Thursday, June 22, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo #34, 6-22-17, Ryan loses a round in the Cartel Tournament of Roses; Calao is out, QEPD

Anita, here, substituting for Alfredo, so he can enjoy his vacation away from the confusing life of Doble Agent Estela—oops, sorry, not a spy thriller. Actually, it should be called the Triple Life of Estela Carrillo or even the Quadruple Life of Estela Carrillo, most of which we know nothing about and are learning nothing much. Laura Oviedo is another case in point. She is also a mystery woman--with a child. A mystery so great there are people out there trying to kill her. So she hides with the new personna (with papers) of Estela Carrillo. This identity is beginning to unravel and though she takes the stage name of La Regia, no one is fooled by that little twist. In fact she’s in further danger since she, her voice, the gossip and scandal surrounding her are now front and center.

Part 1 of 3…Some scenes combined for the sake of continuity.
Assassination Attempt
A laser is trained on the middle of Ryan’s forehead as he starts his car in the Furia parking garage. Either the laser, the shooter or his van are off target and Ryan ends up shot in his abdomen (Miracle #1). The van takes off and Ryan falls out of his car. Security comes running calling for an ambulance, stat. (Miracle #2).

The Abused Covers for the Abuser with the Magic Word “Baby”
Tad, Maria and Lett’s duffle bags are packed and on the floor in the middle of Tom’s spacious living room floor. Apparently Tad has persuaded his mother to flee the house of her now escalating abusive husband (in name only, except for one time, cause she’s pregnant). Tom returns and demands to know what is going on. Lett tells him they are leaving him.

Tom is still drunk, wound up and riled up. He swings and gets a hit off Tad, grabs at Maria, but Lett gets in between them. He turns to attack the duffle bags yelling that she’s not going anywhere. He turns back to Lett, grabbing her by the hair and yanking her backwards saying, “Nobody leaves this house, you’re my wife.” He keeps Tad at bay, calling him a bleeped out name (for a homosexual). [If anyone caught the CC’s, please let us know how it was translated.]

The one-man tornado continues to destroy everything in his path. Tad is getting the brunt of it. He’s down, Lett is down, Maria tends to a bleeding Tad. In his raging fury Tom is ready to kick Lett in the stomach and she yells out that she’s expecting his baby. That word brings Tom up short. He goes from raging bull to docile little piglet (apologies to sweet little piglets everywhere). Maria has raced off to call 911 while Tom is blubbering about having a happy family. Tad looks on in complete disbelief.

Two patrolmen arrive in response to the domestic violence call. Lett won’t admit to any violence, even at Tad and Maria’s insistence. She explains to the officers that he only got a little overexcited when he found out they were having a baby. Lett tells the officers her daughter doesn’t understand much English and got upset. The patrolman turns to Maria and admonishes her for dialing 911—it’s not a game.

Tad and Maria can’t believe she wouldn’t tell the police what Tom had done to them—while he sits on a chair calmly looking on. The two kids are disgusted and disillusioned with their mother. She tries to say that it’s a thing between adults, but she can’t bear to look at Tad, who is banged up and bleeding. In true form for an abuser, Tom immediately swears he loves her, it’ll never happen again, he’ll never hit her or her children again. She tells the kids she thinks things will be ok now, but they decide they are leaving. Lett blames how upset he gets on his state of unemployment. They owe him so much for what he’s already done for them and begs the two kids not to go. They’re decided. They’re going to their father’s. Lett moves toward the door with the kids, still begging them not to go when Tom announces that if she leaves he’ll kill himself—right then and there (how I wish). Lett decides to stay with Tom.

Young Soon to be Ex and Aged Lover Meet and Greet
Mercy and Genesis are leaving the concert (well it was a supposed concert, but ticket holders got more than they paid for) together. Mercy thinks this is one of Furia’s best productions. [Note: Mercy is wearing Nikki Balvanera’s dead animal vest—I wonder if she has to return it when she’s done. Of course Nikki is now starring in Baby Driver, an English-speaking movie about gangstas and probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it now.] Mercy’s high is short-lived as Joe’s soon to be ex confronts her in the crowd and creates quite a stir. In a very loud voice she accuses Mercy of sleeping with her husband, and here she thought Mercy was her friend. She knew Joe was being unfaithful, but never dreamed it would be with an old woman like her. She throws a few more well-aimed insults Mercy’s way (he’s in it for the money and she won’t be changing his diapers, for soon he’ll be changing hers) while Genesis tries to shoo away the crowd.

Luisa and Mr. Blake converse
He has a better plan to make Laura Oviedo pay dearly.

At the Rancho with the Yellow Roof
Rosario suggests Laustela get some rest before Danilo comes back. However, she gets a phone call—presumably to notify her of Ryan being shot. She’s on her way.

Mercy Mansion
Joe follows Mercy in as she retells the story of her confrontation with his ex. Joe wants her to forget about it and think about their future together. She gets a phone call from Genesis to let her know about Ryan.

Morgana Puts on a Show in the Evening
She greets Danilo at the door ready to rumble. She teases him about Estela calling off the wedding in front of the whole world. How humiliating. He intimates that if it weren’t for this (non)-baby, she’d be eliminated (he makes a clicking sound, so I went with it). She’s undeterred and asks him to stay the night. She has to try pretty hard to convince him to do so, but finally persuades him to stay and have some fun.

Required Hospital Scenes
Mercy, Genesis and Laustela meet at the hospital and try to figure out what happened. They surmise Danilo was involved. Mercy looks at Laustela and says if it was done because of jealousy, it’s Lau’s fault and says, “You showed up again just to ruin Ryan’s life.” Joe and Steve show up to tell them the story is under control. They’re going along with the police story that it was an assault. If they let on it was possibly narco-gang related, the police would start investigating Furia. The Doc gives them an update on Ryan. He suffered a shot to the pancreas and there was extensive damage and lost a lot of blood. He’s in intensive care. His prognosis for recovery is uncertain. He finally agrees to let one person go see Ryan. You can see Mercy wants to be the one, but she lets Laustela go.

Laura bends over Ryan and kisses him and gives him a pep talk. She tearfully tells him how she never trusted in any man until he came into her life. >>FF  She swears she’ll make Danilo pay.

Calao has a smoke in the parking garage of the hospital and listens as Genesis and Steve talk about luck. Genesis says at least no press showed up. She’s going back to the office to make sure everything is ready for the next day’s press conference. She turns down the offer of a ride—someone is coming to pick her up, and there he is, a handsome young man she calls Papi. Steve is Cara de Impactada.

Part 2 of 3
Seems to be Morning
Danny Boy gets home to the Rancho with the Yellow Roof, tired from overnight exercises. Laustela comes out of nowhere and attacks him. He swears he had nothing to do with the hit on Ryan. She’s off to the hospital and Dan yells after her that she has to Meet the Press and that’s an order.
Erasmo Learns he’s About to be a Step-Daddy
Rasmo and Sunny Bonita interrogate the two waifs that showed up at their door. He’s surprised Leticia is pregnant and incensed when he hears what the New Man in her life did to Tad and his First Wife.
Meet the Press, Danilo Style
Laustela gets ready for the press conference, but her heart isn’t in it. Ryan is dying and the shark-press is circling the blood in the water. Genesis tells her to take courage, she’s strong. Laustela agrees and is ready to present Regia to them.
Pandemonium reigns supreme at the press session in the auditorium. The questions come at Genesis and Regia like small arms fire. Finally, Genesis shuts them up and gives one young woman the floor, who wants to know what is next after what all the scandals provoked (note that Milton is sitting next to her). Before Regia can open her mouth, Danilo answers from the back of the room. “Things are going to be better than ever,” he says in colloquial Spanish, adding details about the future of the Jerarca band.
The press attacks again. One reporter thinks the whole “show” yesterday was nothing more than a cleverly staged maneuver by none other than Danilo Cabrera. He pops the question everyone has been waiting to ask and have answered—is Regia still in a relationship with the other brother, or is it just another ploy to further her career. Showing courage in the face of the mob (meaning Danilo and Calao), Regia announces that Ryan is and will forever be the love of her life. Danilo hears that with one ear while the other ear is stuck to his phone. Regia watches as Danilo leans into Calao conspiratorially and she instantly senses they are up to no good. More questions, she asks. Milton asks about Ryan—was it a direct result of the narco-corrido? Regia assures her the police have declared it a random assault. Time’s up, no more questions. Unhappy reporters complain.
Danilo comes backstage to congratulate Laustela on the press conference, not. He insists on personally taking her to the hospital to see Ryan, since that’s where he was going. The insistence turns physical and she’s pushed out the door.
More Hospital Scenes
Ryan spent the night comfortably (Miracle #3). Joe persuades Mercy they can go home and rest. A little later, a police officer slithers in. A close-up shows it’s Calao (actually he looks quite benign), taking a call from El Tal (no, not the one in Fresno, but the guy in Asdrúbal’s pay). Calao proudly announces he’s doing a “job” for the New El Dorado Danilo. El Tal is put out with him and wants to know what he’s up to, but Calao tells him, later, baby.
Ryan’s attending nurse is called away to help at reception. (Huh? Is this some kind of cross-training?) Calao stops at reception and shows his official credentials. He’s here to talk to Ryan Cabrera. He’s told it’s not possible. He explains he has Ryan’s written statement and it needs to be signed, either by him or a family member. Reception suggests he leave the document in the patient’s room so he agrees cheerfully.
On the Way to Nowhere
Laustela realizes too late Danilo is being a deceptive taxi driver. They are not on their way to the hospital. She suspects him of ordering Calao to do something. She jerks the wheel nearly causing a crash. Danilo stops the car and Laustela jumps out into traffic. Before Danilo can react, a willing stranger has picked her up and drives her to the hospital, while Danilo fumes.
1700 S. Third Street Fake Colonial
Maria and Tadeo rehash their mama’s situation. They reluctantly agree she’s an adult able to make up her own mind and decided to stay with the crazy bastard. Maria thinks she’ll be ok since she’s pregnant, while Tad thinks she’s still exposing herself to another beating. Erasmo thinks the same as Tad. Tad is pissed when he learns his father is already a legal resident and they all could have avoided what transpired. Water under the bridge, as Bonita “seems” a little nicer, but enjoys rubbing it in how their father is so illusioned with her child.
Calao’s Finest Hour (or Final Hour as the Case May Be)
Swathed in blue scrubs and wearing a mask, Calao is show into Ryan’s ICU. (QTH? He was just supposed to leave the document in his room. Who does this except in telenovelas. Ni modo, he’s left alone and enters.) He looks around, pulls the shades, pulls off his hat and mask—my goodness, he’s just a kid. The coast is clear. Ryan opens his eyes and closes them quickly. Calao grabs one of Ryan’s pillows and begins to suffocate him. Ryan is just semi-conscious enough to realize what is happening and struggles against Calao (Miracle #4). Ryan kicks him off the bed and in doing so falls out of bed himself. Momentarily taken by surprise, Calao regains the upper hand by pulling out his handgun to dispatch Ryan the old fashioned dead sure way. Ryan waits expectantly to expire.
Suddenly and quietly, El Tal shows up behind Calao and shoots him in the back of the head (Miracle #5). Poor sap never knew what hit him. El Tal greets Ryan and lets him know they don’t want him dead, he owes them. El Tal quickly motions to two helpers in hospital gear to remove the body. (I wondered if they had to stop at Reception, get permission and directions to find Ryan, but can’t ask. They are gone as quickly as they came.)
As the draped body of the deceased is wheeled out, Laustela arrives and has a moment of panic, but then sees Ryan, back in bed, resting peacefully. No one saw what happened but Ryan tells her that again, “they” were trying to kill him.

Part 3 of 3

Unnecessary Scene
Lett finds out about Ryan from Genesis and gets permission to run off to the hospital to support her friend Estela. Genesis tells her there’s a job for her husband (although she said niño first, then said marido—not sure if both are hired or just Tom).

Hospital ICU and Other Hospital Locations
Ryan is back in bed, drowsy but coherent. He tries to tell Laustela that the Real El Dorado saved his life, but why and what does he want in return? Laustela tells him to shut up and rest. Mercy finally gets into the ICU to see Ryan. Laustela leaves them alone. She was so worried about him—she slips and says she didn’t want to lose him, too, and catches herself immediately saying she was of course referring to his father.

Joe and Laustela talk and Lett arrives. She assures her that Tom is a good man and he loves her, in his own way. >>FF.

Milton shows up. He surprises Laustela when he tells her he’s not interested in gossip, but solid investigative reporting. He’s interested in any connections between Mexican regional music and narco-gang messages and violence, but first he needs to find out what is besmirching the reputation of that genre of music. For that, he needs her help. Milton asks her to think about it. She tells him to be careful going up against these people. Not everyone comes back unscathed. She catches a whiff that his interest might be something personal. He says every reporter has a special motivation. He starts to ask a question about her desire to sing, but Laustela says she must answer this incoming phone call, just before it actually rings.

The call is from a smoking, fuming Fausto demanding his money. He wants it tomorrow. She reminds him they have a deal—the money for the passport. He’s not bargaining any more. Either she gives him the money or he’ll kill her, the way La Toña attempted to—or didn’t she know, Ryan wasn’t the target of the shooting, it was meant for her, Ryan just happened to be in the vehicle.

The next person to show up at the hospital is Joe’s soon to be ex-wife. (Sorry, I just can’t remember her name—was it Lydia, Nadia or Rita or something like that? It was so long ago, now.) She meets Mercy in the cafeteria and Mercy wonders if she’s there for Round Two. No, she’s there to ask about Ryan, someone she respects and likes. Mercy thinks she’s really there to see Joe and start another brouhaha. In reply, she says, for what it’s worth, Joe is still her husband. Mercy says, but not for long. She has something Wifey doesn’t---yes, as Wifey interrupts—years. Mercy responds with, it’s those years that she has that attracted him. Wifey tries to offend Mercy again, referring to her age and role as a cougar. Younger men are just after money, for why would anyone want to be with her. Mercy sweetly does not take the bait. She replies that youth is no guarantee—just look at Wifey’s situation, she couldn’t hold on to her husband. Joe walks in on them as Wifey says she’s going to make their divorce proceedings a living hell—she swears it.

Laustela is back in Ryan’s room and notices the expensive flower and fruit arrangement. She reads the note. It’s from the Real El Dorado. This is Ryan’s invoice for saving his life. They want all his Furia shares and he must separate from Estella Carrillo forever. (So I guess none of them know she’s not the real Estela?)

Calao is MIA
Danilo is pissed that he can’t reach Calao. Asdrúbal has called to check up on him. Danilo complains about Calao. Asbun teases as he asks, well, wasn’t he doing a job for Dan? Danilo wants Asbun to cut to the chase, he either knows or not where Calao is. (Don’t forget, Calao is only “on loan” to Danilo and he and Dan sort of went off the rails on their own.) Yes, answers BunMan, he knows. And the next time he wants to send his partner (Ryan) to the next world he should arrange to “Bleeped’ before it begins to stink. (If anyone caught that, please let us in on the phrase.) The Real El Dorado has plans for Ryan and Regia so they are under his protection. Dan mustn’t forget that his position in the organization is to be its face and make El Patrón happy. Going off half-cocked with his man acting as assassin made the patrón angry. Dan sputters. BunMan tells him Dan to stop asking questions or he’ll end up like Calao and he shoots an empty whisky bottle for emphasis, which Danilo can hear.

Genesis, Steve and Papito
They start a conversation in Furia at the reception desk about the buzz on the media reports after the press conference, but it quickly becomes personal, especially when Papito shows up. Steve gets his dander up, but Papito introduces himself as Emerson and he’s Genesis’ brother. After Genesis makes light of the difference in skin color, she tells Steve he’s her half-brother—same mother. Emerson has just moved from Miami to L.A. and is temporarily living at her place. Emerson looks carefully at Steve and says he’s here to take care of his sister. Steve gets it, but doesn’t yet get Genesis, although she’s softening a bit.

La Toña’s Lair and How She Gets Caught in Another’s Lair
The lady is pissed at her sicarios for not just missing the target, but not having the balls to tell her. She dismisses them as some chippie, wearing a so-called dress so short she can’t sit down without exposing her privates, tells her she has a call from a client who wants a mature lady. LaT takes the call and a man’s voice on the other end tells her where he’s located and he wants servicing immediately. LaT takes the client herself. The door is unlocked and she walks in. The client has a towel wrapped around his…no, her head. LaT says she doesn’t do women. Luisa then unveils herself and says this is between the two of them. LaT recognizes Luisa from somewhere and turns to leave. The shiv in her back indicates she’s leaving permanently (although the Patio is disputing this. I stand by my version until tonight, at least.)


Anita, what a sensational preface! You've summed up all the faces Laura with such flair. Can't wait to read your recap! Thank you for filling in for Alfredo...we miss him dearly, but he left us in very good hands.

*faces OF Laura* it's late and I'm half asleep :-)

RgvChick--It's late for me, too, and I'm not pulling an all-nighter over this one. See you all tomorrow sometime. Have fun.

Anita thank you so for this re-cap as I've been in quite a quandry about what is going on in this show. Haven't had a chance to check this site for a while and am now pretty lost. I taped a lot of shows and recently started watching again. What has really surprised me is the consistent violence depicted. Didn't realize that would be coming in almost every episode. This doesn't interest me. Nor does the scummy costume of the gal singer who struts and grinds her way through most of her appearances on stage and off. Etc. Seems to me there's a lot of talent being wasted in this one. So I am probably going to stop the recorder and tune out.

I'm starting to wonder what is happening with the telenovelas on Univision and to some extent Telemundo. If anyone knows of a non-violent romance (more or less) or even comedy coming up, would you please post some recommendations?

Anitaaaaa...Thanks a bunch, no two bunches for you.

I think I finally figured out the message in this show.

"The people who are too stoooopid to contribute to mankind's gene pool will prove to be the most prolific breeders."

OK to fill in a few holes, we see that it was Tona who ordered the hit on Laustela, and her goons think it is Lau in the van but it is Ryan who they mistakenly shoot. And Blake's goonette kills Tona.


While we are in the mood, let's whack TomAss.

And Genesis is with a new man, and introduces him to begging, pleading, slobbering leg-humping, pitiful, Steve as her long lost brother. I call bullshit on this one. She is all goo goo eyed calling him 'Daddy' or some such like a gal who just had a memorable trip to the stables.

Perfect title Anita. Outstanding recap.

Lots of fragrant favorites to choose from including "He goes from raging bull to docile little piglet (apologies to sweet little piglets everywhere)" and "Young Soon to be Ex and Aged Lover Meet and Greet".

I have no problem with drama and intrigue. Understanding these are novelas, a few dark storylines are often part of the process and need to be endured. But usually there are a few rays of light, a bit of brightness. None existed last night. . But last night was especially dank and depressing. Watching an entire hour without one ray of brightness or lightness was too much.

"Tom announces that if she leaves he’ll kill himself—right then and there (how I wish)" said it all. Leticia is in a situation out of my experience (and comprehension). While I am trying hard not to judge, if any man hit my child, I don't believe I would ever stay. She has friends and her children will help her with the baby.

"She throws a few more well-aimed insults Mercy’s way (he’s in it for the money and she won’t be changing his diapers, for soon he’ll be changing hers)". Hmmm. While sympathetic to her situation, those sentiments were cruel and uncalled for.

Maybe there is bit of hope for Genesis and Steve.

Mercy might not know the words to the songs being sung, but Erica sure does.

So Dan ordered the hit on Ryan? That surprised me. In any event, he is considerably weakened by the loss of Calao, his Sundance kid.

Thanks for the info on Nikki. I wondered what she had been up to...

Thank you Anita!


Kirby, our comments crossed.

Ah, so Tona ordered the hit, but the wrong mark was made.

But why did Caleo try and finish Ryan off?

That knife used on Tona looked like it had a very short blade. Guess it did the trick. I expected the character would cause a bit more havoc.


Kirby: Who joined the Body Count this time ?

Hey, folks, the recap isn't done yet. Part 2 of 3 is ready for posting.

Steve pay attention. :-)
Tona and Callao

Diana I believe DaniLow sent Callao to finish Ryan off after he heard he had survived.

Yep when TomAss announced he would kill himself that was an IQ test for L:etMebestupider and she failed. A passing grade is given by her saying. "Your choice, I'm out of here then."

Yeah, Joe's soon (he thought) to be ex sure turned from a mutually agreed upon divorce where there is no love anyway to a pissed off hurt woman. Understandably so. If Joe was not cheating, and just had fallen out of love, or had started seeing some stranger that is one thing, but Mercy of all women. Joe's soon to be ex had every right to be hurt and mad as hell. That is the ultimate betrayal and a double whammy. Good for her.

Anita, what a wonderful start to the recap...looking forward to the rest.

Steve, El Calao joins the body count.

Kirby and Diana, I'm pretty sure that Luismania used a taser...there was no blood when she removed the "device."

La Tona was sure quick to order that hit on Laustela. Blake was right in saying that she would try to kill her as soon as she could. I think Danilow ordered El Caloao to finish him off as retaliation for Laustela's announcements...especially the one about Ryan being the only man she luuuurves. He had probably already thought about it, but La Tona beat him to it.

The next mystery for the Caray sleuths is "Why is El Dorado protecting Ryan now?" Hmmmmm, it might just be RealStela... The other mystery...why is Milton so intent on going after the Cartels? He is a smart one....he pretty much knows that Regia is being forced to sing.

Kirby, our comments crossed...

I highly doubt La Tona is dead.

RGVeeeeeeeeee: El Dorito wants Ryan alive long enough to sign over his share of Furry Music. Known locally as 'Tunes for a Goat Rodeo.'

Ryan, sign it over to them, sell the mansion in Beverly Hills, and buy a place near where John Lucio and Sonia live in Tres Fuegos. Take Paloma and Laura and MOVE. Tell everyone else, so long chumps I am outta here. Good luck with the record store.

Yeah we want Tona alive long enough to kill FauxPas.

Sorry Ms Felipa.

Ok, I've watched the Luisa/La Tona scene twice...I see no blade and no blood.

Kirby, I know that's what the note said, but, if Ryan had died, who would the shares go to? Mercy? or split between Mercy and Danlow?

Getting more bloodthirsty.

Thanks for a grand part 2 Anita.

"Erasmo Learns he’s About to be a Step-Daddy Rasmo and Sunny Bonita interrogate the two waifs that showed up at their door" and "Ryan waits expectantly to expire" were great.

So, Tona wasn't knifed? Didn't realize my eyes were that bad. There's no love lost between Blank and Tona is there? I didn't realize she wasn't dead - thanks RgvChick!

I have no problem admitting I'm wrong when I am. I read your comment about Joe's wife and you are right Kirby. It's bad enough he was cheating, but the fact it was with Mercy must really have been crushing. "That is the ultimaate betrayal and a double whammy".


And thanks for the beautiful black bird Kirby.

We need something lovely to look at today!


I assume to Mercy as she is the next living kin. DaniLow would then have to wait for her to die.

What Note Rio?

Kirby,I have tons of black birds here and I just love the blue-black color when the sun hits their feathers. You captured that color so vividly--beautiful!!

Anita, I'm really enkoying reading your recap. Among the ones already mentioned by otheres, my favs are: "Ryan is dying and the shark-press is circling the blood in the water."
"On the Way to Nowhere Laustela realizes too late Danilo is being a deceptive taxi driver."
"Calao regains the upper hand by pulling out his handgun to dispatch Ryan the old fashioned dead sure way."

LetMe is pathetic and hopeless...whatever she gets, she is definitely asking for. I'm glad Maria and Tadeo had the sense to go to their father. What I don't understand is why they didn't say anything to the cops. Tadeo doesn't seem to have much strength physically but, if he manged to be brave enough to escape from the "coyotes," he should have been brave enough to speak up for his mother.

enkoying= enjoying

Kirby, I was referring to the note that Laustela read to Ryan--sent by El D with the fruit basket, telling him of the demands--to sign over the shares and to end the relationship with Laustela.

So, ok, I understand about signing over the shares, but why would El D want him to end his relationship with Laustela. I really don't think El D has any interest in helping Danilow get what he wants.

Oh Anita, the first 2/3 is so funny, I can't wait to see the last installment.

I can't believe the kids didn't rat Tom out to the cops. (Leticia, I can believe. I consider her a lost cause now.) Tad and Leticia both have bruises. Also, I have my doubts about the way the police reacted. I think normally when this kind of thing happens, they tend to suspect that something really DID happen. They don't admonish anyone for calling. As for Tom's offer to kill himself, of course I'm disappointed that Leticia didn't call his bluff. Seemed like a win-win to me.

In other domestic abuse news, Laura hits Danilo all the time. I think he likes it.

Does Ryan need a new pancreas? I bet Danilo has one. Can we just take his pancreas now?

I like Milton. He's asking the right questions. Unfortunately, that will probably get him killed.

Amazing that Laura managed to immediately get a random passing motorist to give her a ride.

I think Bonita is horrible and that she will try to get Erasmo to choose between herself or his kids.

So Calao is dead? Good for him.

I am impatient to know what Tomas's job is going to be. I hope it involves getting punched by gangsters.

And too bad that guy was Genesis's brother. He was cute. Actually, I'm not sure what Steve needs to apologize for. Saying no to sex is not a crime. Sometimes it's good policy.

Rgv: "I understand about signing over the shares, but why would El D want [Ryan] to end his relationship with Laustela. I really don't think El D has any interest in helping Danilow get what he wants."

Well... that depends on who El D is. If El D is the Real Estela, maybe she wants Ryan back.

As for Tona, I didn't think she was dead last night. She might be - something tells me Luisa doesn't make mistakes. But maybe Blake wants Tona alive.

All done now 3 for 3.

RgvChick - We will know soon enough why the Real ED wants Ryan to separate from Estela. Dum de dum dum.

Thanks for part 3, Anita. Yes, Genesis did say a job for the nino, but she was referring to Tomas. I've noticed that Genesis calls everybody nino.

I too was impressed that Laura was able to detect an incoming call before her phone rang. (Though I've had phones that vibrate before they ring.)

Joe's wife's name sounded like Lindsey, though they mangled it in the captions.

I didn't take the note on the fruit basket as proof that they don't know Laura isn't really Estela. Again, if El D is RealStela then it's a good idea to play dumb about that.

"Bleeped" must be some nasty euphemism for "scoop the poop."

Thank you Anita. 3 for 3...

I have a suspicion I might know why ED wants Ryan and Laura separated. I won't speculate as tonight may provide a clue.

"I think Bonita is horrible and that she will try to get Erasmo to choose between herself or his kids". ITA Julie. Can't stomach her constant pawing of him in front of his children. "Mine" - like a child. Some second wives have no respect for "first families". They would prefer they forget the children from the first marriage all together. What I especially didn't like was her telling Erasmo to get the stolen money back. How much was in the canister? $40-$50? It was just mean spirited.

And I was wrong (again) about Tadeo. He does seem rather weak physically although I still believe he "allowed" Tomas to hit him as he was ashamed.

Anita, I really did think I saw a knife. Now that you state you did too, maybe my imagination wasn't running wild.


Julie..cops will tell you that they hate domestic violence calls because they often get injured at those calls. In the case that I know, the cops told the wife and children to leave the house and go to a safe place! Then, it was on record that the police had to be called when divorce and custody proceedings started.

. Letme needs to think about the baby, her kids, and herself. The local paper is always reporting some guy who kills his spouse and\or kids and then usually kills himself. I knew someone who threatened suicide. I thought to myself...go ahead. ...make everything better for everyone. Sorry if that sounds awful. Is all part of the attempt to manipulate those around the guy. These guys are bipolar, narcissistic, or sociopathic and cause havoc and harm to anyone in their orbit

Julie, ""Bleeped" must be some nasty euphemism for "scoop the poop." I think you you pretty much caught the meaning. The phrase was "The next time yuo wnat to send your brother to the other world, you're going to have to go pick up your *bleep* wherever they fall.

I also agree that the note is not enough to prove that they don't know Laura isn't really Estela...they could just be going along with the charade...for now.

An yes, Joe's wife's name is Lindsay...for someone who was initially made out to be very subdued and insignificant, she sure changed...drastically!

Hmm..Is it possible that Eraser will confront T.Ass? Let's see what happens when he is confronted by a grown man his own size. sorry..I hate guys like T.Ass.

RGV thanks I completely forgot about the note with the flowers/fruit/weed/coke, whatever he sent. Yeah .
I suspect they want an actual star or somebody destined to be in LauStela to lend some legitimacy to their fast becoming dirty business.

Julie..I think that you might be right about Dan liking the slaps from Lestela.

Maybe Steve is the first guy EVER to say "no" to first date bunnyhopping with Genesis.

Sue: Is the new 'Brother' actually Genesis' brother or is she lying to not hurt Steve's feelings?

First Date? That was a bit more hurried than first date. FauPax and his little hooker have a lot more preliminaries.

There comes a point when it is just too clinical.

I've been told

White Egret-->AssBun
Tiny Fish -----> Danilow

I think Erasmo is bigger than Tomas, so I'd enjoy a confrontation between them.

I think the brother really is a brother. Genesis is nice, but I don't think she'd spare Steve's feelings if the guy were a boyfriend. If anything, I think she enjoyed letting Steve think he WAS a boyfriend the first time Steve saw him.

I cannot watch the show right now , so I really appreciate these great recaps and comments.

OT- for those here that watch "La Candidata" they just announced a time change, starting Monday it'll be showing at 7 (E). Will there be a new TN?

Burning question I've been forgetting to ask: Morgana keeps calling Laustela an " iguana." Anyone have a clue why? Does Laustela have some trait/ characteristic similar to an iguana?

Hmmm..iguana...can lestela change colors? El Tal actually Realdorado?

Thanks, Anita. Powerful recap. Everybody's mentioned my fave lines. I loved the rundown of the miracles too.

So thrilled and surprised to see Calao go out so soon. Yay, Danilo has lost his right-hand dummy. The hospital scene with Ryan and Calao and Talisman coming in to save the day was well done.

Yep, that's Genesis's brother. Can't mistake that "You better not screw over my sister" look he gave Steve. But bro, do you know how forward your sis is on a date? She gets insulted if the guy doesn't jump her bones in the first five minutes. It's Steve that needs to be protected.

So glad Tadeo and Maria left TomAss and Letme's house of loco. No matter how mean Bonita gets, I don't think she'll be smacking them around. If Tadeo is supposed to be physically timid, they didn't cast the part well. He is not big and bulky, but he is well-built with taut muscles. I notice these things. :>

Why is El Dorado protecting Ryan? I'm certain now that if RealStela is not El Dorado she is definitely working with him. A business person wouldn't care if Ryan is with Laustela. Yes, she's a good performer, but there are others. But an ex who wants him back would want Ryan to break up with Laustela.

I admit to getting a kick out of Tona getting a call for a mature hooker and the madam deigning to do the job herself, but backing up cause she doesn't do women. I vote it's a stun gun and not a knife. One, if Tona is dead, then me laughing at the scene is mean. Two, Luisa strikes me as a sicario who likes to work clean and not make a bloody mess with a knife.


1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel

10.) Cartel Los Salgados Backup Team

11.) Lucio Galvan

12.) Porfirio Pineda

13.) Ursula Pineda

14.) The Henchmen from Cartel Los Artos

15.) Henchman from Los Artos Vehicle

16.) Trinidad Huerta AKA Callao

17.) Antonia Flores AKA La Tona

SusanLynn, Laustela doesn't change colors, only identities, but Morgana has been calling her that for quite awhile and she doesn't know about "Laura."

Iguana not chamelion

Kirby..yes, I realized after I posted that chameleons are the ones that change colors #pascal (I have watched Tangled at least 20 times .)

Maybe Morg has just always hated igaunas. In Alborada, the galan's exmistress was always calling his onetruelove a dead fly.

Susanlynn--I personally don't think El Tal is the Real El D. OTOH, AssBun "acts" as though he has power and authority, yet he talks to someone on the phone always with deference. So all fingers point to Mystery Woman (see below).

Niecie--You pierced the veil of mystery. We've all been speculating about the Real El Dorado and the Mystery Woman introduced in the first (or 2d) episode as being one in the same. Could that indeed be the reason she would want Ryan away from Fauxstela, especially if she's the Realstela. When you said a top business man in the "life" wouldn't care who his singer was or who she was with, as long as it doesn't bring attention of the Popo to the organization they are fronting for money laundering or other nefarious schemes.

And, we don't really know why the Realstela took off and has perhaps only pretending to be dead to execute her vengeance. Someone must have been after her.

The point goes to you, Niecie. We have to wait for match and score, though.

Mr. Blake will be happy about the La T news. Julie, I agree that he wants her alive to torture her. I'm very ok with what got shoved in her back was a taser. I hope Luisa was careful, her hands had been wet....

Lindsey?? For a gringa who speaks perfect Spanish? Even Joe is a nickname for his real name, Jorme. (It's just me, but when we first met her and in the photo with the kids, they really seemed like a well matched pair--but who can read a man or woman's mind as to what is romantically and sexually attractive about someone else.

Yeah :-) that is the bad thing about blogger, like email, once you hit send or submit it is out there, and believe me, nothing you say or do will bring it back.

I suspect Morg just chose Iguana because there is hardly anything more uuuuuugly.

Maybe when Pedro Carrillo was killed RealStela disappeared but secretly took over his criminal empire.

Those surface mounted individually articulate eyes would be handy even on a human, but Yikes are they ugly.


Kirby..that sounds good. Realestela could be the lady in the swing at that first big party that Dan went to.

I am still hopeoing that the baddies get knocked off one by one by each other. Live by the sword; die by the sword. It is just a question of who kills whom. Please let one of the whoms be T.Ass. He is a waste of oxygen which is a phrase that my firefighter friend likes to use.

I still do not know where the Genesis\Steve storyline is going because it usually the guy who pressures for the bunnyhopping and the girl who is varying to slow things down. So..what is Rosy's message here?

Susanlynn, "dead fly" is an extra special nickname because it means something. It refers to a passive-aggressive person who always seems like an innocent victim but is really a viper.

It is possible that Rosy is just telling a story and not giving a message. Previously, her messages were usually articulated very clearly in lengthy speeches by the characters. (To be fair - those TNs were all remakes, and the speeches might have been from the original version.)

Or this might be a case of "show, don't tell." In which case, if there is a message in the Genesis/Steve story, we will have to wait for it to unfold. It might be something really simple, like "discuss your expectations beforehand to make sure you're on the same page."

Thank you, Anita, this was a great read (I LOVED your preface).
I had written a long comment that google ate, and now I'm too lazy to write it again, because I have to start Friday's recap.
Just a quick note about Tad and Maria: they have two step-siblings on the way, from both parents, right? That's pretty nasty.
I still don't get why is LetMe staying with that creep. It's not like she loves him, right? Where is Chava??

Adriana Noel

Julie, thanks for that explanation of dead fly. All I know is that Perla said it a lot either to or about Hippolita .

I still think that Genesis is being portrayed as a very independent, confident woman who can ask for the first dance. Girl power in action? Who rule the world? I would very much like to see how she would deal with T.Ass.

Julie dead fly like Zulima.

Thanks Anita for all parts of the recap.

Well if Tom has a job at Furia, I think he will be killed by someone at Furia. Why? Because somebody has to take this dude out. Really disgusted with Leticia's rationalizations of his abusive behavior. I honestly thinks she doesn't believe them.

Hospitals in TN's are truly amazing. More murders seems to happen in them than on the street or in gunfights.

With 17 bodies as of yesterday, will this be a record for the number of murders in a TN?

Maybe TomAss's job will be to play the next "Calao." That would be something...especially if he has the same fate

Anonymous 5:35 Seventeen bodies isn't even close to the record. I don't know what the record is but "La Piloto" has 39 bodies listed and they still need...what...2 more episodes?

Kirby, "Maybe when Pedro Carrillo was killed RealStela disappeared but secretly took over his criminal empire." I agree...that's one of my theories regarding RealStela. This whole thing about taking over Furia, IMO, relates back to Pedro C's vengeful plot against Walter Cabrera for not giving him his place in a company he believed he should have,at least, been a part owner.

RVG Chick: I believe Telemundo's "EL SENOR DE LOS CIELOS" have the all-time record of a bigger Body Count in over 5 Seasons with 500+.

The Philippine Teleserye, "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" has 184 on their Body Count as of today.


Anita thank you for this blockbuster of a Recap.
I can't tell you how pist Iam at lety. Of all the stupid in the world she got it.Tad And Maria couldn't believe what they Were seeing or hearing.And Laurel and Hardy(the two officers)came in and was No help at all(now I know that they can't do anything because letty wouldn't speak up(stupid woman)but the fact that they turned to Maria and told her this is not a game,cuz letty said that she doesn't understand English? how did they get this being a game to her out of her not being able to understanding English? I mean how stupid. There was a lot of that in this episode last night.

And whats with joe's future ex? That was a waste of airtime.The jealous ex
Insulting the mistress, in public, in
Front of reporters. She came off as the jealous wifey. Understandable, mercy stole her hubby but Really,mercy don't care. What is ex'es name?
See we can even remember her name,shes
Not that important. But she gonna make
A Pain of herself in the 2nd half of the Series so we'll see her again.

Anita on the cc3 they bleeped out the
Cuss words and insults towards the
Homosexual community.And even what the
AssMan said.But I guess we can use our
Imagination. They were pretty nasty words.

This is what I believe: EL Dorado is
Quit possibly the real Estella Carilla
And she wants Ryan to herself and the
Order to kick Laura to the curve isn't
Up for discussion.

La Tona might be dead, or not. We'll see tonight.

Erasmo has a delimma.2 pregnant ladies
That he might be in love with♡

Thank you Anita

Interesting theories about Realstela. Perhaps she was the lady in the swing!

As to T.Ass 's occupation, my guess is that he just goes from job to job. I cannot wait for the next episode's recap since I won't be able to watch!.

Hey, remember that picture that Paloma drew of Rosario's sister? Are we going to hear anymore about the reason that scene was included ? Is it going to have the same fate as Lisa's cellphone in the special keepsake box in Vino ?

"Erasmo has a delimma.2 pregnant ladies That he might be in love with♡".

Another gold nugget Nina.

Those of you who think ED is the real Estella were likely right. I have a nagging feeling Mercy's hubby is not dead. I don't know if he is El Dorado, but I just feel he's going to surface before this is through. Why? Primarily because Cesar's name and picture keep surfacing.

Susanlynn, I think you may be right in that the picture of Rosario's sister might be a dead end. Vino writers maliciously tantalized us with the finding of Lisa's cellphone, dangling the clue which ended up no where. One of the few interesting developments in Vino so of course it was dropped and forgotten.


The one theory about Genesis being a strong, independent free woman might be correct, but Steve should F O R G E T her. With her sullen menacing "Brother" who is going to take care of a sister who dresses and acts like a hooker on freebies Tuesday, Steve needs that cray cray family like Tad and Maria need the LetTom family.

There are so many bad people populating this show .We need Chava and get out of jail soon! He seemed smart and goodhearted..a most excellent combination of traits lacking in most of the other characters .

Sue Chava is in the back of the prop room gathering dust trying to revive Lisa's phone. :-)

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