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La Candidata Martes, 7/18/17 Chapter 27: Noemi is in a Rush

Swords are deadly, but often words are more powerful weapons than any blade. They cut more deeply and can never be unheard.
  • D.D.
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Noemi is in a Rush

Teresa got out of the car in front of her building and told the guards they didn't have to bother anymore. She knew that they were keeping an eye on her for Mario, Alonso, or both. She acted as though she did not, presenting a cheerfulness that was actually due to the scandal she had just caused, and went inside.

Regina continued the confrontation with Gerardo about his alleged arrangement for him to become governor after Alonso is elected president. She was convinced there was impropriety on his part. Gerardo tried to get her to understand that Alonso was involved in corruption up to his neck. He would publicly support her proposed law but behind everyone's back still ally with Big Business and allow them to cut their workers' salaries. She still refused to believe him. Gerardo tried to explain that this was a deal Alonso made with Morales, but Gerardo would not accept it. He did not want to be part of this. Regina did not believe him. She finally told him that he should forget about this, his life, his reputation, and his career; she was not interested. She turned to leave.
The only thing I'm interested in is you,” he said. She turned to look at him for a moment. “Open your eyes,” he whispered.
She left his office without a reply.

Israel came to see Magda for money, as usual. He told her that his daughter-in-law owed several months' back rent, then tried to back off. He continued that she had just called him out of desperation and that she owed thirty thousand pesos [$1,706 US]. Magda said she didn't have that kind of money with her and he started backing off again, then said “This is the last time I will ask and I'll pay you back everything.”
She rose, took her purse, and told him she would go to the bank. This was obviously what he was looking for.

Ignacio went to see Teresa, who told him that Nayeli had been there earlier to see Ximena, but that she had left. She overheard them talking about him sending her to Los Angeles to live with her mother, that she did not want to go, and was looking for someone to help her.
Whom is she thinking will help her?” he asked.
Emiliano, the governor's son.”
Oh, please,” he said. “That spoiled brat thinks he can just do exactly as he pleases but he can't take her away from here.” Ignacio became impatient and turned to leave.
No! I heard horrible things about your ex-wife's husband,” she told him. “Nayeli told Ximena he had tried to rape her.”
Ignacio paused for a moment, then came back into the room.
Don't start inventing things like that.”
I wouldn't make this us. How can you think I'm lie about something like this? It's what your daughter told Ximena. That girl wouldn't make up stuff like this.”
Ignacio turned away and leaned against the sideboard.
I feel like such an idiot. I pressured her to take this trip –”
Calm down. I can talk to Ximena. She must be with her.” She went through her purse for her cell phone.
What are you going to say?”
That I know what's up and everything will be alright. Don't worry.”
Please, Teresa, tell Ximena that I need to talk to my daughter. I need to see her, please.”
Ximena and Nayeli were with Emiliano when Teresa's call came in. Nayeli almost panicked when Ximena said her mother was calling, but Ximena held up her hand for silence and said not to worry.
Hello, Ma.”
Ximena, is Nayeli with you?”
No. Some friends came for her.”
Do you know where she is?”
No, I don't.”
Very well. Be careful. Thanks.” Teresa ended the call. She then turned to Ignacio and shook her head. “She was not there.”
It didn't seem to have occurred to her that Ximena had lied.

Natalia thanked José for his help the day before.
No; you don't have to thank me,” he said. “It's my obligation.”
No. Your obligation is to watch me, which is what Omar pays you for. But why do you do it?”
Because I can't allow anyone to hurt any woman, least of all you.”
Least of all me?”
He nodded.
I expect now that I won't be here with you. Take care of yourself.”
He dismissed you.”
I can't return to your house.”
You're mistaken. Because I am now hiring you and you will continue to have work.”
Thank you very much. My work will now be very easy.”

Mauro walked in on Magda and Israel just as she was handing him the brown envelope. She said she would be waiting for him in reception and he told her not to worry; he would be back right after work. He was barely out the door when Mauro began demanding to know what he had been there for. Magda tried to explain but Mauro was not pleased. He tried to tell Magda that Israel was taking advantage of her, but she was still in denial about this.

Emiliano was turning into a gate when Nayeli recognized Almirón, so she stopped him. She told him that this was the man who had kidnapped her and they had to get out of there. Emiliano did as she said. Almirón may or may not have heard them.

Lorena was in Alonso's study, realizing that the work she was being asked to do was unchanged from what had been going on. Alonso gave her some con-man double talk about how she stood to make lots of money working for him while benefitting the people and themselves. It didn't look like she entirely believed him.

Natalia and José moved her things back into her house. This provoked an immediate reaction from Omar, who insisted that Natalia had no right to be there. He then turned on José, who then told him that he now worked for Natalia.
How quickly you change sides, traitor Are you being paid with money or in bed?” the old coot demanded.
Shut up!” Natalia said. “Not everyone is like you.”
How nice. If you don't get out of here now I'll have you thrown out. If you and this clown are still here when I return I'll need not one coffin but two.”
He walked out.
This was not a good idea,” José said.
I'm not afraid,” said Natalia. “Are you?”
I'm here with you.”
That's what I wanted to hear.”

So are you available for the challenge or for me?” Alonso asked.
Mauro ran in, saving Loreta from having to answer.
Alonso? Excuse me, I need to talk to you but I thought you were alone. I'll come back later.”
No, I'm leaving,” Loreta said, getting up. She looked at Alonso. “I will see you later, Governor.”
See you later, Secretary,” he replied with some sarcasm. She left the office. Mauro waited two seconds after she had closed the door.
What happened? That was strange.”
She isn't as foolish as I thought, but that's a minor problem. What is it?”
I spoke with Morales. He said that Martinez would have to think about it.”
What's to think about it? I'm practically giving him the governorship.”
Regina entered without knocking.
Hello,” Alonso said.
Is it true that you have an arrangement with business owners?”
After that half-truth in the recent report,” Mauro said as an aside. He then excused himself and walked out.
What is it? What do you want?”
You promised them a law that would benefit them at the expense of their workers. Is that true?”
Yes, of course I had to negotiate with them to continue my campaign. Do you want more unemployment, more poverty?”
Of course,” she replied sarcastically. “You are a great statesman, Alonso. Don't you get it that by taking away money from workers you are causing more poverty? No, no, no; you're just thinking of your campaign. You are a cynic.”
I'm not only supporting management. You're also doing your bit to –”
This law will not be passed!”
This law will be passed with or without you,” he said, mocking her.
This is treason.”
It's business. Everyone negotiates. Even your little friend, Senator Martinez. He'll be candidate for governor.”
You think you can buy him?”
Everyone can be bought. Him, too. Why else would he say he had to think about it?”
Regina stared at him as though he were a complete stranger.

Later Alonso told Mauro about this, saying that the last thing he needed was more problems with his wife. A new initiative would not suffice. Mauro couldn't think of anything. Alonso began thinking out loud, finally saying that his candidacy came first and that the most important thing to present is a family. Mauro's eyes opened wider at this, but the ringing desk phone prevented him saying anything. Alonso answered. It was the president calling.

Emiliano sat on a bench with Mario trying to find out about Almirón. He told Mario about Nayeli's accusation... against a man he knew to be in Mario's employ. Mario – who was so practiced at getting out of these kinds of corners – asked Emiliano about his relationship with Nayeli and what he really knew about her. He brought up the drug issue and Emiliano's reply was “That was just pills.”
Mario tried in an appropriate manner to talk about how pills are still addictive and could lead to other drugs. He spoke well of Almirón, saying that he was good at gathering information and investigating sensitive situations.
So why did he kidnap her?”
Emiliano, this conversation is confidential. Nayeli was going to end up in jail,” Mario started. “We have to be very careful.”
So, you're going to help her?”
Yes, yes,” he said. “But first I have to ask you something very important. That's not to tell your mother. Is that clear?”
It was and Emiliano acquiesced.

Omar was back at his favorite café, with his favorite waitress attending him. She was not her usual flirtatious self and told him why: She was not happy at what had occurred at his place. He tried to tell her that he and Natalia were separated.
But she could return at any moment,” Marcia countered.
Yes, but I will make her leave. You just worry about me and I'll just worry about you. Does that please you?”
Marcia looked less than pleased at this. She seemed to realize that she was in over her head.

Mauro was in his office with Cecelia when his underling came in. Mauro asked Cecelia to leave them alone and she left. He then told the man that he wanted “a clean job” and that this was about Senator Barcenas' family.

Regina and Daniela talked in her office about these recent events when Alonso arrived. Daniela left them alone and the conversation about his new law continued. He was sure the party would back him. She asked how much he was bribing them and he replied that they will vote “with the party.”
Gerardo opened the door to enter and she asked him to wait. Daniela was right behind him; her face said she had tried to stop him but couldn't. Alonso said – dismissively – that he should stay. Regina nodded to Daniela, who retreated. Alonso then faced Gerardo as though they were about to engage in a duel.
This is not exactly the right place to find you,” he said. “But, well, we're here and I'm waiting for your answer. Here, in front of my wife.”
The agreement goes well, Governor.”
Regina said nothing but looked very displeased. Alonso looked smug.
I imagine you'd like to familiarize yourself with your new office,” he said. “You should come over this morning so I can fill you in on the details. Gerardo, I hope this arrangement will help us recover our friendship.”
Not quite. The arrangement is alright but I will not be the candidate.”
Alonso was shocked.
I don't believe it. Far be it from me to speculate on how party decisions are made.”
I'm not the candidate because I'm leaving the party. I'm not going to get involved with someone as corrupt as you.”
Gerardo,” Regina began.
I'm not for sale.”
OH, no, of course not,” said Alonso. “Your specialty is running around with women who are other men's property.”
Regina saw where this was heading. “Alonso, please!”
NO, no, no,” said Gerardo. “Very soon you will have a gift, Madam, when you're no longer married to this miserable --”
Watch what you're saying!”
Or what? You'll pay to have me killed like others? Is that how you resolve your problems?”
Alonso charged him, but Regina stepped in to stop the fight.
No, no, please!” she said as she separated them.
I've said all I came to say,” said Gerardo. “Do you have an answer?”
Alonso was struck dumb and frustrated for that reason. Gerardo left the office as he had arrived, looking as impeccable as James Bond.

Noemi looked over documents from her digital investigator. There were receipts for services rendered but because cell phone messages had been encrypted he could not access them. The location where services were rendered was familiar; it was the place she had been dumped one night. She thanked the man and went to get his payment.

Alonso made a call to Mario from the back of his car, telling him to follow Teresa. He ordered him to lead her more deeply into her main vice because he intended to make her and Gerardo's lives a living hell.

Gerardo left the Senate house. Regina followed him out and down the stairs. She wanted to talk to him but not there. He opened the passenger side door to his car and asked her to accompany him. She got in.

One of Mario's men took Teresa to a casino she hadn't been in before. It looked like something out of la belle epoch. She noticed some people she knew and waved to them. She told the man she did not understand why Mario asked him to bring her there. He said that Don Mario wanted her to enjoy herself and then reached into his pocket for an envelope full of cash for her. She wasted little time questioning this. She accepted the money and headed for a table.

Regina and Gerardo arrived at the park, where he escorted her up the steps into a classical structure.
I can't believe you brought me here.”
Remember? This is where I saw you for the first time.”
When I break up with Alonso, yes.”
We can be direct here.”
We have a lot to talk about. I feel about about how I've seen you –”
I see that.”
I know. I'm sorry.”
Of course. You couldn't have done anything else.”
Well, what I said to Alonso is –”
-- is to demand the truth. I understand that you can't easily look at someone you've been with for so long and see that he isn't what you believed in. That's exactly what happened to me with Teresa.”
That's how our lives were.”
So why do we continue? Just for appearances?” He touched her face, then her hairline. “I cancelled the bodyguard today so I can enjoy your beauty, your goodness...”
They kissed slowly and deliberately, not thinking whether anyone who knew them could see them. There appeared to be no one else there save a few people on the street who were minding their own business. Finally Regina backed away slightly.
We can't do this,” she said.
Thank you, Regina. I've waited so long for this.”
But this isn't right.”
What isn't right? To be faithful to someone who betrays you all the time, doesn't respect you? We're here.”
This isn't about him or about where we are; it's about me. I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do about my conscience. I can't enter into this. It's not right.”
Because you enjoyed this. Do you want me to say that at the core I know that?”
Of course, but how can that solve the problems?”
This doesn't have to end, please.”
Regina looked him in the eyes and turned away. He took her arm.
No, no, no. I have a son. He's only an adolescent. Do you think I can look him in the eye after something like this?”
Regina, just for a moment, think about it.”
He touched her face with both hands, as though he were the lover in an Italian film.
Regina, think. Not of the politician, the mother, the daughter. Think of the woman to whom I would give my whole soul. That is you, Regina.”
Don't say that,” she said, looking down.
I'm with you here, and now. Let's try. What can happen? Why can't we be together? We're adults. We may never have another opportunity. I don't want to die without being with you again.”
She paused for a long moment before turning away and heading for the steps, carefully wiping away a tear. He followed her.
Remember when we met here for the first time? Here we are, Regina.”
She paused before descending.
I'm going.”
I will wait for you here.”
She walked away trying to smile, but not being able to.

Magda tried to reach Israel at work but he was not there.

Omar returned home to find Natalia there. Again he tried to intimidate her and again she told him she was not going to leave what was rightfully hers. He said he was not going to argue with her. She then asked “What, then? Will you hit me?”
José appeared at those words.
Omar did not like this. However, Natalia gave him a speech he liked less. That one more blow and she would denounce him and he would lose everything, including the house and all his money. She handed him the brown envelope that contained the divorce papers. He pulled the documents out and tore them in front of her, telling her he would never sign. He then threw the papers almost in her face.
And forget about denouncing me. That will never happen.”

Noemi went back to the place where she had been dumped that night. She rang the doorbell. A neighbor appeared and asked whether she was the administrator. When she answered in the negative the woman told her that nobody wanted to live in the neighborhood anymore because of the goings on in that house. She and others had filed a complaint upon discovery that this building housed prostitutes who were coming and going at all hours. There was also a rumor that the owner was someone very high up in influential political company. As in The Governor.

Ximena told her father what happened. She told him that Nayeli was with some friends. He told her to get her location so her father could get her.

Natalia was getting nervous. She told José she wasn't sure she could continue with this. He told her he would take care of her. Omar entered the room with an “Aha!” attitude, saying he knew all along what was going on. He also had two goons of his own, one of whom held a pistol at José's head. Natalia begged him not to kill José. He had one of them lead José out of the room, after which he enjoyed watching Natalia's fear. When she denied that anything improper happened between her and José he hit her hard enough to knock her over. He had drawn blood in the process. He then took off his jacket, as though preparing to continue.
Don't you lie to me again. Don't you dare laugh at me. Do you hear that?”

Ignacio went to the location he was told Nayeli was hiding. It was a dilapidated building where he found a room with much evidence of drug processing.

Regina returned to her office. Daniela had been waiting for her with some important papers regarding her proposed law, but quickly noticed that wherever Regina had been had nothing to do with that. Daniela wanted all the details. Regina told her she had been with Gerardo and that they had kissed. It was in a special place. Daniela told her she had to be with him and to not feel guilty about it. Regina, however, still was not ready for this.

Omar went back downstairs to watch his fat goon lashing José on the face with a whip. The final lash put him on the floor. He was at the foot of the stairs as Omar got there and put his own foot on the young man's hand.
What have you done to the lady?”
Calm down, José; she is fine,” Omar lied smoothly. “She was corrected for challenging me but the slut is alright. A little sad, maybe, because she was worried about you.”
He had leaned enough to cause pain as José asked to take Natalia out of the house. The two goons picked him up. There was significant blood on two of the marble steps.
She is a slut.” Omar said, calmly. He then patted José's shoulder. “You'd be better off working for me again.”
I don't know what you're talking about,” was the reply.
My wife was born poisoned. There's nothing to do about that. But you, you have a choice. You can help me teach her a lesson. You will do exactly as I tell you. Make her want you. Make her die to be with you. And then humiliate her. You are never to sleep with that old hag. It's that or you will die. Think of your mother alone in her house. Do you accept or not?”

Noemi celled Regina and told her it was urgent.
I finally found out the truth about your father. I have to tell you this in person, not on the phone.”
As she crossed the street a black car came at her at full speed. She ended up on its hood. The car pulled back just enough to dump her in the middle of the intersection, then took off. The man in the shotgun seat yelled at the driver all the way. Regina kept calling out “Mother. Mother!” but Noemi was lying in the intersection.

Mauro took his call as he was leaving the building.
What do you mean it was a mistake?” he asked.

It was supposed to be the boy, but it's the mother. She's dead.”


Thank you, Urban, for another excellent recap. I especially enjoyed the dialogue.

First of all, I got distracted by the Moorish looking pavilion that Gerardo met Regina at so I did a little research. It so happens this structure is located in Mexico City in the Alameda de Santa María de Rivera. Due to the style of architecture it is called El Kiosko Morisco and dates back to 1884 when it represented Mexico at the New Orleans International Exposition.

So now Israel hits Magda up for the 30,000 pesos to help his daughter-in- law. Looks like she has turned into the cash station for Israel and his whole brood. Too bad Mauro could not get through her stupidity.

Noemí sure got an earful about the whorehouse from the neighborhood woman. I was sorry to see Mauro being pushed over the line by Alonso and causing the severe injury to Noemí. Now Mauro and Alonso are just two corrupt peas in the pod.

As for Natalia, I am sure we all saw that coming.


Please note the following:  

Due to the subject matter of this novela there will be strict moderation of the comments. Anything about current or past real-world political situations will be removed.  Discussion will be limited to the story, the production values, and the actors' performances.  Also, episode discussions will be closed once the next episode's recap is posted.

Jarifa: Noemi got whacked ? WOW!

Jarifa, we all saw that coming with Natalia. The only thing that will fix her situation would be for Omar to die. When he does I hope it's painful and humiliating.

I don't want to believe that Noemi is dead. She has too much unfinished business in the world for that to happen now.

Ignacio should probably send Nayeli to a boarding school in Europe.

More tomorrow. I'm wiped out.

Urban, that was a nail biting episode and you did a fabulous job of recapping it. I hope Noemi is not dead, she does not deserve that. Why oh why did Natalia try to go back home? She should have stayed put. I wish someone would whack Omar, he just makes me sick.

So what did Ignacio stumble onto? Some kind of drug/meth lab? Me thinks he is the next one to be whacked. This story has more whacking going on than watching "The Godfather" or "Goodfellas".

Alfredo, I didn't get to comment today about your recap from yesterday and I wanted to thank you. You captured every moment eloquently.

Natalia's situation made me look up property law. However, I couldn't find the Mexican ones.

If this were taking place in the US that house is exclusively hers unless she put Omar's name on the deed for any percentage of it. She would not be forced to give it up under her circumstances.

We have to hope that Jose is smart enough to outsmart Omar's latest demand and that Marcia can humiliate Omar first.

However, the real question now is going to be how Mario will react to Noemi's "accident."

UA: In Omar's eyes, Natalia is just a piece of property!

Thanks Urban for the excellent recap and the conversation. If I may ask where do you get the excellent photographs with which you precede your recap? Are you involved in this type of work? They are always so appropriate. I assume some of them are Roman. They fit so well and it shows human nature hasn't changed. Natalia is extremely foolish to think she could outsmart Omar. The three kids are also young and foolish and don't realize that they could really be in trouble. Was it Emiliano who said that it was only pills? Was Alonso really asking that Emiliano should be kidnapped or something in order to bribe Regina to support him? How are will he go to obtain power.


SpanProf, last night after the final commercial break of "El bienamado" another show appeared out of nowhere. I had to replay my recording since I was reading at the same time. If you watched, do you have any idea what that was? At least, there will be the usual overlap to fill us in tonight.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jarifa: I saw what happened to "El bienamado" too. Then I flipped to the regular Univisión channel and saw that they were showing the same last scenes of the Univisión novela episode on Unimás--just as immediately after they always show the same news program on both channels. I then went to the episode summary online from the first showing of the novela in Mexico. Evidently, the episode ended right at the point where Unimás switched over to Univisión feed. I wonder if what happened was that the original showing of this episode in Mexico ended early--maybe for something like a public service announcement or a long political ad or some presentation from a national politician. In any event, we didn't miss anything. The Univisión novela they're running in that time period certainly seemed a lot grittier than "El bienamado!"

Excellent and very detailed recap, Urban! I missed all but the last couple of scenes last night due to aerobics, but thanks to you, I'm not behind at all. Those last 2 scenes were awfully violent and sordid. There was a lot of sadism, and unless there's a miracle (which do frequently happen in Telenovelaland), Noemí now seems part of the body count. And what? Emiliano was the original intended victim? It was certainly dumb of Natalia to move back in her house with crazy Omar. In fact, Omar is getting ever more crazy and Mario ever more evil. Alonso is both corrupt and extremely cynical. And Gerardo is a wimp, Israel a crook, Hernán a sleaze--are there no male role models in this show? :)

Alonso could be aligning with the Narco-Terrorists in order to get to Los Pinos.

Thanks, SpanProf, for your input on "El bienamado". Interesting.

"Sordid" sure says it all for the "La candidata" world.

Lynette, to answer your question I do searches for Roman images for this series and for whatever other series they are appropriate. I have a thing for Ancient Rome which I think was the birthplace of the career politician.

I hope the mansion is solely in Natalia's name. However, that would not prevent Omar ordering her death to get it unless she has a will that leaves it to Alonso.

Thanks Urban. I love the Ancient Roman images as I was briefly a Latin teacher. I had a Latin prof at university who thought that the Caesar's destroyed Roman government and literature. He was reluctant to teach anything that happened after the fall of the Republic. As for our story, I wonder how Mario is going to take the accident/death(?) of legal wife?

Mario could react in any number of ways:

-- He could play the sympathy card
-- He could think of which enemy might be behind this
-- He might get paranoid about Omar (although I think Mario is much more intelligent than Omar)
-- He might be upset at losing a wife he could so easily deceive
-- He might celebrate because of no longer having to deal with her addiction.

UA: Did UniMas push this TN back again ? Because I noticed it's not coming on tonight.

Steve: Fútbol again! But I think it's the last night of it. For the Copa Oro finals they move the action to Univisión itself.

Thank you so much, Urban! Sorry to be so late but I was finally able to catch up. I am so annoyed at all the futbol especially whent his story is finally firing on all cylinders.

I can't believe ALonso would be that evil...there was a physical line crossed there and it had to be Noemi after she finally found out the truth. Who is voting coma? I hope so or that she's well and not dead :(

I wonder if Mauro will turn on Alonso...if the last scene is any indication he knows there is a fine line and it may have been crossed.

As for useless and annoying, Ignacio and Nayeli are grating my nerves. They are taking away precious time from the political machinations of Regina, Alonso and Gerardo (who is finally doing stuff! and growing some rather big ones). And now Emiliano and Ximena are going to engulf their parents in this annoying storyline.

As for Regina, I am glad to see her smile but I think she should stand her ground with Gerardo. Until she's comfortable with her decision she should not sleep with gerarod out of pressure (for lack of a better word).

As for Omar, Natalia and Jose...we all definitely saw that coming. What she needs to do is report him and cause a scandal so big that no one will ever forget.

Hi all, back on terra firma in my own neighborhood. Hot.
Urban, thank you and all the other recappers, I've missed you. I was where the sun shines almost all night long and Univision don't shine at all. Here I come back to a completely screwed up schedule.

I don't think Mauro really wanted to carry out Alonso's mandate. What I heard was that Alonso wanted Regina out of meddling in the President's race if she wasn't going to support him 100%. Thinking out loud he came up with a "distraction" to have her put family first--thus something "happening" to a member of the family. I don't think he specifically mentioned which one, but obviously it would have to be Emi or Noemi. Mauro needed his underling to make it "clean" so as not to have it come back to the Gov in any way.

When the underling called Mauro after the accident, he said whoops, the muchacho went too far, they think they killed her.

Alfredo, I agree, Noemi will probably live, but she can't be awake in order to spill the beans, hence a coma might be nice, but I hope Mario now doesn't think it's alright to snuff her to keep himself from being revealed. I don't think he knows it was an Alonso-Mauro scheme.

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