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La Piloto #73 6.15.17: In Which Yolanda Continues to Lose...

Hey all! This thing is far from over but this is my final recap as I am going on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Anita and Jardinera will either post a discussion page or recap in my absence but I encourage our amazing patio to contribute any way you can as we reach our final flight with Yolanda.

Thank you to my co-pilot, Jardinera, who first encouraged me to watch this, because I had no plans to, but was pleasantly surprised by the great acting, face paced story and relatable characters (despite a lot of dumb decisions along the way ;D) And I want to thank you all, our loyal commentors and passengers on this bumpy ride: Kirby, JudyB, Niecie, Carvivlie, Anita, Nett, Lynette, Steve, Vivi (for a little in the beginning there, hope you've kept up!) and many others who came and went. Hope to see you for another one and talk soon! :)


• Lizbeth arrives at the safe house and Arley instructs Lizbeth and Olivia to stay back while he and Yolanda go to the front door.
• Rosalba runs through the backfield with the baby and prays that everything will be okay because she has no idea where she is.

• Dave arrives as well with some policemen but thinks they should’ve brought more men, just in case. The driver reminds him that the police station wouldn’t have authorized more manpower without a clear objective, especially because they seem to be looking for a needle in a haystack. In fact, they may ask them to return any minute now. Just then, they receive a call from the police station: all units to report to the scene of a shootout in the southeast region. Dave asks the driver to step on it.
• John and the General continue to wait for the Consul but the General is pissed as they’ve been waiting for an hour when it should’ve been 15 minutes. John thinks it strange too as a news report comes on the TV, which states that there was an assassination attempt against the consul and all injured parties have been taken to the hospital except for one, who was pronounced dead, though their identity is unknown at the moment. John promises to investigate what happened but both assume Sinisterra is behind the attempt. John remembers his meeting with the Consul and the General where they plotted against Sinisterra.
• Santamaria walks into the safe house, gun drawn, and looks around. He radios his men but they have also found nothing. Santamaria tells them that there is no one in the house either but demands they keep looking. Just then, Zulima radios him and tells him that the police have arrived as well. He cocks his gun and continues looking through the house.
• A few feet away, by the entrance, Arley and Yolanda plan the best way to approach the safe house. They can’t go through the front, as Santamaria will kill them so they make a plan to go through the side and back windows and meet inside the house.
• Santamaria finds the nursery, empty and curses his luck. Just then, he looks out the window and sees Yolanda. She sees him as well and runs as Santamaria runs out the house to catch her.
• The baby starts to cry and Rosalba asks it to calm down lest they be caught. She hides behind a tree and tries to calm the baby down.
• Yolanda finds Arley at the side of the house and tells him that she saw Santamaria but he saw her too though Rosalba and the baby aren’t in the house. They hear sirens and Arley tells her they have to go but Yolanda wants to deal with Santamaria. Just then, Santamaria comes and begins to fire at them and both have no choice but to run.
• Yolanda begs the baby to quiet down and reminds him that the Virgin will protect them as they hear sirens. She tries to get him to stop by shaking a rattle in his face.
• Dave and the policemen look inside the safe house, room by room, but find nothing. His men confirm, via radio, that they have found nothing either.
• Arley and Yolanda arrive at the van and get in. Arley orders Lizbeth to leave as Santamaria finds them and begins to shoot at the windshield.
• Dave comes out of the safe house, gun drawn, and hears the gunshots. He races to see where they are coming from.
• Yolanda demands Lizbeth run Santamaria over and she pushes the gas pedal. Santamaria moves a few centimeters to the right but not enough to avoid the van, which hits him in his lower leg. He goes down and the van speeds away as Dave comes. He walks over to Santamaria and checks if he’s conscious before radioing his men that he needs help as he found Santamaria. Just then, Santamaria swipes Dave’s leg and he goes down as Santamaria runs away. Dave chases after him.
• The Consul, who was shot in the arm, puts on her sweater at the hospital as she gets a call from John. He is happy to hear tat she is alive and then puts her on loudspeaker so the General can hear her too. She reveals that one of her guards is dead and another is in surgery. She thinks it was Sinisterra who ordered the hit as she saw Gonzalez in the car that shot at them. The General wants to know how they will retaliate but they aren’t sure. However, they will have their revenge, as this was a declaration of war. John wants to know where Sinisterra lives and the Consul reveals that she knows as she’s visited his family more than once.
• Santamaria runs to the truck where Zulima is waiting and orders her to turn on the truck as Dave is after him. He gets in and they drive away as Dave comes running, too late to catch them.
• Some miles away, Arley orders Lizbeth to stop, as she’s too nervous to drive. Yolanda curses the fact that Santamaria was there as she could’ve rescued her aunt and the baby otherwise. Yolanda also feels it’s her fault that all this happened but they disagree. Lizbeth reiterates that no one should live through this hell as Olivia asks what happened. Yolanda explains that no one was in the house but she couldn’t look further as Santamaria saw her. Olivia thinks that’s good, as it means the baby and Rosalba are alive, and they all hope it’s true. Yolanda though is worried about the baby, which needs to be in an incubator. They ask the doctor how the baby’s health was and the doctor reveals that he had an infection and needed to be in the incubator. He notes that the humidity in the air may make things worse for him. Arley curses his luck but Yolanda asks him to have faith.
• The baby has finally stopped crying and Rosalba gets up and begins to run, hoping to find safety soon.
• Lizbeth thinks they should make a couple of more rounds around the area, lest Rosalba and the baby be close. She turns on the van and drives.
• Rosalba runs through a dirt road but is intercepted by Higuera, the main security guard, who warns her that it won’t be so easy to escape. She begs him to let her go but he orders her to walk unless she wants hers and the baby’s brain scattered all over the ground. Rosalba obliges.
• Lizbeth has stopped the van to rest. Yolanda, who stands, next to a wall, thinks about when Amanda first told them she was pregnant. She then thinks about when they first met the baby in the hospital and when Zulima confessed that she killed Amanda. She then remembers when they cried over Amanda’s body and kidnapped the baby to save it from the orphanage. She then thinks about when she and the other girls promised to take care of the baby and when Dave suggested she turn herself in. She cries as Olivia gets off the car with Lizbeth and asks what they will do now, as they have nothing. Lizbeth reminds her that they never had anything, except each other but Olivia worries about the future. She wonders if the cartel has Rosalba and the baby and if they will be able to renegotiate their employment. Yolanda shakes her head and tells them that they only have one option: to do what Dave said. Yolanda then remembers when she once told John about her fathers dead, which stemmed from his bad dealings with corrupt policemen so they could eat, and when Dave asked her to leave the narco life and she never did. She reiterates that they must turn themselves in.
• Sinisterra tells Mauricio that he is going to be the man of the house in Spain and needs to take care of his mother. Mauricio nods and then goes to Lorena, who hates the fact that she has to leave, but Sinisterra reminds her that it’s for the best. He then leaves with his security guard, to meet his lawyers at the police station, as Lorena looks on.
• John instructs his men on how to approach Sinisterra’s property and demands they shoot anyone who tries to escape. Just then, Zulima arrives with Santamaria and John teases him with the fact that he looks terrible. Santamaria looks faint and John calls for a doctor but Santamaria tells him it’s fine and asks why all the movement. John tells her that they are going to Sinisterra’s house and she wonders what they are going to do to him. John demands she stop asking questions and take care of Sinisterra before leaving.
• Sinisterra is in the car when he receives a call from Higuera, who he chides for calling him directly and asks that he call Gonzalez from now on. He asks him what he wants and Higuera explains that they stormed the safe house, both Lucio men and the police, and he managed to escape but they lost all their men. He then tells him that Rosalba tried to escape but he found her though the kid is sick. Sinisterra demands they make their way to Mexico City immediately and hangs up.
• A man is fixing his flat tire when Higuera comes and knocks the man out. Rosalba chides him for doing so, and asks that he help the man, but Higuera drags her and the baby inside the van and drives away.
• Lorena helps Mauricio pack, because he sucks at it, but Mauricio asks her to leave him be as he can do it himself. She doesn’t understand why he’s so angry about having to live in Spain but Mauricio just hates the fact that they are leaving their father alone. Lorena explains that the situation is dangerous and they’d help more if they were in Europe. Just then, they hear a gunshot and see one of the guards dead in the backyard. Lorena asks Mauricio to stay in the room as she goes to investigate. She makes her way to the living room and sees Pirana standing over a dead body. She remembers when Sinisterra told her that the situation is dangerous, runs back to Mauricio’s room and tells him that they came to kill them. They make their way to the backyard through the back door and go through the side of the house as Pirana runs after them, inside the house, after seeing them through the glass walls. He cocks his gun, aims at them but isn’t able to get a good shot. They reach the car in the driveway and Mauricio picks up the gun of the dead bodyguard before getting inside. Pirana manages to get to the garage but Mauricio shoots at him as Lorena drives off. Pirana fires off several shots and chases after the car but isn’t able to reach them as they drive away.
• Sinisterra arrives at the police station when he receives a call from a hysterical Lorena, who reveals that Mauricio is dead. Sinisterra drops his phone on the ground and cries.
• John goes to visit Wilmer and congratulates him for surviving as long as he did though he serves no purpose now. He laments Wilmer’s wasted talent, takes out his gun and cocks it before pointing it as Wilmer, who droops his head, waiting for the bullet.
• Moments later, John, having reconsidered Wilmer’s usefulness orders him untied and takes him to his office. He has heard that Wilmer is good and, if he does as he’s told, he will be very successful. Wilmer begs him to let him go and he won’t say anything but John shakes his head. He instead proposes that Wilmer do something for him and he will not die: hack the Mexican Air Force servers. Wilmer tells him it’s impossible but John reminds him that he must do it or suffer the consequences. Wilmer tells him that he needs to download the right software but it might take a while. John asks him to hurry as he doesn’t have time and encourages him to work as fast as possible.
• Pirana asks the driver to stop in a corner and then calls John to tell him that they killed all of Sinisterra’s bodyguards and his son though Lorena escaped. John nods and then hangs up.
• The girls arrive at the hotel room and find Estela lounging about. Estela tells them that she was worried about them and Yolanda confesses that she was right about Zulima, for once. Estela smiles and then realizes that their operation went awry as their faces say it all. Yolanda explains that Rosalba and the baby weren’t there and assumes the guards took them during the shootout. Estela asks if she thinks they are dead but Olivia chides her for being so negative, Yolanda explains that she couldn’t look for them as Santamaria caught them but she hopes they are okay. Estela then tells that she heard on the news that Sinisterra’s son was killed. All the girls are quiet.
• Sinisterra goes into his son’s room at the hospital and finds Lorena crying over his dead body. Sinisterra begs Mauricio for forgiveness and goes to comfort Lorena, who blames him for Mauricio’s death. Sinisterra asks her to listen but Lorena hits him in the chest and cries. She screams that she hates him and asks him to leave. Sinisterra obliges and it is revealed that Mauricio was shot in the throat.
• The Consul is getting ready to leave the hospital when she receives a call from John, who tells her that Mauricio is dead. The Consul already knows, especially because he landed in the same hospital and is scared of what Sinisterra may do if he saw her. John will send her Pirana so he can protect her and then hangs up.
• Sinisterra holds a press conference at the police station and tells the reporters that his son was shot dead. As a father, citizen and public servant, he is appalled by the violence, which hit so close to home. One reporter asks if he knows who it was and Sinisterra announces that it was a professional assassin, possibly sent by John Lucio, who has already tried to destroy his reputation. Sinisterra vows to destroy John, no matter what he does, and destroy the narcos of Mexico. Everyone in attendance clap as Raul and Dave, who stand in the back, shakes their heads.
• John asks Wilmer if he’s in the server but Wilmer shakes his head. He tells him that it’s near impossible to hack the Air Force but John takes out his gun and warns him of what can happen if he doesn’t do it. Wilmer reveals that he’s able to do it, as Santamaria nods, and then John asks him to get out before they trace it back to them. He smiles and welcomes Wilmer to the Cartel de las Sombras. Santamaria tells him that his first job is to find Yolanda though Wilmer doesn’t know how. John asks him to not sell himself short, especially after all he’s done, and Wilmer agrees to locate them though it will take some time. John thanks him as Zulima and Santamaria look on.
• Maria, on of Ruben’s girl, brings him a drink as he receives a call. It’s Yolanda, who apologizes for not calling him sooner but she can’t find Zulima. Ruben tells him not to worry as her boss, a very refined man, already paid him the money they owed and bought the plane she took. Yolanda is surprised but nods and Ruben asks her when the next round is as his merchandise is the best. Yolanda tells him that she will cal later and hangs up. She then remembers when she first spoke to Vergara, who told her that she would talk to him directly but never to the boss.
• Sinisterra arrives home and calls Benavides to explain the situation. Benavides tells him that he will be in a bunker by tomorrow for safety reasons. Sinisterra hangs up and tells Lorena, who is almost catatonic, and announces that she will go to Madrid, as planned, after Mauricio’s funeral. Just then, Gonzalez comes ad announces that Higuera has arrived with Rosalba and the baby. Sinisterra asks him to let them through so he can think of something. He then asks Gonzalez to be vigilant, as no one can know Rosalba’s whereabouts. Lorena looks at a picture of Mauricio and cries.
• Gonzalez goes to the garage with Sinisterra as Higuera gets off the truck and gives Sinisterra his condolences for Mauricio. Sinisterra tells him not to worry as his war with the Lucios and the Consul has barely begun. From inside the van, Rosalba looks around, afraid and worried…


Thanks, Alfredo. Great job. Have a wonderful vacation! I (selfishly) hope you'll be able to pop in and comment before this wild rollercoaster ends.

So Yoli decides they should turn themselves into Dave, just as Dave proves once and for all that he's no match for Col. S&M. Really Dave, you just stand real close looking at the man on the ground when you know how murderous and crafty he is?

#WaitWhat? Vacation ? Nooooooooo........................
Thanks ten times for all your clever recaps and contributions on the patio Alfredo. This story is so fast and convoluted that without your help I would be mired in the who? what? and scratching my head.

Niecie you are so right. even before SM did the leg whip I was thinking "Dave, get some cuffs on this alligator, he might not be hurt too badly just being bumped by that van at low speed. You can call your girlfriend later."

Did you catch Zooli drumming her nails on the wall over Johnny and Sonny? That witch is a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse.

Alfredo, thank you very much for your great recaps and helping us sort out all of the characters. I was rereading your recap and realize how much I missed. I'm impressed how you manage to sort out the names of all of these characters. Have a great vacation. So what are the Girls going to do now? Obviously they should get out of the narco business but where to go? Dave is so ineffective that they would likely be in more danger with him! Its all out war between John and Co and Sinisterra. I wonder how much his wife was aware of his narco business.

Alfredo, happy vacation - are you going anywhere interesting that you choose to share. Please drop in if possible - and thanks.

Niecie: Karma striking President-elect Sinisterria BIGLY as his son, Mauricio got whacked (see Daddy Cabral losing his son, Emiliano in Telemundo's "LA DONA").

Lorena going to Spain by herself ? I saw the previews for tonight's episode showing her with Amanda's baby.

Alfredo: Good luck with the vacation.

Kirby: Dave is WORTHLESS!

I meant to ask - what happened to Arley? Did he give up on the girls as they could not find the baby?

Alfredo, amigo mio, I can't think of anybody who deserves a vacation more than you do. Multiple recaps of multiple telenovelas every week, plus always thanking and appreciating your commenters. You're an amazing guy and I hope you have the most fabulous vacation every, with perfect weather, perfect meals and perfect experiences overall.

In the meantime, the murder and mayhem will continue!


1.) Daddy Cadena

2.) One of the Smugglers

3.) Amanda Cuadrado AKA Flight Girl #1

4.) DEA Agent Dean Simpson

5.) Several of the Mexican Law Enforcement Authorities

6.) DEA Special Agent Baker

7.) Sergeant Rubio

8.) Oscar Lucio

9.) The Pilot of the Downed Plane

10.) DEA Agent #2

11.) The Groundskeeper at the AerosTour

12.) Monica's Sister

13.) Raul's Father

14.) S&M Sergeant

15.) Yoli's Sex Fiend Uncle AKA The Sex Addict

16.) Zeki's Family

17.) Zeki Gilmas

18.) The Jeep Driver

19.) The Medic

20.) One of the Young Soldiers helping Yoli

21.) Chief of Staff Vergara

22.) The Farmer at the Greenhouse

23.) Ruiz

24.) DEA Special Agent-In-Charge Joseph Montgomery

25.) Kidnapped DEA Agent

26.) Teresa the Nice Prostitute

27.) Rosalba's Neighbor

28.) Cindy

29.) Cindy's Mother

30.) Roberto

31.) Olivia's Father

32.) Olivia's Brother

33.) S&M Backup Team

34.) The Bodyguards at the Safehouse

35.) The Consul's Bodyguard

36.) The Mechanic fixing his van

37.) The Sinisterria Security Detail

38.) Mauricio Sinisterria



I'm behind in my episode watching. Going to try to catch up this weekend. I hope you get a chance to watch the last episodes when you get back from your holiday.

Is Dave incapable of catching anyone alive? How many people have escaped from him?

I must admit I don't have any interest in Sinisterria, his people, the Consul etc. I really only care about those that have been here from the beginning and SM, who I hope has a grisly death.

Is Monica on vacation?
I am actually glad they are not boring us with unrelated side stories like they are in Double Life with the Lets.

You're welcome, everyone! It's been a pleasure to pilot this novela. I do hope to at least watch during those vacation air times as there is less than two weeks left. Save some mayhem and witty commentary for the final episode recap ;)

Btw, how great was the chase scene through Sinisterra's house. It was visually stimulating and well done. Great camerawork. Idk if anyone has been watching nvoelas long enough but Lorena is played by Adriana Nieto, who we last saw in Locura de Amor in 2000 but got replaced by Iran Castillo 3 weeks before the end after several spats with Juan Soler. Funny to see her back here.

Lynette, I'm visiting Canada. Hopefully I bring back some exciting stories though not as exciting as Yolanda lol

Looks like the baby will be adopted by the Sinisterria's.

Alfredo I watched this the first few weeks, but then I lost interest cuz of
The narco thing was Takin over, and I
Couldn't stand Oscar. But he finally
Bit the dust. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. He was so cold blooded
And jealous of yolanda. He died trying kill her. Jerk. Now to see zulima get
Hers. What A nasty b...witch she is.
O hell I'll just say it,she's a bitch
To the tenth power. And even John saw it and didn't give a damn, he was just enjoying the service that she was giving him. Yuck!!!
And that sweet little baby has only been here two weeks? And his life has been very action packed. Zulima killed
The mother. there's a special place in hell just for her.

After this is over I'd really like to see one of those good old-fashioned Romance tns that does not have a lot of blood, but the bad guys get theirs
And the galan and the galanette have a happily ever after, or a happy ending atleast, but not all that crazy stuff like VEA. Just enough to keep me very interested.

Enjoy your vacation Alfredo :)

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