Wednesday, June 28, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #38, Weds Jun 28 2017: Sold Out

Blake tells Laura that Paloma is the best way to hurt her. He calls for Luisa. Laura knocks him down. Luisa pulls hm out of there, and he says that Laura and Paloma will pay.

Mercy (still wearing that hat indoors) disapproves of Ryan being out of the hospital and trying to help Estela. He asks Mercy to call the lawyers who worked on his case (for killing Pedro Carrillo) to track down Rosario's sister.

Mercy is worried that Ryan is too weak to fight the bad guys. Ryan says that Steve and "someone else" is helping him.

Ryan's "someone else" is Danilo, but Danilo is reluctant to help - until Ryan says that they've got Paloma too. Then Danilo is on board with going to El Dorado - except that he has to pretend that Ryan is forcing him.

Laura tries all the usual ways to get out of the room. In the bathroom, she pries a towel bar loose, but Luisa is waiting for her. Their battle is extremely brief. Laura loses. Luisa calls "Johnson" for some "medicine." (Perhaps she means Johnson & Johnson. Hah! I kill me.) Luisa expresses a desire to [bleep] Laura's pretty face. She gives Laura a shot, and Laura goes to sleep.

El Dorado's men check Ryan and Steve for weapons. Danilo immediately then sneaks his gun into Ryan's waiting hand. Wow, that was so clever of them to outwit El D's world-class security team!

Laura wakes up alone in her room. She thinks she hears Paloma calling for her. Estela goes bananas calling for Paloma and trying to get out of that room.

Ryan and Danilo meet with BunMan. Ryan holds a gun to Danilo's head. BunMan pretty much dares Ryan to shoot Dani. It wouldn't matter to BunMan. Danilo says, "oh, but then you won't know where I hid Marcelino's money." (Really, genius? Do you think Horacio and Natividad will keep that secret to honor your memory? Aha, Talisman is thinking the same thing.) Then Horacio comes in and says, "I know where the money is." BunMan again tells Ryan to shoot Danilo. Soon Ryan is surrounded by El D's men. Talisman sends Ryan home.

Blake visits Laura, she begs to see Paloma, he tells Laura to be good. She promises to be obedient. Luisa pretends to be touched. Laura is allowed to speak to Paloma through a closed door. Paloma's scared. Laura says to pretend it's a game and there will be a prize, but Paloma doesn't like the game.

Visiting time is over, and Blake says La Regia has to make an appearance this evening.

Danilo and BunMan argue. BunMan tells Dani to forget about Estela. Dani asks if BunMan is in love with Estela. BunMan tells him to concentrate on the money laundering. He sends Danilo out. BunMan looks really stressed out! Talisman asks why he wasn't allowed to whack Ryan. BunMan says El D wants Ryan alive.

Tomas is fiddling with a very large TV. Is it new? It sounds like he's planning to move. Leti doesn't want to be far from her kids. Tomas is dismissive. She was far from them when she got here, and now they're with their father and have forgotten her. Leti says no, not at all, in fact Tadeo was here the other day. (Tomas looks irked.) Leti backpedals a bit: Tad was only here for a minute, that's why I didn't mention it. Tom says she shouldn't be so affectionate with Tadeo; "that's why he's GAY." (Thank you for explaining that, Tom. Now please explain why you are a wife- and child-beater? Because that is actually BAD and something to be ashamed of.)

Tom tells her about the kiss. Leti doesn't believe him. Tom dares her to ask Tadeo.

Tadeo is gaily looking at pictures of Morgana on Maria's phone. Maria says she likes Justin Bieber. (I looked up his career so that I could joke about how outdated this reference is, but it turns out The Biebs is not a has-been yet.) Tad tells Maria to go see their mother once in a while. She doesn't want to, because of Tom. She wants her phone back. Tad is looking at a screen full of emails from Valdo. He gives the phone back to Maria.

Tadeo plans to get a job instead of going to school. (Too bad, because he could maybe get some instruction in self-defense in gym class.) He hasn't told Erasmo yet. He thinks he knows where he can get a job.

Steve and Ryan try to figure out who took Laura. Ryan doesn't care how tough he is. Mercy arrives, still wearing that damned hat. Maybe it's stuck. Anyway, Ryan's lawyers couldn't find Rosario's sister, because she moved.

Blake, Logan, and La Regia dine in a fancy restaurant with some presumably influential people. (A dolled-up Luisa paces back and forth near their table.) Laura makes small talk with the VIPs. She tells them that Paloma is her inspiration. Emily, an old friend from the Foundation, catches Laura's eye (remember, they are in Riverside), and Laura excuses herself to go to the restroom. Luisa watches her. (Not IN the restroom. I mean she watches Laura walk toward the restroom.)

Emily is impressed that her friend is rubbing shoulders with such fancy people. Laura tries to ask her for a favor, but Luisa comes in and interrupts. Their guests are waiting, Luisa says. Emily wants to know what La Regia was going to ask her for. "Your lipstick," Laura answers. Laura applies a redundant layer of lipstick over the perfectly good one she already has, then ducks into a stall.

While Laura does her business, Emily says that gangsters have taken over the area and inducted a lot of the kids. Emily is trying to keep the school alive with donations, but it might not be enough. Maybe Regia can help her raise some money? Luisa says it's time to go, and she leads Laura out by the elbow.

Emily asks for her lipstick back. Laura gives it to her with a defeated look and sort of cocks her head as if to give a detailed coded message. Sadly, though, Emily not only does not understand the code, but doesn't even seem to notice Laura's strange expression.

Talking to Ryan about Paloma, Mercy almost says something about the child she lost/gave away. Ryan doesn't notice. He's thinking how he wishes Paloma really was his daughter.

Blake, Luisa, and Laura arrive home from the fancy dinner. She wants to talk to Paloma, but Paloma doesn't answer. Laura asks Blake to help the Everwood Foundation and they will help him fight against the gangs. Blake haughtily says she has no idea what his campaign platform will be, but he'll give her an answer tomorrow. Laura wants to sing for Paloma. Blake says Paloma doesn't need songs to sleep. A couple of drops knock her right out!

It's only been a day, but I'd already forgotten that Blake's last name is Green. At a rally, the crowd cheers, "Make Riverside Green Again!" I want to slap each and every one of those people. Blake is running as "John B. Green." Get it? Be Green? If Kermit the Frog were dead, he'd turn in his grave. Blake tells the crowd that the problem in their community isn't Latinos; it's "the illegals." They come here and steal your jobs...

[Rest of the speech redacted]
[My rant redacted]
[Here is a palate cleanser]

La Regia is looking nauseated as well. Blake makes a big point of saying that she's working in this country legally. (Holy cow, suddenly it doesn't seem like such a bad idea to let people find out otherwise. Where's Fausto?)

Mercy (now hatless) and Joe visit Rosario. She is still in a coma. This sets Mercy to worrying about... herself. What would she do without Ryan? Who would take care of her? Joe says he would. Joe's hotel is too expensive, because Lindsey is putting him through the wringer. Mercy asks him to move in with her.

La Regia sings a song about having a pure and loving heart. Ooh, subtle! It is a big hit. I just wish they could do it without the tubas. After the show, some admirers ask about the shooting and Estela's father. Blake interrupts to say that La Regia is not involved with any criminals. One of the fans says that she loved the song, and then in the very same breath repeats some of the previous rhetoric. A bystander who knew Laura at the Foundation overhears this and is heartbroken, thinking La Regia feels the same way.

Blake tells Laura she can visit the Foundation tomorrow. Luisa tells Laura to smile for the cameras.

Ryan's considering hiring a detective, and he's got a big bottle of booze. Steve talks him out of taking a drink.

It's the next day. At the Everwood Foundation, the director is telling his staff (or kids' parents) that they've run out of gas and it's time to throw in the towel. Laura shows up and pledges a big bucket of money to keep them afloat. But the heartbroken bystander from the political rally confronts her over Green's anti-immigration platform. The Foundation people turn into an angry mob. Emily asks why she didn't mention this at the restaurant before. Laura starts to say that she didn't know and didn't want to do it, but Luisa interrupts and says that Mr. Green bought her contract. La Regia sold out. Now the Foundation people don't want to hear anything she has to say. They seem to think that she floated into Riverside from Mexico on a fluffy cloud and never suffered a moment's inconvenience in her life.

I don't know how many of these people can vote, but I bet they all have friends who can vote.

Back at the fancy restaurant, a woman in the restroom finds a note written on the wall in lipstick. "Help please, call +1323232**** and tell them to come to Riverside." Ack - she's an employee, and she's wearing gloves and holding a spray bottle. But she whips out her phone and tries the number. Ryan answers. (So now we have his phone number! Whoopieeeee! It's a real phone number in LA, I hope some private citizen isn't getting harassed!) She can't tell him much, but Ryan and Steve head off to the Batmobile. I guess Emerson lives in Riverside or is closer, so they call him.

Morgana is rehearsing in the auditorium with a bunch of tubas. Danilo looks annoyed. Afterwards, she invites his commentary. He says it'll all be fine as long as she keeps shakin' it. But they'd better schedule her for some shows before she starts getting big. Morgana thinks she won't get very big. (my brain exploding) Dani asks how far along she is. Morgana says just two months. Then Ausencio comes along.

Emerson went to the restaurant, but the staff there is a bunch of racists who evidently won't tell him anything because they don't like the looks of him. [more political comments redacted]

Tadeo visits Leticia again. She hints around, asking if he's made any friends. He says he made a friend at the detention center, but hasn't heard from him! Liar! She shows him a belt that she made for Morgana - oops, my bad, that's a skirt - and Tadeo acts all bashful and nervous. Leticia seems relieved to have this evidence of her son's non-gayness.

So it turns out that Danilo has arranged for Morgana to piggyback onto Ausencio's tour. She won't sell any tickets on her own, but as a double-bill with Ausencio they should do well. She whispers to Danilo that Ausencio is a lousy singer.

Joe talks to Ryan's old lawyers. They found Rosario's sister. She's in San Bernardino. Joe (Ryan? Furia?) is having to pay for her transportation. Mercy wants to meet her.

Blake asks Laura why she took his daughter. She says there was no other way. She has another sad conversation with Paloma through a closed door. Paloma hasn't been eating. Laura tells her to eat her Hopeos so she can get big and strong and kick Luisa's ass.

Time for Laura to go to another event.

Next time: The Hardy Boys are on the trail. (Pity the trail!)


I had to take a break during the political rally scene. I was in the midst of doing an almost full-scale recap, but when Blake gave his speech, I kind of lost it.

I can't recap most of his speech. It is more of that meaningless, cheap, emotionally manipulative bullshit that gets people excited without inspiring anyone to ever lift a finger and actually accomplish something. This is not how you make things better. It just adds more ugliness.

I realize that that is the point of having Blake talk that way. I get that it's a reference to a specific person. But using it in this context ALSO strikes me as cheap and emotionally manipulative.

(Maybe I'm just being grouchy, and I'll appreciate the artistic genius of it later.)

We are asked to avoid having political discussions on this site. Blake's campaign may pose a challenge, but let's please try to be good. (I think I was good. I tried not to be bad.)

Wryan and the Jerkarcas: The Bland Looking for the Blind...and they don't even know it! what a fiasco that was...oh if they only had a brain LOL


Julie, you always do a fantastic job. I thought about that political speech and figured it would be a challenge. It's like out of the mouth(s) of a madmen, into the ears of morons. I know we will be good...that speech is trivial compared to the other events in the episode.

Poor baby Palomita...

oops, that would be only one "madman" ...for that scene anyway

"Wryan and the Jerkarcas: The Bland Looking for the Blind...and they don't even know it!" Oh RgvChick, we gotta get you into a recapper's chair.

Naaahh, Julie, I could never do half as good a job as you all do...and no way I could do it as quickly as you all do.

Julie, thanks for your last few recaps. I had to miss all of Friday and part of Monday, so I appreciate them even more than usual. So much pain, misery, and stupidity going on right now. I think Tom and Mr. Blake (or Green) are at the top of my hit list right now. Hate to think of Palomita not being able to see her mommy and being in Luisa's "tender" care. I wouldn't want to see her taking care of a crocodile, let along a sweet little girl.

Hi Paloma! It's so good to see you around!

As grumpy as I am about all the pain, misery, and stupidity, I can live with it because the story is put together so well, the director has a solid grasp of the story, the actors are all on their A game, etc. After the horror that was Vino el Amor, I no longer take any of those things for granted.

And the recap is done! Good night.

Thanks Julie. Funny recap. Did anyone see that sideways look on DaniLow's face when Morgana said Ausencio is handsome but can't sing?

It was the best "Pot calling kettle Black" look I have ever seen.

I will overlook some of the political bullshit this show is spewing, but I will not watch a TV show long which insults me on purpose. VEA insulted our intelligence out of simple, forgiveable, ineptitude. This show does it on purpose.


Ahh Julie, your words were soothing balm for a purely painful episode.

"Paloma hasn't been eating" and "Blake says Paloma doesn't need songs to sleep. A couple of drops knock her right out!" gave me a knot in my stomach. That beautiful little girl ripped from her mother and entrusted to Luisa's "care"? I can hardly imagine a worse fate. Laura's tears, forced groveling and hurt were almost too much to bear.

Blake's rhetoric was nauseating but I'm too focused on Paloma to pay much attention to the venom he's spewing.

Thank you for "Perhaps she means Johnson & Johnson", "A dolled-up Luisa" and "Get it? Be Green? If Kermit the Frog were dead, he'd turn in his grave"...

"He's thinking how he wishes Paloma really was his daughter". Here's the thing Ryan. You can actually love a child that is not yours biologically...children are adopted, have step parents and other loving, nurturing adults around them. Children love those who care for them. Sometimes they are the only ones who truly touch our hearts. Just look to your own brother for proof positive...

For a split second last night, I imagined what it might have been like if Dan and Ryan had been on the same "good guy" team. I like the idea of brothers combating evil and fighting justice. That ship sailed for Dan rather quickly.

I doubt Tomas bought that TV on credit. I'm sure he's wetting his beak with all that money. Fool. I cannot wait for his anvil.

The Bland Looking for the Blind - snicker RgvChick. Great line.

Kirby, are those beautiful parrots? What a lovely sight.

Julie, you are right in that this story is focused, well written and moving right along. I can't think of one actor here who isn't "bringing it" daily. Thanks for all your hard work.


RioChik About Last Night:
Oh shoot ! ! You were talking about LetMe last night in Scissors. I saw HER and thought "WHO is that?" but couldn't put it together, hence my comment about the cast.. I thought she was someone from TVA or P&P or something. It was too close for me I guess. Thanks She plays a stupidshit in both shows. I tried to watch again lasrt night but was distracted by it raining outside and decided it was more interesting just watching it rain.

Julie: Your words on being disgusted with Blake's speech said it all.

Diana those are Monk Parrots sometimes called blackface parrots. Really noisy. They were jumping around and all over the place yesterday right before dark so I thought they might pose for a picture. As I was out there with my camera they all decided to line up on that one limb and face me. It was too dark already to get a perfect shot, but I couldn't pass up their 'Lineup'.

"too dark already to get a perfect shot"?

Could have fooled me Kirby. :) It's as though all the birds are vying for your attention and trying to see who's picture is best. An impossible decision!


Thanks. Critters are smart, and if you do not act 'hungry' they are about as curious about you as you are about them.

I was watching Laura banging on those little wooden slats over that window. There is plenty of room to take one of the chairs and wedge the back of the chair between the slats over the window and pry one off. No bigger than Laura is, if she could get that big butt through she probably only needs to pry off one. TasMania and Blake have to sleep sometime, do they coordinate their shifts? If not, stay awake until 3 in the morning and break out. You can come back with the SWAT Team and get Paloma.

I am surprised how durable the doors in this show are. It has become terribly popular here in Florida to just walk up and actually KICK IN the front door and rob people or ransack the home. And not in shabby old rotten houses, but in modern newer homes in high end communities with supposedly better doors with the new high security deadbolts and all.

In addition to Luisa and Blake, there is also the mysterious "Johnson" (giggle). Blake also insinuated that there were more people around, taking care of Paloma and such, but I've seen no evidence of that yet.

On the bright side, because the story does move so quickly, I'm hoping this phase won't last very long.

Good Morning, Patio Peeps!

Julie, another sensational recap...and the humor was so delightful, Thank YOU!!! Diana, did a good job in pinpointing all m fav lines, so I'll just say ditto to those.

I'm hopeoing that the political BS, as well as PsychoB and TazMANIA, will cease very soon. Kirby, "TasMania and Blake have to sleep sometime, do they coordinate their shifts?" Last nght, PsychoB said he had someone else taking care of Paloma, and we saw Johnson too so there seems to be others that are guarding that place. But I do agree that the slits between boards could easily be pried off.

Diana, ""Paloma hasn't been eating" and "Blake says Paloma doesn't need songs to sleep. A couple of drops knock her right out!" gave me a knot in my stomach." I couldn't have said it better. If there is anything that is keeping me watching this TN is that little girl and the "mystery" they keep dangling at us.

I just can't get over the idiocy of the Three Miceketeers--

♪♪Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they squirm. See how they squirm.
They all ran over to AssBun’s lair
Who blasted their plan with a look of spurn,
Did you ever see fools who will never learn,
As three blind mice?♪♪

Kirby, those parrots are precious and they agree with me: (Left parrot to right)
"This is getting ridiculous...I'm bored"
"Hey, did you see the three bumblin' stooges last night?"
"Yeah, I didn't even wanna look so I hid my head"
"Really, I couldn't believe my eyes, they're freakin' idiots!"


Julie, our comments crossed. I really do hope this political crap goes away "Fast and Furia" :-)

I don't watch this (albeit I've been tempted, since it sounds like a lot of stuff is going on; OTOH, I haven't even seen him and I want Tomas to get hit by a bus), but I have to ask: does the apparently super-smarmy Mr. Blake (Green) bear any sort of physical resemblance to a particular head of state we all know? I mean, hey--if Silvana sin lana's own Douchebag of the Universe, a.k.a. Antonio José Villaseñor, could get away with it...

"I'm going out on a limb and making a bold prediction."

"I'm thinking that too, Palomita will get rescued Friday Night if I have to fly to Riverside myself !"

Bill, there's very little resemblance.

Hey, I just realized that if Blake is willing to revive the charges against Furia so that he can put Ryan in jail (as a way to control Laura), that puts him at odds with El D. I'm sure El D has no idea what Blake has in mind, but a showdown between them seems inevitable if Laura manages to escape with Paloma.

Next question: Talisman vs Luisa. Who will win? Talisman is bigger, but Luisa has super ninja powers.

Another question: who braids Luisa's hair? The blind man? Johnson?

Talisman vs Luisa. Who will win?

What an excellent question Julie! Now that seems like an evenly matched fight.

There have been some terrible women villains. However, even the most vile had some sort of Achilles heel (for Barbara Greco, it was her daughter, who was played by Ariadne Díaz)...I keep searching for a tiny sliver of hope that Luisa has a tiny touch of humanity, but so far? Nothing.

I know women can be as evil as men but I readily admit, they frighten me more.


Julie, "if Blake is willing to revive the charges against Furia so that he can put Ryan in jail." Do you really think he would be that lenient with Ryan? I don't...I think he'd tell TazMania. "Sic'im, Taz." PsychoB knows he already has the best card to play against Laura...Palomita.

I think TazMania would win, unless TalisBeast brings in his hoodlums. I don't think Juanson would be of much help to Taz.

If TalisBeast fights as well as he burns down houses via short circuit...Taz will win...hands down... LOL

"who braids Luisa's hair?" Medusa...her mom

"who braids Luisa's hair?" Medusa...her mom"

OK. Must not read RgvChick's comments while sipping drinks...

OMG :)


Okay... Blake's actual threat to Laura was that he'd put Ryan in jail and make sure he died before he ever got out. Sure Blake could just have Ryan whacked, but he seems not to be very eager to murder a prominent businessman or innocent person (like Augustin) outright. That could get traced back to him. Safer to let him go to jail and have a misadventure with a guard or fellow inmate.

Talisman is stone cold, but Luisa is even colder. She seems dead inside. If that's a criterion for success, she'll win.


Julie, yep you're right. I forgot about that threat. I just hopeo that PsychoB doesn't believe in "eye for an eye." because he also told Laura that he wanted her to suffer as he had suffered when he lost his daughter. knocking wood...

Speaking of Luisa's hair, can that stuff be braided and unbraided that quickly? When they are in public she has normal straight hair. But boy even in a dress she looks like she could mop the floor with Rhonda Rousey.

Kirby, braids can be undone fairly quickly. The braiding itself takes a lot more time.

Last night, it occurred to me that Laura made a rash decision, with potentially devastating consequences.

I know she wanted to save Ryan, but her first instinct was to save Ryan, sacrificing herself. But, she didn't have time to think things through to realize it was not only herself, but Palomita. She didn't consider that Blake would likely not put Paloma in a room with pink bedspread and stuffed animals. She never foresaw her daughter crying in desperation to see her and wondering how she was being treated.

She just has to hope Blake's ecstasy over being reunited with Paloma (whatever their real relationship is) outweighs his blood thirst. I just want this subplot to end.

Oh, I am buoyed a bit that Ryan is getting around pretty well for a man who was at death's door but mere moments ago :)


I don't know how long it takes to do cornrows, but it can't be quick, even if you're doing a few big ones instead of dozens of little ones. It might not take terribly long, but I doubt that Luisa's job offers her the flexibility to postpone Blake's orders until her coiffure is ready.

I'm also not sure that it's feasible to do by oneself, even with practice, flexible shoulders, and a perfectly angled mirror. Surely it's much faster for someone else to do it.

Good point about the straight hair. The crimped look probably disappears on its own in in the shower, if she has naturally straight hair, but otherwise I can just see this killing machine fussing with a hair dryer and a brush while Blake sits around waiting for her to bring him a dead butterfly.

Regarding tonight's episode, I wonder how much time Ryan, Steve, and Emerson are going to waste looking for their celebrity friend before they discover that she's doing shows all over town.

Granted, seeing her might not bring them any closer to rescuing her, but it still strikes me as funny.

....bring him a dead butterfly....:-)

I want to see our little miss Paloma get loose some how and run away and lead someone back to rescue Laura.
like crawl through an airconditioning vent or something.
Now that would be a twist I could enjoy.

Since FlakyBlaky wanted Laura to dance with him AGAIN, it makes me think he was a customer.

I didn't catch the "again" on the dancing! We did see him in one of the bordello flashbacks, right? So either he was a customer, or more likely a financial partner who liked to sample the merchandise. (That would explain his clout with influential people - people who would prefer that their spare-time activities not become public knowledge.)

Julie, i think he may have been both, but definitely a customer. I remember Faupaa telling Laura that she had gotten so good she had worked her way up to the "gringo." I'm thinking she was his "personal companion."

"Fauxpas "

Kirby, I was thinking along the same line as you, regarding Paloma doing something to escape and help Laura, but Ibwaa picturing her in a Super Butterfly costume :-)

I meant *I was picturing"...hard to write a comment on my phone

Speaking of TasMania, which flipping dog does that bitch have in this fight to begin with?

A. Blake apparently is paying her very well. You can tell by what she must spend on clothing the Army Navy surplus store.
B. If she has no history with Laura and Paloma does she do all this for the simple unadulterated pleasure of torturing humans who cannot torture back and watching Blind Bob kill butterflies?
C. Has she ever kissed a man?
D. If yes, did she like it?

Kirby, all we know about TasMania is that she feels indebted to PsychoB because he saved her life. But he way he treats her, I'm just wondering at what point she will say, "No more, I've paid my debt." Now that is something Iw ould like to see...TasMania giving PsychoB his anvil.

Hmmmm, maybe she kissed a few gargoyles??

Oh, so he did suppositorly save her life, so she owes him.



Thanks, Julie. Great title. It works on so many levels.

I liked seeing Ryan and Danilo working together for Paloma’s sake but, yep, dumb plan.

I thought Luisa had some professional standards, but no more. Who treats a 3 year old that way? And demented Mr. Blake treats a child he supposedly grieved for like that? He can't get whacked soon enough for me.

Talisman versus Luisa - I'm betting on Talisman. He's impatient and will just shoot, while she likes a challenge and will want to wrestle and kung fu. Hey, maybe opposites will attract?

Where I live you have to be a legal resident of the county to run for an office in it. Has Mr. Blake even visited Riverside before, much less have residence there? Just a coinkydink that Laustela wound up teaching school in a town where he has enough connections to make a campaign overnight?

To clarify about Talisman vs Luisa, I meant in hand-to-hand combat.

Blake probably owns that crappy house. Bam, he's a resident. Actually, he may have been living in Riverside for some time. He probably went there when he found out that Laura had been there for the incident at the Foundation.

Kirby: Blake & Co., still scheming to have our Protagonista deported ?

Oh, Talisman vs Luisa in hand-to-hand combat? Luisa would win hands down. She could beat him with one hand tied behind her back.

I have to say they've done a good job of casting both these villains. They don't have many lines, but I feel like I know who they are.

Julie this is rather funny." Mercy arrives in that damn hat. It must be stuck",Lol a good laugh from that.The
Scenes with blake and Laura are just
Sickening to watch. Blake is nasty mean. I can't stand him. I can't stand
Lu either. Those two dogs got death nippin at their heels.

That Ryan/Danilo coo was one of the sorriest ones I've ever seen,it didn't do Danilo any good to give Ryan his gun. Ryan is not a killer, he looked like he could have pulled that trigger and blown bunman's head off with bun included but he doesn't have it in him
Thank goodness the cleaning lady calls him.Now let's hope he don't blow it like With the now doomed"wheresmywoman coo.
Juls "the hardy brothers is on the trail. Pity the trail". Lol funny.

Assbun really looked upset.As if,if he had his way,he'd get her and paloma back from psychoflake and his sidekick Brunhilde the human recking ball.

We'll see what else happens tonight in the adventures of "the Furia laundry debacle".

I just have to say this campaign of crazy Blake's took a page from trumps crazy campaign. Not Good. And that's all I got to say about that.

The heat is on in North Florida.
Thank you Julie. Now I gotta go cool off.

Yes, Nina, I was surprised by how hard BunMan took the situation. But also impressed by what a good job he did of not showing it until Ryan and Danilo were gone.

I wasn't sure exactly WHAT BunMan was upset about, though.

BunMan/El D did agree to let Blake use La Regia (and maybe buy out her contract, not sure if that really happened or not) to support his campaign, but I am not so sure that they agreed to let him imprison her and a small child. That could have been what upset BunMan. Or maybe he was shaken by the ease with which Ryan and Danilo were able to team up and sneak a gun in there.

Or maybe he's actually worried about Laura. (But probably not Paloma, based on his previous behavior.)

Julie, I think AssBun was upset not only because Ryan dared to come to EL D's house and threatened to use the money as leverage to get the information on Laura's whereabouts, but also (mainly) because El D is protecting Ryan and he can't lay a hand on him. If El D was so intent on wanting Ryan alive, I'm pretty sure AssBun wouldn't have thought twice about hurting or killing Ryan.

That should be "If El D wasn't so intent..."

Maybe AssBun is shook up because he thinks Paloma is HIS.
Weren't they going out about three years ago?


I don't know why badbun was upset either.

His past behavior indicates he doesn't care about anyone. I'm not even sure his lascivious looks at Laura weren't anything other than momentary. Nina, I wish I could say I thought he was concerned about Laura, but I can't.

As you pointed out Julie, he certainly doesn't appear to have a soft spot for children. Even Paloma.

I don't feel I have any inkling as to what makes him tick.


AssBun has never met Paloma. He might change if he ever saw and talked to or was around her, I didn't think DaniLow would be smitten either.

Are we going to have to reach the over halfway mark before we find out who EL D is?

Nina, we ARE over the halfway mark now!

I guess I didn't stop to consider that badbun might not have ever met Paloma. I always thought Dan had a heart and wasn't surprised Paloma quickly won him over. I don't see her being able to melt badbun's heart only because I don't think he has one.

Thanks Kirby.


I believe that all of Bunman's humanity is wrapped up in his concern for El Dorado. I think he's doing all of this for "him."

Julie, I agree...I too think that AssBun is doing everything for El D, but I also think that he is getting extremely frustrated that El D's concern for Ryan is getting in the way of what he is most interested in and that is the laundering business. The question remains "why is El D so protective of Ryan? Some patio peeps have commented that they think Walter is alive and may be El D, but I don't think doesn't make sense. Walter built up Furia to be a legitimate business, so I don't think he would now involve it in illegal activity, much less risk Ryan's life by getting him involved with criminals. I've commented previously that I think the original El D was Pedro C and that the RealStela took over for him..either voluntarily or through coercion. We've had several "clues" that El D might be RealStela and that would explain why Ryan is being protected. Getting back to AssBun...I think he has been El D's righthand man for a long time and has learned to operate the laundering business without any glitches, so he is used to things running smoothly, but now, having to prevent any harm to come to Ryan is causing havoc and thwarting the laundering business.

I don't think it's Walter either. I think Walter is dead. From what we've heard of him, other than screwing around on his wife, he really wasn't into mischief.

Five minutes or so...

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