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La Candidata 7.27.17 Chapter 33: Regina and Gerardo, Engulfed in Desire

As a special treat, here is an earworm, courtesy of Urban: Anita Baker's Caught in the Rapture.

Hernan catches Emiliano and Cecelia in the act and decides to leave immediately though Cecelia holds him back and asks Emiliano to leave so she and Hernan could talk. Emiliano doesn’t want to but Cecelia asks him to and she will call him later. Emiliano’s guard takes him away as Hernan calls Cecelia sick before storming out.

Regina and Gerardo continue to kiss but Gerardo notes that she’s a little drunk. Regina assures him that she’s okay and fully aware but Gerardo is unsure. At that time, Regina apologizes for even calling him but Gerardo tells her that it’s okay though Regina’s head is spinning. She lays down against the headboard and he asks her to close her eyes. She obliges but then admits that what they are doing is not okay. He tells her everything is fine and Regina confesses that she feels the safest with him and the only place she wants to be with is with her. He smiles and kisses her but Regina is already falling asleep. He continues to kiss her as she drifts off before kissing her on the forehead and holding her.

Alonso’s driver continues to ask where they are going but Alonso instructs him to keep driving. He doesn’t say it but he realizes that he has nowhere to go and no one who wants him.

Nayeli tries to kiss Ximena but Ximena pulls away and Nayeli explains that she was just joking. Ximena doesn’t like her jokes though and Nayeli reminds her that they both slept with Emiliano. Ximena reminds her that it’s different and then realizes that Nayeli is high. Nayeli explains that she took some of Teresa’s pills because she had a bunch but Ximena chides her for not being her friend and continuing to get high. She demands Nayeli leave her home immediately.

Teresa and Ignacio, post coitus, discuss Regina and Gerardo. He notes that they are both good looking, and the public loves that, on top of having a lot of political power against Alonso. He doesn’t understand, however, why Teresa is so loyal to Mario. She explains that he helps her like he helps him and Nayeli. Ignacio notes that Mario uses her but Teresa explains that everyone in her life uses her like they use everyone else. All she cares about now though is separating Regina from Gerardo. Ignacio lays down next to her, exasperated, and asks her to relax and worry about more important things. Teresa asks if she should spend more time and energy in bed with him but Ignacio wants to know if there are any videos of them in bed. Teresa laughs it off but Ignacio is serious. Teresa explains that the cameras were only for Gerardo since they need him controlled but Ignacio is done and wants her to leave because Nayeli will be home soon. Teresa reminds him that Nayeli is at her house and then asks him to kiss her. Ignacio obliges.

In the bedroom, Marcia switches Omar’s pills with others that she had in a zip lock bag.

At her house, Magda sits nervously as she waits for Israel. As soon as he walks in, she chides him for ignoring her phone calls because she was worried. Israel explains that he was helping his granddaughter, Mariela, and her daughter since they had to vacate their house. Magda is confused, as she gave him the money to liquidate her debt, but Israel reveals that the owner didn’t accept and preferred they leave. She asks him where they are and he tells her downstairs because the pension they passed by was already full. He only came to tell her that he would be staying with them for the time being, wherever they can. He turns to leave but Magda stops him and asks him to bring them up. Israel would prefer not to but Magda reminds him that they can’t spend the night in the street. He thanks her and Magda agrees to prepare the couch for them as he walks downstairs.

Omar takes his nightly pill and then goes over to Marcia, who is waited for him in provocative lingerie, and calls her beautiful before kissing her. Just then, he falls asleep on her breast and she smiles, satisfied.

Sometime later, Magda looks at Mariela and her daughter, sleeping soundly on the couch. She goes over to them and makes sure they are covered before smiling.

Nayeli arrives home and sees Ignacio and Teresa in bed together. She smiles and takes a couple of pictures with her cell phone.

Emiliano is trying to sleep in his room but can’t. He receives a call from Ximena, who is crying in her house, but doesn’t answer.

Cecelia is in bed, thinking about all the pain she’s caused, alone, as Alonso falls asleep on his car ride to nowhere….

The next day, Natalia is drinking her coffee when Alonso walks in. He looks her up and down but says nothing though Natalia bids him good morning and follows him to the hallway. She asks him how he is and Alonso thinks she should know how he feels. He then asks about Regina but Natalia reveals that she didn’t sleep at home. Alonso asks if she knows where Regina is but Natalia didn’t think it right for her to call her. She then tells him that Emiliano is sleeping soundly in his bed. Alonso nods and goes to leave but Natalia asks if he isn’t going to ask about Omar. Alonso doesn’t need to as she already reported him. Natalia nods and reveals that she also started the divorce proceedings. Alonso begs her not to but Natalia has already decided though she knows she’s alone in her battle against Omar. Alonso tells her that they are all alone and goes to his room.

Regina wakes up with a start and smiles when she sees that she’s in Gerardo’s arms. She then asks him for water and he hands her a bottle as she asked what happened. He tells her nothing and Regina is incredulous but chugs down the bottle of water first. She then begins to cry because she ruined their night but Gerardo doesn’t care as he just wanted to be in her arms. Regina apologizes but she drank too much and didn’t eat. She then spills the water and goes to get him a rag but Gerardo doesn’t care and goes to kiss her. She prefers to go to the bathroom first and goes as Gerardo smiles.

Teresa arrives home to find Ximena, who demands to know where she was. Teresa ignores her questions and asks about Gerardo but Ximena reveals that he didn’t sleep there either before repeating her questions. Teresa says she was looking for Gerardo all night and then asks about Nayeli. Ximena tells her that they had a fight and Nayeli left. Teresa thinks it’s incredible how Gerardo comes and goes and Ximena does nothing. Ximena tells her it’s hard, as neither of her parents sleep at home, but Teresa doesn’t care. Ximena gives up and leaves as Teresa calls her selfish from the door.

Israel tells Magda, who is going to work, that Mariela and her daughter will be out of there by the time she gets back. Magda asks him what he will do but Israel shrugs and Magda tells him that she will help him find a place. Israel thanks her again and Magda leaves. Just then, Mariela wakes up, having heard everything, and asks Israel why she can’t stay in Magda’s house. Israel explains that Magda will find her a place and Mariela hopes she does as it looks like she has plenty of money and Israel isn’t stupid.

The doctor gives Noemi explicit instructions regarding her medication. He then tells her that she will be discharged into Mario’s care immediately. Noemi would rather wait for Regina but Mario reminds her that he is there for her and the doctor agrees before leaving. Once alone, Mario gives her a kiss on the forehead but Noemi is terrified.

In the lobby, Cecelia chases after Hernan, begging to talk to him. Hernan tells her that they have nothing to talk about, especially after what he saw, but she tells him it was a confusion. Hernan laughs it off, tired of her mess of a life, and tells her to do whatever she wants before storming off. Cecelia follows him and chides him for judging her actions, especially after he uploaded Gerardo’s video and betrayed her. Hernan reminds her that his job comes first and he has decided to leave because she has not been the most reliable source of information. Cecelia warns him to be careful where he goes digging and Hernan laughs at the irony that she is the same as everyone she works with before leaving.

Alonso throws a pillow at Emiliano, who wakes up, and asks if he is going to school. Emiliano tells him that he will, soon, though he wants to know if he also didn’t sleep in the house. Alonso tells him that he drove around all night thinking about Regina and him. Emiliano notes that they are no longer a family and they are all going their separate ways. Alonso nods and reveals that Regina didn’t sleep at home either but Emiliano thinks she’s old enough to make her own decisions. Alonso demands to know what his problem is and Emiliano explains that his parents are his problem though Alonso reminds him that Cecelia is not part of the problem. Emiliano is confused as to what that must do with anything and prefers to go get ready instead of talking with Alonso.

Ximena finds Ignacio and asks him if he knows where Gerardo is as he never came home. Ignacio smiles and assures her that he is fine before inquiring about Nayeli. Ximena explains that she stayed with her but left in the middle of the night after they had a fight. Ignacio chides her for not letting him know, especially because Ximena knows about Nayeli’s habits, but Ximena argues that she can’t retain Nayeli against her will. Ignacio shakes his head, angry, and goes into his office.

Mario wheels Noemi home and tells her that she will have 24 in-home care, should she need anything. Noemi wants to know what he will do for the rest of the day, visit prostitutes or blackmail people, and Mario nods before telling her that he will win a lot of money doing it, which she can waste as she pleases like she always has. He then calls over the nurse, Rita, and instructs her to take Noemi to her room so she can rest. Rita obliges as Almiron comes and tells him that the vaccine issues at the hospital have been resolved but there is a problem: the guard following Regina reported that she and Gerardo spent the night together in a hotel. Mario nods and asks if they are still there. Almiron nods too.

Regina comes out of the shower, freshly showered, as Gerardo opens the door, naked. She smiles when she sees him in the mirror and he comes inside to hug her. They begin to kiss as Regina drops her towel.

Mauro exits a meeting with a couple of representatives as Magda comes and asks if he needs anything because he looks terrible. Mauro tells her that he is very stressed because of his new position as intern governor, a position he hopes to never have again. He then asks about Alonso and Magda has no news though she does have a favor to ask: Israel’s granddaughter stayed overnight and…Mauro thought this was resolved already but Magda pleads with him to help because she can’t leave them on the street. Mauro finally agrees to help but he needs her focused moving forward as they are in the middle of a presidential election. Magda understands and thanks him before leaving. Just Cecelia comes and tells Mauro that they are having trouble at the main hospital in Iztapalapa and it confirms some sick children who were administered some expired vaccines. She then instructs him to look it up, if he doesn’t believe her, but Mauro asks her what she knows. Cecelia is quiet and Mauro asks if it must do with directing Hernan’s attention elsewhere.

Ignacio meets with Almiron, much to his annoyance, in his car because Nayeli has disappeared again. Almiron tells him that Mario has nothing to do with it but he will send his men to look for her. Ignacio asks him to swear Mario has nothing to do with it but Almiron demands he swear to take care of Nayeli when they find her and asks him to get out of the car. Ignacio obliges and Almiron drives off.

Mario goes to visit Omar but runs into Marcia first. She welcomes him and he notes how great she looks as the owner of the mansion. Marcia confesses that she loves living there and Mario reminds her that now is the best time to ask Omar for anything she wants and asks her to get creative and look at it as a bonus for a job well done. Marcia thinks it won’t be a problem because he doesn’t want her to work but is worries as he ordered his men to beat up a client at the café a few days back. Just then, Omar arrives, sees them, and asks if they know each other. Mario tells him no but Omar tells them that they were talking. Marcia explains that she was asking if he wanted something to drink and Mario takes the opportunity to introduce himself. Omar then asks Marcia to leave them alone and Omar asks Mario what he is doing there. Mario tells him that he spoke with his employee, Ortogaza, and the Lorena issue is underway though he wanted to let him know personally and not bypass his authority. Omar asks if Alonso knows but Mario shakes his head and then asks about Omar’s arrest. Omar tells him that it has been resolved though Natalia now wants a divorce. Mario asks if he will sign the papers and Omar will think it over after talking to his lawyer. Mario then receives a call from Teresa and excuses himself. He demands to know where she is as he was calling her and Teresa explains that she is at the casino. Mario instructs her to stay there and Teresa warns him that she knows nothing of Gerardo, if that’s why he’s calling. Mario tells her he does and will meet her at the casino soon. Omar then comes up behind him and hears the tail end of the conversation before instructing Mario to tell Alonso about the Lorena issue. Behind Omar, Marcia comes and waves goodbye to Mario, who leaves moments after. From the door, Omar looks on, pensive.

At the Senate building, Daniela keeps answering calls for Regina but she confesses to Andres that she has no idea where Regina is. She sighs and asks Andres if he is going to work with Gerardo. Andres smiles and nods before telling her that they will see a lot more of each other. Daniela smiles as well and they share a nervous laugh. Daniela then asks if Gerardo has arrived but Andres shakes his head and explains that he came to see Regina, to thank her for recommending him to Gerardo, even though he didn’t want to hire him at first. Either way, he has investigative experience and Daniela jokes that she would hire him right now to find Regina. Andres thinks it is very simple to find her: both she and Gerardo are missing so… Daniela laughs but tells him that they need to know where, geographically, there are. He doesn’t answer because Ignacio walks in and tells Andres that he needs him.

Emiliano arrives at the University as Hector, his guard, gets out of the car and asks Emiliano want he needs. Emiliano explains that he doesn’t want to go to school today and then instructs him to give Hernan, who he saw yesterday, a good scare so he stays away from Cecelia. Hector reminds him that Hernan is a reporter but Emiliano reminds him that he is the son of the future president.

Cecelia walks out to the lobby and runs into Alonso, who tells her that they must talk about Emiliano and what she did with Lorena. He instructs her to meet him in his office ASAP and leaves.

Ignacio explains the Nayeli situation to Andres though Ignacio doubts it was a kidnapping as they would’ve asked for a ransom. Andres promises to get to the bottom of the situation ASAP and then leaves.

Mario arrives at the casino and finds Teresa by a table. Teresa is barely paying attention to Mario so he pulls her away from table and chides her for losing control of Gerardo. She asks him what he knows of Gerardo and Mario hands her a piece of paper before telling her that he is with Regina in a hotel. Teresa shocked, drops all her chips on the floor but doesn’t bother to pick them up. Mario asks her to make sure they are miserable and Teresa leaves, immediately.

Regina and Gerardo are in the middle of their love making session. They take a small break to smile at each other.

Hernan receives a call and walks out of the Governor building as Hector and Emiliano look on. Emiliano tells Hector to make it hurt and Hector tells him that he will do as he wishes.

Andres uncovers a body under a sheet by the train tracks and asks the main detective if the body has no identification. The detective nods and Andres covers the body and makes a call.

Ignacio is barking orders at a subordinate when he runs into his ex-wife, Jessica, a beautiful, blond woman, and smiles. He asks her how long she’s been waiting and she confesses that it’s been an hour. Nieves comes and tells Ignacio that he has a call from Andres. Ignacio tells Jessica that he will look her up at the hotel she always stays at later but Jessica asks him at what time Nayeli gets out of school so she can pick her up. Ignacio tells her that she already got out and probably left with friends. He then answers Andres’ call and is shocked to hear that they found a woman matching Nayeli’s description and age but she had no identification. Andres tells him that the body will be taken to the morgue where he can identify it.

Emiliano runs into Magda, who welcomes him and asks if he is there to see Alonso. Emiliano tells her that he is there to see Cecelia and Magda asks him to wait in her office as she should be back soon.

In his office, Alonso demands to know what Cecelia did. Cecelia explains that she only did what he told her to do: get rid of Lorena. Alonso tells her that the scandal at the hospital makes him look bad as well, not to mention all the kids who are now in danger. He chides her for not telling him her plan and Cecelia immediately apologizes but Alonso demands to know who helped her. Emiliano then storms in, asking what is happening, but Alonso orders him to leave, immediately. Emiliano obliges but Alonso then asks Cecelia to follow him and apologize on his behalf. Cecelia obliges.

Nieves talks to a co-worker, who tells her that the information seems legit and has already been leaked to the press. She grabs the folder and tells him that she will give it to her boss before leaving.

Cecelia finds Emiliano in the lobby. He demands to know if Alonso was screaming at her because of what happened between them but Cecelia shakes her head. She explains that Alonso was just angry because he is very stressed about work. Emiliano thinks that is no reason, especially because he is also stressed. He confesses that he can’t stop thinking about her and Cecelia asks that they go to her office to talk. Emiliano obliges and they leave as Hector sees them. Hector then sees Mauro, who is on his way to the offices, and tells him to tell Alonso that he needs to talk to him ASAP. Mauro asks him who he is and Hector explains that he is the guard in charge of Emiliano. Mauro instructs him to tell him his message and Hector asks what he is supposed to do because Emiliano asked him to give Hernan, a reporter involved with Cecelia, a good scare and wants to know how to proceed.

Natalia goes to visit Noemi, who is happy to see her. Rita tries to ask Natalia to leave but Noemi tells her that she would like her to stay. She then instructs Rita to leave them alone and she obliges. Natalia then sits down next to Noemi, who begs her to help her escape her house and go to Regina’s. Natalia is confused.

Alonso looks at the latest news report on the TV: three more deaths from the expired vaccines and many others have been hospitalized. Alonso throws around his chair, pissed.

Teresa arrives at the hotel Regina and Gerardo are at and finds a sea of reporters outside. They immediately try to ask her questions but Teresa strolls right past them and up to reception. She asks about Gerardo’s room and the concierge asks for a minute to look up the information. She asks that he not call Gerardo because she wants it to be a surprise. The concierge nods and Teresa smiles.

In the hotel room, Regina is getting ready when Gerardo comes beating gifts: a phone charger. She thanks him but her smile turns into a frown when there is a knock on the door. Gerardo asks her not to worry and goes to answer…


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Thanks, Alonso, you got it all!

I want Cecilia's dress.

Urban, you called it with Nayeli wanting to seduce Ximena.

Best line: Hernán telling Cecilia she is sick after catching her with Emiliano.

Best advice: Mario telling Cecilia to take advantage of this moment with Omar and get/buy all she wants.

Magda is hopeless.

We sure got a couple of doses of "La candidata" philosophy:
Teresa telling Ignacio that everybody wants something from everybody in this life.
Natalia telling Alonso that she has filed for divorce because she realizes she is all alone. Alonso responding that we all are alone.

I cannot wait to see who is at the hotel door.

Gracias, Alfredo.

I was expecting a bit more from the Regina/Gerardo coupling, but I wonder what the Mexican censors would have said to our expectations.

No lesbian action from Nayeli but at least she made herself useful by photographing Teresa with her father. It was also cringeworthy.

Here's hoping that Michelle Gonzales (Marcia) got combat pay for having to do those pervy scenes with the old man. Teresa should be the one having to boink Omar.

Here's hoping that Rita doesn't turn out to be a Nurse Ratched.

Alfredo: I have the Anita Baker CD "Rapture" at my house.

Thank you Jarifa and Urban! I was also expecting a Sortilegio type coupling but I guess it was more reserved though at least they didn't leave us with "the kiss" and then fade to black. Have those things.

The only reason Nayeli didn't go further was because of Ximena because she seemed down. I wonder if Ximena will tell Ignacio. Nayeli just seems to be going with the flow and not really serious about Ximena.

Teresa is so crazy but she didn't even pick up those chips when Mario told her baout the cheating. She's more obsessed with Gerardo than with gambling.

Steve, I have never heard of Anita Baker but it is a good song as far as I heard.

Alfredo, good comment about the chips. She is sooo far gone.

Thanks Alfredo. One almost feels sorry for Alonso with nowhere to go. His response to Natalia that we are all alone sums up the mess he has created for himself. Emiliano is so immature. He wants to eliminate Hernan as a competitor so that he can get the prize all to himself - i.e. his aunt. Even though if it were not an incestuous relationship, he is still a young, immature punk who imagines that if Cecelia had her wits about her, she would prefer him. I guess we are going to have a scene where crazy Teresa busts in on Regina and Gerardo who she sees as her possession.

Excellent recap, Alfredo! Hernán is right. Cecilia is sick! He doesn't realize how much! Is Alonso's overnight predicament a foreshadowing of his future? As they say in this tn, everyone is alone--in his case deservedly so. Typical tn pullback on the Nayeli-Ximena interaction. Emiliano is more and more a jerk. If he's not interested in sex with a woman she doesn't matter? And what a bully he is with Hernán--talk about apples not falling far from the tree! Let's hope Héctor has more sense than to injure or kill Hernán. Of course Emilian is too much of a privileged little coward to confront Hernán himself. In Unimás news, evidently "El bienamado" is being moved to 5 PM central--half a step up from daytime.

SpanProf, thank you for the news on "El bienamado". At least they Ten't pulling it like others we have watched . . .

"Didn't pull it" what is wrong with the keyboard (or me) today?

In Cecilia's favor (sort of), leaking the news about expired vaccines to harm Lorena's career isn't nearly as bad as having her bumped off.

Haha, thanks Jarifa ;)

You're most welcome, Lynette and SpanProf.

SpanProf, the fact that it's there at all is refeshing. Most telenovelas shy away from any sort of subplot or sexuality fluid characters. A few have dared to do it but they don't show bed scenes, if they do, it's usually afterwards and at least one is dressed and out of bed. Nayeli seems to be down for anything and I think that's what they're going for, at least here. As for Cecelia, I think what she did was worse, instead of offing one person, she put children in harm's way, killed at least three of them, and only for one person, which may still not be out of harm's way because she's not the only one interested in getting rid of her.

Sucks about El Bienamado but in Unimas and Univision's defense, they have never just stopped airing a novela midway (that I can remember). They will edit the hell out of it, movie to midnight or every other Saturday but never stop airing it. Televisa has cut down novelas before but never left any story unfinished (except one because the male protagonist died) so at least in that we are safe.

But did Cecilia put the children in harm's way or just expose the fact that it had happened? I had another aerobics-class conflict and am relying on the recap.


Alfredo: I guess a protagonist dying in real life is a legitimate excuse. :)

Yeah, and they tried to continue but they stopped out of respect for the actor's family and the story ended in a cliffhanger.

Cecelia told Hernan to look into it because she already knew they were administering expired vaccines by her orders or Mauro's, Mario's, etc. It got Lorena out of the way without having to deal with a dead body. That's why Alonso was pissed because it reflects badly on him to have someone as "incompetent" as Lorena, at least in the public's eye, in power.

Thank you Alfredo, thorough as always!

The biggest loser lately in this TN IMHO is Emiliano I agree with you SpanProf, the apple did not fall far from the tree.Even further than that it appears that the Jerk gene is male specific. Because Natalia is his grandmother, and Regina is his Mother and both of these women have the good genes. They are strong and stand up for what's right. As opposed to Omar, Alonso, and Emiliano who are ruthless, privileged, detestable, monsters.

Now Mario he is in a category all his own. He is intentionally ruining both his daughter's lives. He has made Cecilia the mess she is and he is sabotaging Regina's happiness. He is sending Teresa to make HIS DAUGHTER Miserable. Who does that? The devil himself, that's who. At a drop of a hat he goes and kills innocent children, kidnaps Nayeli, murders Susana, prostitutes her daughter, and lets not forget tries to suffocate his wife, these are just some of his deeds, with many more to come I'm sure.


Alfredo, what series was that?

Per someone's comment yesterday I can't recall a novela in which Silvia Navarro's character wasn't someone who was a good friend.

Back to this: How do you think Mario will react upon hearing that his bastard daughter boinked her own nephew? Will he go ballistic and kill her or will she convince him that this was her mother's idea and he'll kill Isela? This might be the one thing that would drive him over the edge.

Urban, it was La Paloma. It was also the only novela Maite Embil ever starred as well. Go figure.

Here are the links to both the English and Spanish pages on Wikipedia:

As for Cecelia and Emiliano, Mario's reaction may say a lot more about it. Does he have any moral code? It's obvious Isela does not as she did everything but get Cecelia naked and push her into bed.

Urban: not so sure about Mario going crazy over the Emi/Cecilia boinking. He is a sick man with no conscience. He may just blow a gasket, and then understand that it's all part of the overall "sick, sick plan" But if he does go crazy well good for him. He deserves that and more, and so does Cecilia, Isela, Emiliano. The one that will definitely go insane is Alonso and this will break Regina's heart, because she loves Emi so much.

Mario doesn't know about Cecelia's and Isela's plan to destroy Regina though...does he? I thought his goal was for both his daughters to share power which is why he hates that both of them are getting out of hand, for different reasons, but still, they are both doing what they please and not what he has demanded.

Alonso will grow crazy because of pride but Regina needs to realize also that Emiliano is old enough to know right from wrong and old enough to make mistakes.

Alfredo: You are right he does not know the plan to destroy Regina. But he does not care about Regina, otherwise why does he send loony Tere to make her miserable. He only has one love and that is himself. So his daughter and grandson have an incestuous relationship, on his moral scale that's probably a 3 out of 10. With 10 being the worst possible. And yes Regina needs to realize that Emi is old enough to know right from wrong I could not agree more with you on that. It will still break her heart.

The thing about Mario is that he has a plan, a plan which worked when Regina was firmly in line with his own goals. Regina is no longer the woman we met when this started and that is shattering everyone's life goals, whether she knows about them or not, especially Alonso and Mario. Mario needed Regina to be the doting wife to Alonso, who would be present and the semi puppet of his other daughter, Cecelia.

Regina, however, has refused to become Noemi, as Noemi found out about his activities, as Cecelia seduces Emiliano for her own goals. Not to mention, Natalia has rebelled against Omar, and Lorena turned out to not be a dumb blonde after all.

That's the thing about plans and expectations, life throws what it wants at you and you are always disappointed.

Now that Noemi is in a wheelchair, I wonder if Natalia will help her to escape Mario? I think that that is not likely and Noemi does not have the strength of character to fight Mario as Natalia does with Omar. I'm suspecting that Noemi is not long of this world or else she will completely be Mario's prisoner.

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