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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #33, Weds Jun 21 2017: The Fast and the Furias

Danilo taunts Ryan, "Now you've lost two Estelas." Danilo and Laura do a press conference. Dani shows off Laura's ring and says blah blah blah. Laura looks like she has a bug in her mouth, but if she opens her mouth a bomb will go off.

Steve tries to apologize to Genesis, but she says it's too late now - it's been a month. So now we know her statute of limitations.

Another Furia artist named Ausencio Granados grouses to Morgana that the press is more interested in gossip than in music. Morgana brags.

Milton comes along and has plenty of questions. Morgana is eager to answer, but the questions are for Ausencio. Oh holy crap, her boobs are almost up to her chin. I mean... I get that she's trying to maximize, but there is a limit. She warms up her voice hilariously.

Milton asks Ausencio some pointed questions about his narcos corridos (gangster ballads). Ausencio is evasive. He says sure he knows some Salgados, but they're not THE Salgados, they're just some guys from Guadalajara. He says he's got a bone to pick with La Regia for challenging him about his songs. This inspires Ryan with a great idea to end all of this forever. (Great! So, like, just five more episodes left, correct??)

So La Regia faces off with Ausencio in front of cameras, and they have a debate about the ethics of glorifying narcos, the false virtue of machismo, etc. Eventually Ausencio says something obnoxious that I don't catch, but it's something in the general category of "do you talk that way to your husband," and La Regia slaps him. (Just a regular slap, not a bitch slap. Unfortunately.) Danilo revels in the press's attention.

Tadeo invites Valdo to the house. Tom went to San Bernardino to see about a job and will probably come home drunk. No one else is home. Tadeo says he and Maria got accepted by a school and will start in a few days. Tadeo is nervous around Valdo.

Tom is drunk. He tries to get into the house, but has some technical issue, like he forgot his keys, or maybe he just doesn't remember how they work. Meanwhile, inside, Tadeo and Valdo have just kissed. Tadeo freaks out and asks Valdo to leave. Valdo says okay, but don't call me again. (I notice the little popcorn machine is full of popcorn. It always is. How old is that stuff? And am I the only person who likes slightly stale popcorn?) As Valdo opens the door, Tom staggers in, knocking Valdo out of his way. Valdo leaves.

Tadeo greets Tom, and Tom replies with verbal abuse, anti-gay epithets, and a severe beating. (I'm thinking his occupation is professional boxer, but he's not good at it. He can't fight grown men; only women and teenage boys.)

Tad is bleeding on the floor when Maria returns home from her walk. Unlike Leticia, he has no problem telling Maria it was Tom. However, JUST like Leticia, he wants Maria to keep it from Leticia.

La Regia tells the press something to the effect that what she does on her own time is her own business. Yeah, good luck with that, said Princess Diana. Ausencio privately warns La Regia that if she doesn't lay off criticizing his music, she'll be in his next song.

La Toña lights a candle for her departed husband and says the "white girl" has returned. I think Toña says she'll finally avenge her husband.

Nina has accepted an advance on her next trick. It's going to be a woman... woops no... it's Fausto. Well, that's disappointing! He grabs Nina by the throat. He wants that passport back. I think he says he'll see Toña next? He calls Mr Blake and apparently tells him something stunning that we don't get to hear. Blake is concerned that if Toña finds Laura first, she'll kill her.

Fausto wants a reward. "You'll have what you deserve," Blake promises. Hoo boy, sux to be Fausto.

Steve doesn't like the sound of Ryan's plan, which I don't think we get to hear. It involves Marcelino Salgado's money, and it could backfire and ruin Furia's reputation.

La Toña tries to crash the show, but she doesn't have an invitation. The bouncer sees her knife and calls for the police.

Morgana does her performance... and the song was written by Ausencio Granados. It's a song about two brothers and a woman who cheated on one with the other in a stable. This provokes much conversation between Laura and Ryan.

Mr Blake tells Luisa they have to stop La Toña, because if anyone's going to get revenge against Laura, it's him. But they haven't much time.

Joe's wife arrives at the Furia show. It's the first time she's ever done that. Morgana's song ends, and Ryan says La Regia's grand premiere will be tomorrow night.

To deflect attention away from Morgana's nasty song, Danilo tells the press about Mercy's affair.

Tadeo still looks really bad when Leticia comes home. Tad promptly tells her that Tom did it. Leticia wants to know why Tom did that to him. (GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST, LETICIA! THAT IS THE WRONG QUESTION!) Tad asks Leticia if they should wait for Tom to hit Maria next. He wants to get out. Never mind the papers. Leticia replies that she doesn't mind so much for herself, but she doesn't want them to get hurt, so in a couple of days --

But Maria wants to leave now. Leticia says they need to leave with dignity, so tomorrow they'll take Tadeo to the doctor and then see.

Laura and Danilo fight at home. He says he can no longer leave her alone for a moment. She asks him not to make her pay for what Morgana did. And if he harms Ryan, he'll see what Laura is made of.

Laura tells Rosario about Morgana's song. Ryan assures her that Ausencio is in with THE Salgados, the gangsters, and might even know about Danilo laundering their money. Ryan explains his scheme to Laura. It sounds as though he's going to trick the Salgados into discussing the laundering, or actually giving him the money.

It's the next morning, and that radio hostess with the annoying voice is repeating the previous evening's gossip. Danilo drinks and seethes in his office.

Laura receives a nasty text and worries about tonight's performance. Rosario gives her a motivational speech.

Morgana hangs out with Ausencio at the pool hall and drinks. He pretty much tells her that she's a walking cheesecake and a lousy singer. But she seems to be okay with the fact that she's still giving the public what they want.

Before Laura goes onstage, Danilo bitterly tells her that the public has apparently forgiven her for being a slut. She is cheered by a note from Ryan. Paloma is excited to see Mommy on the stage. La Regia performs a woman-pride song and another song... I confess I FF'd through this. I like ranchera and norteño music in general, but banda or anything with tubas gets on my nerves. But the crowd loves her. And then she says, I think, that she isn't going to get married. (Danilo stands, shocked.) Because she's not in love. She sings a song about that. The crowd cheers.

Blake listens to a violent-sounding video, but turns it off as Luisa approaches. He asks if there was a problem at La Toña's bordello.

After the show, Ryan joins Laura, Rosario, and Paloma in the dressing room. Genesis meets them on the way to the car. I think everyone ends up in one car, and Ryan is alone in a white SUV. Someone blocks his egress - and a red dot appears on Ryan's forehead. I'd like to blame this on a laser pointer cat toy, but it's actually a very serious looking gun.


It's actually very difficult NOT to write a full-length recap of this show, but I've got a cold and need to go to bed. :-(

I can't afford not to get well - I have to take some young relatives to the movies Friday night! (I'm trying to pretend that I'm not as excited as they are!)

Great recap, Julie!! You managed to get everything in plus some're awesome!

Long day, so more tomorrow.

Hope you feel better!!

Ohhh Julie: Hope you recover quickly. Colds in hot weather are miserable. Yuck.Thanks Thanks Thanks.


TomAss has gone pretty low now. Beating and kicking the shit out of a kid while TomAss is drunk. I was surprised how much taller he looked than Tadeo. Beating up kids sucks. And LetShitHappenAndDoNothing is wanting to wait awhile to say goodbye properly?

There is a real big NOT warm spot in my heart for that kind of Mom.

From what I got, Ryan's NEW plan D or E or F or wherever we are now, is to find out where the Salgados will put the money they are sending to DaniLow to launder, and steal or move it and set DaniLow up. I was not 100 per cent clear if they were going to mess DaniLow up with the Bun El Dorito clan or the feds.

Juls :( sorry about the cold. girl get well Soon. It's to hot to be stopped up in This muggy heat.

You done good with this quickly recap.
And covered all the hot points.Thanks.
Now daniloooow is.....yall know that slime at the bottom of the barrel he's under that. I don't like what I saw in the advance about ryan in that car so I won't talk about it until tomorrows episode.But between tona and the knife and Mr blake and his revenge,&that guy
Thats friends The with Salgados&morgno
Babyever,there's gonna be a lot of red
River flowin. Did fausto kill Nina? I
Would not be surprised if he did. He's
A coldblooded dog.

Now joe and his women problems. Steve and His Genesis problem. She's a big really Big disappointment. Maybe Steve can Get with Joe's ex.Genesis can get with Manbun guy. He don't care about just hopping in the sack with just "anybody" and apparently neither does Genesis.

What the heck is wrong with Letty? I agree with tadeo. Is Maria going to have to get beat up next? Stuff comes in threes he's already slapped the crap out of Letty,kick the crap out of tadeo, Maria is next. And she wants to leave with dignity? while her children are getting the crap beat out of them.
And she says she doesn't care what happens to her. Has she forgotten that she's pregnant? maybe she's hoping he'd beat her so badly she lose the baby, after all it is his seed growing inside of her but that's not the baby's fault. He or she is innocent.O
Crap she should have stay in Mexico.At
Least she wasn't gettin beatup or knockedup.

Ok to bed. Feel better juls :[


Do we only have 5 episodes left? No wonder things are moving so fast. If we only have 5 episodes left. Cool!


No, Fausto didn't kill Nina although he was chocking her very hard. I suppose that he stopped the chocking when he made her confess to whom she gave Laura's passport. Oh yeah he is so cold, now that he knew that Tona has the passport,in revenge he didn't hesitate in throwing her and Laura under the bus to Mr. Blake telling him that Tona knows where Laura is. What a disaster he created.

No, the novela is of 71 episodes I think. This was episode #33, so we are half way thru.

Thank you, Julie, your mini recaps are more than enough to get us going.
Laura has bigger balls than all the men combined - to refuse Danilow on stage, in front of everyone... this was either very clever or very srupid, depending on what Danilow does next.
LetMe is the worst (yeah, in a show full of narcos). Enough said, I didn't like her before and I definitely can't stand her now.

Jumping JackRabbits BunMan there are people gunning for LauStela like spokes of a wheel! Can she get them to all attack at the same time and DUCK and let them shoot each other?

With my famiillyyy time to read the recap or comments, but I am sending good vibrations to Julie for a speedy quick recovery from her cold. Harness those Wonder Woman healing powers, ❤Julie!!!! Later, gators.
Diana, sending some good vibrations your way,too, for your hubby',s speedy quick recovery. ❤

Good Morning All!!

Lots happened last night and most of it not good and everyone seems to be stirring the water. Here are some things that Julie had question marks on...

Regia slapped Ausencio because he said she mounted her boss then his brother.

La Toña had candles lit to the “white child” (better know as the Santa Muerte—the figurine on the alter she was at). She was talking to Osiel saying that the “white child” had returned the evil one to her so that she could avenge his death.

After Fuaxpas found out that Nina had given the passport to La Toña. His comment was “let’s see what happens to La Toña for getting into my business."

Kirby, when Ryan and Steve were talking they did mention Los Salgados but they were only talking about the money Danilow was supposed to receive to be laundered, Steve asked Ryan is Laura had found the money and Ryan told him “no”. He thinks Danilow either decided not to do it or he is waiting awhile. The actual plan (revealed later on when Ryan was talking to Regia) includes that he is going to allow the production of “musica del movimiento alterado” which is songs about the life/lifestyles of narcos, That is why Steve thinks the plan was going to ruin Furia’s reputation, but Ryan told him that he would rather deal with that than have it become known that Furia was laundering business. Maybe his plan is to produce songs that he is hoping will stop the Cartels or lead them to killing themselves off??? Or killing Danilow???

Regia did tell those that believed that she was getting married, that, “Well, No.” She told the audience that “she would not marry unless she was very much in love, she would be stupid to marry without love.”

LetMeGetBeatenAgain is really STOOOPID. Her rationale was that she wanted to leave the way they should leave, not hiding and not like delinquents. She did mention that she wanted to wait a couple of days so that they could calm down and think things through. She also mentioned that she wanted to leave with dignity but she also said she wanted to tell TomAss some “truths” which is the equivalent of telling him off. What she thinks she will accomplish with this is beyond me…she’s only asking for another beating.

Kirby, "there are people gunning for LauStela like spokes on a wheel" Maybe she can pull those spokes from the wheel and use them as daggers. How she is going to escape all those villains will be nothing short of a miracle! But this is TNLand where we have medical mysteries, weather mysteries...all kinds of mystical occurrences.


"Steve asked Ryan is Laura..." should be "Steve asked Ryan IF Laura..."

Kirby, you take the most amazing shots...and such beautiful birds that I have never that a type of duck?? or flamingo?? or did a duck mate with a flamingo?? LOL

BTW, thank you TStorm Cindy, for bringing drier, hotter air and record-breaking heat to the RGV...HOT! HOT! N HOTTER!!

It's not hot here. It's gorgeous, and I'm working at home with the windows open. My cold feels a little better.

Nina, I was joking about "five episodes left." Ryan had a plan, and I joked that if his plan worked, we could wrap this whole thing up in a week.

Thanks for the corrections, RGB - I totally had the wrong "white child"!


Thanks, Julie. The title is superb and I love the humor. Nina has accepted an advance on her next trick. It's going to be a woman... woops no... it's Fausto. Well, that's disappointing! Sorry about the summer cold! Drink lots of water.

Tadeo must’ve felt very guilty about that kiss to let Tomass whip him like that. That’s not the same Tadeo who took on the coyotes.

Laustela’s got guts, but her planning not so much. Danilo is all ego and she bruised his in front of the world. What does she think his next move will be? “Oh, you got me -- good one. Let’s just be friends.”

RgvChick – Thanks for the deets on Ryan’s plan. I didn't pick up on it at all.

I don't think Tadeo "let" Tomas whup him. Tom is bigger, and Tad wasn't expecting a fight.

I'm not sure what Laura is expecting from Danilo after rejecting him in front of the whole world.

Julie, "I totally had the wrong "white child"! I was confused too when she first said it, but then I saw that figurine on the alter, so I googled "white child." I had heard about "La Santa Muerte" but didn't know people also referred to it as the "white child."

Was it a coincidence that Joe's wife actually showed up to that event? Joe certainly was shocked and it was interesting how she asked him if it bothered him...or if it bothered someone else (as she looked toward Mercy). Maybe she has suspected something all along. She may not really care to hold on to Joe, but if she confirms that he was having an affair, that would give her an advantage in the divorce settlement, right?

Nina got in way over her head and didn't have a clue what she started. If she makes it out alive, will she have the nerve to try something else to help Regia?

Julie, I think you're right. Tadeo wasn't expecting to be attacked like that, and once he was down, he had no chance to get up. He did show courage when he escaped from the coyotes, but he never engaged in a physical fight with them--he just outsmarted them.

If LetMe does want to wait a couple days to confront TomAss, I hope she has sense enough to find shelter elsewhere for those couple days. Laustela told her to let her know if TomAss got physical again, so hopeofully she'll go to Laustela. Maybe Laustela will let her stay at the ranch where the goons are protecting the place, TomAss tries to break in to see LetMe and the goons beat him to a pulp or shoot him--no questions asked.

Julie - I was yelling for Tadeo to grab Tomass by the ankle and jerk him down, but he didn't listen to me. Hopefully, Viewerville will have the satisfaction of seeing somebody give Tomass a taste of his own medicine.

RGV thanks. That is a black necked stilt. A little thing about the size of a crow, but cute as all get out.

Just looking at the two, TomAssWipe looks taller, but wormy and scrawny. Tadeo was sober and looks to be better built and in good shape. My experience is that drunks are pretty much always easily dispatched, as their reflexes are slooooow. And drunks many times pick a fight with someone they would have sense enough not to mess with sober to begin with. Only problem is if they are like twice your size, then they can still be a handful.

And you know, I don't give a goat's ass why TomAss is the way he is. He was sobbing asking for forgiveness. "Oh what terrible things must have happened to him as a child?" etc..etc...puke. I don't care, whatever it was, fix it. You're an adult now. Beating up women and kids is not going to fix it.

If someone is standing firmly on two feet, grabbing and pulling their ankle doesn't do anything. It would be like pulling on a tree. Or it might provoke that person to crush your wrist with their other foot, or kick you in the head. Not that Tomas needed any encouragement.

Oh, yeah, Tomas's background doesn't matter. He has a problem that he needs to solve on his own time. He can cry and beg forgiveness from now till doomsday, but the apology rings hollow if he does nothing to repair the damage and prevent further incidents.

Seriously, that's the problem with apologies. It's easy to be sorry AFTER the fact. The apology is only the first step in making amends. You can't skip that step, but on it's own, it isn't enough. Talk is cheap. So are tears.

I've heard of lots of cases where wife-beaters got a grip and turned themselves around just by deciding to do so, with no legal intervention or professional assistance. Unfortunately, all of these were in fiction.

Thank you, Julie, your mini recaps are more than enough to get us going.
Laura has bigger balls than all the men combined - to refuse Danilow on stage, in front of everyone... this was either very clever or very srupid, depending on what Danilow does next.
LetMe is the worst (yeah, in a show full of narcos). Enough said, I didn't like her before and I definitely can't stand her now.

Adriana, "LetMe is the worst (yeah, in a show full of narcos). Enough said, I didn't like her before and I definitely can't stand her now." ITA, This story line, as important as the issue of abuse is, just baffles me. I understand that it can be "loosely" tied in to the main story line and it can be used as a "filler" but, IMO, the writers/Ocampo/whoever, plugged it into this TN as an afterthought--to emphasize the strife of a family with a mother who is trying to ensure a better life for her children by bringing them to the US. Well, a "better life" may also mean staying where they are (Mexico) and not subjecting children to dangerous situations that can get them killed or end up beaten, raped, or involved in a life of crime.

When Leticia was lecturing Tadeo and Maria, the look on Maria's face said "THIS IS NOT A BETTER LIFE!"

Julie--This was a treat. And under the weather, to boot. Quality recapping and wonderful insight in your comments. You've done your homework and it's now our pleasure--even though this show is hard to take. Even Laustela makes me cringe at her "go it alone" stance.

I thought it was interesting that Joe immediately got up and left Mercy's side when he saw his (very attractive--young) soon to be ex-wife arrive at the promo show. Why would he need to do that? They are parting as a civilized couple with no hard feelings. But then, why would she show up in the first place? He had said he'd invited her many times but she always refused, not liking that kind of music. Of course this HAD to be the time that he and Mercy got outted. We'll have to see how that plays out.

I think everybody is waiting for TomAss to assault and try to rape Maria before LetMeNotBetheOnetoCasttheFirstStone admits that she and her children are in DANGER, NOW and not try to leave on good terms. There are no good terms in TA's book. Unfortunately they are legally married--and even though it was a marriage of convenience enough to fool ICE, her leaving would bring the lie to light. She's between a rock and a baby right now. Will she use that American baby as a tool or will he kick the shit out of her for getting pregnant and/or keep her as a prisoner in a shed out back so as not to "lose" her. He's repugnant.

Started reading the recap. Loved the title.

So..Genesis gives guys a certain window for a test drive. After the time is up, adios? #harsh

Letmebestupid has learned some new English vocabulary words.. Restraining order means someone did something bad to someone and has to be restrained (held back) by a court order from doing it to the person again. These guys do not change. They take out their frustrations on anyone weaker..women, children. I agree that the tide will turn when Tomass goes after Maria. Let's all congratulate ourselves on our radar regarding guys who hang around parks looking for random strangers to "rescue."

Anita, I also wondered why Mrs Joe came to the show. She doesn't care for the music. Did she want to see who he was with? Why is she only just now getting curious about how he spends his time outside the home?

You are right; there are no "good terms" in Tom's book. To hell with Tom's book anyway; Leticia should have her own book. (My own book has a diagram of Tomas getting hit in the head with a tire iron. Hmm.) Tadeo and/or Maria (I forget which) already said they didn't care about getting their papers and getting legal, and frankly, they might not survive the wait if they stay with Tom. There is really no reason to stay. The women of Furia (maybe even Morgana, for selfish reasons) can help her.

Anita.."between a rock and a baby" ..good one !!

FYI..easypass is good all the way up into Canada!!

You know this LetMe story has taken on a life of it's own and it is one that is very dear to me. I do not give a goat's patootie about LetMe or what befalls her or her and TomAss or whether she gets her ass beaten or not. She's a grownup, and she sure as hell aint helpless. What she is doing to those kids is unforgiveable. Period.

That is the kind of sh_t which causes kids to strike out on their own (runaway) and Lord knows what happens. A few have the gumption and resources to make it, but in the vast majority of cases the dark underbelly of society does not point young vulnerable kids in the right direction.


that's it for now

Hey, there is one Tomass and three them. And, this guy needs a blanket party. Two hold him while the third throws the banker over him. Then, use a castiron skillet. #goodnightmoon

P.s. What is up with the popcorn machine? Does the props department think that every American household has one of these?

Susanlynn, I don't remember that happening in Goodnight Moon. But maybe there's a grownup version I'm not familiar with.

What's interesting about Tom is that he told Leticia the truth (perhaps not all of it, but a pretty significant detail). He said he had a legal order that he couldn't come within ten feet of his wife (which by the way is not very far at all) (or maybe it was 100 feet).

And for a few weeks, including the early days of their marriage, he looked like he was struggling or holding something back. And he looked scared. I really don't think he wants to do these things, but that doesn't matter. If he can't control it, the question is not how sorry Leti should feel for him; it's how far away from him she can get.

Of course all Americans have popcorn machines. Several. Don't you? In fact, I need to get a new one. The one in my bedroom is broken, and it's not convenient or sanitary to use the bathroom one every time I need a snack.

Banker???..maybe a banker but I think a blanket is the usual thing to use.

Kirby, don't forget that Maria and Tadeo have already run away... sort of... because they WANT be with their parents. That's what's so sad about this. Their judgment is not the best, because they are kids - but they're still smarter than their mother.

If this storyline is eventually supposed to tie into the main story at all, I hope it happens soon, because the whole thing has the tone of an ABC After School Special.

Susanlynn, perhaps we should let the banker decide!

Julie...oh yes, I currently have in the family room, one in the bedroom for late night munchie attacks, and one on the patio. They make great wedding gifts, too. Actually, I buy Smart Food White Cheddar popcorn in a bag from the grocery store. #toolazytopopcorn

OT. Julie..Here is a heads up on what you'll see if you ever decide to travel north through Maine on Route 9...trees trees trees trees. Also, pack a lunch and use the restroom rest stops.#lessonlearned

The talk of the popcorn machine reminds me of something I've been wondering about. Has anybody else noticed the box of breakfast cereal on the table? It's a made-up name I think, something like "Crackled Flakes."

Niecie...are Crackled Flakes similar to the Hopeos that we have been eating here on the patio?

Kirby and Rvg..Are either of you going to be affected by Cindy?

Julie..Do you remember the name Cindy from the past on the patio? Do you know that you are the person who explained the word troll to me?

Susanlynn - haha, I did hear something about there being a couple of trees up north!

Niecie, I do try to notice that stuff when I'm not being distracted by something else. I noticed the cereal box when Leti and Genesis were unpacking groceries a few weeks ago, but I don't remember what that cereal was called. It was probably Crackled Flakes also, though I thought the picture was of an O-shaped cereal.

I want to see one called "Fiber Mini-Shreddies."

Susanlynn, something made me think about Cindy*** this morning. It was probably because of the hurricane! Did I really tell you about trolls??

She was mostly posting comments on a TN I didn't watch, so I didn't see much of her, until one day she paid us a visit on whatever it was that I was watching. She gave me a hard time about drinking wine. DELETE

Her comments would usually start out sounding reasonable, though I think it turned out that she was cutting and pasting from other peoples comments. But then she would go into a long, long, long screed about whatever (way OT, and fanatical to boot) and you would have to scroll and scroll to get past it. (Or click to collapse it, which I eventually figured out.)

Or how about Lucky Flakes...they're fabulously delicious !

SusanLynn, Cindy did affect my area but not in the way I had hopeoed. Instead of bringing rain and cooler weather, it sent down drier, hotter air. Right now we are at 105!! I'm buuuurning!!

Send TomAss down here (tied up please). I'll sit him in my driveway today and tomorrow, because supposedly tomorrow will be hotter!

Julie, "I thought the picture was of an O-shaped cereal." I remember that box too...that box was "Oats and Honey." I remember it vividly because I thought of Hopeos--and honey starts with "ho"...

Well, that cereal box was on the counter when Leticia was putting away groceries when she was living with Genesis.

Julie..I think that Cindy scolded Carlos and me on several occasions. I recall that she did not like anyone using bad words. And, yes, I had no idea what a troll was ..other than the creature that harassed the three billy goats Gruff as they tried to cross his bridge...and you explained trolls if the cyber world to me! ....Susanlynn, relaxing on the deck with Hubba while our daughters name dinner !

Rvg..Do you think that Letme took the cereal box with her when she went to Tomass's House of Pain? Maybe she wasn't sure that he had a popcorn machine.

Name...?? dinner. The name of the dinner is hot dogs and hamburgers

Rvg...oh my. Hot weather makes me cranky and listless and at times dizzy. I could never live anywhere that gets your kind if heat. I have been to Florida several times in my life, the last time being last November when we took our whole family to Disney World. I thought that I was going to melt, and between the crowds and the humidity , I was a bit cranky..

SusanLynn...maybe she did take that cereal box with her...that could explain why Genesis is being such a "sourpuss*" LOL

Julie you really got a popcorn machine
In the craper room? Girl you are just joshin us right?

Kirby that bird is lovelishly posing for your camaras. As is thay cute lil
Squirrel. Posing for the lens, like he's sayin"this is my good side"cute.

SusanLynn, i went out to feed the chickens and gather eggs a while ago and the chickens refused to come out from under the shade and the eggs are probably already baked :-/

Julie, your title was inspired. Side bar worthy. You notice everything and omit nothing in your excellent recaps.

“Hoo boy, sux to be Fausto” and “She warms up her voice hilariously” were among many favorites.

Kirby, I also wish Tomas and Leticia and this entire plot would just go away. Unfortunately for us, it appears this is becoming a pivotal subplot. Last night’s events were simply sickening. I think we are all in agreement that Tomas is scum. ”He can't fight grown men; only women and teenage boys” said it all.
What I don’t understand is Leticia. Your husband hits you, viciously beats your son to a pulp, your young, innocent daughter is obviously next and all you can only mutter is you “need to leave with dignity “? Huh? There are times for dignity and there are times to run for your life. This is the latter. Your dignity will return intact once you remove yourself, your unborn child and your two children from that vile villain.

Very interesting discussion regarding Tadeo’s unwillingness or inability to fight back. Tomas was fueled by hate. I completely agree with you Niecie in that Tadeo was feeling guilty and ashamed. Thinking that he “deserved it”, he did not fight back as he could have. I think Tadeo could have taken Tomas hands down.

Nina, I sadly agree “there's gonna be a lot of red River flowin”. And I hope some of it is Fausto. I hope his anvil comes heavily and quickly. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many odious, one dimensional villains. And I’m including badbun whom I had hoped initially would be at least interesting.

I’ve lauded Laura for her bravery - until now. Just like Adriana Noel, her calling Dan out in her song was either one of the most courageous or least intelligent moves she has made.

Great comments from everyone and RgvChick, thank you for all the extra information you so graciously supplied.

Susanlynn, thanks for your kind words. Hub is home now – in pain, but here.

Julie, I hope you are feeling much better. The fact that you crafted this fantastic summary even though you weren’t feeling well was beyond generous and greatly appreciated.


No, Nina. No popcorn machine in the crapper. The room is much too small.

Laura calling out Dan in her song was, I think, meant to signal to Danilo that she knows she's gaining power. She is Furia's biggest star now (or will be soon), and if he mistreats her in any way, fans will be angry and it could get very bad for Furia. They might not be able to launder anything.

Other than a lot of sniffling and coughing, I am fine. They say you should drink lots of fluids, and it does help, but I am going to bed early tonight so I can take the kiddies to the movie tomorrow night.

Wow the patio is on fire!
"Maine on Route 9...trees trees trees trees. .trees trees trees .trees trees trees trees.trees trees trees trees.trees trees trees trees, pack a lunch..."

had me howling. Some people are just not made for nature.

And I have noticed that cereal box. It starts with a C or an O. I thought it was one word, it is something the graphics department made up, seven or eight letters If it appears tonight I will remember to remember.

Has microwave popcorn not caught on in Mexico yet?

Posed animal shots?

Diana, I am glad that the surgery went well and that your hub is home. Now, for the recovery. " Time heals all wounds" as the old saying goes . Some wounds just take a bit longer to heal than others .

Question..since I did not see the show, I am a little confused. If Valdo was leaving as T.Ass was coming in, did he actually see him with Tadeo?

Kirby..I love nature. Remember that I grew up on a 100 acre farm and did a lot of hiking, swimming, skating, picnicking. However, I like a couple rest stops when driving for hours and hours. It was beautiful , especially after we crossed the border...great new, wide highway..but still not many places to eat!!! We will pack a lunch for the trip home..but not too much liquids.

I hate microwave popcorn. A LOT.

I do have popcorn popper... just not the kind that Thomas has, which is a small version of the kind they used to have at Woolworth's or at carnivals or a movie theater. Like a big clear plastic (lucite) box with the actual popper basket at the top and the popcorn flies out of the basket as it pops.

Tom couldn't have seen them together unless he saw them through the window, which is possible. I didn't see that, but sometimes I worry that something is happening at the extreme right or left side of the picture which gets cut off because I don't have HD.

I love nature. It's great to watch nature on TV in the comfort of my home with my bathroom and popcorn popper.

SusanLynn and Julie, TomAss did see the two young men kissing through the window. There's a short video on Univision and, although I didn't catch during the episode, it clearly shows TomAss looking through the window.

Julie..Besides growing up on a big farm, we built our house on an acre of it. The back yard is surrounded by woods.

Just buy the Smart Food muss, no fuss.

His did T.Ass know that Tad and Valdo were doing "something," if he didn't seen them doing anything?

Kirby, cute little squirrel!! Caught with its paw in the seed bowl :-)

Thanks, RGV - I replayed that scene a couple of times and it went by so fast, I don't know if I would have seen it (if it was shown at all). Maybe it was cut from the Mexican version?

I do popcorn on the stove or in a special popcorn-popping machine. I find the smell of burnt microwave popcorn really appalling. And with every mw oven I've ever owned, there's a fine line between "half the bag didn't pop" and "oh noes, the stink!!"

Julie..yeah, I stopped buying microwave popcorn. I burned a lot. store. Smart Food...white cheddar. Try it.

Yeah Sue I am just messing with you. Nature is pretty hard to appreciate from inside a metal bullet going 70 miles an hour.

I do not think they showed him looking through the window in the TV episode. I was mystified about his anger too. Too bad Valdo was not still outside looking in through said window and he could have burst back in and helped aTad.

I meant to say "maybe it was in the Mexican version, but cut for the US." I hate when they do that, and especially when it's something that actually matters. Tom's rage makes more sense (I'm not saying it's more excusable) if we see him witnessing the kiss.

OK. Smartfood popcorn. I will try it. I usually pop it myself, rather than keep big bags of snack food around, but cleanup is a pain and I am lazy, especially in the middle of a movie.

RGV not a drop of rain? It bypassed us too. The Gulf moisture in the air offshore which had been forming our daily rains was sucked up by 'Cindy' and now it has stopped raining.

Looks like we are in for two days of rain up here. Wish that I could send some your way. Temps are only in the 70s.

Julie..I am trying to embrace my laziness and think of it as extreme mindfulness. Stopping to smell those roses. Feel free to use this theory with bosses, family members, friends .

I don't want to smell all of those people, Susanlynn!

For the time being, you should concentrate on smelling the trees.

Anyway, I'm in no position to lecture about laziness since I just ate delivery.

In that episode I did see him looking through the window. He was feelin for his keys in his pockets, couldn't find them he went over to the window lookin in to see t&v pull in away from each other as they heard tad opening the door coming in pushin his way over to tadeo and beatin the crap out of him. Backed him up against the wall,pushin tad down and started Kickin him. Tadeo didn't even try to defend Himself.Lety
Whatchya gonna do when he comes for maria?

Outside the house, I saw Tom groping for his keys. Then he slumped against the door and lurched over to the right. Next thing I know, we're in the house, Valdo and Tad are pulling away from one another. What I did not see was Tom actually reaching the window.

Nina, when Tom saw them, was the shot from inside the house (we see his face looking in), or from outside the house (we see the back of his head)?

Julie-"I don't want to smell all of those people Susanlynn", Lol. you can tell the weekend is almost here, patio people gets crazy, lol.

The shot was from inside the house the camera was in front of tadeo on valdo and you see them pulling apart it's a fuzzy shot of them pulling apart but the shot of him looking through the window is very clear and you see him in the background looking through the window.

Thanks, Nina. That's really strange. That sounds like something I should have been able to see. are supposed to smell the roses , not other people. Roses..mindfulness. You are not lazy. You are mindful.

Okay..well at least we now have confirmation through Nina that homophobic T.Ass did actually see Tad and Valdo k I s s I n g. Now we have four against one with Valdo added to the mix.

Tomas should have his mouth washed out with soap. (Preferably poisonous soap.)

My original advice is still good. Thy are going to have to kill DaniLow. Or lace his coke with fentanyl and let his nose do it for them

Kirby, no, not one drop of rain. Good news is that it won't be as hot'll only get to 101 :-/

Julie, I saw exactly what you saw in that scene with TomAss.

They could just stop babysitting Danilo, leave him to his own devices and he'll get himself killed with his own big mouth.

Recap is progressing. I'll put up the discussion page in a few minutes.

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