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La Candidata Capítulo 17; Monday, June 26, 2017: Regina Rejects Gerardo’s Love

At the hospital, Regina continues to grill her father Mario about his involvement with this healthcare scandal. He tries to pin it on Omar and says, “It’s just business.” Then she asks him about Cecelia. “Who is Cecelia, really Dad?” His machines start going faster and Mario starts getting more uncomfortable. The doctor comes in to scold Regina and ask her to leave because Mario is prohibited from having visitors because he is much too weak to handle any kind of stress. Reluctantly, she leaves his room.

Regina comes out to see her mother there, and Noemi accuses her of trying to kill her father. But here comes Alonso. Regina gives him that looks that shows she is not pleased with his presence there. The two of them go off to talk.

Mauro is having a “friendly” meeting with the Secretary of Health, De La Garza. He wants to pressure the good Secretary to admit to fraud, something he is not guilty of, so that the Governor Alonso keeps his hands clean. If he agrees, he will get to retire nicely in Miami after he has served his time in prison. Seems Mauro has the entire scoop on the Secretary, everything about his family, his wife, and his kids. He knows the names of his kids’ teachers and the fact they are going vacation in Los Cabos. He also knows which exclusive spa/fitness center his wife is a member at. “It would be just too bad,” says Mauro, “if they all ended up having a terrible accident. But you will be in prison, so it won’t matter. Think about it.”

At Isela’s place, her “girls” take pictures of a nearly nude Pacheco with themselves. They go off and Isela comes to his side as he wakes up. She tells him he just fell asleep as he must have been tired. But then the scene pans over to a previous scene where Isela drugged Pacheco’s drink to put him in this condition.

In Gerardo’s office, Ignacio tells him that he was over at Gerardo’s home. Gerardo is not too thrilled over this and says, “And what are you doing with my personal private business? Who put you up to this?” Ignacio says, “Morales”. Gerardo says, “Look, I don’t like any of you going behind my back.” Ignacio says, “We did it all for you. We want to protect your candidacy.” Gerardo tells him, “Look I’m not going to make my candidacy a lie. Teresa is not my wife and we are divorced. And if they ask me, I’m going to tell them.” Ignacio then says, “Teresa is sick, the people are going to see her as a victim in all this and you are going to lose votes over this.” Ignacio goes on to say, “We have negotiated that she stays in your house and we have hired a psychiatric nurse for the night. This is all for our party, so that she won’t get into trouble. This is a lot better than putting her in a psychiatric hospital.” Gerardo is not happy about this at all.

In the hospital cafeteria, Alonso and Regina begin talking. He says, “Boy, it’s sure been a long time since we have shared a cup of coffee together.” Regina says, “It was surely before you went from bad to worse.” She looks at him sternly. Then Alonzo says, “When did you decide to go against your family?” Regina looks at him and says, “What? Me against my family?” Alonso says, “Yes, you have put yourself in front of me and my candidacy. Don’t you think this is too much?” “I already know what you are up to” says Regina. “In order to achieve what you want with your candidacy, you have to get me out of the way first.” Alonso says, “No, you are wrong. I just want us to be together in this. Please think about what you are doing. You are destroying your family with your ambition. What is more important, your candidacy, or your son, your husband, and yoru family? What do you say, Regina? I know you better than anyone. You are the one who wants to serve the people with the law so that they can have better lives, right?” Regina nods and says, “Exactly. That is what I studied in school about, how I prepared my life, and that’s why I became a senator.” Alonso then says, “Then why would you risk all of that? We could do all of this together as a couple.” Regina explains that she has her own ambition. Then she looks at Alonso and says, “Why don’t you just admit that you don’t want me to be a candidate because you want to be President.”

Hernán goes to see Cecelia and he tells her that it’s over. He promises he is going to unmask her to the world. She cries about how he is like all other men, just wants to sleep with her and how the whole world is really manipulating her. Magda stands in the doorway. –

Mauro, who had left Health Secretary De La Garza sitting on the couch comes back and says, “Do we have deal or not?” De La Garza makes his demands. He wants the best lawyer and he only wants one year in prison. He also wants his family protected financially and physically. De La Garza says, “If you are going to put my head in the guillotine, then I want to have some say about what happens to my head. This will not be for free, do you understand?” Mauro nods and looks like they have a deal.

Cecelia decides to confide in Magda. Magda comes over and says they really have a lot in common. First Cecelia thinks that Magda and Alonso had been together. But Magda says, “Oh no, not Alonso. He’s young enough to be my son. It’s his father Omar, he was the grand love of my life. I’ve never been able to love anyone else. I also have a son with him.” (Well this is a surprise.) She goes on and looks at Cecelia and says, “And you, it seems you are repeating my story. You are in love with him, aren’t you?” Cecelia says, “I can’t stop thinking about it. I just want to take care of him. Will you help me?”

At the elder San Roman residence Natalia reads by a lamp when Omar comes in and wants to know when she is coming to bed. Natalia says, “So are going to tell me when I should go to bed? Do I also need permission to go to the bathroom?” Omar says, “So why do you talk to me that way? Can’t we just live together in peace? Is it that difficult to fix up our situation?” (Dream on Omar!) Natalia gets up from her chair and says, “You are a PSYCHOPATH! You beat me up. You hold me prisoner in my own home. You have a guard over me 24 hours a day. And you think we are going save this relationship?” Omar says, “Have it your way, love.” “Very well”, says Natalia, “whatever you say, Omar. But I’m never going to sleep with you. I prefer death to ever sleeping with you ever again.”

Later at dinner time, Alonso and Regina are in their dining room and Regina says she is going to spend the night at the hospital to give her mother a break. Emiliano comes in and says he’s going out for the night. Regina protests, but Alonso tells Emiliano to take the car. (Oh boy, what a great dad! I’m surprised Emiliano doesn’t already have his own Porsche or something.) But then Alonso sends a tail after him. Regina tells Alonso that he doesn’t support her. She is angry and says she prefers to go to bed alone.

At the Martinez home, as Gerardo sits on the couch, in comes Teresa in a black negligee. “What’s going on”, says Teresa. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time in the bedroom.” But Gerardo, not even the least bit interested says, “I’m going to sleep in the guestroom.” Teresa, undaunted by that says, “Well then I’m going to the guestroom.” She walks out and Gerardo is looking pensive. He looks at his phone and calls Regina who is alone in her room. He says he just wanted to call and say goodnight. He says he loves her and has since he first looked in her eyes.

Emiliano takes Ximena to park somewhere and looks like they are going to have a good time. But the “tail” is watching.

The next morning at breakfast, Alonso says to Emiliano, “So last night, did you go out with the Martinez girl?” Emiliano looks up at his dad and says, “So did you have me followed or what?” Alonso says, “It doesn’t matter, it’s your life. But keep in mind she is the daughter of my competition in politics.” Emiliano gets up to leave, but Alonso asks him not to be seeing the Martinez girl. But Emiliano has one question, “Did my mother have anything to do with Florencia’s death?” Before he actually answers, he silently implies she did by saying that his mom has done everything for him, but Regina walks in. Regina and Alonzo start to argue a bit and an angry Emiliano decides to leave for school.

At the government building Hernán and Pacheco exchange some words together. He asks Pacheco what is being investigated, but Pacheco says that he doesn’t know whether he can be trusted. He walks away, Ignacio approaches, while Regina walks in. Pacheco says something to Regina about Cecelia and the two (Pacheco and Ignacio) walk off. Walking further on, Regina bumps into Gerardo and they say good morning. He smiles says, “I wish every day would start this way with us together.” She sighs and rolls her eyes, walks past him saying, “Oh please!” She turns to him and says something about “do you know where we are at?” in reference to their place of work and the things they are supposed to be accomplishing. Then he says something about life and homes and Regina didn’t seem to understand (and neither did I). Gerardo’s phone rings and he says it’s his office and he has to run. She says she will talk with him later.

Cecelia comes into the office and is greeted by Magda. Magda tells Cecelia that Larreta, the party chief has met with Regina. Cecelia wants to know how Magda knows all this and Magda explains that she knows ALL the secretaries there. Cecelia excitedly goes to tell Alonso and they both have made a deal to take care of each other in this business. She thanks Magda and Magda says she just wants to see Alonso in the Presidency.

In Regina’s office, she and Daniela are going over some work and Daniela says something going for the candidacy. Regina says, “What options do I have?” Daniela says, “You have Gerardo. You have to negotiate with him. I could meet with Larreta again.” “Now that’s the attitude, Regina!” Regina says, “I’m glad to have you as a friend.” But Daniela says, “I’m more than your friend, I’m a big fan!”

Pacheco gives Gerardo the proof that Mario Barcenas bought up all the vaccine supply of H1N1 and was going to resell it at a much higher price. Gerardo say, “The father in law of the Governor, oh no.” He rubs his hands together and sighs. He says he needs more. Pacheco says he needs a deal first and leaves the room. Ignacio and Gerardo talk and Gerardo says to Ignacio that Pacheco is dangerous. “That’s why we need him”, says Ignacio, “because we need someone who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.” As they leave, Ignacio tells Pacheco they have a deal.”

Regina catches Gerardo outside and asks for his support for the law she is trying to get passed. He tells her that she cares about the law, but he really cares about her. Now he starts getting political and loyal to his party and won’t give her his support. He tells her that she is cooperating with a lot of corruption and lets her know that her father is in on it. He walks off and she stops him and asks about why he called her and said that he was still in love with her. Now he is accusing her father of such corruption without proof. Regina says he’s being exactly the way Alonso is doing. But Gerardo says, “I don’t play dirty!” Then Teresa, wearing a nice red dress, barges in and says, “Oh am I interrupting?” But Regina turns around and says, “The Senator and I are finished.” Regina walks away. Teresa seems to know about the corruption scandal Mario is involved in. Gerardo says to her, “Since when are you interested in politics?” Teresa says, “Since you are running for President and I get to be First Lady.”

At the elder San Roman home, Natalia is getting ready to go out and Omar says, “And where are you going?” Natalia says she is going to the hospital to see Mario.” Omar wants to know since when she is so interested in Mario. So Natalia says it’s really to keep Noemi company. Omar sends his chauffer to guard Natalia.

A press conference is taking place and Gerardo is in the middle of it. He is exposing the matter about the corruption regarding the vaccine supply prices being highly inflated because of Mario Barcenas. Meanwhile, Alonso is watching the whole thing and is angry. Cecelia asks if he thinks Regina might be involved in this but Alonso doesn’t think so. He does tell Cecelia that he needs a woman like her by his side, supporting him. She is elated.

Regina complains to Daniela about what Gerardo said and did. But Daniela, says that she doesn’t believe that Gerardo did this out of malice, that there must be some real strong suspicions about him. Daniela reminds her that they need to go see Senora Galindo, the lady from the shelter, the one who knew Susana.

Cecelia goes to see Magda and wants information on Laretta. She tells her to go see Lorena Sanchez, the secretary of education. But who is she? Magda says, “Oh she’s one of us.” Cecelia says, “But what do you mean?” Magda tells her finally, “She’s Larreta’s lover!”

Daniela and Regina arrive at Señora Galindo’s place, several flights of stairs up. At first, she doesn’t want to cooperate, because she says she doesn’t know anything. Regina just wants to know who the police officer was. Señora Galindo does not want this man to find out that she said anything as she is afraid for her life. She promises to help her and pass the law that will help her child. She just wants to find out what happened to Susana, that’s all.

Isela arrives at the hospital to see Mario, but the doctor tells her no visitors. She pleads with the doctor to just tell him that Isela is here to see him and he will want to see her. Natalia is in the background watching and tells her chauffer to take her to the governor’s house.

Cecelia wants another favor from Hernán. “How many more favors are you going to want?” says Hernán. He wants a little bit of sex for a favor but Cecelia has other ideas as things are quite complicated. She says that Hernán is her only friend, she likes him, but at this time in her life, oh well, she says “forget it.” But this makes Hernán say, “Well what do you need?” She tells him she needs him to investigate Lorena Sanchez. She wants to talk to her and doesn’t want to incriminate Alonso. De La Garza, that traitor is the one who should be punished.

Meanwhile, Alonso has De La Garza in his office and tells him if he doesn’t obey, he will send him and his family to the cemetery. He is offering him a year in prison and then a happy life afterward. If not, he is signing his death warrant for his funeral. Alonso tells him his offer expires in half an hour.


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Thank you Cynthia!

Omar, Mario and Alonso are all scumbags especially Omar who beat his wife multiple times, killed her lover, holds his wife in prison etcetera etcetera but now wants things to return to normality. Worst part of this is that whether Regina likes it or not she is kind of dependent on Mario's good will as he controls her security , has dirt on her enemies and holds devastating secrets of the family.

Thank you, Cynthia for the great recap!

Alonso keeps hitting new lows: letting Emiliano think that his mother could have been responsible for Florencia's death.

ITA that Omar being the love of Magda's life was a big surprise. I never saw that one coming. Between him and Israel, Magda sure can pick them!

It was another new low seeing Alonso himself getting his hands dirty, so to speak, being the one to actually threaten De La Garza and his family. This clearly puts him and Mauro into the Mario and Omar class.

The scene with Sra. Galindo was worrisome because Regina has no idea of the scope of what she is dealing with while Sra. Galindo has a much clearer idea of the threat she could be under for saying anything about El Cuervo. Regina is out of her league. I hope Sra. Galindo does not turn up dead just because Regina visited her.

Jarifa: I heard UniMas moved this TN up from Primetime to 6:00 PM CST!

Good work, Cynthia.

The worst of this is that when Regina finds out what is really going on here not only will she feel like a fool she will either look like one or worse, look complicit to their public.

Gerardo won't stand a snowball's chance in hell with Teresa pushing herself into the picture. Ignacio must really not want him to get the candidacy if he knows the truth about Teresa.

More later if I have time. I have to get tonight's done ASAP because I have to go out at 4.

UA: Anyone joined the Body Count, which is likely to increase towards double digits.

I have no respect for Magda anymore. She is a total fool. And she had a son with Omar? What if Alonso turns out to be that son?

Excellent recap, Cynthia! There was something so wrong about watching this tn at 6 PM! This episode had a very mafioso atmosphere, with Alonso threatening to kill De La Garza's whole family. I'm not sure even the mafia would do that--it sounds a bit more like something a drug gang would do. The party's offering Teresa free at-home care by a psychiatrist as well as a psychiatric nurse is probably a good thing. But what do you bet that Teresa will mess up anyway? And Cecilia finally has a friend--Magda. Who would have thought? Did Emi and Ximena take the first step toward an unplanned pregnancy?

Thanks everyone! I stayed up later than I normally do to put this up because of the time change. I was tired and I hope I didn't make too many mistakes.

Did anyone here feel like you were watching "The Godfather" or something like that? It just rung of mafioso, didn't it?

Yes, Emiliano and Ximena look like they are on the way to an unplanned pregnancy.

We shall see what happens tonight as Alonso has made De La Garza "an offer he cannot refuse."

Thank you Cynthia.

Magada, son? What I missed that. I think she said "Alonso no, he could be my son" referring to the age difference when Cecilia insinuated that Magada also had the hots for Alonso. That would explain her blind devotion to Alonso a whole lot more though.

Is there something weird going on with Natalia and her body guard? I think that will be the ultimate betrayal and Omar will become a homicidal maniac, oh wait he already is NVM.

SpanProf: I think you are right about Emi and Xi.

Jarifa: I agree, Alonso hit a new low. I wanted to slap that smirk off his face. He does not love Regina or his son. I can't wait until Regina runs against him and causes him all types of angst.

I don't get Mario's allegiance to Alonso. There has to be something else there, what does Alonso becoming the president do for Mario? I know they all know their dirty secrets but so what. Why does he insist so much that Regina quit? I guess will find out.


Sandie: Mario already said somewhere in Episode 7 that he views Regina as too liberal and incorruptible thus useless to Alonso, Mario and Omar and their shady business deals. Regina is too hard to control/buy out. You gotta admit though, these mafiosi know their way around politics and it's true nature.

Regina needs to defect to the opposition party, but I suspect that will happen before we're anywhere near the end.

Tonight's will post at 8PM. If there are any errors e-mail them to me and I will make the revisions either late tonight or early tomorrow. I will be at a special screening of Frankenstein: The True Story.

Sandie, I swear I thought I heard Magda not only say that Alonso was young enough to be her son but that Omar gave her a son. Now I could have heard this incorrectly, but that's what I thought I heard her say. It would kind of fit into the story though, Mario having a daughter love child (Cecelia) and Omar having a son love child. Fathers of both Regina and Alonso having half siblings there. I would need to listen through again to see if I heard incorrectly and I just don't have time right now.

UA: Wait a minute! Alonso might be the son of Magda ? WTH ?

That would be the ultimate Karma for his corrupt, arrogant expletive.


Sandie: Husband vs. Wife campaigning for the Presidency ROFLOL.


There is just something pathetic about Magda, always having been delegated to "second place" with both Omar and Israel, "advising" Cecilia so she can end up . . . . just like her???

Jarifa: Hopefully, we do NOT have to hear from Cecilia & Magda ever again.

Besides, my wife, Alicia & I will be busy watching the Series Finale of "Pretty Little Liars" tonight.


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