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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #45 7.11.17: Speak of the Devil and He Doth Appear...

Steve wonders how he and Ryan will open the door, as there are millions of combinations they can try. Ryan goes for the faster route: one bullet for the lock and another for the keypad. He then kicks open the door and goes inside the room, gun drawn, with Steve close behind.

At Furia, Laustela arrives and runs into Ausencio but quickly walks away from him. Ausencio, however, won’t let sleeping dogs lie and assumes she’s pissed because her single is not even playing at the rinky dink stations while his is a hit. Laustela is taken aback and Ausencio rubs it in her face: she is in a world of men and they will never allow her to reign supreme while they stay behind. Genesis overhears the conversation from the reception area and goes to see what the ruckus is about as Ausencio continues his monologue: women were only put on this Earth to cook and clean and have children. Laustela tells him to go back to the 12th century but Auscenio argues that she always reacts the same, angry. Laustela tells him that if he were a man, he wouldn’t be worried about a woman taking his place but she will show him who is boss. Ausencio goes to say something but Mercy comes and demands to know what the screaming match is about.

Lindsey warns Joe that she will keep her children away from because he preferred Mercy to his family. Joe warns her that her decision will weigh heavily on her too and then signs the divorce decree. He tells her that he will still care for them, even if it’s from a distance, because they are still his children. Lindsay grabs the decree and leaves without another word.

Mercy takes Laustela and Ausencio to her office, pissed as all hell that Furia’s talent is fighting in the middle of the reception area. Now that they are behind closed doors, she wants to know what the fight was about. Ausencio explains that he told Laustela the truth about her single and she got mad but Laustela argues that they are stalling her single because they don’t want women to prosper and realize they can be somebody without a man. Ausencio thinks the single will only put the wrong idea in women’s heads and then there will be more divorces. Mercy thinks Ausencio is being too exaggerated but she also chides Laustela for all making a mess of things in public. Laustela reminds her that she fights for women and her song isn’t anti-man but she wants to remind women that they are worth something. Mercy reminds her that she told her it was going to be hard but Laustela reminds Mercy that she had to struggle as well when she took control of Furia. Mercy is quiet for a moment but ultimately tells Laustela that she will make some calls to lift the ban on her single.

Steve and Ryan look around the room, which looks like a bedroom, but find it empty except for some things, including a travel book. Ryan thinks EL Dorado’s people left to greener pastures but Steve thinks it’s a good thing since they’d be out of Furia. Ryan looks in the nightstand and sits down on the bed as Steve urges him to leave before they get in trouble. Ryan stops short and tells Steve that the bedroom reminded him of his father for a second. He then gets up and tells Steve that they must go before hurrying out.

Mercy ends the phone call with a radio representative and tells Laustela that no one could give her a straight answer but she will find out what happened. Ausencio leaves in a huff and then Laustela thanks Mercy for making the call, for both of them. She leaves and Mercy secretly smiles.

Moments later, in the reception area, Laustela meets with Nina, who tells her that the fan club is going great and she’s organizing a dinner with her 10 biggest fans. She then complements Laustela on her new song but wonders why it isn’t on the radio when it’s all over social media. Laustela reveals that it was censored because of the content but Nina offers to call the club members to share the song wherever they can. Laustela will also make a video and put it up on social media, urging everyone to support the song. Nina smiles and they hug.

Luisa gives Mr. Blake the good news: the DEA raided one of El Dorado’s stash houses and several members were arrested. He hopes one of them is the real El Dorado or they found enough proof to lock him up for good. Luisa will follow up soon and Mr. Blake smiles at the fact that the raid has sent El Dorado and his men running for the hills and, pretty soon, his whole empire will collapse because there is no loyalty among narcos.

Mercy brings Laustela, Genesis and Nina into her office so they can come up with a plan for the video. Nina cheers Laustela on and Laustela smiles before introducing Mercy to Nina, who thinks the star of the video should be the song as Regia’s lyrics are beautiful. Nina thinks the video should feature only women singing Regia’s song and Laustela agrees and then they should feature women of all shapes and ages and sizes. Genesis also agrees and Mercy asks her to call Franco because he’s a great video editor. Genesis obliges and Mercy thinks they should start with the women who work in Furia.

Mr. Blake hopes Logan is happy with the medal he will win for arresting El Dorado. Luisa nods and thinks this will fix things between them though she assumed Mr. Blake would never speak to him again after Logan forced him to leave the mayoral race. Mr. Blake explains that political relationships can get tension but they should never break. He then asks about Paloma’s father and Luisa reveals that he is ready and awaiting instruction.

Laustela, dressed as Regia, meets Franco at the Furia stage. He warns her that the video won’t look like her other music videos, especially because of the time frame but Regia just wants to put the video on social media ASAP. Franco nods and tells her that she will sing the song first, and do various close-ups of her expressions, as Nina, Rosario, Genesis and Paloma walk onto the stage. Mercy then arrives and Paloma runs to give her a hug as all the women ask Mercy to be part of the video too as she’s a beautiful women. Mercy thanks then but shakes her head as Franco tells them to walk off stage so they can record Regia first. They oblige and Regia begins to sing.

Leticia is looking for Tadeo all over Furia to no avail. Just then, Genesis comes out of the stage and bids her hello. Leticia explains that she’s looking for Tadeo but Genesis hasn’t seen him though she knows how they can pass the time. She grabs Leticia’s hand and tells her that they are going to help Laustela but Leticia worries that Laustela won’t want to see her since they’ve been distant lately. Genesis tells her not to worry about it and pulls her inside. On stage, Genesis brings Leticia and Laustela could not be happier. She gives Leticia a big hug and asks her how she’s doing.

In Tona’s room, Fausto tells her that he always had Nina as a Pan B in case Laustela didn’t listen to him but Nina admires her too much and it may be a problem later. Tona laughs off his worries and chides him for forgetting how to treat a prostitute. Either way, they still have Nina’s sister to keep Nina in check. Fausto just wanted to make her aware that Nina may not be completely trustworthy but Tona reminds him that they can’t get close to Laura without her going ballistic so they will keep Nina on a short lease and use her to get what they want. As Tona says this, she brings fruits and lights candles for the saints on her shrine.

In her office, Mercy tells Joe about Laustela’s video with a smile on her face, full of wonder. She notices he is distant but Joe explains that they need to draw up contracts for all the women in the video. Mercy asks him to tell her the truth as she assumes he’s worried about Lindsay. Joe tells her everything is okay but Mercy finds it strange that Lindsay signed the papers without asking for anything in return. Joe reiterates that everything went smoothly and then tells her that he will draw up the contracts and leaves.

Laustela apologizes to Leticia for not being there for her latterly and Leticia admits that things haven’t been good though she did leave Tom, finally, after he all but dragged to Montana. She explains that she also met Felicia, his ex-wife, who told her about VAWA, a government program for battered women that were not born in the US that helps them get her papers. Laustela thinks that’s great and Leticia tells her that she also got a new job in what she loves to do, sowing, and is doing some outfits for Morgana. Laustela thinks that’s great and Leticia smiles though she was surprised Morgana was so generous as Laustela had told her she was bad. Laustela thinks people can change and Morgana may be helping her out because she has been going through a rough patch too. Leticia nods but starts to cry. She tells Laustela that she feels really down about what happened with Tom like she’s worthless. Laustela tells her that she’s worth something and that is exactly the point of her video. She asks Leticia to think about being a part of it and then goes to center stage to sing again as images of all the women present flash across the screen to create the video.

Once the song is done, Franco congratulates Laustela, who notices Leticia crying off stage and goes to ask her what is wrong. Leticia reveals that she feels bad about everything that happened, especially the fact that her children no longer talk to her as often and have gone to live with Erasmo. As Morgana looks on from the top of the stairs, Laustela tells Leticia that her children should be with her and gives her a hug. Franco then calls Laustela over and Leticia tells her that she is going to go so she doesn’t interrupt her work. Laustela nods and goes over to Franco as Leticia wipes her tears. Morgana continues to silently look at her, wondering what she and Laustela were talking about.

Lindsay arrives at her apartment and finds Mercy waiting for her. She demands to know what she asked Joe to do in exchange for her signature on the decree. Lindsay thought Joe told her everything but she now sees he doesn’t and loves to play the victim in front of her. She then reveals that Joe gave up the right to see his children for her, just like the wretched coward he is. Mercy is shocked but Lindsay thinks she should be pretty pleased with herself. Mercy thinks Lindsay is the bitter wretch, since she only took the kids away for revenge but Lindsay warns her to maintain her distance, as she is willing to do worse things than deprive her children of a father. Mercy isn’t scared but Lindsay offers to explain how Furia Productions launders money. Mercy acts confused but Lindsay explains that she saw and heard a lot of things when she still lived with Joe.

Franco shows Laustela the dailies and they agree on a look for the video as Morgana comes and chides Laustela for stealing everything she can from her, including Leticia. Laustela explains that Leticia is a friend and she was just inviting her to be a part of he video. Laustela then invites Morgana too but Morgana laughs it off and reminds her that they can’t stand each other. Franco offers to leave them alone and Laustela then tells Morgana that she only invited her because she must be going through a rough patch after all Danilo has done to her. Morgana smiles and reveals that Danilo has done worse things to her, things that not even Ryan could defend her from. Laustela tells her that Ryan doesn’t need to defend her but Morgana looks forward to the day where Laustela cries because Ryan left her after finding out that she slept with Danilo. Laustela screams that Danilo never touched her but Morgana thinks she needs a refresher as Danilo used her like a wet blanket that very morning and she let him like the prostitute she is. Morgana leaves Laustela to think about her words.

In his office, Danilo is looking over Regia’s video when Ryan storms in and asks if he’s fantasizing. Danilo smiles but wants to know what Ryan is doing there. Ryan tells him that he has a message: El Dorado’s restaurant was raided that morning and he will be the first one that he betrays.

In the dressing room, Laustela tells Rosario what happened with Danilo. Rosario shakes her head, frustrated, but wonders if Morgana made the whole thing up because Laustela would remember if something happened. Laustela shakes her head and tells her that Morgana knew exactly how she felt that morning and assumes Danilo drugged her. Rosario tells her that Ryan must know but Laustela fears that he will kill Danilo after all he’s done.

Danilo reminds Ryan that if he falls, they all do, but Ryan warns him that he will testify against Danilo. If he does, Danilo will reveal that Laustela is an illegal immigrant. As they argue, Laustela storms in and calls Danilo a pig. Danilo wonders if she’s on her period but Ryan demands to know what Danilo did. Laustela thinks that he’s behind the ban on her song because no radio station is playing it but Danilo argues that he has nothing to do with it and they should leave now. Ryan tells Laustela not to worry as he will clear up the ban now but she asks for time to speak to Danilo alone. Ryan gives Danilo a warning look and steps out as Laustela closes the door and tells Danilo that they will put their cards on the table. Danilo smiles and accepts her challenge.

Maria quietly sits on the couch as Bonita prepares dinner and tells her that Erasmo will be home soon though he was gone longer than usual this time. Maria nods and then asks Bonita if she can have sex even though she’s pregnant. Bonita tells her she can, up to a certain point, and then Maria asks if she was a virgin when she married Erasmo. Bonita laughs and then the doorbell rings and she goes to answer it. It’s Leticia, who grabs Maria and demands she go home with her now, despite Bonita’s protests.

Laustela gets close to Danilo and tells him that he’s the most disgusting, cowardly creature that she’s ever met because only a sick coward rapes a woman. Danilo smiles and reminds her that she didn’t think he was any less of a man that morning. Laustela slaps him before warning him that she will report him to the police but Danilo wonders if she will report him as Estela or Laura. Laustela doesn’t care but she’s sick of his blackmail though Danilo hugs her tight and reminds her that they had a good time. She pushes him off as Danilo explains that he only did it because he can’t stop thinking about her. He gets in real close again but Laustela spits in his face though Danilo grabs the spit and licks his fingers clean with a smile on his face. There is a knock on the door and Genesis walks in and tells Laustela that there is an Isidro waiting for her. Laustela doesn’t know who he is but Isidro, a short, balding man of about 40, walks in and tells him that they never meet, officially, but they saw each other once in Mexico. Danilo tells him that Laustela isn’t talking to fans right now but Isidro explains that the one time they saw each other was quick. Laustela gasps and whispers, “Paloma.”

Maria tells Leticia that she isn’t leaving till Erasmo gets back. Bonita orders Maria to call him and tell him that Leticia wants to take her away and she won’t allow it without Erasmo’s consent. Leticia reminds her that she never cared for her children, and is only trying to cause a fight between her and Maria, but Bonita won’t allow the children to live with a servant like her. Leticia can be whatever she wants but she isn’t a home wrecker. At this, Bonita attacks Leticia but stops short with contraction pain. Leticia helps her onto the couch as Bonita’s breathing becomes heavy and agitated.

Isidro announces that his business is with Laustela, only, but Danilo orders him to stay, as he knows something is going on. Just then, Paloma runs into the room with Mercy and Rosario in tow. Isidro gets close and smiles at the fact that they named his daughter Paloma. Mercy looks at Isidro, feeling the tension in the room, as Laustela begs him to go elsewhere with her so they can talk. Isidro asks if she doesn’t want anyone to hear how she took away her daughter.

In his office, Ryan calls various radio stations and demands an explanation for the ban on Regia’s song. He warns them that he will demand them if they don’t lift the ban and hangs up. Just then, his phone rings and it’s Asdrubal, who warns him that the money laundering at Furia won’t stop just because El Dorado is going to disappear for a while.

Mercy demands to know what Isidro is talking about and he explains that he only wants to see his daughter, who has his mother’s eyes. Paloma silently looks at them both as Laustela begs Isidro once again to talk in private. Danilo takes Paloma from Laustela as she leads Isidro out of the room so they can talk. Rosario then tells Danilo and Mercy that things are not always what they seem but Mercy wants to know exactly how they are.

Leticia tells Bonita to breathe as Maria calls Erasmo. Bonita tells them that she’s in a lot of pain but Leticia tells her that it will pass and she will have her child in her hands. Maria comes and tells her that the ambulance will be there in 20 minutes as will Erasmo but Leticia tells her they can’t wait and instructs Maria to get her the supplies they will need to safely deliver the baby.

Rosario tells Danilo and Mercy that it’s probably a fan that saw her and wanted to meet Laustela but they don’t buy it. In fact, Mercy is worried that Isidro will want to take Paloma and Danilo demands to know how Isidro knows Laustela, though he calls her Laura by mistake. Mercy asks him about it but he quickly brushes it under the rug and Rosario takes the opportunity to take Paloma away so they can go eat. Once alone, Mercy asks Danilo about Laura again but he demands she leave, ASAP. Mercy obliges.

Ryan runs into Morgana in the Furia hallway and asks to talk to her about Danilo. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about him, especially he betrayed her. Ryan asks if Danilo cheated on her again but Morgana warns him to keep a close watch on Laustela, lest she fall into Danilo’s arms after so much insistence. Ryan tells her that he has no reason to doubt Laustela but warns her to keep her distance from Danilo, as he’s involved in dangerous things. Morgana asks that he butt out of her life, especially since he doesn’t care about her, and check if Laustela hasn’t cheated on him like he thinks.

In her office, Laustela chides Isidro for following her all the way to LA. Isidro admits that he never forgot her, as she was the prettiest girl in the whole brothel though Laustela doesn’t remember him because men like him don’t deserve to be remembered. Isidro asks her to be quiet because he now holds all the cards but Laustela promises to give him how much he wants to keep quiet. Isidro, however, wants to recuperate all the lost time with Paloma though Laustela demands to know who sent him because she doesn’t believe one word.

Leticia and Maria help Bonita give birth. As Maria holds her hand, Leticia instructs her to push harder.

Laustela nods when Isidro tells him that Mr. Blake sent him though he reiterates that he’s there to take back Paloma and advises her to give him Paloma and they can move on with their lives. Laustela instructs him to tell Mr. Blake to kill her if he wants to take Paloma. Isidro shrugs and informs her that he is there to warn, first and foremost. If she decides not to listen, then whatever happens next is on her. He laughs, loudly, as he walks out.

Bonita gives birth to a baby boy and Leticia instructs Maria to cut the umbilical cord.
Leticia cradles the baby, cleans his forehead and tells Maria to call the ambulance as she hands Bonita the baby. Bonita cries as she looks at her baby and then thanks Leticia for her help.

Ryan finds Genesis but she hasn’t seen Laustela and her cell phone goes straight to voicemail even though they need her for another take on her video. Genesis promises to find her and leaves as Steve finds Ryan and tells him to go with him and Joe to Riverside so he can make a statement about what happened with Emerson. Ryan is hesitant but Joe tells him that they need his statement so Emerson’s death is not for nothing and Ryan nods. The three of them go off.

Erasmo arrives at the hospital and runs to Maria and Leticia. They both tell him that everything is okay and Erasmo can’t thank Leticia enough for her help. Erasmo begins to cry and Leticia laughs and tells him Erasmo cried when they were born too from excitement. Erasmo hugs Maria and nods before asking Leticia how Tomas is doing. Leticia tells him it didn’t work out and Erasmo nods before telling her that you can’t force things. Leticia nods and tells him that she still has a baby and two more children to take care of so she needs to push forward and asked Maria to move back with her.

Tona tells Fausto that she needs him to keep a close watch on Nina instead of hanging out in her brothel all day. Fausto nods and leaves as Tona prays to her Gods that she will give them the heart she promised soon.

Erasmo tells Maria that she should move back in with Leticia, especially since he’s always traveling and Bonita has a new child to care for. Maria shrugs, of course they want her far away, but Leticia hugs her and tells her not to worry. Leticia then tells Erasmo that they will pass by later for Maria’s things and Erasmo thanks her again before leaving to go see Bonita.

Ryan declares that the policeman that shot Emerson was not in any immediate danger, especially because Emerson was hurt. He assumes he shot him though because he was black and though Emerson would hurt him despite his condition. The officer listens intently as Ryan wonders why he and Steve won’t shot as well despite the racket they were making. Joe asks the scribe to make note of the racial component of the case as Ryan declares that Emerson’s death has made him furious, especially because the US was founded and prospered thank to immigrants of every color. The officer asks if they have anything else to add and Steve declares that he won’t stop until the policeman who shot Emerson is behind bars. The officer thanks them for their statement and Ryan declares that it’s time to band together without any prejudice and fight for each other.

At a table in a bar, Nina talks to a couple of Regia's fans about the ban on Regia's song. They agree to go protest the ban at the local radio stations before walking to the bar for a drink except Nina, who runs into Fausto. He asks that she focus on the task at hand and remember the fan club is just a means to an end. Nina nods and asks him why he’s there. Fausto just came to check up on her and thinks he may even get lucky with one of her friends. He looks at them and asks Nina if they’re prostitutes like her. Nina asks him to leave her be and goes to her friends. She tells them that she’s ready and they leave as Fausto follows.

Leticia arrives at the hotel room with Maria, who comments on how horrible the hotel room is, but Leticia is working on it. Maria reminds her that she’s been saying that for months but Leticia demands she be quiet and obey her orders. Maria nods but she doesn’t think Tadeo, who has a steady job and paycheck, will want to come back to live with her. Leticia reminds her that it’s only been a few paychecks and he will have to come back in the meantime. Leticia then sits down and asks Maria to help her get the supplies for the dress she’s making. Maria groans but obliges as Leticia gets a phone call from the policeman who helped her in Montana. She tells him that she’s back in LA but then grows quiet as the policeman reveals that Tomas was found dead. Leticia is shocked.

Laustela, out of her Regia get up, runs into Genesis, who tells her that she’s been looking for her as Franco needs a couple of more takes. Laustela nods, glad that the video came out good, but Genesis realizes that she’s out of it and will let Franco know that she can’t do any more takes and to fix any issues in editing. She walks away and Laustela sees Paloma and runs her. They engulf each other in a big hug as Paloma asks her what is wrong. Laustela tells her that she just wants to hold her close because she’s crazy about her and hugs her tightly again. As Laustela begins to cry, Rosario, who has been watching the whole scene, asks her if it is, as they feared. Laustela nods and tells her that the secret they have been protecting is about to be revealed…


Thank you, Alfredo. I have missed your rocking recaps .

Hmmm..the bedroom reminded Ry of his father!! What!?? Is El D old Walt?

Tona and shirtless Fausto in that room lighting candles gave me the creeps. Shudder.

Alfredo, I too missed your exemplary recaps...so full of vivid descriptions and details...thank you for sharing your outstanding talent with us again.

SusanLynn, that little comment from Ryan about the bedroom remindng about his father was truly mind-boggling...another puzzle added to this TN...I can only ask, "Is O'Campo teasing us??"

So Isidrogue is the mystery dad...he looks sleazy...I hopeo LauStela finds a way to keep Paloma away from him.

I was super impressed with LetMeBeAMidwife tonight. She seems to have redeemed herself with Erasmutt. Maybe Bonito will be more civil toward her and they just might become BFFs. I also applaud Ocampo for the birth scene...very well-done!

I don't know about that birth scene on the sofa. I've had three kids and.....it's a whole lot messier and noisier and more active than that. And the exwife helping to deliver the new wife's baby. I can't even.

Ew...that's sweet Paloma's dad??? Really? And add him to the list of hombres attracted to Laura. She needs a bodyguard . Is she Paloma's mother ? Rosy, you are giving me a headache

Thanks, Alfredo. Great title and your storytelling is superb.

I'm still Paloma's birth mom is a friend of Laustela's from La Tona's place who passed away. How anybody can be sure who the daddy is is a mystery to me. Did they do a DNA on all visitors?

Danilo has a swagger like he was a Romeo in the bed with Laustela, instead of getting it on with the semi-conscious. So glad Morgana can't keep a secret and now Laustela knows what happened. Dirtbag, in Laustela's eyes you only put yourself in the same category as those dirtbags that frequented La Tona's place.

Would be nice to see Letmedeliverymystepkid and Bonita getting along. Too bad Leticia can't move into Bonita's house instead of taking poor Maria to her one room in that motel.

Rosario tells her that Ryan must know but Laustela fears that he will kill Danilo after all he’s done.

Ugh, Laustela is back to keeping secrets from Ryan. Understandable she doesn't want Ryan sent back to prison, but Morgana is going to make all kinds of hay with this secret. Hope Laustela listens to the message of her own song of female empowerment and refuses to be blackmailed.

Niecie, ITA with your feelings about LauStela keeping secrets from Ryan. My question is: if she threatened Danilow that she is going file charges against him, how is she going to keep that a secret? Doesn't make sense to me...

RVG Chick: LauStela could be PREGGERS since Danilo violated her the other day.

I watched that episode & was disgusted as the sick pervert penetrated our drugged-out Protagonista.

Alfredo, welcome back!

You have such a keen perspective and sharp eye. Your recap was a real treat. I've interspersed my favorite lines throughout my comment.

"Ryan stops short and tells Steve that the bedroom reminded him of his father for a second". AhhHaa! Does it mean? Could it mean? Is papa still alive? Not only would that be a great plot turn, but if so, it would mean I actually predicted something correctly. I'm on the edge of my seat.

It's still fairly neck and neck for me as to who is the most odious villain here. But it's Tona by a greasy, grimy hair. "Tona laughs off his worries and chides him for forgetting how to treat a prostitute" and "Fausto nods and leaves as Tona prays to her Gods that she will give them the heart she promised soon. the saints on her shrine" are proof positive. Susanlynn, I've also been saying that any scenes with Fausto and Tona are cringe worthy.

"Danilo has a swagger like he was a Romeo in the bed with Laustela, instead of getting it on with the semi-conscious" said it best Niecie. When he licked Laura's spit from his face, I threw up a bit in my mouth.

I refuse to believe Isidro is Paloma's father.

I have conflicting feelings about Joe. He should never have signed anything that forced him into giving up his right to see his children. While I understand Lindsay is crushed and feels betrayed (which she was), keeping her children from their father is going to hurt them more than Joe. As much as she is hurting, she should channel her energies into loving her children who will be suffering because of the split. Self centered, pure vindictiveness is the wrong path.

I’ve never felt sorry for Morgana. Why? “Morgana thinks she needs a refresher as Danilo used her like a wet blanket that very morning and she let him like the prostitute she is”. Disgusting.

Let delivering Bon's baby? Of course it's absurd. This likely means they will become one big, melded, bonded family. I guess that would be nice for the kids so they can be close to the baby. Let's hope Chava is the next member of the group. But at least Let did something awesome - I think she has redeemed herself RgvChick. She has had a hard road. At least she is free of Tomas.

Is bunman homeless now? Now that Blake has lost his political base, he won't have backup when ED tries to crush him like the cockroach he is.

Alfredo, you are the best! Thank you.


Thank You Mr. Aparicio for another 'Rocking Recap' (Sue). One mystery is solved, maybeeeee, and three more fester to the surface. Told with great skill by our Master teller of tales AA.

Rosie, it seems your show is chock full of messages, I wonder if by design or by accident. I am seeing a new one now. It goes something like : "You just can't trust them Mexicans." :-) I'll keep that in mind.

Laura, Laura, Laura, Sooo many secrets girl.. To me secrets are dishonesty, regardless of your excuses, which you try to pawn off as reasons, but they are not. Why don't you just for once in your life tell everybody the unvarnished truth, then go back to Mexico with all those other liars (we are told) and face that firing squad or whatever it is you are trying to avoid with all this chicanery? Missy you are just dishonest and can't be trusted.

If this really is Paloma's Father, he deserves to see his Daughter unless we can be shown some overwhelming reason he should not. If LauStela is in fact not even the Mother, she probably needs some jail time and the child should be reunited, unless again there are overwhelming circumstances to the contrary.

There was a bedspread, comforter, piece of furniture, smell. something in that room which triggered an early childhood memory for Ryan.

WOW Morgana is a nasty bitch. I'd bet her image in a mirror even hates her. The only one who does not is LetMe and only because she is too stupid to come in out of the rain.

Are we going to overlook that LetMe burst into Bonita's home like a rabid dog and got into a shoving match with Bonita? She owed Bon some midwifery. Bonita needs a peep hole at her eye level or a front door camera. (and a restraining order) See Gringa, ya just can't trust them Mexicans. BTW, my CC people have a real weakness for 'Wetbacks'.

Who else caught DaniLow bragging to Laura that she actually liked it because size does matter? Even more reason for Ryan to remove it in retaliation.

Alfredo, you didn't miss a bit with your recap. You should write professionally, some true literature or at the very least satire because you're quite impressive.

Another day, another secret. Laura was right to fear all the calm, something was going to happen sooner or later. When she ends up pregnant (that she will is a certainty, it's telenovela lesson no 1) it will be a nightmare for all involved, especially Ryan who will probably have no clue until Danilow will start boasting. Poor Morgana should hurry to buy those pillows, or Danilow will find another baby to claim as his own.
Someone asked the other day about a DNA test determining who's the daddy when brothers are involved. I don't know if someone answered that or if someone with some medical knowledge actually has the right answer, but my soap watching experience (yes! another guilty pleasure) tells me that unless they do a particular kind of testing, there will be no way of telling the difference between brothers. So the DNA lab has to be informed and asked to do a certain type of analysis ( that poor lab tech will definitely enjoy getting this type of assignment).

As far as I'm concerned, LetMeDeliverOnaCouch can save all the babies in the world, she's still a loser in my book. I didn't care for her story at the beginning, I thought she was an idiot all through her Tomas saga and I thing she's a gullible fool now when it comes to Morgana.

Is Isidrio really Paloma's Father? LyinLaura seems to think so. She is in about the best position to know.

About Ryan's smelling that room - having Walter be ED is becoming the obvious choice. Is it just a red herring or what? What if Ryan only thinks he's remembering something from his childhood, but in reality he's feeling Estela's presence but is too closed off to all things related to her to actually realize it? Walter being ED would make more sense and would explain why DaniStupid is not six feet under by now, but there is no mystery surrounding his death.
On the other side we still don't know where Estela is and having her come back would give an actual moment of angst to Ryan and Laura, who love one another and ... that's about it. There is no decent rival on the horizon, so having Ryan's once true love come back would cause more drama for the protagonists than having dad daddy show up... But then again, who knows...

Joe is disappointing me. Never put a woman before your children! The wife is spiteful because of Mercy, she was OK with the divorce before she found out about them, so what Joe needs to do is either play pretend in order to obtain visiting rights or just go about it the full blown legal way - is he a lawyer only when it comes to Furia dirty money? What about his own flesh and blood? Mercy is not getting any younger, his kids have a long life ahead to despise him...

Adrianna good point. If I remember, DaniLow does not have to actually marry or even be in a relationship with the Mother, if you take the wording literally, as Walter I am sure, assumed it was understood that any heir would be brought into a stable marriage. But that was not specified. All either son need do is actually play the male partner's part in the production of a child. Yikes !

And LetMe (take another shot at ruining my kids lives) wants to take Tad and Maria out of a stable family and move them into a notell Motel because she would be lonely otherwise? She said as much last night. She and Morgana can be besties.!

Is it troubling that nobody has seen Tad or knows his whereabouts? I smell a rat. If he is OK will LetMe allow him to rent a nice place because he has a good job then move her swollen ass and Maria in with him (and Valdo)?

" Mercy is not getting any younger, his kids have a long life ahead to despise him."

Adriana yeah.

Don't make your kids miserable, there is an off chance they will not forgive you and return the favor when you are old.

This little side conflict between Blake and AssBun could get pretty interesting. My money is on AssBun being a better shot at least. And I would like to see TazMania attack TalisBun or AssBun. That would be a fun match. Who flipping knows who would win? Will the Laundry crew simply move to another property like the Lucios in La Pill? We didn't see El Dorito trudging through the underbrush with Tali and AssBuns. Is he still safely cloistered in Crime HQ?

Hopeofully Chava is in Miami by now, has a girlfriend with a brain and a car, a job, and a new name.

I want the toilet to fail like they do sometimes and DaniLow discover a discarded item that Morgana attempted to flush. Ha! Dug a lot of those out of the Macerator on my former boat.

Julie how's Six Flags ? :-)

Reading the comments, but I had to stop for " It's Tona by a greasy, grimy hair." Diana, that made me spit out NY coffee. Good one ...a perfect description of Tona. #getsomeshampoo

NY coffee???..my coffee.....I am currently not in NY. Sorry...hurrying and careless. I have very small fingers , but I still have trouble tapping letters on this tablet keyboard.

Diana, how is the patient doing?

I wonder if Julie is enjoying Six Flags. Will she be bringing one of the flags home? #wheeeeeee

I don't know how Lindsay is managing to keep Joe from seeing their kids. It is almost impossible in my state to completely deny custody rights to a biological parent no matter what kind of jerk they are or what they did or what problems they have.

Hey all! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! Happy to be back :)

Julie come visit us soon but I hope your having lots of fun!

Hope everyone has been doing great in my absence otherwise. Hopefully a lot better than these crazy lot of kids.

Susanlynn, I believe Joe signed a decree that stated he gave up the rights to see his kids, so Lindsay blackmailed him but Joe ultimately signed over any rights.

As for Isidro, he is disgusting but he could still be Paloma's father. Laustela didn't deny it in private so it makes me think he is but either the mother gave Paloma to Laustela or maybe Isidro did. Blake seems to know him very well too and paid him to show up.

As for Nina, contact your sister and get her to safety and then ask Laustela to help. Band together girls!

I'm with Kirby on LetMeBeADoormat. She started off on the right foot, moved immediately to the wrong foot and has been playing hopscotch to hell ever since. She didn't trust Laustela or Chavalin but trusted Tomas and Morgana...like...and Morgana is after soemone already screwed her over but she's there still fixing her dress. Dumbbbbbb

Danilo and the spit was gross, on a basic level, but even more so after his actions.

Asdrubal is now the cat that has been thrown off the roof. He will find a way to land on his feet or take them all with him. Danilo is right though, Ryan's statement that he was clueless will be worthless since their names are over everything.

Good Morning!

Wow! very interesting perspectives regarding last night's events.

What if Ryan only thinks he's remembering something from his childhood, but in reality he's feeling Estela's presence but is too closed off to all things related to her to actually realize it?

Adrianna, ITA, that's why I think RosyO is teasing us...trying to mislead us into thinking Walter is EL D. You are correct in saying that there is no mystery behind Walter's death and that Ryan may be confusing the scent, style, or something with something related to RealStela.

Kirby, This little side conflict between Blake and AssBun could get pretty interesting. I believe it's going to get more than interesting. Blake is after EL D and his sidekicks for messing up his plans to torture Laura, and from the likes of it, he is still communicating with Logan. Logan only told Blake that he would not do anything more for him that he would not "want" to do, but if Blake proposes something that will benefit Logan (like taking out narcos) then Logan will follow through. Aside from AssBun, once Ryan finds out that Blake is behind Paloma's father's "renewed interest," Blake will also have Ryan to contend with. You said, "If this really is Paloma's Father, he deserves to see his Daughter." If this were a case of a child being taken from a caring father, I would agree, but this man is only here because he was summoned by Blake and is probably being well compensated to resume his fatherly duties. We also know that LauStela is doing everything for Paloma to save her from "those people." I'm thinking that includes the father...where was he when LauStela was trying to protect Paloma from Blake back in Mexico?

While LetMe is not one of my favorite characters (there are many, come to think of it) and I've always thought this TN could have done very well without her storyline, I do have to admit that she has shown a smidgen of improvement. As I stated before, she redeemed herself in Erasmutt's eyes and that will hopeofully reduce some of the friction between them and they can communicate better regarding the kids. OTOH, as Kirby pointed out, she is trying to force the kids to stay with her in that tiny hotel room when they already are showing signs of some stability. She obviously has access to TomAss's house since she has her sewing machine now...why not take our advice and go stay over there...she now knows TomAss is dead and won't be going to bother her there.

Alberto, you have a way with words. "Playing hopscotch to hell" ..."the cat that has been thrown of?f the roof." So, does Badass have nine lives like a cat? Did he land on his feet like a cat! He probably should buy some socks and utilitaian shoes if he is going to have to go into survival mode . l think that Badbraid could take him in hand to hand combat.

Dan the Disgusting has given new meaning to the term swapping spit. He is unbelievably smarmy at this point. Delusional little jerk will not live long enough to grow into a real man. #evilpeterpan


I think Blind Boy Blake may have his hands full with the Bunners. Taz is pretty tough with her WrestleMania hair and 180 pound body, but without her blind Boy is just a shriveled up old blind guy. And the Bun Brigade just walk up and shoot your ass full of holes anyway

I have no idea where this storyline is headed. However, I am all for the villains taking out each other. Lauralestela is remarkably strong and resilient considering all the evil people that she has been exposed to since sold into sex slavery by the repulsive Fausto. I cannot even imagine how she has endured all these years. I wonder how long it has been since Fausto first lured her into that snakepit! Perhaps, the Rosygram is that people can endure all sorts of horrors and survive. #stopcomplainingaboutsmallproblems

I need an enormous anvil for the despicable Fausto because he is the one who first tricked a young girl into this sea of misery. #justicenomercy

What is up with that altar that Tona has set up? What evil force is she worshipping? Satan? Is her hated for Laura just about Oceilo's death? Was Tona hopelessly devoted to a guy who was a brute?

I have no idea with the shrine but it goes with her hair.

Susanlynn, I didn't understand to what "deity" Tona was praying either.

Is a skeleton the new Satan or has that always been the case? Unfamiliar with such things, I was expecting a red devil with a tail (think Underwood Deviled ham logo from years ago if you are old enough to recall).

Kirby, thanks for the lovely bird amidst all this misery.


SusanLynn, " Lauralestela is remarkably strong and resilient considering all the evil people that she has been exposed to since sold into sex slavery...." I agree that LauStela's strength is admirable. What she has gone through and survived is unimaginable. However, when she gets into her litttle rants like the one she had with Granados, it's a real turn off for me. While I agree with many of the things she had to say, IMO has no need to lower herself to that level, especially when others are present. Supposedly, her song reflects how strong women are, that should be her focus, not making a scene and presenting herself as crude and hot-headed. Women can be strong AND lady-like at the same time.

Diana..my first thought when I looked at that statue was ..The Grim Reaper???? But the Underwood Deviled ham logo is also applicable. Teehee Whatever that statue is...it is not any thing good.

Chickie...yeah, I am getting mixed messages from Rosy and Laura. I know a lot of strong woman ..friends and relatives and friends who have all survived various slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (divorce, death, disease), but this tn is filled with women who do not seem verra strong to me. If this is supposed to represent the female gaze...it is not what I gaze at.

SusanLynn and Diana, La Tona was praying to La Santa Muerte (The Holy Death).

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Spanish for Our Lady of the Holy Death) or, colloquially, Santa Muerte (Holy Death), is a female deity (or folk saint depending on school of thought) in Mexican folk religion, particularly Folk Catholicism, venerated primarily in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. Despite condemnation by the Catholic Church, her cult has become prominent in the 2000s and 2010s, as a continuation of the Aztec goddess of death Mictecacihuatl or Mictlancihuatl (Nahuatl for "Lady of the Dead") clad according to Spanish iconography.
(....from Wiki)

Chickie...wow and yikes. thank you for that verra interesting information. #muycreepy #takeashower #notthegrimdeviledhamlogo👣

RgvChick, thank you for that information!

I had no idea...(as a Catholic, should I have?)

That being the case, (healing and protection), I would imagine Tona was NOT praying about Laura, but about whomever she lost.

You are an amazing source of knowledge.


Kirby, thanks for today's bird pics...they do bring a ray of light into the dark shadows of this TN. That second one looks like it saw Danilow swapping that spit from his face...

Diana, no, as a Catholic (which I am too), no need for you to know about that. It's more for cult followers.

Alfredo, good recap. It also appears
That some secrets are about to come to
The surface.
Ryan:this room reminds me of my father
Well, what the walter is goin on here?
Rosy you sneaky devil you. Unless it's
Another offspring that is more like
Papa wally than Ryan.The possibilities
Are endless.

And then there's that sly smile on merciless mercy's face after she was
Supposedly to have made a phone call
To the radio stations.All the pretense
And she still don't like Laura.

Laura:the girl is catchin it from all
Directions. She needs to come clean with ryan if she don't come clean with
anyone else. The girl is in a pickle. And it's a sour one.And the jerk thats Claiming that paloma is his (even if she is) he don't want that child, she as born of a prostitute and he Thinks
He's probably better than that. Most
Johns don't claim their children cuz it'll mess up their lily white family life.Talkin bout a messed up life shes
Got it.

Y'all think bo-nita & lettyme will be
Best buds?lol just kidding, ones got
The other ones almost hubby.Letty is now Mrs. Tomas...I don't Remember his last name. Anyway would That help her get her papers, without Them thinkin she killed him? Well shes Free of his craziness, now she's just stuck with her own. Craziness that is.

Ok more insanity tonight.
Thanks Alfredo :)

Nina, are you saying that Mercy didn't make the calls she promised to?

If so, boy, I am out on left field today. Sigh. #toobusytoconcentrateonanythingapparently


I just looked at Alfredo's recap and she called at least one radio person! :)


What the heck is Tona talkin about to
That skeleton god thingy about giving her a heart shes been askin for? That is weird.

Nina: Now that Blake dropped out of the Riverside Mayoral campaign, does this mean Logan will run for that office now ?


Adriana: I'm still curious about the details of Daddy Cabrera's death too!


Steve, Logan is currently a senator. He wanted Blake to run for mayor to get more support for his anti-illegals campaign.

From what I remember about Walter Cabrera's death, he died after a long illness.

Diana I believe you take the prize for the longest hashtag..40

I agree Laura has to tell Ryan for a handfull of reasons. It is sneaky and dishonest not to tell him, but more importantly NOT TELLING him looks just damn suspicious and plays right into DaniMorg's game. If she is preggers and has to tell him when that comes to light, then Ryan will be hard to convince. Not to pile on, but WHAT in her life is not a big fabrication, you know, a LIE? The Lying Life Of Laura Lumpy.

To save DaniLow from death from Ryan is the flimsyest of all. That is like being afraid to put air in your tire because it would not be flat anymore. Aaarrrrgh. Laura !

Oh so you like pelicans eh? I'm flattered.

Don't drool all over your keyboards PeliGirls, this is my best side. I know you will appreciate a butt shot. Shake yore tail feathers honey !

It a possibility she did but to ban the song. It just looked sneaky to me when she smiled after laura left the room.

yeah Logan is already senator, wouldn't being mayor be like a step down? This man is greedy & ambitious
To do that.jerk.

Cute pelican kirby.

Yeah Logan is far more powerful than Blake. Blake has some connections, like Logan, but he is pretty much impotent on his own. I believe Blake is working way above his pay grade wanting to rumble with the Bun Boys. If they do not already know ,there could be a lot of trouble for Blake when AssBun and Talisman figure out Blake was behind the DEA raid, especially that huge bag of money left behind..

What the hell was DEA doing there anyway? Obviously all that money which needs cleaning is coming from something illicit, but this is the first we have heard or seen of the DEA. Did Rosie know it couldn't be ICE so she just picked a three letter Gringo acronym?

Kirby, I was wondering why the DEA was called too....doesn't that stand for for DRUG enforcement Agency? They've shown AssBun giving drugs to Danilow, but never has it been mentioned that they are into selling drugs. ICE wouldn't have been called because it mainly deals with immigration and customs. Which agency deals with money laundering...FBI?

OT: Kirby, just saw the Audubon Photography Awards. You have so many pictures that rival those pictures. Next year you should enter!

L. Linda

Kirby that pelican is beautiful. Looks like He's thinkin" this is my best side, you Can't touch this". Beautiful feathers.
Man you can really work a camara.

Thanks Linda. RGV: Treasury. :-)

I mentioned ICE as a dig at the producers for the onmipresent theme and every second preoccupation of this show with illegal immigration.

Thanks NiNa. I had to trade that bird all my bait for a couple good poses.

Just kidding. I actually don't fish.


This was late in the day and the sun makes everything orange, but this one has breeding plumage, burgundy feathers along his neck

Oh shoot Showtime, bye

Kirby: Danilo the Sicko took off the Protagonista's towel & violated her vagina.

Steve, you are very outspoken,and to the point.

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