Thursday, June 15, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #29 6.15.17: Those Who Go Looking for Trouble are Sure to Find It

Webcam video is in italics.

• Danilo wakes up, grabs the rifle Laustela left and shoots at Asdrubal’s men as they burst through the door. He runs out of bullets and they shoot him in the left side of his chest. He goes down with a smile of his face.
• Mercy arrives home with Joe. She thinks it’s incredible that Ryan would reprimand her for her actions, especially since she’s now a widow, but everything is always her fault. Joe thinks he will forgive her eventually but Mercy doesn’t think so, especially after he already forgave and forgot Laustela’s fake robbery. She then grows quiet and admits that she feels dirty because of their actions but Joe tells her that it will take time, but they will get through it. He then kisses her.
• Laustela arrives with Ryan at his condominium and Rosario gives her a big hug before thanking her lucky stars that she’s okay. Ryan explains that Laustela has been through hell and back but was finally able to escape Danilo. Rosario nods as Laustela goes to get her some clean clothes so she can shower. Once alone, Laustela admits that she thought today was the last day of her life but Ryan proposes they beat him at his own game. Laustela would prefer he not get involved as Danilo is now a murderer because he killed El Dorado.
• Mercy wouldn’t want to give up her opportunity to be happy and Joe doesn’t want her to. He agrees they did wrong by Walter but that is the past. Mercy worries about what people will say when they are out in public but Joe doesn’t care. He does ask that she tell him if she doesn’t want to be with him anymore so he can leave. Mercy doesn’t think it’s that easy, especially after they’ve admitted their feelings to each other, but Joe reiterates that he will do what she wishes.

• Asdrubal’s men go over to Danilo, who is motionless, and curses his luck as Asdrubal wanted him alive.
• Mercy asks Joe to slow down and pushes him away. He begs her to ask him to stay because he will then know that she wants him as much as he wants her. She nods and kisses him again before turning off the lights and locking her bedroom door.
• Laustela comes out of the shower as Ryan chides her for going to El Dorado’s house, especially because his cartel may think she had something to do with his death. Laustela made sure not to touch anything but Ryan reminds her that El Dorado probably had someone watching the house, just in case. Laustela reiterates that there were no guards and explains that one of El Dorado’s own men ordered his death. Ryan wonders how El Dorado’s men could confirm what happened, especially since no one was watching the place, but then realizes that there must have been a camera or some other monitoring device. Laustela worries that she would have been recorded if there had been a camera and Ryan worries about the possible implications. Laustela reminds him that a video would show Danilo killing El Dorado but Ryan thinks Danilo is sneaky enough to come to an agreement with El Dorado’s men and only implicate her. Laustela wonders how much longer she will have to pay for becoming Estela Carrillo. Ryan assures her they will think of something but Laustela has a solution, though it may be dangerous.
• Asdrubal calls Talisman and asks him how everything went at Lucio Galvan’s house. Talisman confirms that everything is going well; he will make sure that everything looks like the electricity short-circuited. Asdrubal thanks him and then hangs up when one of his men comes knocking. He tells Asdrubal that they need to call a doctor ASAP to extract the bullet or Danilo may die. Moments later, they place Danilo on the table and Asdrubal chides them for shooting him in the first place.
• Laustela and Ryan arrive at Lucio’s house, with hoodies covering their face, and go to his room. They see Lucio’s body and gasp but then notice the computer next to the bed. Laustela worries that the camera was already destroyed but Ryan explains that a copy of the video could be on the hard drive. He suggests they take everything and go over the footage, just in case. They hear someone downstairs and wonder who it is. It is Talisman, who pours gasoline over everything, and lights a match. He throws it on the gasoline and watches it burn.
• Leticia cleans the dinner table and cries as Tomas comes and chides her for waking him up. Leticia tried to not make noise but she suggests he go back to bed. Tomas grabs a beer, though Leticia thinks he shouldn’t drink so late, and chugs it down. He also suggests she learn English, quickly, so she understand him better. Leticia wonders what is wrong and Tomas explains that they have two teenagers living with them and they devour everything. Leticia will find a place and move out tomorrow but Tomas apologizes immediately and asks her to sit down with him so they can talk.
• Ryan tells Laustela to wait in the room while he goes to see what is happening. Ryan goes downstairs to the living room and finds that it has been set on fire. He runs back to Lucio’s room, grabs Laustela and tells her the house is burning. They go to the doorway but find the fire has consumed the hallway too and close the door.
• Tomas tries to get it on with Leticia but she reminds him that her children are in the room. He tells her that it’s okay but asks again if he forgives her. She nods but reminds him that her children are still adjusting to the situation though Tomas notes that her children don’t love him, especially Maria. Leticia shakes her head and then kisses Tomas, who tells her that all he wants us to take care of her. Just then, Maria storms out of her room with a bookbag but Leticia stops her and demands to know where she is going. She screams that she is going to Erasmo’s because she can’t stand to live with Tomas anymore. Tomas quietly drinks his beer.
• Ryan finds that the windows are nailed shut and begins to cough as does Laustela. He grabs the duvet from the bed, runs to the bathroom and opens the showerhead. Once the duvet is soaked, he drapes it over himself and Laustela and they run out the door as Lucio’s body burns. Once outside, they both check that they are both okay. Laustela thanks him for saving her life again but hates herself for getting him in trouble again. Ryan asks her not to worry and they run to the car and drive away.
• Leticia won’t let Maria leave, especially at this hour and in a foreign county, but Tomas asks Leticia to let her go because she’ll come crawling back tomorrow. Maria tells Tomas to mind his business as Tadeo comes and asks them what the problem is. Leticia explains and Tadeo agrees with Leticia and reminds Maria that their father lives with another woman. Maria already sent him a text though and he asked her to come live with him. Tadeo tells them that they shouldn’t be apart, especially because they are family, but Maria opens the door and runs out as Tomas holds Leticia back. He tells her that Maria doesn’t want to be part of their family and she must let her go. Leticia, reluctantly does, and closes the door.
• Nina meets with Tona at a bar and tells her that Fausto has not revealed what his new business is. Tona warns her to find out soon but wonders if she likes to sleep with Fausto so much that she’s forgotten her objective. Nina explains that it’s been hard but Tona has also not kept up with her part of the deal and gotten her more clients. Tona tells her that she won’t get any clients until she knows Fausto’s plans. Nina gets up to leave, as she must work somehow, but then remembers that Fausto mentioned something the other day about “Lake” or “Blake.” Tona realizes that Fausto has dealing with Mr. Blake personally and they’ve left her out of the deal. Tona now knows why they call Mr. Blake “unkillable” but she will have her revenge. She gives Nina some money for another beer and asks her to relax as she will have a lot of work soon before leaving.
• Asdrubal pours alcohol down Danilo’s throat and he finally wakes up. He sees Asdrubal and chides him for ordering Lucio’s murder, just because they tried to do business son the side, but Asdrubal reminds him that it is his own fault and applies pressure to Danilo’s wound when Danilo threatens to get back at him. Asdrubal then asks the doctor to stitch him up soon but asks him to leave a scar so that Danilo always remembers his betrayal.
• Ryan connects the hard drive of Lucio’s computer to his, which they managed to lift off the house, and looks at the footage with Laustela and Rosario. Ryan hopes Danilo didn’t kill him but they must look at the footage, which begins hours before the murder…
Lucio arrives home and webcams with Asdrubal. He hopes El Dorado got his message loud and clear and shows his face. He also hopes El Dorado realizes that he can’t use people as he does though he knows what the consequences will be. He states that he doesn’t care to die though because he’s been a long time ago.
• Rosario is confused as she thought Lucio was El Dorado but they realize he isn’t and he was only a patsy. They wonder who the real Dorado is then.
• Asdrubal explains that El Dorado has a lot of enemies who want to see him dead but they are there to protect him and, to do so, they hire patsies in his place. Danilo finally understands why Lucio was killed but also why Lucio proposed Danilo start his own business, as revenge. Asdrubal nods and Danilo wonders who will take Lucio’s place to keep El Dorado safe. Asdrubal tells him that the new patsy will be him but Danilo is quiet.
• Luisa tells Mr. Blake that Luisa is there to see him and he asks that she leave them alone. Luisa pretends to leave by closing the door but stays through the whole meeting. Tona chides Mr. Blake for going into business with Fausto but leaving her out of their deals. Mr. Blake reminds her that the last business they conducted together ended with him blind and Osiel dead. Tona reminds him that it was because of Laura that all that happened but she is now burning in hell. Either way, she has come to offer her services. Mr. Blake will consider it but he warns her to not set another foot in his house. If he should need her, he will come find her. Tona storms out.
• Danilo laughs off Asdrubal’s announcement and asks to see El Dorado face-to-face before he accepts any deal. Asdrubal calls him an idiot because he hasn’t figured out the whole point of this: to protect El Dorado’s anonymity, especially from the likes of people like him. Danilo is quiet and Asdrubal pours him a drink before warning him that he will follow his instructions to the T or he will pay for it with his life. Danilo reminds him that the first person he must watch out for, if he accepts his deal, is him, because he already killed Lucio Galvan. Asdrubal notes that his first lesson is loyalty and asks if he should they call him “El Dorado” or “The Deceased.” Danilo looks at the glass of whiskey Asdrubal poured, inside is the bullet they just took out of him.
• Laustela thinks it was better when they though El Dorado was dead; now everything is still up in the air. She won’t tell Danilo the truth though and Ryan notes that even if Lucio Galvan is dead, El Dorado, whoever he is, still controls everything and he doubts he is going to stop laundering money at Furia. While that is still the case, all of them are still his accomplices.
• Danilo gets up and asks Asdrubal if he will go back to Furia, since he is now El Dorado, but Asdrubal explains that he will be El Dorado when and with who he tells him. For everyone, including Porfirio, he is going to continue to be Danilo Cabrera, but Danilo thinks that’s too confusing. Asdrubal puts it a simpler way: he will launder money for Porfirio as Danilo but will launder money for Marcelino as El Dorado, that way, their organization is in control of the whole business. Danilo sees all the different IDs that Lucio, whose real name was Nestor, had on Asdrubal’s computer screen and asks if he traveled a lot. Asdrubal laughs and tells him that poor Nestor was only a figurehead, a squeaky front man who’s name they used for all El Dorado’s offshore accounts. Danilo smiles at the fact that he is going to control all the money but Asdrubal warns him that he will never have access to those funds and he will die if any money goes missing. Danilo curses his luck.
• Ryan tells Laustela to act like nothing is wrong and continue performing as Regia. She thinks they should reach out to El Dorado but Rosario thinks she shouldn’t risk herself again as she’s already dancing with the Devil. Ryan wonders if El Dorado is someone who can be easily recognized and that is why he uses a patsy in the first place. He thinks they should investigate who El Dorado is because that may be the leverage they need to get Furia and all of them out of the mess they are in. Laustela still thinks she should reach out as Regia, so El Dorado knows she’s loyal, but Ryan is unsure. She reminds him that they will be together and Ryan nods. He tells her that she has an interview coming up and that may be the best way to get El Dorado’s attention. Laustela nods and hugs Ryan.
• Leticia calls Erasmo, who confirms that Maria arrived at his house and is safe. Leticia wants to know how long she’ll be there and Erasmo promises to call her in the morning before hanging up. He then chides Maria for lying to Leticia but Maria explains that the only way her mother let her go is if she thought Erasmo was waiting for her. She begs him to let her stay but Erasmo reminds her that neither he nor Bonita have the time to take care of her. Bonita agrees and suggests she go back to Leticia but she can stay the night while they figure it out. They then go to get some blankets and a pillow as Maria looks around the house. She finds some cash hidden in a vase but doesn’t take it and then goes to eat something in the kitchen.
• Nina and Fausto watch TV while she tries to get information out of him regarding Regia. He explains that he knew her before she was Regia and taught her everything she knows. Nina asks how and Fausto reveals that he was the first man in her life before laughing.
• The next day, Genesis tells Laustela to be ready, as the interviewers have arrived, before leaving to make sure everything is running smoothly. Laustela, dressed as Regia, gets out of the dressing room, and walks downstairs to the backstage area at Furia but is surprised to find Danilo waiting for her. He notes that she looks shocked but she thinks she shouldn’t be as bad seeds never die. Danilo reveals he didn’t kill the real El Dorado and is now his right-hand man because El Dorado loves him more than anyone in the word. Laustela asks him to tell her who El Dorado is but Danilo reminds her that everyone is entitled to their secrets. Laustela nods but warns him to tell El Dorado that Paloma is off limits though she reminds him that narcos have no respect for people and El Dorado will likely kill him too, when he’s done with him. Danilo explains that he will only be killed if El Dorado orders it and he won’t order it because he’s El Dorado esteems him. He announces that he is safer than the president.
• Fausto looks at his scar as Nina gets ready to leave. He chides her for doing so but Nina explains that Regia is doing an interview today and wants to see her to talk about her fan club. Fausto suggests she go on social media but asks if she knows how to write. Nina nods and thinks she got further in school than he did. Fausto asks her to calm down, as he only wanted to her help with the club, but reminds her that he knew Regia. Nina doesn’t believe he was ever with Regia because she’s too poised and regal to ever be with someone like him.
• The interview begins and the reporter asks Regia about the narco corrido regarding Torre Blanca. She wants to know if it was pure coincidence as the song, though it used different words, described the shootout perfectly. Regia laments what happened but makes it clear that she had nothing to do with Torre Blanca. The reporter as if she is going the way of another narco corrido singer but Regia reiterates that she isn’t. In fact, her music is for the people, so they can feel good, and not to remind them of the frontier justice at the border. She has written a new version of the song, and offers to sing it now, to show everyone that she is not a narco corrido singer. She begins to sing the new song, which states that Torre Blanca is not for sale and its citizens will not allow the narcos to take advantage of them. Danilo, who was listening backstage, frowns and paces nervously as she finishes. The reporter tells Regia that the new song is great and she announces that her music is not for sale, it’s for the audience, before thanking the reporter and walking backstage.
• Danilo chides Laustela for changing his song but she did it partly for him, so the families of the dead don’t come back for revenge. She also wants the cartel leaders to call her, once they hear the song, so she can tell them how much she despises what they do, including El Dorado.
• Steve runs into Genesis outside of Furia and smiles when she remembers his name. She thinks he is there to see Ryan but he is there to see her and invite her to dinner tonight. Genesis smiles, teases him for taking so long, but accepts. Steve cheers but she warns him not to get too excited as Latin women…Before she can finish her sentence, Ryan comes and Genesis excuses herself but will see Steve later. Ryan smiles and then Steve asks why he needed to come. Ryan tells him that they are going to follow a dead man’s trail.
• Danilo asks Laustela why she wants to see El Dorado and she explains that she wants to demand he leave her alone. Danilo teases her for thinking it’s that easy but Laustela wants to tell El Dorado that she isn’t Estela Carrillo and hopes he will let her go. Danilo reminds her that El Dorado is everywhere, and probably knows the truth, though he warns her not to rock the boat lest she wants things to get worse. Laustela still wants to talk to El Dorado and Danilo finally relates and drags her along.
• In Ryan’s office, Steve tells him that his plan is dangerous. Ryan knows but if Lucio is not the real El Dorado, then he may be close and he wants to make a deal so he leaves Laustela alone, especially because it’s his fault that she is in this mess in the first place. Steve tells him that he has guts but he will go with him every step of the way.
• Rita cleans the kitchen and wonder why Mercy is not up yet. Augustin asks if she really wants to see her and Rita admits she doesn’t but she can’t be hiding from her either. Augustin reveals that Mercy slept with someone last night, though he doesn’t know with who, so she may be more relaxed and Rita hopes so as Mercy walks in and clears her throat. She asks Rita to bring her breakfast in bed, only for her, and leaves. Augustin laughs with Rita about the fact that Mercy looks tired.
• Steve and Ryan, now at Lucio’s restaurant, ask a server about him. The server tells him that Lucio is on vacation, though he doesn’t know when he’ll be back, before leaving. Ryan then sees one of Asdrubal’s men come down the stairs by the entrance and sees that he has a gun. He tells Steve to be alert and then goes to see where the men came out of. He stands by the entrance and then goes up the stairs after a few moments. He tries the first door at the foot of the stairs but finds it locked. He goes to a second door and then receives a text from Steve, who tells him the sicario is coming back. The sicario walks up the stairs, opens the first door but then receives a text and runs back without locking the door. Ryan notices this and runs to the first door. Inside is a makeshift janitor’s closet with a secret doorway leading downstairs. He goes down the spiral staircase, quietly, and finds Asdrubal’s torture chamber. He texts Steve to distract the sicario as long as possible and looks around. He then sees the computer that Asdrubal was on earlier and turns it on. He waits for the computer to boot up…


Alfredo: Drug Cartels involved in the music industry SMH.

Triple A-that's what you are: Absolutely Amazing Alfredo!! Thank you so much for being so expeditious and thorough with all the details!

So Lucio knew he was going down and was ready for it...they must have put him through hell to accept his death so willingly.

Dumbnilow the next patsy--wow, I thought AssBun would have better sense than that.

MercyMe said she would feel "sucia/dirty" if they did the nookie? QTH???

Next cute couple (hopeo): Rita and Agustin

Ryan and Steve--the next Hardy Boys :-)


You're mighty kind, RgcChick! ;) My pleasure.

Guys, is it too early to say that this novela is the bomb! Wow, the genre blending is working really well here as there is a classic love story at the center, some musical theatre, lots of drama and a cat fight but plenty of action and twists.

I know Ryan and Laustela can be dumb but bless their little proactive hearts. Ryan, instead of waiting for the sky to open up, so he can get a clue, actually goes to look for it where he knows it may find it. It's reckless and dangerous but it makes for great TV. As does Ryan and Laustela working together to find out what the hell is going on…i.e. nothing is as it seems.

The one thing that stood out for me this episode is Leticia, or rather, how little her drama has to do with everyone else's story. Maybe in the beginning when this was purely about illegal immigration but now? Laustela's past and present are clashing and this has nothing to do with Leticia's poor choices or bratty children.

Exactly, Alfredo! ITA the Leticia storyline just does not make sense to regards to fitting in to the actual storyline. Scenes about her--I totally disregard now. I have enough drama and evil to digest without having to see (possible) abuse.


Alfredo, " the genre blending is working really well here as there is a classic love story at the center, some musical theatre, lots of drama and a cat fight but plenty of action and twists." brilliant've summed up this TN superbly and with such flair. I hate the violence but won't stop watching!


AA it is the bomb as are you. Thanks again for all the hard work.
And the icing on the cake is after churning out your witty recaps you pull up a chair here on the patio and morph into one of us. You're a pal.

Like I said before: Mexico if the Let familia is the best you can send us we want an RMA number.
I'll tell you what Mexico, you take them back and we will throw in a loveable housebroken Gringo, answers to TonAssss.

" I hate the violence but won't stop watching!"

Yup, like reruns of a trainwreck, you know it is bad but you can't turn away.


RgvChick, genre defying series are my weakness. I love to sit down in front of my TV and not know what's going to happen as it can be a romantic tale today and an elaborate musical number the next. The violence here is ghastly but at least it's only a small portion.

You're welcome, Kirby! This patio is great ;)

Now that Danilo is ED, can he kick Tomas in the shin and drag him off to the torture chamber?

Thanks for this recap Alfredo. I know it will be good, but I'll read it tomorrow. But I will say this,what the
Hell are they doing with dumbnilo?And
Who is this El D? What if walter isnt
Dead?That would be a shock.They really
Want to shock us with this.It'll be
Be somebody we never could have even thought it could possibly be.

Good nite yall.

Dumbnilo is no El D. His shoes are to
Pointy. I'm by.

Thank you, Alfredo. I was not able to watch tonight, so I really appreciate you telling me the story.

So..who is the real El D? The mystery woman at that first party?

I think that Rita is going to somehow help Laura because she seems to admire her. I wonder if we will ever find out exactly how long Laura was at that brothel.

Dan must have the proverbial nine lives of a cat.

Alfredo, thank you for your exceptional recap. Loved the title.

“Joe reiterates that he will do what she wishes”. Such devotion and caring. Such sweet sentiments. And of course they might be even more laudable if he had said them about his WIFE. Excuse me while I get down off my high horse. I will try not to judge. Well, at least until we hear the backstory as to what a monstrous being she really is. Sigh.

“Asdrubal tells him that the new patsy will be him but Danilo is quiet”. Umm, really??!! I think I’ve given badbun far too much credit. Dan, that inept, bumbling idiot (“Danilo smiles at the fact that he is going to control all the money” and “He announces that he is safer than the president”) is actually supposed to be the new far from improved El Dorado? Where IS my beanie?

"Nina asks how and Fausto reveals that he was the first man in her life before laughing". I think Fausto is the most detestable character here. And that is saying a great deal. Fausto turns my stomach and I cannot wait for his just desserts.

"Ryan and Steve--the next Hardy Boys :-)" Love it RgvChick! Now Laura needs a partner. I vote for Genesis.

Susanlynn, I would not be at all surprised if ED is a woman. I wonder when we will see the "mystery woman" you alluded to. She has a major part to play here, I am sure.

There is one very tiny light in Danilo being ED. I don't think he would allow anyone to hurt Paloma. Can't say the same for badbun.

I don't think we saw Morgana last night, did we? Didn't miss her a bit.

Alfredo, as Kirby noted, thank you for not only doing these amazing recaps, but joining us in the commenting fun. You are a treasure.


Nina, I commented near the beginning of this that I also wondered if Walter was alive and is actually ED. So, you aren't alone.

Having said that, I'm still hoping ED is a woman.


Nancy Drew hooks up with the Hardy Boys. The threesome go to Motel 6 and hold hands.

I swear you could open the casket two weeks later and stupidshit DaniNoIQ would still be talking in nursery rhymes and laughing.

NiNa you may be onto something. El Dorito surely aint one of the Let familia, I presume it is someone we have already been made aware of, like Sue's chick at the first party, maybe the orig Estela, or her Dad, or even Walter like NiNa was thinking. Who else do we have? Well there is Chava, that would be a twist, and well Genesis, but I think she just couldn't be El Dorita, then there is Blake, hmmmm.

" His shoes are too pointy" :-)

Happy Friday fellow sleuths


Thank you, Alfredo, I haven't watched the episode yet, but your astute description of important details makes me feel like I was there.
ITA that LetMeLeavetheShow has no point in the story. Neither she, Tomass or the kids are interesting enough or have any kind of meaningful interactions with the rest of the cast.If the moral lesson here is that you shouldn't marry a man you barely know just to get a visa and save your kids from being deported, isn't this more of a common sense type of thing?

I wonder why is Mercy so afraid to be seen with someone younger. This is not a tabu situation anymore and with all the problems Ryan has right now, he should be over his mom cheating on his cheater of a dad in no time.

Susanlynn, I keep thinking about the mystery woman, too, but what if she's the real Estela? Also, what if El Dorado is just a persona they invented to give their actions more gravity? Originally, the name was first used for a Colombian mythical chief, who used to cover himself with gold dust during initiation rites (according to wikipedia). What if Assdrubal and possibly someone higher than him made this up in order to have a boss that Marcellino and the likes can do battle with?

I have to say that while I admire Laura's cojones, I'm also afraid for her safety. Changing that song was a bold move but IRL it could cost her her daughter. I have all the big cartel guys mixed up, but she seems to be willing to fight them all, while the only actual protector Paloma has right now is Rosario. Shouldn't they be surrounded by bodyguards now that they are involved not only in money laundering, stolen identity, fraud and perjury (wow, that's a lot), but also crime scene tampering, murder witnessing... is there something I forget?

Question: what is there to do when the heros of a show deserve jail almost as much as the villains?


Susanlynn: Who's the real Estela ?

Adriana Noel,

You raised an interesting question and stated your case well with ..."they are involved not only in money laundering, stolen identity, fraud and perjury (wow, that's a lot), but also crime scene tampering, murder witnessing".

I feel the protags here are painted in shades of gray. I'm cutting Laura some slack as I feel she did and has but one motive. To keep Paloma safe. Everything she's done (right and wrong) has been done for Paloma's sake. I feel the desire to protect is part of her inner core of strength. I'm not sure if she either doesn't realize (or doesn't want to) realize how ruthless and powerful her enemies are. The horrific abuse she suffered (due to Fausto) is also part of the reason she seems to be fearless. I can't imagine much worse than what she likely endured. Unfortunately, it's obvious Paloma is her Achilles heel and that will be where they choose to strike.

Bodyguards definitely make sense. Rosario is not enough to keep a vengeful army at bay.


Good Morning!! Another hot and humid scorcher in the RGV today.

One mystery solved, but just give way to another..who is the real EL D. We know there is a person because AssBun talks to him/her on the phone. My best bet would RealStela. I did think about Blake as a possibility too. I don't think Walter is alive...that would mess up the happy ending for MercyMe and Joe..but with this TN , anything is may even be someone we haven't seen. Assbun did refer to the mystery person as "patron" indicating that it is a man...but that could also be a smokescreen. Ay, ay, ay...

Steve, Realstela is Estella Carrillo, the daughter of Pedro Carrillo who seems to have been money laundering for several cartels. PC is also the man Ryan was accused of murdering...a murder that no one seems to be interested in solving.

Kirby, "Nancy Drew hooks up with the Hardy Boys" perfect!! I like that. Being that everyone in this TN (except Paloma, Genesis, and Steve) has done things that would result in jailtime and/or deportation, we can safely assume that there will be no cops in this show (I sure was hoping to seeing CuteCop again).

Danilow as EL D...his head is going to explode...he won't last long...I hopeo.



Kirby, another beautiful pic! Are the eagles part of our sleuth team...trying to figure out who is El D? ;-)


They already know...................RChik

I'm just afraid of heights and can'rt go up and ask them.

what is there to do when the heros of a show deserve jail almost as much as the villains?

Se La Pilota

Mom: "I'm going to McDonalds. I'll get you guys a Mic Pick Two."

Did you guys notice how when the guys were coming for DaniBlow he was so high he couldn't even stand at first?

Kirby, yes very noticeable..also when he was on the table getting the bullet taken out by a ...veterinarian! I laughed, hopeoing that he would dig a little deeper, swirl that blade around some.

Great shot of that wing span!


Another hot and humid scorcher in the RGV today.

It's ten till eleven and it has rained three times since daylight here in the FUNshine state.

I was thinking about Ryan's and Laustela's conversation regarding who the real ED could be. They said it was probably someone who protecting his identity so it could be someone well-known and well-respected. Given that, I recalled Blake's conversations with the "Senator." So that could also another possibility..among all the rest!

To bring up more positive scenes: Genesis and Steve...have a date YAY! and Rita and Agustin: their conversation was went something like this:

Agustin: ...she didn't sleep alone
Rita: Seriously? Who could it be?
Agustin: I don't know
Rita: Well, I hope that will rid her of her bad moods
(MercyMe enters and asks for breakfast; Rita asks her if just for one; Mercy says yes, for one, and leaves)
Agustin: Seems like she sent him home. Didn't even let him get his strength back

Just thought I'd share something light...after all the tense moments..


Kirby, we could really use that some of that rain. I'm hopeoing that something (small) develops in the gulf and comes this way.


Thanks, Alfredo. Love the title. You put all the complicated pieces into place so well.

Yay, Ryan found the secret hideout. Never expected this to happen so soon. But what makes him think someone can’t enter anytime even if Steve is a lookout for the one thug they’ve spotted. Great to have a BFF that can always drop whatever he’s doing to come running to help you. But anyway, I’m totally riveted by the Hardy Boys and everybody else in this TN.

Danilo as El Dorado, really? I don’t see anybody buying mouthy, arrogant Danilo as the Big Boss. Could Asdrubal be up to something else? I do think ED picked Furia, as opposed to other legit music companies, for a reason though. To get back at Walter? If RealEstela really (pun intended) loved Ryan, would she have done this to his business? Or did someone else force her to do it?

Leticia’s story was meh to me at first, but I’m into it now. Looks like I’m the only one. Eventually I think Tadeo will get a new guitar and take his songwriting talent over to Furia. He’s the one Letmebestupid should be trying to get in there, not Tomas.

So Mercy's gonna deprive Joe of breakfast cause she's too embarrassed to ask Rita to fix eggs for two?

Asdrubal then asks the doctor to stitch him up soon but asks him to leave a scar so that Danilo always remembers his betrayal.

But will the continuity folks remember to always place the scar in the same spot?

OHHH EEMM GEEE! I just read the preface to the recap on "La Piloto"." Alfredo, what are we going to dooooo...without you for 2 weeks!?? If you're going to continue recaps for this TN, I will proclaim you a saint!


Niecie, " I do think ED picked Furia, as opposed to other legit music companies, for a reason though...If RealEstela really (pun intended) loved Ryan, would she have done this to his business? Or did someone else force her to do it?" Great question! I've always thought that selecting Furia for the laundering business ties back to Pedro Carrillo...I even thought that maybe Pedro C was the original "El Dorado" and that Furia was selected as his way of getting back (or destroying) a business that he perceived as the company that should have been his to begin with. I have 3 theories about Realstela:
1. She is continuing the business and is "El Dorado"
2. She is being forced to take part in it in some way
3. She was sequestered by Assbun and his peeps and is locked up somewhere where she cannot communicate with Ryan.


Rainy , cool, and overcast here today.

Rvg..Thanks for giving us the conversation between Augustin and Rita. As the maid in my favorite show told her friend, " A lady's maid knows what does and does not go on in her lady's boudoir. " I am glad that Joe rallied his strength after the sexual healing therapy and was able to leave without assistance and crawl home to his WIFE !!!! I hopeo that he recovered enough and could offer his wife the same service. Cad. Be honest and tell her that you love someone else or give up Mercyme. You are either a devoted family man or a young lover.. Pick one.

"Be honest and tell her that you love someone else or give up Mercyme. You are either a devoted family man or a young lover.. Pick one".

Susanlynn thank you so much for "verbalizing" what I've been saying and thinking all along. Is the wife a saint? sinner? Or, more likely somewhere in between?

I can't get behind Mercy and Joe because she is not a nice person.

Revenge cheating on your spouse is never a good idea, especially when real feelings develop which is what happened here. Does Joe's wife have any inkling? I don't think cheating is ever OK. If you are married and decide to be with someone else (if in heat, in love - whatever), be honest and end your marriage first. That still doesn't make it right but you're not compounding the error by lying and cheating.


Diana, I am oldfashioned and hold the belief that if you are married , you are faithful to that person..that person only. I have a good friend whose husband cheated on her quite openly. She stayed with him until her kids were teens. Now , he is living in Florida and has finally married the other woman. My friend never talks against him, but our other friend and I despise him! I recently met a clerk in a jewelry store
who had worked with the other woman. The guy was a cop, and I was telling her about him helping us when we were burglarized . The clerk knew him and asked me if I knew his girlfriend . Hubba says that my whole face changed as I answered, " No..but his wife is one of my best friends " Hubba always gets nervous whenever I get THAT look on my face.

We're on the same page Susanlynn.

My best friend of 45 years has had more heartache than should ever be given to one single person. A double mastectomy and a loving but extremely troubled drug addicted son are but a few issues.

She and her husband of 35 years separated twice over the years. The most recent has been the last year and a half. When he failed to pick her up for a date a few months ago, she became frantic trying to reach him. His family knew nothing. Finally the police called and told her that he had a heart attack and was in the hospital. When she got there, a woman sitting by his bed stood up and introduced herself. It was his girlfriend who he had been cheating on my friend with. For the last 17 years. the hospital staff assumed she was his wife (she brought him in) and she never corrected them. So they of course made no move to contact her. The girlfriend apparently felt his "real" family did not need to be informed as to what happened.

You can't make these sad stories up.

I congratulate your friend for taking the high road. I. Would. Not.


Hey all! You're most welcome! :)

RgvChick, I will not be able to do recaps but Julie, Anita and Adriana have promised to hold down the fort via recaps and/or discussion pages. I also encourage everyone here to help out with bullet points or small summaries (whenever possible) and lend some of your wonderful insight and wise-cracking humor to our patio ;)

It seems even more possible that El Dorado is a mystery woman and mystery woman is Realestela. It's probably only a matter of when it's discovered. Ryan is proactive and so is Laustela so if they can follow the trail of a dead man, I'm sure they will find something on Real Dorado.

I assume Tadeo will eventually end up at Furia but for now it's just a ZZZzzzz fest, especially now with Erasmo and Bonita back in the picture. Leticia just needs to get away from Tomas and I'm sure her story would be even more interesting.

If you love someone set them free.

If they come back they are truly yours.

If they do not come back

Hunt them down and kill them.

TN version of Richard Bach

Diana, what a devastating situation your friend experienced in addition to her other challenges. Some folks seem to get more than their share of heartache and challenges. Sometimes, life is stranger and harder than fiction, and no one gets a through without some sort of hardship or difficulty.

My friend is beautiful inside and out, but she won't date because she has been so hurt.

Alberto, we will miss your presence here.

Yikes, Kirby. Love means never having to say you're sorry. QTH? Love means always having by on say you're sorry.

Alfredo, I'll be glad to help out in any way I can. I wish you much rest, happiness and fun on your vacation and a safe return. Vaya con Dios.

SusanLynn, "Some folks seem to get more than their share of heartache and challenges." Very true, and it's only through good friends and strong faith that they overcome and continue...a day at a time.


"Where in the hell is she, I'm starving."

"I dunno, last time she went through the fly through she hit that sign, remember?"

"Look is that her?"

"Jeezo you're seeing things, that's a friggin buzzard."

LOL, Kirby, Mom lost her way?? or there's a very long line at McD :-)



Susanlynn, close friends are able to express the outrage and hurt our friends are unable to. I can tell you are a kind and caring friend. That is just who you are.

Alfredo, I'm so happy you will having a well deserved vacation! I hope it is restful and fun...You are the strong foundation of this incredible recapping team and will be very much missed. Safe travels and (selfishly) looking forward to your return.

Julie, Anita and Adriana - thank you in advance for filling in.

I doubt I will be able to contribute much but if there is, I will be happy to do so.

Kirby, very clever! :) Love the birdies.


Alfredo, great detailed recap, thanks.
Ryan better be careful walkin around in the snake pit.
Dumbnilo is more cocky than ever. Show
Of hands,who thinks dumbdumb dies in the end?. Mine is up, but I will be
Shocked if he's not.
Mercy is exhausted cuz they probably
"Burned the barn""all night long" Lol.
We'll the drama continues......

Thanks Alfredo.

When are you leaving, Alfredo? We will miss you!

Kirby, I foolishly went paging through your photo album thinking I had missed a picture of Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

Julie..Alfredo left a note at Piloto . He is going on vacation.

Diana, I am with you on Genesis cutting right to the chase. Is this really what is happening these days? The guys are now the ones being objectified? Maybe Steve felt pressured. He just met her!

I have to mention that the radio woman makes my ears bleed. Geez, that shrill voice !!


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