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La Candidata Capitulo 16; Thursday, June 22, 2017: Pacheco Investigates Cecelia

At the Martinez home, while Emiliano and Ximena are making out on the sofa, the nurse comes running in to tell Ximena that her mother is out of control. Emiliano decides this is a good time to leave.

Gerardo and Regina are sharing a tender moment together and they move in for the kiss---which does not happen because Regina moves away and says she can’t do this. Gerardo says, “Don’t you want me to kiss you?” Regina says, “Yes I do, but the problem is, I can’t do it this way. I need to resolve the problems in my own life.”

Gerardo’s phone ring. It’s Ximena calling to tell him it’s an emergency with her mother. She’s going crazy, asking for Gerardo, and the nurse can’t seem to get her under control. She asks her dad to come home right away and he agrees. Ximena and Teresa hug and Teresa starts to calm down.

Regina looks at Gerardo and says she understands. He tells her, “You don’t know how much I desire you.” Regina says, “Go to your daughter.” Then she leaves.

While Cecelia is visiting Mario, Naomi shows up. Naomi demands to know who she is. Mario tells Naomi not to make a big scandal and tries to explain that he was a good friend of Cecelia’s father and felt a need to help her out after her father died. Naomi is not buying it and Mario says, “For heaven sakes, I’ve known her since she was a child! Don’t be stupid! She is younger than our own daughter!” The argument continues while Mario goes into cardiac arrest and the machines start to beep. But Naomi is more concerned about Cecelia’s presence than she is about Mario and the doctor finally asks both of them to leave. Later the doctor tells both of them that Mario is to have no visitors. Naomi seems to be barking up the wrong tree, believing that Cecelia is Mario’s lover; she would be horrified to find out that Cecelia is his love child. Anyway, Naomi tells Cecelia to hit the road and to never come back.

Pacheco is with Isela, having drinks, pretending to “woo” her while doing his investigation on Cecelia. Ignacio comes in and Pacheco explains that this is part of his investigation and his revenge against the Governor. They drink to that. They talk about trying to uncover corruption in the governor’s office. Pacheco lets him know that there is trouble regarding the secretary of health office. Ignacio is asking for details, but Pacheco says for him to do his own investigation. “The only thing I need is a job offer from you,“ says Pacheco.

Regina and Daniela are in the office discussing Regina’s problems regarding Alonso. She does not want to go home. Daniela says, “Come over to my house.” Regina says she would love to but she can’t. She goes on to say that she didn’t envision her life this way, unhappy and everything they have worked for being lost. Daniela says, “It’s the price you sometimes have to pay when you are in politics and have this much power.” Daniela then tells Regina that she is the only one who can save this country.

Gerardo comes home and the nurse tells him that she did not think she was taking on a psychiatric case and does not feel qualified to do so. As they are talking, an obnoxious Teresa calls for the nurse as if she is a slave, “What are we paying you for?” As the nurse leaves to answer Teresa, Gerardo starts to follow. Ximena then asks, “What are we going to do Dad? I don’t want to send Mom to a mental hospital.”

Regina arrives at the hospital to see her father, but Naomi says he is not allowed visitors. “Why?” says Regina. Naomi explains that Cecelia came to visit and they had a very strong argument together and so Mario went into cardiac arrest. Naomi goes on to say that Regina needs to go home, fix her relationship with Alonso and fall into line with the program. Regina is not very happy to hear this and says she is not going to be pressured into doing something she does not want to do. She complains that her mother does not give her any affection or support.

The doctor comes out and says that Mario should not be under any stress or talk about something that can cause him any more difficulty because he is too weak to stand it. However, they can now visit for a short time.

Gerardo talks to Teresa who is in the middle of a melt-down. Gerardo tells her she can’t keep doing this because she must think of their daughter. Teresa claims that she is the one who has suffered and it’s all his fault. She says gambling is the only thing that makes her happy. Then Gerardo says that if she continues, she will end up before a judge and locked away without an income and without seeing their daughter.

At the elder San Roman residence, Omar walks in and says to Natalia, “So you have been telling the whole world that you are being kept prisoner here? Fine, I’ll give you a chauffer, that way you can come and go when you like.” She nods in agreement somewhat. Omar then says, “Later things will calm down, when you decide you are going to make love with me.” By this time Natalia is angry and says, “Don’t talk to me about love! What do you know about love anyway? For you, this is a sick kind of love. It is a love filled with menace. I’m just so tired of you, Omar!” Omar then says, “So you don’t want the chauffer? You don’t want to leave the house?” “Yes, I want to leave, I don’t want to be locked up here anymore.” “Ok”, says Omar, “No we are talking. You can leave as long as someone is chaperoning you at all times. It’s that or nothing!” Natalia accepts. But Omar slithers around her telling her she had better behave well tonight.

Alonso goes over to Cecelia’s place and she tells him about how Pacheco wants to lie about her.  He complains about Regina, says she has changed. Cecelia says he needs a woman who can support him. Alonso goes on to say he needs a woman who will do whatever he wants. “Cecelia, are you that woman?” Cecelia says, “Oh yes I am.” Then he tells Cecilia to take off her clothes. So she begins to disrobe…HE grabs her and it looks like they are in for a night of rough sex.

Regina arrives home about the same time Emiliano is coming home. But Emiliano isn’t very friendly and obviously is taking his father’s side against Regina. He chides her for not being by Alonso’s side as he runs for President. He thinks she should set aside her own ambitions and stay by Alonso’s side. He shows her nothing but disrespect and it’s obvious that Alonso has turned him against Regina. He even tells her that if it weren’t for Alonso, she wouldn’t have become a senator, which is pretty much what Alonso said earlier to her, that she is only what she is BECAUSE OF HIM.

Regina begins reminiscing about her earlier conversation with Gerardo as she lies on her bed. She thinks about the kiss that almost happened…

In the morning, as Alonso and Regina are getting ready, Regina asks, “Where were you last night? I waited up for you.” Alonso says, “Well when I got in, you were asleep.” Regina said, “Well you could have waken me up. We have something pending we need to talk about regarding our son.” Alonso says, “Well you know, we came out of that restaurant and all these reporters were there. Things couldn’t be helped. He just helped answer some questions and told the truth.” Regina spouts off, “Or all the things you ordered him to say. By the way, who are YOU sleeping with anyway?” Alonso shoots back, “I could ask you the same thing!”

In Ignacio’s office, his assistants present evidence that some money laundering is going on with the governor’s office that is driving up prices in medical expenses. Ignacio is ecstatic about the news and calls Gerardo right away.

Pacheco and Hernán are sitting at a bar and Pacheco wants to know the low down on Cecelia. He doesn’t know whether he can trust Hernán since he could be Cecelia’s beau. But Hernán reminds him that he’s a reporter and he is going to get what he wants from Cecelia so that he can publish news.

Regina is at the shelter asking about Susana and passing around her picture to see if anyone has ever known her. No one seems to know except for one lady who seems to recognize her. Daniela interrupts her reminds her she has an appointment with the textile workers.

As Alonso is saying goodbye to a couple of ambassadors, Magda comes to him with a new article about how he is involved in the problem of medical expenses escalating. The article further says that his father in law has something to do with it.

Ignacio presents Pacheco to Gerardo as the one behind the information that came from the Health Secretary. Ignacio asked Gerardo about why he didn’t seemed pleased to have Pacheco around. Gerardo says, “Well if he is willing to betray his old boss, what else do you think he can do? Will he betray me?”

At the textile worker’s place, Regina asks her supporters to trust her. They tell her about various problems, including those who lose their jobs. Daniela interrupts again to show her the latest article that came out about the governor’s office. Regina says, “Is there no end to the corruption there?” Daniela goes on, “The article mentions your father having something to do with this.”
Hernán comes to Cecelia and asks why Alonso was at her place. She says, “what, did you think you were my boyfriend?” Hernán says, “No I thought you were a slut.” Cecelia says, “Hey you are the same as I am. We both want the same thing. I just want the goods on Pacheco.” Hernán says, “Why should I? I’m not your boyfriend and I’m not your lover.” He walks out and says he’s not going to tell her anything else.

Natalie is at the hospital with Naomi. Naomi says, “I’m so glad you are here.” Natalia says, “Yeah, I’m here with my jail guard.” Naomi turns around and see the “guard” standing there. “So how is your husband doing,” says Natalia. “Oh he is recovering from his anger.” “What? I’ve never heard you talk that way about Mario. What is wrong?” Naomi tells her that Mario’s lover stopped by. Natalia says, “Are you sure? How do you know it was his lover?” Naomi answers, “Because I just know things like that, no one has to tell me.” Natalia shakes her head and sighs, “We are both victims of tyrants.” Btu the real reason for Natalia’s visit is to warn Naomi regarding Regina. She can’t say the details, but she knows that if Regina doesn’t support Alonso, she will be attacked. Naomi has to protect Regina.

Cecilia is speaking with her mother on the phone and Itsela wants to know why Cecelia didn’t tell her that her father was in the hospital. Cecelia tells mom that she inadvertently ran into Mario’s wife over there. Isela warns her that she is too close to the truth. “I ought to go over there to see him one more time before he kicks the bucket” says Isela. Cecelia says, “No that’s crazy.” Isela says, “So what is wrong, you sound worried.” Cecelia says that it has to do with someone named Pacheco who is giving her problems. “Oh yes”, says Isela, he was here at the Caberet. Is there anything I can do to help you out?” Cecelia says, “No, let me handle it!” But too late, Isela disconnects and who should appear behind her but Pacheco. She seems to have a plan in mind.

Ignacio is at Teresa’s place and Ignacio is turning on the charm with her. He starts flirting with her and tells her that she is desirable and wants to have a personal relationship with her. He says he has something planned for her.

The one lady at the shelter who seemed to recognize Susana’s picture came to Daniela to tell her story. She knew that Susana and other “girls” had something to do with a very powerful drug ring. She was a cleaning lady for the place. A “police officer” used to go by and take bribes from them to keep quiet. Then he asked what she knew and all of a sudden she was out of a job. The next day everyone was gone from the apartments and she had no idea what happened to everyone. The only thing she knew is that the policeman was referred to as “El Cuervo.” She asks for protection.

In Alonso’s office, he and Mauro discuss what is happening with the accusations. “I have to come out clean from all this.” Mauro is going to make sure that the whole blame falls on De La Garza, the Health Secretary. Mauro then says, “Hey have you seen the latest events your wife is doing? It’s like she is on the campaign trail. Have you fixed up things with her?” “No” says Alonso. “In fact, things are much worse.”

At the Caberet, Pacheco continues to “woo” Isela. She knows he’s up to something so she plays along. They go to Isela’s apartment and he is drinking pretty hard. He asks her to take off her clothes. She says that she is “all his” and leads him on. (I can’t wait to see where this is going.)

Regina arrives at the hospital as Natalia is leaving. Natalia says something about her freedom being at risk if she doesn’t leave. Naomi makes mention of someone else (Natalia) having it worse than she does. Regina wants to see her father, but Naomi reminds her that he is to have no visitors. “Well I’m not a visitor, I’m his daughter.”

“Hello, father. I have to talk to you about something.” Mario says, “Be easy with me daughter, I’m all hooked up to these tubes.” So Regina asks him, “I need the truth from you. There is an ongoing scandal right now coming from the Secretary of Health. Are you involved in these fraudulent activities?”


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Thank you, Cynthia. The recap was excellent! Great description of Omar slithering out of the room.

Mentioning Omar, it seems Natalia now has to pay for her limited supervised freedom with sex: how disgusting!

Wow! Cecilia sure is in the power position with Hernán. Their scenes together are getting humorous. He really seems to care; she not really. He just can't get his head around that.

So glad Regina will not give up on getting her question answered from Mario no matter how many cardiac incidents he has.

I, too, wonder what kind of fun and games Isela has planned for Pacheco . . .

A lot of sex as of late, will there be an unexpected pregnancy? There always seems to have to be at least one . . .


Gracias, Cynthia. I love having such a rock star team!

The recent dearth of sex in Alonso and Regina's relationship doesn't surprise me after watching him with Cecelia. He orders her to strip and she does, like any other prostitute. If that is how he has become with Regina I can see her being repulsed. It adds new meaning to the shot in the credits where he shoves her onto the bed. It looks like Eladio with Monserrat in PyP. I can't believe that Regina endured 20 years of this. They better not censor the scene we're all waiting for when she finally does the deed with Gerardo.

Which could be the "unexpected" pregnancy.

Cecelia is a major bitch and her condescending attitude toward Noemi disgusts me.

What Gerardo needs to do with Teresa is take off the kid gloves. He was right to tell Ximena to stop falling for her manipulations but he is still playing into them. He needs to tell her off more strongly and back it up with the threat of the manicomio. In fact, he should have sent her there immediately after the fake murder/suicide set-up.

It looks like Regina and Daniela have a Kirk & Spock relationship, which qualifies her to command the Enterprise that is Mexico. Too bad the Federation is corrupt.

Honestly, I wonder whether men who hate or fear women as much as Alonso, his father, his suegro, and all the other men in this tale (except Gerardo) don't just get custom-made sex dolls instead.

I forgot to ask, but was the heart attack scene censored the other night?

Urban, love the Star Trek analogy!

Jarifa: Smelling the unexpected pregnancy sooner or later.

Remember the blue top and black pants Daniela was wearing a couple of episodes ago? It made her look like Spock's sister (if he had had one).

Very good comparison!

UA: I think I kinda remembered that scene with Daniela wearing the black pants & blue top.


Cynthia - Mil gracias, again. I loved the recap, always do. It just reinforces how good a show this is. Silvia just blows me away. All the actors are terrific in their respective roles.

Since there is no show tonight, I hope you keep the thread open a little longer for us latecomers. I'm off to a pot luck for the rest of the evening and I want to cogitate a little more on what's really going on with Hernan...will the nurse and where are Gerardo and Regina going to give in to their passionate feelings for each other and other things. But zoweee, that near kiss and then Regina telling Gerardo she DID want him to kiss her was too much; fanning oneself and suffering from the vapors...

Poor Emi, just a tool in Alonso's tool box. Shoot, gotta run.

An excellent recap, Cynthia! I spent a part of the day on a dental procedure so am late to comment. This show is so dark that I wonder if there will be anything like a pregnancy, which at least has an up side. Maybe Emi and Ximena? I'm not thrilled with the move to 6 PM here in the Midwest. Well-acted as this tn is, I'm not giving up aerobics for it and so will be relying even more on these recaps a couple of days each week.

Thank you everyone. If it's alright with Urban and the other recappers, perhaps I can leave the comments going during the weekend, so we can have weekend discussion time?

LOL...Daniela maybe eyeing the next Star Trek movie to audition for.

I hate the way all the men (with the exception of Gerardo) treat the women in this story. They are so darn patriarchal. Even Emiliano has no respect for his mother.

I wonder if Cecelia will get pregnant. It would kind of fit the story.

I think that both Cecelia and Regina are prime targets for an inconvenient pregnancy due to the damage it would cause them. Cecelia would end up getting abused by both Alonso and Mario, not to mention scolded to the max by Isela. Regina would get abused by Alonso since they haven't vo-dee-oh-doh-dohed for months.

However, it is easier to imagine Emiilano knocking up Ximena. That's the last frontier for him in terms of screwing up (pun intended).

UA: The big question is whether Alonso will demand Cecilia get an abortion or force her to give the kid up to Regina in order to make him look good as the perfect family man.

Cynthia: Emiliano knocking up Ximena is likely to happen IF it hasn't already considering UniMas is on the verge of showing HARD-CORE SEX regardless of those FCC regulations.


SpanProf, I am also in the Midwest and 6:00 is really early. :(

It's certainly early for this program. Considering that the sex scenes have been intense and I don't have the impression from the comments that it's been censored yet.

Thank you Cynthia great, complete recap.

Cecilia sure has a lot of nerve talking to Noemi the way she talked to her.

I like Noemi even though she is a jealous drunk, Mario has driven her to it. I like her because although she has her own demons to fight, she manages to make time to care about Natalia's problems. I like the way she confronted Omar in the previous episode.

I really am not for the whole Emi and Xi relationship, but I suppose it's essential for the plot.


Sandie and Urban: I just realized I keep spelling Noemi as "Naomi". Sorry about that. But I agree Sandie, Cecelia sure has a lot of nerve to talk to Noemi that way. And if I were Noemi, I'd be driven to drinking too if I were married to a man like that.

A couple of random thoughts regarding our misogynist men characters--
Alonso: this was the 2nd time he asked Cecelia to undress while he watched and then initiates rough sex. The way he leered at her--he had the eyes of a pervert. I wonder what he was like with Regina up until the first episode. We've never seen them make love (his little STD problem interrupted what we might have seen). I hope the intro credits that show him throwing Regina down on the bed was in anger and not the way he normally approached sex with her.

Emiliano: I was quite put out at him when he turned to his mother and told her to set aside her ambitions to support Alonso. This was just after she had finished telling him she and Alonso got to where they were in life and career each on their own strengths, hard work and volition. Somebody has been teaching him that women don't matter as much as men in society.

Pacheco: He, too, is asking a woman to take off her clothes for him--although I doubt Isela will comply. What is it with these virtual images the directors want us to take away?

I've said it before and during other series, which is that to some men -- and here is seems that it's the majority of them -- women are nothing but sex dolls or maternal caregivers. In other words, Madonnas or Whores.

This is where Mario and Omar are coming from. This is where Alonso has been going and where he is looking to drag Emiliano.

This is probably also meant to emphasize that Gerardo isn't one of them and to make us anticipate what will happen when he and Regina finally hit the sheets... which I hope will be made of silk.

Considering that prostitutes are usually frigid I wonder whether Cecelia enjoys sex at all.

Thank you Cynthia and all other recappers!

This show makes for quite good drama with my favorite characters being Mario, Cecelia and Magda although I kind of feel that the atmosphere is a bit off. At times it appears as if no one enjoyed producing this show. It is dark and quick-paced like YCH but feels bland and try-hardy. I don't want LC to become a HOC wannabe.

Either-way I do enjoy seeing Omar and Mario clash. Their frienemy relationship reminds me of a parable:
"What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object? They look the other way and pass though"


Well misogyny is always large part of Gisels's productions like YCH although I must be the only that can't really feel for Natalia. Omar is an inexcusable violent sadist and hypocrite yes but no one held a gun over Natalia when she had the affair with Javier knowing of Omar's violent temper.If she had an ounce of Omar's power she too would with glee kidnap Omar's lovers with Black SUV's and run them over!.

I just checked the listings for tomorrow. There is a new 8PM on Unimas called Totalmente Diva from Brazil while El Bienamado will have double episodes from 9-11PM. LC should be the 10PM show, based on its content. WTF???

Urban: Yep, and as I said before, it really interferes with my aerobics schedule.

WOW, Uni&Televisa are screwing over Giselle once again!. I'm not surprised as I still remember how they screwed over Yago:(
Giselle could strike a Netflix deal if only she wasnt limited by her contract..


I checked my listings for tonight and it shows 4:00 PM for Unimas East and 7:00 PM for the local time Unimas. These are PDT listings. Normally I watch the earlier showing on the "EAST" channel but at 4:00 PM, I'm still at work. I'll be doing tonight's recap and subbing for Alfredo again since he is on vacation.

OK. Watch for an e-mail.

Didn't El Bienamado already air on May 2th on Unimas or is it starting over again? My bet is that it is airing it's final episodes.

According to its Wikipedia page El Bienamado has 96 episodes.

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