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La Candidata 7.31.17 Chapter 35: Cecelia Begins Her Revenge Against Regina

Regina tells Alonso that she is no longer scared of his threats because she now knows who he is. Alonso warns her that she doesn’t know what he is capable of but Regina reminds him that he doesn’t know what she is capable of either and declares that she will beat him. He wonders how because she’s young, and a woman, but asks if maybe Gerardo is her endgame though he notes that Gerardo won’t win either because he’s a loser. Alonso then declares that she is no one but his wife and therefore has no power to win. Regina reminds him that the people know the truth but Alonso explains that the people are easily manipulated and will believe anything they tell him. Regina reminds him that the people have woken up to corrupt politicians like him and will make the right decision. Alonso sighs and tells her that she doesn’t have the resources to win, especially because he will make it his personal mission to destroy her. Regina asks if he hates her so much but Alonso shakes his head and tells her that the people will hate her because he will make sure she loses everything she holds dear. Regina warns him to leave her family, and Emiliano, out of this, but Alonso laughs it off. He tells her that Emiliano will never forgive her for what she did with Gerardo but Regina reminds him that he did the exact same thing. He moves closer other and Regina asks if he’s so cowardly to hit her too. Alonso warns her not to cross the line but Regina confesses that she expected him to act exactly like he is acting. Alonso holds back and tells her that she is also nothing special, she is just his wife. He leaves and Regina breaks down crying.

Ignacio tells Jessica what happened with Nayeli and Jessica chides him for hiding the truth from her. Ignacio chides her for not protecting Nayeli from her husband’s perverted ways but Jessica explains that Nayeli is lying because she’d never be with someone like that. Ignacio reveals that it is because of her husband that Nayeli doesn’t want to go live with her but Jessica reveals that her husband told her the truth: Nayeli tried to seduce him and that’s why they sent her to Ignacio. She now realizes that Ignacio can’t control her either and demands to find her, soon, or there will be hell to pay. Ignacio scruffs at her empty threats.

Almiron drives Lorena home in a van at gun point. She begs them not to do anything to her and Almiron tells her they won’t if she does what he tells her, namely, give him any proof that compromises Alonso and Omar. He warns her to remember where she put any proof because then things will get complicated if she doesn’t.

Marcia storms into Omar’s room and tells him that she is tired of being treated like a common prostitute. He demands to know who treated her so and Marcia begins to cry before telling Omar that both Mauro and Alonso offered her money to leave him. Omar begs her to calm down but Marcia can’t as she hates that everyone thinks she is trash. Omar promises to take care of it and calls Alonso’s office. He asks Magda for Alonso but he is out so he asks for Mauro. Magda hands Mauro the phone and Omar warns him to stop treating Marcia as they’ve been doing because he has all the means to destroy him. He then tells him to tell Alonso to call him first before he even dares to say anything to Marcia. He hands up and Mauro shakes his head.

Hernan goes to visit Cecelia and demands answers on the expired vaccines and dead children. Cecelia has no idea why she asks her but Hernan reminds her that she suggested he investigate Lorena and then this happened so he thought she may know. Cecelia thinks it happened because Lorena is incompetent but if he has any questions he should ask Alonso. Hernan pushes open the door and demands to know the truth but Cecelia reiterates that he should ask Alonso. Hernan demands to know what she is doing with Alonso and wonders if he knows that she slept with Emiliano. Cecelia demands he mind his business but Hernan is worried about her. Cecelia reminds him that he wanted nothing to do with her and should make up mind. He still cares for her though and wants her to be okay but Cecelia shouts that he is no one to give her lessons on moral. Hernan nods but tells her that she is a brilliant, beautiful woman that is throwing away her talent. He hates to see her like this but he will leave her be.

Almiron calls Mario and tells him that they are looking for all the documents and he will send them over as soon as he has them. Lorena has been cooperative, thus far, but Almiron asks what he should do after they are finished. Mario instructs him to keep an eye on her until he’s made sure all the loose ends have been tied up. Almiron nods and Mario hangs up.

Gerardo goes to talk to Regina at her office about Alonso. He demands to know what Alonso did but she shakes her head and tells him that he just made his usual threats. Gerardo is sick and tired of Alonso and demands he stop mistreating her but Regina begs him to let it go, for now, as she doesn’t need any more problems. He hugs her, fiercely, and she tells him that she loves being in his arms. She smiles and Gerardo lets her go before telling her that he must see Ximena but hates that he must leave her alone. Regina asks him not to worry as she must go see Emiliano but Gerardo would prefer she not go home. Regina assures him that she will be fine and asks if he trusts her. Gerardo nods and Regina asks him to trust that everything will be fine. They then say their goodbyes and Gerardo leaves.

Isela brings Cecelia a tea and demands she stop crying before reminding her that Emiliano is nothing of hers. Cecelia reminds her that Regina is her sister because she’s Mario’s daughter but Isela insists that she’s not her sister or her family. Either way, Isela thinks Cecelia should take advantage of Emiliano’s libido but Cecelia reminds her that she will never be more than the lover if she continues as she has. Isela thinks she needs more lessons in manipulating men because, if she plays her cards right, she will have them both eating out of her hands. Cecelia confesses that she feels dirty and tired but Isela reminds her that she will never have a normal life, she will have a life like she did. Cecelia demands to know why she can’t have a normal life and Isela reminds her that no one has ever given them anything, they have had to take it, by force. Either way, she shouldn’t feel bad as she has always said Regina got everything she never did so she needs to make up her mind. Isela asks that she not call her again if she’s going to cry, but to tell her that she has moved forward with the plan they made years ago to destroy Regina. She storms out and leaves Cecelia to cry.

Gerardo tells Teresa, in front of Ximena, to move back to her house because he’s tired of all her spectacles and scandals. Teresa nods but wants him to admit that is because he is having an affair with Regina. Gerardo tells her that is not the reason he wants her out and he is only trying to begin something with Regina because they are no longer together. Teresa asks if he doesn’t want her anymore because she’s not enough for his political aspirations. Gerardo reminds her that she destroyed their family with her habits and then refusal to get help. Ximena asks, with tears in her eyes, if he wants her out too but Gerardo tells her he doesn’t. Ximena tells him that she won’t leave Teresa alone so she will leave too and then he can be with Regina. Gerardo doesn’t want that but he explains that their situation has become insufferable and he can’t handle it anymore. After a moment of silence, he announces that he is the one that is leaving but Teresa asks him if it’s easy to leave her and Ximena. Gerardo reiterates that he won’t ever leave Ximena but he will leave Teresa and he hopes she understands one day. He then leaves but neither women say a word.

Larreta finds Mauro in the Senate building and asks him to tell him where Lorena is, and with who, because he knows what Alonso does to the people who are in his way. Mauro has no idea where Lorena could be but Larreta explains that he called Alonso and Omar and neither of them answered. He begs Mauro to help and Mauro promises to call him as soon as he knows something. He goes to leave but Larreta begs him to please not do anything to Lorena before leaving.

As Marcia calls on the bed, Omar asks her to calm down but she prefers to go back to the café, where everyone respected her. Omar doesn’t want her woman to work but Marcia reminds him that Natalia is his woman, not her. Omar thinks she’s being ridiculous but Marcia prefers to leave since Omar doesn’t defend her in front of everyone. Omar tells her that she’s not going anywhere and takes out a gold necklace. He asks Marcia to turn around and puts it on her before giving her an envelope with a credit card for her to use as she wishes. Marcia thinks him for all he has given her but no one will respect her, either way. Omar asks her what she would like and Marcia tells him they need to be married so that she can be his woman in front of everyone, legally.

Emiliano tells Regina that he already saw Natalia and hopes she can leave him be now. She asks him to stop and listen to him but Emiliano wants to leave, ASAP. Regina asks him to stop again so they can talk but Emiliano already knows what is going on because he saw it on the news. Regina asks him to not believe everything he reads but Emiliano reminds her that she confessed to having a relationship with Gerardo. She reminds him that said is relationship is only regarding her upcoming campaign but Emiliano chides her for making him chose between her and Alonso. Regina makes it clear that she is not fighting against Alonso but she wants the presidency, regardless. Just then, Alonso comes in and demands to know what she is doing there. Regina reminds him that she’s in her home and came to see her son. Alonso tells her to leave because she no longer has a family but Emiliano asks them to please stop fighting. Alonso demands to know if Emiliano is against him now too but Emiliano grabs his bag and leaves because they are insufferable to live with.

Almiron slaps Lorena and hopes she is telling him the truth and she has no one waiting to release any compromising documents or he will come back and make sure she has a very bad time. Lorena reiterates that she gave him everything but Almiron thinks she is hiding something. Lorena reminds him that he can’t hurt her because she is a government employee but Almiron reminds her that she used to be one. Either way, he knows she will cooperate and takes out his phone to show her a picture of two small children. He knows that she recognizes her niece and nephew and would not allow anything to happen to such beautiful creatures. Lorena is quiet but she is slowly losing her resolve.

Emiliano walks through the hallway as Natalia sees him and asks if he is leaving. Emiliano declares that he is but Natalia tries to stop him so they can talk. He tells her that he’s leaving because he hates living with his parents and storms out. Natalia calls his name but Emiliano doesn’t stop.

Noemi wakes up and finds Mario waiting for her. She asks him if her guard left but Mario has no idea what she is talking about. Noemi knows he hired Rita to make sure she doesn’t talk to anyone but Mario wonders what she will talk about: how she is an accomplice to all his dirty deeds. Noemi shakes her head because she is not an accomplice of anything but Mario tells her the Regina is where she is thanks to him. He lays down next to Noemi in bed and proposes they talk about Regina’s latest decisions, namely the fact that she is letting all their hard work go to hell. Noemi tells him that Regina is not doing anything wrong, in fact, she would report him if she knew about his extracurricular activities. Mario reminds her that she had no problem wasting the money he got with his extracurricular activities but Noemi declares that she had no idea where the money came from. Mario gives her a kiss and asks her to forget her regrets, especially because they need to talk about Regina. He explains that she has defied Alonso, who will destroy her, and there is nothing he can do because he doesn’t have sufficient power. He suggests Noemi convince Regina to forget the divorce because it would be very dangerous for all of them if it happened. Noemi, who is now terrified, asks Mario how far he is involved and Mario asks her if she really wants to know as he caresses her face. Noemi holds her breath and Mario decides against telling her because, at that moment, she will have to sleep with a gun under her pillow.

Regina is crying in her bedroom when Alonso storms in and demands to know if she will stay in their house. Regina suggests he go find Emiliano because she was trying to talk to him when he barged in. Alonso notes that Emiliano is pissed because of her but Regina thinks he shouldn’t say anything after all he did. Alonso reminds her that he doesn’t publish his affairs like she has but Regina thinks he’s just mad because she defied him and his power. She demands he leave Emiliano out of it but Alonso chides her for thinking about Emiliano after her affair went public. Regina asks that he not be there she gets out of the bathroom but Alonso reminds her that her actions have led them to this moment. He calls her a loose woman and Regina demands he never insult her again. Alonso tells her that she has been extremely selfish but warns her that he will destroy her before she can destroy any of them. He storms off.

Cecelia cries at home when she receives a call from Emiliano, who wants to see her. Cecelia would prefer they didn’t but Emiliano asks her if she is going to say anything about the gift he sent her. Cecelia asks how he could buy such an expensive gift but Emiliano doesn’t budge and tells her she deserves that and more. He then explains that he needs to see her, ASAP, because his parents are exhausting, and he really wants her company. Cecelia suggests he go home because his parents will be worried but Emiliano doesn’t want to and goes to hang up since she’s evading him. Cecelia finally relents and tells him to come over.

Ximena messages Emiliano and tells him that she needs him, now more than ever, and asks that he please not ignore. Teresa walks in and Ximena slams the computer close. Teresa asks if she was talking with “that little boy” but Ximena asks her to mind her business and tries to leave. Teresa stops her and demands she not talk to her that way but she has some advice: if she wants Emiliano to pay attention to her, she needs to fix herself up because she’s looking very ugly as of late. Ximena asks why she is speaking to her this way but Teresa explains that she only wants to help. She suggests she lose some weight as she’s looking very pudgy lately and, with her height, it is not flattering. She then leaves goes to leave as Ximena starts to cry and asks where she is going because she got very upset last time she went to the casino. Teresa reminds her that she does as she wishes and is happy to leave her alone so she can sleep with whoever she wants. She then leaves as Ximena continues to cry.

As Magda cradles Mariela’s baby, she asks Israel where Mariela is. Israel tells her that Mariela is working and then asks if she’s bothered that they are staying there but Magda shakes her head. She asks what the job is but Israel says he doesn’t know. Magda demands he tell her the truth because it’s very late for Mariela to be out working. He relents and explains that she works as a coat check girl at the restaurant.

Mariela checks in a red coat but continues to look at it afterward. She takes it off the hanger and stuffs it in her bag which is under her desk. No one sees her and she continues to work like nothing happened.

Mario calls Almiron and tells him that his men already brought him all the documents; he will go over them and give him a call back. He then asks about Lorena and Almiron tells him that she is okay and cooperating. Mario asks that he control his men because nothing can happen to Lorena. He hangs up as Larreta walks in and asks him who has Lorena. He begs Mario to please tell him but Mario grows quiet and slightly smiles.

Ignacio hangs up a call, frustrated, and tells Jessica that he already called all his contacts and he also has a police officer looking for her but Nayeli has disappeared. Jessica thinks someone must know where she is and asks where she last was. Ignacio tells her that she was with Ximena at Gerardo’s house but left in the middle of the night. Jessica asks her please take her with Ximena so they can talk.

Regina receives a call from Cecelia but Regina demands to know why she’s calling. Cecelia tells her that Emiliano is on his way to her house but Regina demands to know why he’s going over there. Cecelia tells her that he sounded horrible on the phone and suggested he come; she asks her to come too and hangs up. Cecelia then calls Isela and tells her that she was right about everything and she needs to begin her vengeance.

Jessica asks Ximena why Nayeli left her house in the middle of the night but Ximena explains that she told Ignacio already that it wasn’t important. Jessica chides her for letting Nayeli go, especially now that she’s disappeared, but Ximena screams that it’s not her fault Nayeli has disappeared. Jessica demands Ximena tell her something, anything, about where Nayeli might have gone but Ximena asks them to leave, ASAP. Jessica won’t go though and asks her what Nayeli said about her and her stepfather. Ximena reveals that Nayeli told her that she was scared and Jessica asks if she’s scared because she knows she’s lying. Ignacio tries to get Jessica, who is getting angrier by the minute, to calm down by she demands to know if Nayeli told Ximena that she lied.

Nayeli’s friend, Chivo, comes and sees her drinking on the bed. He demands she do something, like clean, to pay her way but Nayeli tells him that she can help his business because she knows a lot of people who would pay of the drugs he sells. He shakes her head, because she’s always in danger, but Nayeli begs him to help her. Chivo suggests she give him a kiss but she asks him to focus and see the great potential she has. Chivo thinks it’s a bad idea as her father works for the government and is sure to be looking for her. Nayeli reminds him that her parents don’t care about her, especially after she saw between Ignacio and Teresa, but Chivo reiterates that they will still look for her. She hopes they all die, especially Ignacio, Jessica, and Ximena, especially Ximena. Chivo notes that she is full of resentment, and Nayeli agrees, but asks if he is going to let her help him. He looks at her, silently.

Mario serves Larreta a drink and promises to find out what he can about Lorena though he doesn’t promise anything because Lorena messed with Omar and Omar is dangerous. Larreta nods and then Mario tells him that he also needs his help: a position within the party, out of the shadows and next to all of them, front and center. Larreta stares at him and Mario tells him that whatever happens next is up to him before taking a drink.

Regina runs out of her room and runs into Natalia, who is in the dining room. She tells her that she needs to leave for a minute and runs out as Alonso comes out of the kitchen. Natalia asks him what is going on with him and Regina but Alonso demands she take care of her own problems and leave him alone. He storms out as Natalia looks on.

Cecelia and Emiliano hug each other and Cecelia assures him that she is there for him and everything will be fine. Emiliano confesses that he only feels safe with her and Cecelia takes the opportunity to take him into her bedroom with a smile on her face.

Gerardo is working late at the office when he receives a call from Ximena, who is crying. She tells him that she can’t deal anymore and explains that they have both left her alone and Ignacio blames her for Nayeli’s disappearance. Gerardo doesn’t know what to say and Ximena begs him to come home and find her lest she do something they will both regret. She then hangs up and continues to cry.

Cecelia and Emiliano, who have decided the bedroom is too tame, have moved to her living room table, in full view of the front door. They continue to kiss each other as the doorbell rings but Cecelia tells Emiliano that she isn’t expecting anyone. He goes to kiss her again but Cecelia stops him and goes to see who is at the door. She barely has a shirt around her midsection and he scrambles to put on his underwear.

Outside the apartment, Alonso arrives and sees Hector. He calls him over and asks if Emiliano is inside. Hector nods and he then asks what Regina is doing there. Hector doesn’t know but she just arrived.

Cecelia opens the door and find Regina, who demands to know where Emiliano is. Cecelia turns around and stops aside to reveal Emiliano in his underwear. Regina, shocked beyond words, looks at Cecelia and then at Emiliano, and realizes what just happened…


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Great work, Alfredo.

Emiliano should be sent to a military boarding school last week. He's way out of control and none of his elders know the half of it.

So Jessica knew the truth about Nayeli making passes at her stepfather. This leaves them in a horrible stalemate.

Ximena needs a shrink immediately. She has gone from knowing her mother is BSC to taking her side against a relatively sane father who has been pushed to the limit. She is becoming the same as her mother. She is a selfish, immature drama queen demanding that Gerardo sacrifice his own sanity so she can have the delusion of a happy family.

Isela is either delusional or sadistic. This situation is doubly incestuous and she behaves as though Cecelia is no more than a robot with no emotions and no will of her own. Cecelia needs to get the hell out of there if she has any chance of saving herself. But I doubt that will happen.

Cecelia is itching to reveal to Regina that she is her sister. That is what this lure to her place is all about. Her hatred of Regina is not only undeserved it's irrational. It was created by Isela who should have know better than to try a pregnancy entrapment on someone like Mario. Isela is now compounding this sin by convincing Cecelia that she can't succeed at anything normal. Cecelia could have had she gotten away from Isela a few years ago before managing the brothel.

We don't know Isela's background, but she clearly has the soul of a whore. She may truly fear that Cecelia would not without her indoctrination.

What got me was when she said “She is not your sister.” What if Isela had lied to Mario about him having knocked her up and Cecelia really isn't Regina's sister after all? The damage resulting from this would be just as great as from the incest we already are talking about. Not to mention that this would get Isela killed.

Alonso..... what a monster he is becoming. He's as bad as his father. It would be a good thing if Lorena had secreted something away with a note to a lawyer stating “In the event of my death or disappearance please see that these documents get delivered to – ” We can only hope that Florencia and/or Deborah did something like this.

Whether or not it's true, the sister reveal's fallout will be immense. If Noemi survives that long she will go on the warpath. Regina will have to ask her divorce attorney if he can give her a 50% off deal. Emiliano already needs a shrink so this could make him suicidal. Most of the women of Noemi's generation might think that sauce for the gander is something the goose has no equal rights to. The one thing that can spare Regina this nightmare would be the revelation of Alonso's involvement in the medical fraud.

Alfredo, thanks. The recap was as enjoyable as yet another great episode.

I bet that Lorena is rethinking telling Almirón to tell the mafiosi that she was going to get even. Whoopsie!

I really wish that Regina would bring up Alonso's fling with Lorena every time Alonso brings up her rendezvous wth Gerardo that makes him look like a cuckold. She should remind him how his actions make her look. Not doing that just supports the sexist societal norms that he uses to his advantage.

So, Magda is an easy mark: she has been taken over by a family of grifters.

It's evening and Ximena is home alone one more time because Gerardo is still at work. What a choice!: alone or with her crazy-making mother. I felt sorry for her being given the third degree by Ignacio and his ex.

Cecilia will never match her mother in toughness. Isela had to scratch and fight to survive. Cecilia's moral ambivalence will be her undoing.

Whoopsie: tell Larreta to tell the mafiosi.. .

Alonso would only laugh in Regina's face or accuse her of being a bad wife if she countered those accusations. No matter what else has gone on in the world he still thinks that he has the unfettered right to cheat on her and treat her like a possession.

He probably would, but in my mind those are ino reasons for her not to do it.

UA: Emiliano going to the Mexican Military Academy ?

Thank you Alfredo, totally amazing!

When Alonso left Regina and Regina closed her eyes, she cried because she is extremely frustrated with the double standard. She doesn't have to tell Alonso he's a pig, he knows he's a pig.

Emiliano has no moral meter. He has no compassion. He is exactly like his father and his grandfathers. Anything that happens to him is well deserved.

Tere is cruel to Ximena, calling her a little piggy is borderline abuse. She is driving her crazy and stomping on her self esteem.

Jessica is shameless accusing Ximena about Nayeli running away. She doesn't care about Nayeli, she just wanted to clear her husbands name.

One thing is certain Regina finding out about Cecilia and Emi, is not a good idea for Cecilia, we will finally see how Mario reacts to the news. Can't wait.


I'm not judging Jessica yet; Nayeli did fess up to having attempted to seduce her stepfather, but she fessed up to Ximena. Jessica knows this to be the truth, but we don't know how she knows.

Teresa is a classic narcissistic mother. This is what they do. They will always hit where it hurts because they can't stand the idea of their daughters surpassing them in anything.

Thanks Alfredo. It is a pity that Regina did not figure out long ago who Alonso is, divorce him and deal with the fallout with Emiliano. Now she is faced with a divorce, new love with a messed up ex and kid, pressure from messed up parents and having to start a new career. She has a lot of baggage with which to deal. I suppose it makes for a good story but not a good, stress free life. No wonder she is crying. What a philosophy Isela has and has dumped this on her daughter. One wonders what her background is.

Sandie: Awaiting to see Emiliano going down the murderous road in whacking people.

I'm looking forward to seeing this nightmare TN finally end!

Here's hoping Regina becomes President!

Thank you Alfredo

Been watching when I can while in and out of the country and awesome I can come here.

Anyway, mean and rotten to the core as many of these characters are, some more repulsive when I see them but I can't turn away. Hated Emiliano from the jump, what an entitled little punk boy but I lay partial blame at Regina's feet for spoiling him 30 minutes of each day and ignoring him the rest. That doesn't mean I dislike Regina or believe her bad cause she's not. In fact I admire a woman toe to toe and breaking free of the stomach turning machismo. Cecelia, what a total nasty excuse and waste of carbon. She took nasty to another level, sleeping her nephew, and much as I hate the king of all xxxxheads, Alonso, I so want Alonso to punch Emiliano in his beak if/when he discovers them together. Most of all, please someone, smack that smug look off Alonso's face.

I feel a lot of sympathy for Ximena.


I don't think politics is ever stress-free, even if one's party is in power and there is no war to worry about and manage.

Alonso is in no position to discipline Emiliano. His list of sins as a person and as a parent is far longer than Regina's. If he catches Emiliano with Cecelia he's more likely to turn on her than on him.

Since I've been having playback issues, tonight's recap may be a little late.

I agree Alonso is in no position to chastise anyone and why he resorts to threat more times than not and he will be angry with Cecelia but more because of his ego. Emiliano is too far gone (he hasn't responded to Regina either) and doubt will care but may see his father as a sexual rival and Cecelia's protector.

Omar, Alonso and Emiliano are the same tyrant.

Excellent recap, Alfredo, and excellent comments by all, especially Urban. Urban: Let's hope Cecilia isn't really Regina's sister! Cecilia just keeps burning bridges. Now there's no hope of an alliance with Regina, and if Cecilia had half an ounce of sense she'd realize that Regina had absolutely nothing to do with having been born the legitimate daughter--totally at the door of Mario and Isela. Taking revenge is stupid, as is listening to Isela. Cecilia has a good US college degree and a job in her specialty, which she is evidently very good at. She really shouldn't need men to survive. I still don't understand Ximena's turnaround on Teresa, but I agree that she needs a shrink. Wow, Almirón really is like a mafioso!

SpanProf, you are dead right about Cecelia and her situation.

As for Ximena's about face about Teresa, I think we can credit that to the narcissist's talent at manipulating weak people. Teresa has broken her down with criticism and has set her up to want her approval. That is what narcissistic parents do to their children.

Tofie: Mark my words: It will NOT be long before Karma strikes Cecilia!

UA: Body Count might increase to the 60's before this TN ends.

Thank you Alfredo for such a stirring and detailed recap! It was about as good as reliving the show over again. So great job, as I really enjoyed it. I’m a little late, so I’m also enjoying everyone’s comments, I don’t know what else I can add.

Isela is an evil woman. She should have lost her mother card a long time ago bringing up Cecelia in such an unhealthy and immoral environment. To Isela, prostitution is a valid “career”. She is calloused and hardened from all her sins and seeks to make Cecelia just like her. In a way, Cecelia does have some conscience, but not enough to make a difference so far.

I am getting so tired of Emiliano. He’s the kind of guy who forces himself on women even though they say no. I cannot stand the patriarchal environment of this show with this horrible mindset that only uses women and doesn’t see women as equals. Anyway, back to Emiliano. He doesn’t seem to want to just be with girls his age. He was with Florencia, but she must have been older than him too. How old is Cecelia supposed to be? Maybe about 30? And if Emiliano is 17-18, this is a huge age difference. Who told him that this was acceptable? He must be taking lessons from his father who has no moral compass.


Isela will definitely make our next Toxic Mothers list. I think we need to post that on or near Mother's Day every year. Someone else needs to do lists like this for Telemundo programs.

Prostitution was a valid career in ancient times. In ancient Greece, Rome, and probably Egypt you needed a license for it. I'm sure it was taxed as well. However, it's two millennia later.

Since Cecelia was away from this environment for four years during college I don't understand why she returned to it. She could have gotten an excellent job in the US and made a name for herself out of her parents' shadow. She obviously has never read Toxic Parents or any similar book so I guess she still feels a childish need for their approval and Mario's acknowledgment, which she will never get. Mario may not love Regina either, but she is his shield of respectability for the moment.

Cecelia should turn on Isela eventually. She has some self-awareness but not enough to protect herself. Thanks to Isela she also fails to realize that Regina is not at fault with regard to Mario's favoritism. If Cecelia's actions were to drive Regina to suicide or the manicomio Mario's feelings about either of them would not change. He has a heart of stone.

Thank everyone for your kind comments! It was my pleasure to recap this twisted tale as we pass the halfway mark. Things are sure to heat up even more because ultimas semanas are close. Ahh the wonders of short novelas, no time wasted.

To be, Isela is definitely the worst of the bunch. Omar, Alonso, and Mario are cruel, murderous, misogynic pigs but they all draw the line at incest. Mario is sure to be sick when he finds out because, if he would've been okay with it, Isela and Cecelia would've told him like they've told him everything else. Isela is sicker than all because she knows the whole story and the familial relations but still egged Cecelia on to sleep with Emiliano. Cecelia, poor girl, is so damaged that she thought it was the best idea. Can anyone see Nora (from ECDLP) in Cecelia if she would've lasted a few more years. Isela has her so wrapped around her finger that she committed incest to spite her sister and make her mother happy. Wow.

Has anyone ever told Emiliano that he's a rapist? Because he keeps forcing himself on women, who just give up and relent, time after time. I think only Ximena has fought him off but he's still disgusting. Cecelia needs to slow him down, like she did Alonso, thought it will be interesting to see how Alonso reacts after the sibling rivalry bomb hits. The fact that he would compete against his son is so awkward and weird. Who does this???

Teresa has a way with words, huh? THis was the first time she was this cruel to Ximena though and it hurt. I cried for that poor girl but I'm glad she was able to call Gerardo and beg to help before she did something she'd regret.

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