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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #57 - 58, Mon Jul 31 2017: One Wedding and Three Murders

#57 Daughters and Mothers and Others

Mercy tells Paloma to keep a secret. Rosario asks whats that? We're just playing. Mercy gives Paloma an earring and says to guard the secret treasure. Rosario apologizes to Mercy for misjudging her. (Not so fast, Rosario.) Mercy says Joe will take Rosario to do some paperwork for her visa.

Dani the genius figured Laura was pregnant because Ryan was worried about her getting hit, and because he figures there must be a reason she told Ryan about the rape. She says he has a good head for bad things, and a bad head for good things. She says yes, she's pregnant, but she knows it's not his because she went to the doctor right afterwards. And good thing too, because otherwise she'd have had to, well, it's better if she doesn't say.

Leticia and Tadeo are arguing about the usual. She's sure he didn't "get it" from his coworkers because they're all machos, but she'll find out where it came from. She'll watch him. Tadeo doesn't want her spying on him.

Maria comes home in a bad mood. Leticia meddling in her affairs at school didn't do her any good. Tadeo says Leticia should leave both of them alone.

Leticia says she doesn't want to screw things up with Maria's friends. Suddenly Maria wants to do homework. Leticia wants to know if that boy was Maria's boyfriend and why can't she meet him? Maria says they already broke up. He's got a bunch of girlfriends. Leticia asks if she had sex with him.

Genesis prepares to go to work and tells the Gangster Formerly Known as BunMan, now PonyBoy, that when she comes home tonight, "we have to talk." PonyBoy thinks this is about Steve, but Genesis says no, he's been telling her the same tired story over and over and tonight she wants the truth. She leaves.

El Dorado calls, and PonyBoy refuses the call. Doorbell - Steve waited for Genesis to leave so that he could talk to PonyBoy alone. Steve asks what do you want with her.

PonyBoy says he didn't know who Genesis was when he met her, and he's not with El Dorado any more. Unfortunately, El D calls at that moment. PonyBoy covers the phone with his arm, but Steve guesses it's El D. Steve tells PonyBoy to tell Genesis who he is, or disappear and Steve will tell her instead. PonyBoy grabs Steve and says he doesn't take orders from him, Genesis will never believe Steve, etc. Steve leaves.

Leticia gets Maria to talk. She promises not to get mad. Maria says things are different now. Virginity is out of fashion. Boys want girls to have experience. Leticia says that's not true in Mexico. Purity is prized. (Leticia has never seen a telenovela from her native land?) She's sure Maria knows that boy was a mistake, because she's different, even if her hair is a different color or she speaks some English.

Night. Leticia is at a club with Nina and Laura and Genesis. They are talking about the La Regia reboot. Leticia will design a new outfit to match La Regia's new image. Nina is in charge of social networking. Genesis will sweet-talk the sponsors. Laura says they're warriors who don't give up. Leticia asks if her son can play with her, because since he joined Furia he's changed. She does not elaborate on this.

Mercy asks Joe to take Rosario to get her visa. Mercy will stay at home and play with Paloma, because she's tired.

Morgana pours Danilo a drink. She's got her nose out of joint because La Regia is getting her career back. Danilo says he doesn't care about Laura. He dumps his drink on the floor.

Laura teases Ryan, refusing to tell him about the relaunch of La Regia. He says he can help; he just met Horacio Palencia, a great composer of regional music. He's just about to tell Laura how they met when they are interrupted by Joe and Rosario. Rosario's got a certificate for her visa, or something. Laura goes off to find Paloma to get her dinner, but is surprised to find Paloma gone and a note from Mercy saying they've gone off on a long trip!

Joe pleads ignorance about this long trip. Ryan says Paloma won't be in any danger. Laura wants to call the police. Ryan reminds her that Mercy adopted Paloma. Ryan has Joe call Mercy.

Morgana thumbs an email to The Press on her tablet, advising that La Regia's next video won't be for a song, bwahahahaha.

Mercy is already at the airport with Paloma. Paloma wants to see her mother, but Mercy tells her to be cool, because if people hear her saying she wants her mother, they might get the wrong idea. Mercy gets Paloma excited about the place they're going to in Orlando with all the castles and princesses. (She must be referring to Medieval Times, LOL.) But if Paloma doesn't want to go, Mercy says, they can just go home instead. (I think somewhere in this mess, Mercy also claims that Laura will be joining them later.) Apparently, this is what their "secret" at the beginning of the episode was about.

Mercy also tells Paloma that this was something she wanted to do with her own baby. Paloma wants to hear more, but Joe calls. She refuses the call. Then Lindsay shows up and makes a lot of old-lady jokes at Mercy's expense. (Lindsay does something with her phone; I wonder if she's recording the conversation.) Mercy says this has nothing to do with Joe, and refers to Paloma as her her granddaughter.

Genesis comes home. PonyBoy left her a note: "GRACIAS" with the necklace wrapped around it. She tries to call, but the number is out of service.

Asdrubal's necklace

Leticia comes home and Chavalin is waiting for her. (Tadeo let him in and then went to work.) Leticia is upset that Maria's not home. (It's still night.) Chava says Maria is studying with a friend. Chava wants to talk about his Feelings.

Leticia tells Chava she's just not up for romance right now. Too much going on. He wants to hear about it. She tells him about Maria's gringo boyfriend and Tadeo's complicated problems. Chava sits Leti down to listen. She's worried about them being around people with other values.

Chava gives Leti advice about Maria. She needs to talk to her about "it" (sex). Leticia doesn't know how, but she'll do it. Chava tries to hold her hand, but thinks better of it. He then gives her a "rose" that looks like it was made out of bread crusts. Because she's like a flower. She doesn't think that's too corny.

Ryan is upset that Mercy's not answering. Laura's mad. Joe tries to talk her down. Rosario insists that Mercy isn't doing this just to annoy Laura. Ryan says the chauffeur saw Mercy take Paloma in a car. Rosario says that none of Paloma's things were packed. Laura realizes Mercy will buy Paloma new stuff at their destination.

Lindsay calls Joe and taunts him about his ollllld girlfriend and says she just saw her at the airport near the gates for East coast flights. (Someone should warn Lindsay that nothing ages you like bitterness.) Joe tells the others.

Danilo at Morgana's. She's BORED. It's not fair that he can go out and she has to stay in (because she can't keep the pillow on straight). She proposes that they tell people they screwed up the dates, and the baby is due sooner. She heard on the radio that they found Ausencio, burned alive and thrown into the river and drowned. Dani says that's what Ausencio deserved for stealing his bike. (He's like an evil Pee-Wee Herman!) She knows he wasn't the first. (She should know that; she was there when he shot Porfirio and his sister.) She asks how many more. He starts counting on his fingers; he gets up to six or so before we go to the next scene, but it looks like he's still counting. Will he need to grow a new hand?

This airport is beautiful. Ryan can't get to the gate because he doesn't have a boarding pass. Joe tries to get Mercy called to the information desk. The ticket-taker tells her to wait here.

Ryan sneaks through security, but is spotted. They give chase. Meanwhile, Mercy is being asked to produce paperwork to show that Paloma can travel. Mercy is annoyed by the delay and worries she'll miss her flight, but that doesn't stop her from spending an extra minute scolding them. THEN he tells her that it's too late to board her flight.

Ryan catches up with Mercy. She gets really angry. Ryan says Joe is waiting for you. Do the right thing for Paloma. She's scared.

Ryan brings Paloma to Laura and Rosario. Mercy grumps. Laura says she will never forgive her for trying to take her child away from her. Paloma asks if they're angry. Rosario says they were scared. Laura promises they won't be separated again. Mercy says in that case, you can never leave my house. Joe says airports are under federal jurisdiction, and they could get arrested. (Joe, you can get arrested at a municipal airport, too.) He suggests that they go home and discuss this tomorrow with cooler heads.

At breakfast, Joe tells Ryan, Rosario, and Laura that Mercy won't come out of her room and doesn't want to see anyone, and don't forget she had every legal right, and if Laura were to take Paloma she'd be committing a crime. Rosario excuses herself, feeling nervous and unwell.

Leticia goes to Maria's school to talk to the principal. She wants to sit in on the sex ed class so it will be easier to talk to her daughter. The principal says no, because it would make the students uncomfortable. It's easier to talk about these things at school than at home. That's just what Leticia had in mind. The principal offers to speak with her in his office.

In her room, Mercy holds the mystery necklace. Is it a match? You make the call!

Mercy's necklace

 Rosario comes in to ask about Mercy's sadness, which strikes her as sadness over a lost child. She understands that Mercy is afraid of losing Paloma, who she sees as her own child. It's like losing a piece of your heart. It hurts forever. Mercy says it's worse than pain; it's emptiness. Rosario says again that it sounds as though Mercy has already lost a child. She asks Mercy to please have pity on Laura, since Mercy knows how bad this feels.

Horacio shows Danilo something on Univision about Marcelino Salgado. A bunch of his guys got arrested with lots of weapons, seeking revenge on a rival gang for the death of Ausencio Granados. Horacio warns Danilo that Marcelino had better not find out that Danilo was the one who killed him. Just then, Marcelino calls!

In front of Laura and Ryan and Rosario, Mercy tells Joe to begin the paperwork to make Laura Paloma's legal mother, now that she's been exonerated of all charges. She also asks them all to get out of her house ASAP.

At school, Maria is chewing Mark out. He wants her to be his novia. "I'm not lying. I have [unspecified] feelings for you. You will be the only one." He means it. Kiss. Leticia sees them. Maria rolls her eyes really hard. Mark introduces himself and goes to class. "That's your ex-novio? You've reconciled that fast?" Leti thinks Maria should have more dignity. Maria reminds Leti of when Tom beat her up [she nicely doesn't mention that he also beat her son and took a swipe at Maria too] and she stayed with him. Leti agrees that she's not a good example. (So maybe she should stop lecturing.) She wants Maria to go to the doctor and have some tests.

Laura, Ryan, and Rosario are back at the ranch. Paloma is at school. Estela calls. Laura tells Rosario what's going on: Estela Carrillo is alive, and she's worried that Ryan may still feel something for her.

Danilo gets a visit from Marcelino, who is nervous about his men getting questioned in Mexico. He's afraid they'll talk. Dani says his men are as loyal as dogs. Marcelino thinks he can continue to run his business from inside a prison. Dani points out that if Marcelino gets caught, Dani will be next on the list. Marcelino says no, he'll point to the real El Dorado and his PonyBoy.

Maria and Leticia are at the community clinic. Maria thinks this is dumb and a waste of time. Leticia says it wasn't easy for her to bring Maria here. Maria is called. Maria asks Leticia to come with.

Laura tells Rosario she's worried what the real Estela will think of Laura for using her name. Laura thinks Estela's imprisonment is partially her fault for letting the world think she was okay all this time that she's been locked up.

Estela tearfully asks Ryan if the knife she sent him will keep him out of jail. (Her whiny voice is really getting on my nerves.) Ryan wants to help her. She can't tell him where she is; he'll be in danger. She's used to living this way. It's like living in a golden cage. She asks Ryan if he loves her. Someone should tell her she sounds as bad as Maria with Mark.

#58 The Bun is Back

Ryan tells Laura that Estela doesn't want to put him in danger. Laura asks Ryan if he still has feelings for Estela. He says he's loved Laura ever since he met her. He leaves to go to Furia; Laura tells Rosario that he didn't actually answer her question.

Mercy wants her anti-anxiety drugs. Joe kisses her and says that's the best anti-anxiety med there is. Mercy feels sorry for herself. She tells Joe that she once had a boyfriend who treated her like prize livestock. One time he even put her up as a bet on a cockfight. Pedro Carrillo didn't win the bet, but she gave him her own money so that he could keep betting. Then she started dating Pedro. Joe starts kissing her, then she pulls away and apologizes. She's sad. He leaves. She looks for her pills (in a weird hiding place), but the bottle is empty. This seems to surprise her.

Laura meets with Nina and Genesis. Rosario brings sandwiches. Laura and Genesis aren't hungry, but Nina's really getting into her sandwich. Nina guesses that they are bummed out over men. Genesis says they can't let their lives revolve around men. They're going to upload a lot of La Regia stuff, perform with other artists, etc. Genesis is having trouble finding sponsors. Laura says they'll have to try harder.

At Furia, Ryan meets with Horacio Palencia, the famous regional music composer. Ryan says he can make him a famous singer, too. Ryan, not Danilo, will manage his career personally. Steve interrupts. Ryan introduces them. Horacio Palencia sings for Ryan. He leaves. Steve has something to tell Ryan, but first Ryan tells Steve about the call from Estela. He assures Steve that he and Estela are ancient history. Steve reminds Ryan what a wreck he was when they broke up.

Steve and Ryan walk and talk. Ryan agrees that Estela wasn't good for him, but he still feels he has to help her. Steve offers to have his hacker friend trace Estela's location the next time she calls. Finally Steve gets to tell Ryan about Genesis dating PonyBoy.

Nibbling on a sandwich, Genesis says the entrepreneurs are nervous about La Regia because of her scandals. A guy named Ruben arrives; he used to play with the Jerkwads of the Hills and then with Don Chayo. He is introduced to Nina. (Sparks fly; the earth moves.) Nina stammers that she saw him at a show. He flirtatiously asks how he could have missed her. She says he wasn't paying attention. Oh, these two are so lame, but cute at the same time...

(It turns out that Don Chayo heard that La Regia needed musicians, so he sent Ruben out to help.)

Nina wants to go to the rehearsals with Ruben and La Regia so she can put some footage on Facebook (and stare at Ruben while he gapes back at her). Genesis promises to find a sponsor. Laura thanks them. But Rosario warns that reporters are waiting outside and want an answer about a sex video. (With Tommy Lee?)

La Regia tells the press there is no video. One reporter says maybe it's from when she was a prostitute in Mexico. Laura says she was a victim of human trafficking and a reporter should know the diff. Genesis says if there was a recording from those days, it would have surfaced by now.

Another reporter suggests that this is a ploy for La Regia to get attention since her career is pretty much over. Laura says no to that. Milton speaks up and says THEY are the ones trying to relaunch her career with this gossip. Rosario rounds them up and ushers them out. Milton stays. Laura thanks him. He's found out something interesting about the real Estela Carrillo.

Laura leans forward expectantly, yet seemingly doesn't care what Milton has to say. He actually doesn't know much, and she doesn't help him with his fishing. But he does reveal that it's been virtually impossible to find any info on Estela at all. When Pedro Carrillo was killed, Estela's brothers (plural) (maybe it's just "siblings of unknown gender(s)") vanished. Milton wants to know more about the money laundering at Furia. Laura says she owes him that info but he shouldn't know it.

Steve and Ryan arrive. Ryan tells Laura, "we have to do something we meant to do before."

At the clinic, Leticia and Maria ask for the test results. Maria is like "I'm not preggers." True, but Maria has HPV. The nurse explains that HPV is an STD that causes cervical cancer. She says that teens are irresponsible and don't know how to weigh the risk of STDs. There is no cure for HPV. They'll do some tests to see how much damage has been done. Maria is horrified.

Ryan and Laura get married at the courthouse, witnessed by Paloma, Rosario, and Steve. Rosario tells them they still have to get married in a church.

Estela calls. She says El Dorado will get caught and she will too, if he doesn't get away. We hear what sounds like a staged altercation (and the man sounds like Luis Manuel Ávila to me). Laura wants to join Ryan in rescuing Estela.

Horacio and Danilo watch Univision again. Marcelino Salgado got arrested at the border. (There is a giant chess piece on Danilo's desk. A King, of course.) Dani tells Horacio that Marcelino PROMISED that he'd only implicate the real El D and PonyBoy, not him. Horacio reminds Dani that there might not be a "real" El Dorado at all. They'll go after Danilo instead.

Mercy tries to refill her Rx. She doesn't look suspicious at all, wearing huge sunglasses indoors. She says she's in a big hurry, no time to call the doctor to do it the legal way, so she slips the pharmacist $100. She goes home grumpy and sends Rita out. She takes two pills. (She's only supposed to have one per day.)

Laura wants to search El D's house for a clue. Steve agrees. Ryan asks Steve to talk to Genesis to help find PonyBoy. Laura is shocked to hear that her friend was dating that guy. Rosario takes Paloma home. Ryan and Laura leave the courthouse together. Someone takes a picture.

Steve goes to Genesis. She can't reach PonyBoy. She wants to know what the deal is. Steve says PonyBoy is a criminal. She can't believe it. Steve promises he's not lying and he has proof. He urges her to remember. She shows him the note and the necklace. The "GRACIAS" doesn't help much, and Steve pays no attention to the necklace. (But why did PonyBoy leave her the necklace?) Pony is still not answering. Steve will get his friend to help trace the call.

Ryan and Laura go to El D's house. Looks like no one's been there since he busted the lock on that room. He wants to leave. She wants him to look for traces of Estela. There's almost nothing left, but he finds a big box under the bed. He recognizes it as the box that held the dress for the wedding they never had. It must be inside. OPEN IT ALREADY! Ryan hesitates.

They talk about opening the box. He opens it. It's empty. Why couldn't he tell that when he lifted it? Wait, was Estela's bridal gown like a three-ounce jobbie, a swatch of Spandex and a couple of rhinestones?

Uh-oh, Talisman is in the hallway, on the phone with PonyBoy, or should I say BunMan, because the Bun is back! Talisman is planting evidence to make the police think El D has left the country. PonyBoy is sure Marcelino is the one who turned them in. They need to hide with El D because if the law doesn't catch them, Marcelino's boys will.

Leticia has been silent since they left the clinic. Maria unwisely asks her to talk. Leticia lectures Maria again for being foolish. Leticia also blames herself for staying in this country. Maria says don't blame this country. She points out that Leticia didn't tell her anything. It's the Mexican Way to never talk about sex and just do it. She hates being ignorant.

Tadeo comes home. Maria runs to her room. Tadeo wants to know what's happening. I don't think Leticia has the strength for another round right now.

Ryan makes a noise. Talisman investigates. Just as he comes to the door, one of Marcelino's men sneaks up behind him with a gun. Talisman offers to tell him where BunMan and El D are if he spares Talisman's life. The assassin doesn't buy it. Talisman, a quicker draw than the Rifleman, Marshall Dillon, and Quick Draw McGraw put together, shoots him. The assassin shoots back with his dying breath.

Tal is still alive. Laura calls an ambulance. Ryan asks where is El D. But Talisman won't talk. He says he's no traitor. Ryan hits him and screams in his ear. Talisman dies. Ryan and Laura wipe their fingerprints off of everything and sneak out.

Danilo watches a story about Marcelino Salgado on the news. He's super-duper badass with a cherry bomb on top. Morgana arrives. Danilo wants her to stay at the hotel. She tells him about the wedding. He tells her to go back to the hotel. Danilo says the wedding ups the ante on their fake baby. Morgana tells him to chill. Maybe Laura will lose the baby!

Morgana says they only have to get rid of the baby, not the iguana, so what's the big deal. Otherwise, Dani can forget about that other 20%. Finally he agrees, but says she'd better not hurt Laura.

Genesis is still trying. She finally gets BunMan's voicemail. She leaves a message. He calls back. Steve says find out where he is. Keep the line open. BunMan says he wasn't going to talk to her again, but that didn't seem right after she was so nice to him. But it's over now and they can't meet again. She shouldn't look for him. No one else has ever worried over him like that, not even his mother, who he never met. His feelings are real, but he has to disappear forever. Genesis begs to see him one last time.

Genesis says, don't leave me this way. BunMan hears her doorbell. He tells her not to open the door, and he hangs up. Their visitor is Steve's hacker friend. He's going to try to trace the most recent antenna location for BunMan's number.

Laura and Ryan get home. Estela calls. She whinily reports that she got away from El D, and Ryan please come get her? She's at the chapel... oh, someone interrupts her, just in the nick of time. She tells him to let her go.

Hacker boy thinks BunMan is in Santa Monica in the Palisades area. Steve takes off. Genesis wants to go with; she could be "helpful." Steve calls Ryan to tell him where they're going. Laura says they would have killed Estela by now if they were going to do that, so she must be valuable. And Talisman said she was El D's woman (I don't remember hearing that). Maybe EL D fell in love with her.

Ryan wonders which chapel Estela is in. Laura asks where were they going to get married? Ryan says it was the Lady of Mercy chapel. (Isn't the necklace the Lady of Mercy?) Off they go!

BunMan is in a chapel, with a gun in one hand and a phone in the other. He rejects a call (I don't see who it's from). He mutters, "Estela's not for you any more."

Gratuitous photo from #54


Julie: Looking forward to seeing the recap!

I've seen #57 twice and I still don't understand why Lindsay was at the airport.

I rewatched the scene, Julie, and it seemed like pure coincidence. She was holding a boarding pass, passport and what looked like a bag so it was just the writer writing themselves out a hole with the perfect side character that would hate Mercy but would've be in the immediate circle missing Paloma. Made no sense but alas.

57 is done
58 is underway

Crap. Ten thousand typos try again hotshot
Yum. Thank You Julie. I paid attention tonight and they completely threw me a curve on the commercial schedule. And hour two did not follow the same pattern. So Who's he kissin? Hair is too long and too blonde up on her head. Laura's hair is dark brown high and turns to a dark blonde as you go down. This looks longer too, but it might be that her face is turned up.

Holy Quacamole ! Little Maria done got herself a case of Hoochie Poochie Virus. Leti should be so proud. And Chava should be so GONE, but he's stupid too.

Morgana is NASTY. She is going to physically injure Laura so she loses the baby. I've already emailed Ryan..............:-)

Exhibit B..Hair color

I am beginning to think RealStela is playing with Ryan. There are too many theatrics on the phone with him, and never telling him where or what. Just shady, only telling him enough to keep him trying, but never showing herself.
I'm afraid my future ex wife is a Baaaaad girl. :-( like MercyMe
Next !


Hair color is a highly adjustable thing, and La Regia's been discussing her reboot. Maybe she'll relaunch herself as a blonde. And it sounds as though Estela's got some time on her hands too for a visit with Miss Clairol.

Yeah, Maria has HPV. Not to be confused with HSV, which I never hear about any more, although I'm sure it's not extinct.

Wow, Julie, great recap and nice screenshots of the necklaces...THANK YOU!! The necklaces are identical from what I can see.

Alfredo, "it was just the writer writing themselves out a hole " ITA and why would the ex even bother to call Joe? no sense whatsoever!


Oh, I TOTALLY agree, Estela is laying it on horribly thick. And the sound effects in the background seem staged... poorly.

Kirby, yeah, Maria got herself a lifelong reminder of her mistake...ya think she'll learn?

So 3 people dead in these 2 episodes, right?

Ausencio Granados
Heavywieght Salgado Henchman and
Talisman Estela finds out immediately that they're after El D and suddenly decides to tell Ryan where she is...yup, she's dangling the bait and Ryan went for it.

I noticed in Lindsay's second scene that she seemed to be enjoying herself in the bar, so for a moment I thought maybe she was a regular at the bar! Like knows one of the bartenders or something. Which is ridiculous, but then I think the character is ridiculous.

And the scenario was ridiculous. If a wealthy person leaves a note saying she's taking the kid on a long trip, where would you look:

a) Greyhound bus station
b) Wal-Mart parking lot
c) Hitchhikers along rt. 66
d) Giant international airport in your city


And yes - three stiffs in two hours. Now that's what I call pacing!

Wow..thanks for that fast and furious recap. I always enjoy your julisms. I appreciated the screen caps of both necklaces ..definitely a match.

Ponyboy ("The Outsiders"..what a cast that was!!!,)

I have no idea where this is headed, but people are starting to drop like characters in Game of Thrones.


If I were writing this, I would've had them go to the international airport but Mercy psyched them out and went to the greyhound bus station…I'm over thinking this?

Estela does seem like a master manipulator but who knows, maybe she's just a horrible crier?

Lindsay seemed reasonable when we first saw her then, suddenly, Joe is divorcing her and she goes crazy. Character development….

Maria is learning a hard lesson and Leticia defiantly has no idea what she's doing.

Alfredo, that would have been the smart thing for Mercy to do - take a bus. But I don't think she'd get her fine designer dress butt dirty on the seat of a bus. And it is no picnic taking a looooooong bus ride with a small child. (I figure they would take the bus to San Diego or SF or some other place with an airport that can do a direct flight to Orlando. Just not LAX because come on, that's the first place anyone would look.)

Another thing - I wonder if Ryan has access to her credit cards. He could find out where she was using them.

Here's some info about human papillomavirus from the CDC:

"About 14 million people become newly infected each year. HPV is so common that most sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives. Health problems related to HPV include genital warts and cervical cancer."

Maybe Leticia should have herself tested and perhaps that would change the tone of her lecturing.

Julie this was a good quickly recap.I like the funny you added to it to. The evil Peewee Herman,lol.Letty lecturin maria About dignity when she is just totally devoid of it.Stayin with a man who beat her,her son,and took a swipe at Her dumb daughter. No dignity at all.

The necklace looks the same To me.YES!
MERCY IS MOMA! When he was talkin to gen he mentioned his moma never caring
About him. Mercy comes to mind. Yeah
That's moma. Mercy. I'll be surprised if she isn't. Cuz Ocampo keep throwin
Hints at us.teases at us.Iamso thinkin
She's the babybun moma.

Is Lindsey following mercy just to annoy her? Cuz she's annoying me.the X
Should get a life cuz joe aint comin
Right there with you Kirby,morgho is a
Nasty ho.Watch somebody gonna smother her with that fake babybump. Nasty ho
she is.
And I'm starting to think that Estelle
Might be fakin it. Something about her I don't trust.She could be fakin on
Other end of that conversation. After
All he can't see what's going on, on
The other end.

Is mercy gonna OD on the tranquilizers
More in the sunshine. Good night all. Zzzzzzzzzz!!

#58 is done and so am I.
Not one scene from the Mexican version was missing!

Julie's jewels.

"the Gangster Formerly Known as BunMan, now PonyBoy", "(Someone should warn Lindsay that nothing ages you like bitterness)", "(He's like an evil Pee-Wee Herman!)" and "But Rosario warns that reporters are waiting outside and want an answer about a sex video. (With Tommy Lee?") were only a few of many favorites.

You rocked it Julie,

“In her room, Mercy holds the mystery necklace. Is it a match? You make the call!” Drat!!! I can’t tell! Rgv Chick, you and Susanlynn say they are a match. I'm not yet convinced, but it seems to be the only plausible explanation. What does everyone else think?? And yes Julie, why did he give the necklace to Genesis? He must care for her after all, right (?)

Most unromantic wedding. Ever.

“Purity is prized. (Leticia has never seen a telenovela from her native land?)”. Sigh. With everything going on, most of it intensely interesting, I cannot stay focused (or care much) about Leticia and her clan. She is using ignorance and denial which are prohibiting her from living in the real world. I’m ceasing to care much about her. “Chava wants to talk about his Feelings”.Watching Chava, our clever hero being reduced to giving her puppy dog looks while his brain addles in yearning rather than inaction is simply pitiful to watch.

“He then gives her a "rose" that looks like it was made out of bread crusts”. Jeez, is that what it was?? Thanks Julie, that really gave me a laugh. I thought it was some type of jewelry.

"they found Ausencio, burned alive and thrown into the river and drowned". I'm obviously letting Dan's crooked smile and boyish good looks affect my judgment. He is a stone cold killer. Why do I still not want him to die?? Although going along with the nasty Morgana's plan is starting to change my mind. Kirby, as you know, I've never been a Morgana fan or felt the slightest pity for her. Guess those instincts were right.

“(Her whiny voice is really getting on my nerves.)” Me as well! Having a character, sight unseen, grate on you is never good. Captive? Mastermind? I don't know and frankly, I'm not in the least intrigued right now. We have more than enough fascinating characters and storylines to tie up, thank you.

"Is Lindsey following mercy just to annoy her? Cuz she's annoying me" made me smile Nina.

Julie, you must be exhausted. Recapping one episode is challenging in and of itself. Doing two, especially as action packed as these were was fantastic, and greatly appreciated.


"Lindsay seemed reasonable when we first saw her then, suddenly, Joe is divorcing her and she goes crazy. Character development…"

Loved it Alfredo.



Thank You Jewels. Nice work. You are a funny girl. Funny when we are all sleeping even.

I have to give credit to Geneasy, just cause she wants to LIVE in San Francisco doesn't make her mentally deficit. I had expected Steve to have a much harder time with her, convincing her of PonyBun's identity, but she came around admirably. She dropped her normal bitchiness and got with the program, good for her. Progress, but she is still in the 'Hit it and Quit it' bucket.

Oh how I long for someone on this show to be at least as smart as even the slowest viewer. Ryan needs to get something in return from RealStela more than a hunting knife which field dressed a deer. I am all for being a nice fellow and all, but there is a time to say: "Listen, if I am going to help you, you are going to have to help me help you." to RealStela. Otherwise if she has made it nicely all this time, she is probably not going to die right now if he doesn't jump through his ass every time she calls. She even said she had been well cared for these years, with the notable exception of her freedom. Hmmmmmmmmm

I taught I taw a puddy tat a neekin up on me.
I did, I did I no I did as pain as it could be

I missed the part where it was revealed that El Dorito was RealStela's captor. For a time she was held by 'Perdro's Enemies'. then it is suddenly being discussed that her captor is El Dorito, and I never saw the connection. Oh well

Mercy will OD but regrettably be rescued and waste ALL of our time in the TN standard H PITAL recovering No TN is finished without somebody, hell, anybody, spending a loooong time in some medical facility. Did medical care just come to the Spanish world or something? They do not appear to, on average, be more infirm than Gringos, but they are infatuated with these hospitals like a new toy or something..

Julie the Wonder Woman, what a tremendous retelling of ALL the details, you didn't miss a thing. Thank you for all the hard work and time you dedicated to providing us TWO recaps! Great to know they didn't slice anything.

Julie, " Estela's brothers (plural) (maybe it's just "siblings of unknown gender(s)") vanished," if Milton had said "hijos" then there would be doubts about the gender, but he clearly said "hermanos" which makes it a definite "brothers." So maybe Asdrubal IS her brother ...or half-brother...or "adopted" brother...and who are the other many possibilities..AY, AY, AY!!

More laters...


I must admit that Lindsey is playing a foolish game. She is doing things which serve no useful purpose, simply because she has been hurt. Revenge is a narcotic remedy, and hopefully she will get over it. Having your bestie shagging your husband right under your nose for YEARS is something not easily forgiven by even the most emotionally generous. Then when it is discovered, to have him leave you and your children for her has to be the ultimate insult. I have seen entire lifetimes not heal that kind of hurt and betrayal. She needs to hang with 'Miss Move On' Geneasy for a while to get her head back on straight.

She is having trouble understanding why Joe would choose Mercy, older and much less attractive, over her, beautiful blonde, Mother of his children. ME TOO !

Thank you so much, Julie. Gratituoua shot from 54 ;) nothing would stop you lol

The bread crumb rose was a weird touch, right? I thought Chavalin thought it was romantic but whatttt?

Leticia's storyline, via her children, has become a lot more interesting for me than any of the Estela mystery drama tbh. I liked that Maria called her out on her ignorance and Tadeo on her judgyness. Juat because you grew up in a different time doesnt mean you have to be clueless. She got Maria to open up, sorta, and followed it with an I told you so. Nope.

The necklaces are definitely the sMe but how smart are the writers? Is there more than one beause sometimes theyre smart and sometimes...well.

Oh god, is Lindsay an official stalker now? Did Joe leave her that much money?

I liked the wedding also. I liked that they are married. That they love each other and decidwd they didnt need a big fanfare, just a simole affair to sign something that legally proves they are married because they have already been married (in their hearts) for a while.

On second thought, "hermanos" could be generic...

Gotta run!


Hermanos in the second season or Asdrual and anothet secret character? Maybe theyll pull a Las Juanas and suddenly five ome out of the woodwork at one time.

Alfredo: The incompetence of the Good Guys is obvious.

RVG Chick: Danilo the Drug-Lord & Serial killer is going to strike again.

Kirby: Hoping nothing horrible happens to Leticia.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Why hopeo nothing happens to Leticia?

I hopeo Jonah's whale swallows her and turns her into little whale turds.

The most horrible thing possible has already happened to LetMeSqueezeAnotherOneOut.

She was given the ability to produce children and not given any hint what to do thereafter.

For the record, even if the pictures aren't very good (I'm not quick enough with the PrtSc), the necklaces appear to match... though that doesn't mean that BunMan is the lost baby, any more than Genesis is.

I do think BunMan feels something for Genesis, even if it might only be appreciation.

Yeah the wedding was rather spare, but they can still have a big fancy church wedding later.

I admit I am fascinated by Leticia's issues with Maria because they hit close to home with a nearby family situation. Kids are given no guidance and then people are surprised when they make the choices that millions of years of biology tell them to make. Alfredo: "She got Maria to open up, sorta, and followed it with an I told you so. Nope." EXACTLY... this is why they never talked before. Leticia doesn't listen and she doesn't stop judging.

I did like that Genesis took a reality-based approach toward Steve's claims about PonyBun.

Kirby, near as I can tell, ALL soaps, the world over, are enamored of hospitals. It's not just Mexico. A trip to the hospital is a Big Crisis which draws multiple feuding parties together, either to brawl or sing Kumbaya, when ordinarily their paths wouldn't cross.

I don't understand what Joe sees in Mercy either, but I could say that about a lot of people I know IRL too. It is a mystery.

"Hermanos" can mean "brothers and sisters," just as "ninos" or "hijos" can mean "boys and girls." But I'd like to think that Milty would have said "and hermana(s)" if that were the case. He seems like the sort who doesn't like ambiguity.

Having your bestie shagging your husband right under your nose for YEARS is something not easily forgiven by even the most emotionally generous. Then when it is discovered, to have him leave you and your children for her has to be the ultimate insult.

I'm squirming as your words are true Kirby. It actually doesn't seem quite fair that Joe is gaining galan status daily.

I think Joe honestly believes his marriage with Lindsay ended a long time ago. What we don't know is if she felt the same way (?) Had he mentioned a divorce? Did she refuse to give it to him? Were they staying together simply for the sake of the children? Whatever he felt, whatever his rationale, he should never have cheated. Even if Lindsay were a lovely, sweet person (which I don't think is the case), she deserved better.

Julie, you hit the nail on the head about attraction. it's sometimes inexplicable. My father told my mother that one of the things that attracted him to the woman he left her for was that she daintily picked up and ate half a sandwich, using only one hand. True story. What can I say? You can't make this stuff up.


Daintily picked up and ate half a sandwich using only one hand. OMG, people are so crazy. You know, that's sort of how Genesis ate her sandwich. (As opposed to Nina, who wolfed that bad boy down.)

Julie, I agree that AssBun did at least start to feel something for Genesis. what I found interesting was the comment about his mother..implying that she never cared about him...that's the same thing Danilow said about his mother...hmmmmm. Walter and Pedro C both had a relationship with Mercy...could they have had the same mistress????

I thought the bread crumb rose was sweet. When he was bringing out hte box, I thought it would be a real flower, but then he explained he saw it at the bakery and thought of her...que cute. But I do wish he'd look for someone else.

These 2-hour episodes are nice in that they provides more continuity, but, dang, it's ALOT to process.

Diana, you make a good point. We know almost nothing about Lindsay. Did she cheat on him first? Had they tried for years to work it out? I get the impression the children are very young, and doing the math, it would appear Joe was involved with Mercy a substantial portion of his married years. Anyway you cut it, infidelity is basically dishonesty, and that is never good. Remember Lindsay was sadly resigned to the end of their marriage until she found out it was Mercy, then she grew claws. BIG claws

If Lindsay can ever get over this, she should have no trouble finding someone new based on her looks alone. Keeping him....hmmm.....she may need to figure out why the first one got away.

IE: When people leave their troubles behind.... it is surprising how many leave a forwarding address.

If Mercy is PonyBun's Mom, we surely get a different story based on who is telling the story. Mercy tells of a child somehow taken from her whom she has longed for for decades.

PonyBun tells of a cold shrew who cared none for her abandoned child. This will be veeeer inter-est-ing when the light shines on it.

Kirby, is that a sample of what the storm did?

Kirby: "When people leave their troubles behind.... it is surprising how many leave a forwarding address." That should be a t-shirt, or a bumper sticker, and a tattoo.

RGV no. :-)
Just some perfect old barn out in the country somewhere. About as Americana as you can get.
Have you fed your critters?

Yep, kirby, critters are happy. No, rain yet; so I have to go cut grass for them across the road where there is a cotton field. My 5 "grazing" acres are just dust right now :-(

Rgv Chick, I'm so sorry you didn't get any rain. Will keep praying the heavens open up soon.

Julie, while I enjoy eating, I don't devour my food with quite the same gusto as Nina. I like her and get a kick out of her. She is real without any airs or pretense. What you see is what you get.

I'll echo your appreciation of Kirby's quote on troubles finding you. Kirby, you are on fire today!

Did Mercy go the private detective route to find her missing child? She certainly had the funds and Pedro and Walter have been gone for a while. While some who are searched for high and low are never found (e.g. Bigfoot), I suspect a good detective would certainly have had some luck.


Thank you, Diana :-) I'm just glad I can get fresh grass for my animalitos close by...they are so spoiled, they won't eat's too dry and they like really fresh grass.

Like this?

OMGoodness, goats would have a feast with that!

I think Mercy did use a detective to look for her lost child... unfortunately, the detective she chose was the guy from TVA.

I heard that goats in many areas are being used to clear shrubbery. Seems to work out well for the goats as well! Glad they have some nice grass to eat Rgv Chick.

Pristine lawn Kirby. Thank God for weeks or I would have no lawn at all :)

Thanks Julie. I guess I would not have given up searching for my child so quickly.


"for weeds" not weeks. Sigh.


Wow..good morning, all. The patio is the reason that I have trouble getting anything done . The recaps and comments are just too interesting, informative, and fun !!!

Julie..loved the title. I loved the movie with a similar title. Too many bon mots to quote . Love your mind,girl.

Kirby, everyday , you amaze me. You sometimes sneak words of wisdom into your cheeky comments ! Saying Julie is a funny girl reminded me of something someone said to Hubba recently. We go to our favorite eating spot once week. One waiter said to Hubba, " She's funny. Where did you find her?," Hubba did not answer, and a couple answers jumped into my mind...but I edited them and remained silent. Where did you find her?????

Diana, I had a friend whose father left her mother for another woman. There were four children in the family. Her mother was crushed. My parents stayed together, but it was not a happy marriage. My mother used to urge me to talk to my father, but when I did, he would say everything was fine. Finally, Hubba had to tell her not to expect me to fix their problems. Everybody has a history that affects his\her personality .

What attracts a person to another person is kind of mystical. Bunnomore seemed to like Genesis caring for and feeding him even more than the bunnyhopping. Both he and Dan seem to be looking for affection and live. Hmmmm.

So ,is Genesis going to wear that gold necklace, and Mercyme is going to see it ?

Chickie, hopeo you get rain soon. Another beautiful day here..sunny, clear. 80. Now, I have stuff to do.


"Where did you find her?" wow... hubba should have said you fell from heaven.

BunPonyManBoy really did seem touched by Genesis's concern for him. At this point, I wonder if he isn't more redeemable than Danilo is.

Speaking of which, how does he (and Morgana) expect to end Laura's pregnancy without hurting her AND getting thrown in jail and/or murdered by Ryan?? Dan and Morg ever think their schemes through? No. I am thinking about FormerBun possibly being redeemed . doesn't a change if hairdo sometimes foreshadow a change of character? Add the love and care of a good(?) woman.

I am still not sure what message we are being sent about the Genesis character. She likes sex. She takes care of people..Letmesponge.. ..Bunnylove.She is efficient and organized at her job. She likes short,tight clothes. She has a jealous streak.

Julie...I wish you had been with us to whisper that answer to Hubba. He just kind of stared at the guy. Then, he looked at me with his "do not say whatever you are planning to say" glance since I have been known to answer questions like that within a nanosecond . (a catalog...the woods...a cave....the cabbagepatch...left field...homeless shelter..the Olympics...a\Tupperware party) Once an old friend said something nice to him about me , and he just smiled and said nothing. When I asked him why he didn't say anything , he said, "Well, I didn't hit him, did I?" And there it is right there.

Sue, many times Where did you find her is actually meant to say "What a rare treasure, of a mate. How did you luck out?." I would put money it was meant that way, unless we are finally seeing a hint of the 'Double Life of Susan Lynn.'.

I don't know if there is any "message" about Genesis. They are not subtle about these things. If there were a message, it would have been spelled out for us by now.

Another answer for hubba: "SHE found ME!"

I know it is supposed to be a compliment... but "where did you find her" makes her sound like an old shoe on the side of the road.

Both Dan and bunless have shot and killed cold bloodedly.

I do believe that somewhere deep inside, both are lonely little boys looking for love and affection, lapping up any fragment of the "mothering" they never received as children.

Have any so cold and callous ever been redeemed??

The only person I can think of was our main man Mario in Pasion (the amazing Alberto Estrella). I believe he killed his wife and her lover in cold blood when he discovered them. I would imagine the redemption was allowed because it was a crime of passion.

Dan shot someone who was asleep and unable to defend himself. Nomorebadbun killed one of his henchies to make a point.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of their redemption but not totally against it. But would it ever really happen? Has it ever happened?


Kirby, your comments and wildlife today are amazing.


I was reading and watching , so I missed some things. Mercy seems to have had a colorful past...auctioned off at a cockfight is not in most people's bios. The fact that she was not interested in the antianxiety pill that is named Joe has me worried.

Kirby, I like that interpretation, but it was a bit jarring having a stranger say it. Hubba looked equally confused, but he has a tendency not to say what he is thinking while I am a blurter. I have often snapped out a quick snarky reply whereas Hubba just states or smiles at people..

Julie..yeah..where did he FIND me? Was I missing? Did someone else misplace me? Were there missing or wanted posters out there on me? Milk boxes? Was he happy he found me or surprised\scared\curious ? Gee, look at THAT. In actuality, we kind of found each other. And , I took one look and that was it. Nobody has ever asked me where I found him , but some have definitely looked as though they would not mind picking him up if he went missing.People say the strangest things...and like right to your face !

Diana, I can't think of any redemption comparable to what Danilo or PonyBun would need, so I don't think it's really in the cards.

Well... if by "redemption" we mean that they die doing something good for the first time in their lives, then I'm sure there's a precedent for that. But if we mean that they go to prison, do their time and come out as assets to society, then no way.

" not interested in the antianxiety pill that is named Joe" she knew that later she could have a double dose of the real thing.

"nobody has ever asked me where I found him , but some have definitely looked as though they would not mind picking him up if he went missing" just made me laugh Susanlynn. I'm with Kirby - I think the question (and others like it) is complimentary. Folks mean well they just don't always express the sentiment as we'd like.

Julie, I like your definition. Using that standard, Danilo has technically met that as his saving Paloma was likely the first time he's done something unselfishly for someone else in his sad life. nomorebadbun has not yet achieved that.

While there is no proof having a loving, nurturing mother isn't everything, it seems to be the cause of utter devastation when it's missing.


That's a common Southern compliment. Note taken as to around whom it is not taken as such.

The same things mean totally different things in different areas. When you find a great pair of shoes, how long have you been running through the mall barefoot because they were lost?


Diana..I loved Alberto in Pasion. He had so much personality as a pirate and Rick's bff. Then, the next time I saw him was in that tn where he was Africa's nemesis, and he was so slimy and despicable. Alberto can play both good and bad..very talented guy.

Susanlynn, agreed! Alberto is marvelous and I like him in whatever role he plays.

His turn in La Malquerida He was the second most vile villain I've ever seen.

The dubious distinction of THE worst was (IMHO) Fabian Robles in Guapos. He had a much smaller part but was chilling.


Julie, I just reread the very end of the recap. So..Estela calls Ry and says that she is in a chapel. Then, Bunnylove is seen in the chapel holding his cellphone in one hand and a gun in the other. Hmmmm. What is going on ? Same chapel?

Who are the missing, mystery siblings that Milton talked about? Maybe Bunrerun and ????? Steve? Milton? Dan?

I never saw the scene between Horacio and Tad minus the hookers. Hmmmm. Now that is burned into my mind.

How about that PSA on sex ed and STDs !! Yikes. Do you guys remember sex ed classes? Mine did not amount too much. Basically health classes were separate from the boys in my classes and did not cover much. The female gym teacher taught the girls and the male gym teacher taught the boys. All I remember was that our young, unmarried teacher thought that wearing nail polish was just asking for trouble. At one point, we talked our teacher into having the boys come to our classes for social dancing. Yeah. I still don't know how we sold that idea and found out later that she got in trouble for doing it. #rebelteacher Then, there was a lecture in the cafeteria\gym by an elderly female vet who talked about horses...and I guess that we teens were supposed to make the connection since many of us lived on farms with various livestock. It did not help me at all. Still clueless. We raised steer (neutered) and pigs (,disgusting animals tat I avoided) horses. As a parent, having that birds and bees talk is very difficult, and I was not very good at it. It is embarrassing to talk to your kids about such intimate stuff, so I do feel a little compassion for Letmeunderstandwhatishappening . They stare at you , and you can see the wheels turning. #uncomfortable

We had no sex ed classes. My parents told me nothing. (They gave me a booklet which said very little except that it might feel good for the boy.) I went out of my way to find dirty books.

I did some editing a few years ago for a nurse who was applying for a research grant to measure HPV immunization vs. populations at greatest risk. Long story short, girls who were least likely to be immunized (due to parents' wishes) were also the most likely to engage in high-risk behaviors. The purpose of the research was to identify the specific objections of various groups of parents and how best to address their objections. (That is, we know that Leticia is not unusual, but they have to dig a lot deeper to find out exactly where it's coming from.) She did get the grant. I don't know what happened after that. She had also done a separate study about objections to condom use.

Whew ! I left to mow and we were all convincing our lovely SusanLynn that a casual acquaintance couldn't have meant it that way.

I get back and #WaitWhat? We made a left turn while I was gone right into a ditch. I grew up on a farm and somehow figured out for myself what applied just to livestock and what to girls. #luckysmartkid

I would think that using a horse as an example (as Susanlynn described) would cause a lot of confusion.

"what applied just to livestock". Yup. The overall scheme is the same, as in many cars have 4 wheels in common,

Thanks, Julie. I don't think I'll be able to read your recap and the comments till just before the show starts tonight. But I am oh so grateful for the recap. The title is great and already tells me something I didn't catch or forgot, cause I remember only two murders.

Good to see that nice fellow from the beginning has come back. He and Nina had instant chemistry. Gee, Bunless, who looks so good with his hair flowing, left the locket for Genesis. I'm still not buying he's sentimental about it, but at least he wanted to make Genesis feel better by making her think he appreciated her, which maybe he did. Liked the kiss-peck between Ryan and Laura -- not deep and soulful, but there eyes said to each other they'd get to that later.

Julie: The guy from "TVA" ?


'Goin to the chapel
An we're gonna get ,,OUCH shot! YIKES

Goin to the chapel of luuu....guns !

Do we believe that RealStels is actually not RealStela and setting Ryan up?
Or is RealStela the RealRealStela and is setting Ryan up?

Two chapels is too much of a coinky dinky even for a TN.

Is DoneBun disguising his voice to be RealStela?

I was wondering if DoeBun might be RealStela with a fake beard, but then I'm sure Genesis has verified his gender.

And I like Nina too. A true 'Pedal to the Metal' chick. Pitch in and help or get out of the way.

Steve. The horse?

Steve, I can't remember the guy's name from TVA. The old man who was keeping all the secrets.

Kirby, after what Milton said, I'm not sure there's a real Estela at all. Obviously Ryan dated someone named Estela, but it's possible that she was a woman playing a role all along.

I also thought it was interesting that it was the Lady of Mercy chapel, because I thought a while back they said the medallion was for Our Lady of Mercy. (Mercy??)

The guy from TVA who was always chewing gum and he killed one of his grandsons (or were they nephews).

Julie Mr. Eric del Castillo---> Evaristo in TVA

OK Mr. Eagle give me one more. Classic eagle, wings level, tail and head straight, and come through low so I can get the top side of you.

Perfect ! click click click.

OK that's it. (this is gonna be great)

Thanks Julie for the recap of the last two episodes.

Yes I think the medal/necklace is of Our Lady of Mercy, and yes I think the two look the same. And the chapel where the real Estella is calling from is Our Lady of Mercy, with Assbun holding her captive with cell phone and gun. Probably talking to the real Dorado. Just wish Our Lady of Mercy would (mercifully) grant Mercy's desire to be reunited with her stolen baby, although she probably would take the whole bottled of pills once she found out. And will someone help LetMeUnderstand my children.

About the usual, it's one of those trivial things that get to me, so I did some research. Mercy called it the "Virgen of Mercy" (which there is one named that--it is the Virgen Mary holding baby Jesus). There is also a "Lady of Mercy", which is the Virgen in a white robe and blue cloak...holding out her hands. The medallion AssBun and Mercy have is actually called "The Pietà" which depicts Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus.

I uploaded close-ups of the 2 medals so you can see that they are identical...

Kirby, every time I see that picture of the eagle flying, I get green with envy...oh, to be as free as a bird and fly wherever my heart desires...

I am wondering if Genesis will put that necklace on, and Mercy will see it. Didn't she say that it is unique because she had it specially made? So many mysteries.

So..Ruben has resurfaced. He's the guy that got accidently shot by Chayo thanks to that juvenile delinquent Dan. Does that mean that Rita will end up with him, and Steve will end up with Genesis? How about Bunny?

Good pictures, Rgv Chick! I thought they looked the same, but we still don't know that BunMan is the original owner of the one he gave to Genesis.

It also occurred to me that the woman he refers to as his mother might not be his real mother. The woman he remembers may have been someone else. Or he could have taken that necklace from someone else (girlfriend, half-sister, first kill, trinket shop at a shrine), and found it useful as a prop for his sob story to Genesis.

I had to share a line that I just read on another site about a character who was "old enough to know better but young enough not to care." Gee, doesn't that just say it all.

Julie, AssBun never knew his mother, so whoever told him she had given him that medallion may have lied to him.

Did the person who kidnapped Babybun give him the medallion and tell him it was from his mother? Did Pedro kidnap him ?

Good questions, SusanLynn...I would also ask--was BabyBun the one that was really kidnapped? Did someone switch the medallion from the kidnapped baby and place it on BabyBun?

When AssBun sits in the chapel when the phone rings. He looks at it and says, "Estela is no longer for you, Compa." I'm assuming it's Ryan does that mean AssBun found Estela and took the phone away from her?

What does company man? Is it like when Americans ironically say "buddy" or " pal" to someone...who is not really their buddy or pal ?

...thanks auto correct...What does "comp" mean?

SusanLynn, yes, it's equivalent to "buddy/pal"

Does this mean that Estela is dead and he took the phone from her corpse? God, these cliffhangers are not good (in reality they're great!). How did he find her? Does this mean that he's ED? Does this mean Asdrubal can't die now, not without finding out that MercyMe is his momma, as awkward as that will be.

Julie, great job. Thanks for the photos of the medallions. So many great lines. My fave: Uh-oh, Talisman is in the hallway, on the phone with PonyBoy, or should I say BunMan, because the Bun is back!

Mercy said ages ago, when she had taken too many pills, that she just wanted to be home with her hijos. It sounded then like the kid was somewhere close and she knew where. Some of us wondered if the kid could be the maid Rita. Maybe the writers forgot? I don't think Mercy and BunMan have ever shared a scene together. Don't know what this means, but if BunMan is the baby Mercy is in for a rude awakening. No sweet reunion there.

Boohoo, Talisman is gone. I loved the scowl he always had for Danilo.

Is Estela a pain in the a all on her own, or is someone forcing her to toy with Ryan? Such a contrast between her and Laura. Laura has been through so many horrors, but she never comes across as needy and clingy with Ryan like Estela has. "Ryan, do you love me?" Woman, get free first. Worry about where Ryan stands later.

Did Bunny actually eventually take that call from El D ? Did El D. Tell him to go the chapel? I don't think that he killed Estela. Maybe she escaped and was recaptured. Maybe he was just telling Ry that she wasn't his anymore. She belongs to El D. Was Estela the lady in the swing at that first party that Dan attended?

Thinking back, I think that was Estela, but then was that scene post capture…pre capture…things were good and then they weren't…she's actually ED…or that wasn't Estela? If ED took her then would he let her lounge about?

I know the way of the teenage brain as far as sex is concerned is shocking to
Letty.Shes been sheltered and so have her kids,she thinks. Maria is not used
To being loose and Givin it out like the girls she hangs around with. And Virginity is not outdated. Aleast not to those who still hold it sacred.I hope That principal(I think he's a school principal)can help letty see that these kids Need to be talked to not at Them. I'm glad she didn't get aids from that kid. I bet she wish She
Was still a virgin, disease-free down there and such. With news like that letty's water would brake.
Y'all think that rose looks like bread
Crumbs. I thought he used egg whites &
Shape it into a rose,and put it in the
Oven until browned a bit, WALLA! Rose.
And he probably sweetened it too.

I'm 5 minutes.

Hey Nina, I wondered if he made the bread-rose out of dough and deep-fried it! (I don't know if that's possible, but if he's a good dough-man he could probably make it work!)

Yikes! I was wrong about BunMan. He's still PonyBoy. I guess I was seeing what I wanted to see last night.

I'm also trying to figure out how Maria's hair got longer after she colored and permed it.

Maria--Hair extensions, Julie

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