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La Candidata 7.24.17 Chapter 30: Emiliano is a Victim of Cecelia

Lorena immediately gets off Alonso and gets dressed as Mauro ushers her out. Regina slams the door closed as Alonso tries his best to keep a straight face. Regina approaches him, demanding to now what he is going to say about what she just saw, but he is quiet. Regina slaps him as tears start to form in her eyes.

In the hallway, Mauro follows Lorena as Cecelia and Magda look on. Cecelia and Lorena look at each other as Cecelia waves goodbye though Magda asks if she knows the problem she has just created. Cecelia tells her that she didn’t tell Regina what was going on, and doesn’t know who did, but Magda worries what a scandal like this one could do to his campaign. Cecelia tells her that it was his own fault before leaving.

Omar’s guard shoots at Jose but Jose takes out his gun as well and begins to shoot. Jose manages to get into the driver’s side as Omar runs down the stairs, demanding they stop them from leaving. Jose drives away as the guards continue to shoot and Omar calls them all imbeciles for allowing it to happen.

In the lobby, Lorena continues to walk to the exit, silently, as Mauro suggests she leave now before there is a scandal. Lorena thinks it’s ridiculous that no one told the Governor his wife was on the way, though Mauro doesn’t know how it happened. Lorena warns him that the scandal could end Alonso’s and her career so he has to make sure the information doesn’t get out and he knows who she’s talking about. Mauro is quiet and Loren tells him to make sure Cecelia is under control though Mauro reminds her that he doesn’t take orders from her. Lorena reminds him that that is only for the moment and leaves.

Regina tells Alonso to not return home because she won’t let him inside. Alonso thinks she’s joking but she is dead serious. He tells her that she can’t live without him but Regina tells him that she just found him having sex in his office and that makes him the biggest cynic of all. He tells her that she can’t deny the Governor entry into his home but she remind shim that he can’t govern his libido so how can he govern a city, let a whole country. She calls him a traitor before storming out. Once alone, Alonso wonders what the hell he will do now.

In the hallway, Regina wipes her brow as Cecelia comes and asks if she can help with anything. Mauro goes into his office at the same but continues to watch as Regina confesses that she feels dizzy. Cecelia offers to take her to her car and walks with her. Mauro comes out of his office at that moment and calls Magda over. He asks Magda if it was Cecelia who called Regina so she could catch her husband in the act but Magda tells him that she already asked and Cecelia told her now. Mauro will surely find out but in the mean time, they will have to endure Alonso’s fury. He begs her to go in first, as he doesn’t have the patience for it right now.

Outside, Cecelia asks Regina if she feels better but Regina asks, point blank, if she sent the text message, especially because she didn’t try and stop her from going to Alonso’s office. Regina wants to know why, as they are not friends but Cecelia reminds her that they are women and she wanted her to see the truth with her own eyes. Regina thanks her and Cecelia tells her that she doesn’t deserve what Alonso has done to her. Regina nods and goes to her car as Cecelia watches her depart.

In his office, Gerardo meets with Hernan and show shim the USB that shows Alonso’s party and his party making backdoor dealings. He tells Hernan that the video is proof of everything but Hernan doesn’t think it’s enough, especially because there are already a lot of people who had sold themselves to the Governor. He already controls a lot of the media and they will immediately protect him should something like this get out. Gerardo isn’t so sure though, he asks Hernan to let him think it over, but Hernan suggests he schedule the press conference for the end of the day after letting the video play on social media. If, after that, the biggest media players report on the video, then they can go from there. However, they will have to wait and see how they report on it and that will determine if they protect or shun Alonso. Gerardo thinks it’s a great idea and then they part ways, for the time being, as Hernan asks Gerardo to take advantage of the opportunity to beat Alonso politically or else he will continue winning. Once alone, Gerardo mulls this over and makes a call.

Regina is in the car, thinking over her mess of a life, when she receives a call from Gerardo. He tells her that he was worried after all the text messages she received. She asks him if they can talk later, as she’s on the way to the hospital, but then asks him to come and see her there. He tells her that he will be right over.

Alonso, along with Magda and his guards, walk to the press conference in the lobby as Alonso confesses that a storm is upon them because Regina caught him in the act and it will be hard to make her change her mind about them. Magda nods, silently, and tells him that Natalia called, though Alonso will call her later. As he gets to the podium, and greets everyone, one of the reporters asks about the video that shows Morales bribing Senators. Alonso is shocked and the reporter explains that a video was uploaded online that shows Morales handing money to all his Senators. Alonso laughs it off and tells her that he had nothing to do with it but the reporter insists that the video shows a previous pact between Morales’ party and his party. Alonso firmly denies the accusations and leaves the podium as the reporters follow and continue to ask questions. He quietly chides Magda for not telling him about the video but she had no idea. He asks if she called Omar and Magda tells him she will do so right away. Alonso demands a meeting between Omar, Mario, Mauro and Cecelia right away before storming off. Magda quietly prays.

Ignacio meets in the bathroom with the intern who met with Gerardo and the reporter earlier. He tells Ignacio that the video he handed him is already making rounds on social media and Ignacio nods before telling him he uploaded the video himself. The intern knows he did but Ignacio explains that he left it for Gerardo but no one can know it was him who left it. The intern nods.

Almiron tells Mario that Ignacio is under control and he will be willing to serve them however possible because he’s scared something will happen to Nayeli. Mario hopes this is true and reminds him that they need Teresa controlled the same way though with her gambling addiction. Almiron tells him not to worry as the casino is already letting her win so she can get excited. Mario thinks that a step in the right direction though notes that Isela reopened the cabaret and that may cause problems with Regina, who suspects he is hiding something. He worries that Noemi will awaken form the coma and tell her everything as Almiron receives a call from Ignacio. Ignacio tells Almiron that Gerardo published the video that compromised Morales and will hold a press conference to report Alonso’s dealings with organized crime. Almiron hangs up and reports this to Mario, who curses his luck.

Marcia hands Omar a drink and asks him to calm down though he can’t because idiots surround him. He worries that Natalia will tell Alonso what happened and then he will be finished. Marcia tells him that she can help and tell Alonso that things didn’t happen that way but Omar reminds her that Alonso will believe Natalia before he believes Marcia. Just then, he gets a call from Magda.

Emiliano and Ximena are arguing about the Regina-Gerardo “affair” as Regina comes and asks him how things are with Noemi. Emiliano tells her that it looks like Noemi is out of the coma and Regina squeals with delight before hugging Emiliano. She then thanks Ximena for supporting Emiliano but Ximena tells her that she’s there to--. Gerardo comes and asks what she is doing there. Ximena tells them that it’s a wonderful coincidence because she came to see them both and ask about their “relationship.”

Teresa storms into Ignacio’s office, as she came to see Gerardo but he isn’t there, but Ignacio asks her to relax. She will relax when she finds Gerardo and asks if he found Nayeli. Ignacio tells her he did and she notes that she lost what she was looking for because Gerardo can’t stop pursuing Regina. Ignacio wants to know why she even cares, as she doesn’t love Gerardo anymore but Teresa reminds him that Gerardo is hers and she loves him. Ignacio asks why she sleeps with others then and Teresa explains that it is out of necessity. She then reminds him that they had a deal but Ignacio reminds her that he was worried about Nayeli. He then asks her to forget about Gerardo but she tells him that Gerardo will be back and suggests he tell him to hurry. She then reminds him that she’s with others out of pure necessity as Ignacio smiles.

Alonso meets with his cohorts and demands to know who uploaded the video. Cecelia notes that it won’t be easy to find out as the video went viral and that makes tracing the source much harder. Omar doesn’t care either way, as the damage is done, and Alonso asks how they will move forward now. Cecelia tells him that she is writing a memo encouraging the Senators to vote against the project he proposed but Alonso thinks she’s crazy. Cecelia reminds him that Gerardo will say to the press that the parties had a pact to vote for the project but if Alonso comes out and encourages them to vote against then he will have no argument. Through this, Mario agrees that it’s a good idea though Alonso notes that Red Circle will be very unhappy. Mario suggests he take care of that later but Cecelia reminds them that they have another problem: Regina wants a divorce because she found Alonso with Lorena. Omar demands to know what happened as Cecelia excuses herself.

Natalia gets a check up from Pablo, the doctor who originally checked out her wounds but didn’t say anything, and asks him to not say anything to the police. Pablo thinks she should as her face is not as bad as her stomach and back, and reminds her that Jose was also hurt this time and a tragedy may happen if she allows this to go any further. Natalia tells him that she will do it, on her own time, and Pablo tells her that he will give her a copy of her clinical history, before stepping out of the room. Jose asks if she’s sure of what she will do and Natalia nods before telling him that Omar will pay for so much violence. Jose nods, quietly.

Regina tells Ximena that it’s not the best time or place to talk about her questions but Ximena asks if Regina is sleeping with her father. Gerardo grabs Ximena, tells her he is not sleeping with Regina, and takes her away. Emiliano then asks if it’s true what Gerardo said and Regina tells him that things are a lot more different than he thinks. He demands to know what she means and she explains that things are not that great between her and Alonso. Emiliano noticed, especially because all she does is attack him when she should be supporting him, but Regina demands to know why he doesn’t tell Alonso the same thing about her. Emiliano asks why she says that but Regina reminds him that it’s not the time to talk about these things and then sees Noemi’s doctor. She asks how her mother is and the doctor tells her that she’s better but they are monitoring her to make sure there are no long-term side effects. Regina thanks him and the doctor walks away.

Mario thinks Alonso was too careless with his affairs, as does Omar, but Alonso reminds them that he had no idea that Regina was on her way to his office. Omar thinks someone tipped her off but Mario thinks they should focus on remedying the situation with Regina. Alonso thanks him but is shocked to see that Mario has reprimanded him for cheating on Regina. Mario reminds him that no one is free of sin but he is worried that Alonso is so willing to put his career at risk for sex with Deborah and now, Lorena. Omar agrees with Mario but Alonso thinks they should focus on Regina and prevent her from drawing the divorce papers. They all agree.

Outside the hospital, Gerardo explains to Ximena that he is only friends with Regina because they want the same things and understand each other. Ximena thinks that is BS but, as Gerardo goes to argue, his phone rings. Ximena demands to know if he is in love with Regina and Gerardo admits that he is but he is not sleeping with her. Either way, he’s a free man because his marriage to Teresa ended years ago but Ximena reminds him that he slept with her mother, recently. Gerardo reminds her that they are adults and she knows how things go: Teresa looked for him when he was vulnerable and things happened. Ximena reminds him that Teresa still loves him before telling him that he broke both their hearts and walking away. Just then, he receives a call from Nieves, who tells him that the reports have been calling about the press conference and asks him for what time it’s programmed.

Ximena meets with Emiliano and asks him what Regina said about her relationship with Gerardo. He tells her that she denied it and their parents don’t have anything going so they should forget it. Ximena won’t especially after her father confessed to loving Regina. Emiliano is shocked and she tells him that their parents are together and he should accept it.

Mario finds Regina in the hospital and tells her that he already knows what happened and talked to Alonso about it. Regina asks if he is going to defend him but Mario thinks she’s exaggerating. At this, she asks him not say anything else because she will lose all respect for him. He reminds her that he is her father but Regina reminds him that because he is her father, he can’t say those things to her. She reiterates that she found her husband having sex in his office and that is unforgiveable. Mario only wants the best for her but Regina asks what the best is: to stay at home, knitting. She demands to know what he means by “the best.” Just then, Gerardo comes and tells her that they need to go because the press conference is underway. She goes to leave and Mario asks if she is crazy. Regina thinks she has never been more sane and goes to leave but the doctor, who asks to talk to Regina, stops them. Regina goes with him as Mario comes up behind Gerardo and tells him that he knows he uploaded the video. Gerardo admits it was him and warns Mario that he will end all the corruption, starting with him. He storms out, as Mario looks on, pissed.

Omar arrives at Marcia’s café and looks on as she flirts with another patron. He tells his guards to wait in the car as he goes inside.

Alonso holds a press conference where he explains that he has asked for transparency regarding the usage of their tax dollars because he is also tired of all the excess waste. He then tells them that his party is voting against the reduction of patron sponsorship because employers should not stay with the money that belongs to the citizens and their families Just then, Emiliano arrives and stands next to Cecelia. He tells her that he is there to talk to Alonso but she reminds him that he will have to wait, though Emiliano is used to waiting. He then asks her why she’s not up there with Alonso and she explains that he’s doing things perfectly. Either way, she can’t be next to him all the time, lest he look weak. She then asks how he feels and Emiliano admits that he’s not feeling great. Cecelia asks if it’s regarding his mother, because she was present when his mother caught his father…Emiliano demands to know what she’s talking about and Cecelia realizes her mistake as Emiliano continues to ask her what happened.

Natalia meets with her lawyer, who suggests she not to go back to the mansion, especially since there is a restraining over against Omar already in place and that will help during the divorce process. Natalia explains that the mansion he is sleeping with Marcia in is hers because her father constructed it but the lawyer asks her to be calm, as the process will take a while, and they will get the mansion back. Just then, Jose whines as he readjusts his brace and the lawyer asks if he doesn’t want to press charges. Jose is sure though Natalia gives him a look as the lawyer walks away. Just then, Magda, who is shocked to see Natalia’s bruises, arrives and Natalia asks her to hold her breathe as she already knows Alonso sent her in his place. Magda explains that it has been a busy day but Natalia notes that the least of his worries is the fact that they almost killed his mother.

Marcia goes over to Omar, who chides her for going to work instead of waiting for him at home. Marcia explains that she was bored but Omar now knows why she loves working so much, because she has a great time. Marcia is taken aback and Omar notes that she seems to have a great time with her friend, before nodding at the guy she was flirting with earlier. Marcia thinks he’s being ridiculous but then Omar’s guards grab the man, drag him out of the café and throw him out on the street. Omar instructs Marcia to watch as his guards beat the man up on the sidewalk.

Regina and Gerardo arrive at the Senate building and he asks her what is wrong. She confesses to having caught Alonso having sex with Lorena that morning as Ignacio comes and tells him that everything is ready for the press conference. Gerardo asks if she is sure about the press conference and Regina comes she is. As they are leaving, Ignacio receives a text message and asks them to wait because Alonso just released a memo stating that he will not support the new project. Ignacio tells Gerardo that it is his moment to shine and he agrees as Regina does too because everyone now knows about the backdoor deals, even if Alonso denies it. Ignacio suggests she not bring it up because it will weaken the video’s power, especially because she’s still Alonso’s wife. Gerardo thinks that Ignacio is right and Regina nods as they walk away. Once alone, Ignacio calls Almiron and informs him that that press conference is about to start and they will only talk about Morales and their party. He then hangs up.

Regina and Gerardo arrive at the press conference and tell the reporters present that they are there to answer any questions or doubts they have.

Teresa sees the press conference on the news and calls Ximena to tell her but Ximena already knows as it was announced everywhere. Teresa tells her that Gerardo is sleeping with Regina but Ximena asks her to calm down and tell her where she is. Teresa tells her that she doesn’t know what it feels like to be made a fool of before hanging up.

Ximena, who is at Nayeli’s house, hangs up too, and then goes to Nayeli, who offers her a drink that Ximena denies, before sitting down. Nayeli thinks it’s ironic that their parents expect the best of them when they are the worse. She then tells her that Ignacio wants to talk to her stepfather, but Ximena thinks it’s a great idea, though Nayeli confesses that everything she said about her stepfather was a lie so her father wouldn’t send her away. In fact, she is the one that tried to seduce her stepfather. Ximena is floored by the news.

From the hospital, Mario calls Alonso and placates his fears about the press conference though Alonso is worried about the fact that Regina may not take him back. Mario admits that it will be difficult but they need to wait a couple of days for her to calm down. Alonso reminds him that she can’t ask for a divorce, publicly, or his career will be ruined. He tells Mario that his future is in his hands before hanging up.

Emiliano goes down to Alonso’s office, cursing his father for being a traitor, as Cecelia follows. She asks him to calm down but Emiliano reminds her that his family is going to hell and he now understand why his mother was being so difficult. Just then, Alonso arrives and asks him how he is doing. Emiliano demands to know why he destroyed his marriage before storming out. Once alone, Alonso asks if Cecelia told him what happened but she shakes her head and tells him that it was probably Regina. He asks that she chase down Emiliano and calm him down. Cecelia obliges and does so immediately.

Teresa meets with a Mario’s associate, who hands her an envelope of cash. He tells her that he has done has instructed but she should tell him if she needs anything else. She tells him that she is going to need a gun.

That night, the same associate calls Mario, who instructs him to give her the gun even if they don’t know why she needs it. He thinks Teresa may help them get rid of their problem before hanging up. Just then, he asks the doctor how Noemi is and the doctor explains that she is better and asks if he wants to see her, briefly. Mario nods and then asks if she will remember everything before the accident. The doctor explains that he isn’t sure, though the tests say everything will be fine, but he should be with her and hold her hand for now. Mario nods and goes.

Emiliano arrives at the cabaret and looks around as Isela sees him. She asks the bouncer if anyone asks for an ID because he looks too young. The bouncer explains he comes recommended before asking her to go to her office. She obliges as Emiliano continues to observe the dancing girls.

In her office, Regina tells Gerardo that Daniela told her Alonso has been calling her all day but she can’t get the image of him and Lorena out of her head. She explains that it’s not because she’s jealous but rather that she feels betrayed. Gerardo understands but asks if she has begun the divorce process yet. She hasn’t but she will and Gerardo tells her that he will support her not matter what. She thanks him as he kisses her hand and she hugs him. Just then, Daniela storms in, takes in the scene and apologizes, but tells her that they called from the hospital and it’s urgent.

Isela finds Cecelia in her office, looking under the weather, and asks her what is wrong. Cecelia shakes her head but Isela knows that something is wrong. She assumes that it’s the same story of always: she meets a man who promises her the world but ends up in hell regardless. Cecelia cries softly and Isela chides her for thinking that being the Governor’s lover was going to be a cakewalk though she now sees that it’s not. Cecelia cries harder and hugs Isela before telling her that she needs her. Isela tries to let go but Cecelia holds on tighter as Isela reminds her that she distanced herself first. She demands to know why but Cecelia doesn’t know. She confesses that she goes with the flow but now realizes that she is in a very dangerous game that doesn’t seem to have an end. She then looks back at Emiliano and tells Isela that he desires her but they both know what he is and what it would mean for them to sleep together. Isela smiles and nods before telling her that sleeping with Emiliano would be the perfect vengeance. It is what they have been waiting for, the perfect way to destroy Regina for being the first born with all the privileges. Cecelia is quiet and Isela tells her to sleep with Emiliano and give Regina plenty of reasons to cry.

Larreta arrives at Alonso’s office as Alonso welcomes him. Larreta, however, punches Alonso in the jaw. Alonso demands to know what his problem is but Larreta tries to punch him again. Alonso grabs his arm and overpowers him as they land on the floor. Alonso holds his face down but Larreta screams that he has no code because of what he did with Lorena. Alonso reminds him that Lorena was only using him, because she wants power, but Larreta demands Alonso let him go. Alonso finally obliges.

In her apartment, Cecelia asks Emiliano how he is feeling. Emiliano demands to know where they are and she explains that she took him to her apartment lest Regina see him drunk and in a bar. He tries to touch her but Cecelia demands he keep his hands to himself, as she is his father’s press secretary, and tries to hand him a coffee. He knocks the cup out of her hand and pushes her against the wall before telling her that Alonso and Regina are both having affairs so it’s only fair that he have some fun too. He starts to kiss her neck and Cecelia fights him off, at first, before eventually smiling and kissing him back.

Mario puts on a gown and gloves and goes to see Noemi, who is still unconscious but stable. He wonders what he will do with her and goes to take off her breathing tube.

Regina arrives at the hospital, locates Noemi’s doctor and asks if she’s okay. The doctor tells her she is and Regina asks if she can see her. The doctor nods and tells her that Mario is already with her but he would prefer that only one go in at a time. Regina smiles, tells him that she will see to it, and then goes to Noemi’s room.

Gerardo sees how reporters storm the Senate building and then goes inside his car to find Teresa waiting for him. He jumps for a second before asking what she is doing there.

As Regina puts on her gown and mask a few feet away, Mario asks himself what he will do with Noemi. He then grabs a pillow from under her head, puts it on her face and presses down. He demands she die and presses harder.

Teresa asks Gerardo if he was with Regina because she can smell her on him. Gerardo reminds her that there is nothing between them and demands she get out of the car. At that moment, Teresa takes out a gun and points it at his temple. Gerardo, nervous, asks her what she plans to do with that. Teresa tells him that she plans to save their relationship before caressing his cheek…


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Thanks, Alfredo. You got it all!

What an episode! Again and again I seem to say it.

Looks like we are going down the road to incest. Cecilia being the half-aunt to Emiliano just makes my skin crawl.

Every time I see Alonso and Mauro they look so grey. Maybe the make-up people could have done a better job. They appear so much older than they are probably supposed to be.

I am really tired of Emiliano, Ximena and Nayeli. The kids are evidently used to getting TMI (in my opinion) when they feel free enough to ask their parents if they are sleeping with someone. There is such a lack of respect. It is really none of their business.

Marcia sure got a reality check when she saw her friendly customer get beat up.

Will Noemí survive the attempt on her life? Will Regina see her father trying to kill her? It looks like Moemí is the new Natalia.

Gracias, Alfredo. Great job.

It looks like some of the denizens of this tale are already on their way to a fiery fate. While I would love for Regina to catch Mario trying to kill Noemi, I think he will escape that fate somehow if only to add more crimes to his growing rap sheet.

It was high time for Regina to find out about her cheating husband.

That Teresa will try to kill her ex because he doesn't love her is not a surprise. She may try to rape him again.

Omar added more to his tonight, exactly as Natalia predicted. However, if Cecelia crosses the line into incest with Emiliano she will be the Queen of Karmageddon. Mephistopheles will like her. A lot.

Jarifa: OMG!!!!!! Cecilia knocking up her nephew ? What's next ? Raping their cousin too ?

UA: The producers have a deep fantasy of the incest thing.

Thanks Alfredo for the complete recap. I really appreciate it as I have classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings. I'm a bit surprised at Regina's rage. Didn't she know Alonso was sleeping around? Is she upset as because he was doing the act in his office? Isn't this a bit of a double standard as she was planning to join Gerardo in their secret lair. Its difficult to keep track of these characters and their different infidelities. Now Alonso is in trouble. How is he going to keep Regina from filing for divorce? The kids are irritating but none of them had parents who are good role models.

Lynette, I, too, have wondered for a while now if Regina has suspected Alonso of cheating and maybe just was willing to ignore it as a matter of course until it hit her in the face and she couldn't ignore it anymore.

Jarifa: Regina KNEW Alonso was a Scumbag from the get-go.

Yet, she married him!

I don't think Regina knew Alonso was a dishonest man when she married him. He may not even have been at the time; that's 20 years ago.

We do know from the early episodes that she and Alonso hadn't had sex in months. She was probably getting suspicious then. Lorena is now saying that he's no great shakes and Cecelia doesn't seem to be arguing with that part. She still boinks Hernan, who is young and energetic and really digs her. This little discovery she arranged will be doing Regina a huge favor.

Based on the kisses we've witnessed and the grrrrreat shirtless shots we've had of Gerardo, I'm sure we're all waiting with baited breath for when he and Regina finally get it on.

Excellent complete recap, Alfredo! I agree with both Jarifa and Urban. Cecilia blows it again! She was not only complicit in Susana's death but is having sex with her own nephew. Yuck! (Dare we hope something interrupts them in time?) (And isn't it a little early in the evening to be showing this kind of thing?) The only way she could redeem herself now is by dying heroically while saving Regina's life, but she's much more likely to end up as part of the body count of people done in by Mario-Omar-Alonso, etc. Oh my!-- The obligatory 2-guys-talking-in-the-urinal scene. I see the cliché has spread to Mexico! Nayeli is one messed up kid! And btw, the actress playing Cecilia does an excellent job portraying tired and slightly drugged out.

And in Unimás news, evidently Univisión's "Rosario Tijeras" is moving to Unimás at 9 PM starting August 7. I assume it won't affect "La candidata'"s time but I assume "Totalmente diva" will go back to 1 hour. I wonder if "El bienamado" will move to 7 or 8, or, heaven forbid, daytime.

That's 9 PM Central Time. :)

SpanProf: Next, we'll probably see Cecilia having sex with the Pope.

Only if they crossed this series with HBO's The Young Pope, which stars Jude Law.

Thank you Alfredo for your riviting and detailed recap. I am just feeling like...can this get any worse? Now we are going to see an incestuous thing going on between Cecelia and Emiliano? That is so gross!

What is with Teresa besides being totally narcissistic? Does she think she can force Gerardo to love her with a gun? I know he "did it" with her last week. The last thing we need is for her to get pregnant. Or maybe it would be Iggy's child. But I can just see her trying to force Gerardo to go back to her.

I'm just waiting for someone to turn up pregnant I guess. We need to be hit with a scandelous pregnancy. Maybe Ximena AND her mother will turn up pregnant. Or Cecelia, Ximena and Nayeli will all be pregnant with Emiliano's babies. Can you imagine that?

I want Regina to catch her father now....

I'd love to see the pregnancy cliche done away with. There are other great possibilities here.

Cynthia: But will the soon-to-be Baby Momma's be alive when this bloodthirsty TN ends ?

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