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La Piloto #74 6-16-17: A Babe In (Another Mother's) Arms & Yoli Comes In From The Cold

The goon in charge of handling the Rosalba and baby problem is told to get rid of them by sinister Senator Sinestera.  However, Sinestera's mourning wife hears Mena's kidnapped kid crying from inside the van and refuses to leave without checking out that baby's whimper.  She immediately fixates on the little one and essentially adopts him.  Mena's problem is solved.  

In the park, Lisbet comforts Olivia over her missing nerd, aka, Wilmer, who has become the love of her life.  (FF>>FF>>)

Wilmer is wishing he could think of a way out of his predicament: contacting Yoli and the Gone Gals without cellphones (and no doubt warning them about what's what).  Zulima comes in with a towel, soap and clean clothes and tells him to get with the game plan and stop whimpering.  He's alive and that's more than most get in that situation--but then it is only cuz they need his computer smarts.  "---And once [John] gets what he wants from you, your girlfriend won't live long enough for you to tell the story!"

Gomez tells the goon in charge of Rosalba to take the old bat out and bury both her and the van, but now the brat stays here.  Goon guy drives the screaming Rosy to the wilds of a nearby river and she somehow manages to open the back doors and races off while he's trying to park it.  He later lies that she and the van are at the bottom of the river rotting with the rest of the rusting refuse (old cans, fish hooks, assorted boots).

Meanwhile, back at The Embattled Suites No Tell Hotel, jealous and green- with-envious Zuli spies from around a pillar as John and Sonia paw each other and start to get busy near the dinner table.  Colonel Santa Maria sneaks up on her and drags her off to the luxury RV where she attempts to be subtle since apparently, he's got The Urge himself.

Zuli makes the mistake of using Yolanda's key phrase, "Tranquilo, mi coronel."  This sets S&M off.   He yanks her by the hair and informs her of that and that Yolanda Cadena is the cause of all his recent misfortunes: the loss of his family, his career, his reputation, and the fact that he's now a fugitive from justice (--not to mention she turned him into a psychotic, mass-murdering, drug-dealing kidnapper and rapist--Oh, sorry!  He was already that way when she met him, but I digress.) He then gets violent and she tells him she digs it so keep it coming.  They go at it.

Meanwhile, miraculously, Rosalba has found her way to DEADave and Co. Headquarters to tell her horrible story.  (FF>>FF>>)

After her Sex and the Savage soiree, sociopathic Zuli tries to sign on as the psychopathic S&M's squeezy-queezie sex slave, but he informs pobre de Zuli that in the sheets she is pretty much a zero and walks off.   She is finally left to face facts and deal: Yolanda can make all men quiver and shiver but Zuli can only manage to be used and abused by them.  She is not worthy....and the only guy who truly was bedazzled by her had his family's throats slit by her.  (Tough stuff, toots.  Key the violins.  And here's a peso.  Go call somebody who cares......)

Dave calls Benavidez and asks him to get a court order to raid the Senator/President-Elect's home to look for the baby.  Benny says he'll do his best-- and he does.  But the police/federales or whomever they used, couldn't find a thing.  --Actually, Mrs. S was hidden in a secret hiding place. Afterward, she gets the baby to a private hospital and has the baby put back into a proper incubator and watched over by her private pediatrician and a private nurse/caretaker.  

Dave has Raul call Lis to ask about Yoli so she and he can talk if she's there; they let Yoli know that Rosy is safe and that Sinestera has the kid.  At least the wife is looking after the kid, but they are worried that the baby could be used as a weapon against Yoli again and to force her to work for the/a (it's uncertain which-Las Sombras A or Las Sombras B) cartel again.  She calls Sinestera and refuses without knowing that the baby is there and is safe.  He refuses and threatens; Yoli gets wimpy and backs down; Sinestera ends the call and refuses to take another from her.  "--Let her suffer a while,"  he tells Gomez the Goon.

Thinking better about things in the light of day, the next morning the Gone Gals, Yoli, and Mama arrive at Dave's temporary office in the sky...
(You know it's a must/ Gotta have a friend in [the DEA] / So you know that when you [fly]/ He's gonna recommend you/ To the [pardon giver] in the sky...(with apologies to Norman Greenbaum--but I just couldn't resist!)  

Dave is all kisses and hugs.  Yoli has missed him.  Lis has missed Raul.  Rosalba is missing a baby and Estela is missing the booze.  Yoli remembers their last reunion and decides it's time to give him and his promises a chance.  She agrees to be bait for Sinestera.  Dave tells her he's sending Mena with her as her guarro and she'll be in the federale/DEA's sights the entire time.  Signal and they'll be there in minutes (uh, three or thirty, maestro?).
Back at The Embattled Suites, Wilmer is procrastinating--at least, according to S&M, who threatens him with a knife thrown into the table mubley peg style.  "--I'm not the nice guy John is.  Get it done and now!"


Thanks Jardinera. Spirit in the sky? Wowsers. Funny. Almost as funny as the gone girls and their cell phones. AFIK all, every last one if their phones were taken by Viagra and put in that big bag Dave found later which had Liz's ringing phone when he and Raul called her. The same phones they do not have causing Wilmutt problems finding them. But Dave has Raul call Liz after the baby is in the custody of Mrs Sinister. Did she go to 7-11 and get a new phone with the same number and all her contacts so she could see that it is Raul calling? Hmm

So now that old drunk bitch is having the DTs, the girls have all the narcos wanting to kill them and are broke and unemployed they want to turn State's witness? It's good work if you can get it. I am surprised the S&E (silicone & ethynol) crew isn't going after S&M to rescue Wilmutt.
And thanks again sixfiftyfour. :-)

Kirby: S&M The Sadist is wel.... sadist.

Zuli needs to DIE!

Mommy Sinisterria watching over the baby.

Well, Steve, with Mommy Sin caring for, or paying for and supervising the care of, the baby it is probably the best care it has had so far. Now if she can have a doctor see him and re-prescribe the antibiotics it needs, el bambino might live.

So eventually Arley has to figure out where his son is, or at least who has him and go after him.

Ever notice how much more masculine S&M's voice is than pretty much the entire rest of the males in the show? No wonder he is in charge. He is one of those guys with (dangerously) high levels of testosterone, as we have seen. I loved it when he told Zooli it was only better than masturbating because he had someone to talk to. I wish she would try to commit suicide and fail but leave herself disfigured.

Thank you Jadinera - truly funny and masterful recap. I loved "Dave is all kisses and hugs. Yoli has missed him. Lis has missed Raul. Rosalba is missing a baby and Estela is missing the booze."

If Dave's past performance is any indication of future results, Yoli and the girls and aunt and boozing Estela would be safer on their own. Zuli's tear-jerking performance after being rejected by S&M was pathetic - what a jealous, mean, murderous and scheming brat.

Does anyone know the date of the gran finale?


Lynette: Like to know if the Gran Final will be 2 full hours.

Jardinera--A garden of flowers (with some stinkweed thrown in) for our enjoyment. And it was enjoyable for the most part. Of course Rosalba was going to get away; of course Wilmer is still alive (for some reason, oh, it must be for Olivia); the bebe is still alive (he needs a name); Yolanda and Dave still like each other....but no kiss on the lips, just lots of loud slurping sounds.

Poor Wilmer--after being crucified for several days he's expected to get to it right away with fingers and brain engaged. These are cruel masters who deserve a cruel fate.

Thanks, Kirby, for the additional detail on Zuli's performance--I didn't hear what S&M told Zulie, but it certainly deflated her dirigible-sized ego. So, girl, cry me a river. Nobody wants you, either as a bedmate or a narco helpmate.

Didn't DEADave promise they'd be at Yoli's side in 30 segundos? With his track record, I agree it might be more like 3 or up to 30 minutos. Plenty of time for Yoli to lose an eye (for an eye) and a slit throat. Mena may be the one to save the day, though.

Lynette - This tn should be over by now--or at least in another couple of episodes, but this is waaay too little time to resolve everything (unless they do a Rosalba speed trip from the back of the van to the Hotel of forgotten Dreams).

I saw a promo for Rosario Tijeras starting on June 27, at 10 pm, according to the Univision website (which is so totally unreliable). This is enough time to try our patience by keeping Dave and Yoli apart for two more weeks. are always so funny and so irreverent. In grand form on this one. Had to laugh at your description of poor Wilmer as "her missing nerd". And your Travis Tritt salute to Here's a quarter (or in this case "peso") call someone who cares. But total favorite, like Lynette was this ripping phrase

Dave is all kisses and hugs. Yoli has missed him. Lis has missed Raul. Rosalba is missing a baby and Estela is missing the booze.

Just a great rhythm to that one. You make your own kind of sassy music when you write, lady. Thanks.

Kirby: I missed that mumbled gem that S&M came up with. I don't think the On Demand folks added it to the CC's. I remember watching for stuff that gets left out..... Je-je-je!
Steve/Judy B: Monica realizes she plain missed the boat. She had her chance to tell Dave about her sister and totally refused to explain her absence during that raid. Let her rot in jail.........
Lynette: ITSA regarding trusting in Dave's ability to get anything positive done for the Gone Gals and Yoli. Run the other way!!!!!
Anita: Yeah! Smooches and slurpy sounds. Ugh! I truly hope I never have to watch this actor in anthing worthwhile watching again. He totally ruins my watching enjoyment. As for Rosario Tijeras, it was on the air a few years back. Maybe it's to give Maria Fernanda Yepes a platform as a leading lady again. Dunno. But I won't be watching it.
FYI: I saw 79 episodios listed. I don't know how they'll handle the end. Will check it out for you, Steve.


Sorry~~ Bárbara del Regil, [la dulce palomita que se convertirá en una matona en Rosario Tijeras = "the sweet young thiing who transforms herself into/becomes a lady assassin"] is the latest actress Uni is setting up to play Rosario, not Yepes.

Jardinera: you mentioned " give Maria Fernanda Yepes a platform as a leading lady again"
she was the wretch in the Rosy Scissors you mentioned, but is not the lead in the one they are doing soon. I hated her in that one too. The first one was Flora Martinez and was excellent.

I do not want to ever see anything with Yepes in it either.

Oops Jardinera, we typed at the same time.

Thanks, Jardinera. My fave: Meanwhile, back at The Embattled Suites No Tell Hotel. And you certainly nailed the hideous goings-on between Col. S&M and Zuli.

I kept telling the police at Sinestra’s to search all the trash cans for soiled diapers, but nobody listened to me. Women cops would’ve found signs that a baby had been there. Sinestra’s wife adopting Baby ArleyAmanda is fine with me too, especially since the senator won’t be around much longer to muck things up.

Zuli use to have some talent in sex manipulation, but telling Col. S&M he was the best she ever had was an epic misfire. Will she exact her revenge on S&M and John and be the last villain standing?

Niecie: Wasn't Univision planning on airing "Corazon Que Miente" ?


Thanks Jardinera!!! I hope there is a 2 hour finale. Disappointed in the Dave/Yoli reunion but I guess we all knew they had to get together. The real spark couple was Yoli and John. I feel like the show hasn't been as strong since the two separated. I hope those two have a really great ending scene together.

A great ending scene they kill each other?

Kirby, not quite....more like they talk about how they were both played by other people to pull them apart...but how it never would have worked for them to be together anyway. I mean I think John will die at the end of the TN but I want him and Yoli to have made peace with each other. What can I say? I'm a romantic and Yoli/Dave has never worked for me, probably because they just haven't spent a lot of time in each other's company...really getting to know each other in a way that isn't carnal.

I know what you mean, like when he first started teaching her to fly, that was electric, and back then I was wishing he could leave that miserable life behind for the love of a cool woman.

Yeah the writers missed an opportunity to make it less predictable.

Carvivlie: Looking forward to the recap from last night being posted.

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