Tuesday, June 20, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #31, Monday Jun 19 2017: The New El Dorado

Danilo calls BunMan to tell him that Porfirio caught them double-dealing with Marcelino and is threatening to kill Palomita. He wants BunMan to call off the deal with Marcelino, but BunMan says that's crazy because Marcelino is throwing all kinds of money at them. Dani thinks Porfirio could be just as profitable in time, but BunMan doesn't want to alienate Marcelino. Danilo is emphatic that he does not want La Regia's daughter killed.

Let us pause for a moment to admire Danilo's one good quality. Time's up!

BunMan reminds Dani that he should be glad if Paloma is out of the way. That will take Ryan and "Estela" out of the running and then Dani can just knock up any old chick and get his 20%.

Dani really doesn't want anything to happen to Paloma. He tells BunMan she's locked up in a van and she'll be dead in an hour. BunMan tells him to quit wasting time and go find her, then.

At home, Ryan and Laura hear someone on the radio say that she spotted the van. They take off to investigate.

Paloma's not looking good. She's sweating and calling for her mommy.

Tadeo and Maria chat with Valdo in the park. He paid a coyote big bucks to bring him back to the States, and now he's with his sister, but he couldn't bring her to meet Tad and Maria because she's not a "full-grown woman" like Maria. Maria was hoping to go shopping at the mall with her so she wouldn't have to listen to Tad and Valdo talk about "man stuff." The guys tell her to go for a walk, and they'll wait for her.

Tadeo tells Valdo that things aren't going very well. Their parents' spouses don't like them very much. Valdo says their (his and Tad's) lives are very similar, as if they were made for one another. Tad thinks that sounded funny. Valdo says some people think he's strange, but he doesn't care what they think - he only cares what Tad thinks. "Why me?" Tad asks. "Because I like you," Valdo replies, "and I think you like me too - ever since the detention center."

Tad doesn't run away screaming, but he does tell Valdo that he doesn't like him that way and he'd like to be friends. Valdo isn't ready to give up just yet and says it's a tough thing to come to terms with. Tadeo gets weirded out and takes off. Valdo is disappointed, but not surprised.

Erasmo has just returned home from a business trip, and complains to Bonita how tired he is. She waggles the pasta canister at him and tells him their rainy day fund is missing. She suspects Maria, naturally. Erasmo defends his daughter. Bonita tells him to retrieve the money.

Ryan and Laura are stuck in traffic. Will they drive up on the sidewalk? No. Bummer. In the stress of the moment, they squabble over which of them will kick the bad guys' asses first. Just then, Laura finds the Real Estela Gun in Ryan's glove compartment. Ryan pulls over, grabs the gun, and they both get out of the car and start running.

Danilo and Calao sit in a parking garage. Danilo is panicking about Paloma. Calao doesn't know what Dani's so upset about - he's already sent a man to the other side, so what's the big deal? Dani says it's not the same; Paloma is just an innocent little thing. Calao thinks Dani should take advantage of his El Dorado position and hit those guys, but Dani knows he doesn't have any real power. He still wants to confront Porfirio Pineda, though, and let him know who Danilo Cabrera is. Calao mocks him; Dani's hands shook when he shot a sleeping man, and Porfirio will be waiting for him.

Fausto returns to the motel to find his room tossed and Nina missing. That makes him so angry that he immediately opens a beer. He retrieves Laura's old passport from his pocket and kisses it with relief.

Nina is at that dive with La Tona. She tells Tona she wants out of their deal, because Fausto hit her. She doesn't want to be with him any more. He's under some delusion that some singer is his ex-girlfriend. La Tona laughs at this: Fausto has never had a girlfriend. He doesn't even love his own mother. If he's with a girl, it's only to get her into the business. No way would he remember any of them.

Nina still doesn't know what other business Fausto is mixed up in, except... she trails off. Then she gets up abruptly and tells La Tona she wants to prove it first. Tona assures Nina that if she comes through, she'll be hooked up with Tona's very best client. Tona gives Nina some cash and tells her to consider it compensation for getting whacked in the head, but she'd better come back with that proof.

Danilo fights with Morgana. He's mad at her for screwing things up with Ursula. Morgana wants to know more about the business. He tells her she's going to use her big mouth to get them out of this mess they're in.

Tad is waiting at home when Maria finally arrives. She's all excited about all the swell stuff she saw. She whips out a cell phone. He wants to know how she could afford it. He asks what she will tell their mother.

While vigorously scrubbing a scrupulously clean surface at Furia, Leticia gets a text from Erasmo to meet her outside the building. He tells her about the stolen money. She tries to shame him for not knowing his daughter any better and says she will defend Maria from Erasmo. (Yes, but will she defend her from Tomas?) Leticia goes back to work.

Dani, Calao and Morgana are parked at the mall. Morgana rolls her eyes as Dani does another line. Apparently, Morgana has convinced Ursula to meet them there. As Ursula approaches, a car passes between them, with the window open and the driver's hand sticking out of it, holding a gun. Calao gets a x10 bonus for a perfect hit on a moving target; the driver's head explodes into a mass of raspberry jam.

Calao tosses his gun to Dani and rushes at Ursula. He knocks her out and carries her to the truck.

Ryan and Laura arrive at the site where the van was spotted. Among some litter, they find a shoe that kinda sorta looks like one of Paloma's. They see a jolly roger van on the other side of a fence. Laura rushes for the fence, perhaps hoping to knock it over and then tear the roof off of the van and pull the bad guys out by their ears. That's what I would do. But Ryan holds her back, and they wait.

Calao and co. have returned to the ranch, and of course they have Ursula all tied up. Dani calls Porfirio and says that whatever happens to Paloma will happen to Ursula too. Porfirio scoffs. Calao ungags Ursula, who begs her brother to give them what they want. (Morgana looks extremely uncomfortable.) Porfirio seems worried. Dani says he wants Paloma in five minutes or it's curtains for Ursula. And Porfirio had better come alone.

Ryan goes to the van and asks the guys for help with his car. To sweeten the deal, he offers a roll of bills. One of the guys agrees (he looks a lot like Erasmo, but it's not him) and gets out of the van. Ryan pulls a gun on him. The other guy gets out and I think tries to run away, but Ryan covers him to and tells them both to get on the ground. (Neither of these guys have guns? That doesn't strike Ryan as odd?) Ryan calls for Estela.

There is blood on Ursula's chin. Dani does more coke. Morgana scolds him. Dani says he needs it because of her. He orders a smirking Calao to get more from the truck. A moment after Calao goes outside, he calls for Danilo.

Estela searches the pirate van. All she finds inside are pirate costumes. (May I suggest that these be distributed among the cast?)

Porfirio arrives. Dani is holding a gun to Ursula's head. Porfirio says Dani will be sorry. Dani asks where Paloma is. Porfirio holds up his phone and says the location is right there. Then a couple of his guys rush in (which should not be a surprise, since Calao never came back into the house), pointing guns at Danilo. But Danilo doesn't put his gun down. He squinches his eyes, leans back a little, and then... he decides not to go through with it.

Porfirio unties his sister. She slaps Danilo and says she can't wait to take him and his woman out. But before anything can happen to Dani and Morgana, Calao comes in and shoots Porfirio's men. Danilo and Porfirio struggle for Porfirio's gun, and Dani wins. Porfirio goes down. Ursula shrieks at him, and Danilo silences her permanently.

They use Porfirio's finger to unlock his phone and find Paloma's location. Dani tells Morgana and Natividad to clean the place up. They find the van in the woods, bust a window, and save Paloma.

Nina returns to Fausto's place. He is skeptical at first, but she bribes him with a six-pack of cheap beer. She guesses that he's blackmailing La Regia with the fact that she once worked at the bordello. He admits to this a little too quickly. She taunts that he has no proof. He gives a noncommittal reply.

At the house, Ryan, Laura, Mercy, and Rosario are preparing to write Paloma's epitaph when Danilo shows up with the child. Ryan blames Danilo for the kidnapping. Later, a doctor (I assume he's one of those door-to-door doctors we're always hearing about) says that Paloma will be fine. Laura thanks Danilo, but Ryan continues to blame Danilo for getting mixed up with narcos. Laura wants to spend the night near Paloma; Danilo suggests that she should show her gratitude by spending the night with him instead. Mercy and Ryan kick Danilo out, but Danilo wants to talk to Laustela first.

Fausto is unconscious (or perhaps dead) on his bed. Nina hisses at him that La Regia saved her life, and now she's returning the favor. She searches every drawer, and eventually finds Laura's old passport. She remembers having seen it once before, when Fausto told her it was his ticket to the good life. She takes the passport and I believe helps herself to some cash as well.

Leticia comes home from work, and Tomas greets her with a pair of slippers, a martini, and the newspaper. No! He greets her with complaints. Tadeo left the house with Tomas's tablet, and Tom needs to check his email to see if there's any work for him. (I can't wait to find out what he does.) She bristles at Tom accusing Tadeo of stealing, and offers Tom her own phone to check his email. He complains that her phone's no good and he wants his tablet, but he accepts her phone anyway. However, when he sees the text from Erasmo, he goes crazy. The phone shakes in his hand. He won't let her explain. He accuses her of using him to be in this country (excuse me, wasn't it his idea to get married for precisely that reason?) and calls her and/or Erasmo a beaner. Then he bitch-slaps her halfway across the room, which is a considerably shorter distance than I'd like to see him get bitch-slapped. Sorry to say, the imaginary pet unicorn is totally worthless for protection.

Tomas freaks out as Leticia scrambles away from him. Mortified, just like every textbook wife-beater in every made-for-TV Lifetime movie about wife-beaters, he apologizes and begs her forgiveness. Then he flees the house in a panic, and I hope he is devoured by feral cats.

Maria hears the ruckus and comes out to investigate. She is horrified when she sees the bruise on her mother's face. When Leticia tells her that Tomas apologized, Maria is not impressed. She points out that if he were really sorry, he'd still be here, making up for what he did. She doesn't care about getting their papers. She wants to send him to jail. But Leticia asks Maria not to tell Tadeo, and to leave it between the adults. It was an accident!

Danilo privately tells Laura that Paloma's rescue cost four lives. It's pretty much the whole Los Altos gang gone. His hands didn't even shake. The Salgados will be very happy and Danilo will be a big shot now. He tries to kiss her. She thanks him again for saving Paloma, but says no thank you to that other thing. Danilo assures her that, as El Dorado, he will have Laura for his "woman." And if she rejects him, his hand won't shake when he sends her to the other world either. Laura says nopety nope nope nope. Danilo adds that she'd better stay away from Ryan, and Ryan stay away from her, and Dani's got people now to watch them, and they'll take Ryan out if he doesn't stay away.

So now Danilo has the upper hand. He wants Laura and Paloma to go back to the ranch with him. He scoffs at Rosario as a caretaker - she wasn't able to keep Paloma from being kidnapped. "Your destiny is in my hand."

I guess Laura is allowed ONE conversation with Ryan first, though. He urges her to run away with him and Palomita. She says she can't escape because Danilo is more powerful now. Instead, they need to unmask him. She kisses Ryan and says they need to think.

We're already back at the ranch. Danilo tells Paloma (who is in bed) that Natividad will protect her because he's a crack shot. Laura disapproves of this kind of talk. Then the phone rings, and the Great and Powerful El Dorito is summoned by BunMan.

Leticia serves dinner to her children. She notes that Tadeo seems quiet. Tadeo ignores this and asks about the bruise. He reports that Maria wouldn't tell him what happened. Leticia disingenuously says that she told Maria to say that she fell down. Tadeo sees through the lie. She refuses to talk about it and asks what he's been up to. Did he check out that school? Tad reminds her that he doesn't want to go to school and would rather get a job. Leticia loses her temper and says she isn't doing all of this just so they can be slobs.

Then she composes herself and apologizes. She says she's had a headache ever since she "fell." Tadeo says she doesn't look right and should see a doctor. Leticia disagrees and tries to stand up, but she gets woozy. Maria urges her to go to a doctor, and I think if they wait much longer they'll have to carry her.

Steve and Ryan park on a hill overlooking Danilo's ranch. They watch as Danilo and Calao leave. Ryan and Steve get out of the car. Ryan visits Laura in the house. She scolds him for risking the wrath of El Dorito. Ryan gives her the Estela Gun and says he'll visit as often as he can. They try to sneak him out, but they are worried about getting caught by Natividad. Ryan really wants to find some evidence against Danilo. Laura wonders if they underestimated him. Laura's already looked for the money, but hasn't found it.

Morgana's been trying to reach Danilo, but he isn't returning her calls. She leaves him a message saying that all this stress isn't good for his baby.

So what did BunMan want? Apparently, Marcelino is sending a horse to the ranch, tonight, so Danilo will have to look surprised when it shows up. Also, Marcelino wants La Regia to sing a new song for him. Danilo balks at this - it's not great for Furia if La Regia is singing gangster ballads all over the place. But BunMan says that's too bad. It is the will of El Dorado.

Danilo stands up and carefully puts on his hat. "Really? I don't remember ordering that." And he leaves BunMan at a loss for words.

Ryan and Laura make out in the stables. He convinces her that they will be perfectly safe making love among the hay. Then the rain starts - I guess there's no roof. And the episode ends in mid-nookie.

Next time: Oh yeah, did I mention that the Salgados were sending a horse to the ranch? It's a good thing Danilo has a stable!


Wow - if I'm not mistaken, that's pretty much the end of the Los Altos cartel.

So much bad stuff. If I were to condense the recap down to just the happy stuff, here is what would be left:

- Paloma is rescued.
- Laura and Ryan discover a good, but possibly resentful, source for pirate costumes.
- Tadeo's got a boyfriend if he wants one.
- There are four fewer gangsters in the world.
- Nina has Laura's passport.
- The surfaces of Furia are very clean.

Next time: Ryan and Laura meet a horse!


Thanks Jewels. Was it raining in that stable? Or did someone turn the garden hose on them to try to separate them before Mr. Ed came home?

Yep one good quality..scratch that...trait....better. For unknown reasons DaniCrackHead rescued Paloma.
Morgana gets a reality check. Does this look like a game now silicone bra?

You don't tug on superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger
and you don't go round shootin narcos

It appears LauStela is going to have to give it up to DaniLow
and it appears she is not totally torn up about it.
Maybe after what she has been through in the past she feels
like one more turn in the barrel won't kill her,
And Danilow will if she won't.

Ryan, or at least Furia has plenty of money, just hire a hitman, a good, professional who will not get caught. He can probably have Danilow pushing up daisies for about what he spends on the electric bill on that house for a few months.

Ah ! Finally. THAT is where 'Roll in the Hay' came from? Quite a roll.

Has Genesis been fired?

LetMe FF through this tedious, predictable mess. Leave or wake him up in the middle of the night with a frying pan,.

Good Morning!
Julie, great recap! Thank you!

Kirby! You're gonna have to push mighty hard to get that tropical system to come my way. Almost no chance it'll get here, but will bring more heat!

I'm elated that Palomita wasn't affected too much by the hea, but I hate that El Dopado was the one to rescue her. The man is now limitless in what he is capable of.

LetMeBeMasochist is following the typical battered wife pattern. This story line is very predictable, much unlike the rest of the TN story lines.

More laters...my critters are acallin'


Danilo wants to whack an innocent kid ? WTH ?????

Steve, Danilo threatened Laustela with her life, not Paloma's. And 5 more bodies for your list:

Porfirio and Ursula Pineda
2 henchmen from Cartel Los Altos
1 henchman in the Los Altos vehicle

Kirby, "Was it raining in that stable? Or did someone turn the garden hose on them" Good question! That rain/water came from nowhere. I can see where it made the scene more sensual, but seriously??? I'm going to watch tonight to see if the stallion comes in all wet...the real one, not the human one...cuz we know the human one will ...ummmm..you know...

Morgashocked eyes are now wide open in regards to El Dopado. If she continues with him, she is more of an idiot than I thought. This is her time to RUN!! I thought it strange that Ursula would agree to meet her the way she did...bad writing or it takes a boob to know a boob???


know a boob???
There is so little cranial hoepower there I doubt the left one knows the right one.


Even spellcheck hates her.

Oh right, FIVE fewer gangsters. Thanks, RGV...

Morgana really was freaked out by the Ursula Incident. She's not a nice person, I don't think she cared about Paloma at all, but for her sake I hope this experience put the fear of something in her. I don't think it did, though.

So, Morgana's going to have to decide how she feels about being around for-real gangsters. Will she make like Nina and Estela, and try to beat 'em? (Doubtful.) Will she make like Danilo and try to join 'em? Or will she do the smart thing and run away?

(Oh, that's a BOY squirrel. And he's posing for the camera! Yeah, Hulk it up, cutie!)

Just sat down to review the goings on from Julie's fingers to our eyes, when what to my wondering eyes do I see--a Mister (or Senor) Squirrel. He's certainly not ashamed to strut his stuff!!!

Kirby: Yeah, rain, what was that? Stables with no roof? Maybe it was just sweat.

Nina: Agree about the bastards and AssBun's blasé attitude. However, I was referring to and describing the original kidnapping scene when Mercy, Rosy and Laustela were all standing on the street side with Paloma instead of the sidewalk side--allowing the kidnapping to take place easily.

More later.

Thanks, Julie. Terrific job. Way more violence than I expected with this TN, but I like the way you cover the highlights. My fave: Let us pause for a moment to admire Danilo's one good quality. Time's up!

I too felt sorry for Morgana. Sleeping around, stealing, and lying is one thing, but quadruple murder is another. She and Laustela should join together and runaway from Danilo, but the show must go on so that won’t happen.

Hurrah for Nina! Make him pay for clocking you and help your role model Regia. If she can climb out of the bordello, so can you.

What a great friend Steve is. Staying camped out in the car as watchman while Ryan dallies with his lady love. Did they forget that Danilo or a henchmen could return anytime and Steve doesn’t have a gun? And not even a blanket to throw over that itchy hay?


1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel

10.) Catel Los Salgados Backup Team

11.) Lucio Galvan

12.) Porfirio Pineda

13.) Ursula Pineda

14.) The Henchmen from Cartel Los Artos

15.) Henchman from Los Artos Vehicle

I was confused about Ryan and Steve sneaking over to the ranch because Danilo said he had people watching the place all the time. So I figured the woods up on the hill would be chock-full of people spying on one another.

Kirby, "hoepower" I thought you had gotten it right the first time! That squirrel is so cute!! Reminds of the lion in Wizard of Oz..Put 'em up! Put 'em up! Ryan could use him as back-up!

Niecie, "Hurrah for Nina! Make him pay for clocking you and help your role model Regia" I thought the same thing. I was so afraid that Fauxpas wasn't really asleep...that would have been devastating for Nina. Now what is she going to do with the passport? Is she going to give to La Tona thinking that she will be helping Regia. I hope this girl has more of a brain than the others.

Julie, maybe the writers are getting sloppy? Either that or Danilow didn't have much time to get more spys/guards since he was called away by AssBun. The other thing that I'v been forgetting to mention...do you all remember the first time Danilow went to visit the ranch? It was barren, almost desert-like with run-down buildings. Now we have this lush resort type building surrounded by huge trees!! I want to know what kind of fertilizer they used.

Without paying a lot of attention I thought that squirrel was saying "Where's my Peanut Mister?" but I see he is maybe saying "Here's My peanut Mister." I guess he saw the stable scene too.

His friends

So now having killed the Pinedas will that whole gang/cartel/whatever just slink away and no repercussions? Do all his people go downtown and apply for unemployment and browse the want ads?

Oooooh check this out Louie: "Henchman wanted: Must be good shot, good wrestler/fistfighter. Good driving record, no warrants. Flexible hours, veterinary care, dental plan, company car and weapon provided. References or newspaper clippings required. Apply at funeral of latest client. Ask for Rodriquez."

OR does the next in command swear to avenge their wonderful leader's death by killing HIS killer, and BTW incidentally become the replacement for dearly departed.?

Kirby, "His friends" is that his harem? Maybe they can crash one of El Dopado's parties..I'm sure there will be more.

The thing I'm not liking about this whole situation is that Ryan is trailing way behind as a "hero/galan." I know Danilow is far from being a galan, but he is the one that has been helping Laustela--promoting her singing career, getting Fauxpas off her back (for a while), rescuing Paloma. I have to hand it to the guy, he is being helpful...albeit in an evil twisted way. Ryan...get it going, dude...and not just in the hay.

Porfirio said last week that Los Altos was basically just him and his sister, so there might not be a second in command.

But I'm guessing there are a few unemployed henchmen available for hire who don't care who killed their previous employer as long as the money's good.

Kirby, I think the Cartel Los Altos will just be forgotten. They were newcomers to the beezneh so they may not have had that many loyal followers/members.

Oh yes, Julie, the 2 dudes in the black SUV with pirate suits..they're available...maybe they can go enlist as pirates...of the Caribbean...


I don't see how Ryan can help Estela if she doesn't tell him anything. She got the blackmail money for Fausto from Ryan, but she refused to tell him anymore. I don't even remember how Calao found out were Fausto was to stab him in that alley. Now that she knows Fausto's not dead from the stabbing, she should tell Ryan. But I bet she won't.

Danilo did clean up the mess (Paloma's kidnapping) he caused in the first place with Porfirio due to his shipshod management. If he continues to make Estela sing songs inciting rival gangs, he will have another mess on his hands to clean up.

I remember the original Ranch surrounded by sand, desert and barren boulders.

" can help Estela if she doesn't tell him anything." That is one of the reasons I am not very sympathetic to LauStela. Whose friggin side is she on? If she does not come clean with Ryan and help him help her, she deserves anything DaniLow does to her. If there was ever a case of "Have your cake and eat it too." it is LauStela. I lost my patience with her a looooong time ago.

Ryan should give her one last chance to come clean with him and then go to the cops come hell or high water. He has a lot to lose, but nothing like the mess everything is in now. He was never proven guilty of his murder charge. He was accused, but had not gone to trial yet. Unless there is pretty darn good evidence that he killed PC, he has little (comparatively) to worry about. Flush that whole mess down.

He could make a darned good case that he did not know what was going on until too late.

Actually the only thing Laustela hasn't told Ryan about is Fauxpas, Blake and her past in Mexico. He knows she is an illegal immigrant and he knows that Danilow is coercing her into what she is doing and that he threatens her with his life...so she has shared some information with him. Danilow knows just about as much as Ryan does about Laustela. The only additional thing he knows is that Fauxpas was the one threatening her. but he doesn't know how he was involved in her past.

Kirby, wouldn't Ryan be in more trouble now? since he had someone perjure themselves to give him an alibi..which is the only reason he was released? I would think that would give the cops more ammunition against him.

So what happened to all the money Ryan gave Laustela??

It's no problem for Danilo if the next gang war makes a mess. He'll have Morgana and Natividad clean it up!

Julie, maybe he should recruit LetMe into his cleaning crew.. She can get ideas or even backup in dealing with TomAss.

Thanks Julie for the recap of last night's frenetic episode.

As for the "renovated" ranch and landscape of Danilo's inheritance in the desert, well perhaps he diverted some of the laundered money to spruce up the old homestead. Alas, he forgot to repair the roof of the stable but at least our romantic, obsessive hero Ryan got his chance with Laura. A new twist on a fifties movie entitled "Come to the Stable"...Indeed! Wait until the horse shows up! (In the 50's movie it was a group of French nuns).

Yes Tadeo has a boyfriend but he does not seem to want him. The name of the 'boyfriend' keeps changing (in the comments) from 'Waldo' to 'Baldo' and now 'Valdo'. Somehow I think Tadeo has not quite figured out where or what his tastes are. We know he likes guitars and really dislikes Tom.

Ryan stepped up his game -- finally. But Danilo has been more of a player with the help of his white stuff, including rescuing Paloma.


RioChik said: Kirby, wouldn't Ryan be in more trouble now?

I thought about that as I was typing. My thoughts are that he is now dealing with a blow crazed power drunk idiot and he, Laura, and Paloma are constantly a hairs breadth away from becoming unalive. With the justice system he would still be in a world of trouble, but a far higher quality of trouble.

Lying in court is perjury any way you cut it, but if Ryan is truly not guilty I would still take my chances with a California jury than with DaniBLow, AssBun and friends.

Unless Ryan is willing to fight them by their rules, he is going to need to be a shitload more smart and resourceful than he has been so far. Their rules allow killing anyone at the drop of a hat, even precious babies, Ryan would never fight by those rules. IE: their rules are there are no rules.

He is a better man than me in that he can do some pretty convincing work in a driving rainstorm, but I am not sure how that translates into extricating himself, Laura, and Paloma from this DaniLow quicksand.

I'm sticking with "Valdo" since it's short for Osvaldo. However, the captions have variously displayed it as Waldo, Baldo, and even Aldo. (Never Valdo, I don't think.)

It's not unusual to pronounce a V as B, so when I hear Baldo I figure it's Valdo anyway.

As for Tadeo, he can say no thank you to *aldo, but his eyes were saying something else last week. It might take him a while to figure that out, though.

As for Ryan, I think part of his problem is that any legal attention he draws to himself will also be legal attention drawn to Laura, and her legal status is problematic. Her illegal status is also problematic, especially when you factor in Mr Blake and the mysterious Senator Organa and the fact that her fingerprints are now on file under her real name.

Kirby, you make a good argument. If only Ryan could rationalize the way you do, he may be.able to get them out of this mess, but up to now his only solution has been to run away and hide. Laustela is the one that has convinced him to stay and face the music...look for a way to bring down Danilow. Maybe she'll be the one to end up "doing the right thing".

("Senator Organa" was a joke. We don't know the Senator's name. Odds are he's not from Alderaan.)

Julie, I was wondering how you came out with that name...The Senator's last name is Logan. He is the one Blake talked to on the phone and to whom he sent Laura's fingerprints (Ep. 11).

Julie. Thank you.

We are traveling, so I will not be able to watch the show for awhile. Therefore, I will really appreciate the recaps.

PSA..if any of you are inspired by the scene in the hay? Straw? ( animals eat hay and sleep on straw)..you might want to think twice. It seems romantic ..like making love on the beach.. but ......

Julie, "As for Tadeo, he can say no thank you to *aldo, but his eyes were saying something else last week." Even Valdo picked up on that and when he told Tadeo that the fact that he (Tadeo) was still there talking to him and what he told him didn't scare him off then that indicated to him that Valdo was feeling something. So Valdo may be picking up vibes that Tadeo doesn't want to or is not ready to admit to.

On another note...When Tadeo and Maria were talking to LetMe, she started feeling dizzy...I don't think that would have been because of the bitch-slap and I didn't see her hit her head. I sure hope it's not LetMeBePregnant

What is tormenting LauRy is that they both have something(s) that were messy to say the least before fate blessed them with his DaniLowness. And what they are struggling with is being able to extricate themselves from that tarbaby while still avoiding their respective Whoopsies. (Perjury/Mexican Mystery)

And they want to keep and protect Miss Paloma whoever's DNA she carries. Based on personality alone, there is not one person in this show I would suspect Paloma of having one drop of their blood. Maybe the Maytag repairman ole Chava, but even he is sitting in jail.

Seeing DaniLow murder those people was an IQ test for Morgotboobsnotbrains. She gets a passing score if within 24 hours she is a minimum of 1000 miles away. It is not hard to understand how those two found each other. Oh well, the world only needs so many rocket scientists.

SusanLynn, " ( animals eat hay and sleep on straw)" Animals do a lot more than that on hay/straw...if you know what I mean LOL

Julie girl!! First of all this episode was very explosive. Danilo is getting darker and darker. He didn't even twitch before shootin the sister in the head between the eyes. And didn't
Even have a good Enough reason to kill
Her. Either Ryan is gonna end up killing him or Laura. Or even mercy to
Protect Ryan. I think he wanted to rescue that little girl because she told him "I love you" and she might be the only person that's ever told him they love him that. I don't know what kind of mother he had but he really did not want that little girl to die, and this is what's so heartbreaking about it he's now a cold-blooded killer and he's got a heart for that little girl. but that is not going to save him. Cuz Now he's got the fat head, he really thinks he's El D. And
He has tasted blood. And morgana, if I was her I would take what little bit of money I got and haul ass out of there away from him as quick as I could cuz he is crazy and he wouldn't think twice about killing her. She is scared to death now and she got good reason to be. She is not pregnant and when he finds out if he finds out she going to get what the lady got,a big bullet to the head.

Speakin of baby, that roll in the hay in the barn between Ryan and Laura she'll probably get pregnant from that one. And will somebody please tell me why is it that ocampo thought it would be a good idea to wet these people up on hey? that stuff probably stinging and everything, if they're not laying on a blanket or something. why do they need to have sex while water is falling on them anyway? in a barn stall with hay and bugs? soon to be a horse. I don't know what it is with this autocorrect every time I say hey its either spelled hay or hey. Im glad they found paloma.She is going to have some tails to tell her grandkids when she gets older and sitting in the rock in chair. If she survives this mess.

Yeah what is it with Ryan always wanting to run away and hide? what's wrong with him he's supposed to be the galan, right now Danilo seems a little bit more braver than him.A little bit.
But then he messed it up and shed all that blood, cold-bloodedly too.

Tomas Tomas Tomas, is now showing the
Monster that he is. The restraining order didn't ring any bells and whistles for letty. But big Ben is braking her eardrumbs now.

Thank you Julie I just wanted to get my comment in before too late I had a busy day. Now I'm going to read the recap a little later. Before the next

Kirby. "What is tormenting LauRy is that they both have something(s) that were messy to say the least before fate blessed them with his DaniLowness. And what they are struggling with is being able to extricate themselves from that tarbaby while still avoiding their respective Whoopsies. (Perjury/Mexican Mystery)" Very well stated!! So will there be a perfect storm???

I think ocampo thought that would be
Sexy, naked and wet in hey with bugs and such. NO!

Sure would be funny if Laustela would get up with a clump on her back LOL

Oh, so it's Senator Logan. Senator Wolverine??

OK, it didn't occur to me that Leticia might be pg. It seems too soon, but I guess we don't really know how long it's been. I didn't see her bump her head, but she landed on the floor so I don't know that she DIDN'T hit her head.

He did hit her very hard, though. I don't think a concussion is out of the question. OTOH Fausto knocked Nina out cold, yet she recovered without any lasting symptoms. Oh, the medical mysteries of TN characters.

Wet hay doesn't smell good, does it? In fact, doesn't hay tend to get moldy? I don't think there's been a horse in there for a while and Danilo didn't know there was a horse on the way until like five minutes ago. And yeah, hay is very poke-y. I would rather look for a straw in a needlestack than a needle in a haystack. And that's WITH my clothes on!

Nina...yeah, no. ..
trust me. We had a big barn filled with hay and straw...a dusty, itchy place for bunnyhopping. And have you ever been on a hayride? Same principle...except you are in motion .makingbit not only itchy and dusty but tricky as well. Just sayin' #4H

I agree with you that the roll in the hay? Straw? Will probably result in a pregnancy...there's your 20% , Ry.

As for the rain, I have to admit my first thought was that it looked like they were being hosed down.

Perhaps there is a plot reason for the rain - like they will have just enough time to get dressed and sneak out, but then they will slip in the mud and get caught.

I can just see Mr. Ed. Whinnys, then sniffs a bit.."Wilbur, have you and the Misses been in my stall?"

Julie .yes, we wet hay gets slimy and stinky..Hence, the saying, "make hay while the sun shines." The local charter school does not have a playground, so they put out hay bales for the kids to play on. These non farmers left the bales out all winter and kept them out in the spring. Disgusting

Oh Lord what country boy doesn't remember 'hauling hay'? After it was cured in the sun (Basically dried) and baled, it had to be 'hauled' home to the hay barn and stacked. By the time in the summer the hay was ready the wasps had time to build saucer sized nests in the hay barn.

Ah yes, sunny, hot haymaking days...sweaty, shirtless guys covered with hay dust. ..also not as romantic as it might seem. And, careful in those haylofts. I had a friend fall out of one and break his shoulder. Farms can be dangerous places.

Oohhh, wasps don't like to be rattled...hope the stable is nice and sturdy or else Laura isn't the only one that will get stung.

I wanted to laugh when LetMe was dissing Erasmutt for accusing Maria of stealing the money. Here she was telling him that Maria doesn't have those bad habits and that he didn't know his own kids because he abandoned them...she's lived with the kids all their lives and she is the one that doesn't know them.

Oh wow, you can get a Ken doll with a man-bun:

I'm not saying you should.

I'm all for diversity, but these dolls all have one thing in common: Their heads are freakishly big for their bodies.

Julie...those Ken dolls gave one other thing in common. And..I think that I will pass on the manbun Ken.

Yes, the big heads might be overcompensation.

Julie..My favorite parts of the Toy Story movies are the Ken and Barbie dolls and the G.I. Joe dolls.

Julie, sorry to be so late...that you for this stellar recap.

"Laura rushes for the fence, perhaps hoping to knock it over and then tear the roof off of the van and pull the bad guys out by their ears. That's what I would do" and "Leticia comes home from work, and Tomas greets her with a pair of slippers, a martini, and the newspaper" were among my favorite, witty lines.

I am rather embarrassed that I admired Danilo's pluck in saving Paloma. She would have died. Is it affection for the little girl or the coke in his veins that gave him the "courage". I think it was a mixture of both. I'm not saying Dan is not evil incarnate but I was a bit impressed. The look on badbun's face was priceless. I think Dan may have pushed his luck there.

Leticia getting slapped across the room was painful. Please. Make it stop.

I will have to read all the comments in more depth later. Wonderful patio.

Thank you for all your kind wishes. Hub's surgery was more complicated than expected but at least this one is over. It will be a long recovery.

Julie, you rock. thank you


"The driver's head explodes into a massive raspberry jam" and thats probably what it was, mixed with Caro syrup and food coloring, whatever that concoction is thats used to make it look like blood. That's what I heard a long time ago, that it was Karo syrup and food coloring. that was for this country I don't know what they use South of the Border. And since some tns are made in this country too maybe they're still using that or something else. Whatever, raspberry, strawberry,
Sweet tasty blood crap it gets the job done. Yummy.

I read an article about stage blood a few months ago, and there are oodles of different formulations for different situations. One of the most popular formulations is also toxic, so there's a different formulation for blood that comes out of the mouth. There's special blood for splashing, special blood for oozing, etc.... you get the idea. But Televisa's most often looks like raspberry jam, and if you think that spoils my appetite for raspberry jam, you are mistaken!

Because Alfredo is out of town, I'll be posting a discussion header tonight with bullet points/mini recap in a little while.

Julie: Danilo needs Karma in the worst way.

Morgana needs Karma as well.

Thank you for all your time and keeping us going, Julie. You really do rock!

We're always talking about who needs Karma, but what about Karma's needs?

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