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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) 7.27.17 54 & 55

Hey y'all! So Uni got scissor happy with this episode and edited 54 and 55 together. AHHHHHH!!! Below are 54 and 55 courtesy of myself and RGV Chick :) We don't know if this will continue until the end, as Familia is a month away and DV has less than that left so we are going to play it by ear for now. 

Cut scenes are in blue and italicized. 

Episode 54:  Dangerous Liasons Lead to Strange Bedfellows

Laura (since her real ID is out?) tells Joe about the agenda and he is sure that she can get released if they give the DA a bigger fish to fry like Mr. Blake. Laura knows going into Blake’s house to look for the agenda is dangerous but she would do it, if she were out.

Some time later, at Furia, Joe tells Ryan about the agenda and he tells Joe that they need to go and retrieve it ASAP. Joe suggests they think it over because he must have security but Ryan reminds him that they can distract the guard and take advantage of the fact that Blake’s blind. Joe doesn’t think it would be so easy but…

That night, as Blake listens to his opera in the dark, Ryan and Steve sneak into the study and begin to look around. They are interrupted by Blake’s phone, which rings at the worst time. Blake goes to answer it as Ryan and Steve listen. It’s Mercy hoping to speak about Paloma’s adoption but Blake tells her that his contacts are already working on it and he will adopt her. Mercy begs him to let the child be with her, as she doesn’t have to pay for Laura’s crimes, but Blake asks her to never call again and hangs up. Ryan begins to breathe again but Blake suddenly turns and “looks” right at him before asking Siri to call Johnson.

Horacio has taken Tadeo to a dive bar, though Tadeo though they were going to perform. Horacio thought it’d be a great surprise to show a good time for all his hard work lately. Tadeo doesn’t drink or smoke but Horacio suggests they get a bottle and let lose. He orders a bottle and then goes over to two girls at the bar. He kisses them both and then calls Tadeo over but he is less than excited.

Ryan continues to look for the agenda as Blake demands Johnson tell him where he left the remote because the music is too loud. Ryan locates the agenda and runs out with Steve as Blake continues to scream into the phone.

Nina, Genesis and Franco look over the video but it’s not as good as the first one they made. Franco thinks it’s pointless because Regia is already in jail but Genesis reminds him that scandal sells and they will use it to their advantage. Nina worries that it will make things worse but Genesis reminds her that the song is about strong women who never give up. They all agree and continue to work.

Horacio continues to flirt with the women at the bar but Tadeo is standing a way away, sulking. Horacio takes a drink and then goes over to him. He demands to know why isn’t having fun and Tadeo explains that he doesn’t want to pull an all nighter as he has a show tomorrow. Horacio tells him that real artists pull all nighters all the time and he better get used to it. He then gets the bill so they can go to a hotel with the girls.

In her hotel room, Danilo laments the fact that he has to book private shows for the news artists, especially because he misses the big spectacles like when he was in a band. Morgana hates the fact that she has to be away from the stage as well but Danilo tells her the good news: Horacio is working on reopening the trial and everything seems to be going good. This doesn’t cheer Morgana, and neither does Danilo’s “foreplay, as she is looking at photos of a happier time, even though they didn’t know it. Danilo laughs it off and goes to the bathroom as Morgana calls Ausencio and tells him that she is going to leave Danilo but it won’t be overnight so she begs him to take her far away. He agrees that he will.

Horacio continues to drink and undress with the girls as Tadeo sits in an adjacent bed. According to the girls, Horacio is too drunk to function and they tell Tadeo that they will have to pay regardless. He ignores them and they decide to leave, frustrated, as Horacio continues to drink. He calls Tadeo, who suggests he fall asleep, over but Tadeo doesn’t move so Horacio goes to stand next to him. He grabs Tadeo’s arm, calls him skinny but built, which makes Tadeo uncomfortable. He suggests they leave but Horacio wants to talk and pulls off Tadeo’s shirt so he they can be more comfortable. Tadeo is nervous but Horacio continues to look them up and down.

The next day, Joe goes to visit Luisa and shows her the agenda but they are missing the decryption key. Luisa grabs the agenda and then looks at Joe, silently.

As Horacio gets dressed, Tadeo wakes up in bed, naked. Horacio demands he get ready ASAP but Tadeo asks, surprised, if he’s already leaving. Horacio asks, angrily, if he thought they were going to have breakfast together before storming out.

Ryan visits Laura at the same time and tells her that they got the agenda. Laura is pissed as they put themselves in danger but Ryan reminds her that they have the agenda and they will destroy Blake before he can hurt anyone else or adopt Paloma. He will take Paloma far away if anything but Laura reminds him that it could be construed as fleeing the county because of his trial. Ryan asks her to stop thinking about that and concentrating on the fact that she will be free.

Leticia serves Maria breakfast but continues to pace, as Tadeo didn’t sleep at home. Maria thinks she shouldn’t worry, especially because they are not kids anymore, but Leticia will always be a mother. Maria gets up and leaves as Tadeo arrives. Leticia chides him for not calling her sooner but Tadeo reminds her that he was singing though Leticia thinks it’s suspicious that he looks freshly showered also. Tadeo is tired and doesn’t want to talk about it but Leticia begs him to please be careful lest he get a girl pregnant. Tadeo scuffs and then tells her he is going to bed before leaving.

Ryan and Joe meet with the DA and explain the Blake situation. The DA thinks it will be hard to prove all they are saying as the list of crimes are various and, in some cases, unrelated. Joe argues that all the crimes are connected and they all have to do with Blake’s sphere of influence. The DA asks why they didn’t go to the police if they have such proof but Joe wants a trade: Laura’s freedom and her permanent citizenship in the US. The DA reminds them that they need a witness and they do but the DA warns them that they must tread lightly as they may not know what they will find if they start digging.

In school, Maria worries about the fact that her parents will have to come to the PTA meeting, especially because all her new friends want to meet her father, Tom Allen. Maria shrugs but she’s definitely worried.

Mercy and Blake meet with Tori at the CPS. Mercy doesn’t think a single man should be able to adopt a child but Blake argues that Mercy works promoting women of the lowest caliber. Tori tries to keep the peace but Mercy note that the situation is very uncomfortable. Tori understands but she invited both of them because the CPS has a dilemma: both of them are ideal candidates for Paloma but she wants to have a final talk with them to make the best decision. Blake thinks she will as he already spoke with Senator Roberts about her intelligence. At this Tori slightly cringes.

Asdrubal and Genesis make out in their café and then she goes to leave but Asdrubal holds her back. She tells him she ahs to go and send some information on the upcoming private show and Asdrubal asks her for more information. She explains that the Cabreras thought it was the best plan of action, to have smaller concerts, after Regia’s scandal though Genesis thinks it was mostly Danilo’s plan. Asdrubal asks about the private concert, as he’s never been to one, but Genesis doesn’t know. She does know that Danilo and Horacio directly negotiate with the clients. Asdrubal thinks the private concerts are probably hosted at big houses and Genesis before telling him that the upcoming more will be hosted at a big ranch: Los Alamitos. Asdrubal then tells her about the story he’s working on, a big time singer who falls in love with a rancher, and Genesis agrees to tell him about the big time singers. He thanks her but he would prefer to center the story on the rancher though he doesn’t know anyone like that…unless his beautiful girlfriend takes him to one of those concerts, incognito.

Mercy thinks she has argued her case enough, especially regarding Furia’s future, but Blake reminds her that her genre of music is associated with very shady things. Mercy thinks that’s a moot point as his business, agriculture, is a lot more volatile than hers and he’d have a harder time taking care of Paloma financially. Tori agrees, as does Blake, but he adds that not everything is resolved with money or power. He is full of love, love for a child that he lost, and is willing to give all that love to Paloma. He tells Mercy that she was already a mother but he has never been a father, fully, and would like to experience that with Paloma. Just then, an assistant comes in and whispers something to Tori, who looks at Blake and announces that he will have to abandon his desires of being a father as a formal investigation has been launched against him. Blake, who can’t see her, tells Mercy that he laments Ryan’s misfortune but Tori tells him that she is talking about him. Blake shakes his head, confused.

Ryan goes to visit Laura, who worries Blake has adopted Paloma, but Ryan gives her the good news: Mercy has adopted Paloma. She cries and thanks Ryan and Mercy for their help though Ryan has even better news: the DA has accepted their deal and she will be released as a US citizen. Laura cries harder and smiles.

In his office, Danilo talks to a client about the upcoming private concert. He tells him that he will be able to invite anyone he wants but it will cost him about $250,000 pretty pennies. Just then, Ausencio walks in and Danilo hangs up. He demands to know what he wants and Ausencio explains that he wants to talk to El Dorado, who he respects immensely, and now knows it him. Danilo accepts his respects but reiterates that he isn’t El Dorado. Ausencio thinks it’s strange because he has known him since his band days and he looked like a broke fool. Danilo argues that he could’ve been bad in business but Ausencio thinks that his previous band was too much of a mess for someone of his standing. Danilo argues that he could have a better band but he’s not interested in that now. Ausencio nods but reminds Danilo that Marcelino, his godfather, thinks he is.

Laura continues to cry of happiness but wonders how long it will take to get released. Ryan tells her to have faith that it will be soon. Laura then asks about Luisa’s trial but Ryan is wary of helping her. Laura reminds him that they got Blake because of her and she is a victim as well. Ryan nods and explains that Joe is looking into it but it looks difficult because she also carried out Blake’s orders. Laura nods but they have a lot to thank her for.

Blake calls Senator Logan to try and explain his legal situation. He explains that it’s a last ditch effort by Laura’s lawyers but they will have to prove the charges first, which he doubts they will be able to do. He looks for the agenda but can’t find it and asks Logan to call him back. He then calls Johnson, who comes immediately, and asks him to look for the green agenda. Johnson tells him that the agenda is not where it’s supposed to be and Blake curses his luck. He realizes Luisa betrayed him and then tells Johnson that he is also a rat, like her, that he let get too close.

Ausencio reminds Danilo that Marcelino is not to be trifled with but Danilo explains that he never meant to lie to Marcelino because he respects him. However, he had his orders from El Dorado and had to obey. Ausencio is still going to tell Marcelino but Danilo reminds him that El Dorado will destroy him if he does. Ausencio thinks the rumors that the DEA arrested El Dorado were not unfounded, and that is why he ordered Danilo to pretend, but he does want something in return for his silence. Danilo asks if he wants more shows but Ausencio shakes his head. He wants Morgana instead but Danilo won’t let him have her and his child. Ausencio reveals that he knows Morgana isn’t pregnant and warns Danilo to adhere to his conditions or suffer the consequences. He storms out as Horacio comes and asks him what’s with the sourpuss face.

That night, Danilo arrives at Morgana’s room, much to her surprise as she expected him at Furia. He tells her that he came to keep her company because she’s been alone all day but she argues that she has her thoughts. He wonders if that’s what she calls him but Morgana doesn’t know what he means. Danilo shrugs and turns the TV to a talk show with Ausencio, who explains that he has nothing to do with organized crime, despite the rumors that there is a price on his head in Mexico. He turns off the TV and Morgana tells him to be careful, as Furia can’t be associated with organized crime. Danilo doesn’t care as long as Ausencio respects him, his business and his woman but warns Morgana that Ausencio may meet his untimely end if he continues to meddle. He goes to the bathroom as Morgana thinks this over.

Leticia is having dinner with Tadeo and Maria. She is happy that her business is growing because a lot of fans have asked her to replicate Morgana’s outfits for their own use and have given her positive feedback. Maria laughs this off, as those fans only want Morgana’s outfits because they think it will look the same on them. Leticia reminds her that, as a seamstress, she has the freedom to design around the body of her client, not the other way around. Maria could care less and then Leticia tries to get a few words out of Tadeo, who has been silent. He doesn’t say anything and Maria excuses herself to go do homework.

At Mercy’s, Joe and Mercy tell Rosario the good news about Laura and Paloma. She thanks them both and goes to pray for her good fortune. Once alone, Mercy tells Joe that she is surprised Laura is getting out though Joe explains that it is only because the DA has bigger fish to fry. He assumes they will stop the adoption process, so Laura can adopt her when she gets out. Mercy is unsure.

As the stage lights come on, Tadeo, front and center with his guitar, begins to sing as the crowd cheers. From behind the crowd, Horacio toasts to Tadeo as Danilo comes and tells him that the show is a success. Horacio nods and asks if he has found a way to deal with Ausencio. Danilo tells him that he already booked a show at the very city where Ausencio’s life was threatened. Things should take care of themselves once he arrives. Horacio thinks Ausencio will never agree to it but Danilo has a plan to make sure Ausencio doesn’t find out until he’s already there.

Behind the stage, Asdrubal calls Talisman and tells him that the concert if full of narcos. He hangs up as Genesis comes and tells him that it is time to leave. Asdrubal prefers to stay for a bit and suggests she go first and he will meet her later. She agrees, but asks that he come soon, before kissing him goodbye. Once alone, Asdrubal asks a patron if he knows where the event organizer is. He shows him the way to El Dorado, who thinks he is the best and hottest thing since sliced bread because he called the DEA on someone who was impersonating him. The patron then leaves with a girl but Asdrubal has lost his smile.

Tadeo finishes his song among the cheer of the crowd. He smiles at the success.

Laura looks at a picture of Paloma, ecstatic that she will see her soon, and thanks Luisa for her help. Luisa wonders if the police has been able to catch Blake, since he has a lot of contacts that will hide him, but Laura reminds her that those contacts will likely not help him anymore. Luisa thinks they will all pay for their sins, regardless, except for Tona and Fausto, who escaped to Mexico. Laura reveals that the police are on their trail and will eventually find them.

As Tadeo finishes another song, Horacio looks at him and continues to drink. Once Tadeo gets off the stage, Horacio calls him over and tells him to be careful who he talks to as any woman present could with a narco. He hopes to not have to bury Tadeo so young before handing him a drink. Tadeo doesn’t take it but tells Horacio that he will focus on his music, exclusively. He walks away as Danilo arrives and Horacio tells him that they have managed to sign another two contracts. Danilo smiles because they will be able to give Marcelino his clean money back sooner than expected. Just then, two guards arrive and tell him that his boss would like to speak to him. Danilo demands to know who they are but the guard shows him his gun and Danilo obliges. Horacio tries to follow but the guard orders him to stay put.

Paloma asks Ryan if Mercy will still be her mother when Laura comes back but he explains that Mercy is her grandfather because there is only one mother and her heart knows this. Rosario tells her that Laura will explain it better when she arrives but she should call her Laura from now on. Ryan asks if she likes the name and Paloma nods before going to the table and drawing a picture with her mother Laura. Ryan confesses to Rosario that he hopes Paloma’s drawing becomes reality.

Danilo meets with Marcelino, who tells him that his friend, Asdrubal, has been asking about El Dorado but doesn’t recognize him as such. Danilo chides Asdrubal for causing a mess but Marcelino needs an explanation ASAP before he shoots them both in the head. Danilo suggests he asks Asdrubal, who introduced him as El Dorado, as Marcelino loads his gun’s chamber with one bullet and spins the cylinder. Marcelino points the gun at Danilo, who argues that he was only receiving orders, but the chamber is empty when he shoots. He then points the gun at Asdrubal, who calls Danilo a traitor, but the chamber is empty as well. Marcelino brings the gun back to Danilo, who explains that he only wanted to help Marcelino launder his money, but the chamber is empty. He points it back at Asdrubal, who explains that Danilo is a nobody, who betrayed El Dorado, but the chamber is empty. Marcelino nods and instructs his men to teach Asdrubal a lesson for lying to him. His men grab Asdrubal and drag him a few feet away before placing a tobacco cutter on one his fingers. Marcelino instructs Danilo to be careful or he will end up the same way as his men proceed to beat Asdrubal up.

The next day, Joe tells Laura that they are only missing a few signatures and then they can start the release process, which can take couple of weeks. Laura hoped it would be sooner but she can wait. Joe reminds her that she has waited long enough and Laura agrees but she’s dying to see Paloma. Laura then asks about Luisa and Joe explains that they will argue that Blake manipulated Luisa, to the point where she incriminated herself for his crimes. He hopes that the jury will give her a shorter sentence and Laura nods. Joe then tells her that her career as a musician could not be better before showing him the video that they uploaded on social media. He shows her the views and they smile.

A few weeks later, Blake calls someone and begs them to help him as even Johnson has left him alone and Logan won’t answer his calls. He reminds them that he needs someone to be his eyes but the person says no. Blake reminds them that he was always there for them, defending the power of the whites and ridding the world of the Blacks and Hispanics. The person on the other end hangs up regardless and Blake begins to cry. He grabs a butterfly on his desk and cries over his lost daughter, Brittany. He then opens a drawer to his right…

Some time later, the police storm Blake’s house and kick open his study. Inside they find Blake with a bullet hole in his skull and two yellow butterflies on his eyes. They assume he committed suicide, instead of facing prison, and call the coroner…

Episode 55: Too Many “OUTS”

Scenes combined for continuity. Sliced scenes highlighted in blue. Conversations in italics

OUT of this World and Into Hell

At Blake’s house, cops are yelling that the house is surrounded. They go in to find Blake slumped in his chair…dead with a hole in his head. The cops quickly call in to report the suicide.

OUT of the Free World

Somewhere in Mexico, two cops sit in a car outside a building. Inside, Toña and Fausto are meeting with Don Bernadino. Toña tells him that they don’t have many girls right now, but together they can have the most famous bordello. After Don Bernadino stresses that he wants fresh, prime meat, Fausto explains that he will charm the girls and bring them in, but it will require money since he needs to buy incentives…whatever the girls like…he also has to buy off the families. Toña adds that they also need to take precautions so that they don’t get burned. Don Bernadino hands Toña a roll of money which she gladly accept not aware that all is being recorded by Bernadino’s camera pen.

Toña is happily counting the money and gleefully tells Don Bernadino that this is not enough for one girl…it’s enough for ten; and they will have the girls ready for that night. Fausto helps himself to some money at Toña’s dismay.

The two cops in the car are watching the recording of Toña’s meeting. After Man 1 says that this is the evidence they needed, they spot Toña and Fausto leaving the building. They quickly get out of the car and go after Toña and Fausto telling them to raise their hands. Toña stops dead in her tracks so one man goes and cuffs her. Fausto runs back in the building, but when the cop fires a shot, he stops and falls to his knees after which he is cuffed. One man reports to headquarters that the two have been arrested…now they will rot in jail.  

OUT—Free…as a Paloma

Joe is at the prison and tells Laura she looks radiant. After Laura thanks him for bringing her clothes, he tells her there are more surprises…someone is there waiting for her. 

OUT of the Darkness

As Ryan waits for Laura in an adjacent room, his phone rings. He answers:

Who is it?

Ryan…Ryan…thank God I can hear your voice…I swear, day after day, I asked that I could hear your voice again.


I need you to take me out of here, please. I have been held captive for years by my father’s enemies. Please, for the love you once had for me, save me…I’m Estela…I’m Estela Carrillo.

Ryan sees Laura through the window as she anxiously looks back at him. 

Where are you? 

I don’t have much time to talk, but for our safety’s sake, no one must know that I am alive. I know I can count on you.

Tell me where you are.

I have to hang up, they’re getting close. I’ll call you back...I’ll find a way... from this moment on, my life is in your hands, Ryan.

As Ryan hangs up, Laura comes in and hugs him telling him how anxious she has been to be back with him and Paloma. Ryan, still looking like he was hit by a train, says that he is happy. Sensing his distance, Laura ask him if he is ok. Ryan replies that all is fine (and the lies begin)…he just can’t believe the nightmare is finally over (and another one is beginning) and this moment has finally arrived. He missed her hugs and kisses…it seemed like an eternity. Joe, who has been behind them, interrupts and reminds them that they must hurry and leave before the reporters arrive.

OUT of the Closet and Into a Tub of Denial

Chava and LetMe are sitting and chatting at her table (no signs of sewing). He hopes she will accept his invitation to go out for breakfast. LetMe tells him that she has thought about it, but thinks he shouldn’t waste his time with her…he should find a good woman to spend his time with. Tadeo comes in looking tired and miserable. As LetMe complains that he has come home insomnious again, he goes to lie down on the couch. After she expresses her concern to Chava that she thinks Tadeo is going down the wrong road, he urges her to keep talking to Tadeo, eventually he will listen. Before Chava leaves, he gives LetMe a good-bye kiss, after which she blushes and touches her face.

LetMe sits in front of Tadeo and reminds him that she loves him and Maria very much…she just wants the best for them. When she reminds how he used to cry and ask her to tell his father to return, Tadeo admits that he wanted his father to be with him…he needed him. LetMe understands, but she just didn’t know what else to do to get his father to return…she knows he needed his father so they could have man-to-man conversations. She reminds Tadeo that he has her to talk to and confide in; she will listen, not only with her ears, but her heart too. LetMe explains that she is saying all this because she sees him arrive from work tired and miserable…he is not enjoying what he is doing—something that supposedly is what he likes most in life. 

LetMe asks Tadeo what is going on with him…why is he feeling like this? Tadeo responds that he doesn’t know…there is something that is not allowing him to be happy…it’s as if he’s carry a heavy weight on his shoulders. After LetMe wonders why, Tadeo sits up and somberly looking at her, tells her he is not like the others…he doesn’t like women…he likes men. LetMe shakes her head in disbelief.

Tadeo shares that he feels like he is drowning and asks LetMe not to be angry at him. LetMe tells him not to worry; she is not angry…because he can’t be like that…that happens when he is in that horrendous (music) environment, they put ideas in his head…he is confused. Tadeo counters that the music has nothing to do with it…that’s the way he is. LetMe, still in denial, tells Tadeo that no one knows him better that her; she reminds him that he liked girls…when he was in high school he had a girlfriend. When Tadeo confesses that they were just friends, LetMe is adamant that he is confused and blames his father for not being there for him. Tadeo refutes that it’s his father’s fault…he is just like this…a homosexual.

With tears in her eyes, LetMe assures Tadeo that she would never be ashamed of him, but insists that he is confused…this will pass. As Tadeo shakes his head, she confides that it was the same with her when she thought she was in love with his father even after all the bad things he did to her…to them. She thinks he needs to find a girlfriend and fall in love…she will help him realize that he is a real man and not another type. Frustrated, Tadeo insists he is not another type…he is who he is…he is what he is…and leaves the room.

OUT of Fear of Loss

At the Cabrera home, Rosario is with Paloma as Mercy walks in. She goes to get drinks as Paloma asks if her Mommy’s name is Laura. Mercy confirms the name and states that Laura will be there soon, but wants Paloma to know something and wants her to listen attentively…she (Mercy) is her mother…she adopted her and saved her from that hostel…even if Laura returns, nothing and no one will separate them.

OUT of Furia…for Some

At Danilow’s office, Horacio scoffs at AssBun’s unfortunate demise and thinks that Ausencio will now stop griping. Danilow states that Ausencio is a pebble in his shoe; so Horacio suspects Ausencio has threatened him with something else. Ausencio knocks and comes in to the office, but Danilow warns him not to come into his office without permission. After Ausencio advises him that he is leaving Furia as they had mutually agreed, Horacio reminds Ausencio that if he breaks their contract he will have to pay the penalty. After Ausenio admits that he has been offered work in Mexico…in plazas where he wasn’t allowed to play, Danilow wonders if his threats were a bluff. Danilow asks Ausencio if they are hiring him to write narco-corridos about all their dealings. Ausencio reiterates that he will leave, and adds that Morgan will be going with him. He advises Danilow to think about what he is going to tell the press about his relationship with Morgana. Danilow, playing it cool, tells him he is relieved…he will have less problems. After Ausencio leaves, Horacio informs Danilow that Laura is out of prison.

OUT with the Double Life

There is a gathering at the Cabrera home to celebrate Laura’s return. Laura holds Paloma as she tells her that she loves her, dreamed of her, and that she was her motivation to get up every morning. She thanks Mercy for taking such good care of Paloma. Mercy doesn’t think she has anything to be grateful for…they are family. She adds that her princess behaved very well…like a Cabrera. Chava is glad that he can now call her Laura…he didn’t really like the name Estela. Joe assures everyone that Laura can now use her real name. She was granted the right since she assisted the government in getting evidence against Blake. Laura admits that while the name “Estela” brought her much grief, she is grateful that Estela Carrillo’s name led her to meeting everyone there who has become a family for her…she no longer has to lead a double life. As Mercy assures Laura that this house will always be her home, Ryan stands at a distance alone, looking pensive.

Noticing that Ryan is preoccupied, Laura asks him what is wrong. He assures her everything is fine…he is just worried with some problems at Furia. After they kiss, Laura thanks him for being there for her and tells him she loves him as Danilow arrives. Paloma sees Danilow and runs to him, happy to see him (she’s the only one) so he picks her up quite happy to see her too. After he asks Laura how it feels to be free, she takes Paloma from him as Ryan questions why he is there…he doesn’t believe a word he says. Danilow is there for the celebration and wants to know when Regia will resume her singing career, but Laura advises him that the last thing on her mind is returning to Furia…she plans to stay home and spend time with her family. After Ryan suggests the he leave, Danilow warns them that the press already knows she is out of prison…they’d better think about what they will say when they are asked about Regia’s future.

After Danilow leaves, Mercy approaches Joe who has been on the phone and asks him what is going on. Joe announces that Toña and Fausto have been arrested in Mexico…and Blake was found dead at his house…an apparent suicide. 

Later in the evening, while in their bedroom, Laura is viewing reports on the internet regarding her release and her video. She tells Ryan that some people support her and are happy that she is out of jail, yet there are others who want her dead and question why she is out. She wonders why they don’t consider that she was the victim and is dismayed that some think she slept with someone as a means to get out of jail. Ryan assures her that there are many people who look up to her and support her, but Laura thinks she has paid a high price for being Estela…maybe she should not continue as Regia.

A little later, Laura goes looking for Paloma and finds her in Mercy’s room. Mercy tells Laura that since Paloma returned, she has been sleeping with her. After Laura questions why, since Paloma was already getting used to sleeping alone, Mercy tells Paloma to go brush her teeth. Mercy explains that when Paloma returned from the hostel, she was very nervous and anxious…and the only way to make her feel better was to always be with her. Mercy understands that Laura wants to be with Paloma, but she shouldn’t destabilize her again. Rosario hears he discussion and confirms that Paloma will only stay with Mercy…she has tried to get Paloma to go with her, but she won’t. Rosario urges Laura to allow Paloma to stay with Mercy. After Paloma comes back, she tells Laura that she does want to sleep with Mercy. Laura agrees, but warns her that the next night she will be returning to her own room.   

On the Way OUT to Mexico

Morgana talks to Ausencio on the phone and, after hearing that Danilow didn’t seem to care, she thinks that Danilow is putting on an act and is actually burning up inside. Ausencio thinks it just shows that Danilow doesn’t care about her…he is just interested in a baby so he can get his shares. Ausencio asks her to meet him in Mexico and assures her that he already has shows lined up that will bring in the bucks to start their own co-production company. Morgana seems interested, but since he plans to leave right away, she will catch up with him later.

OUT with the Baby (Pillow)

As Morgana is packing, Danilow walks in. He chides Morgana about not asking what he has been doing all day. Morgana complains that he always does whatever he wants no matter what she thinks. Danilow didn’t think that the news about Laura being released would affect her so much. After Morgana reminds him that she is leaving with Ausencio and he doesn’t care, Danilow tells her she has always done whatever she wants and offers to help her with her bags. He just wants one more thing from her…when she leaves, he wants her to put the “baby” back on and pretend to have some type of accident so she can say that she aborted or lost the baby.

Ryan is OUT of It

The next morning, Laura goes into the kitchen and asks Rosario for Paloma. When Rosario responds that Paloma always eats with Mercy now, Laura is troubled, but Rosario assures her that Paloma loves her. She reiterates that Paloma was affected by being taken away and has become very close to Mercy. Rosario notices that Laura seems distracted, so Laura shares that Ryan is acting strange…he seems preoccupied…it seems as if he is not happy that she is out of prison. Rosario thinks she just needs to go back to the ranch right away to work on their relationship. Laura confides that she is thinking that, just as she has done away with “Estela,” she needs to be rid of Regia so that she can dedicate all her time to Paloma and Ryan. Rosario assures her that she will always have her support.

OUT and On the Run

Genesis is at her apartment when AssNoBun arrives at her door seeking shelter. When she sees he is disheveled and hurt, she lets him in quickly and tells him, of course, he can stay there. She insists on knowing what happened to him, but he just responds that he needs a place to stay for a few days and no one should know that he is there. Flustered, Genesis agrees, but must rush off to work…she will call in a while to check on him.

Danilow Might Help OUT…or Not

At Furia, Danilow is in his office when Laura comes in; and he notices her long face. Laura tells Danilow that she is worried about Ryan…he has been distracted and it may because of the possibility of being taken back to court. Danilow is not surprised that they are after Ryan…he mocks that Ryan is so handsome, he’ll probably be very popular in jail. Not amused, Laura reminds him that he is supposed to be looking for evidence to prove that El Dorado may have been involved in Pedro C’s murder. Danilow tells her it’s not that easy and reminds her that she had agreed not to be so “Regia-ada” (bitchy) with him, yet she did nothing when Ryan asked him to leave Mercy’s house. After he suggests that she can invite him to lunch, Laura tells him that their “friendship” depends on whether he helps Ryan. As they continue talking, Genesis comes to alert them that the reporters have arrived for the press conference. 

Spaced OUT

Ryan’s phone rings and he immediately answers and calls out (Real)Stela’s name only to hear Genesis. He immediately excuses the error by saying that he has so many things on his mind he is confused. After Genesis reminds him about the press conference (which he had forgotten about because his mind is with someone else), he tells her he is on his way.

Regia Helps OUT Many

In the Furia hallway, Nina runs and hugs Laura. She tells Laura that she ran over when she heard that there would be a live press conference. Nina quickly tells Laura that she has left the streets and is now trying to make a better life…all thanks to Regia who inspired her and set the example that women are strong and can make a good life…she urges Laura to make sure she emphasizes that message during the press conference. After Nina leaves, Laura bumps into LetMe who isn’t sure how to address her…Estela? Laura? Laura tells her to call her “Laura” and asks for a hug.

Laura apologizes for not telling her who she really was. She shares that leading a double life was the most difficult decision she had to make, but in being someone else, she learned more about herself. LetMe tries to be understanding and tells Laura that when people don’t know all the details…they jump to conclusions. LetMe praises Laura for Regia’s songs…they made her feel she had the strength to confront her problems. LetMe apologizes to Laura for keeping her distance and thinking the worst of her. Laura notices that she doesn’t look very happy and her suspicions are confirmed when LetMe tells her happiness doesn’t exist. LetMe confides that not everything is hunky dory, but she will tell her about it later.

As Genesis walks with Laura to her press conference, she informs Laura that her people are excited to hear from Regia…there are women who need Regia more than she (Laura) does. As she continues her pep talk, Danilow comes striding in and tells Genesis to go let the press in and bring him something to drink…he assures her that Regia is fine now that he is there. As he leads Laura toward the stage and tells her that no one gives face for her as he does, Genesis walks away looking disgusted. 

OUT of Luck
Ryan is rushing off to the press conference when Joe approaches him with some bad news…someone has filed federal charges for the murder of Pedro C.

Joe advises Ryan that he has a meeting with some attorneys to discuss strategies for his case, but cautions him that they don’t have very many options. Ryan asks Joe not to tell Mercy or Laura anything, but Joe reminds him that he is a public figure and the press will not keep quiet. Ryan worries that if he is found guilty Laura will blame herself. Joe agrees…he knows Laura loves him so much, she will try to do something to help him. 

Regia Throws OUT a Bomb

As Danilow and Laura walk on stage and sit down, a herd of reporters rush in to the auditorium anxious to ask their questions. After Danilow hurries them to sit down, he whispers to Laura that she should smile. Once everyone is sitting, Danilow selects one reporter to speak up. The reporter wants to know why Laura was released so quickly and wonders if the rumors that she seduced the judge are true. Danilow is not pleased with the question, so he orders the reporter to sit down and asks a female reporter to ask her question. The reporter starts asking how Regia is going to confront the public…will the public see her as serious or as just another woman who wants to have a good time…but Danilow is again displeased and orders her to sit down too. After he directs the Univision reporter to ask his question, the reporter asks that after so much scandal, why doesn’t Regia retire before other skeletons are brought out. Fed up with all the questions, Laura finally turns into Warrior Regia and announces that if they think she is going to shrivel up like a poor shattered woman, they are mistaken. She admits that she has made many mistakes, but she has learned from them...they have only made her who she is…stronger and she will be back…alone…without the Jerkarcas…and without Furia. She suggests boldly that if they want a title for their headlines, they can say “Regia will return with everything…against the world…against whoever!!” LetMe and Nina cheer for her.

Regia states that for questions regarding this decision and her relationship with Furia, she is doing this so that all the scandal will not harm Furia…the decision to leave Furia was hers alone. When a reporter asks what she will do if Furia sues her for breach of contract, she states that she is leaving Furia on good terms. After a reporter asks about her relationship with Ryan, Laura announces that she has already said what she needed to say and walks off stage. The reporters then direct their questions to Danilow asking whether Regia’s decision will be good or bad for Furia…will their only income come from private shows? Danilow, avoiding the questions, tells them that the conference was for Regia and she is gone, so the conference is over. 

After Danilow catches up with Laura, he insists that she will not leave Furia…she won’t make it on her own, but Regia admonishes him for wanting her to stay only because her concerts are a gold mine for his money laundering. If he thinks Regia won’t rise without Furia, he is wrong…he can’t threaten her anymore because everything is out in the open now. Danilow puts on his pity face and tells her he wants her to stay because they are partners. When Ryan finally arrives (too late) for the press conference, Danilow tells him Laura threw a little bomb then walked off the stage without further explanation.

Another One Sold OUT

As Morgana leaves a message for Ausencio that she is waiting to hear from him, she hears a news report that, as Ausencio was leaving his hotel, he was arrested by a commando because he had been banned from going to a city; and he violated the order. 

Who Pushed You OUT?

Tadeo is practicing in the studio when LetMe walks in. After he finishes, he walks toward her wondering what the heck she is doing there. LetMe tells Tadeo she was just dropping off some costumes for Morgana and thought she would drop in on him to see how he was doing. 

LetMe was not comfortable with how they left things after their conversation. Tadeo tries to tell her he is fine, but LetMe jabbers away. Looking toward the band members, she asks Tadeo which one of those men put those ideas in his head…maybe the man is also confused…but Tadeo refuses to talk about the subject. Horacio comes up to LetMe and Tadeo and tells LetMe she should be very proud of Tadeo…he is very talented and the girls are wild about him. LetMe likes the sound of that and when Horacio walks away, she tells Tadeo he should hang out with Horacio…he’s a good decent person (yeah, just like she thought TomAss was a good person?!).

Lies Fly OUT

Ryan is dismayed that Laura wants to leave Furia and wonders why she would do that. Laura explains that she wants to get away from Danilow and his money laundering. After Ryan agrees that it would be a good way to get her away from Danilow, he warns her that Danilow won’t let her go…he’ll destroy her. Laura plans to find some type of evidence to bring Danilow down. Ryan then wonders how she is going to start over on her own if she thinks her reputation is so damaged. As she tells Ryan that she needs to think it over and plan a strategy, his phone rings, but he avoids answering it. When Laura wonders why he isn’t answering, Ryan makes some sorry excuse that it’s just a business call…it’s nothing important (LIAR!!). After some urging from Laura, Ryan walks out of hearing distance to answer the phone (guess who-o?). 

I’m listening.

After hearing your voice, I swear it has gave me the will to live. 

Where are you?

I found out that you will be retried for my father’s murder…I know the actual people who killed my father, I swear, I know them. 


You can’t talk, right?


Please, I ask that you meet me at La feria del Tequila in East LA. Come, I will be there.

I’ll be there without fail.

After Ryan hangs up, he goes back to Laura who is wondering if everything is alright. He assures her everything is fine, business men are just persistent (yeah, right!). 

OUT of the Woods…and Into Bed

Danilow gets to Morgana’s apartment and, acting surprised, asks, “ You’re still here?” Morgana, upset and ready to attack, accuses him of Ausencio’s arrest only to have Danilow deny it, saying that he had enough trouble convincing his contacts to contract Ausencio at places that wouldn’t cause problems or be in territories belonging to his padrino’s enemies. As Morgana starts hitting him, Danilow pushes her onto the bed and mockingly tells her she shouldn’t get upset in the condition she’s in. He scowls at her reminding her that everyone knows she’s his woman…and, as he starts forcing himself on her, he tells her that if she has forgotten, this should remind her…they continue their little ritual that ends in heavy breathing, kissing, etc., etc., etc.

Knock Down Drag OUT Fight

After Laura and Paloma have spent some time at the pool, Paloma asks Laura if she can go count to Mommy Mercy, but Laura wants to finish drying her hair. As Rosario approaches Laura to ask how things are going, Mercy comes out like a lunatic shouting at Rita that she has been going crazy looking for Paloma everywhere. Laura tells Mercy Paloma was with her and she is fine. After Mercy thanks Rita and dismisses her, Rita scurries off. Laura is thankful for everything Mercy has done for them, but thinks it’s time she, Ryan, Paloma and Rosario return to the ranch. After Mercy asks Rosario to take Paloma inside, Mercy turns into Merciless and Laura turns into Warrior Regia…and the shouting battle starts…

You never change…you come here…you make yourself the martyr...the grateful one…the victim…and then you immediately take out your claws. Why do you want to snatch Paloma from me.

Snatch her? I’m not snatching anything from you…Paloma is my daughter!

I saved your daughter as a favor to you, but mainly for her security. And clearly, ever since I met Paloma, she caused my maternal instinct to be revived.

Then it wasn’t a favor…you did it to take my daughter!

She’s not your daughter because she doesn’t have your blood!

She doesn’t need to have my blood…Paloma is my daughter…I raised her, I took care of her, I gave her my love…and that gives me the right to be her mother!

Valiant mother…with a reputation that is so tarnished. 

I am going to clear myself of all that dirt so my Palomita won’t suffer because of that!

Well, while you clear it up, Paloma stays here!

Who says?!

I do…because I am legally Paloma’s mother...

As Joe follows behind, Ryan walks toward the battlefield demanding to know what is going on...


Hey, Alfredo, my recap is in the mail...Cut scenes are in RED...

There is so much looks like a bloodbath!!

Posted, RGV! I kept it blue to make it easier for everyone to follow but didn't italicize it because of the conversations. Ugh, poor Tadeo is the first casualty and then character development. I have yet to see 55 even! "Ya ni llorar es bueno!"

Alfredo and Rgv Chick, I'm rather at a loss. This was powerful and one of the most intriguing, well written, detailed recaps I've ever read.

I don't know which of you wrote what but it blended and melded together seamlessly. I cannot thank both of you enough for including all the "lost" details, most of which are critical to the story.


For months, we have been forced to watch the cringe worthy Tona and Fausto carry out unspeakable and incessant acts on their victims including torture, rape and molestation. And after viewerville reached the highest point of revulsion, Univision then decides to cut the most crucial scene, their set up and arrest? I am flummoxed, shaking my head in disbelief.

Though I readily admit I was relieved not to have seen what badbun suffered or what happened to Tadeo. I was a bit surprised to read Leticia was once again in denial, but why should I be? She has consistently let her children (and us) down. Fly Chava, fly.

I'm beyond disappointed in Ryan.After his initial shock in hearing from Estela, he should have told Laura the truth. From the way his face softened and from the tears in his eyes, any "buried" feelings he had for Estela have been resurrected.

Morgana and Danilo will be bound together until one of them dies. Being only mildly interested in Morgana and Ausencio, I would have much preferred their scenes have been omitted rather than Tona and Fausto.

Ryan and Steve aren't exactly Batman and Robin but they got the job done. Blake dying by his own hand with the butterflies on his eyes was a nice touch. Perhaps it's a bit sadistic, but I feel he got off easy. Adios. You will not be missed.

Much more to discuss but thank you again to our two "heroes", Rgv and Alfredo who did masterful justice to these two episodes.



WOW..WOW..WOW you two. Thank you so much , well maybe a Double Thank You ! Glad I didn't print this one, I'd be down at Staples getting a couple more HP6278B color cartridges. :-)

So AssWipe finally got an AssWhip(ing). About time. Ha. I noticed the Whipper used a pair of brass knucks. Nice touch. Even better than the hillbilly technique of just holding a roll of quarters or nickles (based on hand size) which was still rough on your hand.

The irony we are faced with now is that Joe has already told Ryan his outlook is dim on the retrial, but RealStela knows who actually did it, and would obviously testify. How many times can a man be charged with a crime and a woman named Estela testify he is innocent. Hopeofully he can rescue RealStela and they can pick up where they left off. I hopeo she is slim.:-)

Laura just is too friggin complicated. Like buying a dam helicopter when you went out for an electric scooter.

You have to be relieved that BlindMouse is gone, but on the other hand must wish he has paid for his sins a little more. Now we can concentrate on further redemption of Luisa without that threat.

Screech owl on a tree by my Houseo.

The Unholy Alliance between Abortion Barbie & Danilo the Rapist continues.

Kirby, what a beautiful photo. Are those actually tinges of purple/lavender? Amazing coloring and perfect backdrop. It is though he posed for you.

I have cheered redemption for some that others have not. I have to be honest and say here that I am not in favor of Luisa going down that path. I don't think she deserves it. The one single solitary tear she seems to have shed did nothing for me.


La Taza dos. We must wonder now what Genesis is going to think about he nuevo amor. A brass knuckle tears up your face pretty badly, sorry, SusanLynn, so he can not just tell her he was mugged or something. And where was the Wizard of Oz, El Dorito, still behind that infernal curtain? He couldn't save his manservant?

OK load up your quivers with your sharpest poison arrows Pocahontases but here goes. Laura is just arrogant. I know she saved Paloma's life and has made tremendous sacrifices for her, but thus far her life has been a study in stupidity, lies and bad decisions. At least Mercy saved Paloma, and has provided a stable, safe environment for her. By law, which, by the way, Laura like most others in this show,has no regard for, Mercy is Paloma's legal Mother. Period. Laura should sit back and think about her life a bit, because she may have another surprise before long, and thank Mercy for all she has done. Mercy is not without fault, but Paloma will do much better with her than with a Mexican Brittney Spears. One moment she is hanging up her career as a singer to concentrate on her non existant personal life, former abducted daughter, and Ryan, the next she is grabbing the microphone at the press briefing and vowing she will do it Her Way, without Furia or anybody. FLAKE

Diana, it was at 9:22 last night after all the clips of Mercy throwing something and DaniLow and Ryan pointing guns at each other, about the last one right before it says 'Executive Producer Rosy Ocampo'. Ryan and someone with a backdrop of the skyscrapers of LA at night, her wearing a tight white dress.

Fire at will.

" tinges of purple/lavender?" I think it is just artifacts from a cheap camera. I believe I just grabbed a Sony and shot it before the visitor changed his mind.

Cute little thing. That palm is about 8 or 10 inches in diameter, so you see his size.

Kirby? I'm 99% certain the woman in the tight white dress is Laura! Please take a look tonight, but I'm pretty positive. It makes sense as it's the second to last scene, right before Laura in full Regia gear is singing...

I don't disagree with what you said about Mercy. I like her, flaws and all. I do think she might not have always had the best interests of Paloma in mind, but she certainly does now.

I do think Laura wants it all. I'm all for empowerment and believing women deserve it right alongside men. I will admit Laura has far more of a complicated life than most. As she doesn't know Blake is dead (yet), nor that Fausto and Tona were captured, I might be laying low for a while and not letting Paloma out of my sight. I admire her gumption but do suspect no one in her situation could do it alone. We all need help at one time or another. She is not above that. That said, I have and still do admire her courage and gumption. She has been through terrible ordeals but never folded, never gave in and is still strong and kind.

Thought the owl was beautiful...


It looks like the hair is too blonde, like more Lindsay's color. I will look again, thanks. Um....I didn't think it fit Laura's body shape either.

Good morning, all.

Alfredo and Chickie, thank you for going above and beyond to painstakingly put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle to give us the whole story after someone edited these two episodes with a hacksaw .

Diana, I agree that someone thought that it was not important for viewers to see Tona and Fausto being caught.

Kirby, some people may think a couple cuts and bruises on Badbun might look a little

So....Stelaliva calling. Here we go with a love triangle .

Sad that so many children yearn for a home while these two women are squabbling over this one little girl.


Hey yall! You're all very welcome. I thank RGV for helping me out or it would've been a very long night. I hadn't seen 55 yet but was shocked that they deleted Tona and Fausto's arrest. I thought they would've at least left in the arrest part. At least they left in Blake or we would've found out through dialogue if at all.

How annoying.

Kirby, the woman in white is Laura. Ariadne has an hour glass body and looks great in those types of dresses.

Good Morning, Everyone!!

My goodness...what a night!! So much was left out, but, I agree, Diana, Tona's and Fausto's demise was something we were anxiously waiting for and for Looneyvision to cheat viewerville out of it is mind-boggling. While I have never cared for the LetMe family storyline, Tadeo's conflict was something that many were interested in...and they cut that whole thing out.

Kirby, no poison arrows from me. I agree that Laura is not the best choice as a mother. She's a hot-headed, indecisive nut who puts her pride and her fans before Paloma or Ryan. Granted, she is strong and determined to protect those she loves, but most of what she has done has put Paloma in more danger.

Diana, Joe did tell everyone that Tona and Fausto were arrested and that Blake committed suicide when they were celebrating Laura's return at Mercy's house.

Kirby, "Ryan and someone with a backdrop of the skyscrapers of LA at night, her wearing a tight white dress" yes, I believe that is RealStela who is played by Sara Corrales. If you google her images, Kirby, you'll be woofing all day long...and maybe into the weekend...


Oh, BTW, AssBun, lost his bun after the beating...his hair was down and messed up when he showed up at Genesis's apartment.

And...thank you for all the nice warm fuzzies...I am so glad I had started working on the recap beforehand, because then Alfredo would have definitely been up all night...j/k...I would have been up till the wee hours of the morning helping out :-)

The good thing (I hopeo) is that the previews for tonight are only for episode 56...unless they surprise us...again.

Alfredo, our comments crossed...always nice to have a back-up :-)

Kirby, you must have really surprised that owl...he looks like he's a bit annoyed...nice pic :-)

Chickie... Wow, I goggled Sara. Not a shy one that girl. Yikes.

If it took a beat down for Badbun to get de-bunned, will the same thing be necessary to finally have Joe let his hair down? #Joeactionfigurehair


Alfredo and Rgv Chick, I can't thank you enough for going way beyond the call of duty to bring us this excellent double whammy of a recap! I'm so ticked that Univision decided to bring out the hatchet just as Doble Vida is ending, but I'm thrilled that you bandied together to give us all the deets we missed. Hurrah for both of you!

For months, we have been forced to watch the cringe worthy Tona and Fausto ... Univision then decides to cut the most crucial scene, their set up and arrest? I am flummoxed, shaking my head in disbelief.

Diana - I'm shaking my head along with you. That was the worst cut ever. It would've been so satisfying to see those two arrested.

I'm siding with Laura against Mercy and I'm ticked at Rosario too. Yes, Mercy rescued Paloma and gave Laura much needed relief that her baby was safe, but she did it to replace her long missing baby. I'm ticked at Rosario for not seeing exactly what Mercy was doing by having Paloma sleep with her. Mercy could have weaned Paloma from this and reminded Paloma who her mother is with pictures and such. Laura came at Mercy with both barrels. You go, girl.

Real life: Years ago a cousin got pregnant as a freshman at college. Her mom and dad agreed to care for the baby so she could complete college. My cousin saw the baby about every weekend. The baby grew to see her grandmother as her mother and vice versa. When my cousin graduated in 4 years, got a job, and was ready to be the full-time mom, there was bitterness and some strife that first year, but grandma conceded and everybody's gotten along since. Mercy, as the mature, experienced one, help Laura -- yes, Kirby, she does dumb things sometimes -- but don't compete with her.

Ryan should tell Laura about Estela, but I'm giving him a break because of the many times Laura didn't tell him stuff when she could've (and he supported her nevertheless). Now she'll get a chance to feel what that's like. Ryan never got closure with Estela so I can seem him still being emotional about her. If her story is true (I doubt it), he could feel guilty about not doing more to find her.

I won't be able to read this for a while, but I want to thank Alfredo and Rgv Chick for covering BOTH episodes! Thank you thank you!! What got aired last night was very confusing!

Niecie..I feel sorry for Paloma. She is just a little girl caught between two women who both want to be her mother instead of both just agreeing to love her and taking care of her . How confusing to be told that she is supposed to call the person she has always thought of as mother .."Laura"..and the person she thought of as grandma is now wanting to be her mother. Geez! Think of the child instead of your selfish selves.

OK, so right now, it's Alfredo and me thinking Laura is in the white dress and Kirby and Rgv Chick saying it is Estela.

Susanlynn? Niecie? Julie? Steve? Others who haven't commented this morning yet?

Niecie, I am glad your cousins worked everything out. It seems love and logic prevailed. Not everyone puts family first - yours apparently did.

Rgv Chick, badbun bunless? Excellent!



I vote the woman in the white dress is Estela. I'm loyal to Laura, but this woman seems to have better fashion style than she does. That's a nice classic dress. I do not like Laura's high-low dresses.

Diana.."Bunless"..that one gave me a grin☺. I can not help you with identification of the woman in white because I reading last night and not always looking at the screen, so I did not see that scene .

My mother's mother lived with our family , and I called her "Mom" because everyone called her that..her children, grandchildren, close family friends. I was closer to her than I was to pmy mother who never wante my sister and me to call her "mom" . We called her Mommy or Mother. However, I knew who was my mother and who was my grandmother , and we all lived parents, sister, grandmother, and her sister. It did get confusing at school when I talked about "my Mom" and people thought that I was talking about my mother. What's in a name? "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Grandparents especially have unique names ..Yaya, Abuelita, Nana, Bobby, Oma, Opa, Pop, Poppy, Zorro. Hubba called his paternal grandfather " Buddy." Mercy could be Mama , and Laura could be Mommy.


Niecie..yeah, Laura really loves that high\low style, doesn't she?

I loved all the "outs" in the subtitles. Evidently, the editors decided that most of Tadeo's story should be snipped OUT, so why did they put it in if they were just going to delete it?

It has to be Laura as that image has been in the credits since the beginning when Estela wasn't even a full fledged character yet but something of a myth/legend.

Susanlynn, Tadeo's story was there because it was barely a blimp in the grand scheme of things. A "kiss" with Baldo was one thing but fully impliced sex with Horacio is another.

#WaitWhat? Laura does not file an appeal or get a new trial. the DA just overturns what a jury convicted her of and the sentence handed down by a sitting judge and she flits out of the cage? What kind of bird is that? I never photographed THAT kind of bird. No wonder the gossip has it that her road out of jail went through San Francisco.

Kirby...suspend your disbelief..put on your beanie. I guess that the writers did not do a lot of research on the justice system in the U.S.A. p.s. Remember that whole water pipeline thing on Vino?

So is Rosy's message that for a horny Spaniard, 'Any port in a storm'?

Be still Tail,...Woof Woof. Sara Corales, was a TV melter in Waking up With You Despertar Contigo, as the horny evil exgirlfriend. She is another of those hard bodies, but ten times more my style, face and hair wise than Zimbabwei

" whole water pipeline thing on Vino?" Yeah, Thanks. I keep forgetting I'm not actually watching the News. :-)

RGV the little Screech Owls always seem to look like that. They are surprisingly tame. The photo on the tree I walked up to within maybe three or four feet of it and took the shot and then backed away. I think it is the same one who came into the garage one night to watch ME ! Here is the family in a tree out front.

What a lovely parliament of owls.


Ok, Ok...

I just googled that. I wondered if there was a word for a group of owls and that came up. :)

I had no idea it was parliament. Love learning new things, which I do here every day.

Susanlynn, how lovely your grandmother was with you! My grandmother was "nana". Between her, my mother and my beloved Aunt Rita, I was so fortunate to be raised by strong, loving women. My heroes. I miss them every day.


And here it is with a watchful eye on me in the garage. Little bitty shaver on the ladders hanging up on the front wall.

Yeah if you look closely there are five of them in the tree.

If Ryan does in fact go rescue RealStela and still has feelings for her, what should he do? If it truly was not her fault and she still loves him and (Beanie time) could not contact him until now, and he actually still loves her, does that trump a later love with FakeStela? I think it does.

But then there is little Paloma who already thinks of him as Daddy. But she loves DaniLow too, maybe....? Or JoeHair?

OK, this is actually an Engineering problem.
We have RealStela, FakeStela, Genesis, and Mercy, female love needers
We have DaniLow, Ryan, JoeHair, and BunLess as male romantic interests.

Thankfully there are the same quantity of each gender.


That works out where the greatest number of people are happy/get what they think they want

Bonus...Paloma has a loving Family with a Daddy young enough too play ball and ride roller coasters with her years from now.

Parliament eh? IS that somehow associated with owls being Wise? I am wondering about that connection now. :-)

I've not seen Sara in anything that I can recall, yet she doesn't appear unfamiliar.

I also found some pics of Laura with much lighter hair, so I'm sticking with her as the woman in the white dress in the credits.


Too bad they are making a mess of Tadeo's coming out. On one hand, I applaud them for not stereotyping and showing a gay man in the world of macho Mexican regional music. On the other hand, they seemed to chicken out on showing whether Tadeo is into Horacio or not. I get they did it, but was Tadeo happy about it, or did he feel sexually harassed? They should bring back Waldo, would be more interesting. And of everybody in this tale, Laura and Steve (maybe Ryan) would give him the support Letmebeanostrich failed at. Silly me, Univision is excising this story anyway.

So is Rosy's message that for a horny Spaniard, 'Any port in a storm'?

Kirby, I vote "yes." Up to now Horacio has shown no carnal interest in anyone and now he's doing who's ever there.

While Paloma does love Dan, she is the only one (bless her).

I wonder how Genesis will feel when she discovers who "NoBunNow" really is...

Yes! Perhaps they are in a parliament due to their intelligence. :)


NoBunNow may be just that NoBunNoBodyNow after recent events. Maybe he got fired. Genesis can pick him up, dust him off and rehabilitate an ex-criminal.

.But I don't think so.

She doesn't strike me as putting much more than some high quality booty into a relationship.

As far as the scene played, Niecie, Tadeo did not seem into Horacio. I don't know if it's because he was uncomfortable with his sexuality, Horacio came out too storng, or he forced himself on Tadeo, who eventually just went with it. The last one has more grave consequences but we don't know exactly what Tadeo is thinking or if he and Horacio will continue sleeping together. Based on his conversations, it seems he is just trying to figure out if this is something he wants to accept but, if his first time was with Horacio under those circumstances, then I doubt he's having the best time accepting himself. Baldo would've definitely been the better option, and he may come back, but as it stands Tadeo might have been taken advantage of and he thinks he can;t say anything or he may lose his musical career.

Out of this whole Leticia mess, this seemed to be the fresher, more interesting storyline but it has been cut when endured creepy Tomas for two months.

Thanks, Alfredo. Horacio has really gone downhil. At first he was a lawyer who freaked out at getting involved in the violent side of narco money laundering. Now he's thick as thieves with Danilo in all his vice. But at least he didn't give Tadeo horse tranquilizer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

So which one are we waiting to faint? Tad or Whorace?

This comment has NOT been removed by the author !

Caraymates, my local listing is showing that next week Doble Vida will air 2 hours each night, 9-11 east coast, except Wednesday when its preempted for soccer. Seems 10 pm Rosario Tijeras is moving to Unimas and its replacement La prometida doesn't start till Aug 7.

Niecie, I really appreciate the heads up.

Looks like little sleep for me next week - I don't want to miss a minute!

Considering they are doing that, I'm even more perturbed we didn't get to see Fausto and Tona's comeuppance. Hrrmmmph!


Diana, My sentiments exactly on missing Fausto and Tona go down. We were robbed!

God I hope they do and stop this mindless editing. The Fausto/Tona thing is indeed fustrating. I can't imagine what some viewers may be thinking if they show up again in jail. "How and when did they get there???"

Niecie...thanks for the information.

When someone who is more powerful preys on someone who is less powerful. Male, female, straight, or guy..that is disgusting. I am glad that I did not have to see that scene.I feel badvfor Tadeo. He seems so lost and alone.

OT..,"Days" fans..I surfed into the show for a bit today and saw Patch and Kayla still looking great. I also saw Marlena and Haddie.And that police guy Marlena was with for awhile after John and Roman. What was his name?

Niecie, wow! thank you so much for alerting us to next week's schedule...the roller coaster is getting bigger.

Diana, "Looks like little sleep for me next week - I don't want to miss a minute!" ITA...there is just so much in each episode that what they take out is an injustice...especially for the main story lines. I hope the 2-hour episodes means no more cuts.

OMG Marlena? I had a crush on her when I was in college..Holy shitcakes she must be as old as me by now.!

Kirby..Marlena is still beautiful and very youthful looking. Loveliness personified inside and out. We all had a crush on her ! Boys wanted her , and girls wanted to be her !!!

One more ",out" to add to the clever subtitles. These recaps were out of this world.Thanks again , Alfredo and Chickie.

OMG, Kayla and Patch are STILL on?? I'm glad Days still believes in keeping popular actors working even (gulp) those at or above a "certain age". If only corporate America shared the same philosophy. But I digress.

Rgv Chick, I don't hold onto much, but missing that Tonoa/Fausto scene is sticking in my craw to the point where I'm going to find it hard to "let it go". Sigh.

Oh, I know! A flashback!!! Yes, that's how they can fix it. Give us what we missed folks. We've had to endure the violence, now let's get some justice.


They can fix it with me by putting Sara Corales on. That woman will not wear much of anything even if you tried to GLUE modest clothing on her, .........with good reason.

Wowzers Zowzers. ! You know how you can Google someone then click on "images"?
She's proud of what she's got and she got EVERYTHING.

YIKES ! Why do I waste my time photographing Ducks and Squirrels?

I have been trying to read the recap on and off for hours now and am making very little progress. Here's all the notes I have so far:

What was Blake listening to when Ryan snuck in? Was that Wagner? Wagner's a good choice for Blake. Did Steve (or Ryan) make the music louder and hide the remote so Blake wouldn't be able to hear them sneaking around?

Where did Mercy get Blake's phone number?

HOOOO MY GOD I can't believe I missed Horacio and Tadeo. I thought I was mad last night. Now I'm livid. I've never described myself as livid before. I'm going to look in a mirror and find out what that looks like. Thanks for nothing, Univision. I'm not even going to joke about sparing my virgin eyes this time. You suck.

Mas despues...

Oh, Julie, yes, go find the full episode somewhere because Horacio was indeed shirtless lol

"Ryan" just came out on "Primer Impacto" and said that they are in Miami to promote the final episodes for DV. He announced that the last episode will be August 17th.

OK, so, apparently lividity doesn't look like anything on my face.

Horacio sure is a team player! Funny how he was too drunk to be with the women but maybe not too drunk to be with Tad!

And Maria's story where all her friends want to meet her father. What? Since when do kids want to meet their friends' parents? That is not a thing. That has never been a thing. Maybe if Tom were an astronaut or a rock star, but the dude was a warehouse clerk. That doesn't get you invited to parties. Maria could have kept her gringo dad story AND avoided this pickle she's in by telling people that her gringo dad WAS Tom Allen, but he's dead now. Or there's like a hundred other ways she could explain her father's absence from a PTA meeting. Like, he didn't want to go and they can't make him. Or he had to work - had to give a concert on the space shuttle. Whatevs.

(Wait, if Tom Allen was her father, how does she explain having a different last name?)

I still don't get why, if Blake and Mercy were equally qualified, why Blake was in the running to adopt a child he allegedly never met before (but had actually purchased for the purpose of killing her and harvesting her organs, and later kidnapped to use as leverage against Laura). If those charges were disproved or unknown, then he has NO connection to Paloma, while Mercy has been Paloma's guardian for weeks (months?). This makes no sense. I think in a recent episode they also said that he was in the running because of his economic status. I don't believe that's considered in the adoption process.

I thought I watched this last night, but I don't remember any of the stuff with Asdrubal getting his finger clipped and a beatdown!

End #54

I am also chocked that Univision chopped Tona and Faustos anvil. Unfortunately in the mexican version there were no scenes of them in Jail so the arresting scene was the Last of this maquiavelic duo.

Julie, from what I remember about last night, the only thing they showed was the man putting on the brass knuckles and hitting Asdrubal a few times.

Julie...yeah, what was going on with Hor ? Was the plan to deflower Tadeo all along and the prostitutes just part of the plan, or did it just happen after Tadeo was not interested in the girls? Is Hor sexually fluid ?

DaniLow was just on your fav show Julie, 'Morbid Obese and Ugly', and I must admit, he is an attractive, engaging kid. Of course they had his big lunky ass sandwiched between two adoring painted females who I had never seen before.

" Is Whorace sexually fluid ?"

See above about ships and ports

"Had to give a concert on the space shuttle," #cutitout

Chickie..yes, all I saw were the brass knuckles .

Marla, if you're saying that Fausto and Tona were never seen again for the rest of the series in Mexico, that's a spoiler and please don't divulge any more!

OK, so, Estela. IS that really Estela? If it is, is she telling the truth? If she's being held prisoner, who is El D? Maybe there is no El D, just a code name for an equal partner of BunMan's. But then why would anyone else be protecting Ryan? Are we back to Walter again? Why would Walter be running Pedro's outfit?

"[Chava] urges [LetMe] to keep talking to Tadeo, eventually he will listen" well, he hasn't listened to her in the last 18+ years (21 if he can drink in a bar?), but sure, keep talking to him, maybe the 22nd year will be the charm. I was impressed that she promised to listen to him, but that offer sure expired quickly! She will die of some kind of denial-related/delusional disease, like an infected unicorn bite.

And I'm not happy with Mercy. "She’s not your daughter because she doesn’t have your blood!" Ooookay Mercy, but by the same token, she's not your daughter either. (I still think she might be her granddaughter, but that's beside the point.) Laura's the one who had to carry Paloma across the desert while Mercy was cheating on her husband in air conditioned comfort.

Most of the stuff that got cut out of #55 was stuff I would have liked to see. But even the stuff that was there, half of it I missed - like the announcement of Ausencio's arrest.

Rgv... did OUT sponsor this recap? Good product placement! ;-)

Susanlynn, my impression was that Horacio was playing the odds when he went for the girls, but was pleased when he found out that Tadeo was in the other 10%. So, he might not be especially fluid. He couldn't do it with the girls. Probably he can tolerate women in brief doses within the line of duty; he just unfocuses his eyes and pretends he's seeing Chris Hemsworth.

Julie..two phrases jumped out at me ," infected unicorn bite," ..(I think that I might have had that once) and "pretends he's seeing Chris Hemsworth"..Well, we've all done that , haven't we? What's that old saying , " Close your eyes and think of England.... Or Chris Hemsworth!" #doingitrightnow

Yes that is all they showed last night a pair of knucks and a couple love taps in the AssFace.

I thought I saw him put three bullets in the gun and was surprised it didn't fire all two or three tries with a 50/50 chance rather than 1 in 6 which is customary in a revolver roulette training lab.

Wouldn't Ryan recognize RealStela's voice? She said she had been held prisoner by her Father's enemies. It sounded like she was actually held physically at the time, as she cut the call short, but agreed to meet Ryan somewhere the next day ? Huh

Alfredo and Rgv Chick, thank you again for covering both episodes. So much happened. I am really disappointed about all the cuts. Why oh why do they do this during ultimos capitulos??

If, as DZ says, we'll see the last episode on August 17 (Thursday), and Familia starts on 22 (Tuesday), that means Friday and Monday are open. Wonder what will be on. I bet it will be something great, like La Familia Peluche rerun.

Diana, I agree, BOOOOOOOO to Ryan for not telling Laura about the calls from Estela. He's falling into another telenovela cliche. And I agree that I'd rather have seen Fausto and Tona than Ausencio and Morgana!

I will look for a woman in a white dress during the credits, though I doubt I can add much to the debate.

I don't deny that Mercy has been a lifesaver for Paloma. What I object to is her obvious efforts to make Paloma clingy and dependent on her, at the expense of Rosario and Laura. Mercy doesn't want Paloma to spend time with Laura, doesn't want her to call her Mama, encourages Paloma to sleep in Mercy's bed. That goes beyond affection and into possessiveness and codependence.

Sara Corrales looks familiar. She seems to be allergic to large quantities of fabric.

Owls = Parliament = Wise? Well... Parliament is notoriously more rambunctious than US Congress.

Niecie, I can't tell if Tadeo was happy about being with Horacio, but it did seem to solidify his suspicion that he wasn't into girls. He seemed ambivalent before that, and pretty clear afterwards.

I am psyched that there's no episode on Wednesday - that's my Six Flags makeup day and I won't be home till late. If I had to catch up on TWO missed hours, I'd be really bummed.

Kirby, do you know Marlena as Electra Woman? If not, please find some "Electra Woman and DynaGirl" on Youtube. It's 1976 or so, and she's in spandex.

Yeah, I guess Ryan would recognize RealStela's voice, but maybe she's got a sister or a soundalike. And it has been a long time. And he might have just been hearing what he wanted to hear.

Julie..good luck with your do-over at Six Flags.

Stelaliva says she is being held by her father's enemies. Who would that be? So, are we going to see her before this season ends , or will they make us wait until next season? ,#chrishemsworth #sayitwithme #chrishemsworth

P.s. Julie....see what a can of worms you opened up .

Sara Corrales goes around the block to stay away from JoAnn Fabrics without her inhaler.

" without her inhaler." WOOF !

Alfredo and Ms Chick whichever one of
Yall done the recap thank you, it's a keeper. So bazzard these crazy people.

Blindblake: Iam filled with love,to love paloma. Well hes full of somethin but it ain't love. He fulla crap. And
It killed him.And leftyellowbutterflys
On his eyes. He must have tapped them
On Before he offed himself. Was there
Any other way for him to go? The man was a trainwreck.He got rid of all the
The blacks and hispanics,really? go to
Hell.I'm sure he got a bigO warm hot welcome.

Tona and faucet, I know its a fausto but the guy is a joke. A filthy nasty joke. Whatever they got coming to them in prison, they deserve it.Dirty dogs.
All of them. Maybe those girl can get a real life now. Hopefully.And ms nina
I hope she's merciless' daughter. But
Maybe she deserves better.

Mercy and blindblake were such upstand
Ing people. That's laughable.Now she's
Not as bad as greenblake. But that was really Dirty what she's doin to keep
Lil p to herself. Tryin to replace the
Child she either gave up or abandened.
Come on nina, call her moma.

Ryan:I wonder if thats the real Estela
Or someone dimdani paid to mess with
Ryan and Laura.But either way he need
Speak up. At Least to joe, so he wont
Be blindsided in case they do go back to trail. Cuz if thats a her Laura is
Gonna be Pist he didn't tell her. So will I.

Tadeo tadeo tadeo,I hope he don't come out of this wreckedup. Hes fighting a battle inside and out. Did horacio molested him? Not good.

For my part they don't need to do a second season to this mess. Give the people a happy ending and let it go.
Are they gonna slice-n-dice tonight's
Episode?If they do I will look forward to reading in "blue" again. Its a very pretty blue.

Thank you to you two recapping geniuses. Or one :)


Jjulie, htey changed the start date for "Famiiia" to the 21st.

Hah. Well, that's what **I** get for trying to calculate a start date or end date. Stayed tuned, because they might change the deal again before all of this is over.

Kirby that owl looks like he saying what are you lookin at? You never seen a owl on a tree before. Those owl eyes say so much Snarky stuff. Beautiful!

OMG I think I just figured out who El Dorado is.
Or... maybe I didn't (second thoughts)
More when the next recap/discussion header is posted...

Yay! only one episode tonight..I'll write as fast as I can...

Yayayayyayay! Im watching it now RGV and it was jam packed on all the fronts. I emailed Adriana just in case.

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