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La Candidata 7.10.17 Chapter 25: Regina Puts Gerardo Against Her

Mario warns Isela to be quiet and patient as he takes care of the problem. He hangs up on her and goes into the living room to call Almiron. He looks around to make sure no one is listening and then tells Almiron that he needs his help ASAP to rescue his daughter. Noemi walks in and listens to the tail end of the conversation before asking Mario which daughter he is referring to and who he was speaking with. Mario closes his eyes and sighs.

Ignacio explains to Gerardo that he was able to spare Nayeli jail time in exchange for him burying the story about Cecelia’s connection to prostitution and the cabaret. Gerardo reiterates that he did kill the story but Ignacio shows him the news report from the morning paper. Gerardo assumes it was Rodrigo’s friend, the reporter, who did so without his knowledge but he wants to know what this has to do with Nayeli. Ignacio reminds him that favors need to be paid but Gerardo thinks this is just blackmail, pure and simple, and they should go to the police. Ignacio tells him that Nayeli will end of in prison if they do before going back inside his house.

Alonso arrives home as Cecelia tells Regina that the article is a vile lie. Alonso comes and asks them what the problem is but Cecelia is quiet. Regina offers to tell Alonso what happened and Cecelia storms out as Daniela tells Regina that she will meet her at the office and leaves as well. Once alone, Regina tells Alonso that Gerardo declared that Cecelia is involved in a prostitution ring. She hands Alonso the tablet and he reads the headline, shocked.

Omar walks to his table with the waitress from the restaurant. She thinks he looks much happier but he declares that he wasn’t till he saw her though he reminds her that he could be her grandfather. She shrugs and tells him that he could be something else but doesn’t dare. Omar asks what she means and the waitress asks him to guess because she loves games. Omar doesn’t like games but she asks if he is willing to step outside his comfort zone and try new things. Omar explains that he loves his breakfast, same as always, and the waitress nods before going to make the order.

Mario explains that he was talking about Regina and tells Noemi that there is an accusation against Cecelia in the paper. Noemi doesn’t understand how that relates to Regina but Mario explains that everything that affects Alonso affects Regina. Noemi thinks it’s a coincidence that things go South as soon as Cecelia appeared but Mario asks her to not stop that again. She asks what they accuse Cecelia of but Mario asks her to find out herself because she’s become a lazy alcoholic. Noemi calls him a piece of trash and things being a lazy alcoholic is better than being a corrupt mafioso. Mario asks that she not bother him so early in the morning. In fact, he suggests she should find another hobby that doesn’t include emptying liquor bottles before leaving. Once alone, Noemi calls someone and reminds them of a previous conversation they had regarding Mario. She asks that they do it today as she can’t wait.

Alonso thinks the story about Cecelia is a lie and just a ploy from Gerardo to ruin them. Regina wonders why Cecelia left in a hurry, and without a reason why, if it was a lie but Alonso thinks that Regina attacked her instead of listening to her side of the story. Regina demands he find out the truth but Alonso asks that she butt out as he takes care of his own people.

Emiliano arrives in his new car and meets Ximena outside of the school. She’s unimpressed but he asks that she go for a ride with him though Ximena would rather talk about Nayeli, who almost died and went to jail for messing with narcos. Emiliano is shocked.

Mario tells Almiron that they need to make Ignacio straight for his betrayal. Almiron asks if he just wants to scare him and Mario declares that he wants to hit him where it will hurt the most; he knows Almiron will take care of it. Almiron nods and then Mario asks about Juana Galindo. Almiron explains that the situation is under control as they separated her from her son and she understands that something bad can happen to him should she step out of line. Almiron then asks Mario to be calm, as everything is handled, but Mario worries about all the grenades that go off around them daily. He asks Almiron to make sure Ignacio kills the story today or he will never see his daughter again.

Noemi meets with the IT guy she hired and gives him a USB she took from Mario’s coat. She asks that he find out what’s on it as well as any messages or phone calls from his cell phone. She reminds him that it’s urgent, and she will pay him handsomely, and the IT guy nods.

In his office, Gerardo meets with his party and Morales tell shim that they are thinking of stalling the bill’s approval. Gerardo reminds him that they have a deal with Alonso but Morales reminds him that they never said when they would approve the bill, just that they would. Gerardo thinks it would be a mistake not to but asks Morales to step out with him for a second so they can talk in private.

In the hallway, Morales asks Gerardo if he wants to talk about that morning’s report and Gerardo nods but he also needs to talk about Ignacio and his daughter, Nayeli, who got into some trouble with the law. In order for Nayeli to avoid jail time, Ignacio made a deal to kill the story but a reporter Gerardo talked to, published the story without his say so. Gerardo explains that they need to help Ignacio because he will likely be in trouble over the article. Just then, Hernan comes and asks Gerardo if they can talk but Gerardo tells him he doesn’t have time right now and leaves with Morales. Hernan then tries to call Cecelia but she doesn’t answer.
Ximena advises Emiliano to not hang out with Nayeli any longer, as to not complicate his life. She already tried to help Nayeli, but couldn’t, and wants to help him. Emiliano prefers they take a ride in his car and then go to her house. When he begins to kiss her, she asks if all he thinks about is sex. He reminds her that he asked her to take a ride with him but Ximena is scared that all he wants from her is sex. Emiliano confesses that he cares about her and wants to show her how much. He then asks if she wants to be with him or not. Ximena smiles and tells him she does so he kisses her and opens the car door. They get inside and drive off.

Cecelia walks down the sidewalk to her apartment, dejected, when Hernan finds her and asks her where she’s been. Cecelia explains that she was walking a bit but Hernan demands she face the press and stop hiding. Cecelia admits that she is not used to being in front of the camera and wouldn’t know what to say when they ask her about the content of the report. Hernan tells her that she should say the truth or a story that sounds like the truth. He offers to help her and then asks how much Gerardo knows. She doesn’t know and wipes the tears forming in her eyes. Hernan reiterates that he is there to help and she asks that he leave, if he wants to help her, and runs up to her apartment.

In his office, Alonso tells Magda and Mauro that Cecelia left his house as soon as she saw the article and he hasn’t heard from her since. Magda explains that, last she knew, Cecelia was meeting him at his house. Alonso then asks Mauro, since he knows Cecelia well, how much of the article is true. Mauro explains that Cecelia’s mother did own a cabaret but she has since sold it and Cecelia has spoken to her in a while. Alonso wonders why he didn’t tell him sooner but Magda thinks they shouldn’t judge Cecelia on what her mother did, especially because Cecelia is good at her job. Alonso nods and announces that he will take care of it before asking what is on the agenda for the day. Magda tells him that he has a video conference with the American networks but only Cecelia has his prep questions and notes. Alonso asks them to find her, ASAP, and Mauro leaves to do so.

Gerardo ends the meeting with his party and ask them to email him the notes on their meeting. In the hallway, he runs into Regina and her people. Regina asks if he is going to play dirty because he told her that he would vote to approve her bill yesterday but voted against it today. Gerardo reminds her that she wasn’t going to go to Alonso’s campaign launch but did so he isn’t going to vote in favor of her bill. Regina tells him that she won’t allow him to use and manipulate people anymore and asks Daniela to announce a press conference before walking to her office with her people in tow.

Ignacio arrives home and tells Nayeli to pack a bag because he needs to take her out of the city, ASAP, because his deal for her release fell through and the police are looking for her. Nayeli is shocked that he wants to help her escape the law but Ignacio knows that she wouldn’t last one minute in a prison. He then orders her to pack a bag and Nayeli obliges.

In her patio, Cecelia confesses to Isela that she’s scared. Isela doesn’t think she should be as Mario is already taking care of the situation. Cecelia reminds her that they will always have something with which to attack her but Isela thinks she should grow a thicker skin and get used to it. Cecelia goes into her night stand and looks for something as Isela holds up a baggie and asks if she was looking for this. Cecelia is quiet and Isela suggests she concentrate and go to work. Cecelia tells her that her own sister attacked her in front of the Governor but Isela reminds her that she isn’t part of Regina’s family and her sister hates her either way, as she senses who Cecelia is, and will want to destroy her. Isela suggests she destroy her first.

Omar finishes his breakfast as the waitress comes and apologizes if she was out of line. Omar confesses that he liked what she said and would like to see her outside of the restaurant. She smiles and reiterates that she likes older men as they are gentlemen but Omar reminds her that they are until women force them to be less than gentlemanly. She smiles slightly and then writes down her phone number on his receipt. He nods and tells her that he will give her a call so they can see each other, alone. She nods and then walks away as Omar smiles to himself. In the back of the restaurant, the waitress’ smile turns into a slight frown as she thinks about what she’s done.

Someone rings the doorbell to Cecelia’s apartment and Isela goes to answer, much to Cecelia’s chagrin. It’s Mauro, who asks if Cecelia is in, before forcing his way inside. He demands Cecelia go to the Governor’s office ASAP as Alonso is waiting for her before telling Isela to maintain her distance as her illegal activities have come out and can compromise Cecelia. Isela demands to know which of her activities is illegal but Mauro asks her to leave by the service exit as the press knows about everything. Isela asks Cecelia to defend her but she is quiet. Mauro then demands Cecelia get ready pronto, as the Governor is waiting, and Cecelia obliges. Mauro then asks Isela to leave, again, by the service exit.

Regina holds a press conference to update the press on the bill. She knows how important the bill is for the Mexican public and blames Gerardo and his party for stalling and blocking her efforts to pass the bill. Hernan asks if there is a negotiation they are unaware of as Gerardo was in favor of the bill and now he’s not. Regina explains that there was but the deals have fallen through and now the public will suffer. A reporter asks what the public can do and Regina suggest they protest from wherever they can and urge their senators and representatives to pass the bill. The press claps as Regina steps of the podium. They surround her and continue to ask questions.

Mauro and Cecelia arrive at the Governor’s office. On the way to Alonso, Mauro reminds her that he warned her to keep her distance from Isela, lest her activities be discovered. Cecelia explains that her hands are tied as she has to see her mother so Mauro suggests they find a way to do so, in private, though he’s worried that Isela may reveal something to the public in retaliation. Just then, Magda comes and tells them the good news: Regina held a press conference and blamed Gerardo and his party for stalling the bill. Her declarations have buried the article about Cecelia and the press has focused their attention elsewhere, for now. Cecelia and Mauro smile.

In his office, Gerardo and his party watch Regina’s press conference. Morales is pissed but Gerardo reminds him that he warned them Regina would not sit still. Worse is they can’t backtrack now as they would look like flip floppers in the public’s eyes. Nieves then walks in and Gerardo asks her about the public opinion on social media. Nieves explains that their inbox was flooded with emails the minute the press conference finished, so much so that their server crushed. Gerardo hopes his party realizes the mistake they made.

Mauro and Alonso watch the report on the press conference and Alonso smiles at the fact that Regina is helping his campaign much more than he ever thought she would. Just then, Cecelia walks in and announces that their social media accounts are exploding. She catches Alonso’s eye and asks him for some time to talk but Alonso thinks they should do so later. He then asks her for the questions and notes she prepared for the video conference and she hands them to her. Magda comes in and brings the computer for the video conference as Cecelia tells Alonso to answer the press questions as the future president of Mexico as the press already looks at him as such. She also suggests he mention Regina’s bill as Magda reiterates that the whole country is behind him. Alonso announces that he will be president and begins the video conference.

Nayeli comes out of her room with the bag and Ignacio grabs it from her as they hear a car pull up. They try to load the bag into the car by the side of the house and leave but Almiron comes, gun drawn, surprised that they tried to escape. Ignacio demands to know what he wants but Almiron orders them to get in Ignacio’s car and follow all of his instructions. They oblige and Ignacio drives away, with Almiron in the backseat, as the sirens get closer.

In his car, Mario meets the waitress outside if the restaurant. She tells him that everything is going to plan and she is going to meet Omar later. Mario nods and tells her to play with Omar, get him excited, make him desire her but to not have sex with him. He suggests she tell Omar that she isn’t easy and the waitress nods. He then gives her some money, a lot more than expected, and tells her that she will win a lot more if she follows his instructions. He tells her to use her mind and body to seduce Omar and the waitress comments on how much Mario knows about the game of seduction. Mario promises to show her soon how much he knows but, for now, all her attention is for Omar. She reiterates that she will do as he asks and leaves. After she’s gone, Isela comes, much to his annoyance.

Emiliano arrives home with Ximena and runs into Noemi and Natalia. He bids them hello and then walks away though Noemi follows him and tells him to watch himself as he made a mess of his room last time. Emiliano chides them for getting into his business again, grabs Ximena’s hand and drags her out of the house.

In Regina’s office, Daniela gives her the good news that the public has responded to her message and they took to the streets to protest. Regina smiles, confident that Gerardo’s party won’t reject her bill now, and Daniela announces that she will transmit the senate debate on her web page. Regina thanks her as Gerardo walks in and asks everyone to leave him and Regina alone so they can talk. Regina asks him to do so in front of the public, which is demanding answers, but Gerardo asks that she give him a second and blocks her way as the rest of her party shuffles out of the office. Regina asks Daniela to give her a second and Daniela obliges.

Once alone, Gerardo tells Regina that she’s wrong but Regina asks that he quit playing games and go to the debate. Gerardo asks why she thinks he’s the enemy but Regina wonders exactly what he is. Gerardo approaches her, slowly, and kisses her.

Ignacio races through the streets but Almiron asks him to slow down as he is not being followed, not while he’s with them. Almiron hopes that his betrayal meant something but Ignacio explains that it was an error as Gerardo spoke to the reporter before he knows about their deal. Almiron accepts it, though he doesn’t believe it, but he will give Ignacio a second chance. He orders him to make sure Gerardo tells the press that he had the wrong information and retracts the story or he will personally hand Nayeli over to the police. Ignacio nods and continues driving.

Once the video conference is over, Alonso closes the computer as his adoring public congratulates him on a job well done. Alonso thinks the conference will compliment Regina’s own strategy with the bill perfectly. He then asks Magda and Mauro to leave him alone with Cecelia and they oblige. He asks her to sit down and orders her to tell him the whole truth as he doesn’t want any more surprises.

Isela tells Mario that Cecelia disowned her completely and he won but she will continue running his business and will protect him and Cecelia, even though they don’t deserve. She then announces that she will re-open the cabaret and warns him to not get in her way. She tries to leave but Mario jumps out of the car and grabs her. He tells her that he has no idea what she’s talking about and asks her to calm down and help Cecelia. Isela shakes her head and tells him that he doesn’t care about Cecelia and is only doing this for his own benefit. Mario reminds her that they need to be quiet so Cecelia can prosper and move on from previous life. Isela doesn’t care, she will open the cabaret and never see Cecelia again. She leaves and Mario gets in his car, frustrated, as the waitress watches the whole scene from the restaurant.

Natalia meets with Jose and asks him to take her to her house so she can get some of her things. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, as Omar is there, but she needs her things. She confesses that she’s scared but Jose asks her not to be as he is with her. She nods and they leave.

In the quorum, Regina is preparing her notes when Gerardo walks. They look at each other and she slightly smiles before going to the podium and requesting a motion to begin the debate. The President approves the motion and Regina sits down, ready for the debate.

Almiron, now in a separate car alone with Nayeli arrives at their destination. She begs him to let her go but Almiron receives a call from his men, who inform him that Gerardo hasn’t apologized for his statements in the press. Nayeli begs him to not do anything to her but Almiron thinks they need to apply more pressure. He orders his men to take Nayeli away and they pull her from the car and into theirs, kicking and screaming, before driving away.

Gerardo, now on the podium, tells his colleagues that his party has not approved the bill because there are aspects of it that they were unhappy with. Regina announces that all the details had been discussed and Gerardo is merely trying to defend his party’s bad decision making. Gerardo wonders if Regina doesn’t want him to explain to the Mexican public his reasoning but Regina asks him not to lie to the public anymore. The crowd bursts into applause but the Senate President asks Regina to maintain her composure and let Gerardo finish.

That night, Cecelia and Alonso are still discussing her mother’s past. Cecelia admits that her mother worked as a prostitute and owned a cabaret but she only did those things to make sure she never went hungry. Alonso asks what Mario has to do with everything and she explains that he helped her get a degree at a North American university and was always generous with her. Alonso asks about Isela’s and Mario’s relationship but Cecelia didn’t think their conversation would be an interrogation. Alonso didn’t think a report about her would ruin his reputation either so Cecelia suggests she tender her resignation. She gets up to leave but Alonso chases after her and grabs her as Cecelia warns him not to overstep his bounds. Alonso asks if it’s a dare but Cecelia doesn’t like it when people touch her without her say so. Alonso holds her close and tells her that she is not going anywhere though Cecelia continues to fight him off. He doesn’t think she wants him to let her go but Cecelia manages to free herself from his grasp. She undoes her dress and tells him that now she wants him. Alonso looks at her and Cecelia grabs his neck and kisses him. He holds back but eventually gives into her kiss as well and fall onto the floor.

As Daniela films the session, the President holds a vote for Regina’s bill. After a count for yays and nays, the President announces that the bill has been approved. Regina cheers as the supporters of the bill clap and throw their papers up into the sky. Daniela hugs Regina as Gerardo looks at them, a smile slightly dancing on his lips.

Mario visits Teresa, who asked him to come, and asks her what she wants as she sounded very upset on the phone. Teresa tells him that he once offered her something that she now needs: money. Mario asks if she’s willing to help them in exchange for the money he will give her and Teresa nods, though she doesn’t know why they need her help after Gerardo all but crashed and burned in the Senate Quorum today. Mario thinks they should always have a backup plan and Teresa asks Mario what she would have to do. Just then, Ximena and Emiliano walk through the door, laughing. Emiliano sees Mario and asks him what he’s doing there. Both Mario and Teresa are quiet.

The waitress, all dolled up for her date with Omar, looks around his house and tells him that it’s beautiful. She then walks over to Omar, who stands in the corner, and he pushes her up against the door frame before telling her that he wants to show her his bedroom as well. He kisses her and she begs him to go slow though Omar laughs and tells her that he doesn’t have time to go slow. He grabs her and sits down on the couch in the study as the waitress straddles him and whispers that they will enjoy their time together more if he goes slow. Omar begins to kiss her neck and pulls down her straps as Natalia walks in with Jose. She stops short of the study and looks at Omar, who immediately sees her and stops short. Jose shakes his head and puts his head down.

As the Senators walk out of the Quorum, Ignacio sees Gerardo and pills him aside. He begs him to retract his statement about Cecelia or Nayeli will go to jail. Gerardo tells him to wait for him in his office and he will take care of his problem in a bit. He then approaches Regina, who is with her party, and congratulates her on passing the bill though that will help her husband win the election even though he’s against everything she stands for. Regina demands he respect her and not speak to her in that manner but Gerardo could care less. He declares that whatever they had going on between them is over. Regina, shocked at his brash words, is rendered speechless…


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Thanks, Alberto, for an excellent recap. Wow! This just keeps on being as bleak as ever with no hope for anybody of any worth in sight. Nayeli is really turning out to be a pain. At this point they could easily make her and Teresa disappear and I would be happy. You could also throw Emiliano in with that group for a trio of desaparecidos. I feel sorry for the waitress Marcia who has not an idea in h*** of what she is getting involved in. People like her and Sra. Galindo have been unfortunate to cross paths with these psychos.

Thank you Alfredo, for your excellent retelling of what happened. I am at the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen since Natalia is catching Omar with this girl who could be his granddaughter. (The ICK factor! Gross!)

So I wonder what is next for Gerardo and Regina. It sounds like he told her that "it's over."

Loved the part where Mario is at the Martinez home with Teresa, then Emiliano and Ximena come walking in. "So what are you doing here, Grandpa?" I wonder how Mario is going explain this one.

You're welcome Jarifa and Cynthia! This was firing on all cylinders again last night. Gerardo and Regina both feel betrayed, in their public and professional lives. The fact of the matter is, Regina shouldn't have gone to Alonso's candidacy announcement and Gerardo should've stuck by his guns regarding the bill. They both did exactly what they said they wouldn't do and that's going to cause a lot more problems. The main thing with Gerardo is that Regina keeps asking for time to think things through but he keeps jumping the gun and he's very public "it's over" will definitely no go over well.

I loved the last Cecelia and Alonso scene. It's great that she shows me that she can also be in control, despite his influence, power and machismo. As Mario said to Marcia (thanks for the name, Jarifa!) as well, keep Omar coming back for more and you will have him.

Alfredo: Karma will catch up with Cecilia sooner or later!

Thanks Alfredo for the detailed recap. Unfortunately I miss Monday and Wednesday episodes as I'm taking Spanish at a community college - irregular ir verbs in the preterite last night!

Why is Mario getting the waitress to trap Omar? Is it so that he can blackmail Omar later on when his deeds are exposed? I'm pleased that Gerardo finally developed some backbone in standing up to Regina. He was starting to look a little too much like a lapdog who was willing to be mistreated because of his great love for Regina.

Steve, its only in novelas that Karma catches up with the bad guys - guess this is why we tolerate novelas as we know that everything will work out in the end - well certainly the older novelas. There was a moment of realism in La Piloto when the main lovebirds' old enemy, Col SantaMaria turned up in the final scene and left this unresolved.

Excellent recap, Alfredo! Darn! I got my hopes up that Noemi was going to have Mario rubbed out or snuffed out, so to speak, but she's just interested in a little cyber-sleuthing. How these novela writers play with us! Though this strategy may turn out to be more interesting. If Regina hadn't gone to Alonso's candidacy announcement and if Gerardo had supported her bill, this might have been a shorter telenovela--there always have to be new obstacles for the main couple.

Lynette: Let's just hope "La Candidata" does NOT have the same fate like "La Piloto" did where we see an evil person lurking behind the Good Guys in the end.


Alfredo, awesome recap again! You always get great episodes, but the truth is most of the episodes in this TN are great. A mile a minute, a ton of scheming, and edge of your seat action.

Mario is an ass, the way he treats Noemi is downright despicable. I think if there is any Karma to be had here, it will be when Noemi turns out to be his downfall. She is snooping around, and that's good she may just come up with some very "interesting" info, and I would love to see her be the one to do him in.

Alfredo: I loved "smile dancing on his lips", although I'm not sure he was so happy after that final scene. He is right to be upset, Regina gave in to pressure, and is helping Alonso more than she realizes, because he is riding her coattails. She is the one the people love and if she throws her support to Alonso the people will vote for him.

Is anyone going to watch or be onboard to recap El Vuelo de la Victoria?

Thank you Lynette, SpanProf and Sandie!

Gerardo definitely loves Regina but there's only so much someone can take. I doubt his public "it's over" was the best course of action but maybe he's trying to force Regina out of her "trance"?

I love that Noemi is investigating Mario, finally, but she seems to have always known who and what she was so I wonder what took her so long. Maybe now that Regina's grown she can finally take Mario down? She should at least tell Natalia should anything happen to her. Mario has ears everyone and is dangerous.

Mario wants to destroy Omar so, on top of blackmail, I assume he also wants to make Omar feel like crap because he only gets a girl when someone else pays for it. That may set off Omar so I wonder if Mario has made that calculation.

One of the reasons I enjoy novelas is the Karma factor. It's not true to life in the sense of even when Karma catches up to someone you don't see it but boy does it great. I think Santamaria in LP surviving is more of a cliffhanger though I doubt a second season will be made, everything else was wrapped up satisfactorily.

Sandie: Regina is frustrating me (just like Yoli in "La Piloto") UGH!


Gracias, Alfredo. I finally caught up.

Nayeli is expendable and I would like to see that happen sooner rather than later. She is messing up her father's and Emiliano's lives as well as her own. Darwin will have his way eventually.

Isela is also some piece of work, seeing evil in Regina that actually lies in herself and her own daughter.

As to what Cecelia wants, she isn't going to get it.

Oh, man! More fútbol tonight!

I know, SpanProf. I'm having so much withdrawal symptoms right now it's not even funny. But my son in law, who absolutely LOVES futbol, is absolutely ecstatic.

Cynthia: Kind of like that Allstate commercial in Spanish about the group of people watching a soccer game on tv, who are so engrossed that they don't notice the robbers stealing everything of value from the apartment. I'm planning on showing it in my Advanced Conversation class this fall when we get to the chapter on consumer habits and the interview with the fútbol fanatic.

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I'm here everyday waiting for the next chapter.. does anyone know when the recaps will be posted?��

After the next episode airs on Monday.

UA: Did "La Candidata" take an entire week off ?

Steve: All but Monday.

Guys, La Candidata is back on tonight and it's can't miss TV! I guarantee the episode is worth the price of admission so hold tight :)

Has anyone else noticed that Unimás is changing its telenovela schedule yet again? "La candidata" stays at 7/6c, "El bienamado" returns to 1 hour/night (10/9c), while "Totalmente diva" now gets a 2-hour slot, from 8/7c to 10/9c. And once again no explanation for the change.

Does anyone know if this novela is airing at all next week? I know it'll be on this entire week with the exception of Wednesday. By the way, it looks like they'll be repeating the episodes at 11:00 PM MST, or 5 hours after the original airing.

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