brutal, and ugly as, of course, it was. Kudos to this young actress for bringing reality- however ugly and uncomfortable- into this scene that was nothing but that.

WELL... so much for keeping this short! (lol). I hope that all are well, and look forward to reading everybody's comments, as ever and always. Thanks again to Cynthia and all of the recappers for doing such a terrific job for us on this fine telenovela. Best wishes to all! :-)

P.S.- Does anybody know what has become of Vivi? I don't believe she's been around these parts for a while (I was really hoping that she'd be a part of this LC group), and hope that she's okay..

Great work, Cynthia.

Mario set Cecelia up, too. The murder took place in her apartment and even if the goons do a clean-up there is always the risk of trace evidence, especially blood. Cecelia is now an accomplice.

Since Cecelia is also hell-bent on destroying Regina's career as well, she's on Karmageddon's Hit List. Let her steal Alonso and the two of them go to hell together at the end.

Thank you, Cynthia for your excellent recap. I especially enjoyed your little asides. Ver funny!

Stevey, ITA about the expression on Mario's face. It was chilling.

Teresa's suicide/homicide attempt was no surprise. Teresa is an addict AND nuts. It took Gerardo forever to get Ximena out of that apartment/house as he went scurrying around to turn off the gas first. Wrong move like so many of his moves.

On the other hand, Regina has shown she can learn. It was good to see her confront Alonso and tell him she knows how it is.

Hmmmm . . . Now Cecilia has blood on her hands having told Mario about Cecilia being at her place. I was sort of surprised they stabbed Susana right there on the carpet. It was dramatic but could have caused a costly carpet clean or replacement. Ha! Ha! And it is Cecilia's home . . .

Poor Natalia having to put up with Omar. He needs to be dispatched ASAP.

Guess we won't be hearing anymore from Hugo or his family.


UA: The Body Count just increased by 2 more.

Urban, I am so glad you are populating your Karmageddon Hit List already!

Jarifa: We thought the graphic sadism of Telemundo's "LA DONA" was bad enough....

Excellent recap, Cynthia! I especially loved "super-pimp daddy." How convenient that Susana didn't have time to give any names! And maybe Mario was following her. Speaking of following, perhaps Naomi's tracking device will eventually catch Mario in a murder. Evidently Hugo's mother sells contraband--just 1 more level of corruption. Talk about irony! If Mario and Alonso hadn't told Regina not to run, she probably wouldn't have run. Now that Tere has attempted murder/suicide, she definitely should be headed for a mental institution. At least Ximena is no longer demonizing Regina. I totally agree, Urban, about the Karmageddon hit list.

Wow Cynthia, Bravo for capturing these tremendously important scenes.

Man oh man LC is absolutely top notch, the acting, the plot, the plot twists and turns, the revelations, or near revelations that keep us hanging to every word and the climax, and resolution to each of these sub=plots is incredible. Yes I knew Susana was doomed, but so soon and so brutally WOW!!! Talk about the shock factor, and yes mouth gaping wide open. Never thought Cecila would be complicit in a murder, but she sure proved me wrong.

Now how in the world would Regina ever win the presidency? hear me out. Her father is a pimp, murderer. Her mother is a booze guzzler, her sister is an addicted, prostitute, murderer, her husband is a cheating, lying, corrupt politician, her son is an immature, drug taking, cyber bully. Her father-in-law is a wife beater, corrupt, son of a b#$%. Yes she is non of those things but she is in the middle of the hurricane, it seems virtually impossible but it will be fun to watch her go after Alonso's dream.


I always start building the Karmageddon post at the beginning so as to catch all the evil ones' crimes. This was particularly important for AQNMD which had more villains than any other series I can recall. The apex female villain had such a long rap sheet that it took up a whole screen along with her mug shot.

This murder/suicide thing -- which Teresa will insist was an accident -- is more than enough to put her away for a while. My gut is telling me that this is a manipulation timed for Gerardo's usual arrival time from the office, but whether it was that or it was real she belongs in the giggle jacket and padded room.

Sandie: If I have to guess, Regina has ZERO chance of being President of the United Mexican States based on her family's corrupt & violent activities.


Thank you for your comments everyone. Urban, I think you are right about Teresa will probably say it was an accident...that she really meant to bake this lovely cheesecake for dessert and that darn pilot light went out. I agree, she belongs in a padded room.

I don't know how Regina would win the presidency, it will sure be an uphill battle. I was talking to my friend from Mexico who watches this with me. She says it's just like real life in Mexico. Politics is just dirty business there as it is here an a lot of other countries. I think Regina truly wants to do something good and has a righteous and giving attitude toward helping people. However, Alonso seems to really relish his power and control which has led to his corruption.

Regina would not win the candidacy if any of this came out... but I also doubt that Alonso would.

Honestly, I think that Gerardo is the only non-misogynist among the men in this story despite being married to a totally toxic woman and having an immature, needy daughter.

UA: If you thought the cutthroat politics of Mexico was that graphic, try the Philippines (whom I refer to them as Mexico of the Pacific).

Cynthia: Alonso will be taking a page out of the Frank Underwood Playbook in getting the Presidency by any means necessary. But little does he (or whoever wins the job) know that it's only a 6-year job with no reelection due to their strict term limits on the Mexican Presidency.


Of course Regina has no idea of the extent of her father's and father-in-law's evil or her husband's level of corruption--though she knows they're all somewhat corrupt.

Hey all! Haven't seen the episode yet but I wanted to send Cynthia a BIG BIG thank you for covering for me! Thank you so much, Cynthia, once again, and by the looks of it, it was a doozy to recap :)

Poor Regina will never catch a break but if there is one sliver lining is that if Regina doesn't get the presidency, at least Alonso won't either because he is just as dirty as everyone else and it will all come out. I hope, if anything, Gerardo wins because anyone else but him or Regina is sure to plummet the country into darkness.

Cynthia - Brilliant retelling. Thanks for filling in for Alfredo. This is one tn I hate to miss having a recap to guide me mornings.

Jarifa--Thank you for yesterday. I didn't have a chance to comment before they closed.

Stevey--Wonderful analysis. Love to read your commentary-like essays. We've only seen Teresa hit Ximena once before last night's whack. Each time it was when Ximena goaded Tere by calling her "loca," which tells us something--Tere resents the label because in her moments of lucidity, if any, she realizes it's true.

Gerardo and Regina are certainly playing with a short deck. Shouldn't they by now know all the players in the game and what hand they are playing? She's surprised it's her husband who has all the power?

Why oh why is it Natalia that has to suffer from having to submit mentally and physically to that nasty Old Goat? I gagged when I saw him crawl on top of her. It's not his age--it's HIM.

Anita: Omar is not only a nasty Old Goat, but he's a domestic abuser & OJ Simpson-like violent.

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