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La Piloto #72 6.14.17: In Which Yolanda Plans to Rescue Her Family...

• Santamaria arrives at Lucio headquarters. Zulima thinks it’s a pigsty but Santamaria chides her for complaining. Zulima then suggests they take back the Mediterranean Club from las Sombras, so they can be more relaxed, but Santamaria reveals that there was a shootout, which the club is useless but Lizbeth and Olivia managed to escape though he managed to kidnap Wilmer. Zulima reveals that he is Olivia’s boyfriend and Santamaria is shocked. He explains that he brought Wilmer in order to obtain information about the girls and he thinks Zulima may be able to help him with that. Zulima asks how and Santamaria asks her to act like she’s his prisoner, get information out of Wilmer and tell him that they will both die if he doesn’t talk. Zulima agrees and Santamaria punches her in the face, so it can look real, though she is pissed. He shrugs and asks her to follow him to where he’s keeping Wilmer.
• In his house, Santamaria converses with Quiroga, the Governor, who saw his news report, but wonders how effective his strategy may be. Sinisterra thinks it will work and his lawyers will take care of the rest. Quiroga has no doubt but they have to talk about the General and the Consul. Sinisterra believes they sold him out and Quiroga notes that the cartel is divided and they are in trouble. Sinisterra doesn’t care, especially because he doesn’t think both of them will attack him and Quiroga. Sinisterra agrees and vows to destroy anyone who goes up against them.

• Wilmer, now convalescing, remembers his first kiss and first time with Olivia. Just then, Santamaria comes and pushes Zulima, who has a bloody lip and her hands are tied up, into the room. He tells Wilmer that he has company before slamming the door closed.
• The Federal police arrive with Dave and Raul at the clandestine airstrip. They surround the area and get ready for an attack.
• Lorena tells Sinisterra that she doesn’t want to leave him alone with the whole mess but he explains that he will feel better if she and Mauricio were out of the country. She nods and leaves as he calls Gonzalez.
• In Colombia, Ruben, who is chugging alcohol, picks up Gonzalez’s ringing phone and demands to know who is calling him. Gonzalez, who is tied up, answers that it is his boss. Ruben answers and holds the phone up to Gonzalez, who explains that Zulima betrayed them, stole the merchandise and money and left them stranded in Colombia. Sinisterra vows to get even but asks Gonzalez to come back ASAP so he can replace Vergara, who died. Gonzalez explains that he stayed behind as collateral to make sure Yolanda comes back with all the missing money. Sinisterra asks to speak to Ruben, who tells him the amount of money he would need to buy Gonzalez’s freedom.
• Dave looks around the hanger with Raul. He is sure the airstrip was used for drug deals but Raul wonders if Yolanda used it. Dave remembers their conversation about her decision and assumes it was though someone must have found the airstrip if she called the police so they could raid it. Raul wonders who did and Dave explains that the call said a Lucio airplane was nearby so it must be John or Santamaria. Raul wonders if Wilmer took them to the airstrip but Dave isn’t sure. Just then, an agent comes and lets him know that they found several bodies hidden on the property.
• Yolanda arrives at the Mediterranean Club but finds it closed. She walks around the property and tries to find out what happened.
• Olivia curses the fact that they have no news on Wilmer or Yolanda as Estela tells her to raise the volume on TV. A news report plays regarding the shootout at the clandestine airstrip and Olivia wonders if Wilmer was involved. Estela shakes her head because she’s sure it was Zulima, who betrayed Yolanda. Olivia agrees that it’s a possibly but asks Estela to stay close to the phone as she may know where to find Yolanda. She leaves as Estela calls room service for another bottle of rum.
• Wilmer asks Zulima what she is doing there and she explains that she and Yolanda were landing when Santamaria came with John and kidnapped her. Wilmer wonders how they found the airstrip, as he never said anything, but Zulima shakes her head. She cries and reveals that they also kidnapped Yolanda but they are holding her elsewhere. She hopes they are treating Yolanda good and Wilmer hopes so too but remembers when Raul called to tell them Zulima’s prints were in the truck that ran over Amanda. Zulima then asks how he got there and Wilmer tells her about the shootout at the club and how Santamaria kidnapped him. Zulima calls Santamaria a pig and asks why he is looking at her like that. Wilmer reveals that they know she killed Amanda as Zulima remembers when she did. She then begins to cry and admits that she did but it was an accident. She was arguing with Amanda, who was very stressed, and asked her to calm down but Amanda didn’t listen. Zulima explains that it was a mistake but Wilmer reminds her that she left her there on the street. Zulima explains that she was in shock and didn’t want to go to jail. She continues to cry and admits that she feels guilty, especially because she loved Amanda. Wilmer is quiet as Zulima goes to cry in a corner.
• Yolanda is at the park but the Club when Olivia comes and they hug. Olivia tells her about what happened at the Club and reveals that Santamaria has Wilmer. Yolanda asks if she knows where Wilmer may be but Olivia doesn’t know. Olivia then asks about Zulima and Yolanda tells her what happened in Colombia and at the airstrip. Yolanda is shocked that Zulima killed Amanda, was with John for the five months they were apart, and even told John that she sold him to the DEA. Yolanda blames Zulima for all their troubles and they both agree that she must pay. Olivia then asks about LA Consentida but Yolanda has no idea where it is. Olivia does have one piece of good news: they have a lead to where Rosalba and Amanda’s baby may be and Arley and Lizbeth went to find them. Yolanda smiles and then they go running off, back to the hotel.
• Zulima asks where the girls and Estela are but he doesn’t answer, despite the fact that she even begs. He then reveals that they escaped the Club with Arley and Dave but he doesn’t know where they are. Zulima is surprised that Arley and Dave are working together but Zulima remembers when she offered to help Santamaria find Yolanda. Wilmer worries about Olivia and everyone else as Zulima tells him that they will all likely be captured then tortured and killed. Wilmer confesses that he doesn’t want to die but Zulima is quiet.
• In the South of Mexico, Arley and Lizbeth arrive at the safe house in a van. Lizbeth asks if that is the safe house he remembers and Arley tells her that it looks like. He then tells her to get out of the car and see how many guards are around the perimeter.
• Wilmer cries and remembers the first time he saw Olivia outside of the telecommunications company. Zulima is quiet as Wilmer confesses that he never thought she would like but she did. Zulima agrees, especially because Olivia deserves some happiness after all the tragedy in her life, but Wilmer worries that he won’t see her again. Zulima thinks he must be really in love to follow her everywhere, no matter what. Just then, Santamaria comes in and asks Wilmer if he told Zulima all he did to him. Wilmer is quiet and Santamaria orders Zulima to stand up as they are leaving. He pushes her out the door as Zulima asks him to let her go. Wilmer continues to cry.
• Sinisterra tells Gonzalez about Zulima’s betrayal and how it took him by surprise. Gonzalez nods and thanks him for sending Ruben the money to get him out of Colombia. Sinisterra thinks the Colombians are easy as they respond to money and Gonzalez asks if they will lose that money now. Sinisterra shakes his head and explains that Yolanda will have to give him back that money but he first needs Gonzalez, as the new Vergara, to take care of some pending business with the Consul. He orders Gonzalez to look for her at the embassy first and go from there. Just then, Mauricio comes and asks if he just ordered the Consul’s execution.
• Santamaria unties Zulima and sits her down at a table far away from Wilmer’s cell. She calls him a beast but he hopes enough for him to take pity on her. She nods and explains that Arley was the one who rescued them at the Club and he is dangerous. Santamaria doesn’t care about that, as he will kill whomever, but wants to know if she knows anything about Yolanda. Zulima shakes her head but she does know where Rosalba and the baby are being kept.
• Rosalba asks the doctor about the baby’s condition after the infection but he assumes it was such a product of the situation they are currently in though it should pass soon. He explains that the bacterium has built up in their locked room but the guard asks him to give them a prescription and leave. The doctor obliges as Rosalba chides the guard for not letting the doctor give them the medicine. The guard tells her that he doesn’t make the rules and leaves as Rosalba tells the baby that she will pray for him.
• Lizbeth and Arley get in the van and he confirms that it is the right safe house but they need to find a way in. He notes that they can attack with guns, as Rosalba and the baby may die, so Lizbeth suggests they call the police. Arley doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Lizbeth then gets a call from Olivia, who explains that she is with Yolanda and they are on their way to the safe house. Lizbeth explains that there is too much security, and they haven’t confirmed if Rosalba and the baby are there. Yolanda asks her to find a safe place for them to talk and then send her the coordinates. Lizbeth agrees and they hang up.
• Dave and Raul are fustrated over the lack of activity on Rosalba’s and the baby’s rescue. He can’t stay there and wait so he will travel south until he finds the safe house and Raul will stay there to keep him updated. Raul agrees and Dave leaves.
• Arley and Lizbeth see the doctor come out of the safe house and he suggests they follow him, kidnap him and pump him for information on Rosalba and the baby. Lizbeth obliges and goes.
• John arrives at Lucio headquarters and Zulima tells him that she was worried though John doubts it. Santamaria then reveals that Zulima knows where Rosalba and the baby are, which may lead them to Yolanda, and Zulima explains that it is the safe house in the south. John asks why they would be there and Zulima explains that they were used as leverage to force Yolanda to work for El Cartel de las Sombras. John asks whose baby it is and Zulima explains that it is Arley’s and Amanda’s. John smiles and tells them that those two may come in handy though Zulima reminds them that the place will be full of security. Santamaria doesn’t care bout that and John orders him and Zulima to go to the safe house and he will stay behind with the Consul. He leaves as Zulima remembers when she caught John in bed with the Consul.
• Lizbeth cuts the doctor off and Arley gets off the car, gun in hand. He tells the man to get out of his car and pushes him into the van at gunpoint before leaving.
• John calls the Consul, who is on her way but got sidetracked by a meeting between all the countries at the embassy regarding Sinisterra. John assumes they are worried about him becoming president and the Consul agrees. John asks if the video he leaked did no damage but she explains that Sinisterra that it was all a complot by the opposition. He asks that she come, ASAP, so they can discuss how to get ahead of the situation. She will but wants to celebrate their new alliance as well. John agrees and asks her to come before hanging up.
• Outside the embassy, the Consul gets into her car as a van drives by and shoots at the car. Everyone goes down as the van drives away.
• Lizbeth stops the van and Arley demands the doctor get out. Arley points the gun at his head and demands to know who is in the safe house. The doctor explains that there is an older woman and baby but the place is heavily guarded and it would suicide to go in there. Arley doesn’t care, as he has to go get his son, and Lizbeth reminds him that Yolanda and Olivia are waiting for them. Arley nods and ask the doctor if he knows about a back door or secret passage to the safe house. The doctor is quiet and Arley realizes that he does. He asks the doctor to get back in the van and they drive away.
• Olivia and Yolanda wait for Lizbeth’s message. When they receive it, Olivia directs Yolanda, who continues to drive.
• Zulima also looks at the coordinates that John provided to the safe house as she drives and Santamaria rests his head. She tells him that they are less than an hour away but Santamaria wants to know how they will get inside the safe house. Zulima explains that there is a backfield by which they can go inside unnoticed and Santamaria asks her to stay in the car as he goes to kidnap Rosalba and the baby. He then instructs his sicario, in the back seat, to shoot everyone on sight that isn’t their target.
• Olivia and Yolanda arrive and hug Lizbeth and Arley. Yolanda asks about the doctor and Arley explains that they kidnapped him so they could information out of him. Lizbeth explains that Rosalba and the baby are there but there are 8 guards and Arley thinks that may be difficult for them to fight against. Lizbeth suggests they call the police but Yolanda shakes her head and reminds them that Rosalba and the baby may be in danger if they do. Yolanda thinks they should look around first and they all agree before piling into the van and driving to the safe house.
• Some time later, as the sun rises, Rosalba coddles the baby and sees that his fever has broke. She thanks her lucky stars but then frowns as she hears a car approach the safe house. She opens the bedroom door and sees the guards getting ready. The guards all radio each other to be alert as there is an unknown truck on the property, and cock their guns.
• By the field, Santamaria sees two guards with weapons and orders his men to open fire. A shootout ensues as the guards inside the house order an evacuation.
• Lizbeth arrives at the safe house and hear the gunshots. Everyone worries that they have been reported to the police but Arley doesn’t care. He cocks his gun and asks Lizbeth to continue moving forward.
• Santamaria runs toward on of the guards and shoots him in the head as the man tries to reach for his weapon. He continues to walk toward the house.
• Rosalba, having heard the gun fight, grabs the baby’s things and carries him out of the room. She prays that they are safe as they make their way through the house…


Thanks Alfredo for filling in the gaps with my limited knowledge of Spanish. Is the consul dead? Its amazing how all parties arrive at the place where the shootout is to occur at the same time. Now we have Arley and the Girls, SantaMaria and Zuli - and David appears with his gun at the ready. I don't recall if David was ever able to shoot or capture anyone. When Monica finally gets out of Jail, he should retire with her to the countryside.

Thanks Mr Speedy. Another great one.
Yeah Lynette, Dave should check to see if they are giving him real bullets!
Only having one eye destroys your depth perception among other things and S&M can outshoot DEADave all day long. I mean this guy never misses! Dave never hits anything except buildings and cars..

Monica? Oh her ! Yeah, she must be on vacation.

I just keep waiting for one of the baddies to turn on the other one. Isn't it about time for Zooli's luck to change?
And where in the devil did they hide La Constepation or whatever the beautiful plane's name is? It is not like you just put it in someone's backyard and close the gate.

I also noticed that Ruben survived his mysterious trip from the copilots seat at 1500 feet with Yoli to his normal headquarters without a scratch. They have something like that on Star Trek too.

We finally see Sinister's wife and kid and they apparently are fully aware of Pop's dirty life. El Nino does not seem to be too all fired happy about his Dad's 'hobby'. Hmmm I wonder.... will the Son of Sinister be the straw that breaks the camel's back? He was surely taken aback when he overheard Sinister-elect put out the hit on Sonia.

Kirby: President-elect Sinisterria will NOT be going down anytime soon. His wife & kid are complicit in his corrupt lifestyle!

Lynette: Are we're sure the Consul got whacked last night ?

Steve, I am wondering about the consul myself. I think that Sinisterria put out a hit for her and there was some kind of shootout. I'm not sure if she survived. She and John are the ones who could definitively bring down Sinisterria but then she was also part of the drug ring - and John's lover (one of many :))

Steve it is my impression that they are purposefully not saying whether she was killed or not. It was definitely a hit ordered by Sinister, and carried out by Gonzalez and others.

Sinisterra reimbursed Ruben for the money Zooli (but they think Yoli) stole and got Gonzalez returned, then as soon as he was back and replaced Vergara his first assignment was to whack the Consul Sonia. I suspect she is alive. It appeared she had gotten far enough into the car to maybe have been protected by it.

Thanks, Alfredo.

Poor baby still has no name. I don't want to see Zuli or Col. S&M anywhere near him.

Wilmer must've been zonked out of his mind by torture to buy Zuli's story.

Do we know where Arley is from? He says "Simón!" like some folks would say "maldita sea!"


1.) Yoli's Father

2.) One of the Smugglers

3.) Amanda AKA Flight Girl #1

4.) DEA Agent Simpson: His corrupt ass deserved it!

5.) Several of the Mexican Federal Law Enforcement Authorities

6.) DEA Special Agent Baker

7.) Sergeant Rubio

8.) Oscar Lucio: GOOD RIDDANCE!

9.) The Pilot of the Downed Plane

10.) DEA Agent #2

11.) The Groundskeeper at the AerosTour

12.) Monica's Sister

13.) Raul's Father

14.) S&M Sergeant

15.) Yoli's Sex Fiend Uncle AKA The Sex Addict

16.) Zeki's Family

17.) Zeki

18.) The Jeep Driver

19.) The Medic

20.) One of the Young Soldiers helping Yoli

21.) Chief of Staff Vergara

22.) The Farmer at the Greenhouse

23.) Ruiz

24.) DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Montgomery

25.) Kidnapped DEA Agent

26.) Teresa the Nice Prostitute

27.) Rosalba's Neighbor

28.) Cindy

29.) Cindy's Mother

30.) Roberto

31.) Olivia's Father

32.) Olivia's Brother

33.) The Consul's Bodyguard

34.) S&M Backup Team

35.) The Bodyguards at the Safehouse


Niecie, I don't think that Wilmer bought Zuli's story. There were flashbacks of him remembering discussions of her killing Amanda. I think that S&M told Zuli to stay in the car. The baby not having a name is the least of its worries especially if S&M captures it.

Unfortunately I do think Wilmer got suckered by Zuli. Otherwise he would not have given the valuable info regarding tia and the baby's location. I'm so over Zuli and her winning ways. Not a fan of male on female violence but when mi Col slugged Zuli...I was waiting on a few more slaps across her face. But hey...she is a trooper. She took it and wnt on with her orders.

Now when Zuli told Wilmer backing over Amanda was an accident...he should have asked her to explain why she went to the hospital to finish the job.


Thanks Nett for the information. I must have missed this when I was flipping channels. Sometimes all of the violence gets to me.

Hey all and thanks for stopping by!

I feel the worse for Rosalba as she literally has nothing to do with any of this but she is constantly on the run and/or kidnapped. And she's not even a horrible person like Estela so this is just mean spirited.

As for Wilmer, he knows Zulima killed Amanda (because she ran her over) but they still think she died of respiratory failure at the hospital. I think, since Zulima rambled on in her endless villainess confession, that she killed Amanda later at the hospital but only Yolanda heard that and then relayed it to Lizbeth and Olivia when Wilmer was already kidnapped. So Zulima played the guilt card and said she ran her over by accident but he's not aware that she went back tot he hospital to finish the job so he believed her sob story.

Ig anyone deserve a punch to the face it's Zulima. Yolanda got one and so did Santamaria. I hope Lizbeth and Olivia get one before the knockout.

Alfredo: We'll find out soon enough.

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