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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #28 6.14.17: Even the Best Laid Plans Go Awry, Especially with an Idiot at the Center

• Laustela reiterates that she only does as she’s told and Asdrubal lets her go. He then nods and Talisman stuffs a gun in Danilo’s mouth and asks if he kills him. Asdrubal prefers to call El Dorado first and pulls out his cell phone as Danilo tells them that El Dorado will vouch for him and explain what happened.
• Rita is cleaning the front porch when Fausto comes and explains that Laustela told him to come back in a few days and see if she could get him a job at the house. Rita tells him that she can’t help him because Laustela and Ryan are no longer together and she left to god knows where. She then leaves as Fausto curses his luck.
• Asdrubal talks to El Dorado and promises to take care of the situation. He hangs up and Talisman points a gun at Danilo’s privates as another sicario threatens to slash Laustela’ throat. She reminds them that she has a daughter but Danilo confesses that El Dorado was the one who told him to branch out in the first place. He suggested that he reach out to Porfirio and get rid of Marcelino’s cartel in Torre Blanca. Talisman then punches Danilo and Asdrubal chides Danilo for talking to El Dorado behind their backs, despite his many warnings. Danilo begs them to let Laustela go and Asdrubal obliges but reminds Laustela to keep her mouth shut or they will kill Paloma.

• Talisman blindfolds Laustela and sits her down in a car. He orders the driver to go with Laustela till the highway and then leave before telling Laustela that the car is a gift from El Dorado. She tries to argue but Talisman thinks she should be grateful before ordering the driver to leave.
• Genesis tells Leticia that she will consider a job for Tomas, though she isn’t sure they have any opening. Tomas thinks it’s great they will work together so he can take care of her if there be bad men at Furia. Leticia seems uncomfortable and Genesis states that there are no bad men at Furia so he has nothing to worry about. Leticia tells her that Tomas is a little stressed because they really need the job and Genesis promises to let he know ASAP.
• Laustela arrives home and offers to take Paloma to the movies. Rosario confesses that she was worried when she didn’t find her at home but Laustela takes them to the car without another word. Rosario asks where she got the car from but Laustela asks her to get in the car, no questions asked, and stay at the mall for a couple of hours while she takes care of something. Rosario wants to know what it is but Laustela asks her to be patient. Laustela then receives a call from Ryan but ignores the call and will call him back later.
• Ryan leaves a third message on Laustela’s phone to call him back ASAP as Mercy walks in and explains that she can’t think of anything to save the company’s reputation though she’s happy that the Danilo situation has helped to fix their own relationship, especially after the fake robbery reveal. Ryan prefers not to talk about that but reveals that he only forgave her because Laustela wanted him to. Mercy thinks it’s ridiculous that she must thank Laustela for everything but Ryan tells her that she doesn’t have to though he suggests she apologize to Rita, who went back to work that morning. Just then, Laustela calls Ryan back and asks to see him ASAP because they have a lot of things to discuss. Ryan reveals that he knows about the money laundering and Laustela is quiet.
• Danilo, now dripping blood from his lip, is taunted and berated by Asdrubal, who asks him how he prefers to die. Danilo is quiet, thinking about the possibilities, but then tells him to do what he must. Asdrubal nods and tells him that El Dorado will give him another opportunity but he must kill someone first: a life for a life. Danilo asks whom he must kill.
• Laustela meets Ryan at the condominium and tells him everything that happened. She is worried that Marcelino’s people think she works for Porfirio but Ryan asks her not to worry. He does ask if Danilo blackmailed her into helping him launder money and Laustela nods. Ryan thinks that either the drug cartels will kill Danilo or he will, especially after all he’s done. He hopes Danilo has let a paper trail of his own but Laustela reminds him that they are all implicated. Either way, the most dangerous thing is the people behind Danilo, the ones who are about to kill him. Ryan doesn’t think she should worry about him but Laustela prefers he go to jail, after telling the police that he was solely responsible for the money laundering. Ryan thinks Danilo deserves what he gets but Laustela reveals that they let her go because Danilo asked them to do. She also doesn’t think the cartels would leave her alone even if Danilo were dead. She suggests they talk to El Dorado directly but Ryan doesn’t want to negotiate with criminals and prefers they escape. Laustela is tired of running and living in fear; she suggests they find a way to cleanse Furia of organized crime without El Dorado finding out. She then wonders about Danilo and Ryan thinks they should wait to hear from him and not get ahead of themselves. Laustela then gets up to leave, as Rosario and Paloma may be restless, but Ryan offers to go with her. Laustela thinks it may be dangerous, lest they’re being watch and Ryan agrees. He kisses her, passionately, and then lets her go.
• That night, Laustela waits by the window for Danilo to come home but Rosario confesses that she will sleep soundly even if he doesn’t because they will be free. Laustela reminds her that Danilo’s death won’t solve anything, as El Dorado, Porfirio and Marcelino will still be after her. She will ask El Dorado for protection first thing tomorrow but Rosario asks if Ryan knows. Laustela didn’t tell him but she asks Rosario to take care of Paloma lest she not come back. Just then, they see a car arrive with and Calao inside. Rosario laughs at the fact that a bad seed never dies and goes to see Paloma.
• Danilo, with a swollen lip, and Calao walk inside the house. Calao offers to kill the target but Danilo explains that Asdrubal wants Danilo to do it personally or they’ll be hell to pay. Calao shakes his head as Laustela comes and Danilo asks Calao to wait outside. Danilo teases Laustela for thinking he may die but Laustela demands they do something, quickly, and unite forces with Ryan to bring down the cartels. Danilo wonders how they will do that and Laustela suggests they report the cartels to the police and explain that they were forced to launder the money. Danilo asks what she will do if they deport her but Laustela doesn’t know; she suggests that they make a deal with the police but Danilo reminds her that the real money is with the cartel. Laustela is surprised that he only cares about money, especially since he almost died, but Danilo thinks she is smart for some things but dumb for others. He then tells her that he has some pressing business and leaves.
• At Furia, after hours, Mercy thanks Joe protecting her from Danilo and his money laundering operation. She asks if Danilo blackmailed him with their relationship and he nods. Mercy realizes that Joe wanted to tell Ryan the truth so Danilo would have no leverage though Joe thinks that would still be the best course of action. Mercy nods and apologizes for treating him badly when she didn’t know why he wanted to tell Ryan the truth. She then kisses him and Joe kisses her back.
• Danilo and Calao arrive at their target’s house and they agree that they need to be in and out in three minutes. Calao takes a hit of cocaine before offering some to Danilo, who takes it as well. Danilo then gets out of the car and walks toward the house.
• Joe begs Mercy to tell him what she wants so they can be together, and out in the open, but Mercy reminds him that their age difference is too great. Joe thinks that it’s not important but Mercy explains that she will be old and wrecked in a few years and he will be a handsome, salt and pepper dad who will drive the girls wild. Joe asks her to not get ahead of herself, as he may love her forever, but Mercy wants to know why he will stay with her forever, especially when he can have a younger woman. Joe tells her that he already has a young wife and now wants to be with her. She kisses him but worries that Ryan will never forgive her when he finds out that they were lovers since Walter was alive. Joe thinks they should leave out that detail but he needs to know if she loves him as much as he loves her. Mercy asks if this is sufficient proof before kissing him again. Ryan walks in at that moment and catches them.
• Calao waits for Danilo outside the house but doesn’t notice Laustela arrive behind them.
• Danilo walks into the bedroom of his target, who hears him and tries to turn on the light, but Danilo shoots him first. The target falls and Danilo fires several shots into his back. When the target has stopped moving, Danilo turns him around and finally sees who he was sent to kill: Lucio Galvan. He is shocked.
• Joe explains that he was going to tell Ryan everything about his relationship with Mercy but Ryan chides them for betraying his trust and demands to know how long they’ve been together. Mercy tells him that it’s not important but Ryan realizes that Mercy has been with Joe since before Walter’s death. Mercy reminds him that Walter cheated on her for years but Ryan reminds her that he was honest about it, unlike them. Mercy doesn’t think there’s a difference but, either way, Walter knew about her relationship with Joe and didn’t care. Ryan realizes that Walter left Danilo the shares that were meant for Mercy, as revenge, and worries that he even died of disappointment. Joe tries to explain himself but Ryan doesn’t want to hear it: he was Walter’s prodigy and betrayed him with his own wife.
• Danilo throws up at the foot of the bed as Calao comes and tells him that the first one is the hardest. Neither of them realize that the webcam in the computer on the dresser is recording everything. Danilo demands to know if Calao is sure the target was El Dorado because he just killed him and left a whole cartel without a leader. Calao is also shocked.
• Outside, Laustela looks at her watch and wonders what Danilo and Calao are doing that is taking so long.
• Danilo realizes that everything was a target set by Asdrubal and they fell for it. He then sees the webcam and curses his luck before shooting it at it. Calao demands he stop wasting bullets and suggests he calm down and leave before they get caught. He pushes Danilo out the door and out of the house.
• Outside, Laustela sees Danilo and Calao come out, flustered and worried, but doesn’t approve them. She sees them get into the truck and leave.
• In their motel, Nina tells Fausto that Regia is an amazing artist. She has an amazing presence on stage but she’s very down to earth. She wants to become the president of her fan club but Fausto teases her. Nina hoped there would be something on the news about her concert but nothing. Fausto asks if she’s cute and Nina shows him a video she recorded at the concert. Fausto looks at it and realizes that Regia is Laustela. He frowns, pissed.
• Laustela walks into Lucio’s room but doesn’t notice the webcam recording. She finally sees Lucio’s body and gasps before running away.
• Moments later, Laustela runs to her car and calls Rosario. She tells her to get Paloma out of Danilo’s house ASAP as he just killed a man with ties to organized crime. Rosario asks her where to go and Laustela instructs her to get a set of keys from the nightstand and she will send her the address.
• Joe explains that he is getting divorced but Ryan berates him for doing so now that Walter is dead and buried. Mercy explains that she always felt like less of a woman around Walter but Ryan chides her for sleeping with the youngest employee in her husband’s company; not only that but also the one he personally groomed and took care of. Mercy admits that it began as revenge but it became something more but Ryan demands to know if she’s really in love. Mercy reminds him that he has also fallen head over heads in but Ryan asks if Liz knows about the affair. Joe shakes his head but admits Danilo does and Ryan realizes that Danilo was blackmailing them. He calls them both hypocrites and liars and tells Mercy that it would be best if he left her house first thing tomorrow. He storms out as Joe tries to comfort Mercy.
• Asdrubal watches the video of El Dorado’s murder as he receives a call from Marcelino. He laments what happened and Marcelino agrees though he knows these things happen. Asdrubal confirms that he is on his side and Marcelino requests a face-to-face meeting with El Dorado, who he hasn’t been able to get in touch with. Asdrubal explains that no one talks to El Dorado personally, and offers to go to the meeting himself, but Marcelino wants to things differently and prefers to meet with El Dorado. Asdrubal tries to argue but Marcelino isn’t having it. He wants to meet El Dorado personally or they can end their business deal right now. Marcelino then hangs up and Asdrubal looks at Talisman, pissed.
• Rosario tries to get Paloma out of the house, as quickly as possible, but Danilo comes and demands to know where they are going. Rosario explains that she is taking Paloma away from him but Danilo calls Paloma over and takes her in his arms. He gives her a kiss but Rosario begs him not to make them stay as his house is dangerous for Paloma. Rosario is quiet and then receives a call from Laustela, who asks them if they’ve left. Danilo tells her hello and Laustela is quiet.
• Talisman asks Asdrubal what they are going to do but Asdrubal is unsure as it’s dangerous for Marcelino to know their organization is leaderless or they will take their business elsewhere. Talisman thinks it’s only a matter of time but Asdrubal warns him that it can’t happen as Marcelino’s region brings them the most money. Talisman reminds him that El Dorado’s situation is precarious and Asdrubal. He orders Talisman to clean up Lucio’s house and leave no trace that they were ever there. Talisman nods and Asdrubal tells him that he will take care of Danilo personally.
• At Tomas’ house, everyone eats in silence, except Tomas who has barely touched his food. Tadeo asks if he can use the iPad and Tomas agrees though Leticia thinks they should cohabit as a family during dinner. Tomas then agrees and asks them about school. Tadeo explains that they didn’t accept them when they realized they didn’t speak English but Tomas suggests they look for a bilingual school while they learn English. Leticia agrees as does Maria, who prefers to go to school instead of being in the house all day. Tadeo doesn’t agree, he prefers to work because music is his passion.
• Danilo wonders what is taking Laustela so long. Paloma, now sitting on Danilo’s lap, asks if he is mad that Laustela is not with them. Danilo tells her that he is not but he would like them to be together so he can protect her. Paloma tells him that she can take care of herself and has her mother and Rosario either way but Danilo confesses that he thought his father would be with him forever but he wasn’t. He tells Paloma that she has to realize that no one will love her as much as she loves herself. Paloma tells him that he is lying because she loves him too. Danilo is quiet but his face begins to soften.
• Tadeo explains that he only wants to help her with the bills and suggests she get him a job at Furia where he will try and make a career out of his music. Tomas warns him that it will be difficult and suggests he study and get a degree because that is where the future is. Leticia agrees and suggests he become a doctor or lawyer but Tadeo doesn’t want that life and storms out. Leticia asks him to come back but Tomas tells her to let him go as he needs some space. He does warn her that her children can’t be at home all day, doing nothing, before leaving himself. Maria leaves the table in a huff as well as Leticia cries.
• Laustela arrives at Danilo’s house and finds him sitting with Paloma. She begs him to let her go but Danilo thinks they should leave together. Laustela explains that they are innocent but Danilo doesn’t think so as she followed him to El Dorado’s house and knows what happens. He wants her to stay with him and back him up and Laustela agrees but she wants Paloma and Rosario out of the house. Danilo finally agrees, though Rosario wants Laustela to leave with them. Laustela begs Rosario to please take Paloma away and then asks Paloma to listen to Rosario. They agree on one final wish as Rosario takes Paloma out of the house and Danilo receives a phone call.
• Asdrubal instructs his men to bring him Danilo ASAP because their future depends on it. They all leave to do so.
• Rosario and Paloma arrive at Ryan’s condominium. He lets them in but wonders what happened. Rosario puts a sleeping Paloma down on the couch and confesses that Danilo killed the leader of the cartel he works for, and Laustela found out, so he wants to exchange his life for Laustela’s.
• Danilo takes Laustela down a flight of stairs and to the ranch’s basement, much to her surprise, and Danilo confesses that the police are looking for him for Lucio Galvan’s murder so he took them to his hideout. Laustela shakes her head and then looks around and asks what the guns are for. Danilo explains that Calao stocked the place beforehand, just in case, but curses the fact that Asdrubal did him dirty. Laustela chides him for letting Asdrubal manipulate him into becoming a sicario as well but Danilo explains that it was a condition to save his life. Laustela doesn’t believe him and even reprimands him for involving her in his dirty business but Danilo thinks she shouldn’t have bought the identity of Pedro Carrillo’s daughter, a famous money launderer. He suggests she go back to Mexico but he reminds her that she can’t though Laustela warns him that he will pay if Paloma ends up in the cartel’s crosshairs. Danilo grabs her face and demands she calm down before letting her go. Laustela is mortified at the whole situation but can’t stop looking at the weapons.
• Joe brings Mercy a glass of water and offers to talk to Ryan again and explain that Walter hurt her but Mercy doesn’t think Ryan could forgive such a betrayal. She agrees that she couldn’t either and reminds Joe that out of all the men she could’ve slept with, it was Joe, her husband’s prodigy. She worries that she will be all alone without Ryan but Joe reiterates that he is there for her, no matter what. He suggests she sees the future as a liberation from all their secrets because they can now be open about their relationship. He kisses her hand and Mercy smiles.
• Ryan arrives at Danilo’s house and calls for Laustela, who tries to scream but Danilo covers her mouth. He warns her that they will stay down there because Ryan will likely shoot him on sight. He warns her that he will kill her too, if necessary, even if he wants her all to himself.
• Steve and Ryan look around the ranch but Steve hears the approaching cars and suggest they get out of there, ASAP. Ryan doesn’t want to but Steve pulls him out the door.
• Danilo tells Laustela that Ryan talks a big game but he left her either way. She then bites his hand and kicks him in the stomach before grabbing a rifle, cocking it, and pointing it at him. She warns him that she will shoot if he moves. Danilo laughs and tells her that he doesn’t think she would kill him but Laustela warns him not to test her patience.
• Just then, Asdrubal’s men storm the ranch and demand Danilo show himself.
• Danilo looks up the stairs and Laustela takes advantage of the distraction to hit him in the face with the butt of the rifle. He goes down and she places the rifle next to him. She then sees a door across the room and tries to open the lock that is keeping it closed.
• Asdrubal’s men find that there is no one in the ranch but then hear Laustela, who is knocking down the door with a sledgehammer. They go to find a way to open the basement door.
• Laustela has gotten through most of the door as Asdrubal’s men find the basement door. She goes through the opening she created as Danilo begins to wake up. She runs outside and goes out through a fence that leads to the highway. She screams for an incoming car to stop but they don’t and she runs along the highway.
• Ryan curses the fact that Laustela is now an accessory to a crime but Steve suggests they wait to hear from them. Just then, Laustela runs in front of their car and Ryan asks Steve to stop the car. He runs out and begins to kiss her, ecstatic to see she’s alive.
• Danilo wakes up as Asdrubal’s men open the basement door. He grabs the rifle Laustela left and a shootout ensues until Danilo runs out of bullets. Just then, one of Asdrubal’s men bursts through the door and shoots Danilo in the left side of his chest. Danilo, ever the charmer, goes down with a smile on his face…


Wowie wow wow!! Thank you, Alfredo. I can't believe so many things happened in one night.

Unfortunately, violence against Tomas was not among them.

So a few have said they don't watch Narco TNs because of the violence and blood, and shooting that's about what this has turned into.

Hey Thanks Alfredo, faster than a speeding bullet.

Yowzers, things have taken a turn from boring to downright nail biting. And TomAss is getting scary creepy now. LetMe better see if Genesis will take her back in along with two before Steve can move in. So DaniLow of Nine Lives only got it in the shoulder rather than lower like in the pump. And when Laura was talking to him that dumb SOB was still unrepentant saying that's where the money is.

Alfredo, an exceptional recap again! So much happened tonight that I really needed the recap to make sure I got all the details. Thank you so much!!

Kirby, I'm one of those that doesn't like violence and blood, but this TN is so much more than that and well worth tolerating the bloodshed and violence.

Danilow survived the torture room, but I think his torture is just starting. AssBun was really surprised to find out that “ED” told Danilow to branch out on his own and obviously not a happy camper about it. I still think the the real ED has not shown his/her face. AssBun had this guy killed because he told Danilow to branch out..I don't think the real ED would have done that.

Laustela must be the Mexican mini-version of Zena/Wonder Woman…She was fearless and bold. I thought I heard something crack after she bit Danilow's hand..I was hoping it was his nuts, but I guess that was wishful thinking.

Getting late...More tomorrow...Can't wait to read all the comments...



Kirby, LetMe and her kids could stay at Genesis's place and Genesis could move in with Steve!

ok, good-night!


I agree, Lucio was not El D. So now who is BunMan going to call (or pretend to call) and/or invoke when he needs to relay orders from the "boss"?

Thank you so much , Alfredo, I don't know how you provide us with such detailed recaps so quickly.Things are getting very dark and dangerous.

OT...Alfredo, I am so glad that you stated to watch Outlander. Episode 7 "The Wedding" is my favorite episode. Then, fasten your seat belt because Jamie and Claire face many challenges. Season 2 is also on DVD , and season 3 starts on Starz in September. the show is based on series if 8, books, and the author is currently writing number 9.

Thanks, Alfredo. So awesome that you keep giving us great recaps. Thanks also to the other recappers. I wrote a comment last week, but the computer ate it.

So many people in trouble so many ways. I know it's too much to hope this is the last we see of Danilo. It's not easy to keep up with all the assorted criminal bosses and their henchmen. That's why I rely on the recaps so much.

Amazing that Palomita stays so sweet and innocent. I do enjoy Lausetla's vocal performances. I'm sure Fausto will follow up on her real identity, now that he's seen her in concert.

OK, that was Laustela's performances. Sorry.


Letmecatchabreak is now living with three surly people. I am pretty sure she is rethinking the wisdom of that perilous trip across the border. Tom has done a complete 180 from a solicitous stranger to a grumpy,scary, controlling mate. The two kids who a few episodes ago were trussed up in a shack and at the mercy of coyotes are now whiny , complaining teens. I loved the facial contortions Maria was doing .#teenangstisreal

Alfredo, you had me laughing out loud at your outstanding title.

You capture all of the anger and angst perfectly. "Danilo, ever the charmer, goes down with a smile on his face" was amazing.

There have been at least one or two instances recently when badbun did actually appear to be speaking with the "real" El Dorado. Julie, I would swear that he received a call (rather than making one) and did address someone as "patron". If not for that, I would say everything is a smoke screen and that badbun is actually in charge.

I can't quite decide who is more popular. Dan? "I thought I heard something crack after she bit Danilow's hand..I was hoping it was his nuts, but I guess that was wishful thinking" (RgvChick) and "I know it's too much to hope this is the last we see of Danilo" (La Paloma). Tom? "TomAss is getting scary creepy now" (Kirby) and "I can't believe so many things happened in one night. Unfortunately, violence against Tomas was not among them" (Julie) and "Tom has done a complete 180 from a solicitous stranger to a grumpy,scary, controlling mate" (Susanlynn).

Looks like Tom, for the moment. I have to say I have a lot of loathing for Fausto so he is high on my list as well.

"Asdrubal obliges but reminds Laustela to keep her mouth shut or they will kill Paloma" was revolting. The only thing positive I can say about Dan is that I think he actually does care about Paloma. And who with any heart wouldn't?

Wish we hadn't been subjected to watching Talisman slime on and threaten Laura in the car. He makes my skin crawl.

I wonder if Ryan will actually banish Mercy from his house. While I understand Ryan feels betrayed, he is going to have to come to terms with his mother's affair and forgiveness is the only way. I expect he will take a circuitous journey to get there.

"Tomas thinks it’s great they will work together so he can take care of her if there be bad men at Furia". I agree with Genesis. No, not at work. Only at home with you, snake.

Dan isn't dead, but perhaps he will wish he is?

Alfredo, thank you. This was wonderful.


The jury is still out on whether the recipient of Danilow's load of lead was the real El Dorito or not. I believe it was actually the real one, because AssBun and Talisman are all freaked out about the other cartels finding out that El D is dead and are hiding it.

TomAss says: "protect you from any bad men who might be around."
TomAss means: "Stick to you like Super Glue every waking moment and be sure you do exactly as I say."
As hard to remove as Super Glue too, and about as quick to stick. Jeeeezzooo

So if TomAss needs this job so badly how was he going to give LetMeDigaDeeperHole the ransom money? That was his initial offer.

Um Ryan it is actually YOUR house. Rita works for you. Mercy should move out, and life can go on at the Furia Mansion. Think how peaceful it will be with you, Rita, Chayo, Paloma, 175 armed security guards, and soon Laura too.

Alfredo: Jesus Christ! Looks like Univision is taking a page out of Telemundo's playbook in upping the ante with drug-lords.

Diana: Lucio Galvan will have major ramifications for everyone down the road in the remainder of this TN.

Plus, we all know Danilo the Scumbag survived!

Kirby, what was the rationale for badbun arranging Danilo's hit on ED (whether the real leader or not)?

He wanted him gone but didn't think about the ramifications?

I'm confused. (My natural state these days with this).


Diana I do not know how the logic on that worked, I am still corn fuzed. BunBun specifically sent DaniLow to kill him, but it is now the end of the world. I suspect Danilow went to the wrong house. I remember his asking Callow "You're sure this is the right house?" so I smell a rat.

Kirby, I would say your idea about the wrong house was a good one except for the fact badbun was recording the shooting, right(?) Oh and beautiful bird.

If anyone has any theories, I'd love to hear them.


Good Morning, Everyone!

Here is what I think about El D. AssBun had Lucio killed because he found out that Lucio was trying to double dip--one dip with the real El D and the 2nd dip with DanNotBrightEnough. The only reason AssBun is flustered is because Salgado wants to only meet with EL D...but the real El D is in hiding. Since Lucio the patsy can no longer play that role, AssBun now needs another patsy...could that be why he wants Danilow brought back to him ASAP???

THe LetMe/TomAss story line is of no interest to me anymore. The woman is an idiot; she had a perfectly good man who really cares about her and she didn't give him the time of day. Moreover, I still don;t get how this story line got into this TN...they have no bearing on the actual of yet.

MercyMe and Joe-they seem to be really in love with each I say go for it. Mercy is afraid he will wander, but that's to be expected given the difference in their ages. I do, however, hope she softens up and becomes a more nurturing and supportive mom.

Why on earth would anyone smile after getting shot?? He wasn't smiling when he had the gun in his mouth or when he got that little cut on his neck...I don't get it...


AssBun sent them to the right house. He didn't just want Lucio killed, he wanted to record it to have something on Danilow.


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AssBun now has something to make sure DaniPuppet walks a straight line...well, as straight as a criminal can walk...if that's possible.


Thanks RgvChick!

I'm still puzzled as to why badbun didn't seem to think the murder through. He always seems to be one step ahead but has badly miscalculated here.

Agree it's a shame Let has made yet another bad choice. As loathsome as hub number one was, I am fearful he might be a saint compared to what lies ahead for her with number two. I would be happy to see this storyline dropped as well, as this will certainly not be a Brady bunch household.

I'm still curious as to the backstory on Joe's marriage. I'm not seeing what he does in Mercy Me, but he does seem very sincere in his affections.


Shitzoli I forgot about BurnBun viewing it. OK my theory is wrong. Makes as much sense as the missing copilot in LPilota.

RGV said " Mercy is afraid he will wander," What I liked in that whole negotiation was when she mentioned her getting more wrinkled as he "gets those touches of grey that drive the girls crazy."

I'm almost afraid to go to Wal Mart now. I'm going to get one of those secret tracker things for kids and hide it in my boot.


Kirby< "I'm almost afraid to go to Wal Mart now. I'm going to get one of those secret tracker things for kids and hide in my underwear." LMAO...good luck with that...where there's a will, there's a way.


Kirby, If I could, I"d remove my comment with your quote and change it to the new one...but I don't know how...


Well, good morning all! It is much cooler here, but I refuse to leave the patio because. It's summer.

Kirby, gee, now I will be fretting all day about you getting harassed at Walmart .

I sense that another theme here is going from the frying pan into the fire either through bad decisions you make or through no fault of your own. Many of these folks were in a had place and then wound up in a worse place.

As to Dan's death grin, he either has on a kablar vest, or the actor is overacting . I am starting to think the actor is channeling Jack Nicholson in The Shining . I feel that he keeps ramping up his over the top performance. He should dial the crazy back.

I try to be a problem solver. Why doesn't Ry banish Mercyme to The Love Nest ( she can take her lover) and Ry moves back to his mansion. Problem solved.


SusanLynn, if Ryan's father left him that house, he probably doesn't banish Mercy out of respect...since that originally was her house. OTOH, he has pretty much lost all respect for her, right? If it's a house that he bought or built, then, I think he would be more likely to banish her.

Rosario had just told Ryan that Danilow killed the "head of the assassins" and what does he do? He takes off with his sidekick Steve and neither one is armed. What were they thinking? Did they really think they could just go in and ask Danilow to pleeaase release Laustela... and he was going to let her go? Well, he is Danilow's half-bro, maybe they inherited the same brain.

Laustela seems to be turning out to be the "galan" in this TN. Everything she is doing is to protect Paloma. She's been getting herself out of trouble pretty much on her own...even handling weapons.


Thanks, Alfredo. Great job.

So Asdrubal made a bad calculation ordering Danilo to off Lucio Galvan? Could it be that Asdrubal thought Lucio, the crafty mafioso he's supposed to be, would actually get the jump on Dumbnilo and kill the young upstart instead and record it so he'd have leverage over Lucio? The mafioso's house not being guarded and nobody home but him (no wife, no kids, no dog, no hooker) seemed strange to me. And who shoots someone in the back in bed in the dark? #makesnosense

When Danilo was blazing away with his AK-47, I could see him envisioning Al Pacino ("Say hello to my little friend!) in Scarface. The fool is probably smiling cause he's all coked up and thinks he's invincible. Maybe he didn't see the ending of Scarface.

Letmemakeitworse is not content to be bullied at home, so she’ll bring him to work to get it 24-7. But Genesis, though polite, picked up on Tomas’s bad vibe.

Ryan needs to train Rita. When a stranger on the other side of the fence ask you about the whereabouts of an occupant, you say “none of your business” and at least ask said stranger who he is. You absolutely do not dispense personal information.

Ryan needs to stay out of his mom's love life. What shock though to see your mom kissing a good married buddy your own age. I'm thinking Ryan will come around though. This is peanuts compared to his other problems.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Rvg..Strong woman theme ? The female gaze vs the usual male gaze theme? Wonder Woman ? I hear that Baby Gap has a line other Wonder Woman clothes for little girls . I know a lot of strong women. Go , Lestela.

Niecie..yeah, Genesis seemed to have her radar on when she met Creepy McCreeperson. She was almost sniffing the air to catch that creepy scent of a controlling abuser. I do not think that she was fooled by the mask he wears as all abusers do. Then, he made that comment , and Genesis heard the asshat alarm go off.

One more thing. Hate to agree with Danilo but he was right when he said Laustela was smart about some things but dumb about others. But aren't we all. Biting Danilo, bashing him on the head, axing her way out: Quick smart thinking. Entering Lucio's house after Danilo and Calao ran out: Plumb stupid. How about calling 911 from a pay phone or waiting for news reports to find out what happened? Hopefully the web cam malfunctioned after Danilo shot at it, otherwise she's implicated too.

SusanLynn, "Strong woman theme ?" Might very well be...

1. Laustela smooshes (not smoochies) all the baddies
2. MercyMe marries the young stud
3. LetMe somehow ends up LetMeKickTom'sAssOut
4. Rosario-??? the badass grandma protects Paloma..or who knows what else..we still don't know her backstory.
5. Morgana...??????????????


RGV my keyboard got ahead of my brain.

Genesis figured TomaHawk out in a millisecond and did not hesitate to remember that there were no openings.

This buddy I have known for decades was grey by 30, white by 40 and divorced by 50. Then one day he strolls in with the most beautiful head of chestnut brown hair you would ever see on a man. He looked like an actor in one of those 3:00 AM horror movies.

It grew out in a few months and never returned. Neither did wifey.

RgvChick - I'll give it a try:

Morgana...becomes a spokeswoman for Abs Busters on QVC


Morgana????????????? finally figures out she can't get preggers because she has her head up..............nevermind.

Laustela needs to learn the difference between an AK-47 and a baseball bat and the proper operation of each

Kirby, Genesis does have a good head on her shoulders and she seems to be doing very well on her own...Steve will be icing on the yes, strong woman material indeed.

Too bad about your friend's wifey never returning, but then, that could have been better for him.

Btw, Kirby, that pic is amazing, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you put that bird against a backdrop. what a blue sky!


Good One, Niecie!! She could also be a spokesperson for a push-em up company :-)

Kirby LMAO...that would take some strength on her part...



1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera: Getting a feeling there's more than the usual suspects involved in his death.

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel

10.) Several of The Los Salgado Cartel's Men

11.) Lucio Galvan


"Could it be that Asdrubal thought Lucio, the crafty mafioso he's supposed to be, would actually get the jump on Dumbnilo and kill the young upstart instead and record it so he'd have leverage over Lucio?"

No Niecie, it never occurred to me. But what a shrewd theory! It makes total sense and nicely ties up all the loose ends with a bow.

"Laustela seems to be turning out to be the "galan" in this TN". RgvChick, AH-MA-ZING. I've been singing her praises but you found just the right words.

Let's add Genesis to the mix too as Kirby and others have suggested.

Strong women theme is right Susanlynn!

Thank you all for pinpointing exactly why I'm still totally into this despite the reprehensible baddies.


RGV I paid that bird a lot of money to stand there, hush.

Kirby..When I met Hubba , he was a teen with black hair and a white streak in the front. Both his mother, aunt, and maternal grandfather went completely white in their late 30s. So Hubba went from salt and pepper to completely white . People have always thought that he was older than I. Once in a while people would ask if he was our daughters' grandfather. #silverfoxes

Genesis Rocks. Criminally Hot, and seems to not notice, or knows that is just a small part of being her.. She just glides along amid all the crazies and does her job seemingly oblivious to the nuclear explosions in the next room.

We have not seen any toxic friends or psycho EXs or even a bad mood. I'll bet she even drives a clean car.


Sometimes, when I look at Joe, it seems as if his helmet hair and sideburns and beard are one piece that he puts on like a cap.

Yes, Genesis rocks. Just does her thing. As hot as Morg but with a brain and a heart. Perfecto.

There is some commercial on TV with a number of very different looking women one right after another.
One of them has this long healthy white hair and she is beautiful.

Actually I have just enough that you can't accuse me of coloring it.

OT Allow me just real quick here:

RGV it is the reflected light and clouds which cause the sky to appear less than dark blue. I use a polarizing filter which blocks that reflected light and lets the actual blue show through. Like a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Here I am not at the best angle to the sun so part of my sky on the left benefits from the filter while the right is not as blue.

Steve do you have provisional spots on your list, you know, people who are qualifying to get on? Like ..Danilow?

:-) that new photo. My favorite color is blue, and I love the beach. Any beach. You should make calendars . It is nice to focus on something beautiful. I always buy a calendar with photos of beaches for my windowless office at the college.

So what will DaniLow do now? He was shot and it missed his heart, but up in the shoulder / upper chest is still a serious wound. Something a couple lines of blow will not cure. He was not shot with a little pea shooter, it was the same style shell as you use deer hunting. Serious stuff.

Kirby, whatever you did, worked wonders. I've always been interested in photography, but never pursued it.

My mom had gray/white hair from as far back as I can remember her. I stopped dyeing my hair at age 40, I figured it just wasn't worth it anymore. It amazes me when people compliment me on my hair, they even ask if I dye it. It never occurred to me that people would actually want to dye their hair gray/white.

RgvChick dad had dark brown hair with only some gray at his temples when he was 80. People always thought that he was much younger than he was. My sister and mother are\were redheads and hardly grayed .

Oh we are talking about gray/salt n pepper hair because Assbun looks good in it....right? Wink, wink


Rvg..My motherinlaw had beautiful pure white hair when I met her. I think that she was about 40. She was a very pretty woman.

Thanks. It is fun to climb around and run through the woods photographing these birds and other critters, but now and then it is nice to get something you don't have to chase down or sneak up on.

That shot was at really low tide in the intercoastal right outside the marina. All that dirt out there is normally under water.

Yes, Bunny looks verra good . However, he is one nasty piece of work. As my mother always said, "Pretty is as pretty does."

Danilow will probably have a very quick recovery--TN miracle style.


SusanLynn, I just repeat to myself: "He's only acting, he's only acting, he's only acting..."


Hub turned gray about 30 years ago (not too many years after we got married which is purely coincidental :))

I love men with silver or gray hair. While there are some women who wear the same colors beautifully, I am not one of them. My hair is now growing in steel gray with a coarse, wire like texture. But through the magic of dye, I appear to have soft brown hair, now highlighted in blonde for the summer.

Marco/Badbun had quite a bit of gray in QE and that was what, about 9-10 years ago. The guy is hot. Period.

Kirby, your avatar is distracting me from getting back to work...

have I said thank you?


Sorry Diana. If it's any consolation it is dark and thundering here, unlike those Hallmark photos I show...

So Back to Work.

Steve, I was looking at your body count. Last night, during the phone call between Assbun and Marcelino Salgado, Marcelino told AssBun that his brother (nameless) was killed in the shootout, so now he would be taking his place as his brother would have wanted him to do so. Don't know how you develop your list, just wanted to point that out since a "topgun" was killed and you may want to list him separately.


Diana, I was rereading the comments and you are right, Assbun did receive a call (when they were in the torture room I believe) and he did call the person "patron."

The other thing that might explain why it seems that Assbun didn't plan very well was that it seems that no one ever really met with El D. Communications were through messages or through Assbun. During his conversation with Marcelino, he tried to get Marcelino to send a message to El D as that was how his brother and El D communicated. Marcelino responded that he had a different way of doing things--he liked to communicate face-to-face.


Thanks RgvChick.

El Dorado is indeed shrouded in mystery. I would think badbun would know his identity and would have actually met him/her. In the flesh. However, things are so twisted here, I wouldn't bet on it. Nothing seems certain.

I am pleased Marcelino isn't conducting business as usual and prefers the rather old fashioned notion of actually speaking in person. Let badbun sweat it out. I'm thinking he has no choice but to bring another ringer into the mix. What I can't figure out is who? Dan's too dumb and Steve and Genesis are too honest and wouldn't do it. So, who's left?


It seems that the brothel group (Blake, Luisa, Fausto, Tona) have been simmering on the back burner. Are they somehow going to part of the cartels storyline? Poor Lestela has so many dangerous people after her.

Now this was a good action packed Epi
Last night. Alfredo you brung it.Thank
You sir.
Now Ryan being mad with mom is very
Understanding. Nobody wants to think of their mom as a ho-hopper.But he got
A double standard."Dad was honest with
His cheating"? That don't make it ok
Ryyyyyan. Both of em cheated you got cheats for parents get over it. And stop being so apalled you got a messed
Up family like the rest of us. It may
Be in different ways but still screwed
I don't think daniboolo is dead yet,he
Got some more messing up to do.
When Laura ran into that car I was sayin "please be Ryan please be Ryan.
And look!!!! It was ryan yahooooo!!!!
Now what. I was worried about laustela
Being in that recording but danilower
Thoroughly murdered it.Lets hope there
Is no more camaras in the room. Now
They should stop smooching get in the
Car and get the hell outta dodge, or
Out of the Middle of the road before
They get caught.

Alfredo,this was delightfully delovely
Thank you. O great I hear thunder hope
The power don't go out. Ok 34 minutes.

Another hectic day. Here's something that occurred to me today:

Nina links Blake's peeps to El Dorito's peeps.

It goes El D - BunMan - Talisman - Nina - Fausto - Blake.

(Assuming Talisman is the one who procured the women for El Dorito's party last week, but it could have been BunMan.)

Of course, Laura already links the two factions together. But I keep thinking that Nina is in this story for some purpose besides keeping Fausto occupied.

Do we know if Blake has any relationship to or even any knowledge of El Dorado?

Beautiful birds Kirby.And then there's
That strange owl looking bird.
What if Walter is not really dead?

Yes, Nina has to be here for a reason other than being a big fan of Regia. Is Nina the girl Regia stood up for when Talisman got rough?

I cannot watch tonight, so I am anxious to read the recap.

HA!! We were right...Lucio was a patsy! ...and Dumbnilo is next!!


SusanLynn, yes, Nina is the one Laustela stood up for. I'm thinking that at some point she will return the favor.


I am not at home, so I cannot watch ! I saw one brief scene of Letmetidyup cleaning the apartment and Tomass apologizes for something.

So..Dan survived!?

Yep, he survived and they took out the bullet without anesthesia, just liquor.


Yeah, he's making a remarkable recovery. Someone call the medical journals!

I feel like we're getting karmic payback for suffering through TVA and VEA. The pacing of this TN ought to be fast enough for anyone.

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