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La candidata Friday 7/21/17 Capítulo 29: Natalia Tries to Escape/Regina: A Woman on a Mission

OR: Omar Goes Around the Bend OR: Too Much Coke and Insomnia Do Not a Pretty Cecilia Make

Cecilia's apartment--Hernán arrives at Cecilia's and in her drugged state she answers the door. He is not happy with her less than enthusiastic greeting and wants to know if this is how she treats her friends. Lifeless Cecilia has no time to fight with him and closes the door. Suddenly, she comes to life when she hears him shouting through the door that he has info on Lorena Sánchez. This time when she opens the door she is all perky. Hernán knows where Lorena lives and also that Larreta is not the only guy she is seeing. As a matter of fact, right now she is with somebody very special: the Gov. Voilà! He has a video on his phone of Alonso and Lorena having sex. Cecilia can barely look.

The hospital--It is morning and Regina and Gerardo have fallen asleep on a couch in the waiting area next to each other. They wake up and the doctor informs them that Noemí made it through the night but now she has an infection so they are running tests to see which antibiotic will work the best for her. Gerardo tells Regina that they need to be positive. Regina is worn out but does show a sign of life with a smile when she realizes that he spent the whole night with her. Gerardo wants to always be there in her arms but it is 6:00 a.m. and Regina tells him the time has come for him to get going because she needs him fighting in the senate. She cannot count on her fellow senators because they will do whatever Larreta or Alonso tells them. He will call her later. They have a quick kiss and he is gone but not soon enough. It just so happens that Mario has arrived and his first question to Regina is what was that guy Gerardo doing there. Barely hiding her annoyance. Regina pretends he asked about her mother and tells him that she made it through the night. Mario catches on and asks how his wife is. Regina adds that she now has an infection and is in isolation. Mario returns to his original question about Gerardo. Regina stands up and tells him that Gerardo came to open her eyes to what kind of a man her father is.

Magda's apartment--Magda wakes up to a beautiful breakfast that Israel made for her. She loves it and loves it even more when Israel tells her it is going to be just like this for the rest of her life and then kisses her. Later, Israel gets a call from someone at Magda's apartment. The person wants the money today. Israel tells that person that he does not have the money today but will have tomorrow. The other person is worried about being kicked out. Israel tells the person to ask for one more day.

Cecilia's apartment--Hernán wakes up to Cecilia snorting cocaine. She is a basket case thinking that Alonso must have been with Lorena all night long. He went to bed with HER! She is losing it and really does not want to do anything but ruminate over Alonso and Lorena together. Hernán helps her get herself together so she can go to work.

The hospital--Regina is on the phone in the waiting area near the nurse's station talking on the phone when Teresa comes barging in screaming looking for her husband. It is tantrum time! What can Mario do??? Mario pretends to not know Teresa and lets her proceed as she lights into Regina about how much she is enjoying Regina's suffering. Mario does grab her to hold her back when she lunges at Regina asking if her husband is under her skirts. She lets a couple of "zorra"s (the favorite word for slut/whore in this novela)fly and ring throughout the hospital halls as Mario finally starts to physically remove her from the scene.

Natalia's house--Larreta stops by to let Omar know that Lorena is out of control and is going to interfere with their business just when they need the money for the campaign. Omar deduces that he wants him to help get rid of his lover. Omar adds "Let's just kill her then!" Larreta thinks Omar has gone crazy. Omar has one last piece of advice: Let Alonso handle it. He has more important things to deal with as he tells José he has a little job for him: feeding all of his love to Natalia.

More at Natalia's house--A bruised and bloodied José is helping a bruised and bloodied Natalia out of bed when Omar comes sauntering in asking how the "lovebirds" are doing. She calls him a wretch and he threatens her once again. Omar wants Natalia to call her son Alonso (and everyone really) and tell him (them)she doesn't feel well, she has the flu, whatever it takes to make sure that he or anybody does not come around. This is only temporary until the bruising and wounds from the beating disappear. She also needs to call Regina because Noemí had a car accident. Natalia asks why he thinks she is going to obey him. Omar says she will if she doesn't want José's mother to burn up in a house fire. His mother lives in such a precarious place! Natalia asks Josė why he did not tell her that the life of his mother was being threatened.

Outside the hospital and on the road with Teresa--Mario is dragging a still screaming Teresa from the hospital. He has had it with her. He is trying to help her out and she does not even care that his wife is at the edge of death. She moans that she does not like the way he is treating her. Wrong comment: he will treat her as he likes. She is his employee after all. This will not be happening again. She will be paying for her tirade. She is to leave and never come back to the hospital and to respect his daughter Regina. Later, Teresa goes to pick up Ximena at school and fills her in that Gerardo is sleeping with Regina.Regina is just trying to separate them. She is going to get well so Gerardo will be with her again.

Omar's car--Omar is meeting with Marcia in his car. He is planning for her to move in. Yes, Natalia will still be in the house but secluded in her own room. Marcia is not buying it and asks him if he is crazy. He assures her that he has never been more sane in his life. Natalia will be living with the real lady of the house: Marcia. He kisses Marcia but she looks spooked.

Lorena's apartment--Ding dong!!! It is a drugged Cecilia who is there to see Lorena. Lorena sees her and says that Alonso must have sent her to clean her apartment. Lorena reminds her that it was she who convinced Lorena to take the Secretary of Health job with Alonso so Lorena agrees that she won't be cleaning the apartment this time. Cecilia counters wih obody tells her what to do. Also, nobody sent her. She came on her own. Lorena invites her in for a cup of coffee because she looks like she has not slept at all. As Cecilia comes in she mentions that Lorena's place really does need a cleaning. She also supposes that Lorena wasn't up all night cleaning. Lorena says she must be saying that because of Alonso but it wasn't the whole night because Alonso isn't exactly a "bull". Cecilia agrees so Lorena asks her if she is sleeping with Alonso, too. Alonso is so conventional in sex that she can only imagine the boredom that Cecilia must suffer. Now Lorena realizes why Cecilia came: she must want to have a ménage à trois. Cecilia looks surprised. At this point Lorena runs her finger down Cecilia's arm and says it is a pity she does not like Cecilia but she is going to find a little friend to help entertain Alonso better. Some personal advice from the Secretary of Health follows for Cecilia: stop taking drugs. Maybe Cecilia could arrange a prostitute for a ménage à trois for her and the Gov from her mother's bordello. She adds that she didn't invite Alonso but that he showed up on her doorstep. Cecilia is not done: she is going to make sure that Lorena does not get what she wants. Cecilia will get her out Alonso's life and her Secretary of Health position. Lorena informs her she does not like being threatened but that is so typical of addicts like Cecilia. Lorena tells Cecilia to watch out and not expose the future president with any of her vices. Cecilia leaves.

Alonso's office--Alonso is his usual chuckling chortling self with Mauro reiterating that Mauro is going to be the next governor. Alonso does have a question, though. He wants to know if Mauro was the one to give the order for the hit on his mother-in-law. Mauro who seems to be going through a crisis of conscience asks that that is what Alonso wanted, right? "Teflon" Alonso sheds any responsibility by stating that they hadn't finished talking about it but luckily it all turned out well because Regina is stuck to her mother's side. Alonso makes it clear that Mauro will be the interim governor but he Alonso will still be calling he shots. Mauro (who seems morally devastated) does not know if he can go on with all of this. Alonso is aggravated that Mauro wants to drop out now that he is in his pre-campaign. Mauro does not like the strategies that are being used. Alonso quickly reminds him that he gave the order not him. Mauro though is just like he is; no, he is worse than he is. Mauro says that it had already gone too far when he realized that the savage idiots he hired were going overboard. Alonso impresses on him that they are in the final stretch and will do whatever they have to. Mauro tells him he is trying to put the brakes on Alonso to protect him from himself but Alonso is uncontrollable. Alonso is becoming annoyed with his sudden moralistic outburst. Mauro is upset because they are hurting their own. Alonso will not hear it. Did he actually think that this was going to all be "free" like "magic" and that he wouldn't have to get his hands dirty? Alonso insists that they both will have no limits and they will get the presidency.

Alonso's office--Cecilia is in Alonso's office in her drugged sleepless state being a real pain. He has noticed she is late. Is she sick or what? Cecilia blames the traffic. He wants to know why the long face. She starts to go on about how she spent all night researching Lorena Sánchez. She is using official vehicles for her personal business and her expenditures have grown. . . Alonso cuts her off right there telling her that that subject has been resolved. Cecilia won't take "no" for an answer and warns him about how dangerous Lorena is. For the second time, he tells her the at it is all resolved but she will not let it go. Alonso clearly annoyed has to tell her a third time to just drop it. Cecilia's phone rings and she does not answer it. Alonso asks who it is and Cecilia says it is Hernán. She stands there with her arms crossed and a pissy expression on her face. Now that the Lorena situation is resolved, Alonso doesn't think that Cecilia needs Hernán around unless she wants him for something else . . . Cecilia answers with a "why not?" She is a free woman; she does wha she wants;she does no want to get tangled up in a relationship; she does no want children or family. That is not for her. Alonso says and he thought that she was falling in love with him. She repeats it is nothing like that and that you really cannot believe everything that is said in a sexual relationship. She is not wasting her time in that kind of relationship because now she has lots of things to keep her busy like serving him. He nods, She excuses herself and leaves. He lets her go looking peeved and as if he does not believe her.

At the hospital--There is more bad news for Regina. Emiliano is there with her. Noemí has fallen into a coma. The doctor cannot promise them anything. Later Ximena stops by to see Emiliano to ask that Regina stay away from her father because she is destroying her family.

Outside a "warehouse" somewhere--Almirón is with the security forces outside a small building (a warehouse for drugs: pills where they suspect Nayeli is with some twenty to thirty year old guys. (How delightful!) He calls Mario to get the go ahead to get Nayeli. Mario gives him the go ahead but he does not want Nayeli injured in any way. They go in armed and Nayeli is recovered. Ignacio is reunited with Nayeli as she arrives at home safe and sound. In a private conversation Almirón lets Ignacio know that he is not off the hook because he blabbed about his (Almirón's) relationship to Mario. Ignacio will be informing Almirón all about Gerardo's activities. He is to remember that Nayeli's life is in play.

Gerardo's office to Regina's house and back--Gerardo and his secretary are looking at a small manila envelope on his desk that arrived mysteriously without a return address. He tells his secretary to lock the door and opens the envelope. A USB drive is inside. Next, they are watching a video on his laptop and what do they see? Licenciado Morales is in senator Flores' office and there is money being passed out to his fellow senators. Gerardo thinks this is just what they needed. With this evidence the Employer Contribution Law will not pass. Gerardo can stop the negotiations between the two political parties. His secretary wonders who sent the video and if it is all a trap. Gerardo doesn't think about that. He is forging ahead. He later meets with Regina at her home where they discuss the video. He has two options: show it to the senators and use the video to force them to vote the way he wants on the Employer Contribution Law or go to the press. She is all for making it public letting the chips fall where they may even if Alonso is involved. Suddenly their discussion is interrupted by a text that Regina does not share. An "anonymous" suggests that she goes to Alonso's office so she can see who he is with with her very own eyes. She leaves for Alonso's office and Gerardo leaves to call a press conference. Gerardo next shows the video to Hernán who is ready to upload it to the front page of his newspaper. Gerardo wonders who sent the video. Hernán says somebody who wants to damage Morales to get him out of the game. Hernán thinks that Gerardo should take advantage of this moment when it all hits the fan and take over his party. Gerardo is not really interested in that. Hernán is disappointed because without the proper leadership this will probably end up like so many corruption cases do. Gerardo is interested in taking down Alonso the Gov. The Gov is responsible and will have to pay. Hernán says the Gov's party is responsible not him. Gerardo disagrees and plans to make public the agreement between the Gov and his (Gerardo's) party.

Natalia's kinky house of horror--José is tending to Natalia who is in her bed and they are talking about what to do next. She will not be a prisoner. She will also not call her son and get him involved either. José decides to confront Omar. Out of nowhere an almost giddy Omar appears with Marcia. He is there to "officially" introduce his new "wife" to his "ex-wife". He wants the two of them to ge to know each other since they are all going to be living together. He seats Marcia on Natalia's bed right next to Natalia so they can talk about their "woman" things. He especially wants Natalia to tell Marcia about the things that turn him on. He leaves with José. There is silence at first but then Marcia, looking straight ahead, starts telling Natalia that she is not an accomplice to anything that Omar has done. Natalia asks if she has really looked at her and has seen the damage that Omar has done to her. She goes to open her robe so she can see how bruised her stomach is but Marcia, still looking straight ahead, tells her that will not be necessary. Natalia asks if it has not occurred to her that sooner or later this is going to happen to her. According to Marcia, she must have done something to deserve it. Marcia has had enough. She gets up to leave. Natalie has parting bits of advice: What Omar says goes. Being pretty and smart if Marcia thinks she can control him and get his money, she is wrong. Her life will be hell. He will have her watched. Marcia does not want to hear anything else as Omar happily appears to see how things are going. He has already guessed that Natalia has bad-mouthed him. Marcia says she sure did but left out the part about her cheating on Omar in his very own bed. Omar wants to know if they talked about sex. Marcia says they didn't but what could Natalia tell her anyway? Omar is all over Marcia unbuttoning her blouse and telling Natalia to take a good look at her body and then at her own. As those two "lovebirds" leave Natalia calls Marcia a "zorra" (slut/whore: you choose) A little while later, Natalia tries to escape with the help of José. She has her coat, handbag and a pistol!!! José is not too sure but she pushes him out the door. When one of Omar's guard goons confronts them with a gun outside the house, José grabs Natalia around the neck, pretends she is a hostage, points the gun at her head and threatens to blow her head off. The guard goon calls for backup and Omar, as José drags Natalia through the gate and to his car. They are followed by more guard goons a
and Omar in his bathrobe. As he helps Natalia into the car and closes the door, José is shot in the shoulder and slumps next to the car door.

Outside/inside the government building--Cecilia and Magda are talking. Magda is trying to get Cecilia to stand by Alonso. Cecilia says she is thinking about the "other woman": his wife. He has betrayed both of them. Mauro knocks and asks if Alonso is still with the Secretary of Health. Cecilia says that he is and that in her experience, Alonso will be with her for five more minutes.(Cecilia must own a stop-watch and have used it!) Cecilia leaves the office and goes downstairs to stand on the stairs in the vestibule so she can see Regina arrive. Mauro has followed Cecilia down, sees Regina arriving and calls out to Cecilia to not to let Regina up to Alonso's office. He goes back upstairs. Regina sees Cecilia and tells her not to even think about trying to stop her. Cecilia says she won't. Regina has arrived upstairs and will not be dissuaded even by Mauro. She does not hesitate. She does not miss a beat. She opens Alonso's door and walks in on Alonso and Lorena partially clothed and all over each other. They come up for air and are shocked to see her.


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What a fun and dramatic episode! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you thank you for the wonderful recap. I can't wait for next week. now Regina has her divorce

Thank you so much, Jarifa!

Laisha Wilkins was on fire in her scenes his episode as was Susana Gonzalez.

"Hes cheating on me and his wife!" LOL! Love the humor in smart dramas. I also loved how open Lorena was about a threesome though Cecelias drug infused habits are not watch shes currently looking for.

I hope Noemi.comes out.of the coma soon but if ahe doesnt I hope she remembers when she does wake up. Im all for stall tactics but dont wipe he slate clean. In a perfect world shed wake up, tell Regina, pretend she doesnt remember while they find proof and also gets clean.

Its sad how Ximena also enables her mothers behavior. She is a known liar but ahe believes her over Gerardo. What?

So is Israel a good man or shady?

Regina chasing after Mauro in the office was great. "Dont you dare cover up for him!" The consequences of this latest discovery are going ro be great.

As for Natalia and!!!!!

Alfredo: Israel is shady. Do NOT trust him.

As for Jose, hope he's not dead!

Thanks Jarifa, your recap filled in some of the nuances that I missed. This was indeed a dramatic episode. What strikes me is that both the mothers of the two main protagonists are suffering. Natalia was crazy to go back to the house. I suppose the story line won't allow her to escape. Imagine living a nightmare existence with Marcia and controlled by Omar's goons. I guess that the text that Regina received must have come from the jealous Cecelia. It will be interesting to see what happens to Loreta now.

Marcia muat be moee scared of Mario than Omar because shebalready saw how crazy obsessed Omar is. At this point though, both patriarchs are going toe to toe for worse human being.

Thanks for your kind comments!

I really enjoyed so very much because it was so well written and performed.

My favorites of the evening:
The whole Cecilia arc from having it out with Lorena to standing on the steps just waiting for Regina to arrive.
The final and total destruction of the last vestiges of Maury's morality by Alonso.
Crazed Omar and his scorched earth approach to Natalia.

Pretty much the whole thing!

Alfredo, I think that Ximena is still a little girl emotionally and will take any side that offers her hope of her family coming back together.

Alfredo, Steve, I think Israel is a user but it was interesting finding out that Magda saved him from committing suicide. So, does that make her responsible for the rest of his life? (That was supposed to be a joke) I cannot wait to find out he was talking to on the phone. Again he is a very interestingly written character for being such a minor one.

Lynette, I never thought about the "mother" aspect but you are right and it is interesting that they are the two that are suffering maybe to death.

Another excellent perceptive recap, Jarifa! It's hard to decide who's more stupid in the escape attempt, Natalia or Jose. Since it was just a shoulder wound, Jose may not be dead--but maybe he and Natalia will end up in some kind of dungeon at Omar's? Maybe being tortured? It seems as if Noemi got an infection from her injuries awfully quickly. Doesn't it usually take a couple of days at least? Oh well, Telenovelaland has its own medical rules. Cecilia is indeed starting to lose it and all for Alonso. Yuck! The possible upside is that his affair with Lorena may get her to feel more solidarity with Regina--as she kind of hinted at. And Lorena is so sleazy and perverted. A threesome? Really? 50 Shades of Gray, anyone? I thought it was hilarious, though, when she criticized Alonso's sexual prowess. And again, with his questions about Noemi (her injuries at least get Regina out of the way for a while), Alonso is completely narcissistic.

Thank you so much Jarifa, that was a jam packed episode and you covered it so well. I had gotten distracted during that hour with something that came up at home so I missed seeing the part about Regina getting the text and Marcia talking to Natalia. I was horrified that Jose got shot! I hope he doesn't die and can rescue Natalia out of there. It would horrible to have both of the mothers (Noemi and Natalia) both dead.

Lorena...what a whore! What a lot of nerve to talk about a threesome with Cecelia. I *almost* felt sorry for Cecelia. Well, almost. She is sure starting to lose it for sure.

I wish someone would just shoot Omar and put him out of his misery. I find him a lot more despicable than Mario. At least I don't think that Mario physically abused Noemi.


ITA about Omar, Cynthia, though I would prefer for him to fall down that elegant stairway "accidentally."

Thanks, SpanProf and Cynthia!

SpanProf, yes, that was hilarious when Lorena and Cecilia were discussing Alonso's lack of sexual prowess.

Cynthia, yes, Cecilia is truly on the edge. I wonder if she will recoup her composure or go off the rails completely. She is so close . . .

ITA about Omar. He needs to go. He was soooo creepy besides menacing in this episode. Just another sign of the talent involved in this production.

I hope Cecelia uses this to realize that she can be better than she is and alies herself with regina as her campaign manager (because F Alonsos presidency now right?). She has an impressive amount of skill that should be utilized.

Now that would be an Interesting twist I would love to see.

Though since Cecilia was complicit in Susana's murder, this novela is no doubt going to punish her somehow.

Jarifa--Amazing recap. Thank you. Support the idea of Omar committing escalericide, but it will more likely be Marcia, Natalia or Jose. The old coot is getting crazier every day. His crazy is psychologically and physically dangerous.

Regina and Gerardo are in an impossible situation. I hate to see them wanting to be together and having to do it in secret. These things have a way of being brought to light. I hope her walking in on Lorena and Alonso is enough for a separation and divorce, but I'm totally sure that Cecelia and Mauro will help quash the whole nasty set up and force Regina to continue to act like the (non-)supportive wife she's meant to act like, at least until the election is over.

Lorena's suggestion about a threesome to make things more interesting was creepy. Even creepier was suggesting a threesome for Cecelia At least each know where the other one stands. Right now it looks as if in the game of "thrones" it's Lorena 2, Cecelia 3. Hope Lorena loses her future job.


You are welcome, Anita. Escalericide! I love it!

Jarifa--it was not my invention. I have a list of ways to die in Spanish. I just began collecting. I think it was Vivi who came up with escaleracide first.

Escaleracide – Most common way to accomplish a murder while looking like an accident
Silla-de-ruedacide – Odette vs. Anibal in Amores Verdaderos. (Doris)
Almohadacide – Usually applied to the bedridden—Padre Baldomero and Amanda (Amor Bravio, La Piloto)
Fuegocide – La Sombra had fire and no water
Rodenticide – for poor MontseRatt who went over the balcony (PyP also seen on NYC street sign)
Sartenazocide – death by very large frying pan—Caridad whacked her hub to protect her cub (PyP)
Clorocide – Julieta tries to commit suicide by drinking Clorox in AQNMD
Dramacide – a variation, when you call someone before you attempt suicide – Loonieta in AQNMD
Herbadeath – “Nuria goes to the Herbadeath (opposite of Herbalife), asking for the same herb they used on EHDLS to end a pregnancy.” (Pablo Villalobos’ recap in AQNMD)

Thanks, Anita. These just make it so much more fun.

SpanProf: Karma will catch up with Cecilia sooner or later!

Great stuff, Jarifa.

This episode was truly whacked and had a lot going on. I am still thinking that we could be seeing Omar diagnosed with dementia at some point; I can't believe that he had been this abusive toward Natalia for their entire marriage and Alonso not knowing about it until lately. Marcia is scared as all get out and she probably can't get out of this at all anymore. She could be a goner, too.

At least Regina caught Alonso with his pants down.

I can't understand why Ximena would even want her parents back together. At the outset of this tale she complained she couldn't live with her anymore. She isn't getting any better. And we now know that she and Gerardo were divorced (I think this was retconned) so she has no right to continue to call him her husband.

Thanks, Urban.

It just occurred to me that Marcia and Larreta asked if Omar was crazy /said he was crazy to his face in this episode.

There also is that Magda volunteered to take him to a doctor and he refused the offer. Nothing happens in any novela without a reason, so this will come back to haunt someone before much more time goes by.

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