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La Candidata Capitulo 24; Thursday, July 6, 2017: Regina Confronts Cecelia

Ignacio and his daughter Nayeli come out of the police station and she’s in tears trying to explain herself and apologize. She says that the drugs were just for fun and entertainment, she really isn’t a drug addict. “I just don’t know who you are anymore”, says Ignacio. How long have you been into this? What kind of entertainment is this anyway?” “Oh Daddy, I’m so scared!” Iggy says, “Help me out here because I no longer know what to do with you.” He hugs her.

At the political event, Larreta is introducing Alonso, but Regina isn’t there yet. She is on her way, but is keeping everyone in suspense. Obviously, she doesn’t really want to be there. Shortly after Alonso takes the podium, Emiliano motions to his father that his mother is there. He escorts her in as Alonso announces her to the audience and she presents herself as the first lady to be. Gerardo is watching on TV and is very upset and throws down his remote. His secretary leaves the room after offering to do something to help. He storms out as well. Alonso goes on at the event thanking his family and talking about how he plans to fight corruption and violence in Mexico. (Yeah buddy, you are part of the problem!) The audience applauds…

Hernán and Cecelia are in the back talking. Hernán say, “Well, looks like a victory.” Cecelia asks, “To what are you referring?” He tells her, “Well that perfect picture of our Governor with his family there. You did a good job, you did well. Hey, when you look into the Senator’s eyes, do you ever feel the least bit guilty?” Cecelia replies, “What are you trying to accomplish here because you are just bothering me.” Hernán tells her, “I want you to open your eyes and have some sensibility about you because that’s never going to be you up there. You’ll never be the queen of this situation.” He walks away and Cecelia is just standing there, speechless, while Mauro looks on.

Ignacio and Nayeli finally arrive home. She is still in tears and asks if he is angry with her. (Well of course!) Iggy finally says, “Do you have any idea what you have done? Do you know what kind of danger you put yourself in and how you have risked your life? All this for some pills! Just answer me one question: Are you at least repentant about this?” She walks away and goes to her room. But guess who comes to visit, the Queen of narcissism herself, Teresa! He tries to explain that there is a problem with his daughter, as she nearly got herself shot today, but it doesn’t matter to Teresa. She throws a fit and runs off.

Daniela finds Gerardo on the steps to the Senate building leaving. Of course he looks pissed off as can be and Daniela tries to explain how Regina was pressured by her son, her parents, her in-laws, etc. Gerardo says, “She has made her decision. That is the only thing that is true right now.”

Alonso continues with his political speech talking about everyone’s dreams and how he going to help everyone achieve their dreams. “Viva México!” Let the party begin! Omar goes to grab Natalia and she is none too happy. “Let go of me!” says Natalia. He just tells her to smile and they walk on. Behind her Noemi tries to help, but Mario says to leave them alone because he wouldn’t dare do anything to her here.

The reporters begin trying to interview Alonso. They start asking about Regina’s plans and career, but Alonso assures them that Regina is behind him all the way on this and they are in this together forever. As Alonso, Regina, and Cecelia walk away with reporters, Omar looks at Emiliano and says, “Do we have another future politician in the family?” Emiliano just shrugs it off and says to Natalia, “So Grandmother, how did you enjoy the event?” Natalia says, “Oh yes, everything went well and I am very happy. It’s a great day for everyone.”

Gerardo arrives home and Ximena thanks him for the birthday flowers and gifts. “But remember, you promised to take me to dinner and I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to forget.” Gerardo says he is just very tired right now. She asks if he is really just tired or if he is sad. Gerardo assures her he is just very tired. She goes on and tells him what happened with Nayeli, about her skirmish with the narcos and that she came out of it alive, but it is a miracle nothing worse happened. Alarmed, Gerardo grabs his phone to call Iggy so he can find out what happened.

At the political event, Noemi is drinking too much and Regina tries to put a stop to it. She says in a drunken voice how well everything has turned out. Alonso comes by and says, “Thank you!” He looks at Regina and says, “Really, thank you. For a while there, I thought you…” Regina finishes the sentence by saying, “That I wasn’t going to show up.” Alonso walks up to her closer as Noemi walks away with a thumbs up gesture. Regina goes on, “I did consider not coming but you sent so many people to pressure me about coming, I felt I didn’t have any other choice.” Then Cecelia comes up to tell Alonso that some reporters want to ask him some questions. As Alonso leaves, Cecelia turns her attention to Regina and calls her as Regina starts walking away. “Senator, if you don’t want to be part of that interview, I can take care of things.” Regina asks, “What is it that you are understanding or not understanding?” Cecelia answers, “It seems like this is your husband’s event and you don’t want to give this your full attention. Am I wrong?” Regina says, “You are very correct. That’s why he has you by his side, right?”

As Regina leaves, Larreta goes to her and tell her that she is still his candidate. “But you went with Alonso. Just forget about me, please.” In the background a drunken Noemi is getting out of control as she is with Hernán. Cecelia comes and tries to help out so Noemi doesn’t cause a scene, but Cecelia’s presence just makes things worse. Noemi starts calling Cecelia a slut and accuses her of being Mario’s mistress. Regina takes her mother over to her father and asks him to take her home. Regina and Ceclia face off again with Regina apologizing to Cecelia. Cecelia says, “I don’t know what happened. I was simply trying to get her away from this reporter so she didn’t say too much or something not appropriate.” Regina says, “You don’t need to explain…” But then Hernán comes up to Cecelia and puts his arm around her and makes it look like the two of them are “together”. Cecelia wants to introduce him to Regina, but Regina says, “I already know him. He’s the most popular reporter at the government buildings.”

He kisses Cecelia and Regina walks away. “What was all that about?” Hernán tells her, “Hey, I’m just trying to protect you. Don’t you think she suspects you are sleeping with her husband? So if she thinks that I’m your boyfriend, as least that buys you some time.” “Why are you always trying to protect me”, says Cece. Hernán answers, “Because one day, I am hoping you fall in love with me.”

Gerardo arrives at Iggy’s house. “If you are looking for Teresa, she’s not here”, says Iggy. “I'm not here about that”, says Gerardo. “I’m here because of what happened to your daughter.” Iggy tells him he does not know how this happened and how this just slipped by him without him knowing anything. “That’s why I’m here, because I’m your friend and I want to help you,” says Gerardo.

Regina brings Natalia over to Alonso’s office because she left her purse there. Then they run into Magda. Magda looks at Natalia and says, “So how are you?” Natalia says, “Thank you Magda, for everything.” Magda says, “Oh you don’t have to thank me.” “Yes, I do”, says Natalia. “If it weren’t for you, I don’t know what would have happened. What I don’t know is how you were able to put up with him all these years.” Magda says, “I don’t understand.” Nat looks at Magda and says, “Come on. I already knew about you. The only reason I didn’t leave him was because we had a son together. Who knows why, maybe just because of traditions, status, or something else.  Tell me Magda, did Omar ever try to beat you?” Magda says, “No he never beat me. I don’t know what is happening to Omar. He is not the person…” But Nat finishes her sentence, “He is not the man you fell in love with.” Magda says, “I’m just so sorry, Ma’am.” Nat shakes her head and says, “No, it’s alright. You don’t need to apologize, least of all to me, because I am in no position to judge you. But simply, I feel sorry for you and I’m sorry for me too. We were both stupid, Magda.”

Later, Gerardo meets Rodrigo for coffee and Rodrigo wants to know if Ignacio advised him on what was going on with the Cabaret and the house of prostitution. He introduces him to a reporter named Alberto Diaz, who is ready to publish an article on all this news. Gerardo is a little reticent to do this right now, but Rodrigo is insistent on this. He says, “Look the chief press secretary for the Governor is involved in this situation. We already talked to Alma who was working for the place.” Gerardo says, “Well, first I want to talk with this woman. I need proof. I do not want an article coming out that carries no evidence.”

Mario brings the drunken Noemi home. She again wants to talk about Cecelia and accuses him of having an affair with her. He assures her that she is just the daughter of a friend of his who died, that’s all. “Besides, she is too young, she is young enough to be my daughter!” Noemi says, “You know, that’s why I hate her too, because she could be your daughter.”

At the close of the political event, Alonso thanks Cecelia and Mauro for their help in everything. Emiliano comes over and tells his dad that his mom went home with his Grandmother. Alonso invites them all out to celebrate.

Daniela meets her friend Andrés for drinks. He tells her that his colleagues all think he’s a traitor and that his future career in the police force may be just being a transit cop. All this because of “El Cuervo” because “El Cuervo” had a lot of friends on the force. He shows her a not that says, “Traitor, you are a dirty (actually stinky) rat. You will get what you deserve.” Daniela folds up the note and says, “You know what, I think I’ll have that beer.” After a beer or two, Daniela apologizes for getting him involved with this situation and will talk with Regina about it. They declare their love for one another and kiss. (Andrés is such a nice guy, I hope he isn’t going to get whacked next.)

Mauro comes to see Mario. As Mario walks down the hallway, he says, “If that heart attack doesn’t kill me, that woman sure will!” Mauro says he took care of Ignacio but with El Cuervo in jail, things are more difficult. Mario says that they have to take care of Sra. Galindo and make sure that she doesn’t talk again.

Regina arrives home tired and kicks off her high heels. Natalia sees her and tells her, “Life sure is funny. If I had met Magda 20 years ago, I would have pulled her hair out for cheating with Omar. But now I just feel pain for her. And for him, I feel frightened. And you? What are you going to do with your life?” Regina says, “What do you mean?” “Well what are you going to do with your political life?” Regina laughs and says, “Have you ever thought of becoming a reporter?” “So you are not going to answer?” Regina says, “To tell you the truth, I really don’t know. I swear, Natalia, I really don’t know what I am going to do.”

Gerardo is at home just moping around and then Teresa barges in. He asks where she has been. She tells him that he is obsessed with Regina and he tells her that she is the obsessed one. Then she starts coming on to him. He pushes her away and says, “No we are divorced.” She continues pushing herself on him and unbuttons his pants and looks like she going down…and then they go right to it there in the living room. Of course all this is on camera and the guys watching it say, “Now we get a porn movie.” Ximena starts to open the door and sees her parents going at it, so she quietly closes the door and leaves.

Alonso returns home to a sleeping Regina. He asks if she is awake, but she does not respond. He tells her that he is doing all this for her, their son, and the family. He says, “I just want to know that you care just little bit.”

Later Ximena returns home and she brings a cake. Gerardo is a bit embarrassed and apologized for not taking her for dinner. Ximena happily says that he already gave her a very special gift. Gerardo tries to explain, but Ximena says, “No don’t I’m happy just to see things this way”. Teresa comes out in her robe and snuggles up with Gerardo.

Next morning, the alarm rings at Cecelia’s place and Hernán is in her bed. He wants to know why she was with him and she tells him that this was her way of thanking him for what he did for her with Senator Regina. He wants more, but she says this is just too complicated.

There are chilaquiles and huevos for breakfast at the Casa Martinez. They are celebrating. Gerardo says, “Celebrating what?” Teresa slithers around him and motions for him to sit down. “We are celebrating that we have gotten back together.” Looks like Gerardo is not going to fight this right now.

Mauro is up to his dirty tricks and separates Sra. Galindo from her son and something bad is going down. We hear the little boy screaming for his mother in the background.

Alonso take Emiliano to buy him a new car! Wow, for a kid who was just taking bad drugs, what a reward!

As Gerardo leaves his home, Iggy comes running up and tells him that the article that came out is signing his death warrant.

Mario gets a phone call from Isela and Isela says she is at Cecelia’s apartment and Cecelia is nowhere to be found. She asks if “they” came for Cecelia and promises him that is something happens to Cecelia or to her, that she’s bringing him down too.

At Casa SanRoman/Barcenas, Daniela arrives and tells Regina that Andrés is being threatened and that she needs to step in and help him. Regina also mentions that her father told her that Susana has left the country. (Well, that’s one way of putting it!) Daniela just looks at her and says, “Well, what a coincidence.” Then Daniela shows her the news article that came out this morning regarding Cecelia’s mother running a house of prostitution. “No it can’t be possible”, says Regina. “Ding dong!” Who is at the door, but none other than Cecelia! Time for Regina to confront Cecelia on this one. She brings the tablet over to Cecelia to read and asks her to explain the article (with her picture no less!) with the headline, “Governor San Roman supports prostitution”


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Thank you so much, Cynthia!

Well this is sure picking up the pace!

"Alonso goes on at the event thanking his family and talking about how he plans to fight corruption and violence in Mexico. (Yeah buddy, you are part of the problem!)" Alonso sure spews that BS, huh? I am always amazed how good people can act, despite their true feelings, but we'll see how his candidate run goes when other drama bombs go off. It’s funny how he knew Regina was awake but still reprimanded her like a parent to a child regarding how “little she cares.”

Cecelia keeps breaking her own rules for escorts…if Alonso catches her…though that may be the least of their worries right now after that article.

Helena Rojo keeps knocking it out of the park. Favorite scene was definitely Natalia and Magda. It's sad to see how much these women gave up for the man they loved and how little it was all worth. In some ways though, Natalia and Regina are at the same crucial point but one can do a lot more with her life right now than the other. I'm glad Regina lives in a time where she can divorce her husband and probably still be successful in her career. Magda, Natalia and Noemi didn't have that chance, sadly.

Speaking of Noemi, her conversation with Regina was horrible last episode but I think drunk Noemi is the real one. The one who doesn't care about decorum or "doing what a good wife needs to do" but the one who knows all the dirty secrets and won't hide them.

I can Ignacio sh** bricks when he saw Teresa…she shown up like Michael Myers on Halloween like a dog with a bone. She's so desperate for anyone to touch her it's pathetic but Gerardo fell for it, hook, line and sinker. How soon the delusion starts after an hour of sex….

Andres and Daniela are sweet. I also hope we have him around for a while.

Cynthia: I also do NOT believe Andres is long for this world either.

Alfredo: Regina still in the Mexican Federal Senate.

Great work, Cynthia.

The hints have begun and the revelation about Cecelia's parentage should happen soon. Noemi should demand a divorce over it.

I don't like that Emiliano seems to be attracted to Cecelia. Can there be any sicker thing to happen with this boy?

I also don't like what just happened with Gerardo and Teresa. I realize that he may have mostly closed his eyes and thought of Regina and he's likely been celibate for some time. However, if Teresa can still get pregnant this would be an even bigger disaster than it looked. Not to mention that this is now on video, which is really going to come back and bite him on the tush.

BTW, he has a gorgeous chest. I hope that scene wasn't censored.

Cynthia, thank you for the excellent recap. I, too, am hoping "Andrés does not get whacked" by somebody. "Wow, for a kid who was just taking bad drugs, what a reward!" said it all about Alonso's relationship with Emiliano.

Besides Andrés, I am really concerned about Sra. Galindo and her son. . Yeah, Susana left the country. I hope the Galindo's don't take the same trip.

Gerardo has proved just how stupid he is having sex with Teresa. I lauged at the surveillance guys watching a "porn movie". That was some good comic relief. Any body think about birth control??? Just saying. . . .

I cannot wait to hear Cecilia's explanation. .

Now I could go for some chilaquiles and huevos but am too lazy!

Thank you Cynthia. Alfredo, I agree that the scene with Magda and Natalia was the highlight of the episode. Its sad to see circumstances under which two elderly women who were rivals for Omar are both saddened to see what has become of him.

I also found it rather sickening that Alonso pays attention to his son when he needs him to portray the happy family. I think he even offered him a car. When Emiliano really needed him, Regina had to sort out the mess while Alsonso has a rendevous with Cecilia. Gerardo is just plain stupid in getting involved with Theresa again. Did Mario arrange for the surveillance cameras to be set up? Is Gerardo supposedly the rival candidate for the other party?

I think the other party is looking at him, which is why Ignacio was so eager to force a reconciliation between him and Teresa. However he seems to have woken up to what a mess she is. He is probably aware that something like that can't stay hidden for long in the modern world. He may be a total jerk but he isn't stupid.

The one good thing about those cameras is that Ignacio doesn't know about them. Once he's caught on them that will put him in boiling water with Gerardo for his hypocrisy about reconciliation.

The way Alonso treats people is sickening. His family are merely props for his career. I don't see any genuine feeling there. The best communication he ever had with Regina would have been intellectual, but that is also over. Now that Natalia and Magda have talked about Omar I'm sure the writers will come up with him suffering from dementia and blaming his violence on that.

Thank you so much for your wonderful recap, Cynthia. I especially liked your "Queen of narcissism" remark. Yesterday evening was another aerobics class, so without these complete recaps, I wouldn't be keeping up. One of the things I miss about Telemundo is that I could watch a missed episode online the next day with no muss or fuss, no payment, and no trying to sign up through my tv provider. Hernán seems to nail Cecilia's situation--she'll never be the Eva Perón of Mexico. Magda and Natalia are a bit like older versions of the wife and mistress in Benito Pérez Galdós's masterpiece Fortunata y Jacinta. At the end, [spoiler alert!] after Fortunata, the mistress, dies, Jacinta, the wife, realizes she had a bond with her, adopts her baby and tosses out her exploitative husband.

Speaking of the wife and the mistress, has anyone thought that Alonso may be Magda's? Omar keeps saying that he got Magda in the Governor's office so she could be close to Alonso but I don't know what to make of that. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Alfredo, I thought of that last week.

There could be a reveal later on that Natalia and Magda were pregnant at the same time, delivered within 24 hours of each other, and Natalia's baby was either deformed or dead so Omar paid off a doctor to switch them. That would not surprise me at all.

Ahh, okay, I missed it then. I thought that same theory, and it wouldn't be surprising, but would it be "too classic" novela twist for this type of story? I can see of no other way of it happening if this were the case though...unless Omar is sick enough to make Magda believe Alonso could be hers and there was a switch when there wasn't?

At best, Magda probably yearns for what could've been.

Alfredo, when I was recapping one of the episodes a couple weeks ago, I swear I heard Magda tell Cecelia when they had their little "heart to heart" talk that Omar had given her a son. I don't know whether I misunderstood or not, but I think that is what I heard.

Alfredo, I wouldn't put that past Omar. The big However is that now there is DNA and Alonso would rightfully demand a test.

Cynthia, you heard correctly.

OMG, I just thought of something. What if Emiliano is adopted? What if Magda is his real mother and Regina could not conceive? I could see a scenario where Omar "found" a baby boy for Alonso and Regina to adopt. If Emiliano is around 20 years old, Maybe Magda was still young enough to get pregnant at that time. I am not sure how old Magda is supposed to be right now, but it's possible to still conceive while in your 40s.

That is very possible, Cynthia. I assume Magda is around 50ish while Natalia is late 60s. Emiliano, if he's at the university is at least 18 and that might put Magda at around 35ish when she was pregnant.

Another great tidbit is the fact that Regina never took Alonso's name...she's been fighting the establishment for a long time.

SpanProf, FYI , just in case you don't know, there is no "Candidata" tonight due to fútbol. Telemundo sure does it better with posting their episodes OnDemand. Thank you for the "Fortunata y Jacinta" reference.

Alfredo, if that were so that Emiliano was really Omar's son, then that would make Alonso and Emiliano half brothers. Oh wow, too weird. This line of thinking is getting to be more and more like "I'm my own Grandpa."

It felt really weird that Emiliano looked at Cecelia that way and she's really supposed to be his aunt if Regina is his birth mother for real. But if Regina is not his birth mother, then I guess it would be more acceptable. But still bleh! This could all get very incestuous very quickly. Gross!

Emiliano looking a Cecelia like he does is so gross either way. He looks like a dog trying to hump a leg, not that Alonso is that different so maybe they are related, how ever the ultimate connection may be.

Or...could it be a character we know but is not directly related to the San Romans?

OK, let's straighten this family tree a bit...

Emiliano is 17.

Regina was Alonso's star student at university. He has to have a doctorate to teach at that level so he has to be at least 15 years older than Regina and he could be more (He is made up to look older than he really is). If they married after she got her degree that would mean that she is at least 40 now, which would make Natalia at least 75.

Magda might still be on the other side of 60, but Omar looks about 80. Neither of these actors' real ages are on IMDB.

No, I don't think Regina had a conception problem. Alonso has a problem in humanity in that he doesn't treat his family like people.

Thanks, Jarifa! Cynthia: Love the "I'm my own grandpa" reference! :)

UA: Alonso is just like Omar, who abuses & demeans women because he feels like it.


Thank you for the great recap Cynthia.

Urban: I am totally with you, the whole Emi attracted to Ceci is disgusting. She knows that he is her nephew, so she would put a stop to it. And as far as Tere and Gerardo getting together, I was repulsed by her, she is so needy, and he is so stupid!!

Alfredo: I agree about Noemi, the drunk one is the real one, however when she told Regina that it was her duty as the Governor's wife to go to that event she disappointed me. If the real Noemi doesn't care about norms and expectations why does the sober one force her daughter to be a conformist, dutiful wife? In my book she is as bad as Isela letting Cecilia do Mario's dirty deeds. There it is another one of the parallels I was talking about last time. The two mothers who don't look out for their daughters. You can add Mario, Ignacio, Tere, Alonso,and even Regina to this list of unfit parents.


I looked up Patricio Castillo's age and he is 77. Rafael Sanchez Navarro is 59 and Juan Carlos Barreto is 60.

Sandie, I meant to get on yesterday to your recap and thank you for your fine recapping too, but I was so darn busy yesterday at work. Some days for me are just so busy, I don't have anytime to think or do anything else after a long day. But you are doing a great job.

Yes, you are right Sandie, that most of these parents are unfit for the job.

Actually, Steve, we can't be entirely sure. Here we're dealing with senior citizens whose life trajectories we don't have complete information on.

It is easy to assume that Alonso is oblivious to his parents' relationship, but was he always? Was it any different when he was Emiliano's age or younger? That would be difficult to conceal from a child. He appeared shocked when Omar first abused Natalia before our eyes and he is determined to protect Natalia from him now (although we can certainly question his motives for this).

I will buy into the idea that Omar has never been faithful to Natalia. He also behaves like old-school Mafia in never letting her know anything about his business. I'm not sure that he always physically abused her, though.

Patricio Castillo looks about 80 in this one and Juan Carlos Barreto looks older than 60 for sure.

BTW, Luz Maria Jerez is 59 and her birthday was on Wednesday.

Maybe Natalia is the one who couldn't conceive and Omar forced her to go along with raising his lover's (Magda) child as her own. He would have been at the height of his power at the time of Alonso's birth and could easily have manipulated both women into doing what he wanted.

There's no way Regina would go along with this scenario in regards to Emiliano. She would never agree to perpetuate a lie as big as raising another's child as her own. She is smarter, stronger, and has a mind of her own, as her son, husband, father and father-in-law are finding out.

I also think that Regina has decided to pick her fights with her husband. She was bombarded from all sides with the "stand by your man" routine and now that she knows where everyone in her family stands, she's decided to follow the old adage, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!" By not totally alienating those in the "inner circle," she may become privy to some information she would not otherwise have, which may help her with her own agenda in the long run.


Nick, ITA that Regina sure found out a great deal about where everybody stands in reference to her and Alonso. Too bad the news wasn't better (for her).


Lousy futbol pre-empting La Candidata. Unimas' priorities and mine are different :)
Did this telenovela already run in Mexico?

Yes, it did. It ran from the end of November 2016 to mid-February 2017.

UA: But the big question is whether Alonso has violently abused Regina ?

I mean, we've seen Omar viciously beat Natalia & I'm afraid the beatings aren't going to stop.


I don't think that Regina would put up with being abused. I think she would definitely leave him.

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