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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #50 7.18.17: The Trial of the Century Begins...

Memories are in italics.

In the police station, Laustela worries that she may also get Ryan in trouble because of her false testimony but Ryan reiterates that they and Paloma will be happy, soon. Laustela is unsure but she makes Ryan promise that Paloma will never know she was in jail or a criminal. Ryan nods.

The news of Laustela’s arrest spreads like wildfire along the entertainment media. Everyone wants to know why she has been arrested and various sources report that she is an illegal immigrant, usurped an identity and killed a man on American soil, which is why she will be tried in the US.

Danilo and Horacio hears all the reports from Danilo’s office. They are both surprised by the news and Danilo now knows why she never wanted to return to Mexico. Horacio asks if Danilo is aware of the possible implications, especially because the man she murdered was also an American citizen. Danilo shakes his head and Horacio reminds him that Furia may be investigated and the police may find out about the money laundering. Danilo doubts it as Regia turn herself in for other crimes that have nothing to do with El Dorado.

On the Furia stage, Tadeo discusses the news with his band members. Morgana comes and Tadeo gives her the “good” news: Regia is a murderer and she’s currently in jail. Morgana smiles and reminds them that she always knew Regia wasn’t as good as everyone said. Tadeo asks that she not jump to conclusions but Morgana thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to take over and show the public what she has to offer. Tadeo asks if she will continue singing and dancing, despite the pregnancy, but Morgana thinks it doesn’t matter and orders them to rehearse instead of gossiping so much. They go but Morgana looks worried.

Luisa confesses to Mr. Blake that she’s worried about the Laustela situation. Mr. Blake isn’t but Luis worries that she may talk and tell the police he was involved in the Osiel’s murder. Mr. Blake doubts they will believe an illegal immigrant murderer over him, even if she did. Luisa suggests they be ready regardless.

That night, Fausto is getting better at the hospital as Tona comes and tells him the news about Laustela. She’s pissed that Laustela turned herself in but happy that she will pay for murdering the thing she loved the most. She reiterates that she will also have her revenge on Nina, who betrayed them, though Fausto wonders how they will find her wherever she is. He suggests they go back to Mexico but Tona prefers to say and watch Laustela’s downfall.

Steve calls Genesis but it goes straight to voicemail. He tells her that they need to talk about Regia when his doorbell rings and he hangs up. It’s Nina, who needs a place to hide ASAP. Steve lets her in and she thanks him.

The next morning, Fausto and Tona visit Mr. Blake, much to his annoyance, but Tona reminds him that they need to be united against Laustela. Mr. Blake shakes his heads but Tona reminds him that she can still say he bought Paloma. At this, Mr. Blake considers his options, quietly.

Ryan and Rosario talk about the police station. He assures her that Laustela will get out, though it will be on bail, at least until they gather the proof for her trial. Rosario thinks it’s better than nothing and at least Laustela will be able to see Paloma. Just then, Laustela walks in and hugs them both. Ryan suggests they all go rest but their happiness is short lived as Joe comes and announces that Laustela won’t be able to leave on bail because there is another charge against her. He explains that Fausto and Tona charged her with attempted homicide.

Fausto begs Mr. Blake to unite with them so Laustela can look like a liar in the trial. Mr. Blake agrees but reminds them that they are not friends and warns them to never mention his name. Ever. Tona looks frustrated but agrees.

In the interrogation room, Ryan is frustrated with the whole Tona and Fausto situation, especially because they have done worse things to her. Laustela thinks she should’ve killed them though Ryan reminds her that she’s not like that. Laustela reminds him that she’s not a “white dove” and realizes that they will not stop until they destroy her. Ryan assures her that Joe is doing everything he can to help her and hopes that the trial is quick, for all their sakes. She thanks him for always believing in her and charges him with Paloma’s and Rosario’s safety. He promises he will take care of them.

Maria arrives home from school and finds Tadeo and Leticia, who just got back, waiting for her. Leticia hugs her and asks how everything at school was. Maria tells him fine and then asks about Tomas. Leticia confesses it was sad, as Felicia didn’t even come, so she buried him by herself. She then confesses that is she is sad over what Tadeo just told her. Maria assumes he told her about her party and begins to explain the situation to Leticia and telling her it was no big deal. Leticia thinks it is important that Laustela is in jail and then Maria realizes what happened and looks at Tadeo. She then agrees that it is sad but that is the music business. Leticia nods and then looks at Tadeo, hoping that he doesn’t end up the same way as Regia.

A guard comes and tells Ryan that his visiting time is over. Ryan shakes his head before reiterating that he will never leave Laustela because it took him his whole life to find her. They kiss and then he departs as Laustela finally breaks down and cries. Milton hands her a handkerchief and Laustela asks what he is doing there. Milton explains that he has his connections though Laustela tells him that her case has nothing to do with his money laundering investigation or drug trafficking. Milton nods but demands to know the name of the head of the money laundering operation at Furia, as she promised. Laustela is quiet and then the guard comes and demands Milton leave before dragging him outside. Laustela sighs, safe for now.

Steve gets dressed and goes into the living room, where Nina is picking up her things after sleeping on the floor. He asks how she spent the night and Nina admits that she’s slept in worse places. Steve pours some coffee for both and wonders what will happen should Genesis find out Nina is staying there. Nina offers to leave but Steve shakes his head and goes to answer the door. It’s Ryan, who goes to Nina and begs her to declare everything she knows about what Fausto and Tona did to Laustela in the past as they have no other proof. Nina is scared to say anything as she knows Tona prays to Saint Death and he must protect her as she always comes out of any trouble unscathed. Ryan is floored.

Leticia tells Tadeo and Maria that no one is sure who killed Tomas but the police are investigating. Also, since she is his only living relative, then she gets to keep his house and Maria is happy that Tomas did something good for once. Tadeo asks if her immigrant status is resolved as well but Leticia shakes her head though reminds him that VAMA is helping her. Tadeo nods and then Leticia says that she will continue to work hard and offer her services to all the musicians in Furia. Tadeo thinks it’s ironic that she wants to work where he does, despite not agreeing with his career choices, but Leticia thinks it’s different. He reminds her that they’re old enough to make their decisions and goes to the bathroom as Leticia asks Maria about her life. Maria tells her everything is fine, but her face says otherwise, though Leticia doesn’t push the issue.

That night, Ryan holds a meeting at Furia to inform them of Laustela’s situation and tell them that five of their upcoming shows featuring Regia and other artists have been cancelled. Danilo chides Regia for turning herself in though Mercy prefers to think of solutions to their problems. Danilo has one: they get some new blood at Furia, and soon, so Furia can shed the bad image Regia has left in her wake. Mercy and Joe agree, and Ryan will think it over, but Danilo tells him to hurry as his power and influence at Furia may soon be over.

As the days and weeks past, Leticia throws herself into her work…Maria continues to sleep with Mark in the most uncomfortable places…Tadeo signs a contract with Furia…Genesis and Asdrubal continue to get to know each other…Danilo continues to receive money from Marcelino which needs a good cleaning…Milton continues to do research on Laustela…Rosario visits Laustela regularly and shows her pictures of Paloma though Laustela begins to cry every time…

Sometime later, Joe visits Laustela and asks her how she feels as her hearing is in 2 days. She is ready to tell the truth, the whole truth, and finally be at peace. She then thanks Joe for his help and he tells her it was no problem though Ryan has been with him every step of the way. She reiterates that Ryan is the best thing that could’ve happened to her as Joe tells her that there is someone who wants to talk to her. As he does, Mercy appears behind him, much to Laustela’s annoyance.

In her hotel, Morgana is pissed that she has to be cooped up though Danilo reminds her that they told everyone she was going to rest. He then tells her that her absence hasn’t been easy for him either as Auscencio’s show can only launder so much money. Morgana wonders why Auscencio can continue to work but she can’t and Danilo explains that they sell her body, not her talent, so she can’t perform while she’s pregnant. He then reminds her that it will only be for a couple more months though it was her idea to stay in LA instead of going to Mexico where she could’ve had more freedom. Morgana doesn’t want to, lest he bring another woman to live with him at the hotel. Either way, she wants to know what happens with Laustela and Danilo tells her that the trial is in 2 days. She chides him for keeping such a close watch on Laustela and Danilo decides to leave as he’s tired of her nagging.

Laustela explains that jail has been no picnic but she’s been through worse. She then thanks Mercy for taking care of Paloma through the whole ordeal but Mercy did it with pleasure as Paloma has her heart. Mercy then apologizes for everything: from stealing Tato’s money to calling CPS so they could take Paloma away, but she was angry at the real Estela for hurting Ryan and unloaded all her angry on her. Laustela reminds her that she is now hurting Ryan but Mercy confesses that she would’ve done the same thing with Paloma if she would’ve been in her position. She also realizes how hard it must be for her to be away from her daughter but asks Laustela to trust her because she is taking care of Paloma. Laustela nods.

Leticia is working on an outfit when Maria, who is sporting shorter, wavier, and blonder locks, walks in, and greets her. Leticia sees her new hairdo and asks her to stop for a second before getting up, her stomach noticeably bigger. She asks Maria why she dyed her hair but Maria loved her new look and even tells her so in English. Leticia doesn’t agree but Maria is tired of being the only Mexican in her group of friends and wanted to make a change. Leticia reminds her that there are plenty of Mexican girls with black hair on the street but Maria explains that they are in America and this is what she wants. Leticia asks that she not ignore her roots but Maria is over it and nods her head slightly before going to her room.

Mercy tells Laustela that Rosario and Paloma will be safe, no matter what happens in her trial, but Laustela worries that Rosario still doesn’t have her papers. Mercy tells her that Joe is considering it and Laustela thanks her again. Mercy then asks why she hasn’t asked her to take care of Ryan and Laustela confesses that she doesn’t want to tie him down, lest she be condemned. Mercy is quiet and Laustela then asks about Furia. Mercy asks her not to ask but Laustela demands to know what happened. Mercy explains that her arrest spread and there have been a lot of cancelled shows, departing artists and they haven’t managed to sign any new ones either. Laustela laments the fact that it’s all her fault but Mercy thinks it’s funny that, despite all their troubles, money continues to come into Furia and comes out squeaky clean.

In Genesis’s apartment, she gives into Asdrubal and savors every moment of his touch. Asdrubal does the same and gives into his passion as both he and Genesis make love on the couch and on the kitchen counter.

Ryan goes to visit Laustela and cries as he tells her that every day is harder without her. He needs her out of jail, soon, so he can love her fully. Laustela wishes it were so but it’s likely that she isn’t released for a long time. He begs her not to talk like that but he will continue to fight for her regardless of what happens. Laustela begs him to let her go and move on, especially if she goes to jail, as he can’t ruin his life like she ruined hers. Ryan shakes his head and Laustela asks him to promise to fall in love again and move on but Ryan reiterates that he will always fight for her.

Post coitus, Asdrubal complements Genesis on her love making skills though genesis reminds him that he must clean up after them because she must go to work. He hugs her and then asks her how things are going for the San Diego show. Genesis is shocked that he, after sex, wants to talk about something so boring but, either way, he knows a lot about her job but she knows nothing of his. She knows he’s a writer but the rest is a mystery. At this, Asdrubal challenges her to ask whatever but warns her that his life is boring and nothing like hers as she goes to shows and deals with famous artists. Genesis confesses that much less so lately as the only thing making money at Furia is the small shows Danilo promotes. Asdrubal nods and she explains that they are small, private gatherings but they leave a lot of money. He then asks if he can ask for a favor but Genesis would like to savor him, one more time, before he tells her. Asdrubal couldn’t agree more and kisses her.

Luisa gives Mr. Blake a subpoena to appear at Laustela’s trial. She thinks Laustela told the police about him but he reminds her that Regia was with him on the campaign trial and the police made their connections. Luisa thinks Laustela’s lawyers are leading him into a trap at the trial but Mr. Blake isn’t worried as no illegal immigrant will destroy him. In fact, he will use this opportunity to destroy her.

Two days later, Laustela’s trial begins and anyone who’s anyone is there. Everyone rises, sits down, and the judge begins the trial with Joe as the defending lawyer and Amador Jaime Olegario Cesar another guy as the prosecuting lawyer. The judge asks Laustela be brought in and she walks over to Joe, silently. She then looks back at Ryan, who nods, and the prosecutor begins opening statements. He argues that while Laustela used to be a prostitute, that is no on trial, but rather the fact that she stole a child and then killed an American citizen, Osiel, before crossing the border and buying a false identity, which she used for many years. He warns the jury that, if she is allowed to go free, she will continue her life of crime and reminds them that she tried to kill Fausto and Tona recently.

At their café, Genesis tells Asdrubal that she may be able to show him around Furia that afternoon as everyone is at Regia’s trial. Asdrubal hopes she can, as he’s curious to see where she works, but he explains that he heard about Regia and it’s a shame as well. Genesis comments that he looks too serious to be a gossip columnist of any kind but Asdrubal smiles and asks if she’s calling him a gossip as he only read about Regia in passing.

Joe begins his opening statement and assures the jury that they aren’t there to prove that Laustela is a perfect woman, because she did make mistakes, but it is only because she was forced into prostitution and had to do whatever she could to survive. He then asks if any of them would not risk their lives to save a baby. At this the prosecutor objects, as Joe is only trying to manipulate the jury, but the judge finds not fault. Joe continues: Laustela did not steal a baby but protected her from deplorable people and then had to escape and usurp another’s identity because those same people were after her. In order to protect Paloma, she had to hide her identity or Tona and Fausto would kill her. Joe then thanks the jury and sits down as the prosecutor calls their first witness: John Blake Green. Danilo sits forward and listens intently.

Mr. Blake swears the oath and takes a sit. The prosecutor then asks him what relationship he has with Laustela. Mr. Blake explains that their relationship was professional as she performed at various rallies with him as Regia. He then confesses that he met her years beforehand, at a brothel in Tijuana, before he was blind but shortly after he become a widower. He tells them that his wife died in childbirth along with his daughter. He begins to cry then and the prosecutor asks how often he and Laustela saw each other. Mr. Blake explains that he saw her often enough at the brothel but their relationship was strictly business. However, she and her lover, Osiel, were interested in his money. Laustela demands he be quiet but the judge asks Joe to control Laustela, who obliges. Mr. Blake then explains that she and Osiel tried to milk him for all he was worth by selling her a baby that had been ripped from her parent’s arms; if they don’t believe his story, they can investigate at the CPS. Mr. Blake then explains that they took him to an abandoned shack, using the pain he felt over the loss of his own daughter, Brittany, to sell him Paloma, who Laustela eventually told everyone was her daughter. The prosecutor thanks him and then the judge asks Joe to the stand. Joe stands up and asks Mr. Blake why he used Laustela for his campaign if he knew her background. Mr. Blake announces that he’s blind, before taking off his glasses, and explains that Laustela presented herself as Regia and he didn’t recognize her. Joe asks if he recognized her voice but Mr. Blake didn’t as he never heard Laustela sing and he couldn’t identify her voice. He assumes he blocked everything about her from the trauma he suffered at her hands. Joe asks him to be specific and Mr. Blake declares that he is blind because of Laustela but he can’t prove it because the only witness, Osiel, is dead. Joe then asks the jury and the court to wipe that portion of the statement from the record as there is no prove. He also proposes that Mr. Blake trying to destroy Laustela because she revealed his connections with illegal immigration and tanked his campaign. The prosecutor objects because Joe is making connections that aren’t readily apparent. The judge accepts and asks Joe if there are any more questions. Joe shakes his head and shits down as the prosecutor asks Tona to the stand.

As Leticia continues to sow, she hears the news on Laustela’s trial. She shakes her head, dejected, at the news, as there is a knock on the door. It’s Morgana, who has brought her a gift, though Leticia notes that she’s been too generous. Morgana asks her to take it and then asks if she knows about Laustela’s trial. Leticia nods and tells her that it’s horrible, especially since she hasn’t seen Laustela since the video. Morgana assumes that, if the river makes noise, it’s because it has water.

Tona tells the jury that her husband, Osiel, did own the brothel but she had no idea though Laustela was his lover. She begins to cry and tells them that she only saw Laustela later, with the Cabrera brothers, who fell for her sob story. Ryan goes to protest but Mercy holds him back as Danilo goes to sit next to him. He asks Ryan why Tona is even there but Ryan is quiet as Tona explains that Laustela tried to kill her because they found out she was using a false name.

Leticia asks Morgana how she is feeling and notes that they make give birth at the same time or close to each other. She smiles and goes to touch Morgana’s stomach but Morganas moves back and demands she not touch her. Morgana explains that she hates people touching her, even Danilo, and Leticia nods before offering her a seat. Morgana explains that she only came to drop off her gift though Leticia thinks it’s a shame that she must be locked up for so long. Morgana tells her that it’s only to preserve her image but she will be back on stage as soon as she gives birth. Leticia nods, confused, and then they both hear as the radio announcer notes that things aren’t looking well for Laustela.

Joe asks Laustela, now on the witness stand, if her story that Fausto recruited her, under false pretenses, to Osiel’s brothel is true. Laustela tells him it is and Joe asks her to describe her life at the brothel. Laustela explains that her life was hell and Tona, who pretends to be a saint, is the worse human being she has ever met. Joe asks her to explain and Laustela reveals that, when she first arrived, Tona left her without food for days so that she could control her better.

Tona opens the door with a plate of food. Laustela smells it and begs Tona to let her eat. Tona dropped the plate on the table but ordered Laustela to get up and put makeup on because she was there to work. Laustela got up, slowly, as Tona explained that she would eat if she worked. Laustela begged her to let her go but Tona only grabbed a fistful of hair and dragged her to the table. She warned Laustela that she was there for their convenience and profit. In fact, there was a client waiting for her right now and she was lucky to have him as this client liked different things from the usual regulars. She told Laustela that she was going to learn before taking the plate of food away and leaving Laustela to get ready.

Sometime later, Tona took her to meet Mr. Blake, who was waiting in another room with a table full of various knives. Tona told him that Laustela was a real lion in the sack and then warned Laustela to behave or else. Once alone, Mr. Blake threw Laustela on the bed and told her that he liked to play with toys before ordering her to put on a leather bra and panties. Laustela told him she didn’t want to play with his toys but Mr. Blake didn’t take no for an answer. He grabbed her and threw her against the table, which sent all the knives flying to the floor, along with Laustela. Mr. Blake then got close to her face and reminded her that she would do all he ordered her to. Laustela, who would not go down without a fight, grabbed one of the knives on the floor and stabbed Mr. Blake in the hand. As Mr. Blake screamed in pain, Laustela stared at him, frozen in place.

Laustela opens her eyes and begins to cry as she remembers that this was just one of the many cruelties she suffered…


AAA, excellent recap and timely as always...thank you!!

Osiel being an American citizen explains why the trial is in the US...I had been wondering about that...but it seems more of a circus than a trial...in Spanish again...oh except for the beginning when they ask everyone to rise as the judge walks in.

Every time I see Tona, I feel nauseated...such a vile creature.

Maria is becoming more of a brat and LetMeLetYouDoWhateverYouWant is not much of disciplinarian which does not help at all.

Ay, Geneseasy, you are such a fool! You give up a good man for the devil himself. Good riddance!

More tomorrrow...thanks again AAA!

RVG Chick: Are we're going to see this TN's version of Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, Christopher Darden & Marcia Clark ?

Wow, Alfredo,thank you for that excellent and speedy recap!

Well, Badbun and Geneasy are quite a match. This guy had no qualms about first date sex. #bedandbreakfast

That was so obviously a bad wig that Maria had on. Why are we wasting time on this witless little twit? basta !

OT..Alfredo..Oh my goodness, today a fantastic trailer for season three Outlander appeared online. Goggle : outlander season three trailer ... if you do not mind spoilers!!!

Well, Steve, it just might be...the van Laura used was as white as the SUV back then. Only thing is...Joe is not even close to being a Cochran.

Thanks, Alfredo. Terrific job.

So Mr. Blake, who admits to being a regular client at a seedy brothel in Mexico and runs a tomato plantation in the U.S. with illegals in horrid conditions, is supposed to be a good witness for the prosecution? Please.

Genesis getting busy with Asdrubal is one thing, but calling him "mi amor" just like she did with Steve is too much. I didn't notice BunMan call her "mi amor" in return. Hard to watch her be this stupid.

On the other hand, poor young naïve wanna-be-a-hip-American-girl Maria's stupidity is understandable. I was hoping Mark(?) would dump her and she'd learn a lesson. But I guess he didn't and now she's in with the fast crowd.

Alfredo, thank you for another outstanding recap. Your eye for detail is amazing and I so appreciate the time you related all the grizzly goings on splendidly.

"Laustela reminds him that she’s not a “white dove” and realizes that they will not stop until they destroy her". The sad, heart breaking moment of truth.

I had hoped what Laura endured would be left to our imagination but the vivid flashbacks have done that for us. I view Laura with the utmost respect for not only surviving physically, but for triumphing in that her spirit and ability to love were never broken.

Rgv Chick, I have to admit Tona has gotten into my "head". Words can't describe how despicable and revolting she is. Tantalizing her with the food and then forcing her Blake on her made me shudder. Just the sight of her upsets me.

Niecie, yes, the prosecution took full advantage of Blake, who they likely paraded as "sympathetic" due to his blindness. If they make Fausto a plausible witness, I will throw my hands up in disgust.

At least bunman got to be animated and actually smile during one of his scenes in this. I'm sorry it had to be at Genesis' expense. I wonder if Steve let things go or if he tried to make up with her. His loss. So, does this mean he will be with Nina?

"Luisa thinks Laustela’s lawyers are leading him into a trap". If only!! Joe is a nice guy but doesn't seem to be a powerhouse and is being overshadowed by "Cesar". Sigh.

I am annoyed because Ryan seems to be languishing in the background. Yes, he is being sympathetic and supportive to Laura, but is strangely inactive. The only breeze of hope I felt was when Danilo walked into the courtroom. Dude, it's not good when your villainous brother is starting to look like the only hope here.

What a sordid mess this is.

Alfredo, thank you, thank you!


Thanks, RGV, Steve, Susanlynn and Niecie!

I saw RGV ask the question about the trial in the US and giggled when they said Osiel is an American citizen. Sometimes I swear they know we are checking for the plot holes and are speedily covering them up next episode.

As for Tona and Blake being a credible witness…well. Tona is betting on her sob story since her husband was actually killed though, to her, the circumstances don't matter. As for Blake, he's counting on the fact that he's rich, white, ran for political office and is going up against a murderous "illegal" of loose morals.

I cheered when Laustela began to tell her tale. She opened the flood gates and won't close them now so I'm hoping this ends in imprisonment for everyone involved with the brothel and then we just have ED to deal with. I though, by turning herself in, she had made a mistake but she, in fact, caught everyone blindsided and now they are playing he game. She's no longer the dishonest one but willing to step out into the light and tell everyone what happened. No shame, no lies, as she said: "the whole truth."

Maria's hairdo looked horrible. It did look like a cheap wig and I hope it is as Leticia was already commenting on how "dry" it all looked. And those english phrases she was spewing, ugh, this girl can't get worse. Is Leticia's whole world just one big cautionary tale after another? All we need now is Tadeo to get involved with one of ED's men and we will have the trifecta of bad decisions complete.

Danilo has all these people in their sights. Despite it all, he's been a reliable murderer of evil doers and has helped Paloma more than once. He can be the last to go in my book since he's so helpful.

Side-not: Luisa cleans up well. Tona does not.

Our comments crossed, Diana! As far as we know, Ryan has been gathering proof with Joe. He's not a lawyer, so not much he can do there, and hopefully, he's learned that springing into action doesn't help much. We have Danilo for any other extracurricular activities ;)

As for Steve, he tried to call and left various messages but to no avail. We can assume he visited her too but realized she needed her space. I'm waiting for the run in because he's Ryan's best friend so it's unavoidable.

Oh! Despite the fact that the flashbacks make my skin crawl, I like that they show Laura was a badass even when she was a "white dove." They never counted on how her resilient and fighting spirit or her smarts. That will ultimately be their undoing as it was years ago when she escaped.

Niecie: Karma will catch up with Maria sooner or later too!

Yes, Alfredo, Laura WAS/IS a badass!

I think we've only seen snippets of her with the baby, brandishing the gun. We haven't seen the actual scene where she escapes have we? I really want to see that!

I know I'm being hard on Ryan but again, if it weren't for Dan, I wouldn't be holding out much hope right now. I want him to put Tona and Fausto out of their (and my) misery. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's the truth.


Alfredo, excellent our Amigo. Thank you much Bud.

I for one, see Maria's point. If she is going to move over here to this country which is so all fired great, then be one of us.

We can see now that Geneasy did Steve a favor. Weren't we wondering earlier why she dressed like a little Hoe?

Is the trial supposed to be comic relief?

Kirby, what is in the shot with those "bee-utiful" (sorry, couldn't help myself) bees?


That is a big milkshake straw I opened up to form a trough to feed them. It has a mixture of distilled water and natural sugar. At the top is one bee frozen in midair.

So as nasty as Blake was in the flashbacks, did he eventually become her regular tormenter?

He got off lucky just losing his eyesight. I would recommend other body parts to INCLUDE hands and Larynx and one other tiny little thing.

An uncomplicated trial like OJ lasted what two months or something like that? Laura's with all the evidence and people and three years ago should go on for at least six months to a year then I would think. It looked like they were ready to go to final arguments.

Wouldn't any judge hear both sides and go

"Wait wait wait, you people are talking about two entirely different things. Might I remind you that lying under oath is a serious crime, so lets recess and I will let you think this over a bit." "We will start over tomorrow at ten."

Aaarrrghhh !

Poor poor Genesis, sex addict. It just breaks your heart,
She MUST have been mistreated when she was an infant. We gotta get her into Screw Anonymous quick before she does TALISMAN TOO !

Love the straw Kirby. What a great idea.

Yes, Blake's knives totally sickened me. What a sick, twisted pervert.

Perhaps it's me, but I'm not sure Genesis slept with badbun right away. Weren't we led to believe some time was passing? Anyway, he certainly seems to be hanging on her every word and giving her his full attention. I can't blame her, the man is hot - what's a girl to do :o She has no idea who he is. She has certainly drawn (one of the many) short straws here.




Diana I tried a spoon, but it is so unlike anything they normally find that they would get mired in it and need a bath. So the straw let them have it but not climb in.

Yes, it seems some time passed before we saw GenBun, but she never even let Steve explain? That's like the Old Testament and New Computers, a thousand rules and no forgiveness.

Diana, ITA it was nice to see BadBun smiling and getting to flex other sides of his persona. Though he's chumming with Genesis to better control Furia, I was checking to see if possibly he's moved by Genesis's charms. Sadly, I think he'd put a bullet in her head without flinching if he had to.

Weighing what Ryan can do versus what Danilo can do to help Laura beat this rap:

--Hire the best criminal defense attorney his money can buy (Joe, sorry but that's not you.)
--Dig up people who can corroborate Laura's side of the story (Ryan tried to get Nina to give testimony, but she's too scared. Ryan nosed around in Mexico before. Will he/has he tried to contact Fausto and La Tona's other victims in Mexico?)

--Kill Blake, Fausto, La Tona (If these three turn up missing or murdered, wouldn't it look like Laura ordered a hit and is really an evil person?)
--Torture Blake, Fausto, La Tona to tell the truth (Does Danilo have the patience for torture? Luisa wouldn't just sit on her hands while Blake is tortured.)
--Bribe somebody (Not so easy to do, thankfully, in the U.S. justice system, but this is a TN so who knows.)

Niecie, I don't doubt for a minute that while badbun is enjoying himself, he would just as shoot Genesis as look at her.

I enjoyed your list!

I'd say we can successfully incorporate most of your wise suggestions.

My head screams yes to both ideas for Ryan to step up his game, fire Joe and hire someone capable to get a real defense mounted.

But my heart is screaming (even louder)that Dan complete your first suggestion - to eliminate all 3.

I'd say the secret to success is all in the timing. If Ryan is able to implement his, Laura will be acquitted. Then, Danilo can step in and finish.



Wow...great comments .

Diana...everything you said...me, too !

All the testifying is infuriating .

Dan had a feral look on his face as he sat down next to Ry and stared at Tona on the stand. Let's face it. He has become a stone cold killer, but he has taken out lots of bad guys, so how about four more. Dan is the vigilante, the avenging angel. The guy is crazed but very efficient!

Okay, Rosy, I am getting your message...Beware of strange guys. We have seen Laura, Letmesee, and Maria all trust in guys who led them into danger. Is this going to apply to Genesis in regards to Badbutgoodinbedbun? We get it, Rosy. #guysarenotalwayswhotheyseemtobe

As far as Rosy's messages, I wonder if she is trying to say that even nice girls somehow are transformed as soon as they cross that border? It is hard to read her sometimes, but there is a lot of stuff thrown out there in this show which is totally impertinent, except for it's message content.

If Dan-I-Shootem goes on a killing spree while Laura is in jail, that sort of clears her. But of course Ceasar will try to say she ordered the hits. But a good sharp attorney would show that it was rather their (Blake, Faucet, Ton) criminal associates who did it to keep them quiet.

Maria looked better in even that Dollar Store wig. Now some short shorts, like in PitBull's videos and she will be getting there. She is picking up English at a satisfying rate also. She will be ready for Florida before long.

I can not figure out how Laura is going to get out of this mess. Like Diana, I think that Laura has to be cleared legally first. Then, Dan, the avenging angel , swoops in and drops anvils on all four awful oxygen wasters. Is Rita testifying to refute all the testiLYing the key to exonerating Laura? The only person we have seen from Laura's past is the priest who could testify that Fausto took Laura away at a young age and then her tia suddenly died soon after that. Not much proof.

I must say that Ry has been a loving, loyal, steadfast galan .#areyouwatchingdave

Good Morning, All! Getting a late start on the patio, but I see so many great comments.

Niecie and Diana, definitely AssBun will not flinch in taking out Geneasy of she gets in his way. She's in for a big disappointment, but I hope that if she runs back to Steve, he won't have his arms waiting.

SusanLynn, "Dan is the vigilante, the avenging angel" very true...but only when it deals with Paloma and Laura...anyone else, including MorGottaPillow, is chop liver.


Oh no, Kirby!! That wig was dreadful and so fake looking ! #pitullrocks

I must admit that I was amazed at the photo of your bee cafeteria . #kirbythebeefeeder

Sunny and hot today. It is going to be in the 90s for the next week .

Another Rosygram seems to be that there is 1,) sex without love and 2) love without sex and then sometimes 3) love and sex. We have seen a lot of #1.

Cafeteria, funny. BTW does anybody know what THESE things like to eat?

I didn't really care for Maria's transformation either...but if she wants to look sleazy then she is doing a fine job. I don't like the message Ocampo is implying with this storyline.

Kirby, Beeeess!! It is a really nice pic, but I have a thing about bees especially when I'm always trying to bid rid of them. Every year I have to fend off several swarms of bees...sometimes having to call the fire department to come help.


Maybe it would help Laura if Joe was at least wearing a tie! At least he did button up his shirt after the first scene in court.

Poor Letmebestupid should have had the "sex" talk with her daughter. Looks like more babies are a strong possibility. Dummy.

L Linda

Kirby, I don't think I've ever seen a red dragonfly. Dragonflies like other flying insects like mosquitoes...some small butterflies and even smaller dragonflies...hmmm does that make them dragivores?

Yeah the wig was atrocious but so is her normal hair.

Does Numbskull not have any control over her kids (Mary) anymore? She is not getting her every move dicktated to her by TomAss now, with an obligatory ass whipping too, so she should have no excuse to be in La La Land now. Where did she get the money for the Miss Clairol, or Garnier or whatever is used anyway?

Morgana freaked out when LetMeFeelYoBelly wanted to cop a feel ! MorGotNoBebe saw how close she was to getting busted, and especially since it ultimately will be (she thinks) LetMeGiveIt's baby.

Agree about seeing 1, 2, and 3, but do not agree we have sen enough of any of them especially 3.


"call the fire department to come help" . I'll send you a postpaid box Chikie. :-)

Kirby, I get the feeling that Numbskull has never had control over her kids...it seems that Tadeo was more of a caregiver for Mary than either of her so-called parents.

Kirby, yes, Leticia has lost control of her children. Of course, it doesn't appear she had any to begin with. I have a feeling her ex husband was the disciplinarian. Tightening the reigns certainly isn't her strong suit. She definitely lacks the confidence to ask Maria directly what is going on as well as the intelligence to realize she may already be asking too late.

Susanlynn, good point about the priest. With Laura's luck, I'm sure he has likely passed. Is there anyone else from her past we are aware of that might come to the rescue??

I forgot who asked yesterday where Chava was, but I will echo that here. We need some street smarts. Pronto.


Rgv Chick, our comments crossed but I see we are in complete agreement about Let's parenting (or lack thereof) parenting skills. Sigh.


If Maria were still living the Pretty life with her Father that hair would be back to black or removed.

The thing about Leticia is that she doesn't need to be a disciplinarian, IMHO, she just needs to talk to her children, be there and ask them what the problem is. With Tadeo, she tried to impose her ways on him and now they barely talk. With maria, she wants to talk now that she has an extravagant hairdo and wants to deny her Mexican roots.

You can't start talking to your children when you see there's a problem as that is usually too late. I don't think she's even trying with Tadeo anymore when she should be supporting him now that he has a Furia contract.

Erasmo washed his hands of them so he's even worse.

It seems a 4 or 5 months have passed given Morganas and Leticias bellies.

Well, we learned about the strawberry moon thanks to Chickie. And Kirby has given us lots of photos and info about the birds...and now the bees. Son, let me share something that I learned about bees from my favorite author....

" Talking to your bees is a very old Celtic custom (known in other parts of Europe, too) that made it to the Appalachians . You always tell the bees when someone is born, dies, comes,or goes - because if you don't keep them informed, they'll fly away."

She is currently writing book 8 of her book series and the title is "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone."

So Kirby, are you chatting with your bees and telling them when you go some place? I am afraid of bees and wasps. We once went on vacation and returned to discover that some bees had decided to start their new hive in our utility room window. Chickie, I did not know that the fire department took care of bees .



Thank you Alfredo! I guess I didn't pay very good attention last night, because I don't even remember seeing Maria with Mark.

Argh! I can't believe Fausto still has both of his legs.

"Steve pours some coffee for both and wonders what will happen should Genesis find out Nina is staying there." Since she's not taking his calls, who cares what she thinks? Anyway, she was already thinking that.

Maybe Genesis is a sex addict. That would explain a lot. It is kind of funny though that her horniness is delaying BunMan finding out what he wants to know. Re Genesis showing BunMan around at Furia, isn't he worried that he might run into Ryan or Danilo? I thought he was trying to do this on the sly.

"Morgana explains that she hates people touching her" LOL, that's quite a change for Morgana.

This thing about the murder being within US jurisdiction is really weird, because it contradicts any possible reason for Laura needing to stay out of Mexico. All of her enemies are in the US, and her crime was in the US too? Seems to me that Mexico would have been the safe place to be. (Unless the thing with Paloma's real parents is even bigger than a murder rap?)

Maria's disastrous hair could easily have been done at Kim's house with stuff they bought at the drugstore. Well, not easily... but fairly affordably, especially if they keep a lot of that stuff in the house already. But at this point, her hair is probably too damaged to be returned to its original color. She will have to grow it out. (She's lucky it doesn't break off, which can happen when you over-process hair. Heavy bleaching and perming on the same day is really destructive.)

No matter how much you love and try to protect your children, as they get older there are a lot of outside influences. If they are honest, caring people, they often do not recognize people they meet who do not have those qualities. They can bump into a bad person. If they are trusting people , they usually do not recognize a bad person..just like Laura and Letme. I am not counting Maria because she is a shallow little social climber. Anyhoo, parents walk a fine line. Tia warned Laura about Fausto , but Laura was young and in luvvve. Sometimes if you talk against someone your kids are interested in, you become the bad guy and push them into defending the relationship. #,itscompkicated

You're welcome, Julie! Since they keep cutting those 30 seconds to 1 min I am just going to watch the Mexican version and hope for the best. I haven't been this annoyed at a deleted sex scene in YNCLH when I couldn't figure out if two characters did the deed or not which was extremely important for the plot line. As for Maria, not crucial, but it does show that she is no longer that shy little girl. THe bad hair just adds to it.

I agree, Susanlynn. I just don't see Leticia as a good, caring mother sometimes. She was always stuck with a Tomas problem and now she's thrown herself into her work and could care less (it seems) what her children are doing. I only saw her push them to go to school but that's it and she hasn't even supported her son who is actually working on his dream. It's a fine line but she's not even balancing in the middle, thus far.

As for trusting, she's gullible, especially after all her experiences.

Or, better yet, Leticia doesn't seem to have created an nurturing environment where her children could go and talk about her about anything and everything. They hide things from her or move away and that speaks volumes. I'm sure she also still assumes Maria is a virgin too. It's time for the birds and the bees, definitely, but I doubt Maria would be comfortable with that.

Susanlynn, it must be exhausting to parent and those who do have my sincere respect and admiration. If my friends are any indication, they always second guessed themselves and tried to walk the fine line between trusting their children and preaching. But responsibility is essential.

I see Leticia as rather lackadaisical and at this point, is frankly disconnected from both of her children. She frets but internalizes it. Alfredo your "she's not even balancing in the middle" said it all.


Julie. Well, as to Ry and Dan recognizing Sexybun if Gen takes him a on the grand tour at Furia, remember........glasses.

Is Rosy depicting Genesis as a sex addict or is this character showing us Rosy's theory that girl power includes liking 60s styke free love .I think that some research has shown that males can more easily separate love from sex and see it as two separate things. Maybe Genesis thinks that she can do the same , but she did call Sexybun "mi amor".. Hmm.

Hmmm, if 4 or 5 months have passed and Laura hasn't fainted, I guess she will be spared adding who's-the-daddy? to her problems.

I don't know who's the better parent, but Maria takes Erasmutt more seriously than she does her mom (fair or not) so Leticia needs to let him know what's happening. "Our formerly pretty daughter has taken to wearing a cheap streetwalker wig!" I believe Leticia is a loving parent, but she's clueless about Maria's insecurities and the social pressures she feels. I'm not buying that sex with Mark(?) is fun because that guy strikes me as too selfish to give a damn if she enjoys it or not. Maria is lucky if he hasn't passed her around to his friends. Poor Leticia is too busy trying to keep a roof over their heads.

How thoughtful of you to ensure the bees could feast but not drown Kirby.

I have no doubt you are helping the bee population...are there numbers dwindling as much as they have been?

Susanlynn, I think Gen is a modern, free spirited soul. However, if she chooses to be in a relationship, expects loyalty (as she should). So far, she's been twice off the mark. First with Steve and now badbun.

At first glance, I had hoped she might be badbun's Achilles heel. Now that we know she isn't, does he have one?

Wouldn't it be crazy if badbun was Mercy's lost child!?


No Bees No Food
No Food No Humans

AFAIK their dieoff has slowed but they are still in such short supply that you will see eighteen wheelers with flatbed trailers stacked high with hives being transported to areas where they are needed.

And Pedro Carrillo is his Father?


Leticia doesn't converse with her children. She talks at them, and a lot of what she says is nonsense, but there is a serious lack of back-and-forth which suggests that she is not much of a listener. This makes it super-difficult and awkward if they need to approach her about a serious topic. So Leticia probably won't realize that (god forbid) Maria is pregnant until she starts borrowing her mother's maternity clothes.

Good point about the glasses, Susanlynn. But then he won't be able to use his x-ray vision.

Diana, we know who BunMan's achilles heel is - it's El Dorado. Everyone else is a worthless meatbag as far as he's concerned.

And it wouldn't be crazy at all if he was Mercy's lost child... I think he was on our list of suspects a while back. It's got to be someone we know, right? But if it's him, that means RealStela probably isn't El Dorado, if we're also still thinking that she's related to BunMan. Because if RealStela's related to Mercy, then she would be related to Ryan.

UNLESS RealStela is BunMan's half-sister, and she has a different mother. Then the interesting question would be, who is their father?? Oh right it would be Pedro Carrillo, who Mercy once was friendly with...

Ah, Kirby figured it out before I did.

Diana and Julie..maybe you have cracked the code. Badbun is Mercy and Pedro's offspring and Realstela is Pedro and Somebody's offspring. That would make Bunny and Reastela half siblings. But if Reastela is ED, why are she and Bunny protecting loose canon Dan ? And did Ry never meet Bunny when he and Reastela were a thing? Is Dan's mother still alive? Is\ Was she Realstela's mother? Tgeb, Dan and Real are half siblings , too If so, nobody has bunnyhopped with a sibling, right? ,#justgavemyselfaheadache

Niecie..yeah, I think that Mark has set the bar very low for Maria.

Suspected of being Mercy's lost child:

--RealEstela (ugh! Ryan surely has boinked her.)
--Morgana (ugh! Ryan boinked her too.)
--BadBun (yay! Ryan hasn't boinked him.)

Niecie, great observation on Laura's not fainting...wheeew!! and..."Maria is lucky if he hasn't passed her around to his friends" what a horrible thought, but the way Maria is going she'd probably do it if it's the "American" thing to do...little twit!

SusanLynn, the fire department will help only if the bees are not in/on the house...if they are away from the house then they take care of the problem..sorry I'm adding to the dwindling of their population, but it's either them or me :-(

Niecie....okay, maybe that fact should make us lean into the idea that Badtothebun is Mercy's lost bebe since he is the only option that Ry has no carnal knowledge of.

Just had a thought...what if Luisa is Mercy's long-lost daughter???? No man has boinked her LOL

Oh and, question on a little detail...why was Blake sitting beside the prosecutor...he's only a witness...

I thought a while back that Realstela and Danilo could be half-siblings, but assuming that everyone's father really is who they think it is, their parent in common would be their mother. In order for Danilo not to know that Estela is his half-sister, he'd have to grow up in a different household than Estela. Maybe Estela lived with Pedro, and Dani lived with his mother?

I am not sure where Danilo stands with El D right now. BunMan indicated that he was fine with it if Marcelino goes after Danilo, and El D hasn't lifted a finger to help him.

I am still sorting out the Saturday Night Live court scenes. In court there are always two sides to every story, but they are usually at least set on the same PLANET. But here:

Blake: "I was so depressed after my dear wife passed away, I just needed someone to talk to, so I went to a cat house rather than talking to my shrink. It was very platonic"
Laura: "I was kidnapped and held prisoner. Mr.Blake Beat, Bit, and Burned me and made me do things that would embarrass farm animals. I had to eat bugs to not starve like the other girl (what was her name Laura?) did."

Wouldn't any court ask for lie detector tests or something to try to start heading toward the truth?

"No man has boinked her LOL" and lived to tell.

LOL!!!!! Omg Blake story sounds so ridiculous in retrospect. Amador/Cesar is selling the hell out of that story though.

We have not heard much about Dan's mother, have we? Only that Walt was supposedly the bio dad. So...was Dan's mother also the mother Reastela by Pedro and Pedro raised Real ?

Time to identify coats. #iamnotarobot

Susanlynn, that's how it would have to have worked. And Dan's mom never told him that he had a half-sister.

Which means that both Danilo's mom AND Ryan's mom were separated from one of their own children.

Alfredo, thanks for the detailed recap.

Maria's wig --surely the actress would not have let her hair be abused that way -- reminded me of "Sparkle Plenty", a 1950's character in the Dick Tracy comic strip. The cartoon character had way better hair that that rug Maria was wearing. Horrendous!

And I am concerned for Tadeo. I hope he keeps a HUGE distance between himself and Danilo. I did not like the way Danilo took note of his talent. Nothing good can come of it.

As for the bad guys, I do hope the writers dish out some justice before Season 1 ends. I am not sure I'll follow season 2.

The only thing we know about Dan's mom, according to Mercy, is that she was a prostitute.

I just don't get how Tona, a woman who is cruel and heartless, seems to be so enthralled and dedicated to Osiel.

Chickie...is\was Realestela's mother an Actual Cardcarrying prostitute or did Mercy just refer to her as that because she boinked Mercy's husband?

Chickie..yeah, I find Tina's live and devotion to Creepy MacCreeperson hard to believe , too. Odious Ocelio must have been something special someway somehow because Tona is certainly still carrying the torch for him as her one true love. Gulp. Cue Michael MacDonald "What a Fool Believes, He Sees."🎶🎤🎵📼🎧🎼

Tona's ..not Tina's. Love..not live...sorry..hurrying. I should be doing stuff.

"Actual Cardcarrying prostitute or did Mercy just refer to her as that because she boinked Mercy's husband?"

because if we are to believe that LauStela is actually an Iguana who singa. ! !.

Dr. Feathers

Rgv Chick, having seen Mercy's judgmental streak in action, I have no reason to believe her claim that Dani's mom was a prostitute. Do you remember how quickly she flip-flopped on Rosario (went from "okay lady" to "evil husband-stealing monster")? And then she flop-flipped (from "monster" to "nice lady like me who got her kid stolen"). And then I think there was another brief flip-flop after that, I forget why, and then she brought Rosario the flag and the letter (another flop-flip).

So yeah, Dani's mom = Walter's girlfriend = whore in Mercy's book, but perhaps not an actual literal prostitute.

I wondered that about Tona too. She seems incapable of that level of devotion. I can see why she prays to Saint Skeletor - that's probably her mother. But what was so great about Osiel that her life isn't as good without him?


Speaking of Tona:

Osmell probably ran the whorehouse and now she has to actually work.

That could generate some real discomfort and hate. I don't believe for a minute she actually misses him.

...or maybe Osiel was the only one that dared to touch her...totally drunk, with a blindfold and nose pincers.

Ocelio looked like the kind of guy who was capable of doing anything...anyone? #misteryuck😫

Oh, poor froggy.

Tona was working even when Ociel was alive - she was abusing the new recruits, depriving them of food, etc.

But maybe he was doing the bookkeeping, and she doesn't enjoy that as much.

Lizard. In keeping with the O'smelly and Tonya discussion.

Kirby, I thought it was a snake! is it eating something?

Snake eating a lizard, a gecko.

Oh, I thought the snake was eating a frog. Poor lizard.

Oh, oh. That was a different picture.

...a different picture but still a lizard. Never mind.

Julie: Logan plotting his narcisstic political move.

Alfredo this was a very good recap for a very harsh episode. I've seen people full of hatred so much to the point of death but these people I calling them the three bitches, blindBlake twoTona and faucet.

Twotona wants him to come together with her and stupid so they can bring their lies together to put Laura in prison for the rest of your life. but Blake thinks he's better than they are but he agreed anyway, cuz he feels like no illegal immigrant is going to take him out. maybe not but Louisa might. what in the world did he do to get her to be his henchwoman in the first place? Sometimes when she looks at him I think she hates him. She'll probably take him out in the end. He is a twisted dog, you see what he was going to do the Laura when tona throw her in that room with him. Twisted bastardo!
And that trash twotona was married to,who
Believe they were so in love? He raped those girls. I remember Laura talkin about how She was raped over and over again by old Men, he was one of them. If she killed him he probably deserved it. You tend to want to kill somebody when they rape you over and over and over again, that was self-defense. Danilo better watch out cuz she hasn't told Ryan what he did to her yet.

What is Morgana going to do to get that baby? and does anybody really believe she's pregnant? she hasnt put on any weight. Well some women don't, but there ain't nothing swollen on this woman except her mouth, she talks way too much.

I don't much care for that da he's trying everything he can to make laura look bad. Maybe that's part of his job but he just don't have to enjoy it so much.

The ugly truth continues. Thank you Afredo

Julie. .. That's probably it. Ocelio was doing the accounting, and Tona does not have math skills. #STEMlesstona

I just can not believe Dummy MorGataBaby can hide or wear a pillow and never get caught. When she was at the outpatient surgery center they weren't putting in brains. And LetMe almost caught her when she wanted to feel the tummy. Is she going to start ordering in pickles and ice cream to add to the deception? And where does DaniLow live, with her? In ONE hotel room?


reptilians are boring

Awwww, two little ducks, sittin' on a rock, makin' a wish to catch a fish! :-)

OK, I had to leave the patio for a while to get back to work and what a wonderful bunch of comments I missed.

As Kirby would say "Best Patio Ever".

Who's your mommy? Who's your daddy? Such fun speculation.

Too many juicy lines to choose from but Julie, your comment on Tona: "I can see why she prays to Saint Skeletor - that's probably her mother" had me spitting out my coffee.

Note to self: Do not drink hot beverages while reading comments.


Dammit the legal aspects of this are driving me crazy ! Why has Ryan/Laura/Joe/Mercy/Paloma not filed kidnapping, rape, human trafficking, etc. etc. etc charges against Blake, Luisa, Faucet, Tona. Hell-Jesus-of-Nazareth Blake and TazMania kidnapped Laura AND a child recently. Did the world as we know it for-freaking-get about that? Um..if they don't believe her describe the house in detail, then take Law Enforcement there to show them that she didn't make it up ! Have them subpoena Celsius, he is free now and can tell the truth.

Her only excuse all along has been that she can not make waves lest she be found out. Well, well, well, she just got found out, so it is time to sing, cause she has nothing to lose and a shitload to gain now. Like the rest of her life. This is getting serious Laura,your are going to have to play hardball.

Kirby..What's that old saying . "When they were passing out brains, she thought they said trains and said that she would wait for the next one."

Chickie..I like your little "poems " Were you an English teacher? In one tn (maybe La Tempestad?) , we were composing Haiku for the characters .I thought of you while I was watching the evening news. A local farm offers goat yoga ..yoga class in a meadow with baby goats . This could be a new enterprise for you !

Kirby..I forgot about Celso. He could be a witness.He was at the Riped Tomato farm\prison .

Raped Tomato? Was the brothel and Tomato farm together?

Goat Yoga, hmmm...Goat Rodeo...hmmm it's for...................the people? right?

Celso could be useful if the idiot cops would have filed charges on Blake, but apparently they haven't. If Joe brought in Celso, the prosecutor would object because Celso has nothing to contribute regarding the charges Laura is facing in this trial--O'smelly's murder, Paloma's kidnapping and attempted murder. Hopeofully, if Joe and Ryan find enough evidence, they can file charges on Blake, Tona and FauxPas.

SusanLynn, no, I was not an English teacher...elementary was my interest for a while...all subjects.

Kirby .. When Laura was looking on the computer, she found a website called Riped Tomato which she figured was Blake's farm\prison where Celso had been working . This was an indication the the guy responsible for the English for the show was not as good in grammar as he thought he was.

Goat yoga...it is evidently a thing now. Advice from a farm girl..Careful where you put your yoga mat.

Goat yoga...hmmm....could be a possibility, then they could shake off the free fertilizer on their plants when they go home LOL

SusanLynn, we think alike :-)

I'm watching Fried Green Tomatoes...Laura should have simmered Tona and FauxPas in BBQ sauce and taken it to ex-Lucio's restaurant.

Yeah thanks I remember we (you) were amused at their assumptions about some English adjectives' forms.

But no one on the show was concerned about Riped tomatoes like we would not (supposedly) be concerned about someone who was Graciasful that something didn't happen.

Like Hopeofully = Ojale'o

Two cute little Wood Ducks sitting on a rock looking for a fish...until..
My camera clicks and they are flying for their life. You'd think I just chambered some number six birdshot..

Kirby, it amazes me how well birds hear...maybe the ducks thought the click was someone cocking their rifles.

Fried Green Tomatoes..the ultimate revenge tale. Yikes.

RGVChik I am pretty sure that is what happened. Wood ducks were hunted almost to extinction a few decades ago, and are by far the most cautious toward humans. I have had brown ducks and wild mallards walk up in the yard and sit around like they were auditioning my place or something. I put out a bowl of corn for a couple one time and they began stopping by for quacky hour almost every day.

Kirby..It is a very nice, very positive thing that you do for us here on the patio by providing us with these photos. It reminds us of the beauty in the world .

Sue thanks so much. I feel honored to participate here. And there is still beauty and goodness in the world, it just doesn't have the advertising budget of TMZ or Apple or CNN.

It just goes quietly along, many times overlooked for the latest thing that is a 'must have' and needs very little attention. But when the latest thing without which life now seems impossible has faded into a memory, there will still be the beauty of nature and a lump in any throat when a little Paloma says 'I love you'.


Looks like no episode Thursday.

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