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La Candidata; Thursday, July 20, 2017, chapter 28: Cecelia is Jealous of Lorena

Regina calls her father to ask if he knows anything about her mother. She describes how her mother screamed and heard like something hit her before the call dropped. While on the phone, Mario discovers some paperwork showing that Noemi was finding out about his activities and now appears angry. At the same time, Daniela informs Regina that her mom was taken to the hospital via ambulance. Regina asks “Is she okay?” But she doesn’t know and says she must get to the hospital. She tells her father to also get to the hospital.

Mauro passes by Magda’s office and asks Cecelia where she went. Then he gives her the address of the hospital where Noemi was taken, but Cecelia wants to know more.

Meanwhile, Gerardo is patiently waiting Regina’s arrival at their little love nest, but she is a no show. He checks his phone for messages and tries to call her, but only gets her voicemail. When he figures out she isn’t going to show up, he leaves to go home thinking she changed her mind.

Magda shows up at Israel’s place. “You lied to me”, says Magda. “You are treating me badly because of all your lies!” Israel tries to tell her that it’s not true. He says he humiliated himself by asking her for money, but this was for his granddaughter, because of his son’s memory. He asks for her forgiveness. Then he starts his “poor poor me” act and Magda falls for it.

Regina gets to the hospital and Alonso is waiting for her. Mario shows up about the same time and Alonso says that it’s really, really, bad. Some guy (I don’t know this character’s name) who works for Alonso shows up with information regarding Noemi’s “accident”. He seems to know more than what he is letting on and tells Alonso that “the situation” got out of control.

Alonso says, “What situation?”
“The one that you ordered, sir.”
Alonso: “Who did you talk with about this?”
“With that Lawyer, Olvera”
“Did he order to kill my mother in law?”
“I don’t know, exactly, I think it was a mistake.” (Ya THINK???)
Alonso is angry and says, “But this woman is now close to death! Investigate all the cameras and make sure that nothing leads to me.”

At the Governor’s office, Cecelia asks Mauro what is going on with Alonso and Lorena. But Mauro tells her not to worry or think about it. He tells her that her job is to help Alonso win the Presidency. Mauro says, “Let Alonso enjoy himself.” But Cecelia says, “Is he tired of me already? How quickly things change.” Mauro just laughs at her and says she is just getting to know Alonso.

Emiliano is at Ximena’s house and he gets the call from Alonso regarding his grandmother in the hospital. After Emiliano leaves, Teresa looks at Ximena and tells her not to tell her dad that Emiliano’s grandfather gave her a job. But Ximena says that she does not like the grandfather and she out to be careful of him. Of course Teresa gets upset and tells Ximena that she should be a lot more supportive.

Alonso calls his father Omar from the hospital to tell her about Noemi. He asks him to at least call Regina to tell her that he is worried. (Yeah right, like he really cares about anyone.)

Cecelia meets up with Hernán outside the government building and tells him about Noemi. She asks if he knows anything more. Hernán says he knows nothing more than what was in the news. Then she asks for him to investigate Lorena. She wants him to find anything and everything about what Lorena is up to including where she lives and who pays her rent. Hernán says she can count on him.

Regina approaches her father in the hospital and presses him for information about what is going on with her mother. He says that Noemi just started problems and scandals. Then he puts on the crocodile tears and says this is not the time or place to discuss such things.

Omar has José in the bedroom with Natalia and makes him promise to keep his orders regarding to humiliate Natalia. He sincerely feels badly that he could not protect her from Omar and apologizes while she sleeps.

At the hospital, the doctor comes out to inform them that they have done all they can for Noemi. Alonso wants to take her to the USA, but doctor says she is too delicate and weak to move. Tomorrow they will know more. “Will she die?” says Mario. The doctor says, “Tomorrow we will know more.” Alonso tells Regina she needs to rest and to go home. She refuses and says she needs to stay. She also tells Emiliano that she would rather be alone. Then Alonso and Emiliano leave.

Larreta comes to Lorena and questions her about what is happening with her. Lorena says she is doing what is right for her. “Look, I just don’t want to be your mistress. Today I am going to be the Secretary of Health. And I am going to tell YOU how to do things.” (Guess she is ending things with him. LOL)

Israel and Magda arrive at her place. She offers to him that he can move in and they can live together. But he tells her he does not want to take advantage of her. He says he loves her and they kiss.

Gerardo arrives home and Ximena asks if he found out what happened to Nayeli. She goes on to tell him about Regina’s mother being an accident. “You didn’t know?” says Ximena.

Alonso arrives home looking for his mother. The maid tells him she went to her house. He promptly tries to call Omar and leaves a message.

Then he calls Cecelia and asks for her help on something. Cecelia says she’s on it already. “But you don’t know what it is,” says Alonso. “Yes, I do”, says Cecelia. It’s about Lorena Sánchez. That woman is going to be trouble.” “How did you know?” says Alonso. She says, “It was my feminine intuition. Do you need anything else of me?” “No not now. See you tomorrow.” says Alonso.  Cecelia is livid.

Omar finally calls Alonso and says everything is fine with Natalia and she is sleeping. But Alonso isn’t buying that everything is fine.

Ignacio arrives at the hospital looking for Mario. He gives his support to Regina regarding her mother. But he’s really there to see Mario and takes him aside. Ignacio says, “I’ve lost my daughter and I have nothing else.” “Why are you telling me this?” says Mario. “I have nothing to do with this.” Ignacio says, “Oh come on we are in a hospital and I’m not going to create a scandal. The guy who is blackmailing me and threatening me works for you. (Referring to Almirón)  Let’s stop the façade.” Mario says, “Are you threatening me?” Ignacio says, “I’m a desperate father and I’m willing to do anything to get my daughter back. Help me.”

After Ignacio leaves, Regina tries to press her father for more information on whatever he has been up to regarding Nayeli. He tells her that he just wants peace because his wife might die.

A preoccupied Gerardo is having supper with Ximena and looks at his phone. He takes off and says he has things to take care of and apologizes for her having to eat alone again.

Alonso calls Lorena and tells her he needs to see her now. (He must be popping Viagra or something to keep him going with these young gals.)

Gerardo shows up at the hospital and Regina is very glad to see him and tells him that she was going to meet him at their appointed place. He offers to stay with her.

Mario arrives home and says to Almirón, “They saw you, Almirón and now the whole world knows that you work for me. Also, the accident Noemi had was right in front of the apartments we have for our girls. We have to clean out that building before Regina finds out about it.” “Should I give this priority?” says Almirón. “No” says Mario. “First find out where Nayeli is.”

At the hospital, Regina and Gerardo talk about Almirón and she says she knew that he worked for her father but didn’t know he had something to do with Nayeli’s disappearance. She goes on to explain to Gerardo that while she was on the phone with her mom, that her mom told her that she had just found out some information regarding her father. But Gerardo tells her to relax about that because the most important thing is her mother right now. He takes her hand.

Alonso arrives at Lorena’s place and Hernán is taking pictures.

At the elder San Roman home, Natalia wakes up to see José in her room with a bloody face. He tells her that he wants to take her out of there, but she is in so much pain she cannot move. He tells her that if it’s the last thing he ever does, he will get her out of there.

Mario goes to see Isela and tells her that everything is getting complicated. He tells her they need to move out all the girls and she needs to move them. Money is no object. Isela wants to take them to the Caberet. She is opening it again under someone else’s name. Mario tells her it’s too risky. And he wants to keep Cecelia out of it and make sure her nose is clean!

Regina and Gerardo walk down the hospital corridor and end up kissing….

Meanwhile, Alonso is relaxing at Lorena’s place having wine. Alonso tells her he has further business for her and gives her the same song and dance he recently gave Cecelia about having a good woman at his side because he cannot trust his wife anymore, yada, yada, yada... Of course, they start to get it on. Nothing romantic, just sex.

Regina and Gerardo continue kissing….


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Thnk you so much, Cynthia!

The editing of the final scene was masterful. If there is a difference between how Alonso "loves" and Gerardo loves it was on full display there. I was surprised Lorena gave in as I thought she was trying something new and letting her ideas do the talking for once.

Regina has also learned that Alonsos ambition was alluring when they were young. Now that same ambition will likely lead to the destruction of their marriage.

Seeing Mario sweat was great. The circle is cloaing in and I doubt Regina is falling for any more bs. Yay! Isela also seems to be slwoly rebelling so we'll see where the goes.

I talked smack abiut the Nayeli subplot but it seems to be leading to Mario's downfall so I will eat my words.

As for Jose. I hope he follows Omars orders but formulates a plan to escape. He should tell Natalia so they can work together.

At least Noemi survived so we're still on the righ track.

Teresa, ugh, so dumb and easily manipulated.

Thank you, Cynthia. The recap was great. I especially enjoyed your commentary in red.

Another good episode. They just keep coming.

Alonso, good comment about Alonso's ambition.

I wonder how much Noemí is going to remember, if she recovers, of what she found out before she was hit by the car.

The Israel/Magda plot is just plain annoying.

Thanks Cynthia for the recap. Jarifa, I agree that the Israel/Magda plot is simply annoying. I wonder if it has any more significance later. Alonso plays people any way he likes simply to enhance his power. Now Cecilia is jealous! I wonder what Hernan is going to report to her and how she will react!

Thanks everyone. I too am wondering about this Israel/Magda plot and what it all means. He said something about needing this money for his granddaughter, for the "memory" of his this someone who will be introduced to us soon or someone we already know?

If Noemi wakes up, she won't remember anything I'm sure.

Thank you so much for the excellent detailed recap, Cynthia. This was another missed episode for me, and I'm so glad I can keep up this way. The plot just keeps on thickening, and Noemí's "accident" is yet another obstacle between Regina and Gerardo. So Alonso truly didn't know anything about Noemí's accident? But of course he still reacts in a completely narcissistic way. Ximena has good instincts about Mario. Israel doesn't want to take advantage of Magda? Ha ha! And at least for the moment it looks as if José is going to be loyal to Natalia after all.

Lorena getting her freak on to ?

Hi folks--I left the last comment on Wednesday's episode--I was still reading it, had something to say and forgot this one was already posted. It has to do with Alonso's plan for getting Regina distracted so she wouldn't meddle in his campaign.

Now, to read Cynthia's recap, always a pleasure.

Cynthia--thanks for your excellent recap. I only wished you had spent more time on those kisses between Gerardo and Regina, woooweee. But, for two easily recognized people and the possibility of reporters dogging them, they sure do take chances.

SpanProf--"So Alonso truly didn't know anything about Noemí's accident?" In one way he did--he ordered that "something" should happen to one of Regina's close family members to get her out of his way while he was campainging, but in another way, he didn't, because he didn't know it was going to be Noemi or quite so soon or so deadly.

After their first hug in the hallway, Regina told Gerardo that she was indeed planning to come to their assignation. Then, as they walked down the hallway, she slipped her hand into his and smiled. Loved the contrast between their romantic, passionate kiss and what Lorena and Alonso were engaging in.

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