Tuesday, June 27, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #37, Tues Jun 27 2017: The Butterfly Effect

Danilo's Russian Roulette game is a dud. Natividad urges him to call it a night.

Blake meets with Senator Wolverine, er, Senator Logan, who assures him that the Justice Department will leave Furia alone in exchange for El Dorado's generous campaign contribution. Logan suggests that Blake leverage his entrepreneurial success into a run for Mayor. His blindness will work in his favor, and he'll improve the party's image. (I hate to ask which party this is.) Logan thinks that if Blake becomes Mayor, he can get Logan closer to the Governor and important people all over the US. (Sounds like Logan is a state senator, not a US senator, but he should still already have access to the guv'na.) Blake agrees to go for it. Logan says he will have to figure out how to win the Latino vote. (These two guys realize they're speaking Spanish, right?)

Joe meets with Chavalin in jail. Sounds like the police have found evidence against Chava, which will complicate his defense. Joe assures Chava that Estela asks about him every day. (She must be doing that during commercial breaks.) Chava says Estela has never visited him in jail.

Paloma, Rosario, and Paloma prepare to move out of the ranch. Danilo objects, mostly out of concern for Paloma. He offers to move out instead. She can have the ranch as payment for being La Regia. (Paloma asks if Ryan will be moving in. No, but she can ride the horse someday.)

On the phone, Blake tells BunMan that the charges against Furia will disappear. In return, Blake has a request that takes BunMan by surprise.

Tom is really excited about the breakfast Leticia made for him. I hope there is poison in it, but he's already halfway through it and not dead yet. Maybe it's a slow poison. He tells her he worked late into the night, but he likes the job. She suggests that she go back to work. I think Tom replies that Erasmo is giving her money? (That doesn't make any sense... the kids are with Erasmo, and Leticia is married. Erasmo doesn't owe her anything!) Tom replies that he will provide everything she needs. Besides, Tom says they'll soon be rich. With his mouth full of half-chewed breakfast, he kisses her.

BunMan summons Laura and tells her that La Regia is to support a mayoral campaign to help a candidate win the Latino vote. She wants to know who it is. BunMan opens a door. "It's me, Laura!" Blake says, stepping into the room. This would have gone over better with balloons and confetti.

Steve tells Ryan he's worried what his family will think about Genesis. (This is the 21st century and Steve is a grown man. Maybe he should let his family worry about that, if they're going to have such a damned problem with it.) Ryan tells Steve to fight for her, just as Ryan fights for Estela.

Blake puts his hands all over Laura's face and asks if she remembers him. She answers him with a slap. He says he thought she was dead for three years. She says he deserved everything that happened to him, and she didn't intend to hurt him, just wanted to save herself and "the child." Blake chokes her and says he won't forgive her for blinding him and "what you did to MY DAUGHTER." BunMan gets Blake to back down. Laura says she had no choice. BunMan says he didn't realize they knew one another.

Danilo's lawyer Horacio (better not call him Saul) tries to get Ryan to sign those papers to transfer his 40% of Furia to El Dorado. Horacio informs Ryan that the charges against Furia were DOA. Then Steve shows up and says Ryan can't sell his shares because he already sold them to Steve. Horacio tells Steve that the company is being investigated. Ryan tells Steve that Horacio just said there would be no investigation. Horacio says they'll find a way to make Steve sell the shares. But after Horacio leaves, it is revealed that Steve and Ryan were only bluffing. Ryan still has the shares.

BunMan leaves Laura alone with Blake. Blake tells Laura he wants her to suffer the way he did when he lost his daughter. She says he ought to kill her now because she won't go along with his crap. He tells her about Ryan turning Furia in, and how Blake stopped the investigation. But if Laura doesn't do what Blake asks, he'll make sure Ryan goes to jail and is killed before he gets out.

Laura calls Ryan to confirm Blake's story. Yep, Ryan turned Furia in, but he thinks everything will be fine now. Laura says no such luck, and that's the end of the conversation. Blake says Laura and "your daughter" have to go with him. Luisa propels Laura toward the door.

Danilo visits Morgana, who is horny, but Dani is not in the mood. She is pissed when he tells her he gave the ranch to La Regia. He puts his ear to Morgana's washboard abs, but does not hear a baby.

With some reservations, Joe agrees to transfer Ryan's shares to Steve.

Blake and Luisa take Laura home to pick up Paloma. Laura tells Rosario that Mr Blake is the reason she left Mexico. Rosario tries to appeal to Blake's good nature, but he doesn't have one, and Luisa steps towards Rosario. Laura reaches for Luisa, Luisa turns on her, and Blake tells them to knock it off.

Paloma runs in, crying. Blake calls her "Mariposita" (little butterfly). Blake says he wants to be her friend. He tells her a "secret" - someone ruined his eyes, but he can see with his hands. He gropes Paloma's little face and announces, "my daughter." Rosario is upset to learn that she won't be going with Laura and Paloma. Luisa gets handsy with her. Laura pulls Luisa away, and Luisa says Laura has to be nice to her. Hmm, something tells me they won't be hanging out together in their pajamas and doing each other's hair.

Danilo is looking for Laura. Genesis says she heard that Laura left the ranch with a "businessman."

BunMan tells Horacio that they don't need Ryan's shares after all. What El Dorado wanted was to get Ryan out of the company, and that's been achieved. Then BunMan informs Danilo that La Regia won't be available to do shows for the money laundering business, so Danilo will have to find another star. He also mentions that Ryan sold his shares.

Steve meets with Genesis's brother, Emerson, at the Primos Ranch. Emerson can't help being suspicious because white men think they're entitled to whatever they want. Steve says he's not like that. He invites Emerson to learn more about the Ranch.

Danilo and Horacio weigh their options. Morgana's not a great singer; maybe they can use Ausencio Granados. It will depend on what the new shareholder wants. Horacio thinks Danilo will soon have the other 20% and be able to run the company himself. That would be a sight to see.

Rosario goes to the hospital and tells Ryan what happened. The man who took Estela and Paloma away doesn't work for El Dorado or that twerpy Fausto. He's the reason she left Mexico, when she left the bordello... Rosario tries to tell Ryan more, but faints. Ryan calls for a nurse and tells her that Rosario is diabetic.

In the car, Blake taunts Laura and then tells Luisa (who is driving) to get Ryan's number on Laura's phone and give him a call. Laura tells Ryan she loves him, and says goodbye, plus a bunch of vague stuff that will only scare and confuse him. Ryan asks where she is, and Blake throws Laura's phone out the car window.

Steve and Emerson bond at the Primos Ranch. Emerson asks Steve not to hurt Genesis. They go back to Furia and inform Genesis that Emerson is allowing Steve to be Genesis's boyfriend. Genesis is not amused by Emerson's presumptuous behavior!

Blake's car finally stops outside a house in Riverside. Laura thinks this is the last place she should be. Blake explains that La Regia will be doing shows to get people to elect him as Mayor of Riverside. Laura thinks her room is a dump, and Paloma deserves better. Blake says that Paloma won't be staying here. Luisa echos this annoyingly. I want someone to slap her, and let me tell you, Laura's getting pretty close. There's a camera in the room, so Laura will always be watched. Blake also lets us know that the room smells like piss. The windows in the room are boarded up, and the door is locked. Laura vows to get Paloma out.

Ryan discharges himself from the hospital, against the doctor's advice.

At Furia, Mercy tells Joe she doesn't like Ryan selling his shares and bringing someone else into the situation. Danilo comes in and tells them that Morgana is pregnant. (Ask her to show you the blue stick, or it didn't happen.) Mercy says Danilo will need proof that the baby is his, and besides, Ryan can register Paloma as his own. Danilo says no Ryan can't, because Estela had a past and Paloma is someone else's. Danilo leaves. Mercy and Joe wonder how Danilo knew that. They don't like it. And Mercy is wearing a hat indoors. What's up with that?

Morgana brings Leticia a sewing machine and some work. Leticia makes a lot of doubtful noises. Morgana asks why Leti doesn't like her and why is she so suspicious? Why, Morgana says, the first time they met, it felt as though they had met before. (Try not to parse that sentence too closely; it will make your brain explode.) Leti says that's because their ACTUAL first meeting was at Chavalin's bakery. Morgana's fake smile falters a bit as she remembers.

Morgana opines that Estela's friendship is the reason why Leti doesn't trust Morgana. Morgana tells Leti that Estela's father was a money-laundering gangster with henchmen and the whole ball of wax. Leticia remembers the day that she and Estela were rescued from deportation by masked men.

Steve is trying to make evening plans with Genesis when Ryan calls to ask for a ride from the hospital. The nurse tells Ryan that Rosario is in a diabetic coma. Ryan goes to see her. It's bad. The nurse thinks they should get in touch with Rosario's family because, you know.

Blake tries to get Laura to eat. Laura wants Paloma. Blake demands that Laura serve him. Laura is disappointed that the cutlery is plastic. The dinner appears to be cold spaghetti. (I can tell just by looking that it's cold. Don't ask me how.) Blake wants to dance. I want to see how much bodily harm one can do with a plastic fork. Laura sullenly obeys, and Blake says that every time Laura resists, Paloma will pay the price.

Steve arrives at the hospital, and Ryan brings him up to date, not that Ryan knows much. Mercy joins them.

Blake tells Laura that they're going to play house. Mommy, Daddy, and daughter. Paloma will be so happy when she hears that Blake is her real father!


Julie, looking forward to your recap. this episode was so difficult to watch; had I known that the events involving Paloma and Laura were going to be so disturbing, I think I would have not watched and just waited for the recap. Ariadne's performance was stellar--her fear and desperation were well portrayed.

There is nothing more disturbing for me than to see a child cry...and seeing Paloma cry was heart wrenching. Blake is an E-V-I-L psychopath; and what he was doing to Laura is probably not even close to what he did to her in the past. I do NOT believe Paloma is his daughter. The mere fact that he is keeping Paloma away from Laura indicates what little regard he has for Paloma’s feelings—no parent would do that. She is a possession just like Laura was his possession--to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants. Maybe he acquired Paloma (either bought her or stole her) so that he could fulfill some perverse fantasy he had. Or maybe he had a child of his own that he lost and was going to use Paloma to either save her or substitute her. IMO, his last statement that Paloma would now know that he is her real father was just part of a sickening delusion he has.

Poor Rosario, I hope she makes it through. I didn't know that emotional trauma could affect people with diabetes so fatally.

Recap is done.

I agree that it's doubtful Blake is Paloma's father, but I'd like to hear Laura's opinion on this. She ought to know if it's even possible; and if it is possible, they probably still need a test to prove it. Neither Blake nor Laura can know for sure.

Whether he is Paloma's father or not, I doubt that she is the daughter that he says he lost. That had to have been someone else.

Earlier this evening I was hopped up on coffee beans from a fancy dessert, but now I'm pooped. More tomorrow.

Thank you, Julie. I really should have waited for your recap instead of watching the episode. Your recap is thorough and complete, yet much more enjoyable that the episode. Hope you have a restful night.

Julie: (Must be checking on Chava during commercial breaks) was a stroke of Java Genius. Thanks a lot for this funny recap. I almost stopped watching this tonight, but stayed anyway. I just don't get these passive victims in this show. I don't enjoy it. I don't empathize with them, and I have no interest in their predicaments. Good to see Emerson and Steve have an understanding now.

Julie: Blake wants to be LA Mayor & getting Logan in the CA Governor's Mansion ?

How many episodes are left in this chaos ?

Julie, thank you for your very fine recap.

"(I hate to ask which party this is)", "Rosario tries to appeal to Blake's good nature, but he doesn't have one" and "Leticia makes a lot of doubtful noises" were among many favorites.

I had absolutely no idea what transpired last night so appreciate your making it (almost too) crystal clear.

Blake and Laura are "reunited" where at the first moment, she tries to stab him and yet seemed to willingly go with him. Of course I missed the crucial part that Blake threatened Ryan's life. I will just echo the sentiments RgvChick stated so eloquently...

"BunMan says he didn't realize they knew one another". That was obvious by his wild, wide-eyed stare but did badbun realize Blake was abducting Laura? I couldn't tell if he realized what was happening.

Paloma's tears were difficult to watch. I always wonder how the little actors are brought to such emotional lows. Paloma was lovely in her pink dress and having Blake even touch her was cringe worthy. You mentioned you wanted Laura to slap Luisa. I freely admit I wish a far darker fate for Luisa.

I also thought Ariadne's performance was perfectly nuanced...

I'm glad you raised the point that Laura hadn't visited Chava in jail. We've seen too little of him and I hope he doesn't rot in jail until the end of this.

Dan is deteriorating rapidly. He should try and hold onto his few remaining brain cells rather than pickling them in alcohol and coke.

"I hope there is poison in it, but he's already halfway through it and not dead yet". Yes, I was hoping that Tom would die too but fear there is much more havoc for him to wreak.

Kirby, thank you for that stunning avatar. Beautiful.

The episode was chilling. Period.

Julie, thank you. A lot more dark before dawn...


No time to read the recap or comments, but I wanted to thank Julie for doing yet another recap. Hopeo that you are felling better.

Good Morning, Everyone!

I still have that sick feeling from last night's episode. So much evil in this TN...it's unbelievable. So Tomas thinks he's going to be rich...I wish him lots of wealth...in sicarios after his sorry ASS!! I hope they burn him.

The 3 musketeers (Ryan, Joe, and Steve) are going to need a lot of brains and power (and beaucoup HOPEOS because they haven't shown much of either quality yet) to figure out who the heck they are dealing with and how to deal with them.

Kirby, ditto on what Diana said. That shot looks amazing...the water looks so cool and inviting and the wings on the top bird....perfect!

I'm eating my Hopeos right now...maybe we'll have a glimmer of hopeo tonight.

Julie, what TomAss said to LetMe after she said she wanted to go back to work was that she now has her "macho Amnerican" who will give her everything she needs. He didn't mention Erasmutt...

Slogan for PsychoFlake: Give him your liberty or give him your death!


TomAss now has even more reason for holding Let me in essence prisoner at home. He told her they are about to be very rich.

IQ test #27: Dirtbag who has not a penny suddenly tells you he is going to be rich.
A: RUN Forest run....passing grade
Hang around his hideout unemployed...FAIL. stay there as you are too Stoopid to save yourself.

Not to brag, but.....DaniLowIQ is fairly close for a nickname

So they have what looks like seventeen million dollars unless it is big bills, then ten times that in stage equipment boxes. (Having transferred it from the Tomato boxes somewhere.)

Dani Low IQ...and friends unload the cash truck into the Furry warehouse. NOTE: Genesis is on top of most of the goings on required to keep Furia solvent and a 'going concern', and has an inventory of equipment and supplies stored there. She has just hired TomAss and wants the Capital Equipment inventory verified and updated.

Let's pretend for a minute, nah, too long, a second, that Geni hired an honest guy (form outside LA County, obviously) ! Low IQ has himself a teeninesey prob.as new guy notices 42 extra equipment boxes. Rut Row Scoobie Doo.

If you are handling illegal amounts of money better moved with a front end loader, maybe you should steal some of their existing boxes, fill them with money, and then return them. Or there is this guy on the internet who will turn those mountains of paper money into little tiny ingots of real gold for you. Yeah Low IQ. go to www.-----

NEXT: Unless LauStela was in on the Holocaust there is nothing possible in her past to make her submit to what she is going through. Plot terror bores me and for now I am completely uninterested in her.

What is she really hiding? She stole a box of tomatoes for her aunt, She had an abortion, She never really got the hang of that undercover work in the whorehouse and they gave her a bad recommendation? WHAT?

She started selling some on the side to save up and buy her freedom and got caught? What?

RgvChick: "I didn't know that emotional trauma could affect people with diabetes so fatally." Emotional trauma can harm people who have virtually any health condition. For example, there's actually a thing called "broken heart syndrome." There's also the fact that people often neglect their health in various ways when under stress.

Thanks for clarifying what Tom told Leti about money. I don't know why I thought he was talking about Erasmo. I will fix that.

Kirby, I think the money IS being stored in "existing boxes." There was supposed to be a big shipment that night, and it's possible that Danilo's WAS the shipment. Tomas wasn't officially supposed to be there overnight, and only casually arranged that with Genesis, so they couldn't have known he was watching. Just the same, a place like Furia should have security cameras in the warehouse, and Danilo should have been more professional about the delivery, like, not talking about what was inside. (Danilo being professional? LOL, as if.)

As for what is Blake's beef against Laura, I can only guess that he blames her for the death of his own daughter. I'm more curious about what La Tona's issue with Laura is. Obviously it's something more than just quitting without giving notice.

Julie thanks for the clarification. It may be starting to be apparent that my attention span for this show is shortening.

And that is what is crazy. Here in Flor-I-Duh you will be busted and pay a fine if you water your lawn on the not-assigned day or turn right on red if it is not a designated ROR traffic light, and they do not have security cameras in a warehouse full of expensive equipment?

The daily news is full of crimes caught on homeowner's cameras. Of course any self respecting criminal knows to wear a hoodie. (With "Riverview High School '07" on the back)

Yes, As I understand it, La Tona requires three weeks as it is a cumbersome process to replace a crowd favorite.

What we know thus far is that Paloma's father is not known/contested, Tona's hubby died ostensibly as a result of Laura's actions, and Blake lost someone or one(s) and his eyesight because of her or that he blames on Laura. We have been kind of assuming all these things were one event.

Yeah, it's not clear that they were all one event.

Actually I thought Blake's vision was a much more recent loss, but maybe that scene was a flashback. Or maybe he lost his vision a long time ago, but he had a surgery recently that didn't work out? And THEN he clawed his eyes out. Ah, memories.

Excuse me, what are you doing up here?

I wonder what would have happened if Danilo had still been at the ranch when Blake & Friends came for Paloma.

Julie, I think Danilo would have dispatched Blake and his henchie in a NY minute if they dared to take Paloma.

He loves Paloma and she obviously cares about him.

Too bad he wasn't there.


I am really surprised at DaniLow's love for Paloma, not that any human would not be after meeting her, but that my impression is that DaniLow only cares about DaniLow and not that much at that. Look what he is doing to DaniLow. But it appears that the one and only thing he truly has strong feelings for on this Earth is little Paloma. Good for him.

How long will it take for the news of her kidnapping to filter back to DaniLow? Now that he has moved out, it could be a while. And of course they conveniently put Chaya in a diabetic coma because she got upset. I will have to remember that if a diabetic ever pisses me off. Steal her Snickers bar and say something bad about Mom. Hmmm wonder if it works for hypoglycemia too.

I think that Dan might die defending Paloma. His love for that sweet, little girl is his one redeeming quality.

I think someone here mentioned a while back that Paloma is the only person who has expressed any affection for Danilo. (Morgana's type of "affection" doesn't count.) That really explains a lot about Danilo, and not only his devotion to Paloma. I think Danilo is keenly aware that no one else would miss him if he were gone.

That scene, Julie, is the only touching image we have seen with DaniLow in it. When he said no one loves him, and Paloma said, "No, you are wrong, because I love you."

I think Danilow loves Paloma because of her innocence, she has no hidden agendas and hasn't been critical of him. She is also the only one that has told him she loves him without expecting anything in return.

In regards to PsychoFlake, his was the hand tha got stabbed in the flashback of the pool. I do think that Osiel's death and PsychoFlake's blindness occured due to the same "event"...I have nothing to back that...just a hunch. He did have his vision during the flashback where Laura was locked in a room holding the baby and Blake and the henchman were trying to get her to come out.

La Tona's beef is that she blames Laura for Osiel's death.

I think Laura was given plasticware because PsychoFlake knows she will use anything to try to stab/kill him or to try to pry herself out of wherever she is locked in.

Finally ,I have a moment. Hubba was at the Chevy dealership trying to get our air conditioning fixed for the twelve four ride gone. . no luck..so ...that happened.

Yes, stress can affect people in many ways. Researchers now say that a person can actually die from a broken heart. I teach a chapter on loneliness in reading class. There are three kinds of loneliness : temporary which lasts a few minutes or hours, situational which lasts less than one year and is caused by the death of a loved one, divorce, or distance (moving away from friends and loved ones) , and chronic loneliness which lasts longer than two years and has no specific cause. This type can cause heart disease so that people may actually die of a broken heart.

Sorry...that should be.."twelve hour ride home" Stressed out!!!

Hmmm.so if Blake said "your daughter" to Laura, is Paloma really Laura's daughter ? Does Blake think that he is Paloma's dad? And he accused Laura of killing his daughter.

I am half way through the recap. It seems to me that Rosario might have forgotten to taken her insulin or eat because of what happened and that's why she fainted while telling Ryan what happened.

Oh right, forgot about Osiel. So that's why Tona hates Laura. Thanks RgvChick.

As for the plastic cutlery, I thought the reason for that was obvious - and why I asked how much damage you can do to a person with just a plastic fork. I was hoping Laura would share my curiosity.

Susanlynn, yeah, it appears that Paloma is Laura's daughter, or at the very least Blake thinks she is.

"That scene, Julie, is the only touching image we have seen with DaniLow in it. When he said no one loves him, and Paloma said, "No, you are wrong, because I love you."

Kirby, my eyes just filled up reading that. I know I'm overtired but while Dan is annoying and has caused much harm, I can't quite hate him because he is capable of love.

Susanlynn, safe ride home! Sorry it will be a hot one :(


Diana I know. I want to hate DaniLow and celebrate if he is gone, but that with Paloma got to me too. If he has lived his life thus far as a second class citizen (bastard) I can understand that.

I've posted this before here, that "Children come into this world innocent and as pure as the driven snow. Then we grownups go out of our way to mess them up."

Diana...yeah, the temps up here have been mostly in the 70s, but I checked out the temps at home , and it looks like we will be headed home to 90 and high 80s. Bad time for the air conditioning to go, and Hubba made a special trip to the dealer to get the car completely checked over before we started our long journey....stuff happens.

How is your husband doing with his recovery ? Hope that you are also trying to take care of you while you are helping him.

Julie, my statement regarding the plastic cutlery was a bit of sarcasm on my part too...I just didn't express it very well...busy day and I'm stopping by the patio whenever I have a chance..and in a rush.

I had heard of people dying of broken hearts and loneliness, I just thought it was a very quick reaction for Rosario, but if she did forget to take her insulin and wasn't eating well as SusanLynn said, then that would explain it.

"Children come into this world innocent and as pure as the driven snow. Then we grownups go out of our way to mess them up."

Kirby, you are really "getting to me" today. Such a true and powerful statement...

Susanlynn, you are so thoughtful. Thanks for asking about hub. Let's just say he is in a great deal of pain and recovery is going to be a long road for him. I'm trying to help as much as I can (outside my long work day and commute), but admit I'm really exhausted and feel I'm not being too much help right now except being able to offer comfort and support. As you know, I am a strong believer in hope. That things will be persevered and overcome.


((((Diana))))As with many things in life, all we can do is the best we can do. I am constantly feeling that I should be doing more for those I love. You must take care of yourself, Diana,or will not be able to take care of anyone else. Sometimes, we just have to keep on keeping on as best we can...one foot in front of the other and move forward into better days. As Hubba always tells our girls, "Let things unfold." Everything will be okay.❤

Diana, oh my, you're still working! I thought maybe you had taken a leave of absence. Offering comfort and support is a huge help and I'm sure your husband acknowledges and understands that you are doing as much as you possibly can...and then some. Prayers to you and your hubby.

Thank you Susanlynn! "move forward into better days" sounds wonderful.

RgvChick, I did take time last week...Thanks so much for your prayers!


Kirby, now that is a strange look on the eagle's face...who went up there? PsychoFlake? The eagle better be careful, it might have it's fingers (claws) chopped off :-)

I was thinking...with all that Laura has done to PsychoFlake (including stabbing his hand) I'm really surprised she still has all her fingers.

Something tells me that getting his hand stabbed was the least Blake deserved. Now he is making Laura eat cold spaghetti with not enough sauce (I didn't see any meatballs, either; I don't like this restaurant!) and threatening her with Paloma.

For the moment, Blake has the upper (scarred) hand - but he is racking up a huge karma debt really fast. If he were only harassing Laura, a lot of the people in this story wouldn't care; but by threatening Paloma, he is inviting the wrath of virtually everyone.

His anvil cannot come soon enough - but I hope it happens before the end of "season 1." If I have to wait through all of season 2 as well, I may have to start writing fanfic where he gets killed in every story.

Did anyone notice Paloma last night in the car ride and when they got to the house? Was she asleep the whole time? Was she drugged?

Thanks, Julie. No time till later, but I'm looking forward to reading your recap before tonight's episode.

Hopefully Laustela on lockdown won't last long. Mr. Blake for mayor? I don't know Riverside, but surely the townfolk will smell sewer on him.

Julie like the recap.Mr blake is nasty nasty.He probably peed in a bucket and
Had lu throw it around the room, he's
Just that nasty.Puttin his nasty hands in That baby a face "I can see with my hands" yuck.Wash her face. He nasty. I
Don't like weesy, she evil,I hope she
Do get slapped. Soon.

Poor rosy. I hope she don't die. Chav
Need to get out of jail. Really, find
Him not guilty and get out.Ryan and the gang need help. Especially laura.

Asstomass is gonna steal how much cash
And where is he gonna put it? Well he
Will be nice. For awhile.Until he gets caught.Or dead.One thing tho,if he finds Out That morgonnastealmeababy trys to Do that, he'd kill her. It don't take much to Set him off. Cuz I do believe in his sick twisted mind he does love letty he just don't know how to love nobody, cuz he's been Twisted for years,and probably from childhood.

Things are heating up. That situation
With Mr blake and weesy and Laura and
Paloma, is creepy. I'd like to know what happened to paloma's mother and why was it so bad that there was an accident that caused his blindness?I'm sure it's something he did to cause it he deserved it, the jerk.

Danilo, still dumb. Morgonnastealmeababy better start finding pillows to stuff under her clothes.Small,medium,large,and larger.

Thank you Julie :)

Kirby what did you do to that eagle? he looks like he's saying "what the hell are you doing taking a picture of me?can't you see I'm in the john?"lol.
And you got so close. Good shot.

Will Badbun do something to rescue Laura? Dan? The Dynamic Duo of Ry and Steve..or three some of Ry, Steve, and Joey?

Julie, yes I noticed the sleeping Paloma. She had no car seat, which would have made the experience even more stressful for Laura!

Since I live in SoCal, I have to laugh at Mr Blake and his pal smoking cigars. That was no public restaurant. And, a Mexican citizen fresh off the boat would not be running for mayor of Riverside. The area isn't as backwoods as it is portrayed. It is hot, though. (My daughter's flip-flops melted out of shape when she trekked across the large parking lot at UC Riverside a few years ago. )

Another thing, why was the happy yellow roof place not guarded? I know this is make-believe, but that place should have had a guard. And, don't get me started on Ryan not having a guard. Really, we are not that stupid!!

Who'd have thought this blog could be so theraputic, I feel much better now. I won't even mention that I would like to know how Laura was ever teaching without a credential .

Great pictures, Kirby! I heard Jack Hanna say once eagles have 400 lbs. psi gripping capacity in those talons. Good thing you are a bird-whisperer!

L. Linda

Julie, in the car, Paloma was very quiet but awake...I saw her blinking. When they arrived at the holding house, Luisa carried her in, but they never showed her face. I really don't think she was drugged.

Haha..I also noticed the spaghetti (no sauce)! PsychoFlake must like it, he was eating it.

Linda, welcome!! Thanks for that info on the smoking of cigars.

I was also wondering...Senator Logan wants PsychoFlake to get elected as mayor so that he (Logan) can have more influence with the governor...how is that?? Can mayors have that much influence at the state level?? Or might Logan think that PsychoB has something on the governor??

Hi Linda! Yeah, I wondered about smoking in a restaurant. I don't know if that's illegal in every state, but I know it is in a lot of them.

I don't know exactly what Blake's story is, but I don't think he's fresh off the boat. It seems he's been in the US for a while (that's how he knows Logan). Either that or he travels between US and Mexico frequently enough to pass for a gringo, because I think Logan actually called him a gringo.

Yes, the lack of security at the ranch was bizarre, especially since Danilo told Laura last week that he'd be watching her 24/7. I think Danilo was overestimating the amount of power (and personnel) he had at his disposal. I guess BunMan wasn't willing to spare him any more people. So it was Calao before, and now it's the somewhat less versatile Horacio, but that's it unless Danilo wants to hire people on his own, which BunMan prolly wouldn't like.

Susanlynn, I wish BunMan would rescue Laura, but I wouldn't count on it. I think he needs to stay on Blake's good side for a while. (Though I may need to make a diagram to figure out all the angles of their relationship.)

RgvChick, was there really no sauce at all? I admit I didn't see any, but I wasn't looking for it. I just feel that there has to be a LOT of sauce. Too much sauce to ignore. I don't care about the spaghetti, as long as there is sauce. (And meatballs.)

I really have to hand it to Paloma if she was awake through the whole car ride without making a peep, and wasn't screaming her head off from another room inside the house.

Interesting that BunMan/El D are no longer interested in Ryan's shares now that they're not Ryan's. They just wanted to get Ryan out of Furia.

Ever wonder what happened to the person who used to have Tomas's job? Although it seems farfetched, I wondered if that was the guy who BunMan shot by the pool last week, and the shooting wasn't as random as it seemed. (Like if BunMan had a guy working inside Furia who disappointed him, or if he knows about Tomas somehow and wanted to clear a spot for him). I'm probably way wrong, but the timing is kind of funny.

Rgv, I was TOTALLY confused as to how being friends with the mayor of Riverside would get Logan any closer to the governor. (Or I think Steve suggested Logan thought it would get him closer to BECOMING the governor... but unfortunately that doesn't make any more sense. Is an endorsement from Riverside's mayor that valuable?)

(Or perhaps I misunderstood, and Logan said that being mayor of Riverside would bring BLAKE closer to becoming governor. Uh... no, I don't think that works either.)

Mayors can have some influence with/access to the governor, if the governor is working with a committee of mayors from key cities on a special project, or something like that. But it's not as though the mayors can bring a senator as a "plus one" to those meetings. And as far as I can tell, the mayor's main interest in the state government is to try to get money for local use. That's not exactly a position of power. Sometimes the governor needs a favor from the mayors (during a snow emergency, maybe), but that doesn't quite lead to "influence" either.

Honestly, I would expect a state senator to be in a much better position to have access/influence on the governor than any mayor would. I mean, potentially no influence at all depending on who they are and what they want, but at least they're both in state government.

Perhaps, as you suggest, Blake has some dirt on the governor. But why would he need to be mayor in order to leverage that for Logan? And it doesn't seem likely that they would go there in this story, because unlike Senator Logan and Mayor Blake, the governor of California is a real person. It would be weird to suggest that Blake is in a position to blackmail him.

Maybe this will become clearer as the story unfolds. I think it's already laughable enough to think that people will vote for Blake just because La Regia endorses him, but then my concern for celebrities' political views might be unusually low.

Julie, I was watching PsychoB eat and when he picked up a forkful of spaghetti there was no sauce!

"Interesting that BunMan/El D are no longer interested in Ryan's shares now that they're not Ryan's. They just wanted to get Ryan out of Furia." Now this is very interesting...why would El D want Ryan out of Furia...could it be that EL D wants him out to protect him? so that if the laundering crap hits the fan, Ryan will be free from all blame? hmmmm...that would point back to RealStela, que no? And AssBun keeps saying that El D still has plans for Ryan, what plan could that be???

Linda, when Chava was first advising Laura about getting a job, he told her to find something small that would not require a "mica"; then he thought of a foundation school since they rely on donations and pay cash. Some private schools don't require teaching credentials.

Yeah, I'd say every little hint and clue points to El D being RealStela.

And it especially makes sense when it became clear that they really didn't care who DID get those shares.

Private schools requiring teaching credentials... that may depend on state law. In some states, even private school teachers need credentials. But maybe there are some ways to get around that, like if it's not officially a school and you're not officially a teacher... or if you're a teacher's aide?

Julie, "I think it's already laughable enough to think that people will vote for Blake just because La Regia endorses him" ITA!! and then the city they chose for him to be mayor in...RIVERSIDE!! where LauStela was kicked out of!!

Maybe the plan is for her to be humiliated when people throw rotting vegetables at her on the stage. Oooh, Blake, you're such a master of torture.

Ooohhh, I hadn't thought of that, but, yeah, could be a form of torture. And if I remember correctly, the Senator is anti-immigration, so the plan could also include turning all the immigrants against Regia.

This comment has been removed by the author.

RVG Chick: The thought of Logan in the CA Governor's Mansion in Sacramento makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH!

I hope Karma hits Logan & Co., real soon!

However, we did see Gutierrez get elected Sonoma County, CA Sheriff in "Vino El Amor" despite getting Marcos & Luciana deported.

Maybe a music teacher does not need the same credentials.

I think that the writers are transferring Mexican political logic to an American setting. Perhaps this whole scenario makes sense if you are living in Mexico.

Oops, meant to say this blog is therapeutic (spelled it wrong before as I was in my crabby 10 minute phase).

Nina, loved your Morganastealmeababy. Very creative!

The spaghetti with no sauce comments were exactly right! Amen to that!

L. Linda

In Pa. Teachers aides do not need teaching credentials. PA. Teachers basically are expected to get continuing ed. Credits after their four years and a B.S. Kids here are not going into teaching as much as they did in the past. Districts around here are having trouble getting substitute teachers. I could probably substitute even though I have left my certification expire. When I graduated, we were told that if we had two successful years of teaching and 24 credits , we would be permanently certified. Therefore, I got a masters degree (30 credits). However, then, they said no permanent certification. You have to keep taking credits to be certifier to teach in Pa.

Just found this on a Q&A document:

Must private school teachers possess a valid California teaching credential?

No. EC Section 48222 specifies only that private school teachers be “…persons capable of teaching”. However, many private school teachers do possess current California teaching credentials. An NPS (defined in #10, above) that accepts public school students with individualized education programs must have appropriately qualified and credentialed staff.


FYI...for those who may not know..."individualized education programs" are required for students who are eligible for and require special education services.

Julie..Hubba and I make a Great spaghetti sauce...with sausage! I , too, like a little pasta and lots of sauce..and chess on top. Yum.

So..how is Laura going to escape. I am surprised that nobody was a round to intervene and that Laura did not put up more of a fight. Isn't the rule to never let the bad guy take you to a second location?

Rvg..yep...IEP for both gifted students and those with learning disabilities. The U.S. mandate is to educate all children ...an enormous task.

When AssdrewBun finds out that DaniLow has monkeyed around and let a POS like TomAss see what they are doing in the warehouse he is going to be far more than psycho pissed. He will be maniac-style pissed. But for some reason I suspect he still will not kill him, he appears to have reasons to overlook..no scratch that..put up with DaniLow's constant Forkups. I mean he is the one who introduced Dani to Mr. Blow to begin with. Before that DaniLow was despicable, now he is despicable and looney tunes.

RgvChick, YOU may be a criminal mastermind. It hadn't occurred to me that promoting Blake could make Regia unpopular with the Latino community. Not sure if that's really in the spirit of the deal he made with BunMan, though - since BunMan needs her to be a star. (Unless Dani finds him another star. Frankly, leaving that up to Danilo makes me wonder if El Dorado even cares about the money laundering.)

I made spaghetti sauce once. It was awesome, but it took a long time, and it was torture smelling it and having to wait as it cooked all afternoon. But the main issue is that it's a lot of work just to make a small batch, and I don't have the freezer space to deal with the leftovers of a big batch.

Yes, it IS a rule to never get into a car with a bad guy. Never, ever. Laura might have put up more of a fight if not for the fact that Luisa looked like she would tear Paloma apart with her bare hands and without a second thought.

I think BunMan's only interest in Danilo is the 40% share in Furia. Whether Danilo is sober or high as a kite doesn't really matter as long as he does what BunMan tells him to. And you notice that BunMan really doesn't ask him to do very much. The things he does ask him for are big, but they aren't many and not particularly hard (since, again, I'm no longer even sure that the money laundering is truly a priority).

Julie..yes, when we make the sauce, we make a huge pot and freeze it. The last time we made it, I used some of it to make lasagne that I thought was very yummy.

Cannot wait to hear what happens tonight. We are going to need a record number of anvils for all these villains...about ten maybe or perhaps an even dozen as an estimate

OMG, I just caught the first few minutes of Rosie Scissorhands and LetMe just came out...pretty much a similar role...a stupid mom married to a pervert...and defending him!

I haven't had time to catch Rosie yet. I was wondering if it was any good. But I don't think I can bear to watch that woman play the same role twice in one night. She needs to talk to her agent about typecasting! (I'm not sure if it even works that way at Televisa. I think they have most of their actors under contract and pretty much just assign them to their roles.)

RGV that is such a popular theme in these TNs and has been for --- ever. I saw the same thing you saw when he was attacking and she got the SCISSORS.

Julie who twice in one night? It is all different cast this time around.

Oh, I thought Rgv meant it was the same actress who plays Leticia who was playing the same kind of role in Scissors.

discussion header is up

Julie, yes, it is the same actress (Leticia) playing a similar role.

Kirby, yes, that was the scene i saw...Rosie attacking her stepfather? and (LetMe) defending the man...

Vanessa Bauche plays LetMe on DV and plays Ruby (Rosie's mom) on Rosie.

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