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La doble vida de Estela Carillo, Capitulo 43 La Regia is back...and there is another bad guy on the horizon

Celso helps Estela, Ryan and Milton escape. They get to see where the other illegals are hidden. Laura whishes they could do something to help, but Celso says that the bad guys have too many connections, they can’t help them. Milton films everything and then they run.

Genesis and Steve are in luuuv. She’s sad about her brother.

La Tona is back home, hurting. She asks for Nina’s help while she recovers, but then she catches her searching for Laura’s passport.

Laura and Ryan are home. She remembers all she went through and how it pains her to see the conditions the illegals live in.
On a less gloomy note, now she and Ryan trust one another deeply. They can’ help everyone, even if they try, but they can try to finish off their enemies.
Laura thanks Ryan for helping them get rid of Blake. He doesn’t care about losing the money, they will have another chance to go against Danilow. He gives her another cell, she teases him about a surveillance app. They kiss…

Danilow is out of his freakin’ mind.
AssBun gives him some more money to launder. Careful what you do with it! he says. They get into a fight, Danilow gets the upper hand, threatening AssBun and Talisman with guns, AssBun doesn’t even blink while Danilow says his barely comprehensible speech. As soon as the crazy is gone, Talisman says that he’s out of control. AssBun hopes he delivers. What he cares about more is what ED will say when he finds out that Ryan and Estela are together.
I don’t get these grown up vicious money trafickers getting the chills over who dates who …

Morgana and Leticia bond over jewelry, tailoring and baby stealing. But what will LetMe do alone, without Tomas ? Morgana will help her, no doubt. LetMeGetaClue thinks she’s too thin, she should eat more.
Ryan and Danilow run into one another at Furia. They exchange un-pleasentries.
Ryan will take care to clean La Regia’s name. Danilow is making things difficult, he thinks Ryan should be gone since he’s no longer with Furia. Ryan shows him legal documents that prove otherwise.

Milton reports on the news about everything concerning the indocumentados. ICE frees them and Celso gives an interview. He says that La Regia gave everyone courage that things will work out.
Also, Milton realizes what Dani blackmailed Laura with. He tells her he won’t use this information, he doens’t care about it, but he will need her help eventually.
Mr. Blake is with the press. He denies all the accusations but he’s on the verge of losing all his political support. So he gives up his candidacy.

Joe and Mercy are happy together, but they still need to get rid of the wife.

LetMe talks to Tadeo briefly. He’s rehearsing. She can’t find Maria home.

Nina searches something in La Tona’s room. She’s caught searching for Laura’s passport. She goes to confront Fausto and to make a deal with him.

Blake is unhappy because he lost his tomato business. Luisa encourages him. He needs time for things to calm down. La Tona is not a worry for him.

Danilow is worried because he needs man power to confront ED. What if they know him already, what if it’s AssBun ? They need someone on the inside.

Morgana tells Tadeo that she despises La Regia (Iguana). She also says that LetMe left them for Tomas. He needs to think about his future music past.

Laura is afraid because everything is too calm. She couldn’t find LetMe, where is she ? What about Chava ? What about him ??? Ryan explains her stuff off screen.

Press Conference to clear the fact that La Regia didn’t have anything to do with Blake. Regia and Ausencio will remain united. They will both have new material. Morgana says that she has new outfits to present for the new show (Dani is afraid she could announce something else).

Nina and Regia hug after the conference. She will be her number one fan.

Joe has a confrontation with his wife. She threatens to poison the kids’ minds and to win them in court using the regional music is dirty connection

Danilow and Laura fight again. Why can’t he leave her alone, since he’s about to have a family and the whole company ?

Ryan chats with Morgana and he gets the idea they could use her to get to Danilow.

La Regia receives a lot of positive tweets on the radio. There is a caller, also, she doesn’t recognize the voice, but the guy  asks « who is your daughter’s real father ? Because it’s not Ryan Cabrera. »


Good Morning!

Looking forward to your recap, Adriana Noel.

Celso is alive...and had a really quick recovery! He's a smart one not to have "sold out" Regia. Milton sure got lots of footage AND interviews in "just a few more minutes."

Blake's campaign: In Talisman's words--"Another one bites the dust!" (surprising line from him, IMO)

Bonita is back to her witchy self. Previously, didn't she ask LetMe to call before going over? And now she questions LetMe why she is calling her at her home? Does she have short-term memory problems that she just might forget to tell Maria that her mother called?

Danilow, the gun slinger, sure has a deathwish. AssBun sure keeps his cool, though

If Danilow would launder money as quickly as Ryan "laundered" Regia's name, AssBun would be shocked, but proud.

Busy morning, more laters...


Thanks in advance Adrianna for giving part of your (precious) Saturday for our recap, Ms 'The Double Shifts of Adrianna Noel'.

WOW, if I ever decide I really do need to take on Trump, Putin, Merkel, and the Rock, I know which Nasal Spray to use. NOT Pepsi. DaniLow is OUT OF CONTROL And I might add even more hateful than ever. I can't wait for his chicken to come home to Shit On His Corpse..

I think Morgana is delusional about this baby scam, but she is steadfast. Her potential baby donor is still out of town, what would she have done if LetMeaddonemore (to the legions of babies with forked up lives) had not come back or just disappeared? And still, it should be interesting to see how she thinks she is going to pull this off. Is she planning on dressing up as a delivery room nurse and just flat stealing it? Note to Morgana: your nurse outfit from Halloween will not work.

Although I suspect Tommy Jr. might be better off with Dan and Morg than with cray cray LetMe. At least those two are too selfish to have anything to do with a kid after the 20% papers are signed and would hand him off to professional nannies. In my opinion, that would be far superior to being the sibling to already grown Tad and Maria and having a certifiable lunatic for a Mom. Her skill in choosing men is going down, and we can only shudder at what number three might be. Let her have DaniLow Jr. then kill her crazy ass off . I am tired of her and her deer in the headlights life.

Hey Blake, unless you are Moby Dick, there is always a bigger fish, eh?

Shoot, I was beginning to like Nina, little hoe. Is there anybody in this show who does not have somebody else making them do things?

Hey girls, we actually had some sort of kissing and Te Amo last night. Some tender moments between Ryan and Laura, and I admit it was kind of nice. Still no panties on the floor, hmmmm. (Maybe his card was declined)
just kidding

LetMe is calling Bonny's home phone because her kids have sense enough not to answer their phones when Cray Cray calls. I don't blame them. Say what you will, and I am sure Bonny is not all lovie dovie to them, but there with Mutt and Bonny is some semblance of normalcy. It may not be the best, but neither of them are fricking crazy, as were BOTH Tom and Let.

So how long did TalisBun have to practice his 'Another one bites he dust'?

Happy Saturday

RVG Chick: I'm hoping nothing horrible happened to Leticia since Morgana AKA Abortion Barbie was plotting on taking her baby.

Steve, nothing has happened to Leticia yet. Morgana still has a ways to go with her "pregnancy" so, if anything, she will take care of Leticia and make sure she is ok...until the baby is born.

Kirby, ITA the tender moments were more than welcome, but we've seen more from Danilow and Morgana than we have from these two. I wonder why Ocampo is shying away from bedroom scenes for the protags. Yeah, this is a narco drama, but even narcos get it on.

Rushing off to errands...laters...

Good morning everyone.

I was happy to see the genuine love and affection between Laura and Ryan. To me, set against the backdrop of all the imminent danger, hatred and violence, it seemed just the right amount. I would suspect they are emotionally drained. I am assuming things will heat up once the villains are vanquished, however long that takes.

RgvChick, I was impressed that badbun kept a level head despite Dan's ranting and raving. I gather Dan heard some remarks he didn't care for when he returned to retrieve his hat, but I have no idea what was said.

Kirby, yes. I don't care for Bonita but providing a sense of normalcy for the kids is absolutely true as you pointed out.

Did anyone else think there is some slicing and dicing with the editing? Unless I blinked, Nina was rummaging through Tona's drawers and then she was in a headlock. I don't know why she forced her back to Fausto's. The scene with Fausto and Tona sharing a siggy, faces inches apart was unnerving. Was there a tinge of sexuality there? Shiver.

Milton is the unsung hero here.

I was hoping Let would call Chava. Still am. Hope she does so soon.

Steve, now that Tom is dead, I am hoping Leticia's pregnancy continues without any issues.

Adriana Noel, yes, thank you for working on the recap. As Kirby noted, we are especially grateful that you manage to carve out time for this, despite your very busy schedule. Am hoping the double shifts are in the past (?)


Kirby, I propose your avatar be minted as a quarter. Wow...


Diana you are too kind, the Eagle did most of the work.:-)

Well Nina carefully closed the door, but it didn't sound like she fully closed it where it latched, probably to be quiet, and then BAMO ! El Gordo y La Feo was all over her with a headlock. That makes my skin crawl even sans headlock.

Sung to the tune of Beatles Rocky Racoon:

Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of California
There lived a young boy named Dani Loon
And one day his woman ran off with another guy
Hit young Dani in the eye Dani didn't like that
He said I'm gonna get that boy
So one day he walked into town
Booked himself a room in the local saloon

Dani L'Loon checked into his room
Only to find Gideon's bible
Dani had come equipped with a gun
To shoot off the legs of his rival
His rival it seems had broken his dreams
By stealing the girl of his fancy
Her name was LauStel and she called herself Estel
But everyone knew her as Regi
Now she and her man who called himself Ry-Ann
Were in the next room at the hoe down
Dani burst in and grinning a grin
He said Brother this is a showdown
But Ry-Ann was hot, he drew first and shot
And Dani collapsed in the corner, ah

Now the Veterinarian came in stinking of gin
And proceeded to lie on the table
He said Dani you met your match
And Dani said, doc it's only a scratch
And I'll be better I'll be better doc as soon as I am able

And now Dani L'Loon he fell back in his room
Only to find Gideon's bible
Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt
To help with good Dani's revival, ah
Oh yeah, yeah

That's he story of Dani L'Loon(atick)


Diana, after Danilow walked out with the bag of money, Talsiman noted that Danilow had forgotten his hat. AssBun was watching the news report about Blake dropping out of the mayoral race. and Talisman said, "Another one bites the dust," AssBun told him that that remains to be seen. He figures Blake is planning on seeking vengeance on El D. Talisman then says that, in any case, he will go after Danilow...after all he is the one known as "El D.' That's when Danilow comes back for his hat and tells them that he figured they were going to do to him, what they did to Nestor (the previous fake El D). He then asks AssBun who they are going to send to kill him. He then tells AssBun that he has no idea who he is dealing with...he has already killed several and two more wouldn't matter. Asdrubal then starts chiding him telling him that he's taking on airs thinking he is the real El D (AssBUn starts poking him). Assbun continues ciding Danilow and tells him taht he is just a cheap version, if he knew the real El D he would know that he wouldn't even reach his heels. That's when Danilow gets the pistols (that are very conveniently placed on the table) and points them to Talisman and AssBun. Danilow tells AssBun that maybe that is so, but at least he shows his face.

Kirby, you're a genius! I didn't know you were a songwriter...or a corrido writer! That was awesome!

Kirby, that eagle is awesome...did it see El Gordo and La Fea and shriek, "AACCKKK"

Diana, "Milton is the unsung hero" Very true, but he is treading very dangerous waters...I hope he doesn't make Steve B's body count list.

On my comment at 11:47: ciding = chiding taht = that

Oh Gosh. Thanks Was it in that scene also where DaniLow(life expectancy) told AssBun he was the one who killed Portofino and Ursla whatever, the brother and sister?

RGV Yuo ahve snee thse stodies wehe they ahev mistsmelled almust avery ward adn poeple can stull ride it jest fun haven't yuo?


Kirby, yes, I hvae seen thsoe stiudes; I'm jsut a bit obssiseve coplumisve LOL Supopedsly, if as lnog as the frsit and lsat lteters are croerct, poelpe can fugrie it out :-)

Danilow told Assbun about killing Porfirio and Ursula in the previous episode (right after AssBun came back from the "trade"), but AssBun didn't believe him.

Thanks for posting the discussion header, Adriana! I couldn't wait to start talking about this! I hope your double-shifts are over... they are doing those at my grandmother's nursing home and it has caused a lot of people to quit or be fired. It is inhumane.

Rgv Chick: "Does [Bonita] have short-term memory problems that she just might forget to tell Maria that her mother called?" she sounded sarcastic enough that she certainly wanted LetMe to think so. But it's not in her best interests with Erasmo to fail to pass on the message.

I think LetMe will be a fine mother as long as she doesn't fall for another Tomas type. It remains to be seen whether the lessons from her recent brush with reality will stick, or if she's still keeping a pet unicorn.

Kirby, I've been wondering if there's a bigger fish, too. Bigger than El Dorito, bigger than Salgado, bigger than Blake. One fish to rule them all? Even if that would be a deus ex machina, I might enjoy watching the big Monty Python Foot of Reckoning squash them all.

Tadeo hasn't answered his phone because he's been onstage 24/7 ever since he got hired. I don't know what Maria's excuse is. Maybe she's still outraged that her mother had the gall to make her a dress with her own two hands.

I would not have understood Talisman's "another one bites the dust" if not for the captions. I was tired last night and read the whole thing in English.

Diana, we know for sure that some editing is going on, since we know of at least three deleted scenes - the one that had the rest of the conversation between Ryan, Danilo, and La Regia at the restaurantin #40; some additional abuse from Tomas in 41; and more jerkitude from Tomas in 42. My guess is that every episode is missing about 30 seconds from Mexico.

I am confused about the previous El D being Nestor... I thought he had a different name. THe soup man, right? Wasn't he called Lucio or something? Funny that BunMan said Danilo couldn't measure up to the real El D's heels. I know it's just an expression, but I imagine "heels" could also refer to the kind of shoes that Realstela wears.

It's funny that BunMan doesn't believe Dani shot Porfirio and Ursula. Can't Natividad confirm it? He's the one who had to hide their bodies (and apparently he did a spectacular job).

OT- Kirby, waaaay back in high school, I had the same English teacher for English I, II and !V. She used to be in the Army previous to teaching. Every time we'd make a grammatical error, we'd get a big, red "MONSTER ERROR" on our paper...I was scarred for life! LOL

Julie, Maria won't answer the phone because she's too busy daydreaming about Mark. And, es, the previous El D's assumed name was Lucio Galvan, but I think his real name was Nestor. I've noticed that ever since he got killed, they refer to him as Nestor.

I don't think Natividad would confide anything to anyone about danilow. He seems to have becaome Danilow's faithful servant/henchman/sicario. Did you notice that even Danilow asked Natividad if he had done these type of things before...and he only said "your father's only weakness was women." He never really answered the question unless he started working with Walter at a very young age.

Julie, me too with Nestor. I was cornfoosed too, Nestor was in a different TN. The Soup Nazi was Lucio or some such.

Thanks R Chik

Poor Nestor - the guy had three names! Then again, so does Laura Oviedo. I guess it's tough to be a gangster.

Oh yeah DaniLow inherited Natividad from dear old pop.

Yup. I can read it as easily as perfect spelling.

Hi, everyone. Hopeo that you are all having a good Saturday. It is a little breezy here on my patio . Only 80 , and the sun goes in and out.

Adriana, I hope on that work is letting up a bit for you so that you can enjoy some free time with your family.

"Your father's only weakness was women " Gee, whoever thought that sentence was going to sound good. Old Walter was not a crazed, coked up killer like his son has turned into ..just a horny philanderer.I cannot believe that sockless Badbun hasnt killed Dano with the number of times Dani has been right up into his personal space threatening him. Badbun is a mystery ...a hot steamy mystery of a man.

Okay, time to repaint my toenails. #signatureelectricblue #ilovesummer

Crap ! You're not our Mom, what ARE you.?

Good evening patio peeps (in honor of your excellent avatar Kirby). Your lyrics were great - really liked your take on the vet :)

RgvChick, thank you SO much for noting what happened when Dan returned for his hat. Dan seems to think he is invincible. Between the drugs, the killings and the loss of Calao (probably the closest thing to a friend Dan had), his brain is addled - an unfortunate turn of events for someone who was not a Mensa member to begin with. He is deteriorating before our eyes.

Julie, I was a bit surprised badbun was not only unafraid when Dan pointed the gun, but made such scathing remarks. I think he really feels Dan won't shoot him. I wonder if he would feel differently if he DID believe Porfirio and Ursula were killed by Dan. "hot steamy mystery of a man" is right Susanlynn.


I don't get the DaniLow--BadBun dynamic either. DaniLow is not hitting on all cylinders upstairs and is one tiny backfire from blowing a biiiig hole in somebody's(probably BadBun's ) head.

I had thought in Narco Gangsta situations if you put a gun to somebody's head, especially a bad dude who out ranks you, you'd better do it or he will shoot you at his earliest opportunity.

For some reason, AssBun is holding back from offing Danilow and I don't think it is his idea to hold back, it maybe El D who is not letting him be rid of Danilow, but why?...well, something just occurred to of those off-the-wall ideas that I get...
If RealEstela is El D AND if she is Mercy's long lost baby, that would make Danilow her half-brother!! THAT, my patio buddies, could explain why AssBun has to put up with Danilow.

Geez, Kirby, what hair/feather-raising thing did those birds see?!

I think we've talked about this before...

if RealStela is Mercy's long-lost baby, that means that Ryan was bangin' his sister or half-sister.

And if, in addition to being Mercy's baby, she is also Dani's half-sister, that means Walter is her father (instead of Pedro Carrillo). That makes her Ryan's FULL sister.

did those birds see?!

ME !

Julie, you're I said--off-the-wall. I didn't think it through. Just trying to find some reason to all this madness :-)

LOL, Kirby, I thought maybe they had seen gun-slingin' death-defying (so far) Danilow,

The thing is, I keep thinking the same thing - that El D and/or RealStela must be related to Mercy and/or Danilo. So either El D is not RealStela, which gives us more options, or the relationship just isn't there.

But RealStela could be Danilo's half-sister via Dani's mom.

Walter may have additional kids we don't know about, that maybe Walter himself didn't know about - like Natividad said, Walter's only weakness was women.

The question remains then: Who would be so protective of Ryan (and maybe Danilow) and yet, risk destroying the reputation of (or completely destroying) Furia Productions?

It can still be RealStela, but she'd have to have some other reason for protecting Danilo. If they had the same mother, they would have grown up together. That'd be a pretty strong reason.

On the other hand, being the daughter of Pedro Carrillo is a clear motive for wanting to destroy Furia, which would be bad for Danilo.

So it could be that she is "protecting" Danilo so that he can be destroyed slowly. I mean - his father was Walter. Her father was Pedro Carrillo. I can see where there might be bad feelings.

Of course, in her mind, destroying Furia doesn't hurt Ryan, because Ryan will be hers, and she'll have all that gangster money.

OK wait. If Dani and RealStela grew up together, I think everyone would know that. It would have been mentioned before. Poo, that doesn't work. It would also probably mean that BunMan can't be her brother. Danilo would know about that.

But what I was getting at is that Mercy's baby probably has to be someone else entirely.

Oh, I know. Mercy's baby is Paloma's father. Then Paloma can really be Mercy's granddaughter.

Round n round we go, when it stops we shall know...maybe...the 2nd season is yet to come ARGHHH!

Hey all!

I am finally all caught up! Whew, I leave for two weeks (a one extra recovery week) and all hell breaks loose in Estela's world. First Ryan is shot, then she's kidnapped, now her and Ryan are the caped crusaders against immigration. THank you everyone for your wonderful recappers, especially Julie, who was doing 4 days usually, as well as Adriana who despite every shift always came through. Now we have a new recapper, welcome RGV! And an unofficial one: Kirby! lol

I think this is the first novela I watch where the real world is so integrated into the actual story. I remember VEA had an immigration subplot but that series handled everything horribly so I assume that was horrible too? Not only that but Estela makes the characters' plights extremely empathic. Emerson's death was so harsh though, and so close to life, but I thought it was handled with the respect. I wish we would see more of Genesis' mourning though than we have. I get she's second to Laustela's trade and subsequent escape but still, she's important.

As for Danilo, killing is one thing, killing with a gun is another but killing with your bare hands, that takes guts. I think he's loosing that fear he initially had and is just going for broke. Ironically, some parts of his story remind me of Adolfo's from LQLVMR (I recently finished that one too before Netflix yanked it). Danilo needed a lot of guidance and he sadly didn't receive any and I fear everyone has directly and indirectly created a monster. ***I can't remember the preview "spoiler" discussion but he's getting worse***

As for Ryan, I think he has definitely improved over time. Most surprisingly, Morgana has not tried to say her baby is Ryan's not even once. It makes Ryan sleeping with Morgana even more useless than I initially thought as it was a barely a blip for the character's though for us it was a low point in the Ryan trajectory.

Mercy and Rosario share a secret pain…I never would've though. I wonder if and when Mercy will confidee her own story to Rosario. Idalia is sure a real witch, huh?

Tomas, good riddance. I thought Leticia's story ultimately had a good message and I was happy to see Felicia had also managed to move on…hopefully Leticia will too. If Morgana is after the baby then she'll have to be 9 months pregnant, no? lol I hope Tadeo accepts himself and Maria doesn't fall into dark habits at school.

I'm excited for Ultimas Semanas. It reminds me of most novelas in the 90s. 60 episodes and that was it. No time to go around in circles or get annoying or boring, by the time you blinked it was over. Bring it on!

Hi Alfredo! Good thoughts...

I don't understand why Danilo isn't questioning the paternity of Morgana's imaginary baby. She told him she did the deed with Ryan, and the timeframe is just about perfect.

Hello, guys! I manages to scribble a quick recap, but you guys covered more details in your comments.
I wish I could answer them all, but as always, I'm running out of time.
Just a few quick thoughts:

Julie, I don't think Danilow cares who Morgana's baby daddy is, as long as he can claim it as his and collect the 20%.

Alfredo, I was thinking the same thing as you while watching Dani kill Tom. This character started off with some scrupules, he was even likable, but the drugs and the power really went to his head. Killing someone with your bare hands while watching that mast breath leave their lifeless body takes a certain kind of viciousness.
Could it be that Assbun is the one who's playing with fire when it comes to Dani?

RGV, I think we're all pretty sure that Estela is ED. If she's also Ry's step sis, then ewwww!! BTW, I moved your recap the other day, you did it perfectly. I'm so sorry I don't have more time to dedicate to the show, there are so many things I miss out on .


Diana, isn't it truly awful that a hack like Bonita is right now a better role model for the kids than their own mom? On the flip side, she does seem to keep her emotions on check, try to do what's best for Tommy jr.

Kirby, no more double shifts for now, but all that work did come with a nice bonus and a promotion. Youhooo!! More work, a little bit more money and I get to boss people around a little bit. Loool

Congratulations Adriana. My bosses used to do that then tell me "We are not asking you to work MORE, just work SMARTER'"
Translation: In my particular case that simply meant not more but a LOT more. But those people were jerks.

So long as you still have time for your 'Paloma' everything is good.

And thank you for this.

On my Double Life they show snippets with the theme song to burn time after commercial breaks, and there is one shot of Ryan kissing.

Does everybody else see that too? I,m not saying any more, I've carved my name on half the chairs in detention already and I want to go outside again someday.



Thanks, Adriana. Love the way you slice to the meat, like AssBun doesn’t even blink while Danilow says his barely comprehensible speech. Congrats on the promotion! Here's to fewer double shifts.

No idea where this is going, but it was good to see Ryan and Laustela cozy and happy. She professed her love and complete trust in him. What could possibly go wrong?

I'm not sure about how much time has passed since Morgana boinked Ryan, but I'm betting Mercy won't accept Danilo getting the 20% without a DNA test for the baby.

I'd been thinking Asdrubal is the only one that knows the true identity of ED, but Talisman seems to know too. Talisman wouldn't be okay working for a woman, if ED is RealEstela like we think. So the woman must have some powerful connections.

Kirby - Your Danilo saga set to the Rocky Raccoon song was terrific. Danilo started off cute as Rocky Raccoon, what a mess he is now. One good sign. Rather than snort that packet of cocaine he tossed it aside, telling Horacio it wouldn't help. Asdrubal, you helped create this monster.

Niecie: Danilo the out of control monster sounds just about right.

Only to stop it is to whack him!

Good Sunday Morning to All!

Adriana Noel, CONGRATS!! on your says a lot about your capabilities. I agree with Kirby...LOTS more work AND responsibilities. You get to be the a boss...woohoo!! I felt the same way when I got my promotion then I found out what it really was to be a boss...not just telling people what to do, but making sure they do it right and listening to all the complaints..AACCKK..but I still loved being a boss :-) BTW, great recap! You touched on all the important points...thank you for taking from your precious family time.
Also, you said, you have "moved" my recap...I have no idea what that means, but thank you :-)

"Why can’t he leave her alone, since he’s about to have a family and the whole company?" Actually, this was one of those scenes where Danilow seems worthy of being saved. After, LauStela said the above quote, he told her that it could have been "their family", and "their company." Although he knows it'll never happen, he's still wishing for something good for them.

Niecie, thanks for bringing up the fact that Danilow tossed the cocaine he was off the drugs when he killed TomAss and when he confronted we know it's all him...he is truly spiraling downward of his own accord.


Niecie said: "without a DNA test for the baby."

In the real world, that would be a forgone conclusion if the controlling ownership of an entire corporation hinged on it. And it would in any TN if it fit the plot, otherwise it would be like all these other TN scenarios like a gun with no bullets. So I can not see how Rosie Osie will work around that without insulting our intelligence. (are you reading RO'?) I mean baby theft is a scosh more involved than shoplifting a six pack.

I do like Laura and Ryan together, as in when she accepted the replacement phone and joked about his former 'spy phone'. Although that time they got rained on with all that straw and maybe other things, makes me wonder if they are now a little gun shy about anything having to do with San Francisco. Or was the rain just symbolic of a looooong dry spell ending?

I think the OHCOD is much more sinister and evil than an antiseptic quick bullet. And to have done it stone cold sober if you will, shows us how Low DaniLOW is these days. Although he tossed the coke aside, I would be surprised if he simply tires of it and 'kicks the habit'.

Oh, i forgot, OHCOD
One Hand Choke Of Death

Isn't that what TomAss wasted his last puff of breath saying?


LOL Kirby, I like the OHCOD...but you can scramble up the words to Death Of One Choker-Hand...DOOCH!

Take that back, that sounds like the hand died LOL

Or Death Of Hand

Good morning, all.

Adriana, thank you for the recap. Congratulations on your promotion . I have only been a classroom teacher, but Hubba has been a boss, and I was the sounding board for lots of complaining . However, he was a good boss ,and you will be, too. Give us a recap of your first bossy week !

Dan certainly started out as a young, clueless egotist, but he rapidly slid down a slippery slope. #ithappens

Watching a mama deer and her teen fawn in the back yard. Beautiful day here on my patio..sunny, breezy, clear, and 78.


You're right, OK nevermind.

Good morning blue toes. The deer in the backyard are cool. Is the little one playing around or is it behaving?

Milton is an interesting character. He is very driven, very intelligent. Is he in this just for the story, or does he have a backstory that is driving him? It seems to me that his real interest is Pedro Carrillo and exposing the money laundering business. Although he did tell LauStela that he was not going to use the information he very wisely guessed (that she is an illegal), he also insinuated that if she didn't help him, he had his "card" to use in the future.

Kirby, that eagle looks like it's on a mission: "Hold on babies, Mama's comin' with lunch!"


Thanks, Adriana! Congrats on the promotion! I won't be able to read the recap till later, but I'm looking forward to refreshing my memory. I can't remember what I saw two nights ago.

Kirby: "they show snippets with the theme song to burn time after commercial breaks, and there is one shot of Ryan kissing." I don't see these snippets. Maybe I FF through them without realizing it. I need to pay more attention.

OK, so point taken about Dani not questioning the paternity of Morgana's imaginary baby, but what about Ryan? He should definitely be curious.

Niecie, Talisman might be okay working for a woman if the price is right. Maybe he owes her a debt. Or maybe he's technically BunMan's employee and he's fine with that.

Does anyone else think Horacio is hot? Just below the neck. Or maybe it's an optical illusion.

Milton could just be a very ambitious journalist, but considering the amount of danger he's putting himself in, I think he's being driven by more than ambition.

Kirby..Last summer, I came home from vacation to find that most of my hostas in the front yard had been eaten. Then, the next morning when I went out to get the newspaper, I saw two tiny fawns at the side of the house. This morning , the mama deer had a pretty big teen with her. They closed the curvy back road behind us a few years ago because they did not want to pay to fix the bridge over the creek. They gave the land back to us, so nothing is behind us except a wooded ridge and a creek. It has become an animal sanctuary.

Julie..Horacio? I am a fan of Joe and Badbun..despite the had hairstyle choices. #letmerunmyfingersthroughyourhair

Bad not had. #thetabletisnotmyfriend

RGV yes, it is amazing the expressions you can see on the faces of birds and critters. We humans are not the only ones with facial expressions .

Milton reminds me so much of Wilbur in La Piloto. Wilbur brings to the table media access probably more widespread and of more perceived integrity and lack of bias than Laustela can dream of through one of the Furia press conferences. He is a valuable ally as long as he does not get greedy. If he truly is on a mission to expose organized crime I hopeo they (LauRy) realize how valuable he is.

Is MercyMe E V E R going to tell Rosario, and us, about the mystery child? At least tell us the gender, something. has she kept up with it, where is it now, does it know about her, was she abducted by Evil Space Robots and implanted? Arrrrgh

Rgv, I meant to say that I "loved" your recap. Hehe

I think Danilow threw away the coke when he was talking about needing an army of men to go against ED. IMO, he was pretty high when he killed Tom and almost killed Tal and Assbun
I, too, wonder if Milton's days aren't numbered.

When Dani told Laura they could have been a family, I thought he was just being his usual delusional self. Ever since he first met jer, she was his brother's girl, so thinking of her as a love interest should gave never crossed his mind. That being said, someone like her could have maybe helped him not turn to the dark side - when they lived together at the ranch he said that he woulf give it all up if she loved him.
IMO, his only redeming quality is his love for Paloma. The fact that they don't share scenes anymore makes him lose even more of his humanity, unfortunately.

Susanlynn, being in charge IS hard. For now my biggest problem is findinga new way to interact to my old peers... they know I deserve the promotion, but some of them are still a little pissed about it.
You were noy ONLY a teacher, you could boss around kids...loool. Actually your job was harder than most boss jobs, I think.Kids are the perfect combination of awful and lovable, kind of like Danilow before he started wackung people.

Meant to say "boss kids around".
Don't text and walk at the same time, guys, I can barely understand half of what I write half the timë

Ariana..I actually teach people from usually about 18 to infinity. Some are very responsible and self disciplined.. And some aren't. Good luck. It must be difficult being promoted over your peers, but as long as they know that you deserved the promotion and are fair, everything should be okay.

Nina has popped back into the picture as Regis's numero uno fan. Is she going to be important in this plot?

Who is Dani babbling his thoughts to now that his bff has bit the dust? Navi? The villains always need a minion to act as a sounding board for their diabolical plans .

Sue I am afraid Nina has popped back in because she got caught in Tona's bedroom digging around looking for Laura's stolen passport. My suspicion is that she is working against Laura now for Tona or Fausto.

Yes every important person needs a sidekick. Even Johnny Carson had a sidekick.
What do you think the Vice President actually does? OK there, you have your answer.

It is so rare these days for good women and men to finish first, but it appears you have bucked the trend Adriana Noel. Sincere congratulations! I am thrilled for you! I am happy your hard work paid off and wish you the utmost of success and happiness! I'm sure that your colleagues realize your promotion was well deserved, and after a bit of grumbling, I am hopeful things will settle down. How wonderful.

My earlier comment didn't post for some reason. I didn't save it so this will be abbreviated.

Your recap was excellent. "I don’t get these grown up vicious money trafickers getting the chills over who dates who …" had me smiling in appreciation. I have to go back to my early on speculation that Dan and Ryan's father isn't dead. That Cesar Evora is El Dorado. He wouldn't want Ryan and Laura together because he thinks she is Estela. Why wouldn't he want Dan dead? Because he is his son (perhaps something not even bb knows). To me, this just makes the most logical sense. Which means of course that I am totally barking up the wrong tree :)

"Joe and Mercy are happy together, but they still need to get rid of the wife". This is a very interesting triangle. Yes, they are happy. Joe seems to be a good guy except of course he cheated. Mercy has had her good and bad moments but - a cheater as well. Even if his wife is medusa, I'm not convinced we should root for them 100%. "Joe has a confrontation with his wife. She threatens to poison the kids’ minds and to win them in court using the regional music is dirty connection". Hmmm, she could/should have taken the higher road as she said she doesn't love him. She's doing this for spite. But...I can't really condemn her.

Thanks again Adriana Noel!


But in DanLow's case I believe he is still accepting applications.

When mockingbirds attack it reminds me of DaniLow attacking AssBun.

Susanlynn, I think Kirby is right.

I think Tona and/or Fausto have set Nina up to do something terrible to Laura. I can't decide which is more odious - but Tona might win that argument. Blech.


Or lke this.


OMG Kirby. How did you ever capture that shot? Amazing!


I paid the birds.

Woo Hoo if Ryan's Dad is really NOT dead that really shakes things up. Mercy and Joe and Lindsay and El Dorito and DaniLow. YIKES.

Walter Cabrera----> Ryan and DaniLow's father. Mercy's possibly undead husband. Yeah Diana that would be fun.

The Jays and Mockingbirds are year round residents, the Eagles are not. Numbskull built their nest within 6 feet of an unoccupied Eagle nest, obviously unaware that the owners would return in nesting season.

When that happened Numbskull little bird took great exception to a predator being so close to HIS/HER nest.

I, too, agree that La Tona and FauxPas are somehow intimidating Nina into helping them. Even though Nina made things worse by giving La Tona Laura's passport, she was actually trying to help her idol, Regia. So, I think that once she figures out what they are plotting, she just might end up doing something to help Regia...she is, after all, the president of Regia's fan club.

Yeah, Kirby, Ryan's dad being alive would shake things up quite a bit, but I think too much...especially since we're in ultimas semanas.

Kirby, that is truly an amazing shot! Now which one is Danilow..if you go by size of ego, I would say the eagle LOL


Didn't Tona pause for a minute when she had Nina in her headlock and say something to the effect that 'Wait, I think I can use your interest in Regia."?

I'd say annoying little gnat bird is DaniLow and Eagle is AssBun losing his patience.
The Eagle appears to be looking for his can of 'Deep Woods Off' spray.

Kirby, yes. La Tona told Nina she would be her "passport" to Laura.Then when she went to FauxPas she told him she had a proposition taht would benefit both of them. I'm hopeoing that Nina overhears the "proposal" and finds the courage to go alert Regia...or someone that can help Regia...maybe Genesis, since she has met Genesis?

Oh OK, Thanks that is what I saw, and as it is now, Nina is still simply an adoring fan, unaware of the evil plans TonFaust have to get Reg/Lau/Est which we assume involve her (Nina).

Crimmedy I need Cliff's Notes for this show.

Adriana Noel, good recap.It seems ryan
And Danilower are competing for furia
And estela/laura/Regina.
Danilo is getting crazier and crazier.
I'm surprised assbun lets him point
The gun in his face like that. Anybody
Else would b full of holes.And another
Thing asbun said "the only thing I'm
Worried about is what ED is will think
About Ryan and Estella being back as novias again. He looks really upset to the point of not carring abouta really
Large bigass gun being pointed in his face By a brainless twit in a cowboy hat.
Out of all the crazily mixed up stuff
Going on I just really want to finally
See who the heck is ED. Assdribler is
Very worried about ed's reaction to
Pretty much everything.
Letty don't even seem to be worried about the blond crazy guy she hitched
Her wagon too.
I can understand the anger of Joe's ex
But she should cut her loses, let him go. He's done with her, move on girl.
Hes made it clear he wants the cougar.
And tryin to turn the kidos against their dad just gonna backfire on her. He's a Cheat, but he's still daddy.
All the dogs are comin down on laura,
She better be prepared. But she does
Feel like somethings comin, and she's right.

Alrighty then, Thank you Adriana.

a brainless twit in a cowboy hat All the dogs are comin down on laura

Nina, I always enjoy reading your have a way of wrapping up whole ideas into a few words that just say it all.

"He's a Cheat, but he's still daddy".

Yes, that's true Nina. No matter which parent gets hurt, they should never try and turn the children against the other.

"Hes made it clear he wants the cougar" was great.


If Walter is undead, that definitely changes things! I don't even know how to kill a zombie...

Hopeofully Nina knows or at least suspects that Fausto and Tona have some kind of beef with Laura and will look for a way to thwart their plans. (She does know that Laura Oviedo, the woman in the passport, is the same person as La Regia, right? Or did she not recognize her because of the wig and everything?)

I don't know what I think of Bonita. She does seem to represent normalcy to Maria (I think Tadeo is more on the fence, so to speak). But she's also needlessly nasty to their mother. Normally the Other Woman wouldn't be that uppity to the First Wife in front of the kids.

Thank you again, Adriana. I'm glad I read this, because I don't even remember seeing Genesis and Steve!

I had also forgotten that Blake dropped out of the mayoral race. I am wondering what this means:

1. He had threatened Laura that if she got out of line, he'd have Ryan thrown in jail. Can he still do that?

2. Because Senator Wolver... er, Logan has friends at DOJ. Logan is probably not happy with Blake right now. Will Logan tell his pals at DOJ to resume the investigation into Furia? Because that would actually be fine with Blake at this point. Or will Logan do nothing?

3. I want Logan to go on the run so that I can do a recap titled Logan's Run. You think I'm crazy about Power Rangers, don't even get me started on Logan's Run. (Thinking about it because Michael York was on The Simpsons tonight.)

Julie, Nina does know Laura Oviedo and Regia are one and the same. When Regia finished some promotional gig and was giving interviews outside, Nina and Fausto were there...that's when Fausto asked Nina who the little girl was and Nina mocked him saying that it was his child.

They really haven't shown much interaction between Bonita, Maria and Tadeo. In the scenes they have shown, Maria and Tadeo seem annoyed with her, so I really don't think they value what she has to say. If they are being influenced by anyone, it would probably be their father. They do, however, seem to be much more content and at ease where they are now.

Julie, I don't think Blake has much pull with Logan. Logan was very upset with him and told him to "disappear" because he is better off in the shadows. Logan also told Blake not to ask him for anything he wouldn't want to do.

Logan's Run would be a really cool caption :-)

Does anyone else think Horacio is hot?

Julie, I'm right there with you. Horacio wears a shirt very well. Too bad he picked the wrong team.

About Milton, he said something kind of mysterious a while back to Regia that made me think his crusading had a personal motivation. Maybe he had a sister that got caught up in trafficking or the narcobiz?

I'm guessing Bonita is scared Leticia still has a thing for Erasmus even though she remarried. When Bonita finds out Leticia is single again, I can see her getting even worse.

The most recent scene I remember with Bonita and Maria was when Leticia brought Maria a homemade dress to wear to school. (Remember, this dress was made by Morgana's personal designer, so it's not like it's some frumpy piece of crap.) Maria complained that it wasn't a storebought designer brand. (She needs to talk to Ana Leticia from TVA, who only wears couture and wouldn't be caught dead in a storebought dress.) Bonita backed Maria up and told Leticia to go home. So, from Maria's perspective, Bonita is awesome. (Will be more awesome if she buys Maria some Jennifer Lopez stuff at Kohl's.)

Niecie, I vaguely thought Milton had mentioned a sister a long time ago, but wasn't sure that I didn't make it up. Or maybe we already had this conversation. It does seem more than just professional on Milton's part. Is Milton supposed to be a gringo? (I think he is.) I don't know if it matters or not, but it would be nice to see a gringo in this story who isn't an asshole.

You are probably right about Bonita escalating tensions with Leticia, but I hope Leticia develops a thicker skin. I also hope that Leticia and Bonita can someday be friends, mostly because it would be better for the kids, but also because I'm still sore that Marta and Lilian didn't team up in VEA.

Juls for bo and letty to team up,there will have to be Some big happenings to come into play.
Bo got her hubby to forget he has a
Whole family back home,married him and
Managed To get knocked up. And now it looks like she may be gaining her lil daughters Favor.bumber.He got a longer
history and"memories of the times they left behind"(sing it babs) with letty, which he's probably Giving alot of thought these days.

OK, OK, OK....let Me chime in here for Bonita and her Mutt. Abandoning your kids is pretty bad, but not so much after they are teens. Most teenagers I know wouldn't know their parents had disappeared until their card didn't work at the mall or gas station.

So, given what we have seen of Mutt and LetMe, Mutt shows a lot of guts to leave and start over.
If I woke up one day married to psycho LetMe I would move to a different country too.
The gal is a wacko. You can say she was used, whatever, she is a co-whacko with TomAss.
Remember how she would not accept that Mutt had moved on. Delusional.
Meets some sketchy character in the park and three weeks later is married and pregnant? Whacko
Moves to Mon-Forking-Tana without saying goodbye to her kids Fruitcake.
ALLOWS TomAss to make her quit her job and lets him hit her? Enabler.

Run Forest Run. Your kids will forgive you

Barges in at Bonita's normal home blathering her looney shit? I would call the cops and now SHE would have a restraining order.

My advice: It is your choice if you want to be cray cray. But if you do, don't share. Just go off somewhere and be that way. AND DON'T have babies. Nobody deserves a Mom like that.

Happy Monday patio pals

Julie: I do NOT think Logan will be going down anytime soon.

Good Morning, All!

Kirby, I was trying to think of something to say in LetMe's defense...but couldn't think of the defense rests hehe. All I can say is that she must have done something right (back in Mexico)--Tadeo turned out quite stable and is always looking out for his sister; Maria started out as a spoiled brat, but seems to have settled down...and she seems to love her brother. Maybe something happened to LetMe once she crossed over to the States...something in the American water or air that turned her brains to mush. The good thing is she is starting to demonstrate some signs of good brain activity--she reported TomAss and left him.

Happy Monday--hope this week brings us more revelations and leads to happier times...some anvils dropping would be nice too :-)

Rio Chik funny girl. Yeah I may have been kind of rough on LetMe but what really frosts me is the baby. There are so many wrong reasons and ways to bring a baby into the world and she pretty much covered them all.

As far as her kids, I just am assuming that they had an extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. who helped them to grow up normally.

And I didn't even indict LetMe for lying to her kids about Mutt while they were still in Mexico, otherwise they would have probably not set off for the US to begin with.

"she reported TomAss and left him" yeah lotta good that did his dead ass. :-)

Not ten o'clock yet and 80 fripping 8 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Wow. I finally have a chance to check in , and I find lots of interesting comments.

I think that I have cracked the telenovela code. Perhaps a warrior princess (or prince) is someone who manages to stand up to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and the situations and characters who happen to inhabit our own personal orbit. Maybe it is just being able and grateful to deal with the minor villains in our lives...jealous friends, judgmental neighbors, demanding relatives, aggressive salespeople, annoying bosses. These shows and characters allow us to say to ourselves, "Well, if Lauralestela can survive being sold into sex slavery by her boyfriend and used and abused by Fausto, Blake, Ocelio, Tona, and who knows how many random customers, I guess I can brush off that snarky comment by my sister .

Happy Monday. Be safe out there, friends. ..and thankful that you don't know any of these people. Your worst enemy is a thousand times better than the majority of these characters. #gratitude. Susanlynn, listening to the chirping of baby birds in a nest outside my living room window !

Leticia did try to say goodbye to her kids, several times, but neither of them picked up the phone. (Of course she shouldn't have gone to Montana at all, but he practically dragged her off by the hair. She could have avoided this by going to the movies.)

And unfortunately you can't get a restraining order just because someone you don't like visits your home. One of my close relatives had a stalker and that was what it came down to. Luckily for the relative, the stalker found someone else to bother and/or some unreported vigilante intervention transpired.

Kirby, nice pic!! The orange hues look awesome. I suppose the bird saw you and was showing off it's wings...beautiful! anyone can call the police on you...even if there is no reason for it except revenge for someone you know calling the police on him\her. The police do not know who is telling the truth . #hesaidshesaid #lifeiscomplicated

It was 'Psssst over here. Look at this great stick I found.'

"Aw Hon, don't be mad, come here give me a hug."
"Get your wing off me. I saw the way you looked at her."

'Oh Man, I'm in a world of hurt. If this misstletoe doesn't work I'm looking for a new nest."

"I never dreamed I'd have to EAT that misstletoe. But something nice for the kitchen always gets me out of trouble."

"Whew! That was close. I'm never looking at another feather again."

Hey if Blake and Luisa know who Paloma's father is, do Tona and Fausto too? Are us and Ryan the only ones who don't?

When Blake had given LauStela back did anyone notice that one scene where his butterfly collection was scattered all over and he was sitting on the floor like a baby throwing a tantrum? I think I saw that but only out of the corner of my eye.

Tona would probably know who Paloma's father is, but Fausto might not. He was only the recruiter and I guess he hung around the place a lot, but wouldn't necessarily be privy to this information unless it was big news around the bordello. (Assuming that Paloma is Laura's child, which we don't know for 100% sure even though we've been given no reason to doubt it.)

I don't remember what Fausto's response was when Nina said "hey she's your daughter." Maybe he didn't respond at all.

I didn't see the butterfly tantrum scene, but sometimes I only watch with my ears and not my eyes (which is not a good way for me to watch). I can totally believe it happened, though. He was whining quite a bit.

When Nina told FauxPas "That's you child" He didn't say anything, but later when she as still mocking him for not knowing about his child, he said that he wasn't the father, but he knew who the father was.

I don't remember butterflies scattered either, but I do remember, at the beginning of one of his scenes, he was touching them in a display against the wall

Yeah that display on the wall was open and there were butterflies scattered on the floor. And I THOUGHT I caught a glimpse of Blake siting on the floor, but it was just a fleeting glimpse so I can not be sure. It is not pertinent to the story anyway.

Are we assuming Paloma was conceived while Laura was employed at the whorehouse? If everyone connected with that stint of her employ knows Who's Yo Daddy, it makes sense.

Whoever he is, he sure sires a sweet adorable child. It's a shame it didn't work out. :-)

Where is Steve now that he and Genesis are a couple?
In Nogales trying to get a prescription for WHAT?.

Thanks for clearing that up about Fausto, Rgv Chick. I was pretty sure we knew somehow that he wasn't the father, but didn't remember that he said he knew who was.

Kirby, I have been assuming Paloma was conceived while Laura was at the brothel, but doesn't it seem odd, given the nature of the work, that they would all be sure who the father was? Unless she was reserved for only ONE client!

But I figure if she was conceived AFTER the brothel, probably none of those people would know who the father is. Right?

Unless Laura is not Paloma's mother. If that's the case, though, Paloma's mother must be dead, because nobody ever mentions her.

Or maybe Paloma's mother (if not Laura) isn't dead, but isn't being discussed because she didn't want the baby.

Julie I have been mulling over the same thoughts. But at the Brothel. I would just assume contraception is to a brothel like hard hats on a construction site. But then, I know far more about construction sites. I guess we shouldn't stumble over small details, accidents do happen.

I am probably off base here too, but isn't that one of the things whose discussion is almost unavoidable in a serious committed relationship?

"Hon, your little girl is a darling. Do you have joint custody?"
"No, I have this little Angel all the time."
"Oh, that's cool." Who's her Dad?"
"Ahhh just some guy. How about Pizza tonight?"

? ? ? ? OK, uh yeah Pizza sounds good................

Maybe they are waiting till she is older to see which one she looks like the most !


They keep dropping little hints that she was Blake's personal companion back then, the way he is about her and some of his insinuations.

Are they going to end this first half with some cliffhanger and wait until near the end of the fourth quarter to reveal most of this stuff?


I'm expecting to be annoyed by some kind of cliffhanger, but maybe they will wrap up almost all the main stories for season 1. Then season 2 can be about the stuff that seems to be on the back burner for now - like Mercy's baby. (And I don't know what else.)

I don't know how "seasons" work in TNs since I've never seen a TN that did seasons. TVA was supposed to be split into seasons, but I am VERY grateful that it wasn't.

Did I miss something but I still do not know if Leticia knows that Tom has been murdered. Surely she must know. Is she back in LA?
As for Season 2 of this TN, will it next year?

Anonymous I have not seen anything about LetMe knowing he is dead. I'd bet she simply thinks she left him to face the consequences in Montana. She supposedly filed charges and he was to be arrested, so she should assume he is in jail. Or...Mortuary, small difference to her.

Shortly after this show started, people were talking about Laura never calling Paloma "my daughter," but rather referring to her as "my girl," so some theorized that Paloma was not Laura's daughter. We saw Blake threatening Laura in that shack and wanting the baby. I thought that if Paloma wasn't her daughter,the birth mother must have given the baby to Laura (maybe before she died) and asked her to keep her away from Flaky Blaky. Blake kept calling Paloma his , and he was at that cemetery crying about his child. Perhaps Paloma,'s mother was Blake's daughter, and she feared and hated Blake. Fausti rand Blake know the father ,and dad has been sent for , right?

Yeah, I think dad's on the way.

Which is a little confusing because on the rare occasions that Laura said anything about him before, she didn't seem to be worried about him resurfacing. The only way I would feel sure about that would be if I thought he was dead, but maybe he was sent to prison for life, or was in a persistent vegetative state, or otherwise indisposed in a way that she believed to be permanent and irreversible.

He's SUPPOSEDLY on the way. Maybe it's really him, or maybe he's a clever counterfeit that Blake created through plastic surgery in order to mess with Laura.

Or an evil twin!! (Eyepatch optional)

Ohhh..evil twins...or triplets. Is there a name in the credits that anyone recognizes that might be the dad?

#WaitWhat ? Didn't Ryan ask about the possibility of Daddy resurfacing someday to claim Paloma, way back, and Laustela told him then, at that time, that was not going to happen because a dead man will not come to bother them?

Thank you so much, Adriana! You deserve a metal and a big congratulations!

This sure is moving at a quick pip but theres still so much more to unravel. I hope its as Julie said and we resolve most of the current plots and the 2nd season is a newish story. These writeta look like they planned well so they planned for a possible second season.

If theres I love more han aquick pace is a story that unfolda like layers and has plenty of hidden twists.

Perdros death is another thing they may leave for later as well as Realestelas disappearance.

I dont think Paloma is Laustelas but I wonder if the dad is real or a game Blake is playing. Will laustela recognize him either way?

Nina needs to tell Laustela the truth and ask for help. Hope she does so tonight.

Well what if the baby p is wallys kid?
Now that would be a cliffhanger, cuz
Mercy really loves that little girl and to find that she is Walters seed!!
That would suck the air right out of the Room. He was sick but what if he had One last hoorah? This just a what if Bomb.I remember Ryan saying he wish
Lil p was his.Suppose Shes his little
Sister? Come on y'all stranger things
Have happened.We still don't know who
The heck eddy is. Until rosy let's the
Cat out of the bag,or make it jump out
We gotta wait.And keep guessing &comin
Up with all these weird and funny scenarios.
Kirby-" didnt Ryan asked about the possibility of Daddy resurfacing someday to claim Paloma, Wayback and laustela told him then, at that time, that was not going to happen because a dead man will not come to bother them" them?"Now That would mean that Laura knows that Ryan is paloma's big bro? Now That would be a hot mess. Messier than it already is. And it might even break up Ryan and Laura, well anything can happen at this point.Soooooooo onward Troops to bigger messes to come.

Kirby, LauStela was talking about Blake when she said that a dead man would not be bothering them...I don't remember who she said that to, but she was not talking to Ryan...maybe Rosario?

OMG NiNa I had never even seen that angle. YIKES !
Double Yikes. Going out with his sister's Mom? AKC couldn't figure out that pedigree.

If the man Blake is planning on bringing is not Paloma's real father, he may be paying someone to play the role...wouldn't put it past him.

Woohoooo! "Enamorándome de Ramón" with Esmeralda Pimentel and Jose Ron coming soon!

Another one coming soon: "La Tierra Prometida"

Anyone heard of either of these? I know "Eaorandome de Ramon" is a romantic comedy, but that's about it.

The previews of Loving Ramon look fun.

Yup, they do..I hopeo that one replaces Double would make for a nice change

Haha, I just noticed I misspelled Enamorandome, but I won't correct it because the first and last letters are correct...and I know you figured it out :-)

Kirby, I wonder if the standing bird borrowed SusanLynn's blue polish for its claws and the other one is in awe... hehe

I thought those previews of the next tn looked pretty interesting.

Well, I know Jose de Egypto is in its ultimas semanas so I hopeo "La Tierra Prometida" rplaces that one and not Double life

Because I sense that you all may want to start discussing the episode, a discussion header is now available.

I would rather watch Enamorandome than Tierra or Mi Mario Tiene Familia. Familia because Juan Osorio has only made trash for the past few years, comedies that devolve into weird over the top circuses and Tierra is way too long. I will wait for Jose because it's short and Brazilian are awesome. Enamoradome will only have 110 to 120 and Esmeralda Pimentel is amazing as Lucero Suarez, the producer, who was one of my go-tos but became bad after 3 endless "comedies": Amorcito Corazon, DQTQTQ and La Vecina. ENamoradome seems like a return to form.

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