Monday, June 19, 2017

QEPD Dead - Antonio Medellín at 75

Muere el primer actor
You'll remember him in his last role as the rich farmer who wanted to marry Ana Lucia in Tres Veces Ana.

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Oh! I think he was also the little old man that evil Babs pushed down a hill to his death in MEPS.

He was also Alejandro's father in Ramona.


He was Sonia's Sugar Daddy in "PSMA".

RIP. He was good in the two TN's I saw him in.

I think I remember in the roll of a priest also. DON'T remember the TN. RIP.

Thank you for posting this. I saw it. He certainly has a long list of credits. A solid actor for the roles he played. His earliest tn was in 1962. Hard to tell if he was ever a protagonist, though.

Here are the ones he was in that I watched:
Alborada, FELS, Mi Pecado, La Fuerza del Destino, and Porque el Amor Manda,
In Cuando Me Enamoro he was a 2nd tier character, a lawyer, and he and his wife were lifelong friends of Regina, the mother of the kidnapped baby girl.

Nina, he was fray Pablo (a monk) in Alborada--but dang if I can remember him!

Jar, if I can, I'm going to add a label for TVA--his most recent work, for posterity's sake.

QEPD He was also the priest who was killed in Que Te Perdone Dios.

Jardinera, thanks for taking the time to post this.

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