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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #44, Mon Jul 10 2017: Unwelcome Guests

La Regia is doing an interview at a radio station. Someone calls in with a question. Laura doesn't recognize his voice. (The captions say it's BunMan, but I'm not sure if that's supposed to be obvious. Laura HAS met him before.) The radio host offers to cut him off, but Laura okays the call. The caller asks who is the father of your daughter, because it's not Ryan Cabrera. The host tells the producer to cut the call. Surely this is just another one of those creeps who like to harass celebrities. But Danilo gloats to Ryan that the secret is out, and that could be bad for business.

At the Chicano hotel, La Toña and Fausto are using Nina to get to Laura, since she's the president of La Regia's fan club. Nina doesn't want any part of this plan, but Toña threatens to scar her face if she doesn't cooperate. Nina's game for that, so next Toña threatens to bring Nina's 16-year-old sister into the business. That does it.

Leticia goes to jail to see Chavalin, but he's been released and they don't know where he went. (I really don't think they're supposed to tell!) She is disappointed. She goes to the bakery, but it's locked up and there's no one inside. She slips a note under the door.

At Abraham Lincoln High School, Maria and her admiring gringo Mark listen to music. He's surprised that she doesn't like banda music like the other Mexican girls. (It's all the damned tubas, I'm telling you!) He wonders if she thinks like a Mexican girl, too. The other girls at this school are "open" and they don't care about virginity and [garbled] stuff like that. (Captions say "foolish" but the audio sounds like it was edited.) Maria says people can make their own decisions, but Mark says that because she's here, she needs to "do what they do here." She has to think like them.

At the radio station La Regia says it's one thing for people to pick on her, but they should leave her daughter out of it. She tells the host that maybe people are being nasty because they're still sore about what went down at Riverside. She dares this chicken/coward (sacón - that's a new one to me) to come out from behind the phone and show his face at Furia. (The host cheers her on.) Ryan calls Genesis and tells her to transfer any such call to his cell.

Laura says that Ryan Cabrera is the father of her daughter in every way that matters. He respects her and loves her. Then she introduces her new song. Later, outside the studio, she and Ryan wonder who the caller was.

At Furia, Morgana teases Mercy about not congratulating her on her pregnancy. (Belly still flat as a pancake.) Mercy says it's because people like Morgana and Danilo shouldn't be bringing children into the world. She's going to order a DNA test as soon as the baby is born. She knows Morgana isn't exactly a one-man woman, and she knows Morgana fooled around with Ryan. Anyway, Ryan will register Paloma as his own any day now and get the extra 20% shares.

Morgana says that if Ryan had been going to claim Paloma, he would have done so by now, and also she's noticed that Mercy didn't ask for a DNA test on Paloma. (The patio is starting to wonder if maybe she should.) And it was even on the radio that Ryan isn't Paloma's father.

Ryan accuses Danilo of having one of his people make that phone call. (Danilo doesn't have "people" except for Natividad, as far as I know.) Danilo denies having anything to do with it. He says maybe it was one of his own enemies, trying to ruin Laura in order to ruin him.

Leticia is in the Chicano hotel (yes, the same place as La Toña and Fausto) with her sewing machine. She tells Tadeo that leaving Tom hurt a lot. (Getting belted by him didn't hurt more?) But it hurt even more having been so stupid, not listening to Tadeo and Maria. She asks Tadeo's forgiveness. But Tad has been looking at his phone, barely listening to her, and says he's gotta go. He suggests that she go back to the pueblo. She says she can't leave her kids again, and she met Tom's first wife, and VAWA and maybe she'll get her papers. And Tad is like, ok, good for you, bye.

Leticia gets upset that he's being uncharacteristically disrespectful and blames it on hanging around with the showbiz types, but he just says "you don't get it" and leaves.

Laura tells Ryan that if Danilo wasn't behind the phone call, it was probably Fausto. She and Ryan then have an argument over whether or not Ryan should go settle Fausto's hash. Ryan finally relents and says he'll go to El Dorado's restaurant instead and look for evidence.

The sun sets in record time.

Morgana is unhappy because Danilo is obviously still interested in La Regia even though there's no longer any reason to seduce her. "You said we were made for each other," she accuses, and Danilo agrees - but says that doesn't mean he can't be in love with someone else. Morgana says in that case, he should just bang La Regia and be done with it. Danilo says that won't be enough. He wants to be with her forever. But Morgana thinks the only reason he's obsessed with La Regia is because he hasn't slept with her yet. He wonders if Morgana is right.

At the yellow-roof ranch, Ryan plays with Paloma. Paloma thinks Ryan and Laura are a great couple. She runs off to see Chayo. Ryan tells Laura that they need to get married asap, because of the shares and because of their "plan." (I don't remember a plan.) Laura is worried about the threat of her fake identity being found out. She rues the day she became Estela Carrillo - except for the fact that it brought her to Ryan.

Paloma heckles them cutely and draws a picture of them.

Genesis complains to Steve that she filed a report, but nothing happened. Steve says it takes a long time for cases to be investigated. Genesis says that white people don't arrest white people. (She has never seen the Andy Griffith Show?) Steve says he'll alert the press and that evil cop will be brought to justice. She is skeptical. He tells her not to give up. They make out and unzip things and stuff.

Danilo gets a visit from Calao. Why not? That's not weird at all. Calao tells Danilo he needs to get Laura out of his head. Danilo says it's not so easy. He turns around and sees Calao in bed with Morgana. Calao says, "if you can't do it the good way, do it the bad way!" Danilo attacks Calao, but succeeds only in waking Morgana.

Morning. Morgana rehearses one of her songs, the one about giving all of her love and getting only an empty soul.

She's crying. I'm crying too. It is shameful what they are doing to this woman. They should give her a hand-cart or something to help her carry the tune because she clearly cannot carry it on her own.

Leticia comes by to look for Tadeo, who isn't there. Morgana asks Leticia to help her pick out some clothes for a TV y Novelas thing. Leti asks if Morgana has the money she owes her. Morg doesn't have any cash, but she'll try to borrow some. And she's kind of bummed, so maybe Leticia can help with her clothes?

Laura has breakfast on a tray and she says goodbye to Paloma, who's about to leave for school. Paloma looks right at the camera for a couple of seconds. Normally I would scream, RESPECT THE FOURTH WALL!! but in this case, it's cute, so I'll let it pass. Laura is excited because her new song will get launched today. That's what Ryan will be doing. So she thinks.

Laura is taking the tray to her room when she is surprised to see Danilo. He gave her the ranch, yes, but the horse (jaco) is still his, and he's here to meet the vet because the horse is sick. (He eats half her breakfast.) He wants to hang out with her for a while. She says no.

Steve tells Ryan he didn't get much sleep last night. Steve thinks it'll be harder to sneak in to El D's offices this time. And he's getting cold feet because he's seeing Genesis now and he doesn't want to get hurt because it would upset her. Ryan agrees that they won't do anything life-threatening.

The vet says the horse needs a potent painkiller. Danilo wonders if he'd enjoy a hit of that stuff too. The vet says no, it doesn't work the same on people. It causes hallucinations and amnesia. Danilo carelessly asks if it tastes terrible. Nope, the vet says, it doesn't taste like anything, and it's used as a date rape drug.

While the vet gives the protesting horse a shot, Danilo grabs a syringeful of that stuff (probably enough to kill a human, if this were for real).

At the restaurant, BunMan ponders a briefcase full of cash and tells Talisman to call Dumb Danilo and tell him they've got an errand for him. But one of the lackeys interrupts: the DEA is here.

Ryan and Steve watch from the car and gloat as one of El D's employees tries to fend off the DEA. Perhaps the DEA will do the job for them.

While Laura showers, Danilo empties the big syringe into her orange juice. Then he waits in the hallway.

Laura comes out of the shower wrapped in a towel. She picks up the OJ, puts it down, looks at Paloma's drawing, teases us with the OJ a few more times and then sucks it all down. Tepid orange juice, yuck.

BunMan is trying to rip the hard disk out of a computer. You know, they make removable storage media now, but ok, let's rock it 90's style. Talisman tries to get him to leave it. He points out that the information incriminates Marcelino Salgado, not them. BunMan counters that Marcelino would kill them over this. But he gets the drive out and then starts fussing with the briefcase. He is panicking somewhat, and it is only because of Talisman that they get out of there just before the DEA guys get in.

Steve sees the DEA guys go in and is excited. But now Ryan is worried that there may be info in there that could incriminate Furia, his mother, Laura, or Joe. So he wants to go to El Dorado's house!

Laura is dizzy. She gets into bed. Danilo joins her. The room is spinning. He takes his clothes off and gets into bed with her. She thinks he's Ryan. I can't believe this doesn't cause an equipment malfunction. She tells "Ryan" he's the only man she loves.

Leticia confides to Morgana that she's worried about Tadeo. Morgana reminds her that Tad is going to school as a condition of working for Morgana. If he didn't mention it to Leticia, maybe he wants to surprise her. Leticia is grateful, but a little worried about how she's going to be able to pay this baby's way. Morgana says, if you want this baby to have everything, give it to me when it's born.

Leti is wounded by the suggestion. Take her baby away from her just because she's fallen on hard luck? Morgana very casually walks it alllll the way back and says the pregnancy hormones make her say crazy stuff. Leticia scolds her. This baby is all she has left. Morgana apologizes and says she admires how brave and strong Leticia is. Leti forgives her. Morgana says Leti can count on her for anything. (Except pay?)

Maria talks to her new friend Kim at school. Kim says Mark is the most popular boy in school and he likes Maria and Maria likes him. Kim encourages Maria to have sex with him. Maria looks doubtful. Kim teases her for being a virgin.

Chayo gets Laura out of bed. Laura has a terrible headache and dizzy. Chayo says it's stress, but she wonders why Laura took off her clothes before getting into bed. Laura hazily remembers Ryan coming in and helping her off with her clothes and then she fell asleep. She missed the launch.

Laura (who missed the launch, but thinks Ryan is working on it) calls Ryan (who missed the launch, but doesn't know Laura missed it too). The call goes like this:

Laura: Thanks for being with me when I needed you the most.
Ryan: I'll always be with you. Were you thinking about me?
Laura: I think of you all the time, above all after your demonstration of love.
Ryan: All the credit belongs to you. You were better than ever.
Laura: I want you to know that what happened is very important to me.
Ryan: Me too. Bye!

Ryan tells Steve he feels bad that Laura thinks he's working on the launch and he can't tell her where he is.

Morgana finds Danilo in her room. He doesn't look happy with himself. He tells her what he did, but blames it on Morgana. She doesn't believe him at first. When she realizes what he is saying, she asks, "did you rape her, you jerk?" Danilo makes a sheepish face. In between scenes, I guess, he tells her about the drug. He actually says that it was "special." He blames Morgana again for telling him that this was the way to get Estela out of his head. Morgana does not approve. Danilo is now more in love with Estela than ever.

Joe looks at some documents and tells Lindsay that he won't fight her, for the sake of the kids. She says he should have cared more about the kids when he got mixed up with that old lady.

Genesis calls Laura to say that the song is selling like hotcakes, and it'll be on the radio any minute now. Laura explains to Paloma that her song means that women should respect and care for themselves more than anyone else, even boyfriends. Laura turns on the radio, and the announcer introduces the big hit of the year, but it's not Laura's song.

Steve and Ryan sneak into El D's house. I think they look silly as they prowl through the house. Soon they reach the door with the coded lock. Ryan prepares to shoot the lock open.

Next time: Morgana blabs.


Chava is freeee!
Who goes lookin’ for him? LetMeeee!
But Chava she does not seeee!!

Danilow is a total jerk. He took LauStela’s justice juice and turned it into INjustice juice.
AssBun BURNED!! Did Blake have anything to do with that??
MorgaWannaABaby sure took her foot out of her mouth real fast. I’m sure she’ll think of some way to make LetMe change her mind.

Is Ryan making his buddies take turns in helping him?

Paloma was would have been funny if she had started singing:
Mommy and Ryan sittin' by me,


Alfredo, thanks for the tip that Familia is an Osorio TN. I will definitely take a pass on that one... I don't care who is in it, life is too short for that kind of aggravation.

Geez, how much more is Laura going to be used and abused? So many awful hombres surrounding her. It is amazing she has not gone off the deep end or run to the nearest convent .Despicable Him Danilo..ugh..this guy cannot sink much lower.

When she called Ryan, were they confused about what each other was talking about? It seemed to me that she was (mistakenly) thanking him for being with her (in bed) and he was talking about the launching of her song, right?

Yes, that was a very messed-up conversation, RvgChick.

Looking forward to your recap, Julie...good luck!!

Danilo is truly disgusting. He deserves a bullet to the head, nothing less.

A bullet to the head, pounded in with a hammer.

Cue the coyotes .

Steve sees San Francisco, guess he found that pharmacist I asked about
DaniLow sees the Ghost of Callao
The Ghost of Callao sees Morgana in her skivvies
We see Laura has Thunder Thighs
Morg threatens a DNA test to Merc
Steve mysteriously doesn't want to die now
Tadeo ig-NORES LetMe...Good for him
DaniLow gives Laustela horse tranquilizer and climbs in the saddle
Then tells Morgana about the deed and appears to feel guilty about it. Bastard
Morgana asks for LetMe's baby, LetMe Looks stupid at her as usual
DEA comes in AssBun hideout front door as AssWipes exit back door

“Oh Chava! You are out of jail.”
“Um, yeah, surprised to hear from you Leticia, how's the hubba?”
“Dead, wanna get something to eat tonight?”

“Ahh, Um, Oh Shoot, look at the time, gotta run, Let.(thinks real fast too)”


Thankfully the walking Black Plague of stupidity did not find Chava. Maybe he can find somebody better, like Tona or Nina.

OK so Rosie we are a nation of Pigs and Whores, right down to our thirteen year old girls because we take exception to hordes of criminals invading our country which WE built and maintain and pay for?
OK it is just a TV show, right? But you are playing dirty. If we were that bad we would have already bombed you into oblivion, taken your land and planted grapes. Why? Cause we are not.



Julie, you're recap is amazing! So much happened and you did a tremedous job in relaying all the events. Thank you for working so diligently and quickly.

Ryan's and LauStela's plan is to leave and start a new life away where no one knows them--actually it was Ryan's plan, but I guess LauStela is agreeing to it now.

The song that MorgaWannABaby was singing was Regia's song and I believe she was lipsincing it. I think she wishes she were Regia so Danilow will love her the way he loves LauStela.

I hopeo María doesn't succumb to peer pressure, but she seems to be thinking about it.

It's really convenient that El D's house was conveniently open and not guarded. The DEA raid was at the restaurant...why wouldn't a "godfather's" house be more guarded? GONG!!

That house with the coded lock on the one door....wasn't that the house that professional arsonist Talisfire cleverly staged an electrical malfunction in with about fifteen gallons of gasoline and burned down?

Good Morning

RGV Chik if that climatic assault that blew through here yesterday makes it across the lake to you....your drought is over. It is headed almost due West, I don't know if it will fizzle out over water or not. Radar shows it breaking up. It was just a heavy thunderstorm with lots of rain and 'straight line winds' blowing over trees and deroofing buildings. Nothing affecting me though,whew.

Julie it think the best one (of many) was "They should give her a hand-cart or something to help her carry the tune because she clearly cannot carry it on her own."

It's funny how MUTE button and MORG both start with M..

Thanks for a clever, funny recap. So Steve really did say he didn't get much sleep last night? I missed that. Genesis looked perky as ever.

Good Morning!!

Kirby, the house that Talsiman burned down was where Lucio/Nestor was living. Last night's house was El D's house...where they have the pool parties and AssBun's fancy offices. I was trying to figure out how Ryan knew about that house and remembered that Danilow probably showed them the way when the 3 miceketeers went and tried to get AssBun to get LauStela back from Blake.

Thanks for the heads up on the rain chances. Actually, it did rain for a few days last week, but I seem to be living in the twilight zone...the rain seems to go all around my area. Hope your assault makes it here and breaks through my shield.

Thanks, Julie. Superb title and recap.

While the vet gives the protesting horse a shot, Danilo grabs a syringeful of that stuff (probably enough to kill a human, if this were for real).

So we are to believe Danilo is more smitten with Laustela than ever after he raped her? B.S. Zonked out and numbed by that drug, Laustela could only perform like a Zombie at most. Danilo respects no one, except maybe Paloma. And where there is no respect, there is no love. So if Laustela charges Danilo with rape, he'll say Calao made me do it?

Mark and Kim seem to be double teaming to get Maria to give it up to Mark. Just for sport, or will they post pics or a video for sale? Ugh, isn't one foul sex deed enough in ultimas semanas?

I hate rape and babynapping storylines, but ultimas semanas is usually when they get resolved, not get started. Chav where are you? Need your level head and cheer.

The recap was excellent as always Julie.

"They make out and unzip things and stuff" and "Morgana says Leti can count on her for anything. (Except pay?)" were among many favorites.

I hope the miscommunication between Laura and Ryan is cleared up quickly so that Laura will realize what happened. She is going to be devastated. As you pointed out Susanlynn, hasn't she been through enough?And just like that, Danilo descends into hell. His mind is warped and his soul is diseased.

When Nina was up against the wall having Tona and Fausto's faces just inches from her, threatening to bring her sister into their seedy world (which I hadn't realized, I only saw the phone being thrust in her face), I cringed. I cannot even look at those two.

I had no idea badbun was the one who called the station. Why would he do that?? Why would he care - or did he do it at ED's bidding?

"Leticia goes to jail to see Chavalin, but he's been released". OK. So all he was given was a few months? Not that I am complaining! I'm glad to see him out, his intelligence is sorely needed here.

"But Tad has been looking at his phone, barely listening to her, and says he's gotta go". I may be alone here but I sort of feel sorry for Let. Yes, she has made some huge mistakes but I didn't like Tad being so cold. Now that Tom is gone, I hope they can repair their family.

I didn't realize Morgana was lip-synching Regia's song - thanks RgvChick. I really like the song.

Laura exudes genuine warmth. I enjoyed her scenes with Ryan. She seemed totally natural and clearly enchanted by Paloma (aren’t we all?). She has a lovely laugh.

Yes, Ryan and Steve looked rather inept, stumbling around, Steve unarmed.

So, who is behind door number one?

Thanks Julie.


Thank you so much, Julie! God this was a grim episode, not only was it rape but it was unconscious rape. Hopefully Laustela remembers…what's worst is she thinks it was Ryan who did the deed. I would still be a little confused as to why anyone would get me naked when I'm unconscious, even if it was a significant other.

Morgana is sure a piece of work peru Letmebecluelesssssss is so clueless and innocent, after everything, that it's slightly pathetic, slighting annoying at this point. At least she told Tadeo that she wishes she would've listened. And she thought Chavalin would want anything to do with her? Letmebecluelesssssss….

Don't drink the water, Maria!

Danilo is like Daniel from YNCELH. He says it's love but, if you have to force anything, that's not love. Morgana is even worse for egging him on and she knows his every deed so that fact that she was shocked he did it was a "really?" moment.

I totally missed it but who called the DEA? Ryan and Steve?

I hope this doesn't mean we'll be seeing Nina's little sister sold into slavery :(

What are these people thinking 100 rapes, so what if we have 101? Disgusting.
And the Maria thing is pure and simple anti-USA propaganda, nothing else. It has no bearing on our main stories and comes along too close to the end here, like a parting shot.

I am a Tad past annoyed.

"I am a Tad past annoyed" (giggle).

Well at least we have your lovely avatar to look at Kirby.

Alfredo, unless it was unintended impeccable timing, I was thinking that Ryan and Steve must have called the DEA. Too bad no one saw the two weasels scurrying out the back.


Diana I thought Ryan and Steve were surprised that the DEA boys happened to show up, and it was just a convenient coinky dinky. I remember one of them said, "Hmmm we can watch as they do our job for us."

You know after thousands of scenes in real life and on TV, why don't they send a Dominos Pizza guy to the front to announce that the DEA is visiting and station the guns out back?

Good Morning everyone from the Alamo City.

What happened to the leading Protagonista last night ?

Steve: Genesis and Steve went to San Francisco, "Going up the Country...".
Danilow went to San Francisco, but he walked.
LauStela and her horse share more than a stall

Steve, the protag got raped by Danilow after he drugged her. She seems to remember enough to think that it was Ryan who she was with. Apparently, she wasn't unconscious enough because Danilow said that she got it into it with much was as if she was making love to Ryan.

Thank you, Julie, for that retelling of last night's carnage. I had to take a shower after that scene with Dan ,the Devil',s spawn crawling into Laura's bed. Ugh Laura has endured one assault after another. Blake-----Dan the Devil. Frying pan -----fire. So. Will this one night attack result in a pregnancy? Yuck.

Julie, I am starting to think that we need a hero with a sword to taje care of this messy mess ..Duncan? Method? Connor? Jamie?..all of them

And now Maria is being double dared to surrender her virginity.I watched an old movie last night called "The Best of Everything" (1959).It was kind of the original Sex in the City..young girls going to work in big, bad NYC and one of the inspirations for "Mad Men," A very different view of sex back then. ...good girls just didn't.

If Morg's pushup bra pushing those girls up any higher, she might suffocate .

Chickie, I hope o that you get that much needed rain. Looks like we will be in the 90s all week which = me + my blue toenails in the pool all week . #splash

Kirby and Diana, I'm pretty sure Ryan and Steve did not tip off the DEA. They were surprised and Steve told Ryan that the DEA had saved them a lot of trouble.

Julie, I don't know why your captions said that the voice was AssBun's, I really don't think it was him...maybe someone Blake got to make the call.

Thanks Kirby and RgvChick.

Only understanding a few words here and there, I had no idea what Kirby and Ryan were saying. So there being there was coincidental! Unfortunately, all it did was take Ryan away from home when Laura needed him most. Ack.

It makes sense that Blake had someone make the call. Now that his political future is down the drain, he will have even more time for mischief making.

I hope Maria is smart enough to just say no. Creepy crush and friend. There must be some good kids around?


Mine said it was Assbun too. They called him Asdrubal or something, but I knew what they meant. :-)

Diana, I was supposed to go, but Ryan called at the last minute and said Steve was available.

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Did you see it where Kim, the little #hadntbeenavirginforyears was telling Maria that boys at their school liked girls with sexual expertise?

#stillpissed #likesbirdsbetterthanrosie

Has Maria changed her name to Mary now? It sounded like that is what Kimwearitout was calling her.

Wonder if Tad will get a more catchy stage name? I was listening to 'Lilly Wood and The Prick" last night, no, this is not another bird joke, look it up, and was wondering what would go good with Morgana as her guitarist.

There is an old Southern expression similar to Julie's hand cart that goes something like 'Can't carry a tune in a bucket.'
But Morgana and The Bucket might not do well.

I guess TadPole is out too. After her singing, maybe Kermit and the Tadpole.

kj out...

There are two sides at least, to every story.

THIS sure makes a nice impression on us American HOMEOWNERS.

RgvChick: "Ryan's and LauStela's plan is to leave and start a new life away where no one knows them" Oh, that plan. Some plan. Thanks to the Internet, the world is now approximately one cubic foot in volume. If someone wants to find them, it won't matter where they go.

Was Morgana lipsyncing?? I didn't think [the singer] sounded very good, and I thought Laura was better than that.

Gong is right for walking right into El D's house. Yes, Ryan went there just last week to fake-threaten Danilo's life. Another ill-fated plan from Ryan...

Kim (and maybe Mark too?) called Maria "Mary." I realize that white Americans like me are horrible people, but we typically call people by their names. (Except on this blog.) That was weird.

Kirby, I was actually trying to remember what it was that people can't carry a tune in. I couldn't remember "bucket."

Worried Laura will be pregnant with Danispawn. One thing - I don't believe she knows what happened. As far as I can tell, she thought Ryan was there and helped her get her clothes off and into bed because she didn't feel well. I don't think she knows that she had sex. (The veterinarian did say the drug caused amnesia.)

Niecie, I feel sorry for Leticia too, but mostly because she's so dim that she's practically defenseless. It's unrealistic to expect her to suddenly become a killing machine with street smarts, I think her spine is getting a little stronger, but she's got a LONG way to go before she can handle Morgana.

Alfredo, I don't know who called the DEA but I would bet that it was Blake.

I don't know if the caller to the radio show was BunMan or not. I thought it sounded like it could be him. But captions are sometimes wrong. The advantage to El D though is that keeping Ryan from registering Paloma gives Danilo more time to get that 20%.

And yeah, Danilo did tell Morgana that Laura was into it. Apparently, the fact that she clearly thought he was Ryan didn't spoil the experience for him at all.

Julie, I had never heard of the word "sacon" either, but translated literally it means someone who avoids something so, yeah, chicken/coward is about right since the man was avoiding exposing his true identify.

After last night LauStela could use a long, nice swim here.

I could use a nice, long swim... the AC is broken in my section of the office.
It's an old factory building, so some of the windows are open... and there is even a box fan in one of the windows. It's blowing in the warm, muggy air from outside.

That is really a nice pic Kirby...that water does look inviting.

Danilo did tell Morgana that Laura was into it.

My take is Laura was too knocked out to be into anything and that the same Calao demon inside Danilo's head that urged him to rape Laustela also told him she was into it. At this moment, I wish this was a real narco TN like Rosario Tijeras who knows just what to do with a pair of scissors.

Yeah a squeaky-voiced Danilow would make my day. Especially if his mountain oysters at breakfast looked really familiar. Serve him right.

I hopeo the Ghosts of Murders Past continue to rob DaniLowDownBastard of what sanity the blow has not taken from him already. The earlier bullet did leave a nice round scar.

What was the horse's name, Jaco, I read in your recap? Kinda odd, but we will go with it.

I think "jaco" is supposed to be slang for horse. The horse does have a name, Marcelino said what it was the night he brought it over, but I don't remember. It was a good but standard horsie name.

So LetMe didn't even bother with going back to the 'family' home when she came back without Tomy, even knowing (well, maybe not her, but she should have) that he is in too much trouble to show his face in Ca. Why not continue to live there, pay the rent or mortgage , right, and forget about his DeadAss. How dense do you need be to not realize when he was first on the phone telling her they have to leave that something is rotten in Denmark?

Without TomAss around she might be able to patch things up with her kids until her Chemical Imbalance kicks in again and she tries to marry Callao or robs a bank or takes up skydiving.

Christmas could be like a postcard with Tadeo and Zak cuddling on the sofa, Maria with her newborn and her new brother in cribs rocking happily away, Morgana in a ski mask and hoodie skulking around out back. :-)

Thanks Julie. I seem to be more interested in the horse than most of these characters except Paloma.

And Genesis,

I did think it was a little strange that Leti went to the Only Hotel in Los Angeles rather than go back to the house. I don't think she realizes just how much trouble Tomas was in, though, so I can see why she might be afraid he'd come back. And since she never had a single happy moment in that place, it's no wonder she doesn't want to go back.

But it's still free lodging, with room for the kids, until the foreclosure, so I wish she had gone for it.

She might be happy with Calao. They can ride the unicorn up and down the rainbows together.

Who is Zak? Valdo?

Julie: Let's hope Leticia gets a happy ending with Calao.

IF Morgana AKA Abortion Barbie does not whack Leticia first!

RVG Chick: OMG! The sick bastard violated the Protagonista like that ? SICK PIECE OF EXPLETIVE!

I'm worried she might end up PREGGERS as a result of the rape.


The actual name or what they called the horse is Juaco. I think it's the name Danilow gave to the horse...Juaco is a a diminutive of the name Joaquin.

I.found it odd that MorgaWannABabyv hasn't paid LetMe, so where is LetMe getting money for the hotel? Did some of the stolen money fall into her purse?

Julie, are you predicting that LetMe will join Calao and haunt Danilow?

Yeah Valdo I knew it was one of those waaaay down the alphabet names, but too lazy to look it up. I overshot Valdo.


Knowing Tom's history I would bet the house is just rented, so all she need do is pay the rent. And I would venture that place is still less expensive than a motel. But I'd bet NASA has never called LetMe for advice either.
Cup and a saucer short of a full place setting? Elevator works, but does not go to the top?

I thought it odd that Morgana is not falling over herself to pay LetMe, given everything. Since LetMe had the bright idea to let TomAss force her to quit a pretty good job she must not have an income, and MorGetHerBaby knows that.

That was an exercise in ridiculous. I can't imagine anyone asking someone that without a subsequent trip to the ER.
Or at least a limp-in clinic.


I vote for Calao and TomAss to make some late night visits.

If I can stick the landing these seeds are MINE !

Just home and reading the new comments.

"The veterinarian did say that the drug caused amnesia." Hmmm. So the poor horses that get it cannot remember the great oats they had that morning or their frolic in the meadow with those fine, little fillies. Poor horses.

I have thankfully never taken drugs or been drugged, but I do know that back in the day after four or five cocktails, I was almost asleep and very relaxed and floating. I can see why Laura only vaguely remembers what happened and that it was with Ry.


Calao and Tomass ..times. Now there's a frightening DUP ..dead or alive.

"Beany, beany, chili beany, the spirits are about to speak" Bullwinkle used to say to Rocky , the Squirrel.

Kirby..and how about that old standby.."The lights are on , but noone's home."

Not the sharpest hammer in the bag.

RgvChick, it was Kirby who suggested that Leticia should marry Calao. I just suggested adding unicorns and rainbows or whatever other non-reality-related crap fills her head. :( (I hate to be so hard on her, but I also hate that she's presented as such a fool.)

I wonder if by not paying Leticia, Morgana is hoping to force Leti to move in with her, all the easier to mess with her head?

Susanlynn, the vet said the drug caused that effect in humans only. I guess for horses it's just a great pain killer, no "in a gadda da vida" or anything.

Hopeofully she is saying to herself, "Well, even a guy like Ryan can have an 'off' night. But I still Luuuurve him."


A few fries short of a Happy Meal.

And my all time favorite: Dumber than a box o' rocks.

You like that better than "dumber than a box of hair"? That's my favorite.

Thanks Julie. A few hideous moments with the rape scene.

Viewerville is asking :Will LauStella become pregnant because Danilo raped her? Well don't forget the stable scene between her and Ryan. If she becomes pregnant, it could be either Ryan's or Danilo's. And as a friend pointed out since they are half brothers would a DNA test be definitive? Any DNA experts out there?

Julie I liked your recap, except for the date rape scene.They didnt show it
But knowing what that lowlife did to get her in that position is grossly
Morbit. He should be beaten to a pulp.
Like what russ Did to Willis on that Ol soap opera "Another World"back in the 70s. Some of us Were youngins and some werent even born yet. Willis was horrible so that was a well deserved ass Whippin, he also raped Alice. And they found a way to redeem him. Jerk.
D-ass is a murderer and a rapest.lil p
Can't help him,he raped her mommies. I
Don't care if he felt guilty after the fact.That Only proves he knew he was wrong before he did the deed.They can have assdrible Take him out tonight. Laura has enough goin on to stress her out until the joy Comes in the end. Why do they need a Second season of this? Well they're in charge not me.

Lindsey,is Joe's almost ex's name?She's A scorned women but she really should move on. But nooooo,she wants to teach Her cheating hubby a lesson. What a wast of time.Shes a pretty lady she Can find somebody else, but she's mad So it'll run it's course and end. She Better hope she don't loose her kids in the process. Stupid pretty woman.
Was that briefcase full of $$$$$ that
Tallisman threw down to get assdribble out before the DEA nabbed them? They
Must have swooped by and picked up the
Mystery boss and went to another hide
Out. What do ya bet there's nobody in the codelocked room just cuz we want to know. I would be surprised if some body's in there.
Now what I found funny, actually the way you put it:They make out and unzip things and such:) softly Lol. And the other one: "they should give her a hand card or something to help her carry tune because she clearly cannot carry it on her own" lol funny. I told
You all she got goin for her is her body. Like Barney fife she can't sing. Not a lick. Lol.
O Marie don't let those girls talk you into loosening your trip. Once it's gone it's gone. And everybody is NOT doin it.

Maybe we'll see a knockdown drag out fight tonight.

Thank you Julie :)


Dumber than a box of..................same DNA in this case too.

Don't you have to enjoy it for it to 'take'? :-)

How long for Laura and Ryan to put two and a half together and decide Laura is having SOME dreams? That could actually end it unless she does concieve or need the services of her gyno for some reason. :-(

When Ryan figures it out we (I) hopeo he surgically alters Danilow to prevent another offense.

"could be either Ryan's or Danilo's"....yeah either way I hopeo it doesn't count by pawing the ground.

This is what I found out about DNA for siblings that share both parents, so if this is the case then DNA for siblings that only share one parent would be even more different...

Each sibling gets the same distribution of parental DNA in terms of percentages. That is, each sibling gets half of their DNA from the mother and half from the father*.

However, each sibling gets different parts of the two parents' DNA. It always adds up to 50:50, but if you have a gene where the father has the two versions A and a and the mother has the two versions B and b, you could have siblings that end up with AB, Ab, aB, or ab. Each sibling has one version of the gene from their mother and one from their father, but the combinations are different. The same's true for every gene, because how the chromosome sections separate out as the egg and sperm cells are formed is essentially random. This is why you end up with siblings who are similar, but not identical - they're made from the same starting material (the parents' genes), but in different combinations.
from Cath Ennis, PhD in Molecular Biology. Author of "Introducing Epigenetics"


Julie and Kirby, I googled "dumber than a" and got both your versions..but this also came up:
"dumber than a suitcase of buttholes" who would want to collect buttholes and put them in a suitcase? LMAO

So in other words, if they did a paternity test on Laura's hypothetical future baby, they could still tell whether it came from Danilo or Ryan - but it might take longer/be more complicated because a lot of the genes would be the same.

A suitcase full of buttholes would be very dumb indeed, but at least it wouldn't be very heavy. Might smell bad, though.

Omg! I hadn't thought of the baby paternity test twist. Ugh, may they not go that route...wishful thinking? I remember it was a mess in LFDD and Mi Pecado.

Will that suitcase fit in the overhead or is it checked?

Let's just hopeo that she is not all that fertile, not the right time, DaniLow is actually not very healthy, she didn't like it anyway, and just chalks it up to a 'bad' dream. Of course I am assuming Morgana will keep that football-sized mouth of hers shut, not very likely, and DaniLow is so ashamed he tries to forget it. If he actually feels more strongly about Laura now, he just needs a 'Blow' up doll.

Alfredo, I can't remember which TN it was, but in one of them the DNA results were faked TWICE.

Unfortunately, from what I saw, Laura did not seem to mind having "Ryan" kissing all over her. Remember, that stuff is supposed to make you hallucinate. I think she really was into it... but now she doesn't remember.

Does anyone make a combination love doll/cocaine dispenser?

Julie I like the recap girl,but that date
Rape part. How sick was that? And then he
Thinks it ok to rape somebody? He's not sorry. I hope Ryan beat him sinceless. Like the beat down russ gave Willis on that old soap opera "Another World", now some of yall may not even no about this, some Of us were kids and some of yall weren't even born. Anyways he raped alice,russ's lifetime love. It was well deserved. As will that one d-ass should get.

Rape is unexceptable. little p can't help him. He raped her mommie. Get rid of him.
He knew he was wrong. She don't even remember him she was so doped up. Kick his add ryan.
Her and Ryan talkin about some neither one of them indulged in. Kick his slimmy ass Ryan.
Now girl you got a funny way of puttin stuff: They begin to make out and unzip things and stuff:),lol. And the stealer morganagottastealmeababy:"somebody should give her a hand-cart or something to help her carry a tune,because she clearly can't carry it on her own",Lol girl you bad.
Was that a briefcase full of money that Talisman threw on the floor when he was trying to rush assdrible out of there so the DEA couldn't catch them?

I hope Maria don't let that girl talk her into loosening her grip. Everybody is not doin It. Peerpresure sucks.

Thank you Julie ;)

I hope Ryan beats Danilo up too, Nina, ala Max from YNCELH. I have never wanted a character beat to a pulp as much as him and Max delivered.

Steve I know you met"I hope letme will
Be happy with chav, instead of calao.
Calao's the dead guy that told stupid
Dumbass to rape laura. You remember that guy they hung up naked in Dumbass
Front yard. But letting those two be happily ever after would be a neat trick if they could pull that off.

Yes, Nina, Talisman was trying to hustle BunMan out of there and BunMan was trying to grab everything that wasn't nailed down. Surprising - Talisman was much cooler-headed than BunMan. BunMan was in a white-hot panic. That surprised me.

Alfredo, I'm all for Danilo getting a beatdown, as long as they don't mess up his pretty face!

Only a dead guy could put up with LetMe. A live guy would want to kill her dumbass after a day or two.
Mutt moved to another country..she found him
TomAss beat her ass, she's having his baby

Run Chava Run

Dumb and can't help yourself, I feel sorry for you.
Dumb on purpose in spite of everybody helping you. Go away, far far away.

Hey Wiki is still saying there are 72 episodes in season 1. That is twenty eight or something close, left, over five weeks, how is this Ultimas Semanas? If it is that is perilously close to six weeks of U Semanas, as they announced it a week or two ago. I see how they can now possibly bring in Paloma's (maybe) Father and maybe even Nina's lil Sis. At this rate LetMe can be a Gramma by halftime. And Tom Jr an Uncle. Ha!

If Paloma's father is Ryan's half brother, and Laura is preggers by last night the new one would be Paloma's.. give me a shoot I can't. I bet it would have a tail and dew claws.

Yeah, I think we talked about this a week or two ago... it's actually more than six weeks, it started less than a week after we hit the halfway mark. That's just crazy. Ultimas Semanas should be no more than 20% of the episodes IMO.

If announcing Ultimas Semanas is supposed to make people think that now is the time to tune in because things are getting really exciting... I wouldn't fall for that one. In my experience, ultimas semanas aren't necessarily any more exciting than any other semanas until you get to ultimos capitulos.

The new one would be Paloma's sister, silly! But might have horns and a tail. Or might just have a really annoying way of speaking and a preference for metallic colored jackets. And try to snort the baby powder.

Especially with this novela, Julie. It has wasted no time in getting exciting, providing insane plot twists and keeping us glued to the screen.

For me I need to know:

1. Palomas complete patronage
2. Where is Estela Carrillo?
3. Who killed Pedro and why?

Though the last one hasnt been touched upon that often...I wonder if it will ultimately tie back to 1 and 2. Hopefully.

The only way I can see rosy fixing this rape Disaster is let d-ass be in
The way of sterility, shootin blanks.
That way if Laura ends up pregnant Ryan Is the baby daddy. She couldn't let him get the date rape drug from a pharmacy? Had to get it from an animal vet? That lo rosy. But then so is his
Character. Is she wanted us to see how long he could get, this did it. He is
All kinds of nasty.

I wonder if Rosy was trying to drive home the point that Danilo is not a man. He was never have sex with Laustela when she was conscious, awake and egging him on. He could only make little D work when she was unconscious. Pig that he is.

Who is Pedro?
Does "Ultimos capitulos" mean final chapters?
And what is Ultimas semanas mean? I want english translations. Thank you.

NiNa Pedro is the dead (we are told) father of the original Estela Carillo whose name Laura has been using. Ryan's original girlfriend who broke his heart by disappearing.

"Ultimos capitulo Ultimas semanas, final chapters or episodes, or last weeks.

You are Welcome.

Pedro was also involved with Mercy we are told also.

Nina, the drug that Danilo got from the vet was the drug that made her dazed and confused. They don't hand that out at the pharmacy.

I think you're thinking of the "day after" pill. But Laura doesn't even know yet that she's had sex, much less that it was with Danilo.

And ultimas semanas is the final weeks - usually six weeks but they seem to get longer with each new TN.

Ultimos capitulos is the final episodes. I'm not sure how long that lasts. Maybe two weeks.

Lately I've been seeing mentions of "semanas decisivas" - decisive weeks - leading up to the ultimas semanas, but during VEA they were more like semanas aburridas (boring weeks).

Alfredo, I'm still wondering if Danilo managed to complete the act. But I admit that I have no reason to believe otherwise other than wishful thinking.

Oh hey! I'm going to be away allll day tomorrow (Six Flags), so I will miss the discussion. :-(

Julie just use your phone. I do when I am not at home or near a computer. You just can not type very fast or accurately. Just sneak off to the ladies room occasionally. Tell them it was the theme park food.

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