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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #46, Jul 12, 2017: Cat’s Outta the Bag—Run, Baby, Run!

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Some scenes combined for continuity. Flashbacks in italics.

LetMeBeAWidow Asks for Kids Support

At Chicano Hotel, LetMe is sitting on her bed with Maria beside her. She says a small prayer for TomAss (too late, he’s dancin’ to the devil’s tune or burnin’ to a crisp). Maria reminds LetMe that he was abusive and probably got what he deserved, but LetMeBeASaint responds that no one deserves to die in such a way. When Maria asks how and why he died, LetMe responds that they don’t know…the police told her that they found everything on him-- his wallet and money-- and they asked her if he had any enemies. Maria worries that if TomAss had enemies, they might go after LetMe. Tadeo comes into the room (quite annoyed and apparently not wanting to be there) and says, “Ok I’m here. Are you happy now?” He sees that LetMe is crying and asks her what happened, and sarcastically adds, “Who died?” LetMe tells him “Tom” and adds that she needs them with her now more than ever. Maria hugs her as Tadeo assures her that they won’t leave her.

Mercy Refuses to Eat

Rosario brings LauStela’s phone to her since it is ringing, tells her it’s Ryan…again, and asks her if she is going to answer. LauStela responds that she can’t talk to him right now…she has too much to say to him and she shouldn’t do it over the phone. Since Paloma has finished eating, LauStela starts to take her for her bath, Mercy walks in and all greet each other. Mercy sternly tells them that this is not a courtesy visit. She demands that LauStela explain what is going on…why doesn’t she just admit that the man is Paloma’s father and spare Paloma and Ryan from getting into problems. LauStela tells Mercy that Isidro is just a friend she hadn’t seen in several years; he sees Paloma as his daughter. Mercy tells LauStela that she was not born yesterday. She demands to know how Paloma is registered. LauStela tells her Paloma is registered the way she should be; and since this is not a courtesy visit, she will excuse herself because Paloma is waiting for her. Rosario, trying to be friendly, but somewhat cynical, offers Mercy something to eat, but Mercy declines saying she wouldn’t be able to eat anything right now--not even the stories they are trying to make her swallow.

Ryan Smacks FauxPas’s Smirk

In front of a radio station (outside), Ryan is asks to talk to the manager and is asked to wait, so he walks a few feet away. Nina and her troop, with FauxPas follwing, rush to the greeter. Nina says that what they are doing to Regia is unjust and they want to talk to someone in charge. As ryan listens from afar, they introduce themselves as Ernestina Tinoco and Fausto Galindo. FauxPas says he has known Regia for many years and he has information about her…he is willing to negotiate a price for the info. The man tells Nina to register as FauxPas walks away to smoke. Ryan approaches Fauxpas and says, “So you are the infamous Fausto…He grabs FauxPas and slams him against a van. He tells FauxPas that he knows what has been doing… he has been extorting Laura. Fausto tells Ryan that he didn’t want to do anything bad to her; he just wanted to borrow some money (borrow?? Is that what he calls extortion?), but everything is fine and dandy. Ryan accuses FauxPas of being the one that called questioning the girl’s paternity. take advantage of LauStela and get money. Fausto tells Ryan to calm down and that he is accusing him of something he didn’t do…he was not the one that made the call. Ryan threatens FauxPas that if he doesn’t stop bothering Laura, he is going to smack that smirk right off his face. FauxPas tells Ryan that he just wants the money Laura owes him and to tell her that he is going to demand she pay him. FauxPas tells Ryan that this is between Laura and him; and if she doesn’t want him to reveal how she passed her time as a whore, she’d better pay up. Ryan punches him knocking him down (yippee!!). Ryan holds FauxPas down with his foot (too bad he didn’t have track shoes on) and tells FauxPas to deal only with him and to leave Laura in peace.

Go Away Little Boy, But Before You Do…

Joe and Mercy are at her house. Joe asks Mercy what is going on with her and she responds, “A lot.” She then tells him that for one thing, she needs him as a lawyer…it has to do with Paloma. Mercy tells Joe that she needs to find out about Paloma’s legal situation…how she is registered. Joe informs Mercy that should be easy to find out. Mercy then starts on her second concern—she tells Joe that she knows he is giving up his children because of her…she does not want to be responsible for separating him from his children. She has decided that the best thing to do is to end their relationship. Mercy tells Joe that he is clinging on to her and that will affect his chances to see his children. Joe responds that he knows Lindsay…she will eventually agree to let him see them. Mercy argues that they cannot continue. Joe grabs her face and kisses her passionately, then asks her if she isn’t going to miss that. Mercy quickly changes the subject and tells Joe she wants to talk about something else…Paloma. After Joe inquires as to why she needs to know about her legal status, Mercy tells him that her father showed up at Furia. When she asked LauStela about it, LauStela came up with some excuse, but she didn’t believe her. Mercy adds that she also heard Danilow call her “Laura.” Joe remembers looking at the documents he found in the pistol case and seeing Laura’s fingerprint report. After Joe tells Mercy that he remembers seeing a document with the name Laura Oviedo, she asks him to tell her all he knows…it will help in protecting Paloma from any consequences that may affect her.

Danilow’s Plan Refused

Rosario tries to convince LauStela to talk to Ryan…her problems are too much for her and he can help her. She tells Laustela that if she tells Ryan everything, his friend, Joe, the lawyer, can help them find a solution. Danilow struts in singing (horribly) and interrupts. LauStela scolds him and tells him he can’t just walk in…this is no longer his house. Danilow tells her, in his obnoxious way, to calm down and not to make that wrinkly face. He is there to save the day...he has a plan. He signals Rosario to leave, but when Rosario hesitates, LauStela motions to go ahead and leave. Rosario tells Danilow that she will go with Paloma, but she will be vigilant. LauStela asks Danilow, “What do you want, pig?” Danilow mockingly says, “Oink.” Seeing that LauStela is not amused, he tells her he is serious…wants to help her with that man that went to Furia. After Laustela asks him how he intends to help, he motions that he will shoot the man.

LauStela tells Danilow that there is nothing more important to her than Paloma, but she will never accept a plan that involves killing someone. Danilow tells her that when dealing with sharks, you have to be a shark or a piranha. She denounces him saying he is not a piranha; he is a pig and admonishes him for having drugged her to have his way with her while she was unconscious. After he tells her that she didn’t give him a choice, she counters that she is the one that didn’t have a choice…he is not man enough to accept that she does not want to be with him. She continues to tell him that he will eventually pay for everything he has done…he has no clue as to how low he has gone. She states that the best thing he can do for her is to disappear from her life. Danilow, aggravated, tells Laustela he will leave, but he will be back…and he will be back because she will ask him to come back.

Let the Music Play

Ryan is questioning the radio station manager/owner as to why Regia’s song wasn’t launched. The manager tells Ryan that the song would not have been a hit; it does not fit in with the typical regional’s a man’s genre. He reminds Ryan of the lyrics and asks him if he really wants to launch a song that portrays women as the ones who wear the pants in the home. Ryan responds that his ideas are antiquated…women are strong, they work hard and maintain homes, they are stronger than men. The manager rebukes Ryan…if he is going to be defending women, then why did he hire Granados...a man who eludes machismo? Ryan explains that he once believed as the he did, but his experience with Regia enlightened him and he changed his attitude. Ryan assures the man that Regia will be more successful than Granados…to think about it—he either has to get on the winning race car or remain in the dark ages.

The Blindman Calls

Rosario comes back from putting down Paloma for a nap. LauStela is worrying about what will happen…she wants to continue with her plan. Rosario warns her that her plan will just make things worse and insists that she call Ryan. As Laura agrees, her phone rings and she answers. Blake wretchedly asks her if she really thought she was rid of him and tells her that not even El D can help her out. He chides her asking her if her days have been difficult. Laustela, annoyed and upset, asks, “Until when will you leave me alone?” Blake responds, “Until the day you feel like you have no reason to live…just like you have left me. Laustela curses him, tells him that she is not going to give up, and hangs up on him.

(Later in the Evening)

Smokin’ Nostrils

FauxPas complains to Chimney La Toña about Ryan. Acting very macho (which he is not), he tells La Toña that if Ryan is looking for a fight, he‘ll give it to him. After La Tona mocks him, Fauxpas says, if he has to, he will find a gun and put a bulletin him. As she’s huffing smoke up her nose, La Toña warns FauxPas that whatever plans he makes, he should not share it with Nina. She then huffs smoke up his nose and tells him he’d better not mess up now that they are so close.

Money Talks

Isidro tells Blake that he does not want the kid…he is not one to be looking after a child. Luisa tells Isidro he accepted the deal, so he will have to follow through. Blake sternly tells him that he will act like a father until he says otherwise and adds that with the money he gives him, he will be able to take charge of the child. Blake motions to Luisa; she goes to get some money and gives it to Isidro. Luisa tells him that should help him be a father and instructs Isidro to make sure he goes and aggravates Laura until he is told otherwise. Isidro is worried that if he is going to forcefully take the child, things need to be in order legally, but Blake reassures him that he has already contacted a lawyer.

LauStela Says Good-Bye

Laustela rushes off frantically telling Rosario they need to pack right away…there’s no use waiting any longer. Rosario stops LauStela and continues to question her decision. She points out that this is not a good time to leave…she has obligations related to her singing career and to Ryan, too. She pleads with LauStela to call Ryan NOW; she will trust her to do that while she goes to pack. LauStela calls Ryan and he quickly asks her where she is. She does not respond, but instead reminds him of their plan to start a new life and leave everything and everyone behind. She speaks of how everything is getting worse. Ryan tells her she is scaring him…what’s going on? She confides that she is leaving with Rosario and Paloma and assures him that she will be fine. When she gets to the destination, she will call him to let him know where they are in case he wants to go meet them. She is hoping that they will fulfill their dream of being together. Ryan pleads with LauStela not to leave until he sees her, but LauStela only responds that she loves him and ends the call.

Butterflies in Danilow’s Heart

Horacio questions Danilow about Paloma not being Ryan’s daughter and asks if Isidro is truly the father. Danilow, leaning against a wall and looking pensive, tells Horacio he knows nothing…all he knows is that if it were up to him, he’d kill the man, but Estela doesn’t want him to do that. Horacio advises Danilow that legal proceedings involving illegals are long and require much evidence and testimonials. He continues that if Estela took Paloma out of Mexico inappropriately, she has a lost case. Horacio asks Danilow if that woman truly “moves” him that much. As his face softens, Danilow says, “No, It’s the little one…she moved something inside me. I really love her.” Horacio points out that he is about to have his own child; he needs to concentrate on getting that child. Danilow snaps out of the brief tender moment and with a worried look, says, “You’re right, Morgana is sly, more than I.”

Will Morgana’s Dream Come True?

Morgana is sitting on a couch while being interviewed. She wants the world to know about her pregnancy because she won’t be able to hide it for long. She says that she especially wants to make the announcement because the father is the luuurve of her life—Danilo Cabrera (wishful thinking big time!). After the reporter asks if there will be more than a baptism, Morgana states that there will be a wedding…as things should be (gee, I thought it was ring->wedding->babies). Speaking to the camera and sending Danilow a message, Morgana says she is waiting for her ring (she’s gonna have a loooong wait!)

Mercy on Her High Horse

Mercy thanks Joe for everything he is doing, especially in regards to Paloma. She then tells him they need to go to the ranch now and “finish this up.” Joe advises her that they should tell Ryan; he will want to know their plans. Mercy tells Joe that what happens to Paloma is more important…she doesn’t care what Ryan will say.

A Promise is A Promise

As Paloma complains that she doesn’t want to leave and asks about Ryan, Milton walks in and apologizes for dropping in unannounced (this woman has been shot at, threatened, kidnapped, drugged, raped, etc., and she has a revolving door with no doorbell or lock??). After he asks Estela if she is leaving, she responds that that should be obvious. Milton reminds Estela that she promised to help him and that his time is running out…he still needs concrete information to finish his report. Estela agrees to talk to him, but only for 5 minutes. Estela admits to Milton that they work for a “capo.” Hesitantly, she tells him that there is someone who works for the capo that infiltrated Furia and that they are being forced to launder money. She then tells him she has told him enough and asks him to leave. Milton agrees to leave, but tells her that they have a pending conversation.

AssBun Burned…Again

As they are walking out in the parking lot, Danilow tells Horacio that he doesn’t care what LauStela says, he is going find Isidro and kill him. As they walk, Horacio quickly pulls Danilow back so he can avoid being hit by an SUV. The SUV stops and Danilow approaches and jeers at AssBun. AssBun tells Danilow that when they ran (from the DEA) they lost a lot of money and now Danliow needs to find a way to make it up. Danilow tries to tell AssBun that that is his problem, but AssBun threatens that he’d better get the money or he may just end up floating in the nearby river. Danilow looks at AssBun’s hand and mockingly asks him if he got burned making tortillas or was it the price he paid because of the raid. AssBun responds that he burned himself to leave himself a scar that will remind him to be more careful, especially when he has to deal with idiots like him. AssBun reminds him that the business does not stop. Horacio and Danilow stand as they watch AssBun’s SUV drive off. Horacio warns Danilow that all the DEA investigations will point to him. Danilow says that if he is going to be playing the role of El D, it’s his opportunity to win the business.

A Merciless Impasse..and A Secret is Revealed

LauStela, Rosario, and Paloma are about to rush out when Paloma forgets her teddy bear. LauStela tells her to hurry up and go get it; Rosario goes with Paloma. As LauStela waits, a man (MCPS) and woman (FCPS) enter (through the revolving door) and introduce themselves as CPS representatives. MCPS explains that they received information that there was a child at this location that was in danger. Estela asserts that Paloma is fine and invites the CPS reps to talk to Paloma. As they start talking to Paloma, Isidro walks in and LauStela dashes to him and admonishes him for being the one to call CPS. Mercy and Joe then walk in behind Isidro and Mercy says, “No, I did. Now we can clear things up about this man.” After Paloma asks why there are so many people there, Rosario tells Paloma that they are just discussing adult things. Rosario starts to take Paloma to her room, but FCPS advises her that she can take Paloma to her room, but that she can’t leave the house. Once Rosario and Paloma leave, MCPS tells LauStela that he needs to see the documentation that proves Paloma is her child. LauStela tells them she doesn’t know where she has it. Joe asks LauStela if she has Paloma’s birth certificate and she replies that she will get it from her bedroom. Isidro warns the CPS reps not to let her go alone because she will escape. He then moves closer to LauStela and insists that she tell them the truth or he will. Ryan then walks in and asks what is going on. After FCPS asks Ryan if he is the father, Isidro interjects and states that he is Paloma’s father, FCPS asks him if has the documentation to prove it. Isidro responds that he doesn’t, but he can find a way to prove it, but Laura can’t because… before Isidro finishes his sentence, LauStela states “because I’m not Paloma’s mother” (QTH?? The BIG reveal and no drummers drumming…pipers piping??). Ryan looks bewildered and slightly shakes his head while Mercy looks stupefied. FCPS asks LauStela to clarify that what she just stated is true. Isidro interjects that the truth is that he is the father. MCPS asks Isidro if he has any proof that corroborates his statement. Isidro offers to undergo a DNA. He declares that he wants to take Paloma and accuses LauStela of stealing her. Laustela denounces Isidro and says he is lying. She pleads with the CPS reps not to allow this man to take Paloma... he doesn’t care about her. MCPS then concludes that Paloma will not remain with either one until they confirm who the true parent is; until such time, Paloma will be under CPS protection. Laustela tearfully begs them not to take Paloma…she is her life. Ryan assures the CPS reps that LauStela has been more of a mother to Paloma than her real mother…just because she does not share Paloma’s blood, doesn’t make her less of a mother. Joe tells the CPS reps that he is a lawyer and will work file the necessary paperwork for LauStela. CPS advises them that this will require a court proceeding…until then, Paloma will be under their custody.

While FCPS leaves to go get Paloma, the others disperse into groups. Isidro chastises Laustela and demands that she release Paloma to him because there is no way she can prove that he sold Paloma. LauStela refuses and tells him that there is a way…she can get the girls from Tona’s bordello to corroborate the arrangement. Isidro chides her telling her to go ahead and tell them where she worked…they will know she was whore and won’t let her near Paloma. At the other side of the room, Mercy talks to Joe and admonishes LauStela for being so cold-blooded as to steal a child. Joe defends LauStela and reminds Mercy that LauStela took Paloma to save her from being sold. He asks her to consider what Paloma’s future would have been like if LauStela hadn’t taken her. Ryan tries to convince the MCPS that Paloma has had a stable life with a mother that has loved and cared for her...that saved her. MCPS, trying to be reassuring, explains that they will need to confirm that Isidro is the real father and that he is capable of caring for Paloma. As everyone is talking, FCPS comes in frantically and reports that Paloma and Rosario have left.

Fly Paloma Fly!

Outside, Rosario is rushing off with Paloma and telling her to hurry. Paloma asks her how they can leave without telling her mommy. Rosario convinces Paloma that they are playing hide-and-seek; and only her mommy can find them.

Where’s Rosie?

MCPS advises that Rosario taking Paloma is not going to help her case since she didn’t follow their instructions. Estela assures them that she did not tell Rosario to leave. Ryan advises the CPS reps that Rosario is incapable of hurting Paloma. After Isidro accuses LauStela of telling Rosario to leave, Joe reminds the CPS reps that LauStela is not responsible for Rosario’s actions…LauStela has been there with them and could not have asked Rosario to leave with Paloma. FCPS tells LauStela that she needs to tell them where Rosario took Paloma or they will have to charge Rosario with kidnapping.

LauStela remembers that Rosario made peace with her sister, Idalia, and that maybe Rosario went to her sister. Mercy interjects and disspells that Rosario made peace with her sister, so she doubts that Rosario would seek her help. MCPS warns LauStela not to be giving them false information. As the CPS reps start to leave, Isidro states that he will go with them. FCPS tells him he cannot accompany them and advises them that they will let them know if they find Paloma. The CPS Reps leave. Isidro is the next to leave and as he does so, Isidro chides LauStela telling her that he is the father and she cannot change that. After Joe assures Ryan and tells him that he will find a way to protect Rosario, LauStela and Paloma, he leaves. Mercy criticizes Ryan for defending LauStela knowing that she stole a child and causing a mother so much pain. Ryan retorts that she is the one that is causing LauStela pain by calling CPS. As Mercy continues to rant telling Ryan that she has made up all these lies and even invented the name “Laura” to steal the child, LauStela leaves to try to locate Rosario. Ryan pulls Mercy to the next room and demands that she stop aggravating LauStela…he will answer her questions and tell her the truth. He then confides that “That woman you have been calling Estela, is not Estela…her real name is Laura Oviedo.”

LetMe-Did Learn

LetMe informs Tadeo and Maria that she is leaving to Montana…she needs to identify TomAss’s body and make arrangements for his burial. She thinks TomAss had an insurance policy that will cover the expenses. She shares with them that all these years she had been worried about them growing up without their father and now this baby is not even going to know its father (thank goodness!). Tadeo offers to accompany her, but LetMe assures him that she will only be gone for a few days. She tells him he needs to stay and take care of his sister. When he insists that she should not go alone, LetMe reassures him that she will be fine; she has learned how to get around and take care of herself.

When Marce Calls, Danilow Listens

Danilow and Horacio sit in the truck and wonder how they will find Isidro. Horacio thinks he may go to ranch. As they start to go to the ranch, M Salgado calls Danilow. Salgado heard about the DEA raid and that they are after him. Danilow tells him not to worry…that those are just rumors. Salgado orders Danilow to meet with him because he wants to see him NOW! Danilow tells Salgado he is on his way. After Horacio inquires about the call, Danilow tells him that Salgado heard about the raid and wants to meet with El D…so if he wants El D, he will get El D.

Gimme the Money

Morgana is enjoying her televised interview when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to find LetMe who is in a hurry. LetMe needs the money Morgana owes her for the outfits because she needs to go to Montana. After Morgana asks her if she is going back to her hubby. LetMe informs Morgana that TomAss is dead and that the police are investigating to see if he had enemies…then she starts to think out loud--if he did have enemies, how did they know he was back in Montana…no one knew. Morgana recalls the phone conversation when LetMe told her she was in Montana. Morgana rambles and tells LetMe that, well, he left in a hurry… and since he was hiding… LetMe, with her usual look of confusion, asks Morgana how she knew he was hiding… Morgana starts backpeddling as quickly as she can, but keeps shoving her foot deeper into her mouth. She starts her babbling again saying that she was just assuming since he left in a hurry and went so far away….

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Danilow meets with Salgado and reassures him that the information he heard was based on rumors. Salgado points out that hearing is one thing, but he has seen for himself. He asks Danilow how he is sure that they are not setting up a trap for him (El D). Danilow tells Salgado that there is someone who is trying to impersonate him (we need to keep this straight now…Danilow is impersonating El D and now someone is impersonating the impersonator?) and that is who the DEA is really after. Salgado tells Danilow that he will believe him as they toast with the drinks Horacio was urged to serve them. After being there for apparently a long while, Danilow and Horacio leave Salgado’s place and Danilow complains that Salgado is long-winded. They talk about how they need to go launder all the money ….Danilow looks at Haracio and tells him that if AssBun didn’t give him all the money, Marcelino is going to think he (El D) kept it and Marcelino will come gunning for him.

Steve Admires Genesis

Steve, Genesis and Franco are admiring Regia’s video. Clueless about the bedlam at the ranch, Genesis tells Steve that it’s about time a song was launched that exemplifies how strong women really are and that Regia and Mercy should be there because decisions have to be made. After Franco walks away to answer his phone, Steve tells Genesis that people should be aware that she is a perfect example of the meaning of the song—the way she dresses and carries herself…how she has worked hard to be here…how she is fighting for justice for her brother’s death. They share a tender moment and kiss.

(Going) Down Mexico Way

LauStela, alone in another room, manages to call Rosario. Rosario answers quickly and, looking frightened and desperate, tells LauStela that she does not know what to do. LauStela asks her where they are; and Rosario tells her that they are at the hamburger place Paloma likes so much. LauStela tells Rosario to wait for her there…they will continue their plan and escape… she is afraid she will end up in jail. Rosario asks her where they will go. LauStela informs her that they will return to Mexico…she no longer has to be afraid of going back…all the people she was running from already know that she is alive.

Isidro Is All Shook Up

Isidro, sounding worried, calls Blake and tells him that he is being required to take a DNA test. He is worried that if someone talks and confirms that he sold the child, he and his wife will end up in prison (if karma doesn’t take him to accompany TomAss!). Blake reassures Isidro and tells him not to worry, if anyone is in trouble, it’s Laura.

Mercy Won’t Let IT Go

Ryan tells Mercy LauStela’s story…how she had to lead a double life to protect Paloma. He explains about how Laura had to take on a new identity…that of Estela Carrillo since she was missing. As Mercy asks why she just didn’t tell them the truth, Laustela walks back in and reminds Mercy that she testified for Ryan when he was accused of killing Pedro Carrillo. When Mercy tells LauStela that she just doesn’t know what to say to her…Laura responds, “Well, then, don’t say anything, because I have to leave.” Mercy continues her rampage and LauStela, fed up, yells at her to do whatever she wants to do, there isn’t much time to talk….she has to go. Ryan asks LauStela if she is going for Paloma and Rosario, but LauStela avoids confirming it. Mercy continues to badger LauStela telling her how she got her involved and brought a child that she came to love and care for… even came to see as a grandchild…and now LauStela expects her to just to step aside and do nothing. LauStela yells back that she is the one that is distancing Paloma from herself by trying to take Paloma from her. She tells Mercy to do whatever her conscience tells her to do, she has to leave. As she leaves, Mercy yells, “You stole her, Laura…Estela…or whatever you name is!” Ryan chides Mercy for being so hard on LauStela and tells her he hopes someday she realizes the errors she makes.


Oh, what a night!!

Recap is done and should be posted by morning. If there are any typos, just ignore them LOL


Recap is up, everyone! Thanks, RGVChick! Time to catch up. Talk soon :)

Good Morning, Patio Peeps!

So one secret is revealed, but yet another mystery evolves: Paloma's real mom...dead or alive?! And, why was Laura compelled to steal Paloma?

Too funny (only because it was offscreen)--AssBun got his hand toasted...but did he really do it to himself?

RVG: I'm thinking Paloma's mother is probably dead.

Simply superb RgvChick. Your level of detail was incredible.

"huffing smoke up her nose", "Butterflies in Danilow’s Heart" and "A Merciless Impasse" were among many favorites.

"As his face softens, Danilow says, “No, It’s the little one…she moved something inside me. I really love her.” Despite its malignancy, a tiny piece of Danilo's heart is unscathed.

"AssBun responds that he burned himself to leave himself a scar that will remind him to be more careful". RgvChick, yes, I totally believe he burned his own hand. Well at least he is an equal opportunity torturer.

"Danilow, aggravated, tells Laustela he will leave, but he will be back…and he will be back because she will ask him to come back". I am wondering if this signifies that Dan will once again rescue Paloma before the end.

Overall, last night was a sordid mess.

Was it too much to ask that Ryan crush Fausto's windpipe like a grape??

Mercy should not have interfered. Although she made things so much worse, I believe for her - it's personal. Her other child may have been stolen. Any hint that Laura might have done something similar likely hit a sore spot on her heart.

Communication. If only Laura had confided in Ryan sooner. If only Mercy hadn't been such a loose cannon.

I would bet my bottom dollar Paloma was in danger and Laura had no choice but to take her. I would also bet Paloma's mother is dead.

I had expected out and out warfare between Blake and Laura and Tona/Fausto and Laura. I didn't think Paloma would be an innocent pawn. Again. Cringe worthy.

Thank you RgvChick


Thank You Thank You Ms Chik
I think Odorio's wife was a hooker too and Paloma really is their daughter who they sold to Blake. LyinLaura figured it out and stole her and ran away with her. Noble but equally stupid. If so, why didn't she run away before?

Kirby, another scenario (in regards to Paloma's mom) could be that the mom was actually a hooker, but not Isidro's wife. It's just inconceivable to me that a mother would agree to sell her own baby...I know it happens, but still unimaginable.

Kirby, beautiful shot of that bird...pelican? I have a preference for birds in flight...teh wings look amazing!

Diana, "Despite its malignancy, a tiny piece of Danilo's heart is unscathed." This is what is so puzzling about Danilow. 99% of the time he is obnoxious, loathsome, and just downright mean, then he does this tiny little thing and let's a glimmer of his heart show. It's sad to say, but it reminds me of some of my students...they weren't to the point of criminal activity (I hopeo), but always wanting to show that they were strong, invincible, and nothing scathed them, yet I knew that down deep, they were scared little boys who were afraid to show they had feelings as it would be a sign of weakness. I can surely see a young Danilow being that way too.

"Any hint that Laura might have done something similar likely hit a sore spot on her heart." Mercy certainly was ashed out at Laura as if she were lashing out at whoever took her own child. I didn't include every time she repeated that Laura stole the Paloma, but it was a total of 6 times, and every time she said it with such anger and spite.

ashed = lashing

Rgv Chick, you and Susanlynn have much in common being wise, insightful teachers.

Danilo has undergone more of a metamorphosis than any other character. In the beginning, he seemed gullible, none too bright but there was a sparkle in his eye and he seemed fairly kind overall although there were slight touches of darkness. I don't think anyone genuinely loved him until Paloma (as we've said before). That may have opened a door but it just wasn't enough. Obviously sickened when he committed his first murder, he then appeared to seamlessly morph into a stone, cold killer. Were the seeds of evil always there, waiting to germinate? I believed he might somehow redeem himself which died when he raped Laura. He has gone beyond human hope.

Yes, Mercy has a lot of (misplaced) anger. While I loathe what she did, I do think it was mostly done out of care and concern for Paloma. If I were in her shoes, I might also not be happy that a woman I don't really care for may have abducted Paloma.

I was annoyed with Joe. I don't understand why, as a supposedly loving father, he would agree to "give up" his children. Perhaps he really felt his wife would weaken as he said to Mercy. Children first and foremost.


I looked at your beautiful pelican Kirby and my spirits lifted considerably.

Thank you!


Not much time to comment, but I wanted to thank you for another great recap, Chickie.

This tn is really starting to bring me down and harsh my mellow.

It is terrible that Dan has come up with the only plan that might work and has no scruples about carrying it out.

My favorite moment was Ry punching Fausto in the face, knocking him down, and putting his boot on his throat! Go, Ry, go

It is amazing that Lauralestela is still vertical and
functioning. Troubletroubletrouble #thankstaylorswift

Well , I have chores that I must do , and I just spent an hour on the phone with my daughter! It is going up to 97 today and humid .

Previews..Mercyme back in that hat. QTH???

Dinan, Joe, while a good friend, can be downright pathetic...he's one of those people you want to shake just to see if they're alive. His laissez-faire attitude is annoying and he will suffer the consequences of his inactions. Nothing he has done shows that he is a loving father; and he is really stupid to think Lindsay will eventually let him see them, especially if he continues his relationship with Mercy. He thinks he knows Lindsay? Well, he thought she was going to just sign the divorce papers without any resistance, and look what happened.

SusanLynn, yes, I really liked FauxPas going down...and what surprised was that his blood was actually red!

Joe IS clueless Rgv Chick! That is why I noted he was a "supposedly" loving father. Can you imagine how his kids will feel when they learn he "wrote" them off? Something Lindsay will tell them with unrestrained relish. Blech.

"...surprised was that his (Fausto's) blood was actually red (giggle). Good one!

Stay cool Susanlynn!


Chickie..I think that it is Joe's helmet hair. He must take a lot of time shampooing, conditioning, styling, and hairspraying it to get that perfectly perfect Elvis Pompadour. Someone has to run fingers through that nice, thick hair and loosen it and him up..Mercyme or me?!? In wonder if the actor wears it that way in realm life.

OK I am back from Bombardier Jet Ski Hell.

About Last Night : : : Didn't Odorious Isidrio say something about he and his wife's kid (Paloma) when he was alone with LyinLaura?

Sometthing to the effect that "...why my wife and I sold the kid." Somebody with a betetr ear for rapid fire scrambled Spanglish screamed may know more.


Ohhh my gosh! SusanLynn, you need to google Joe (Adrian Di Monte)...the man is haawwwt!

Kirby, yes, he did say's in the recap where he call Blake..he's afraid that if someone confirms that he and his wife sold the baby, they'd get sent to prison.

Kirby, IsidrOdorious"s exact words were: "If someone opens their big mouth, and says I sold her to her, it's a sure thing that my wife and I will be thrown in the can."

So apparently, Laura actually bought Paloma. Maybe Blake was going to buy Paloma and Laura outbid him to save her from Blake's twisted world/plan??

Chickie..I looked. Very nice, but I would like to see him with shoulder length hair. He remind a me of Joe Lando ( Sully in Dr. Quinn)

This storyline is setting sicker and sicker. Yuck.

On second thought, Kirby, in Spanish, the words were "yo se la vendi" which leaves the person who did the buying up for interpretation. I am presuming that he meant Laura, but it could also be interpreted as telling Blake that he sold the baby to Blake...ughhh! So we don't really know who did the buying. OTOH, Laura kept insisting that she did not steal the maybe she did buy Paloma...double ugghhh! My brain is starting to hurt!

SusanLynn, with longer hair..definitely a resemblemce to Joe lando...

If DaniLow is willing to go kill someone who is annoying and leave no trace back to Lying Laura, why NOT? Maybe 'Kill' two birds with one stone, though I don't like that euphemism (Quack quack, tweet, chirp)

Let DaniLow kill the creep who needed to die years ago. He of course will want payment, (probably a verb) then turn him in and get him in the electric chair. THINK Laura. Dumbass if you would use your tiny brain a little you would not be in this mind boggling mess you are in. I still say:

Ryan, Son, there comes a time to admit you love a flake and cut your losses. She can sing but she aint that hot anyway. Let her go. Forget her, get someone like Genesis to help you forget her and get on with your life.


97 today and humid? I was telling myself we here in Flor-I-Duh have miserable cornered but it has not gotten past about 95 here, but 100 percenrt humidity and raining two or three times a day.

I think in her brain? Laustela sees herself of not buying the baby nor stealing her but rather rescuing her from Odiousio and Blake.

But I admit I don't know much about baby stealing, and most of what I do know I learned in La Pilota and it taught me I am not cut out for that kind of subterfuge.

Kirby, you make a good Laura"s pea-sized brain, she just may be perceiving herself as a savior vs. a kidnapper.

I think that Laura found out that the father sold Paloma to Blake , and she took her from Blake to save her. That's not kidnapping. Instead of running for the border, she should have gone to the authorities, but she may have felt that Blake had the authorities in his pocket.

SusanLynn, I'm sure you're right about Blake having the authorities in his pocket...and Laura probably knew it if some of those authorities were "clients."

And LetMe sobbing telling her kids she neeeeeds them soooo much now?

Why? She didn't seem to need them when she chose a wife beater over them. When you finally get the Preparation H to work and can sit down again do you need your kids by your side?

If somebody would explain to the dimwit about babies, how they come to be, and the circumstances considered at least the minimum for bringing them into this world maybe Tomy Jr. has a chance.

Preparation H, huh, Kirby? Interesting analogy LMAO and where was she, when her kids needed her? She left them pretty much alone back in Mexico.

I wonder what she will tell the cops about TomAss's enemies...will she tell them that TomAss stole money?

Take it already ! My leg is cramping and I'm about to lose my balance Olan.


Thanks, RgvChick. Fab job. Diana cited my favorites, but here's one more: Smokin’ Nostrils. Ay, La Tona and Fausto together - pure sleaze.

A mom aching for her stolen kid would be much more compelling than Isidro before child protective services, so I'm thinking Blake didn't get the mother to come cause she's either dead or willingly gave Paloma to Laustela to save her baby from whatever vile life Blake had planned. I don't think Laustela would've had the money to pay for a baby. Even if Laustela were willing to buy a baby, Blake or some other highroller creep would've easily outbid her.

Yep, the highlight was Ryan's foot on Fausto and then later Fausto's B.S. macho about messing up Ryan. But dang, Ryan is all in helping Laustela and sticking up for her even when truths she could have told him beforehand slap him in the face before everyone.

Niecie, i truly thought that Laura had told Ryan everything, butvwithbthat look on his face, it was obvious that she hadn't told him she was not Paloma's mom. What waa also strange was how Ryan and Joe Both defended Laura saying that she had "saved" Paloma. In the entire discourse, Laura never mentioned that Paloma was in danger (at least not that I remember. All she said was that Isidro did not care about her.

"She left them pretty much alone back in Mexico." yep then when those two risked life and limb to come be with her, she marries wife beating, homophobic, perverting-on-little girls, Narco-money Grand-Thefting TomAss and sticks with him in lieu of being with her kids.

Yeah. sigh.... they just don't make women like that anymore.

#WaitWhat? You say they do? And I haven't seen them cause they are all locked up.?

Well slap me naked and call me Susan.! I stand corrected.


"defended Laura saying that she had "saved" Paloma."

They both have been reading ahead in the script.

Hey all... I'll have to catch up on the recaps for 45 and 46. Six Flags was a wash, literally... we got to do a few things, but not much, because of thunderstorms and torrential rain. (And the extremely poor time management skills of our key decision makers.) So, no Joker yet. But they gave us rainchecks, so we'll try again in three weeks.

On a related note, I really need to find more compatible companions for my amusement park trips. For oodles of reasons.

But the good thing was that I got home much earlier than usual and got to see the episode. So Laura really isn't Paloma's mother! I appreciate how Ryan just took that in stride.

Hi, Julie. sorry Six Flags wasnt great. Did you at least grab a flag? Is it Five Flags now? That actually sounds better! I would not be a good companion. When we took the whole FAM damily to Disney World last November, Hubba and I mainly went on the Peoplemover , Tea Cups,Peter Pan, Small World, and the train . The others enjoyed the more thrilling rides.

Susan (the artist formerly known as Kirby) , it is going to get confusing if we are both called Susan, so I guess I really will have to change to Warrior Princess.

OT..For anyone who watches Outlander , season three begins September 10. #doritosforeverybody


Julie I only really enjoy amusement parks when I AM the decision maker. MAKER, singular

I will carry a three year old for six hours in lieu of being herded around by a misguided Master of Ceremonies.

Welcome back

We got no flags, except for the red flag that was the weather forecast. We all said "come hell or high water" and we ended up with both.

You would actually be a great companion... you could stay with the two little girls who were too young to be left alone but didn't want to go on any of the thrill rides that the rest of us were excited about! They LOVE the tea cups and a rather slow Scrambler, but that's about all.

So now we have two Susans, and one of them has been slapped naked. Please don suitable garments and report to detention, where they will be handing out awards for frequent attendance.

Warrior Princess, are you Xena or are you Wonder Woman? Or are you Princess Susanlynn? I was going to buy a cape yesterday, but didn't because [boring/complicated reasons].

Riddle me this: if you want to go on Goliath and it's right in front of you, do you:

1. Say not yet, we really liked the Wicked Cyclone so let's go on it again
2. Say not yet, let's go on that crappy water ride where Aunt Julie is LITERALLY ALWAYS the one who ends up under the waterfall
3. Say not yet, let's go on The Joker at the opposite end of the park but then get sidetracked 15 times along the way
4. All of the above and then it starts to rain, so, no Goliath, no Joker, no flags, #&@$

OK, done ranting. Sorry. I guess I still have... feelings.

I just saw the announcement that "Enamorandome de Ramon" starts Aug 8th, so guess it won't be replacing DV...darn!

Kirby, that bird looks really white, does it bleach its feathers?

Rgv, did they say what time Ramon will be on?
I don't know if I can handle two TNs at a time right now, even to watch, much less recap... but it might be nice to watch a comedy for a change.

Julie.. Well, maybe you have a crystal ball. Hubba and I were usually on our own at Disney ( which meant going on his fav ride or looking for a Dole Whip stand,) or with the middle tiny dancer because she does not like thrill rides! All **** broke lose when the Little Mermaid ride was shut down temporarily.

I think that you should buy a cape. I am looking for a tiara .#thefullyclothedonewithelectricbluetoenails #detentionhallwinner

P.s. pouring here

I will give Ramon a try. Is it replacing Jose? answer #5..never go on a ride named Goliath. And #6 GI on Small World moves long Lines ever . #differentstrokesfordifferentfolks #scubbydubbydoo

Kirby "Misguided Master of Ceremonies ".'ve met my younger daughter.

Julie, no they didn't say what time. but it might replace Jose de Egipto...Rosie Scissors just started so not at 10(E).

it bleach its feathers? No I overexposed the pic a little it looks like. But those birds are usually surprisingly clean and white given they just live outdoors and eat fish and don't have indoor plumbing

Another view showing the mating plumage feathers hanging down.

Wow, Kirby, feathers look Downy soft :-)

When, When, When will Ryan sit this Fruitcake down and tell her:

OK Truth time. you are going to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or you are out.
I love you and Paloma more than life itself, but if you can not RIGHT NOW tell me what the FORK is wrong in your life, you are gone. I am done.... do you understand?

I don't give a flying fork at a rolling donut what your reasons (you think) are. If I do not get the truth right now I will buy you two tickets to anywhere you prefer, but you will be out of my life.
Start Talking, you have ten minutes.

When you finish, I am going into the men's room and admire these new acorns.

RgvChick outstanding recap girl. What the hell is up with merciless mercy?
Why is she being such a bitchygranny?
By reporting Laura she has made things
Extra extra bad for everyone involved,
including her own stupid self. What did she hope to accomplish by doing all of this here trying to make herself look good and laura look bad?
Koe need to dump old butt she's nothing but trouble. I'm not saying he should go back to Lindsey either but he needs to dump both of them. The cougar has turned Into a mangy street cat, and lindsey is just plain mean. Oboy,what a giant colossal mess. Rosy must have a bomb Shell comin.

Dumbnilo is Havin himself a ball being
Somebody that could end his sorry life.
I don't care that he loves paloma, he
Raped mommie. Nobody is gonna care how
Much he loves a child. What he did was sick. I Don't even want to talk about
Somebody please off blake and his evil coldblooded sidekick.
So much to talk about, dinners ready so Later.

Thanks a bunch RvgChick,you rock girl.

Another announcement..."La Tierra Prometida" to start Aug 7th at 10 E/9 C.

Kirby, I really wish Ryan would follow your advice....including the bathroom thing LOL

Nina, "The cougar has turned Into a mangy street cat" perfect description for Mercy!

NiNa I agree

RGV-Chik DOES Rock.

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Yes you do :o)

Kirby thats a beautiful feathered white Wonder doin the mating dance for his Hot feathered ladybird.those black sticks Steppin high.That brite Yellow beak is beautiful.Artistry in Motion. And you captured perfectly.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Oh Thanks Rcv Chik Showtime !

And Thanks NiNa. He wasn't showing off for me that's for sure.

This comment has been removed by the author.

RGV KongPong88 is a spammer posting links to sites we do not want to visit.

Yes, I would delete that if I could, but I can't. I'll email Alfredo.

Wow, thanks for letting me know about Kong...I'll try to remember that name.

Julie, sweet looking children on you avatar...the doggie is cute too! :-)

All deleted! ugh, spammers! Now that I've finished, thank you so much for your efforts, RGV. I am loving those subtitles ;)

Ugh, I also need a comedy. As much as I love Doble Vida, I've had AQNMD, ECDLP, LP, LC, MdN all in rapid succession. I am due for a lighter fare and Ramon seems perfect because Familia has Juan Osorio and no lol It seems like it will be at 8 pm, which is perfectly well, though I wonder what this means for Rosario as Familia will project be at 9pm and Tierra will be at 10. Midnight anyone?

The kids are me and my sister, and the dog is Sheltie, who we had for less than a month!

Alfredo, I did hear them say that Ramon will be at 8. Works for me. Maybe one of the other shows will be on in the afternoon. Or maybe at 7 pm?

Also, the photo is not recent.

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