Monday, June 26, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #36, Monday Jun 26 2017: A Pocketful of Ryan

Estela thinks she and Ryan need to break up in order to survive, and tells him not to make it even more difficult. He tries to get out of his hospital bed, but she begs him not to and says she loves him.

La Toña is still at Blake's place. She's tied up and wearing a gag, but Blake tells her he knows she's the one who tried to have Laura whacked. He understands why, but he reserves to right to be the one who gets revenge. He promises that he'll make Laura suffer until she begs for death. (He strokes Toña's hair creepily throughout this speech.) Unfortunately, Toña will have to wait here until he's done.

Luisa interrupts to tell Blake that La Regia is going to be on live TV. This is their chance to find Laura! They hurry out of the room where Toña is being kept. Toña struggles against the ropes binding her hands behind the chair.

At the hospital, Mercy asks Ryan if he wants to watch "Estela" on TV. When he says no, she thinks it's odd that they've broken up again so soon. Ry doesn't want to talk about it. She tries to get him to take a wheelchair into the garden for some fresh air; he just wants to be alone. Mercy says he'll never get better if he's going to be such a drag, but for what it's worth, she loves him.

La Regia sings on TV. "So That You Would Love Me," something about seeing only roses instead of thorns, and giving her heart for love and getting an empty soul in return. The show host observes that La Regia is crying. Laura says it's because she has suffered for love. She says the love of men comes and goes, but her child's love is forever.

Danilo is wearing another one of his shiny-bug jackets (this one's gold), slugging tequila out of the bottle, walking around the property, maybe checking for more dead guys. He comes to the tree where he found Calao. Something happens inside his head, and suddenly his tequila has turned into blood. He spits it out and flings the bottle against the tree.

He approaches the tree and, with a trembling hand, reaches for the broken bottle. There's still some tequila in it - tequila, not blood. I bet it was expensive, too. Tsk, tsk.

Not taking any chances, Laura calls Augustin from the studio to make sure he's already in the parking garage before she comes down. He assures her that she is; but a moment after he hangs up, he's unconscious, having been tased by Luisa. Wow, she's fast. I guess LA traffic isn't as bad as everyone says!

A delivery van has arrived at the ranch, filled with crates that have pictures of tomatoes on the outside, but are filled with cash. Natividad helps himself to a greenback. Danilo wonders where he's going to hide all this cash.

Luisa calls Blake to say Laura hasn't shown up yet. Maybe she left with someone else... but just then, Laura comes into view. Luisa tells Blake that Laura is with a 4-yo girl and an older woman; what should she do? Blake just about loses it when he hears about the little girl. "My butterfly!" he exclaims. He orders Luisa to bring both of them to him.

BunMan tells Danilo's lawyer (I don't know his name; I shall call him Saul) to write up a contract for Ryan to give El Dorado's gang his 40% share of Furia. Saul doubts that Ryan will sign it, and doesn't understand why they don't just get rid of Ryan. BunMan says they have "plans" for Ryan.

Milton intercepts Laura & co. in the Univision parking garage. (Mr Blake is going crazy on the phone with Luisa, wanting to know what is happening.) Before Milton can ask his question, Laura's own phone rings - it's Augustin! Augustin run towards them. Luisa tries to run him over, but misses him and drives off. Laura sends a very unhappy Milton to find some help. Augustin says he woke up on the ground behind some cars. Laura thinks she knows who did this.

Ryan argues with Steve, Joe, and the doctor, all of whom want him to stay in the hospital and recuperate. Joe asks Ryan why he's so hot to trot.

Laura, Milton, and Augustin look at the security camera footage from the parking garage. Augustin recognizes Luisa as his attacker, but Laura is puzzled. This was not the person she was expecting to see. She's not sure if she's ever seen this woman before.

Laura assures Milton that this has nothing to do with what they talked about before, but Milton says it looks like she and Paloma are in trouble. It looked like a kidnap attempt.

Luisa gets home, and Blake is furious. She says she'll try again when it's just Laura; it's too difficult with the child around. Blake says he wants both of them. It's a miracle that the little girl is still alive. "That girl is MINE. You hear me? MINE."

Ryan tells Joe at least some of the truth in between scenes; Joe now knows that Ryan has been told to hand over his Furia shares. They can't figure out why. Surely it's better for the gangsters to keep Ryan in control so that he can take the blame for the money laundering. Ryan says he won't do it and won't let them have Estela. Joe and Steve tell him to calm down so they can come up with a plan. Joe is worried that Mercy could be in danger. Ryan is willing to turn himself in and take all of the blame for the money laundering rather than be pushed around by the gangsters.

Ryan asks for the phone. Danilo's lawyer ("Saul") is actually standing right outside Ryan's room with the contract ready, when he hears Ryan make the phone call. He leaves and calls BunMan. BunMan says he will pull some strings (with El Dorado's other clients) to make the charges disappear. Then BunMan tells Talisman to call Marcelino Salgado.

Paloma asks Laura and Rosario if people will shoot at her. Laura says no, because she will always protect her. Rosario shows Laura a silly news story about La Regia having a nonexistent romance. Rosario thinks this is way better than when the press was hounding Laura about the incident at the Foundation.

Rosario's mention of the Foundation reminds Laura of the journalist who tried to interview her about the Foundation incident. She looked like the woman in the surveillance video. Laura remembers having a bad feeling about her. Laura calls Milton.

And now for something completely different. Erasmo has enrolled Maria and Tadeo in school. Tadeo would rather have a guitar and go busking. Erasmo says that if Tad doesn't want to go to school, he should come to work with Erasmo. Bonita says that it's too easy for boys like him to end up in gangs otherwise. Erasmo says Tadeo can school, work, or leave.

Leticia tells Genesis she has to quit so she can be pregnant at home, even though she's had no discomfort whatsoever. Genesis tries to talk Leti out of it. Then Morgana shows up, excited about the awesome alterations that Leti made to her dress. Morgana is very, very excited to hear of the pregnancy. Leti also mentions that she carries small... I think we can see where this is going, but there's a calculating smirk on Morgana's face just to make sure we get the message.

Joe tells Mercy that Lindsey is threatening to make them miserable, and to squeeze him for every last cent. Also, Ryan told the authorities about the money laundering.

It's Tomas's first day at Furia. Genesis shows him the warehouse, full of all the things needed for a traveling show. Tomas remarks that "you Latinos" are trying to own America. Genesis politely ignores this and says that some equipment will be coming in tonight and he'll need to inventory all of it. He asks if he can work the night shift to get it done by morning. That's fine with Genesis.

Genesis asks Tom about Leticia. He says that she wanted to stay home. "She wanted?" Genesis clarifies. "Oh yes, she loves me. She's my wife," Tomas says. Gag.

Milton meets with Laura. He checked with his friend at the Arizona Herald (there is such a thing, but it's online only), and he's never seen that woman before. However, he realizes that this means the kidnap attempt was against Estela, not La Regia (since La Regia didn't exist back when the Foundation thing happened). He tells Laura that he could help her more if she would tell him more. He wants her to trust him, so that he can help her, and she can help him with his own investigation.

Milton recalls that after the shooting (at the Foundation), she wanted to be left alone, but now she's famous. As if to underscore that point, a couple of fans ask La Regia for a picture. Milton reminds her that it's only going to get harder for her to keep her secret, whatever it is.

Genesis and Steve go to a club. He is nervous, but he invites her to cuss him out so they can start fresh. She admits that she was a bit fast, but after all, they were at his house. He wants to explain, but she needs to go to the restroom. Some creep blocks her path and tells her to go back to her country. "This is my country," she replies. Steve intervenes, and the creep blurts, "hey dude, is that you?" The creep says some more obnoxious things, but between Steve and some of the other guys in the place, he is chased off. Genesis wants to know how Steve knows that guy.

Tadeo visits Leticia. She says Tom has totally changed. The doorbell rings - it's Morgana! Morgana is excited about her costume and wants Leticia to do more work for her. At home, if necessary. Morgana will even get her a sewing machine and everything she needs. It can't hurt to make a little money for the kids, right? (Tadeo likes the sound of that.) Leticia doesn't commit to anything.

Laura meets with Fausto (I don't know where they are, and there was really no prelude to this scene). She says he'll get his money when she gets her passport. He says he can get Immigration on her. She says she can get worse people than that on him. Oh yeah, she knows people. It would happen. Fausto says that Laura has more to lose than he does.

BunMan meets with the very influential person that Marcelino Salgado fixed him up with: Mr. Green. John Blake Green. "Call me Mr. Blake."

Fausto looks in the envelope Laura gave him. There's only a puny amount of money. She says that's a message delivery fee. She wants him to tell La Toña that if she comes for Laura, they'll take her out. Fausto tries to be threatening again, but is interrupted by a couple of excited fans wanting an autograph. Laura turns to Fausto and tells him next time, he'd better bring her the right picture to sign.

BunMan tells Blake he needs help getting those charges against Furia Productions to go away. Blake very calmly says sure, he can do that for Furia Productions. It will be expensive. He asks if Furia isn't the company that represents La Regia. BunMan and Talisman look nervous.

Meanwhile, Danilo, Saul, and Natividad drive the entire truck full of cash into the Furia warehouse (Tomas must be on a break). The money is now in equipment cases rather than tomato boxes. Danilo tells them to unload the cases and bring them inside. Saul points out that this might be a problem since the company's going to be investigated. Danilo panics. "Why didn't you tell me that before?" Indeed. Saul says BunMan promised to make it go away.

Tomas sees this conversation from around a corner, but it appears that he doesn't hear it.

At the hospital, Mercy scolds Ryan for turning Furia in. Ryan says that if he goes to jail, Danilo will too. She curses the day Walter and "that prostitute" made Danilo. She doesn't want Ryan to go to jail. "There must be another way," Mercy says.

Danilo & co. have finished unloading the truck. (Natividad sneaks out a couple more bills.) Saul is nervous, but Danilo assures him that everything will be fine, and he misses Calao, who wasn't always making those faces.

At home, Leticia tells Tadeo how she originally met Morgana at the bakery, looking for Estela. Estela doesn't trust Morgana, and Leticia's not sure about her either. But Tadeo thought she was just swell!

Suddenly Leticia gasps: she realizes that she didn't consider Tom when she agreed to work for Morgana. Tadeo predicts that Tom will be happy for the extra income. Tadeo says he's still worried that Tomas will hurt her.

Steve and Genesis are at her place now, and he says he ran with some bad people when he was younger, and did drugs and alcohol too, but he's not that person any more. One day they disrupted an African-American group's protest, but they didn't run away fast enough, and Steve would have gotten killed if not for two women. They saved him and told him about the Primos Ranch, where he was saved a second time.

Tomas finds the cash.

Steve and Genesis lecture us on the importance of trust and not judging people by their skin color. Fortunately, it is brief, and then they make out. But only for a second, because Genesis's brother comes home.

Rosario asks Laura how she can deal with so much fear. Laura says it's because her concern for Paloma is greater than her fear. Rosario is sure that Ryan won't stay out of trouble. Laura says she's sure Danilo will never hurt Paloma, but they need to find another place to live, because they'll be found. She thinks the three of them (Laura, Paloma, and Rosario) should get their own place, where they can be free as butterflies, like they were in Riverside.

Danilo goes to the Hangin' Tree and pours a drink (I think in a plastic cup this time, LOL) for Calao. He hears voices and looks up - Calao is calling to him. And Porfirio, and Porfirio's sister. Danilo fires at all of these ghosts, reloads, and fires some more, but it doesn't help. You know how ghosts are. Natividad is drawn by the noise, though, and arrives to see Danilo holding the gun to his own head. Danilo sends Natividad away.

There is one bullet in the gun. Danilo spins the cylinder and points the gun at his head.


Wow, Julie. Your recap is you managed to pull this off being ill and tired is rock, girl! thank you so much!!

Please get some rest...hope you feel better.

Devil(Bun) Meets the Abominable Blindman, Dani Goes Cray, Cray, and Morgie Finds a Stooge. Oh and TomASS finds a Pot of Gold.

We finally have a valid connection for the LetMe Storyline...about freekin' time!

Good night, All...more tomorrow,

Julie, I smiled the second I saw the title.

I always look forward to seeing what you have to say. Your recap was excellent (as always). Among my many favorites included "shiny-bug jackets", "Joe asks Ryan why he's so hot to trot" and "there's a calculating smirk on Morgana's face just to make sure we get the message". Simply great.

"Morgana is very, very excited to hear of the pregnancy". Her widened eyes and toothy smirk left no doubt as to what she is intending, does it? Thank God Blake didn't get his hands on Paloma either. Anything about hurting or stealing children completely turns my stomach. I think I threw up a bit in my mouth. Ack.

Danilo's duel with the invisible devils was disturbing. Is it guilt, madness or a tinge of both?

I loved the very subtle way Genesis dealt with Tomas. Just the merest hint of condensation mixed with a bit of defiance. There was no fear - perhaps that is why Tomas' radar didn't go off. She is not a fragile or fearful woman.

I don't sense the slightest bit of fury or anger in Laura's persona. She has suffered so much and let she can (and does) love and while there is determination and careful consideration, it is all motivated to protect her child. She also stood up to Fausto, leaving him a bit unnerved. Like Tomas, it might be easy to get rattled when you can't beat your victim to a pulp.

RgvChick, enjoyed your clever comment. "Abominable Blindman" is so right! He scares me more than anyone else.

Speaking of, why was badbun disconcerted when Blake mentioned Regia? Was it because he was afraid Blake wanted to woo her away from Furia or because he sensed Blake wanted revenge?

Julie, thank you for doing this despite not feeling well. Wishing some sunshine and rest for you...


Diana: Morgana still cannot get preggers because of the multiple abortions she had done in previous years.

Steve, yes. That is why it appears she may have some nefarious plans for Leticia's baby. Speculation only.


Diana: Here's hoping Leticia does not get whacked in the process.

So.....I thought you were sick ! It appears the brain and hands were not affected. Take two aspirins and keep doing recaps ! Thanks Julie, great work and I hope the bug has about run it's course by now.

I really enjoyed seeing DaniLow beginning to relinquish his mind to his powder. You knew that going in idiot. It is no secret that stuff accumulates in there and eventually crowds out yore brain. In your case there was plenty of room at first, but well, have fun.

Devil(Bun) Meets the Abominable Blindman,
Dani Goes Cray, Cray, and
Morgie Finds a Stooge. Oh and
TomASS finds a Pot of Gold.

Move over Shakespeare there's something rolling in from out West.

Lying AssTomAss trying to tell Gen that LetMeSitonmyass insisted on quitting to stay home. Genesis didn't believe a word of that load. Genesis is pretty sharp for a forkpet.

For my part they can STOP IT with their immigration propaganda. I can not speak for the rest of the nation, but we have a few non-caucasians here in South Florida and I do not see the racism and biggotry they want us to think is all over. If anything I see the reverse. We do not paint every non white as a drug smuggling raping thug in our gringo shows, so be fair Mexico.


Steve/Diana, thankfully babies are really hard to steal until right at the end, so MorGotNone has quite a wait. I wonder if she has done the math? I wonder if anybody who gives a fig has done the math or CAN do the math. Can anyone in Morg's world count past five with their shoes on?

Will TomAss buy LetMe a new car? Which will he love the most, all that money he thinks (I'll betcha) they didn't count, or LetMe?

Julie, I am still reading your excellent recap, but I had to stop to say thank you for recapping while under the weather.I hopeo that you are feeling better. Sleep and fluids are probably the only way to deal with a cold.

It looks as though Milton will be a good friend to Laura. He wants the scoop on the gang . And loyal Auggie saved the day, so I feel that Laura has some protection. I wish they had a bodyguard built like the Rock and carrying a gun though.

We have reached the point of the telenovela where the couple feels that they cannot be together. In my favorite novel \tv show, the main couple are separated for 20 years!! Okay, back to reading the recap.

Oh, and are any of us surprised to learn that Tomass is a proponent of the barefoot and pregnant philosophy. What an asshat. P.s. thanks autocorrect for changing philosophy to uphill insight. Thus is what in get for buying a cheap tablet.

Kirby, a cardinal couple visited the bird feeder this morning.

Good Morning, All!

Diana, I think Assbun and Talisman were taken aback that Blake knew about Regia and the Jeraras de la Sierra simply because they didn't expect him to be that knowledgeable about Furia. That look that Talisman gave to AssBun was more of "How the he** does he know about them?" They may be suspicious as to why and how Blake knows about them because that might mean that Blake may already have knowledge about how they are involved with the money laundering.

Julie, the attorney's name is Horacio.

I think we got one of Ocampo's many messages last night. When Regia was asked how she dealt with life having a broken heart, she looked toward Paloma and Rosario and responded, "The love of a man will come and go, but there are loves that are pillars, that will not fall with any gale"

We also got a little bit of a background on Steve--aside from the alcohol and drugs, he was part of a racist group...until he was nearly killed after they crashed in on an AfroAmerican demonstration, the demonstrators turned on them and started beating him, then he was rescued by a Latina and an Afro American woman. But we still don't know what he does for a living.

Kirby, " I can not speak for the rest of the nation, but we have a few non-caucasians here in South Florida and I do not see the racism and bigotry they want us to think is all over. " ITA, there are LOTS of non-caucasions here in the RGV, mostly Mexican-American, but there's many other nationalities and you are right, the racism and bigotry is almost least from what I have seen. This TN exaggerates this point to an extreme. I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist..I would be a fool to think that. I just think that there are many more good people in the world than bad, but as the saying goes "one bad apple spoils the bunch."

Sue that is cool. Cardinals seem to form tight families, in that there is one who have been in my yard for years. I will see Mom and Dad together all the time, then in the spring there will typically be a threesome or foursome for a while.

I was shocked that TasMania simply tased or however she momentarily disabled Auggie rather than just kill him on the spot.

Agreed too that if LauStela is smart, though I am not convinced, she will ally with Milton. He has already begun to help with TasMania's cover as a reporter.

With (my) cardinals I could always recognize them as the male was missing most of his crest and I have called him baldy for years.

I'm still curious as to who Blake is or what he does..he knows lots of powerful people...from senators/politicians to Cartel leaders. What do you call the go-between..a mediator/moderator? that sounds too benign...

Kirby, hopeoing for that west brew to come this way.

Thanks, everyone. I got a second wind last night. Now I am tired again and trying to work in a very noisy office. You know how the birds get really excited before a thunderstorm? It's like that, but with people.

Kirby: "We do not paint every non white as a drug smuggling raping thug in our gringo shows, so be fair Mexico." YES. I took the liberty of glossing over some of the specifics in the bar scene because I don't have the stomach for that kind of rhetoric. It does not help anyone. It upsets people, but not in a constructive way. If we are what we eat, it's best we avoid a steady diet of outrage and disgust.

Thanks for Saul's name, RgvChick. I mean thanks for Horacio's name.

What we would call Blake would be Professional Power Broker, I guess. He may have a lot of serious dirt on some very powerful people.

I wonder what Tom will do about the money. But no matter what he decides, I am thrilled that he's now in a position to piss off both Salgado and El Dorado. Gangsters won't just bitch-slap him. They'll kill him.

Kirby, "I was shocked that TasMania simply tased " She does a lot for Blake, but there have been some instances where I get the feeling that she would rather avoid being so violent...especially when it comes to LaStelGia. I was really surprised (but glad) that Agustin recuperated so quickly.

And again, Blake calls Paloma "that child" not "my" child/granddaughter. It seems that he sees her more as a possession than someone he loves or is related to...why would Paloma be so important to him?

Julie, TomAss won't just have Salgado and El D to worry about...there's also DanIGotAGun.

Wow, Kirby, That red on the beaks and legs really stands out against the white feathers...nice shot!

Yup, RGV. Mating season, (not right now) but when I took the shot in the winter they were making eggs,so the beaks and legs are like a neon sign. Many water birds put on fresh showy feathers also for the rituals.

I think of it as bird lipstick and mascara.

Out of season

Blake refers to Paloma as HIS. Not his daughter or granddaughter, no, but as HIS. Perhaps he actually considers her his property. Maybe her DNA is good for something? Or she fulfills a contractual agreement/debt, or satisfies one of those requirements in a will that these TNs are always so full of?

I would have been very surprised if Luisa had killed Augustin when she only needed to get him out of the way for a few minutes. The murder of an innocent and upstanding citizen is bound to attract a lot more attention and investigation than the "unexplained death" of a guy like Calao. She probably should have tied him up, though. She seemed to expect that Laura would show up almost immediately, which is ridiculous. Even when someone tells you "I'm on my way," you know there are a hundred ways they can be delayed before they get to you.

Out of season..still pink :-)

Didn't you just want to hit Erasmutt when he told Tadeo and Maria (regarding getting them into a school) "I did in 3 days, what your Mother couldn't do all this time..."? If he had bothered to take LetMes calls, they wouldn't have had to go through everything they did and LetMe wouldn't be married.

Yeah, no kidding (about Erasmo). Yeah, nice job, Eraser. Hell, if he'd told Leti and the kids the truth to begin with (that he's got a new wife and don't bother to come see him), they'd still be in Mexico and Tadeo would have his precious guitar and not be all confused about whether Valdo and/or Morgana are awesome.

Kirby, I'm hoping Morgana just quietly goes away. I don't really want her dead. Well, not as much as I want half the population of this TN buried, but. If she carries through with stealing the baby though, all bets are off.

She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but her blade is a bit brighter than Dani's. I think she might well be able to pull off a fake pregnancy. She will just need to stay at an arm's length from Dani which might not be difficult now that his mind is clearly addled.

Julie, I'm with you in being very happy Tom has put himself in the tornado of money laundering. This will not end well for him. Thank heavens.

RgvChick, thanks for explaining it was surprise that was the reason badbun looked so stunned. Not understanding anything Blake said (except Regia and Furia), that makes total sense. I don't know if Blake could make badbun quiver like jelly, but he's doing a pretty good job on me.

Susanlynn, I wish Laura would more closely align with Milton but she's wary. Guess I can't blame her.

I don't know what Luisa's backstory is, but she is just a stone cold killer. I don't know how she could stomach a lifetime of revenge killing, etc. of people she has nothing against. I understand Blake saved her life but maiming and killing all these innocent people is way too much for me.


"Hell, if he'd told Leti and the kids the truth to begin with... they'd still be in Mexico and Tadeo would have his precious guitar and not be all confused about whether Valdo and/or Morgana are awesome".

Perfect Julie.


Say what you will, Eraser is looking smarter every day. For one thing, LetMe has a couple screws loose to be hooked up with a psycho like TomAss. Ever wonder why Erasmo licked his wounds, moved away and forgot her?

And I have bad news for you folks, it takes one to love one, TomAss needs his butt whipped majorly but LetMe is almost as cray cray as him for marrying him when there were red flags everywhere. And she is even crazier to let him jettison her kids and cover his abuse.

I am not saying abused women bring it on themselves, don't read that into it, but you DO have some responsibility not to walk in front of moving trains, jump out of airplanes, and marry psycho losers and lie about them.

Leticia has made a lot of mistakes along the way, but choosing to stay with Tomas instead of running away with the kids really took the cake. Ten, 11, 12, 13, 14 wrongs do not make a right. How many more bad decisions will she make before something irreversible happens?

And now she's going to have Morgana breathing down her neck too. The only good I can see coming of that situation is that Morgana might actually be motivated to get Leticia away from Tomas if she thinks any abuse might harm the baby.

Kirby, Leticia initially trusted that Erasmo was building a home for his family and that they would be joining him. Communication between the two certainly faltered as enough time had lapsed so that Erasmo met and married another. Leticia made the assumption that all was well when nothing could have been further from the truth. She went in search of her husband far too late.

Finding out he had moved on with a new wife and baby on the way was a crushing blow. However, it was not losing Erasmo, but lying to her children about the situation that started her downward spiral.

I think she is a good woman who made devastatingly bad choices. I can't remember the sequence of whether he hit her before they married, but I also feel the warning signs were there.

I agree that we all bear responsibility for our actions. If Leticia really believes that Tom loves her, I pity her all the more. I wish she had more respect for and belief in herself just to walk away.

While I am saddened that she could not leave for herself, I just cannot fathom that she would stay with an abuser who hurt her son. And you're right - covering for him as well.

As this is a TN, I'm fairly certain that Tom will meet the awful ending he deserves. Others who live this in the "real world", will not be as fortunate.


Julie thanks for the detailed recap. I missed a lot of what happened last night until your recap clarified it.

I am among the minority of viewers interested in what happens to the Leticia family. Will Tomas steal any of the loot he discovered? (I vote he will and not just a few greenbacks). What will be the consequence of stealing from El Dorado and his cutout Danilo? I think he's toast if he does. As for Morgana, yes she has her agenda about the baby Leticia is carrying. I saw a slight fascination in Tadeo's eyes looking at her. He might be more confused about his orientation than ever, at least for a night. Morgana has that effect on most of our villains and heroes (e.g., Danilo and Ryan).


Kirby: This TN is basically picking up where "Vino El Amor" left off with the immigration crackdown (see Gutierrez deporting Luciana & Marcos. We all know Karma later struck Gutierrez BIGLY in the end...)


Anon: We should all say our prayers for Leticia & the baby NOW!


Anon 1:43, I'm interested in Leticia's family. Is it possible that she and Erasmo will reconcile? His future with Bonita is not promising; that snide remark she made last night about boys getting involved with gangs rubbed me the wrong way.

I wonder if there is underage pr0n on Tom's tablet. I wonder if there are inappropriate photos of Maria. I wonder what Leticia would do if she saw them. (I'm not optimistic, considering that she forgave Tom for beating the snot out of her own son.)

At the back of my mind, I keep thinking Erasmo's job is significant, too. Can he really get Tadeo a job? Where does he work? Is Furia the only business in LA? Does Erasmo work for a company that's owned by Marcelino Salgado?

I think there are 71 episodes total, so last night's #36 was literally the middle episode. Hard to believe we are only halfway through when so much has happened already.

Woops, just read that there are 72 episodes. So yeah, halfway there.

Also, I know Alfredo mentioned this a few weeks ago - there will be a "season 2." Not sure how long the hiatus will be.

Great comments. I have not finished reading them or the last part of the recap.

We went to a playground . Hubba thought he was following our daughter. When she pulled over, he got out of the car to see what was wrong . Guess wasn't our daughter..wrong little white car. Hubba is a big guy , so I hopeo that he did not scare the poor lady. Then a nice lunch after which we went grocery shopping and Hubba nearly hit another poor woman while pointing to show me where the bananas were. Now,we must deal with our failed air conditioning before our two day trip home and back to 90 temps. Later.

Julie.. Yeah, Tadeo could be bi which would make both Tadeo and Morg options.

Thanks, Julie. Fab recap. I hopeo you get some rest tonight. My fave: I think we can see where this is going, but there's a calculating smirk on Morgana's face just to make sure we get the message.

Silly me, I thought money laundering was done through elaborate bank account and offshore schemes, not boxes of cash labeled tomatoes stored in your own warehouse. ED needs an IT expert, not another sicario.

Call me loca, but I was happy to see Morgana visit Letmestaystupid in her home. The woman needs to make her own money or TomAss will control her even more. Plus Morgana was like a burst of fresh air for Tadeo. He could use a fun person in his life. Then I remember Morgana plans to steal his baby brother or sister. But then having the tyke raised by TomAss as a dad is no picnic either.

Laustela has been on her own up against sex traffickers and now narcos, so I can see why she thinks she has to do everything herself to keep Paloma safe. But does she honestly think Ryan would just sit on his hands and let her do this? That said, I did like Laustela sticking it to Fausto, telling him she's got mean hombres that will kill his dumbass.

I'm laughing, not that I care one way or the other, but if Tadeo is on the fenceo about his orientation, Morganeo might bring him aroundeo. I'd just bet after one night he would know for sureo which team he is oneo.

Niecie, I too thought it was odd that Danilo/Furia was expected to warehouse the cash in addition to laundering it. I'm not sure that's how it works. The whole point of laundering it is that you can actually deposit the cash without suspicion because you have a plausible explanation as to how you came by it. If you have to sit on it for a while first, you should get a bonus for that.

Granted, it is Furia that has to deposit the cash, and they need to keep it somewhere until they're ready to do so. But as long as they have a plausible explanation for its existence, there's no reason to stash it in a warehouse disguised as stage equipment. They do, however, need to keep it locked up in a suitable location.

Also, the sheer volume of the cash was comical. How often is Danilo going to get a delivery like that? He'd better come up with a long-term plan.

I am skeptical that Tomas will let Leti keep any of the money she earns from Morgana, unless Morgana is smart enough to pay secret bonuses on the side, or Leti is smart enough to squirrel away some mad money.

Tadeo doesn't have to decide between having girlfriends and having boyfriends if he doesn't want to. He just has to make sure they never find out about one another!

In regards to a LetMe-Erasmutt reconciliation, I seriously doubt it. Erasmutt told her that he no longer had any feelings for her; and even when he was still living in Mexico with her, things were not good. That he will stay with Bonita is iffy. I've never seen any indications that they are in touching, no affection, not even a sign that he is happy about the baby.

I don't think LetMe has the tech savvy (or brains) to look at the tablet and find pictures; and since Tadeo no longer has access to it, he certainly won't find them. LetMe is probably going to piss TomAss off again when she tells him Tadeo was there and/or that she is considering making outfits for Morgana.

TomAss is vain enough to steal the money and think he will get away with it. I'm hopeoing it will cost him his life. Who outs him is insignificant to me as long as he does get a deadly anvil.

If LetMe doesn't agree to sew for Morgana, Morgana will try to entice LetMe some other way. Since she already met Tadeo, she just might try to use him to get to LetMe...and it looked like he might just like that.

From what I have read, filming for the second season will start in the early part of 2018, so maybe it will air in fall of that year? i have no idea how long it takes between airing and filming so I'm am just speculating, I really hopeo that they don't drag the El D mystery into the 2nd season!


Julie, "Tadeo doesn't have to decide between having girlfriends and having boyfriends..." got me laughing. I wonder if we'll see Valdo(a) again...

Julie I was thinking the same thing about Tadeo. He could just be like: "Whew ! fun ride, but it still aint Disney World." This could turn out to be the funnest most decadent part of the show if they do it right.

"WHO is that, Tad?'
"Oh, Morgana, this is Valdoeo, my boyfriend."
"Then what the fork am I?"
"Um.. emergency?"

I wouldn't expect Leticia to find anything on Tom's tablet on her own - but she could catch him looking at something, or someone else (like the police or gangsters if he gets busted for handling mob money) could find them and bring them to her attention.

Seriously, just wondering how bad it will have to get before she's willing to leave him.

Since Erasmo is a citizen, can't he claim the kids and get them their papers? Last night when he was crowing about how much he had accomplished in three days, I thought he was referring to something like that. But no, he just got them enrolled in school.

As to the way the treatment of immigrants is being portrayed here, I have taught ESL for years and have not heard many complaints from my students about how they are treated. Some are in student visas and return to their native countries, some have green cards,and some are naturalized citizens.The city near me has the third largest Syrian population in the U.S. , and I taught English to many of them. They have become part of the community. This past semester, I had students from China, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Peru, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Morocco, india, and Iraq. Everybody got along fine.

I am all for Tomass being the next person on Steve's list.

Julie, I believe it was Friday when Erasmo told Tadeo and Maria that he was going to see what hearings were needed to get the "papers" required to enroll them in school. If they can already enroll in school then Erasmo already got the "papers." Wouldn't those "papers" be the same ones to allow them to remain in the country?

I believe EraseMutt just simply went and proved that they were his kids, and being a citizen, Easy Peasy, done. Yet another leap of stupidity on LetMe's part, agonizing over a man who can't seem to convince her that he is no longer in Luuuurve with her dumbass and completely overlooking the simple way to protect her children. It is going to take more than finding a sash for Morgana to convince me LetMe has a brain.

ESL hmmm
Engine Spark Logic
Even Slow Learners
Extra Super Luuuurve
Emissions Sulfur Level
Extra Strawberries, Love?

"Siri, what is ESL?"
'English as a Second Language, Shall I find a class that fits your schedule.? Blap !


I don't think kids need papers to go to school. There are plenty of undocumented kids in public schools all over the country. I think all Erasmo did was enroll the kids. For some reason Leticia had been getting all hung up on "finding a school," as if the kids needed to go to a special academy like Hogwart's or Xavier's Institute.

Julie, you're right. Kids don't need papers. But they do need proof that they are residing in the US with a legal guardian--which really doesn't prove anything. They can just say they are living with a relative who is in the US legally and has guardianship. I worked at a school district where kids were supposedly living with a relative yet they would be seen walking across the international bridge on a daily basis.

Kirby..ha..I like Extra Special Learners !!

..but I also like Extra Strawberries, Love?

Glad I made you laugh, it's good for you.


"Silly me, I thought money laundering was done through elaborate bank account and offshore schemes, not boxes of cash labeled tomatoes stored in your own warehouse".

I just laughed out loud. Thank you Niecie! I needed that...


I guess the point is that Leticia did not know what she was doing, regarding getting the kids into school, and of course Tomas was no help. Erasmo is so proud of himself for being able to accomplish what Leticia couldn't, well, his situation is very different and much nicer than hers, so his success is really not bragworthy. When the anvils are finally handed out, I hope there's one with Erasmo's name on it.

I was hoping this episode would be a dud, but it's very juicy. On the other hand, I'm tired. A weird half-recap is in the works. Check back in an hour or so?

Thanks juls, haven't read this recap yet but I know you done it up good girl. I will read it. But I'll say this, nutlo Is loosin it. Probably part crack part Booze.
Morgonnastealmeababy gotta figure out how to steal a Baby from poor stupid unsuspecting lettimae. And asstom is setting himself up for a bullet to the head. Well deserved.

Ok More later.Probably with tonights most Disturbing episode.

Thank you Julie

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