Tuesday, July 25, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #53, Monday, Orange is the new black

Guilty as sin
Is Laura Oviedo ready to hear the verdict ? Yes. Is the Patio ? Hardly …
"We find Laura not guilty of having tried to kill two good for nothing desgraciados. However, we do find her very guilty of having stolen several stuff – someone else’s identity, a child, the fans hearts with her ranchera singing…
Laura and Ryan are devastated to hear the verdict, end even  more so when the judge pulls out the sentence out of his ass papers right away : Laura is sentenced to 20 years in prison, to be served starting right now.
More sorrow all around. Chayo and LetMe are hugging and crying, Ryan looks desesperado, Joe impotent, Mercy is quietly registering the information.
Ryan gets into a bit of a screaming match with Mr. Blake, but he has to settle down fast or else he will share a jail cell with Laura (as if he could be that lucky).
As she is about to be taken away Laura faints because she’s pregnant afraid of what her life will be like from now on.

She is taken to the infirmary, where she and Ryan get to say goodbye to one another. She asks him to forget about her and start a new life somewhere else. But he would never, he will never, so Laura better stop asking. He is there for her and he will be even if it takes a million years. 
Laura writes a very mucho cry worthy goodbye letter to Palomita: she's going on tour and won't be able to see her until she turns 25 for a while, but she will always love her and be with her in spirit. Palomita is very sad to hear the news, but she's young enough to believe it for now (gotta find a better explanation for those pesky teenage years, Ry). 

Ryan tells Joe that he's desperate to find a solution to get Laura out of jail. What if they plead insanity ? Then her chances to get Palomita’s custody would go down to zero. What if they figure out some other crazy Batman&Robin scheme ? Joe asks Ryan to be patient, they’ll be doing everything in their power to gather enough material for an appeal. In the meantime, Ryan needs to start worrying about his own acquittal of murder being overturned… Ay ay ay… trouble never comes alone.

Baby Boom Bust
Morgana and Danilow are at the trial, too. He’s upset because she showed up with her very fake baby bump, but they have to smile and pose for the camera. Which ends up being a very bad idea, because the next day there is news in the press that Morgana is faking her pregnancy. Danilow is furious, he’s not treating his baby momma too nice. He even asks her to go to Mexico to get rid of the baby !!! Which baby ? Morgana and the Patio would like to know.
Morgana is fed up enough that she starts listening to Ausencio’s sweet promises of a bright future in Mexico with his new production company. He quickly realizes that her bump is faker than her tan and offers to become her new daddy big bucks. She resists at first, but one more rejection from Danilow later and she jumps into bed with Ausencio.
I must have missed this bit of information, but Marcelino is actually Ausencio’s padrino, so when they chat on the phone at Furia about the singer’s future plans, Danilow overhears part of the conversation. Marcelino asks to talk to him and demands to know if Dani has his money yet. Danilow assures him that soon enough he’ll have gathered all the needed cash, while Ausencio, who is listening on, kind of realizes that Danilow is ED.

Never put it in writing
Milton is continuing his investigation in all things Furia and stumbles upon an old photo of EL Chayo with Mercy&DeadPedro very chummy, posing as a couple. He saves the photo for his psycho investigation board and asks Mercy for an interview.
She wonders why he would need her since she’s not a star, but Milton goes straight to the subject: what about that relationship that she used to have with Pedro Carillo, even before she and Walter Cabrera married ?
Mercy is oh so bothered by such accusations. She would never!! Except that she does and Joe's divorce is living proof of it. Milton is quickly asked to get out by Ryan who has just happened to eavesdrop listen to the last part of the conversation. With Milton gone, Ryan takes off the gloves and asks his mom directly about her alleged affair. She denies, denies denies, again. But Ryan's wheels are turning.
Ah, and Mercy also finds out that there is another potential adopter for Palomita - the one and only Mr. Blake ("chilllls")

Orange is the new black
Prison Orange looks good on La Regia (maybe not as good as curly extensions and painted on make-up, but it's a close second). And unlike all the imprisoned telenovela heroines in history, Laura has the luck to end up in a prison where all the other inmates love Regional music and especially adore La Regia. So when she just happens to stumble onto Luisa, who starts to threaten her, her fan club give Luisa a good beating, just to let her know who's in charge (La Regia is). 
Laura doesn't care for violence, so she asks her groupies to settle down. In fact she has better plans for Luisa. All through the episode she slowly but surely tries to convince her of the obvious: Mr. Blake is a good for nothing SOB who has been using her all this time and is going to let her rot in prison. Luisa doesn't believe that her boss would ever use her as a patsy (except that he totally is, he tells his new No.2 that Luisa is no longer a concern for them and no, she won't talk, because she's a faithful dog, and faithful dogs don't bark).

When Blake's lawyer fails to show up at the jail to talk about Luisa's trial, she realizes that something might be rotten in Mr. Blake's stinky mansion. Laura quickly takes advantage of the situation and manages to get Luisa to open up about her past with Blake. Apparently, he helped her with her drug addiction and the troubles that she had gotten into with the director of the rehab clinic where she had been staying when Blake found her (can't remember all the details, but seeing how crazy faithful she is, I thought that he had done something more important).
Laura asks Luisa to unite against the Big Bad and Luisa says that Blake keeps all his dirty secrets in a little black book in his office desk (of course he does, because in this day and age of technological advancement that is what a powerful criminal would do, keep all his hidden crimes in a drawer).

During his next visit, Laura tells Joe all about it and Joe decides that he and Ryan have to do something about it. So I hope the Patio is ready for another round of adventurous shenanigans from Batman&Robin. Stay tuned!

PS: I hope I haven't forgotten anything important, because I'm re-writing this from memory, since my original recap got lost in the huge maze that is my computer.


Adriana, great recap, I think you actually ARE good at this. Your strikethrough "corrections" are the funniest.

It is too early for me to make any sense, but the one thing I wanted to mention before daylight...It sure didn't take Lovable Laura long to bring Homicidal Hater TazMania around, all the way to telling her about the double secret green code book. And it is my understanding that the book is in a double secret code only known by Bumps(intothings)Blake and Luisa.

Granted Laura did save her life, and I fault her for that, but maybe she was just ahead of us. It would be the first time for 'Voice and Va..oops, but no Brain' Laura. At least we now know Luisa's backstory, get the book, have her decode it, then let your henchies finish her off.

And BlindBlake tells my namesake to get Faucet and Toni,and kill them? Nice, I was thinking I hated him. Oh yeah, I remember now I still do. Johnson: When you get back, as we are obviously related, whack Blake too and leave with the Money you were luring Faucet with and that left in the drawer.

Yipee Mr. Coffee sounds to be in the short rows.

If they think they are fooling Paloma I have news. Kids are smart. They may not have the communication skills to let us know, but they see the world through clear lenses, not yet sullied by life's lessons.

Morgana does have nice legs, but how old is she about 50?



Miss me? Slurp slurp Thank You Mr. Coffee
OK Laura also needs to get with her henchies and tell them she appreciated their protective efforts, but that she has a need for Luisa to stay alive for a while, as Luis has info she needs. Tell them to keep it on the DownLow, (Dani's cousin perhaps) and keep the henchies on her side. When she intervened on behalf of Luisa, she didn't give them an explanation, (HER FRIGGING TRADEMARK).

Ryman and Robin.....er Ryan and Steve should be able to get in and get that Double Secret Green Notebook.

Why did the Chicken cross the road?
To prove to an Armadillo that it CAN be done. :-) :-) :-)

Thanks for the recap, Adriana...I enjoyed he strikethroughs too!

I too was disappointed in Luisa's backstory. She cleaned herself up from the drug addiction then started working at the hospital where she overheard the director talking about the selling of organs. They were going to have her killed but Mr. Blake bought her life...so she is ever so grateful that someone valued her life...right after which she describes him as cold, cruel and disgraceful...but still never knew what it was to have a father until she met Blake and came to see him as family??? The woman is full of contradictions.

Kirby, I agree, the turnaround sure was quick! The faithful dog became a spewing bitch a bit too soon...but oh well...the pace of the TN has always been fast.

More laters...chores await

To add what I got on Luisa's history, she was a serious druggie who had begun to recover and turn her life around. Part of her rehab landed her a job as a nursing assistant in a hospital, from what I heard. BUTTT the hospital was involved in organs on the black market, and she was set up to take the fall when they were found out. Blake pulled his strings and got her out, as this fit in nicely with his situation with his interests in body parts. NO he was not looking for a fender for an F150.

Our comments crossed in the night and didn't see each other.

Oh yeah I remember the part now about her overhearing. Thanks R G V Chik

Real quick--

Kirby, actually, Laura's henchwomen were pretty upset when she stopped them from finishing off Luisa. Tula, the leader, told her she wouldn't touch a hair on Luisa, but if Luisa touched one of Laura's hairs, she have to defend herself.

The other important detail--Danilow's way of "helping" Ryan...having Horacio refile charges against him for Pedro C's murder!

Gotta run...my animalitos get restless when they're hungry...


Yup, Kirby...always on the same page...birds of a feather... :-)

Our Protagonista is now going to prison ? WTH ???????

Steve...where did you hear that?

Adriana, thank you for the exceptional recap.

"(gotta find a better explanation for those pesky teenage years, Ry)" and "Prison Orange looks good on La Regia (maybe not as good as curly extensions and painted on make-up, but it's a close second" were my favorites of many.

"Mercy also finds out that there is another potential adopter for Palomita - the one and only Mr. Blake ("chilllls")". Exactly Adriana! I can't imagine a worse fate.

Even though Laura's henchies were fairly unmerciful, Luisa promptly showed her fear by spitting in her attacker's face. I don't think the idea of more physical pain was any sort of catalyst in her rethinking her devotion to Blake, it was solely and simply his betrayal.

Rgv Chick, I think there are times children love their abusive parents, and Luisa seems to fall into that category. But the thin line between love and hate seems apparent by Luisa's musings.

So Kirby, Tona and Fausto are going down for the count? Color me delighted. Thank you for your majestic picture this morning.

I also thought Luisa was harboring some huge secret. Sorry, the backstory was a let down.

Give Morgana credit. She is grabbing onto any and all life preservers thrown in her direction and holding on for dear life (Ausencio). Savvy and shameless opportunist.

What is Mercy hiding?

It's interesting that while this continues to move forward at a good, interesting pace, the biggest mysteries have yet to be revealed. I'm starting to think we won't know who ED is by the time the first series winds up.

Adriana Noel, thank you! This was great.


Ooooo I think that wascally Mercy is not coming cqean wiff ush. Maybe little adorable Palomita has brought her back to the land of goodness, but there are some bones rattling around in MercyMe's closet. Thankfully Ryan appears to see his Mom as another adult rather than Mommie and knows something may have been hidden for a looong time.

Stupid typos earlier

HA! Yes Kirby, there are definitely skeletons in Mercy's closet.

I am very curious as to who her long lost child is. I am voting Nina (although having it be badbun would be delicious)...

Oh, and Milton is really starting to annoy me. Is he trying to be Laura's savior or is he just trying to get to the messy, muddled bottom of this by whatever means necessary?


Diana, "I think there are times children love their abusive parents" very true, that does happen, the children blame themselves and see the abuse as a consequence of their behavior, but then you have the hostages who love and are devoted to their captors...I think that is more the case with Luisa..even if she didn't consider herself a hostage.

Kirby, "Maybe little adorable Palomita has brought her back to the land of goodness" maybe where Paloma is concerned, but I really don't think she has changed that much. She is still a conniving, lying witch. Did you notice how she told Ryan that he needed to move on fight away? I think that she was happy/relived tha Laura is going to jail so she can keep Paloma. BTW< if her affair with Pedro C. was pre-Walter, then maybe the baby she had actually was Pedro's and he stole the baby from her? That would mean Ryan's sibling is older than he is...unless Mercy had the child after she married Walter...or maybe Walter married her because she was pregnant (not knowing it wasn't his child)...

Round n round we go...again...

Diana, ITA, Milton is an annoyance...and he is was using, not helping, Laura to get info on the laundering business which seems to be his obsession. My question is: why the obsession? what is motivating him to focus all his energy on this issue?

I meant "...she told Ryan that he needed to move on RIGHT away." Ryan fights away sometimes, but he usually ends up kicking himself or looking like a fool...hehe

RVG Chick: What's the latest on Abortion Barbie (Morgana) plotting to steal Leticia's baby ?

Milton IS obsessed Rgv Chick. It is just a dogged determination for justice or does he have some sort of personal stake in all this?

I haven't been the most enthusiastic David Z. supporter, but he did an excellent job last night. He seemed realistically vulnerable and to me was very believable. I do think he does villains better but I can't fault his performance here at all.

Steve, any pretense that Morgana is pregnant seems to be ebbing away. Ausencio didn't swallow it for a minute and even to my eye, that pillow looks totally fake. I hope they ride into the sunset together, never to be seen again. I don't wish her any bad luck, but she should be with someone who knows who and what she is and is willing to live with the consequences. I don't want to go through any baby abductions at this point.


Diana, yes, it sems teh media was questioning Morgana's pregnancy, but she and Danilow are intent on continuing the charade. When Ausencio arrived and she rushed to put the pillow on, it was completely crooked...so it was very obvious to Ausencio. Danilow's plan is to send her off to Mexico so she can "have the baby." So maybe she'll have to look for a baby over there.

OT-My condolences to the family and fans of Luis Gimeno (Padre Bosco in MEPS) who passed away yesterday at the age of 90.

Kirby, is that a pelican or heron in you backyard (up above). Luuurve that eagle pic!

Well, I wrote a long comment , and then my tablet shut down. I guess that I did not have the plug in correctly.

Anyhow, thank you , Adriana, for that excellent recap. I, too, like the word strike outs..funny!! I, especially, appreciate the recap because everyone got unexpected company last night about 8 , and they stayed overnight because their electricity went out due to the thunderstorm we had. Our farm lane washed out again as it did two weeks ago. Chickie, I wish that I could send some of this rain your way.

I did not get to see Mor's fake tummy. It must be harder to fake a pregnancy than it was in the past when women wore loose, tentlike tops.Now, pregnant women wear tight clothes ,so I don't see how someone could recreate that bowling bowl in spandex look .

Milton is a mystery. Is he an undercover agent? Is he Mercy's son? Does he have a personal connection to this mess?

Ry is being a galan totally devoted to his one true love even though he often has to stand by helplessly.I just read an interesting article online about stories of devotion and undying love being mythical in nature and therefore appealing to people. The hero' s journey. The idea that steadfast love is possible.

...not" everyone got "...."I got"..sorry..hurrying too much.

SusanLynn, I think the fake tummy horror is part of the story line...did you see Destilando Amor? Rodrigo's wife, Isa, always wore blouses with her tummy exposed...and she wore a shiny belly ring.

Chickie...I did watch DA because I like Hot Rod( Big Ed YAnez) who loved his Gaviotaaaa and could only ...eh...preform with her , but I have no memory of Isa and her tummy or belly ring. Was she the one with long, straight blonde hair ? Did she fake a pregnancy?

OK he's Baaaaack. R.G.V. Chik's animalitos are fed, Mr John Deere's blades are sharpened along with bunch of neighbors' mower blades. You always find one guy who has his on upside down and backwards. One thing I wanted to point out.was when Laura first went to jail, the whole clan was watching the news about her on TV. She just walked up and turned it off like she owned the place. I thought that deserved an old fashioned ass whipping right there, but the other women didn't say a thing.

RGV that is a Sandhill Crane who stopped by for a visit and decided to chill in the neighbor's yard before flying off to their normal stomping grounds.

SusanLynn, yes, Isabel was the one with long blonde hair. She didn't fake a pregnancy...she got pregnant by the gigolo, but made Rodrigo believe she had gone through with the artificial insemination.

Kirby, yes, I noticed that too (turning off the TV) and was surprised the others didn't complain or go after her...they really weren't sure who she was at that time.

That sandhill crane looks so relaxed on that moist green grass.

Kirby..I did not see last night's episode, but I think that women are just maybe used to having the channel changed! #justme?

P.s.Just checked my class lists, and I have some people registered for all three classes. If I get a few more, my classes might run this coming semester.

Sandhill Cranes are pretty tame here in Florida anyway. They are majorly protected and appear to know it. They walk around with this "Can't Touch This ! !" attitude. They will walk right out onto a busy street or even 4 lane and stop traffic as they leisurely meander across the roadway.

Thanks for the quick recap Adriana.

Bad news for Tadeo. When Danilo is again reminded (by Horatio ?) that Tadeo wants more money for use of his talents, he suggests that the boy be taken to various hots spots to meet girls (the good life) so Tadeo will stop complaining about the money. Somehow I don't think this will work.

Adriana--this is my first reading (having missed the peek into the future). Thank you, it was totally comprehensive and revealing and entertaining. Diana always beats me to the favorites, and today is no exception.

But, oh, how true--"Ay ay ay… trouble never comes alone."

I hope we are not as disappointed in Milton's real story of his obsession as we were with Luisa's. When all this started, he suspected LauStela was the real thing, but she hadn't been at Furia very long. Didn't he ID her as Laura after he saw her at Evergreen Academy?

Not to take away anything from Luisa's story--setting her up to become a fatal organ donor is pretty despicable. But it was the way it was so easily dropped with NO FLASHBACKS. (Are they saving their money for another shootout at the OK Furia Corral?)

I still think RO could have made this into two (or more) different tns instead of one peopled by so many characters doing so many variations of evil deeds hanging on thin threads yet smilin' on through.

MorGangway and Absentee should go off to Mexico and just drop out of sight. LetMeBE and her tribe should just busy themselves with textile collecting and becoming Gringos. Ass 'n Buns (redundant, hehe) and the First Book of the Bible should just realize how good they are together and AnB quit his "job" to entertain his new missy (I think Genesis is actually a high maintenance dame). Luisa and Laura will probably become besties in prison and have to fight off La Regia's admirers.

Which reminds me, for the severity of the beating Luisa got, she bounced back remarkably quickly and nary a plait out of place. Her face should have been black and blue and puffed up, not just bloody. (I'm not in favor of violence, but I am in favor of some realism.)

Kirby, your Sandhill Cranes are like the Canada Geese around here. They don't come by ones and twos, though, they're more likely to come in 20s and 30s.


Thanks, Adriana. Your recap started off with a bang "We find Laura not guilty of having tried to kill two good for nothing desgraciados” and never let up. My fave: He quickly realizes that her bump is faker than her tan

Funny moment – Danilo referring to Morgana’s pulled-out pillow on the table as their baby. She’s says something like “what baby?” and he says something like “that over there.” Hilarious. Too bad they are skunks.

I haven't been the most enthusiastic David Z. supporter, but he did an excellent job last night.

Diana, He’s not my telenovio (Yañez, come back baby!), but I like DZ. This script has given him lots of opportunity to go over the top chewing up scenery, like last night’s "even if it takes a million year’s" line, but he’s kept his performance realistic. Like one would if he’s trying to be strong before his condemned lady love.

I figured with Luisa’s combat skills that she was a disgraced soldier or police officer. Mark me disappointed in her back story too.

She just walked up and turned it off like she owned the place. I thought that deserved an old fashioned ass whipping

Kirby, ITA. She didn't even change to a different station or ask anybody if they minded. She'd better not try that in my doctor's waiting room or she will get a ass whipping.

Susanlynn - Sounds like registration is on a roll. I bet you'll have enough for the semester.

How rude was Maria to Chava. Writers, Chava is great but give him more to do than be Letme's fallback guy.

I believe Rosie O'Don....er Ocampus is trying with Maria to show somefrigginbody how unlikeable a Mexican turned Gringo is, as though that is the norm.

Another thing I was interested in. Children years are like dog years. An adult may long for a loved one for a few years before the memories fade, but in baby years a month is like a year and a year like ten. In six months Paloma will not sitting pining away for her Mommy, she will be having fun with the Mom DuJour.

And I know my ratios are a little out of kilter above, but you get it.


I'd love for Chava to look Maria right in the eye, with LetMe looking on and say: Look, you insolent little turd, you may look like a hooker, but you don't have to act like one too."

Kirby, Maria does look like a hooker...that wig is atrocious and her attitude a good match.

And you're right about Paloma, she already calls Mercy "mommy" so she'll definitely won't miss the other one very long.

OT...Niecie..thanks. From your lips to God's ears. I still love teaching . It is part of who I am, and I guess that I am worried that once I stop , I will be..well, less me ! I checked the names , and one of the students is a lovely girl I had in reading class last semester , and three girls with the same last name..sisters, perhaps. You, Diana, and I can form a fan club for Big Ed..that smile, those shoulders.

Anita..We have lots of Canada geese around here...in the fields n, on the golf courses , at lakes and ponds...more than I saw in Canada. Which was none !

Poor Chava is probable destined to end up with Letmeignoreyou. He deserves better, but....

Why do I love this blog?

"Which reminds me, for the severity of the beating Luisa got, she bounced back remarkably quickly and nary a plait out of place" (Anita)

"Danilo referring to Morgana’s pulled-out pillow on the table as their baby. She’s says something like “what baby?” and he says something like “that over there.” Hilarious. Too bad they are skunks" (Niecie)

"when Laura first went to jail, the whole clan was watching the news about her on TV. She just walked up and turned it off like she owned the place. I thought that deserved an old fashioned ass whipping right there, but the other women didn't say a thing" (Kirby)

"OT-My condolences to the family and fans of Luis Gimeno (Padre Bosco in MEPS) who passed away yesterday at the age of 90" (Rgv Chick - he was great. thank you).

Reading these (and looking at the lovely Sandhill crane has made my day. Thank you all!

Susanlynn, I have a feeling that you will have the attendance you need for your courses! I can't imagine a better teacher - knowledge, grace, kindness and humor.


The previews they've been showing for Thursday are actually for Friday...I hopeo they don't skip an episode or drastically slice the 2 episodes.

Canadian Geese, eh?

(((Diana)))..you do not know how much your kind words meant to me at this moment. I needed them. I have something on my mind that has me upset , and then, I got yelled at on the phone by my sister....it's a whole mess. It was nice to drop in the patio and read that sentence. Who knew that cyber friends could be so supportive. Thank you, Diana. (Hope that your hubby is recovering._I guess that it is a slow process.)

P.s. "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden for anyone else." ..Charles Dickens

"three things in human life are important :The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind." ..Henry James

Diana, you are a consistently kind presence here at caraycaray..always lifting people up.


Which way did that Goose go?

(The Goose went) Thata way...or was it thata way...no maybe thisa way :)

Kirby, once again amazed by your pictures! You must live in an incredible aviary!
The geese were such an unexpected treat. Missed any recent eagle picture, so I looked at your group of pictures. The hand with quarters should be framed, very funny! Wasn't that for Julie?

Susanlynn, don't worry about your sister. Some sisters like to always make their problems your fault. That's just what they do. I know.

By the way, I looked for Mr. Blake when I was in Riverside yesterday. Didn't see him.

L. Linda

L.Linda..wise advice. And my sister is 8 years older than I am, so I am always a bit intimidated !! It is kind of like having a second mother. You know?

SusanLynn, I have 2 older sisters who sometimes "give me their opinion" and it makes me feel horrible. I'm not one to attack so I just keep quiet, take some time and just find something that will relieve the stress...my animals, this patio, gardening. Actually gardening helps the most because I'll just take a hoe (not the Morgana kind) and whack the heck out of the weeds. I hope that whatever has you upset gets resolved quickly.

I echo what Diana said...you are a very kind and thoughtful individual. From your comments regarding your teaching and students, I can tell that you are a very dedicated and nurturing teacher... a teacher that any student would be so lucky to have.

Take a deep breath, put your worries in a little bubble...and just let it drift off. Some of that scotch on the rocks will also help :-)

L Linda, yes the Three Quarters hand :-) was for Julie for her calculations of exactly how small a squirrel would sleep comfortably in a shirt pocket, given the wide range on Man Hand sizes considered normal.

And yes I suspect the birds somehow understand that like them, I have spent a lot of time in the air.

Look at this one. The Sandhill Crane is removing a Grub Worm for me. Nice bird.

Kirby, you always manage to be at the right place at the right time. Nice pic...the red on the crane is so vibrant!

(((CHickie))) good advice. If you have two older sisters, I think that you can relate. I took a shower while Hubba made me a cuppa hot mint tea and a BLT sandwich and told me to watch some Outlander reruns. I usually destress by swimming, but it is a little too overcast and damp today after the rain we got last night. Now, I have to let things unfold. Sometimes, circumstances are just beyond one's control. I am a worrier, especially about family members. Maybe we will get an interesting telenovela episode tonight.

Thanks, Adriana.

And thanks, Rgv Chick and Kirby for filling in the details about Luisa! Either she left something out of her story, or it's just a big fat storytelling FAIL because that doesn't explain her excellent fighting skills (which were effective against Fausto, a man, yet were useless in prison even when it was JUST Laura fighting her). Nor does it explain why Blake took a particular interest in her. Yeah she knew about the dirty organ doctor, but I think it would have served Blake just as well to pay her off or have her whacked.

Laura certainly lucked out to be in a prison full of fans AND to be able to convert her enemy into an ally. True that Tula wasn't happy with Laura sparing Luisa's life, but she seemed to have come around by the end of the episode, if I'm not mistaken.

Oh yeah, Chava met Leticia's family. Thanks for mentioning that, Niecie. And after he left, Maria said more "Indio" stuff again (I think she was saying that it was a step backwards for Leticia to go be seeing an "Indio" after being with a fine upstanding gringo like Tom). But although Leticia was angry, her reaction seems to be that Maria's being slightly naughty. Leticia has no idea what's going on with Maria and hasn't really tried to find out. She doesn't talk "with" her kids, she only talks TO them and doesn't put herself in a position to listen.

I hated waiting so late to finally read and comment, but since we don't have another episode till Thursday, I figured I'd better pace myself. ;-)

High temp today and yesterday here was in the 60s. No lie.

Susanlynn, I hope your week gets much better.

Adriana,I knows how you feels girl. I
Have lost many many good comments to the net monster. Comments I spent a lot of time on gone to computer hell.
But you got all the hotspots.

I'm not crazy about Milton.But he's on a Trail that just might bust this tn wide open. Hes got all those pictures up on that bulletin board and if he's
Careful and don't piss the wrong guys
Off, he might just hit the the spot
That blows up everything.

Merciless mercy is a big fat liar. She got her legs all up in this with pedto C & Whoever else she was mixed up with back in the day. Wouldn't be Shocked if Nina turned out to be the baby she
Left behind or gave up or whatever she did to cover up her past.Big fat liar liar pants on fire.

Blindblake is evil incarnate. Now if lu is a dog, what is Johnson? His Chia Pet?Nobody means nothin to him if they
Can't get him what he wants. It will take a very special kind of person that is filled with a special kind of
Hatred to get him.It could be luisa or
Someone worse than her.And knowing this Creature(he ain't human)there is.
If Ryan and Steve are gonna do their
Batman and robin thing they better get
On it or lil p is gonna wind up in butterfly hell.
I didn't know they weren't going to be on tonight oh my Gosh,I guess I can see what ABC NBC CBS and fox and FX got for summer fair. And other Stuff
Cable got to offer.

Morgonnaloosemypillow is a nasty ho that will hop any man that will give her what she wants. I'm surprised she
Don't have a std all the fishin poles she done jumped on. Nasty girl.
Ok I Had a rather long day.(((It's hot hot))))).A drizzle, not much rain. Just enough to make it muggier than before,but Thank goodness for that little bit.

Thank Adriana.


If anyone is going to serve Blake some justice, I hope it's from Luisa and Laura working together. That would be the ultimate revenge, for these two women he set up as enemies to team up against him.

Wait no. The ultimate revenge would be for all his tomato workers to pelt him to death with tomatoes.

SusanLynn, not to Harsh your Mellow, but better keep those Outlander reruns running another hour. It appears 'Mascara for Men in Skirts' is two hellish hours tonight. I would suppose Evil Space Robots have temporarily gained control at LooneyVision. There IS no other plausible explanation.


I wouls be entertained for BlindTurd to devise some fiendish trap and not see it and get into it himself.

I'm not talking about mousetraps on the kitchen countertops, I'm talking a bathtub filled with nice warm battery acid and bubble bath and he slips and falls into it. The acid eats his "HELP, I've fallen and I can't get up!" transmitter and he dissolves like the witch in....in... oh Hell, some ancient kids show.


I don't have a sister but two brothers. It is amazing that growing up together, we still can fuss and feud (decades later) as though we are children!

Let your heart deflect the hurt. We all say things we shouldn't. I forgive (and try to forget) as I know I have been forgiven many times.

As much as our siblings frustrate, and yes, hurt us, they do love us! Fights and disagreements are a part of life.

When someone says they never have any arguments with family/spouse/significant others, I always smile to myself and silently ask, "yeah, that might be true but do you ever talk?" If such people exist, God bless them. They certainly don't reside in my family (thankfully!).

It is not my intention to make light of your hurt feelings but this hopefully will pass. Your sister is your sister for life. Treasure the love and forgive the hurt.

Many hugs, Diana

And remember Sue, when this all blows over, as it will, you will be as happy as this little guy.

I am watching X-Files right now, which is giving me a new sense of perspective as to what is and is not a reasonable plot development. :-)

Diana, Susanlynn, I have only one sister (and there she is). Our differing opinions on virtually everything make for a potential minefield, but we have learned over the years when to say something and when not to say something. It has gone a long way towards keeping things good between us, but there have been long quiet spells when I wasn't even sure WHAT I had said... or failed to say... and that is painful. But it always blows over.

Kirby, I'll split the difference with you on Blake: a bathtub filled with mousetraps. No! Beartraps. No no! Bitey little monsters. A carnivorous type of tribble?

Wait no!!


I think we are really getting some good ideas as to how Blake will meet his maker. Evil incarnate is spot on Nina!

Oh wait, that won't be happening. He will be meeting the devil!

Kirby, I vote your bathtub scenario for Blake. Julie, I love the carnivorous tribbles for Fausto. I am thinking we won't need to come with anything for Tona, will we? After all she IS the devil! :)


Ummm wait no. Can't keep bees in a bathtub. (I haven't tried, but I'm extrapolating from known data.) Scorpions?

I'm having second thoughts. Would I do that to a bunch of scorpions?

Hello. When I discovered Jose was on for two hours , I watched the wedding episode of Outlander which always....cheers me right up. Then, checked out Connie Verzak who does funny reviews of all the Outlander episodes and trailers. She does very funny , irreverant, cheeky captioned screen caps . She would be such a good recapper here at CAray and her native language is Spanish, but I don't know if she watches tns. It gave me some giggles.

Thanks for the kind thoughts , all.

Kirby, is that a Rottweiler puppy? So cute. Maybe I should look up kitten and puppy videos.

Diana, Saint Skeletor will claim La Toña personally, take her to the house, introduce her to the family, show her to her room, and give her a nice tall glass of hemlock.

And Fausto will get nailed by a woman. Literally... nailed. By his next "recruit." He finally picked the wrong chickie.

Wow...you guys are getting scary with the anvils again...... #pirahas

You have my vote for the bathtub scenario, but I'd like to have some evil scrubbing bubble characters (with tiny blades instead of bristles) scour him to death.

For Fausto, throw him in a snake pit...for Tona, burn her at a stake.


Like this

or this...:-)

The dog is just a pound pup....Looks to be part black and tan hound and part Daschund. Don't ask..He is two or three times the size of a weiner dog but the shortest little legs.

Anvils R Us, don't piss us off.

Good morning all!

Some delightful doggie pictures to get us going this fine Wednesday I see!

Well, some more inspired ideas for our villains demise but I particularly loved your " Saint Skeletor will claim La Toña personally, take her to the house, introduce her to the family, show her to her room, and give her a nice tall glass of hemlock" Julie. It made me laugh out loud.

Susanlynn, sometimes I look up happy stories about dog rescues. Some of the tales (ha, I made a funny) start out grim but end up happily ever after. It reminds me that there are many good people in the world. Those who treat nature and animals with kindness are "up there" in my book. Oh, I'm also including those who take AMAZING pictures of same, proving their respect and admiration.:)


Good Morning, Patio Peeps!

I was thinking...we didn't see Tona and Fausto this last episode, so I'm assuming they made their great escape to Mexico. Laura might not have been as lucky if Tona had shown up at the same jail.

Diana, I agree, the doggie pics always are a joy to see, along with all the other pics Kirby so kindly shares with us to make our days brighter.

Chores and errands to run this morning...

Happy Hump Day!

Rgv Chick, I'm thinking some of our villains will likely survive to the next series. I'm not happy about it but accept that is likely a ploy to get us all to hang in there.

I was hoping Tona and Fausto would not be among them. They have both gotten under my skin (so to speak), particularly Tona. I just find her unbearably cruel and upsetting. If they have escaped, I sure hope it isn't for long.


Good Morn RGV and friends. The doggy pics were to help identify his parentage, as you cant tell much upside sown, save for gender. He appears to be an odd mix as in Daschund/St. Bernard or some such. Adorable little creature nonetheless, shortchanged on legs and he got way too much head for his body.

I am still laughing about a bathtub full of bees. And the supposition that it might be difficult 'extrapolated from known data.'
Diana said: 'will likely survive to the next series' and 'I was hoping Tona and Fausto would not be among them.'

Hmmm I wonder. Blind has sent Mr. Johnson to kill them, I would expect with a name like that. they are goners, how long could it take?

That Tona, I know it is just me, but every time I see her, among other things, I wish for a big bottle of that purple engine cleaner and my pressure washer. Uck, she makes my skin crawl.

Kirby, no it is definitely not just you!

I've called Tona unwashed and unkempt more than once. I was thinking putting her through the car wash might help too. She is totally repulsive on all levels.


I kinda think Tona and Fausto are almost done. Evil as they are, as criminals they're really small potatoes for the scope of this TN.

Rgv Chick, I like your idea for evil scrubbing bubble characters with tiny blades instead of bristles. Or maybe with stainless steel bristles. I want to see them in a Transformers movie or something. Maybe that's how the Autobots clean their bathtubs.


FIRE ANTS. millions of pissed off fire ants. Twenty or so are worse than a root canal.

Hey y'all! Hope everyone has been having a good week thus far. Finally saw Monday's episode. It's also taking me forever to catch up because, even though it's 30 seconds to 1 min, I like to see complete episodes and not the slightly edited ones on Univision.

Thank you so much for keeping the recaps coming, Adriana! We're lucky to have you :)

RGV, are the promos still showing Friday for the next episode??? I also fear heavy editing because we have three weeks left, give or take a little more in episodes so something may be edited -.-

Diana, hope your husband is doing better :) And Susanlynn, I have an older brother who makes me feel guilty about some things but I have learned to not pay attention to it. Nothing like siblings though :/

I am all for an elaborate death scene for everyone. Go big or go home if you're going to kill a villain. I always prefer they suffer in life but alas, can't always win. Maybe put them all in that SAW movie house from part 2 and have them duke it out.

So Horacio is going to take Tadeo out for drinks....? Have they said if he's sexually inclined to seduce the youngster?

Danilo has been extra annoying lately, hasn't he? Something about him is grating at me since he raped Laustela. And now that the power has gone to his head he is even more insufferable. Ugh, I thought 5 or 6 months but was that a fainting spell via pregnancy???

Luisa's backstory was kind of anti-climatic. Maybe he taught her after he rescued her??? She should not be loyal to someone who put his well being above hers. He doesn't deserve her loyalty.

Goodness, Kirby! IS the eagle taking it's nest with her?

Ouch, Alfredo, I think Horacio was only supposed to expose Tadeo to some loose women. Anything else would be above and beyond the call of duty! (But maybe he'll finally take his shirt off!)

Alfredo, I'll try to explain a little better. I know that last Friday the avances were clips for the entire week, but the preview clips they showed yesterday are for Thursday (which should be episode 54) but are clips from episode #55.

Ahh okay, I see what you mean, RGV. This is always wait and see, huh?

Sorry, Julie! I didn't mean to dash dreams lol I'm just hoping Tadeo's story has a point instead of it being another plot point in there for good measure as in "latinos can be gay too" type of thing.

I hope the writers pull a LQLVMR and slowly get rid of the villains form least important to most important. In this case it will be Isidro, Fausto, Tona, Mercy (?) Talisman, Luisa (?), Blake, Asdrubal, Realestela (if she is ED?).

Some of the villains have to make it to Season 2 (I assume). The ones that make the most sense to get rid of now are Fausto and Tona. (Isidro is probably already out of the picture, unless he'd like Danilo to cut something else off of him.)

But then I wonder, will BOTH Blake & crew AND El Dorito's crew go on to Season 2? I would expect one or the other to be eliminated... probably Blake.

Also, it was interesting that Luisa sort of described Blake's line of work as "knowledge broker/influence peddler." Like his entire moneymaking scheme (aside from exploiting undocumented workers for his tomato business) was based on negotiating favors with powerful people. Does that mean he has serious, exclusive dirt on all of those people? In that case, maybe he does make it to Season 2... because he'd be blackmailing Rosy Ocampo!

Well, after everything that Laura has survived..sex slavery, starvation, beatings, threats, and who knows how many customers, at least she mercifully slept through Dan. Horrible
I cannot believe how much this one character has been made to suffer. There has to be a happy ending for Laura to justify the misery that the writers have heaped onto her. How many careful people have preyed on Laura ? It's a long list. Ugh ...mythical suffering

I hopeo that the original villains pursuing Laura will all be anviled before the season ends.Then, we can concentrate on the column B villains next season.

OT Has anyone seen the new Planet of the Apes movie? I do not really want to see it, but there is nothing else I want to see. Atomic Blonde looks like nothing but fighting.

Oh and Alfredo, you didn't dash my dreams at all... you alerted me to a possibility I hadn't considered. I don't care who Horacio takes his shirt off for, as long as it comes off.

I read something really disconcerting about Season 2, Ariadne might not be in it. I hope they end her story then if that's the case because if it's a giant cliffhanger and then no Laura or recast I will be soooooooooooo angry.

I would rather Blake than Danilo TBH. He's such a disgusting little brat. It was funny in the beginning but now he is pure cheese and he actually kills people too.

Sorry...awful people ..not careful people...there are no careful people in this.

Oh nooooo.

Ariadne is the heart and soul of this (along with Paloma of course).

I could not fathom this without her Alfredo!!! As Susanlynn mentioned, she has suffered too much already and deserves a happy ending! Ryan better vanish with her...Ack.


That's what a lot of the fans are saying. This story, IMHO, would not work without Ariadne. She is light and love but still tough as nails and those are qualities are to radiate through a screen. Some actors do it effortless, Adela is another, but others have trouble with one or other. DZ has trouble with the warmth balanced with his machismo but it works because of his chemistry with Ariadne.

I hope they don't break the magic they created, Diana.

Julie..Horacio can keep his shirt on as far as I am concerned. I wonder if Tad's story is going to be developed or just dropped along the way. I do not have a clue where this is headed. Waldo seems to have evaporated. So, is Horacio taking Tad out to a club? That does not seem like a good idea to me. Another warning about dangers in the USA, perhaps. Do not go to clubs with older American men.

Alfredo, I was reading on up on it too, but I can't find any articles/reports beyond June 9th. Supposedly the writers are concerned about a couple things. Ariadne's weight and the fact that Laura Oviedo's story has already been told. There are some indications that the second season might focus on the real Estella Carrillo.

Diana..I agree that we need some light and hope in the darkness and gloom that is this show. We would miss Ariadne. This actress is able to make us feel that Laura may possibly be able to overcome all the evil that threatens her. Dave Z. has been able to make us believe that he is a galan devoted to his one true love no matter what. Will they both survive, or will one have to go on without the other? Would Rosy kill off one or both of the leads? Is she a fan of Game of Thrones where main characters have been killed off regularly?

Ariadne's weight???? Woah, I hadn't read that. What??

I can see the story being told thing but then I'm hoping it doesn't end in a cliffhanger and they get rid of the villains. Does that mean Realestela isn't ED or will she be an anti-hero? Novela seasons are a bad idea.

Alfredo, I do not like the idea of not getting a satisfying ending to this story. Is this going to be the way telenovelas are made in the future? There seems to be some confusion and change happening in world of telenovelas.

I like scorpions or fire ants. They do not discriminate. Poisonous spiders might decide to forgo the meal on general principles.

But all this is not fun because BlindMiceBlake cannot see what is going to happen to him. For this reason I like the scrubbing bubbles with knives.

Red hot poker anyone? At least he'll feel every one of those. Send the real ED to barbecue him on a grill.

Susanlynn--OT--Hurrying to catch up on Outlander. Up to S2/Ep10. Thanks for the link. I remember reading her blog after watching Season One. I like Jamie's long hair, but I wish he would tie it back. He wears a kilt better than anyone else.

Hmmm. Gerardo in a kilt? Gerardo in The Wedding Scene? (Slaps cheek to bring older, mature, self out of her fantasy.)

Boy, you all can sure get ahead of me while I'm doing my e-mails.

From what I have read, Ariadne has to come out in at least the first few episodes. Like I said, the reports are from beginning of June when the writers were still undecided.

Sorry, wrong tn. I was, of course referring to Gerardo in La Candidata.

Ariadne's WEIGHT?
I... what... I mean...

OK. We did float the idea last week or the week before that season 2 might be about RealStela. That idea isn't new. But I didn't assume that Laura would actually be out of the story at that point. I was thinking maybe it would be Laura who had gone into hiding while RealStela did all kinds of stuff, and then they'd finally meet at the very end.

I'm with Alfredo on not liking "seasons" for TNs. Not unless the "seasons" are planned out in advance, so that the story doesn't have to get rearranged while it's still in progress. FWIW, I think they probably did have a S2 in mind for this all along, so I think it'll be okay storywise, but I still don't like it.

Especially if Ariadne isn't in it.

It would be supremely ironic to can Ariadne for having a slightly big "can" after all this talk about female empowerment and self-respect and so forth. WWWWD?

Mostly because Televisa doesn't seem to be committed to the season structure. They say seasons but they either back out or leave it in some sort of cliffhanger. For Mujeres de Negro, the whole cast was present during a bombing but we never knew if any survived. Poor planning on Televisa's part probably though I pretended that's how they paid for their seasons and moved on but Laura needs a happy ending, or as happy as she can be.

Omg if they pull a GI Joe and kill her off in the first few episodes I am throwing something. We barely have time for Realestela, is she going to be charismatic enough to make us care about her?

I hate the breakup into seasons. A big advantage TNs have over American soaps is they wrap up fairly quickly. Strange that Rosy doesn't get that. I'm enjoying Doble Vida, but not sure I'll watch Season 2. The Season 1 ending better be a doozy.

They should definitely stick with Ariadne in the role though. She and DZ have great chemistry, but she also has good chemistry with the rest of the cast. They'd be taking a big chance to make the real Estela the star of Season 2 when we haven't even seen her yet and don't know how she'll fit.

Wondering how the ratings are going. I read Jose de Egipto is the No. 1 TN and Senor de los cielos over on Telemundo No. 2.

Alfredo, I don't know how "pull a GI Joe" means. (And knowing is half the battle!) Please explain?

I didn't realize that Televisa wasn't all-in on the season structure. That explains a lot. I had heard of other TNs being in "seasons" and I assumed it was old hat by now. But TVA was supposed to be in "seasons" and then it wasn't [which was absolutely fine with me]... and if they bailed on MdN too... then there's a serious problem with the way Televisa is approaching this. They can't keep doing this to their viewers. It sucks.

Niecie, I don't think it's Rosy who doesn't get it. It seems to be Televisa. They keep talking about doing "seasons" of stuff and then sometimes it happens and sometimes not.

I get why producers might like it, though. It lets them continue working with the same characters, sets, locations, directors, composers, actors, etc., which is great if they like the team that they already have. It's probably also much cheaper to do two seasons of the same show than to do two different shows. But if the studio will not commit to it, or if they keep changing their mind, it ends up being worse for everyone, including us.

I bet it pisses off the producers, too, to have that dangled in front of them and then taking it away.

Blake isn't the only one who isn't seeing what is going on. I certainly can't.

Here we have a heroine who is fearless, magnificent, kind, loyal, yet not blinded by hate and revenge.

She and Ryan have pretty good combustible chemistry (as already noted), unlike other recent efforts (Vino. Let me come right out and say it. Or rather, spit it out, I'm so ticked off).

So why get rid of an excellent actress and terrific character? Some bald faced lie that her weight is an issue?

Get real. Please.

If those in charge want to make a change, that is their choice. But please. Don't insult us or our intelligence by putting the blame on an actress who is physically fit. We are NOT stupid or gullible.

Find another excuse. I'm sure you have many.

Alfredo, I would accept a story about the real Estela if Laura gets her well deserved happy ending. I would highly resent her character coming in and stepping over Laura's "corpse".


Sorry about that! Julie, the first GI with Channing Tatum was a failure, as far as the studio reported it, and they wanted to make a sequel but didn't know how to approach it so it was stuck in limbo. Around those years, the Rock kept growing in popularity and was a sure fire success, so they had him be the new lead in the second GI (which didn't fare much better in the movies) and Channing Tatum was killed off in the first 20 to 30 minutes of part two. I was wondering if Laustela would be in Season 2 long enough to be killed off and have Realestela become the lead (fingers crossed this is not so).

Televisa realized it was losing viewers with it's endless novelas so they started something new in 2016. The goal was to make shorter novelas (a maximum of 120 episodes or 6 months) as to retain viewers. I assume some were meant to be one and done like Las Amazonas, Corazon que Miente and La Candidata while others like Estela and MdN were meant to carry on for mulitiple seasons. I assume MdN didn't perform as expected and there wasn't a second season while Giselle didn't want a second season for LC even though some people reported there were plenty of stories to chose from. The end result was Estela, whcih was popular enough and intricate enough to warrant a second season, though viewers only got confirmation of this as the story came to a close.

I think they forgot that novelas are meant to me one and done story and that is part of their charm. They just need to be shorter because of patience levels. Multiple seasons won't help that because each season tends to have 70-90 episodes over years! Even in American television that's overkill and I don't think soap operas have had new pilots in forever because they are a dying breed. Televisa should plan ahead and warn people, like Telemundo, that it will have multiple seasons so viewers can decide. But Telemundo also has issues as La Querida del Centauro just had an open ended finale (just in case they get a season two) but there is no guarantee. I hate, as a novela viewer, that I have to watch something with uncertainty. I want an ending (good, bad, w.e.) but an ending. The new format doesn't help and poor planning even less.

Thank you for your eloquent explanation Alfredo.

I completely concur with "I think they forgot that novelas are meant to me one and done story and that is part of their charm" and "I want an ending (good, bad, w.e.) but an ending". Perfect.

Very well said


I also hate the weight excuse, Diana. It sends the wrong message across the board. Just say you don't have a story, have Ariadne do a cameo, then into the sunset as Realestela comes back and does whatever she is going to do. Ariadne is perfect as is. She's hot and sexy and had a kid. It's great to see that you can have a family and not give up the leading lady roles. If that's what producers what to say then we're in trouble.

OT..Anita, I think that you have read the books, so the ending of season two will not be a surprise. However, that last episode is awesome , anaxing, and excruciating. Jamie, you are tearing my guts out! I do not know who Gerado is, but nobody rocks a kilt like Sam Heughan. There are trailers for the upcoming season 3 on youtube. It is going to be epic. #genevalaoghairelordjohnprintshop p.s. Sam was at Comi con in San Diego and has cut his hair.

Telenovelas were originally 60 episodes. Maybe they should try that again. And how about some good stories with characters that we can invest in..love\and\or hate.

No new episode until Friday? They don't seem to care about Jeeping the viewers now, do they?

Re Adriadne's can...I thought big bottoms were a thing now. #jenniferlopez

Jeeping? ...keeping...careless me...sorry.

Wow, Alfredo - I didn't know there had been ANY GI Joe movies, much less two of them! And yeah, it sucks that they brought CT back just to kill him off. Why even bother. Just start the second movie with everyone weeping around his gravestone.

The way I see a multi-season TN would be to tell multiple stories, one per season, within the same little universe. That means most of the same protagonists from year to year, but facing different challenges. This all depends on viewers liking the protagonists, of course.

I really don't want to see a single story streeeeetched to fit across two seasons. (Does anyone?) If that was the intention, then it defeats the purpose of limiting each season to six months or less. If viewers are getting tired of a story after 90 episodes in a row, what in sam hill makes anyone think those same viewers will come back for even more of the same story after a break? By then they will have forgotten what was even happening.

Susanlynn, far as I know, next episode is Thursday night... it's just confusing that the scene they showed in the ad is from Friday's episode, because we are in ultimos capitulos and they like to tease us.

Praise Jesus!! It's raining!! Thank you, SusanLynn, Kirby and all for your good vibes and warm wishes

Wow, I never check YouTube for telenovela stuff, but I just looked up Adriade . Most of the entries were in Spanish. However, has anyone heard of " The Enserare Quererme" with Fernando Colunga , Adriade, and lots of familiar actors and actresses like Laura Flores and Rene C.? It looks great! Where is it? Is it new? Being made? Old?

Chickie..yay..I hope that you get enough rain to make a difference but not too much all at once to make problems. The bottom of our farm lane washed out again on Monday by a storm for the second time this month . We are holding off fixing it because more rain is predicted for us this week.

SusanLynn, it's already over but something is better than nothing. I couldn't find what you found on you tube...do you have a link?

RGV. Re Eagle....It was that Feather Your Nest sale at Bed Bath and Beyonce's.

Kirby, I guess my eagle eye missed that sale :-)

Chickie..I do not know how to do a link. I found it by googling Adriade Diaz telenovelas. That tn trailer looked really good.... So many good familiar actors and actresses including Tomassi (Blake).

Anybody know if Colunga and Big Ed Yabez are still making tns?

Let's hope there is more rain to come in your neck of the woods Rgv Chick.

"The Enserare Quererme"? Oh my. I adore Laura Flores and Rene. Coming soon perhaps?

Hopeful Diana

SusanLynn, I found it...But what's strange is that there are no familiar sites (IMDb, las estrellas, Wikipedia) that have a description of it. It appears it was made in Venezuela and aired in 2016.

I thought I read on here somewhere that Ed Yanez went to Telemundo.

Susanlynn, you don't have to do a clickable link - just paste the url into your comment and we can copy it... I think that still works??

Like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePRFQwKRXE8

Yeah I agree Ariadne's weight is a distraction. I have referred to her as thunder thighs here more than once. She is nothing like the AD we saw in Law Macarena. Her character is supposed to be attractive, pop star, hot, desired, not a 'before' model for Jenny Craig.

Okay, "Te Ensenare a Quererme" is a cybernovela; it's not a TN to be televised on any TV station. They are written stories created to be read only as a synopsis...or so I read. I think it's just a you-tube video that someone created for a song and they used pictures of those actors.

Yeah it has the logo woth Cuando Me Enamoros design including the grapes. Ariadne looks like she did in La Mujer del vendaval and Colunga looks like he did in Soy Tu Duena. Laura Flores looks like did in Llena de Amor.


Thank you Rgv Chick and Julie.

I just clicked on the link so what you said makes perfect sense.

BTW, the next link features CDLF and Adela Noreiga!

Eduardo at Telemundo?? I hadn't heard that. Hope it's not true!


As far as GI Joe, I really enjoyed part one but part two was ehhh. I had no story or character to care about and the action was standard. At least part one had bad cgi.

Julie..I cannot paste. I am computer challenged. It is a miracle that I manage to get to the patio everyday. Hubba or my kids could probably teach me this stuff but..meh.

Gee, it must be like all the music videos on YouTube that people create with scenes from Outlander set to different songs. I feel robbed. I am pining for a good, old fashioned telenovela.

Poor Adriade. I think that she had a baby recently , and ..guess what. ..The weight you gain when you are pregnant is not all baby weight, and it takes awhile for all the pounds to come off especially if the mother is nursing. Gradually, women usually go back to their normal weight. People can be cruel to these actresses who have babies. They have carried and nourished a person inside them for nine months. Everything inside gets all squashed and pushed all over the place, and not everyone can afford a personal trainer who acts like a drill sergeant to get you all buff and a cook to cook you proper meals. Plus...there is a baby to take care of. I hope that she is not being pushed off this show because she recently pushed out a baby.

Granted I'm a woman yearning for Yañez's return, but I find Ariadne is pretty attractive. She's a bit heavier than her La Malquerida weight but not by much and, as Susanlynn says, it takes a little while to return to normal weight in a healthy manner after having a baby. I see the character Laura as pretty and wholesome. She can be sexy, as she was in the scenes with DZ a long time ago when they got it on -- will they ever get it on again! -- but I think Laura's overall trait is plucky.

I feel bad for actors having their weight bandied about as a negotiating tool to keep them in line in their work and to sell magazines. I remember when Yañez was criticized for his weight gain during the very long Fuego en la sangre. He always looks good to me, by the way. Adela Noriega had gained some pounds by the end too and the media put out false rumors of a pregnancy. Before that, there were rumors she was anorexic. Who needs that kind of aggravation about your weight ups and downs? I hope the TN powers that be realize that charisma and the ability to evoke empathy and make the audience care about your character trump weight or any other aspects of your "look." I can rattle off names of actresses who's figures are to die for but otherwise are meh on screen.

I never noticed that Eduardo Y or Adela N gained any weight during FELS. (And poor Adela can't win; she gets comments about her weight no matter what she does.)

Maybe I'm not typical, but I don't don't care how much actors weigh, and often don't even notice unless they do a naked scene or their clothes don't fit right. (The solution is to fix the clothes, not the person.) It's nice when they look good - at whatever weight flatters them - but that's not why I like some actors better than others. I would enjoy Sergio Sendel at 400 pounds as long as I think he might throw a phone at someone.

But it's obvious that SOME people do care about weight, and this is used against actors all the time. But for a studio to fire the star of their show because she's - what? I wouldn't describe Ariadne as remotely fat. I mean, if she's fat, then I'm a tub.* (And I'm okay with that.) The worst I can say about Ariadne's weight is that she's a little heavier than she was before.

As are many of us.

Seriously, they are going to say that this is why they're (maybe) firing her? Or did she rapidly put on a wicked lot of non-pregnancy-related weight all of a sudden that we haven't seen yet, which is causing health problems so severe that she can't do her job? Because then maybe this would make sense. But I doubt that's what's happening.

And we don't even know for sure that they're really talking about this, so I don't know why I'm getting all mad about it.

*Clarification: I am not claiming to be a bathtub full of bees.

Its the general idea that I am angry about, espexially because we know it can happen and people can be fired over their weight. I remember Allison Lozz gained weight during ENDA and people criticized her too. The costume department actually changed her clothes and made her outfits more mature so they were obviously paying attention and helping her along. Wish it was this way all the time.

I wonder how long Africa has to workout to fit in those shorts shorts thy insist she wears.

Hey, just got home and looked at the TV schedule.."G.I. Joe: Retaliation is on SyFy at 7:58 tonight !!!

Note from the pound: I never really paid attention to Africa before. I had seen her a few times and thought she was a nice actress, but never really LOOKED. After this show came on I Googled her, and many of the pictures of he,r she looks about the same, slim, toned and legs from Heaven to Earth. I'm sure she is on her best behavior for this show, but it appears to me she normally looks about like she does now.

As for AD, I think many girls take more time off for starting their family then come back BAM ! on fire like before.


Another angle.

Time to watch the trainwreck, Susanlynn!

Kirby, Africa might have gotten a lot of crap for being too skinny. The point is we care about their talent and ability to rediate through the screen. Not their waist line whoh is what producers seem.to care about


This comment has been removed by the author.

"The point is we care about their talent and ability to radiate through the screen. Not their waist line what is what producers seem to care about".

Alfredo, thank you for expressing what I have been feeling. Your sincere comments were phrased perfectly - so much better than I could have.

Did someone really say men are from mars, women are from venus? Not on this blog.



Time to watch the trainwreck...Ooops, Futball trainwreck here.

The first time I saw Adela was in Amor Real. She was pretty but painfully thin. It must be hard to be in the public eye with everybody judging you . my college roommate was just naturally very slender like her father, so I thought that it was just Adela's nature.

I had trouble pronouncing this name so
I got on the net, and they referred me to YouTube. I thought it was "adrian",
But I got a good look at it"Ariadne":
Aree-odd-Ana. Beautiful sound.

And the same goes for galans. If they aint buff and strong then they are shunned. Not everyone is like that.

Tbh the worst thing about novelas is the typecasting and that goes hand in hand with your look sometimes.

Air-ee-add-knee<<<<< that's how they had it on youtube, I try to pronounce things like they sound but I just got tied tongue with that name. That's a beautiful name.

Nina ive always like ariadne. In greek mythology ariadne helped Theseus defeated the minotaur in the labrinyth. If you saw inception the dream designer is named ariadne becaude she is i charge of helpin hem out of the maze of dreams.

Wow, Alfredo, you are a wealth of information on so many things! Did you watch G.I.Joe again? You are right about the galans having to be all buff, and the other actors, too. Years ago, Cristina did a segment showing Fernando Colunga's workout. Nowadays, most actors are working out in the gym all the time. I just saw a photo of Chris Hemsworth as Thor all big and buff and then a photo of him very skinny for The Heart of the Sea . Losing and gaining weight like that cannot be healthy .

Nina. I had never heard that name before either. It is pretty.

I hated part two, Susanlynn. It was an insult to the people who actually liked part one. I love the rock but he was generic here

Good morning all!

Nina, thank you! I had no idea how to say ariadne.

I really like her too. The first time I saw her was in Guapos but my favorite role (though it was way too short) was in El Color. I even enjoyed Llena de amor (where IS Lanus??)

Susanlynn, I miss Adela and Allisson Lozz (who retired at what, 18?). Adela has the most expressive, sweet face I've ever seen.

As it appears fewer TNs are being developed (at least at Televisa), I'm wondering how and if all the actors are managing to stay employed. I don't think even Salinas and Colunga have done anything since PyP. That's a long time between jobs.


Morning yall!

Duana, lanus is iver at Azteca doing Nada Personal with a manbun! Seriously, google Nada Personal 2017 since its a remake of an older novela.

Did they take Wednesday off ?

Thanks Alfredo!

That looks interesting (I like Kika Edgar too)!

I had really hoped the manbun would have faded into oblivion by now. Apparently not...Ack.

As much as I love Marco Mendez, the hair is a distraction even with those mesmerizing blue eyes.



Good Morning!!

Steve, yes, they took Tuesday and Wednesday off, but finally an episode tonight...the roller coaster resumes YAY!!

Some trivia about Africa...she trains 6 days a week at Crossfit and has a very personal coach..her brother. She also has a special diet...6 days a week...then she "rests" on the 7th day and eats whatever she pleases.

Have a good day!!

Africa: It shows.

Good Morning

Good morning, all.

Diana, perhaps, telenovelas are dying out like soap operas. Several soap operas have been cancelled. I watched "Days of Our Lives" for years, but I have not watched in a long time. My younger daughter was named after one of the characters. I occasionally surf into a soap I never watched ( Bold and Beautiful) lately only because I like one of the actors ( the guy who plays Ridge).

Africa looks amazing. Ironic that Morgana of all people is trying to pass for pregnant.

It occurred to me that if Ariadne got fired over her weight, La Regia would probably write a song about it.

Doble Vida is back tonight, squee! I usually watch at least two, but this is the only one I'm keeping up with now and Tues-Wed wasn't the same without it.

Wow, I'm impressed by Africa's regimen. She looked great in La Malquerida, but I have noticed she has more muscle definition now. I can envision her and her brother doing an exercise DVD one day.

No idea what will happen tonight. Is Laura pregnant or just overwhelmed by all the bad breaks she gets? Will Ryan be back in orange? Will Mercy suddenly confess, uh, yeah, I did have a teeny-tiny affair with Pedro? Who's next to discover Morgana's lumpy pillow?

Maybe I'm a pollyanna but I don't think they'll fire Ariadne. I'm thinking that as annoying as the rumor is it brings more publicity (and viewers) to the show. As many have said, she is the heart of this thing.

Good morning patio!

I saw something on the news a few days back about the manbun being banned from somewhere, can't remember where.
Folks was carrying signs and some were proresting. Haven't heard anything about it since. People pretty much do what they wAnt but I don't like to see
A middle aged gentleman with a manbun.
But to each his own.


Oh Nina, I wish you could have remembered where the anti-manbun demo was! I would have been out there with everyone else! :)

Niecie, I think Laura is definitely pregnant. I hope Ryan isn't sent back to prison, I think that would be backward movement. I really want to find out who Mercy's child is...

Thanks for the update on Africa Rgv Chick. I think she was always toned but much more covered up in previous roles - except LM where her long legs were continually on display (as Kirby and others have noted)!

Susanlynn, I watched Days as a kid - it seemed Marlena, Roman, their offspring as well as the evil Demears were around for many years. Isn't Hope still on there? I would feel so badly if TNs met the same fate. It's nice to have the complete story with the ending tied up in a bow, whether perfect or not. That to me is the huge advantage over soaps. And of course, soaps are on during the day when many are either working or taking care of children.


"Who's next to discover Morgana's lumpy pillow?

tee hee Niecie. Good one.


Regarding soaps (of which there are only a handful left), a big reason I prefer TNs is that a TN character is usually well-defined and behaves consistently. In a soap, a character morphs so much over time (from good to evil and back), and so frequently, and has so many mental illnesses and brain tumors and evil twins, that it's hard to have a firm grasp on them. Like, over a period of ten years you end up having LESS of an idea of what to expect from them than you did before. That's frustrating.

Even in nighttime soaps like Knots Landing it wasn't unusual for a character to be totally changed just for plot convenience, e.g. a smart person becomes stupid or a successful lawyer turns into a stalker lunatic.

As for Days... it's been chock-full of people I've known in other shows. Marlena (Deidre Hall) was Electra Woman when I was a kid. And Eugene (John DeLancie) was Q on ST:Next Generation. There was a woman (forgot the character's name and the actor's name) who was the much-hated Dr. Lisa in Highlander. Mike Horton (Michael T. Weiss) (wearing an eyepatch) went on to become Jared of The Pretender.

Diana, I think that Deirdre Hall (Marlena) is STILL there. I surfed in a year or so ago and Julie and Doug were on !!! I think that the actor who played evil Stephano died it is mostly about the you guns now, and so I don't know the storyline anymore. I used to set my college class schedule around Days so that my roomie , the dormitory cleaning ladies, and I could watch!

You guns???...younguns !

Julie, I forgot about John DeLancie!

And, it's funny, I saw something recently about Michael T. Weiss. Gray hair but he looks the same, except older. I watched the Pretender faithfully.

Susanlynn, Julie and Doug were such an integral part of the show! Now maybe I have this totally wrong, but didn't his character end up married to her mother at one point?? Their real life love story made them a due to remember.

I had a huge crush on Steven Nichols who played "Patch". He and Kayla were the most romantic pairing I've ever seen in a soap. Deep sigh.


I miss Weiss/Jarod. Maybe I'll check if Pretender is available on Hulu.

But I'm REALLY happy that Doble Vida is finally back tonight. This morning, I was looking forward to reading the recap. Then I remembered there was no episode... suffering...

Gee, I loved Highlander , and I remember his romance with Dr. Lisa (I think...dark haired...mortal?..I can not picture her in my mind ) , but I did not remember that she was in Days. Did fans hate her because she became Duncan's lover after Tessa died? Now, THAT death ticked me off. I loved Tessa and took to wearing long, pale blue tunics and dangly earrings in the Tessa style. Loved when they brought her back in the end. Hmm...I have not watched my DVDs in years, and maybe I am distracted enough right now and should not rewatch that show and fall down that rabbithole. One of my all time favorite lines ever is jealous Tessa talking to Amanda.." We can't all work under the Big Top and wear rhinestones on our bodysuits." #burn I have been looking for years for a situation that would be appropriate for me to say that to someone. So far, none has presented itself, but ..you never know. Best not to start watching again. Outlander starts in a couple weeks...and then there's all that distracting real life stuff.....meh.

Diana, yeah, Patch ! I think that he and Kayla may have come back for awhile. I think Maggie was on for a long time and Jennifer returned for awhile. I always liked the way they put everyone's Christmas ornament with their names on the tree every Christmas. Ahhhh.I just never got back to the show when life got so busy the work and family. I do not think John is still there , and I do not know if they finally killed him off. I think that I liked Roman better than John . Do you remember David, Julie's first hubby ? My roommate and I used to snark that the actor had only one expression no matter what was happening. I think he got Julie pregnant ,and then , he died. Doug was married to Julie's mother first. Then, there was Aunt Marie..I think that she became a nun.These stories are always the sane..man..woman..birth..death..infinity..

Susanlynn, I don't remember exactly why we hated Lisa. I know part of it was that it was Too Soon after Tessa, but I don't think we would have hated just anyone. It was hard to put into words even then, because it was so nebulous. Basically, we couldn't tell what he saw in her. At all. With Tessa, the attraction was easy to understand, but with Lisa it was as if they had just flung some random woman at him and she stuck. We wanted him to have a serious love interest or even just a fling, but please not a barnacle.

Julie...how about Amanda? Did she and Duncan reconnect..in the Biblical way ? I honestly can not remember. Just like I can not remember him killing Richie? Did he do that after he killed the evil immortal and became evil? ? There is a line before he killed that guy that I have always remembered .."Who you are can depend in who you have met? " It struck me that that is so true. We are who we are because of the people we have met who have influenced us and our personality. Did killing Richie bring Duncan back to his self? I always liked the characters..Methos, the guy Roger Dalton , etc. The last season got very odd with the Avatar. I did not get it, and I honestly cannot remember how they ended except it was kind of an alternate reality thing with Tessa living a different life married with children. I should watch that last episode. Everything changed after they killed off Tessa. #iwanttobeonthatbarge

Hmmm David. Was he engaged to someone else and then Julie got pregnant (or the other way around)? :)

I can't say I've really watched it in many, many years. But in the rare instance I am home at that time, I sometimes will channel surf to see if I recognize anyone. Patch was "it" for me along with the original Roman. I heard Patch and Kayla came back from time to time. I just looked it up and Mary Beth/Kayla won Best Actress in 2016! She still looks great. He is now 66 - time has marched on.

I'm glad this is still on for those looking for something to watch but haven't (sadly) discovered the world of TNs.


Julie..google Highlander the TV series cast. It is pretty interesting who was in that show !!

Yeah, I think Duncan fooled around with Amanda. But I don't remember fans ever hating her. We distrusted her, of course, but she was entertaining. On the other hand, Dr Lisa was a real wet blanket, pushing that relationship so aggressively.

Yes, Duncan killed Richie while under the influence of a bad Quickening that went on for a couple of weeks. I don't think he recovered right away, but I didn't watch much longer anyhow, so I don't remember.

Roger Daltry was Hugh Fitzcairn. He was awesome. And Methos and what's his name, the Watcher. And Charlie, remember him? I don't remember the Avatar, or Tessa coming back (except for Fake Tessa in "The Counterfeit"). That all must have been after Richie's death.

Highlander would have made a fine TN, but sadly, I wouldn't trust Televisa to make a show like that.

Um....R. G. V. How many Pilgrim Fowl do you have anyway?


Susanlynn, even without looking on IMDB I can remember some impressive guest stars. Joan Jett, Roland Gift, Traci Lords, Sheena Easton (she was terrible with the sword), Vanity, Nia Peeples, Marc Singer, Geraint Wyn Davies (Forever Knight), Soon-Tek Oh, and maybe James Hong (I'm just playing the odds on that one).

OK, then I looked and there were even more people. Like "Julie" from Welcome Back Kotter? I don't remember seeing her! And Michael Shanks from Stargate. Wow.

And you know Amanda is a former Miss America, right?

Kirby, is that Spanish moss? Do they use that in their nests?

Julie..Since I am not getting anything done anyway except trying to make my 3 syllabi for fall semester, I checked out a site I used to frequent called " Highlander clan macwow." I actually met some of these women and one just died. You won't believe this, but on that forum ,I read that there is going to be Highlander Worldwide convention in October !!!Can you believe that people are still having conventions about a show that ended so many years ago??? P.s. I am "stevi," on that forum site . I just left a few comments there.

Julie. Yes it is like the finishing touches for chick comfort over the sticks a nest is constructed of. A real luxury item not all Mom's will spring for.

OT: Highlander. Oh yeah, Duncan and Amanda got back together toward the end. She was one of my favorites. I remember when she first visited Duncan after Tessa died. I don't remember her coming on to him but just being her usual thieving, subversive, fun self. As I remember it, it was more about her trying to cheer him up with some caper rather than her coming onto him. She offered to stick around, but he sadly said nope and she left town. If I'm remembering correctly, he went through a whole season of no main squeeze, just a damsel in distress here and there that had to have her some Duncan. It used to crack me up how the women did a lot more of the pursuing than he did. Next season, I think, when Dr. Lisa came along I was okay with it, but I do remember folks knocking her looks. There are so many old shows playing on the Antenna, Cosi, and Me TV, and I've wondered why none of them are re-running Highlander. I'd be in the first row if they did.

You're right, Kirby... my mom never brought us any Spanish moss!
And when we finally visited Florida for the first time (when I was in high school) we were told not to TOUCH the stuff because "it's full of bugs."

Susanlynn, that is so funny about the convention. It used to be in Denver because that's where the organizer (Krystmas Tarr) lived. I just looked for highla-l (the huge mailing list group I was on back in the day) hoping to find archives of the emails from that time, but I couldn't find anything older than 1997.

Niecie, I remember that scene of Duncan sitting on the steps holding Tessa's nighty after she died. Then, he ( in that long, black, leather coat...mmmm) told Richie to get rid of their studio\ apartment as he walked toward the Thunderbird. Kansas was singing "Who Wants to Live Forever When Love Must Die?" Tore me up! Then,Duncan lived in the loft. His first hookup was only a few episodes later...Sheena Eastwood. That ticked me off happening so soon after the love of his life (well, that life) died. Adrian was in one of her music videos! Do you remember Adrian in the movie " Love Potion #9" with Sandra Bullock?..so handsome.

Susanlynn: The Philippines has LOTS of Teleserye's with the long-running "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" (has been on the air on ABS-CBN Network since September 28th, 2015), "A Love To Last", "The Better Half" among others.

Julie: Looking forward to a new episode tonight!

Kirby: I've lost count about the Body Count.


Oh Niece, I just remembered, some people were dinging Dr Ann (that's right, Lisa Howard=Dr Ann, not Dr Lisa, oops, my bad) on her weight because she was "too thin." (Possibly true, but not a good enough reason to hate her.

I think ScyFy or USA (whatever it is called now) got Highlander exclusively and thus it is not available in regular syndication or on a reruns channel. ICBW.

People, if we are obsessing about Highlander, it's because that show was the TOTAL PACKAGE. It was excellent in every way I can think of, stimulated both sides of the brain, was put together with great care, well researched in terms of historical content (costumes, etc.) and showed off a fair amount of Paris that we otherwise would not see in a regular TV show.

Plus, a weekly fight to the death. Fun for the entire family!

Julie - The total package - you said it. Every episode worth watching.

Susanlynn - I saw Love Potion #9 but don't remember Adrian in it. I'll have to check it out.

...and the quickenings..let's not forget those quickenings.

Carlos was also a Highlander fan. It was kind of a Scottish telenovela...villains ...heroes..but with immortals..and swords.

Julie..loved Nie the Watcher. He was also on " Wiseguy" which is being rerun in the Heroes and Icons channel. I remember Charlie and the dojo.


Julie your parents were partially right, as in FLORIDA is full of bugs.

Kirby..yeah, I found that out when my aunt and uncle moved there from N.J. years ago and discovered that they needed an exterminator on a regular basis. Ew . I have enough trouble dealing with stinkbugs here that like to be inside and fishing Japanese beetles and flying ants out of the pool. I do not like bugs...or heat. Guess that I will not be moving to Florida.

They've got some of the old characters back on there.Y'all remember when they were just inching their wau into interracial relationships on TV back in the seventies? One of the characters that was about was Julie's son david,he was A doctor. They could bearly hold hands Back then, and the kiss was a peck on The lips and it was done.Now that one is back,the lady who is black,and son. Who David didn't know anything about.
And now David is dead.And julie was pist,but But she forgave the mother who is now with Abe Romans best friend and Marlene's sister is back who was in prison but now she's out and she's working with this rival person who is trying to take the newspaper away from Jennifer. It's like they're trying to revive some of the old stuff but its not as good as it was. And now a new generation of Damaris have come in with a few of the old still sprinkled amongst them. They're still hanging in there. I wonder if they'll make it to 2019 or even 2018 all the way.

Susanlynn, Diana most of those people
Y'all are talkin about are still on there. And the storyline is pretty intetesting. Marlianas evil twin is back. So corny.

Marlena's evil twin!

That's right Nina. Wow...I forgot about Marlena's twin!

Abe was a bit after I watched (back in the 70)'s. Yes, he was Roman's friend, but not THE original Roman. I want to say Wayne Northrup was the original Roman - heaven knows why I remember that when I can't remember yesterday!

Hey, I just googled and it was him! Wow, he's 70 now!

Less than an hour to showtime! I guess I can mention now that I think Ryan is getting a very interesting, surprising phone call.


"flying ants out of the pool. I do not like bugs...or heat. Guess that I will not be moving to Florida."

Flor-I-Duh is not for the weak or squeamish. Try riding a DeathTrap among all these blind drivers !

Hey Diana, now that you mention it, do your midshow credits show Ryan kissing someone? Hint: It is not Tad.

Great pic Kirby!

Wow - if that shot is there, I haven't seen it. will be on the look out!


"Hey, you gonna watch Double Life tonight? You can see it through his window.?"

"I don't know, can't you see I'm busy? This dam frog is giving me fits and it's almost dark." "Dam Reptiles, no meat to speak of anyway."

"Hey Listen to me. Are you gonna watch or stay out here all night with that skinny frog?"

"Hey what are you guys talking about?"
"A TV show, but I'm the only one talking. You wouldn't understand, now get out of here."

Nina..yes, I think I read somewhere that Marlenas doppleganger is going to have a storyline. Was her name Haddie?

Just saw that surprising phone call !!

The slicig and dicing has begun, y'all! Please bear with us as we try and figure it out recap wise. It seems aince Jose is so pipular they may be preempting DV in the upcoming weeks and slicing DV. Just a heads up

Kirby are those birds having an argument?The one on the left looks like he's begging for mercy.And apologizing

Alfredo... I am mad. I am so mad that I can't even talk about it tonight. (About the preemptions and slicing.) If they're going to screw us on Season 1, why on earth would we trust them for Season 2??

Julie, they cut sooo much. Mid scene cuts, character development, plot twists. It's all Laustela and some Danilo. We got rid of Maria at least.

I just saw my email, Alfredo. I am practically frothing at the mouth right now. I think this happened during TVA and VEA too, right? They wait till Ultimos Capitulos and THEN they start mashing two episodes together? What are they thinking? Here is my guess at their thoughts: they want to piss off all of their Televisa telenovela fans so that they can show dubbed Brazilian stuff instead. Or whatever the plan is. The key point is that they don't care whether I like it or not, and at long last it is mutual.

Damn. I am :29 into this episode and I gotta say, I don't know what they cut out, but the stuff they kept in is gooooood. (Which just makes me madder)

I posted the recap for 54 so you can see what they cut. In the grand scheme of things it was mostly the smaller scenes and subplots but a lot of what they kept in is sort of halfway in there, you know? Like the Ausencio and Danilo scene seems weird where it started and that's because they cut out the first part and stuffed it in there. Poor Tadeo lost his whole subplot and magically appeared onstage lol Maria needs to introduce TIm Allen but Uni doesn't care.

I don't about TVA, Uni reported 102 aired episodes and they had a couple of weeks of double epsiodes so it all added up to 122, which was the Mexican version, and lord knows that one needed some heavy editing but VEA had editing as did MdN in Unimas (which was only 51 episodes!).

If the dubs are coming to Uni then what is Unimas going to air???? THis is why I watch afternoon novelas, they leave those alone for the most part.

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