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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #51, July 19, 2017: The Trial of The Century Continues…

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity. Flashbacks in italics.

Paloma’s Perilous Plight

Laura continues her testimony. She describes her first encounter with Blake as is engraved in her mind and she still has nightmares. When she left Mexico, she never expected to see Blake again, but he managed to find her. Luisa shoots up out of her seat and shouts that Laura is lying, after which the judge orders her to sit down or she will be removed from the courtroom. The prosecutor accuses Laura of defaming Blake, a respectable businessman…a good man who tries to help people, but the judge stops him short and tells him that they are not there to pay homage to Mr. Blake; he then asks Laura to continue. Laura starts her story, “That day a frequent client came in drunk; and he was armed.”

The client placed his gun on the nightstand and laid on the bed face down. I straddled him, massaged his shoulders and told him to relax. Once the client fell asleep, I got the gun and hid it underneath the mattress. After I called in Toña to show her that the client had fallen asleep, she got money out of the man’s wallet and left.

Laura states that, with the gun she stole, she was intent on escaping until…

I stepped out of the bedroom into the hallway and saw Toña in the next room with a couple who had a baby. Toña told them that they’d better not come back to reclaim the baby as she handed them some money. After Isidro assured her they had no interest in the baby, Toña told the couple that the baby was exactly what her client wanted. As they left, the woman put the baby down on the couch and told Toña that whatever she did with the baby was her business. After Toña left, I walked over to the baby who was crying unconsolably; I picked it up to pacify it, and told her I would take her out of there. Toña returned and told me she was glad I was taking charge of the baby because she had no interest or skill in caring for her. She then told me that I would be taking care of the baby, but not to get attached to it because she would only be there until it was time to deliver her…in a month. After Toña left, I held the baby in my arms and looked down at her as she looked at me so innocently.

Laura states that, as she held the baby in her arms, she felt a love like she had never felt before. She tearfully declares that she knew the baby needed her. The day came that the baby had to be delivered.

Osiel came for me and told me to hurry and get the baby ready. He ordered me to go with him so that it would appear as we were a family. When I questioned him and found out we were going to the border to deliver the baby to Blake, I quickly got the gun and placed it in my purse.

While the Cougar’s Away…

At Furia, AssBun holds Genesis against the wall, seducing her and telling her that this place is so big they could make love without being caught. She leads him further down the hall as they start undressing each other. AssBun looks into an office and sees Danilow’s picture, but Genesis pulls him to another office. They continue their tryst for what seems like forever, still removing their clothes, kissing, breathing heavily…AssBun looks very pleased as Genesis leans back in the office chair.

Paloma’s Perilous Plight (cont.)

The prosecutor reminds Laura that this is a hearing and, while her story is very moving, they need evidence, not tears. He asks if she has proof that Antonia Reyes forced her into prostitution, or if there are any girls, who she alleges were victims, who could corroborate her story. Laura responds that the bordello closed down, but she knows that Toña continues to exploit young girls. The prosecutor reminds Laura that Blake has already testified as well as Mrs. Reyes and Fausto…and their testimony contradicts what Laura is alleging. The prosecutor then states that the DNA results confirm that she is not the child’s mother and asks if there is any documentation that verifies the sale of the baby. In the back of the courtroom, Mercy quietly approaches Ryan who looking at Laura and is shaking his head in disbelief. She tells him she needs to leave to the company because she has an important business meeting that cannot be cancelled. Ryan pats her hand and agrees that she must go.

The prosecutor continues his examination. He wonders why, if she had the gun, she didn’t use it against her captor, if he was such an evil man as she says. Laura explains that she didn’t want to use it; although they did horrible things to her, she had no intention of hurting anyone. If she used it, it was only in self-defense. The prosecutor addresses the jury emphasizing that there is still no evidence to prove that Laura was in danger or that anyone needed to be saved…he summons Laura to continue…

Osiel took us to a building near the border. As I took the baby to an adjacent room to feed her, Osiel gave me a small bottle and told me to put 3 drops of the drug into the her bottle so she wouldn’t cry. While I went to the baby, I took the gun out of my purse and placed it under a cot. Meanwhile, Osiel called Blake only to learn that Blake couldn’t find the site; so he went outside to make a small fire as a signal. While he was outside, I grabbed the bottle of drugs and poured the contents into one of the bottles of beer Osiel had brought with him.

Blake slams the table with his hand and charges that Laura is trying to make him out as a bad person…he shouts that she is lying and accuses her of killing Osiel in cold blood…he only went there to help her…she wanted to kill the baby. Laura shouts back that he is the one that is lying, she was only defending the baby. Ryan, not able to contain himself, stands and blares that Blake is a delinquent…he exploits people and he (Ryan) can prove it…Blake should not be trusted. Dan stands up beside Ryan in support as Blake yells back, “Look who’s talking…a man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s father!” Ryan glares at Blake as Danilow scowls and huffs like a bull ready to charge.

Blake continues his attack on Ryan telling him that no assassin will give him lessons on morality...he is a murder and should be in jail. Ryan retorts that Blake should be the one in jail. The judge then orders everyone to be quiet and warns them that if there are any more outbursts, they will be charged with contempt of court. Luisa goes toward Blake as Danilow praises Ryan telling him he likes to see his devilish side and he should bring it out more often, but Ryan just jerks his arm out of Danilow’s hand and looks infuriated. Luisa and the prosecutor try to calm Blake down only to have him threaten the prosecutor that if he doesn’t ensure that Laura is thrown in jail, he will make sure his career is over. The prosecutor assures Blake that he has a trick up his sleeve, after which Blake and Luisa sit down.

The prosecutor addresses the jury reminding them that when Laura went to the border, she had the gun with her. After the prosecutor implies that Laura had every intention of killing Mr. Reyes, she insists that it was self-defense…even though Osiel wasn’t armed, he was very strong and aggressive; she only took a gun so she could have something with which to defend herself. The prosecutor asks Laura to tell them her plan…

I went outside to give Osiel the beer and he asked me to help him make the fire, but when he heard the baby crying, he allowed me to go back into the building. As I walked back, I turned to make sure Osiel drank the beer. Once inside the room where the baby was, I tried to pry off some boards when, all of a sudden, I heard Blake asking what I was doing. I quickly ran and shut the door on him and begged him not to take the child. Blake told me he had bought the child…the child was his. I shouted that he was a pervert, the baby is innocent…I knew what he did to people…putting them to work hard labor. Blake told me that he had a child of the same age that was sick and needed a heart. This child could provide the heart Brittany needed…he had already exhausted all resources, and couldn’t wait for a donor. I again told him that this child was innocent and asked him to have compassion for her…he needed to look for another alternative other than buying a heart. Blake retorted that he had money…he could buy anything he wanted…the baby’s parents didn’t care about her and he wanted his daughter to live. I understood his pain, but insisted that he had no right to this child. Osiel came back and started banging on the door ordering me to open it. Huddled in the corner holding the baby, I pulled out the gun pointing it toward the door then started singing to the child to comfort her.

Laura states that she locked herself in…although she knew how desperate Blake was to save his daughter, that didn’t justify his buying a child.

Laura states that she could not allow a child to be used in such a way. The prosecutor surmises that Laura is only trying to influence the jury with her story. He asks whether there is anyone present that would believe that Blake, a loving father, would commit such an atrocity (the spirits of viewerville raise their hands). He accuses Laura of wanting to ruin Blake’s reputation…making people believe that he was buying a heart for his dying child. Joe interjects that the documentation is not available, but it is evident that Blake took measures to buy a heart. Blake starts to feel ill and asks Luisa to take him outside as the judge orders Laura to continue…

Osiel continued banging on the door and ordering me to come out. I told Osiel to tell Blake that I would do whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t take the child. When Blake approached the door and asked if I would really do anything, including giving my life, I responded, “Yes, anything, just don’t take the baby from me.” Frustrated with my pertinacity, Blake ordered Osiel to go in, get the baby and kill me, then throw me in the river. Osiel hesitated because I was one of their best and brought in a lot of money, but Blake insisted. As Osiel pushed in the door, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. As the shot fired, I opened my eyes and saw that the bullet grazed something that burst into a flame…Blake was in front of it and his eyes were burned. Osiel came into the room and we struggled, but I was able to hit him with a box and he fell back. With the baby in my arms, I dashed out of the room and ran outside. Osiel picked up the gun I had dropped and ran after me shouting that now I was sure to die. I got far enough ahead to hide the baby and, taking the blanket with me so he could think I had the baby with me, shouted out for help so he could come find me. I walked and stopped close to a cliff as Osiel approached me asking for the baby; but he started feeling the effects of the drug and fell on his knees. He managed to get up and came at me, grabbing for the blanket. When he stumbled backwards and saw that there was nothing in the blanket. He came at me again so II quickly picked up a rock and hit him…and I watched as he fell off the cliff…landing face down on a boulder. As I went back with the baby and approached the building, I saw a fire inside. There was an explosion; and I saw the building engulfed in flames. I stood there, holding the baby and reassuring her that all would be fine…she was safe. Before I left, I threw some of my blankets into a small fire burning on the grass…hoping that they would think we had died.

Laura states that everything happened very quickly and swears that she did not want to kill Osiel. The prosecutor asks Laura why, if knowing that she had killed Mr. Reyes in self-defense, she didn’t turn herself in to the authorities. He deduces that she figured they thought she was dead, so she probably thought she could get away without paying for her crime. Laura denounces him saying that she had to take the child where no one would find her. After the prosecutor points out that she knew Mr. Reyes was dead and she thought Mr. Blake was dead too, Laura emphasizes that she knew Toña was alive…and she was the worst of them all. The prosecutor is puzzled that she admits killing Mr. Reyes, yet she blames his wife. Laura explains that Toña is evil…she exploited young girls in the past and she continues to do so. The judge turns to Laura and asks, “Do you have any proof of what you are saying?” Joe stands and interjects that they can find the evidence. Once the judge urges Joe that he’d better find conclusive evidence, he adjourns the proceedings for the day.

AssBun Gets His Prize…Twice

Genesis and Assbun are well into their tryst when they hear Mercy calling out for Genesis. They hide behind the desk as Mercy opens the door, looks around and, puzzled, picks up a piece of clothing, but does not see them. Mercy receives a phone call, leaves and closes the door. After Genesis and AssBun quickly get up, giggling all the while, Genesis starts dressing herself.

Genesis leaves to go see Mercy, leaving AssBun alone. He hurries to Danilow’s office and makes a call while he quickly rummages through everything on top of and inside Danilow’s desk until he finds a file with the information he is looking for—documents that show what Danilow is up to with the money laundering.

As Genesis goes into Mercy’s office, Mercy is on the phone with a businessman who is apparently pulling his business from Furia. Mercy asks Genesis where she has been and why there are clothes strewn all over. Genesis, looking as guilty as sin, tells Mercy that she was taking costumess to the dry cleaners and probably dropped some. She starts rambling about getting things in order for Regia, but Mercy tells her she doesn’t know what will happen…if Laura is found guilty, Furia will have to release her immediately. She has to think of Furia’s future…any association with Laura will surely drive away business, just as the one that had just cancelled.

Something About Mary-ughh (from Mexican version)

At the high school, bleached blonde Maria is all over Mark kissing him, as Kim and Bruce walk up and tease them asking if they are going to get married. Maria (or shall we call her Mary now?) laughs and tells them that marriage is just not done in the States. After Kim reminds her that she is Mexican, Maria, lying through her teeth, says she is half gringa…her father is a gringo...his name is Tom Allen! (WWHAAAT?? Let’s slap her, why don’t we?)

New BFFs

At Steve’s apartment, Steve is sitting at the table as Nina brings in his plate of food. They chat about her new job and how she is having some trouble, but Steve reassures her that she will do well. When Nina asks how things are going with Genesis, Steve thinks all will be well in time. Nina offers to go with him so she can help him explain, but Steve brushes it off saying that it’s the story of his life…he has a long list of good-byes.

Black Hearted She-Devil

Ryan and Joe are in the court hallway discussing Laura’s case—they need witnesses to corroborate that what she is saying is true...if not, it’ll only be her word against the others’. As Ryan insists that Laura can’t go to jail, Toña walks up and tells them that Laura has to pay for killing her husband…he was the best thing that happened in her life (really??? …makes me wonder what the worst thing was). Ryan chides her telling her that it’s nice to know she actually has a heart…she can use it when she is in jail. After Fausto adds that Ryan should stop being a hero…a whore’s life is not worth it, Ryan tries to go at him, but Joe pulls him back.

Danilow Wants R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Back in his office, Danilow complains to Horacio that he cannot find the folder with the names and schedules of the shows he has designated for the money laundering. Horacio worries that it may get into the wrong hands and asks if he can print out another copy. Frustrated, Danilow tells him that he has everything up in his head…Horacio looks at him and mockingly says that really makes him feel better…and his clients will feel much better too. Infuriated, Danilow asks Horacio if he has forgotten who he is… he is “El Dorado”…no one will come after him and everyone respects him...and so should he.

Nina Won’t Talk

Ryan tries to convince Nina to testify, but she refuses because she is afraid Toña will retaliate and hurt her sister…no one can protect them from Toña. Seeing that Ryan is pressuring her, Steve intervenes and tells Ryan that Nina has reason to be scared…making her testify would be like taking a sheep to the butcher.

Talisman Gets His Wish

Back at his “office,” Assbun hands the folder to Talisman. Since it contains the names of all the private shows Danilow will use for laundering the money, AssBun plans to call one of the contacts to figure out exactly how the money is being laundered. Talisman asks him what they will do if they find that what Danilow is doing is unsatisfactory. AssBun looks at Talisman, tells him it’ll be time for him to be rid of Danilow, then adds...well, you will get rid of him. Pleased, Talisman looks forward to getting rid of Danilow…something he has been aching to do for quite a while.

Prison Talk

At the prison, Ryan tells Laura that they are searching for something or someone to corroborate her story. When Laura tells him that she feels like time is running out, he reassures her that they will find something. He tells her that Joe is waiting to talk to her, so he has to leave, but will be waiting outside. Ryan tells Laura he loves her and they “hold hands” through the glass. As he leaves, Laura cries softly.
Laura tells Joe that her heart breaks seeing Ryan so discouraged. There is something she has not told Ryan because she does not want him to get his hopes up, but she may have a way to prove her allegations against Toña and Fausto. She asks Joe if they still have the costume she was wearing the night she locked Toña and Fausto in the van. When Joe confirms that they do, Laura requests that he bring it to her.

Toña Shouldn’t Dance Just Yet

Seeing that Toña is over-confident about Laura not being able to get out of the bind she is in, Fausto tells her not to put on her dancing shoes just yet…the girls may talk. As Toña lights her candles to the Santa Muerte (Holy Death), she assures him that they won’t talk because she’s “put a muzzle on them.” She gets a call from Nina. Nina, recording the conversation, advises her that she has been asked to testify; and, if she sings, Toña will go down. Suspecting that Nina is setting her up, Toña snarls that she is clean…has nothing to hide and hangs up.

The next day…

Let the Phones Do the Talkin’

As Joe stands beside a worried Ryan in the court hallway, he tells Ryan that he may have something to help Laura’s case; he then turns to look at Nina who is walking down the hall.
In the courtroom, Nina sits in the witness stand and testifies that Toña threatened her with forcing her younger sister into prostitution. After the prosecutor asks if she was forced into prostitution, Nina confesses that she was not...she has been working at it for four years because she couldn’t find anything else. The prosecutor thanks her, but addresses the court implying that Nina may have been paid to testify for Laura…after all, she is the president of Regia’s fan club. Joe stands and announces that he has what is needed to prove Toña’s and Fausto’s work activities. He presents a recording emphasizing that it was taken from Toña’s personal cellphone and assures the judge that they were obtained through a judicial order. He warns the audience about the language they are about to hear and proceeds to play a recording in which Toña orders Nina to go to a service call even though Nina tells her she is suffering and in pain from a feminine problem. Toña is heard to threaten Nina to go to the service call or she will pay dearly, along with her family. Joe then offers into evidence photos taken from Fausto’s cell phone. He cautions the audience that the photos are graphic and depict Fausto raping the girls he has brought into prostitution. Upon hearing this, Toña and Fausto nervously get up and try to leave, but they are blocked by a guard. Scared out of their wits and not knowing where to turn, they return to their seats. The prosecutor objects to the evidence and states that they will need to present more than recordings and photos…these could have been easily falsified. After Joe addresses the judge and informs him that he has the testimonials the prosecutor is requesting, the judge asks him to proceed. Joe walks to the courtroom door as the guard opens the doors…nine girls walk in as all watch attentively, including a visibly panic-stricken Toña and Fausto (they probably wish they had worn Depends)…the prosecutor shakes his head with a look of disappointment. The girls stand before the jury as Danilow leans back in his chair with a smile of victory. Laura looks at Ryan as he gives her a nod of reassurance.

Joe covers the mic and tells Laura that the evidence is sufficient to bring charges against Toña and Fausto. The prosecutor quickly tries to discredit Laura…he reminds the judge that she used a false identity, that of Estela Carrillo, testified for Ryan when he was charged with murdering Pedro Carrillo, and then became his lover. Joe objects to the prosecutor’s statements and argues that the prosecutor is presenting personal issues that are not related to the case in question. The judge sustains the objection and instructs the jury to disregard the prosecutor’s statements.

Talk to the Hand…

Despite Genesis worrying that things are getting too complicated with Regia, Mercy feels that she has everything needed to ensure that she gets Paloma. Genesis cautions her to not discount the fact that Regia may not be found guilty, but Mercy knows that Laura still has to contend with the matter of the false identity. Genesis is glad that Paloma has Mercy looking after her…Paloma even has a “father.” Seeing that Mercy was not pleased with her comment, Genesis changes the topic and asks if Mercy has met the new accountant. As Mercy walks off and says she hasn’t, Steve approaches Genesis. He needs to talk to her, but she tells him that there is nothing more to say. Steve persists and informs her that it has to do with Emerson’s case; this draws Genesis’s attention.

Steve assures Genesis that not all is lost; there is still hope that the cop will be charged. He informs her that evidence has been gathered to prove more cases of discrimination. She appreciates what he is doing, but is dismayed that he knows more than the victim’s sister, although she is not surprised as that seems to be the norm in this country. Steve wants to clear things up about their relationship, but Genesis evades the explanation telling him that she is seeing someone else and is very content. Steve wishes her happiness and assumes the guy is a great man (ohhh, if he only knew).

Ryan Back in the Hot Seat

As Ryan leaves the courthouse, he is surrounded by reporters. The reporters wonder what he has to say about the false testimony used in his own murder case. Ryan evades the question and states that this case is about Laura Oviedo, a woman whose only error, if it is considered an error, was to try to protect a child. Milton persists bringing up the fact that many people know that Regia is being tried and think she is a victim, but he (Ryan) is innocent of murdering Pedro Carrillo; he then asks Ryan if he forced Laura to testify for him. Ryan maintains he is innocent and turns to leave as Joe tells the reporters that they will not respond to any more questions.

Don’t Stick Out Your Tongue at Danilow

At the prison, Danilow talks to Laura. Seeing her long face, he asks her if she isn’t glad to see him and she shakes her head “no.” He doesn’t understand…after all she is the one that requested to talk to him. He praises her for being so strong and admires how she has fought so hard… that is what attracted him to her and makes him want her more. Laura, disgusted, tells him to let her talk; she called him because she needs his help. Danilow wonders who she wants eliminated…he will get rid of anyone who tries to harm Paloma. He would even bring back the #$% who tried to take Paloma from her so he could testify for her…but, unfortunately, he can’t talk. Puzzled, Laura asks him what he did to Isidro. Danilow sticks out his tongue, snips it with his fingers and smiles mischievously saying, “Just a little.” Laura is perplexed as to why he can’t take care of things without violence. Danilow looks at her seriously and tells her that he will do whatever it takes to protect the people who are important to him…like Paloma…like her. Laura tells him that if that is true, then she needs him to do something…keep Ryan from going to back to trial.


Thanks, Alfredo and Rgv Chick!

It looks like there's no episode on Thursday.

Most of tonight's episode went in one ear and out the other, but I did catch where Blake wanted Paloma for her heart. Her literal heart, to save his own daughter's life.

I think a few people speculated about that earlier (that he wanted Paloma for her organs). And yet, even with that, Laura says that La Toña is even worse? Is there even more to the story?

We don't ever see Luisa in the flashbacks, do we? And that was just like maybe four years ago?

Hey wait. You can't just take some random kid and do a heart transplant. Don't they have to do a lot of testing first to find out if it's compatible? I know they do for at least some organs. I would think that the heart would be especially finicky. (IANAD)

Recap is in the mail!!

Yes, I saw that about tomorrow night...darn!!

Luisa isn't in Laura's flashbacks because she didn't start with Blake until after Laura escaped.


Julie, "Don't they have to do a lot of testing first to find out if it's compatible?" they definitely do!! sooo GONG!!

Another GONG--don't they confiscate all of a person's belongings when they are arrested? So why hadn't they found the cell phones before?? GONG! GONG! GONG!


Recap is up, y'all! Haven't seen the episode but it looked action packed. Waitt,,,,so Blake hasn't tested Paloma???? I thought he would've if he wanted her as a donor…eh,,,,Im all for beanies but bro, what????

Before I forget, a little quiz…who will be watching Ramon? I probably won't be doing recaps (yet) especially with DV and LC but I wanted to know if anyone who is watching to put up discussion pages so you have a space to talk about it (me too!) and maybe post a play by play or highlights in the comments, etc. Please let me know :)

Alfredo, I'll be watching Ramon but not at its regular time. It'll be airing while I'm locking up my animalitos...and that takes me a while :-( I'll probably watch it at 10 (E) until DV ends...then I can watch it at 9 (E).

RVG Chick: Waiting for someone to say, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Rgv Chick, your recap was inspired.

"While the Cougar’s Away…", "Let the Phones Do the Talkin’" and "Paloma's Perilous Plight" were among many favorites.

Your narrative was all inclusive and added so much! Thank you for taking the time to recount everything so vividly - it seems no detail was left unmentioned. This was excellent.

"Laura emphasizes that she knew Toña was alive…and she was the worst of them all". Validation that what I (we) have been saying about the depths of Tona's depravity are not speculation but cold, hard facts.

I must apologize to both Ryan and Joe. Ryan was doing more behind the scenes than I'd given him credit for. Joe kept his cool and while he isn't exactly Perry Mason, did the job admirably. That is assuming Laura will be acquitted.

Most chilling? "the woman put the baby down on the couch and told Toña that whatever she did with the baby was her business". And this from the child's MOTHER. Sickening.

I've had to start telling myself (over and over) that this is fiction. Pure fiction. Otherwise, it is getting too grizzly to watch.

What was the median age of the children Tona and Fausto abused? 11? 12? Gut wrenching.

Paloma's backstory was told in dramatic fashion and was very powerful. Laura is courageous beyond words.

"Ryan glares at Blake as Danilow scowls and huffs like a bull ready to charge". I smiled at that scene - Dan's nostrils flaring ready to do battle (again) for Paloma.

I am really sorry that badbun found evidence against Dan. Talisman seemed delighted, didn't he? It's obvious he can't wait to put a bullet in Dan's forehead.

I cannot wait for Tona and Fausto to go to jail. The most vile abusers sometimes turn to quivering jelly when things change and they are the prisoners. God forgive me, I hope they get their due.

Alfredo, I will definitely be watching Ramon and am looking forward to it. Thank you for posting a discussion page. I will likely only be able to add a few things here and there but I know our astute group will have much to say.

Rgv Chick, you are a natural recapper. I would think you've been doing this for years. Thanks again.


Oh Susanlynn, I think "our" Marcelo Cordoba is in Ramon :)


Thank Ewe Ms. Chik !

I thought that about organ donors the first thing, then rationalized that it is so obvious, they must have left it out that he had Odious and Heffa tested already.

Oh, and now don't go calling Genesis a little hoe yet,...................... she is a LYIN little HO.
And thanks to her AssBun and TalisBun are onto DaniLow now. Did you like the way he indicated to Laura that Odious Insidious is no more?

When Joe paraded those little girls in, I thought that should have been the last scene of the season, for our cliffhanger for season two. I don't know how the good guys did it, butthat show and tell beat the cell phones and everything else combined. I'm going to have to frigging sleep or something until Friday's episode now.

Thanks Again RGV Chik, ex-cell-en-tee !


Wonder why they call them Cattle Egrets? Now you know.

I will probably be watching Ramon. It looks snarky and thus, a lot of fun for this Pateeeee-Oh !

Thank you, Diana and Kirby...warm fuzzies making me wag my tail :-D

Diana, I am wondering if that woman was really Paloma's mother. They have never really come out and said it...Isidro only mentioned that his wife was involved. Maybe Paloma's bio mom will be part of season 2?

Kirby, the way I interpreted what Danilow said, was that Isidrodious is still alive...just tongueless. He told Laura that he would bring him back so he could testify what he did with Paloma, but he (literally) wouldn't be able to talk.

Something that surprised me was that AssBun is finally going to let Talisman do away with Danilow. after all the stupid things he has let Danilow get away with, now he's going to have him killed?

Kirby, I see lots of those cattle egrets's amusing to see them stand on the cows, but hte most amusing thing I have seen is a rooster being a "goat egret" ...and trying to procreate with it!! I could have a chicoat...hmmm wonder what that would look like LOL

I am skeptical as to whether the cell phone evidence and the testimony of the girls will be sufficient to keep Laura from getting jail time. The only thing proven is that Tona and Fausto were forcing girls, including Laura, into prostitution. While it'll certainly give credibility to Laura's testimony, she still might be charged with manslaughter and attempted murder.

The kidnapping charge may be dropped, but there really isn't any physical evidence that Paloma was sold or that Blake bought her. They could go get Isidro and his wife...if they confess, that would certainly help.


RGV except that Isidro is DEAD according to what Dani told Laura when he went to visit her in jail at the conclusion of yesterday's activities.

Quick question: Ever since I didn't see the "Riped Tomato" scene due to my programmer cutting it off, I'm leery about the differences between the Mexican Version and what I view on TV. There were 2 scenes I didn't see last night--the ones I subtitled: "Something About Mary-ughh" and "New BFFs." were those really cut or was it just my programmer?

Kirby, maybe I missed that...or my programmer cut it off :-(

Oh shoot, you think so about the cutting out the tongue? I saw the scissor gesture but didn't connect it. Thanks.
But,...he can still make babies can't he? :-)

If that rooster is ever successful, Camera and I are headed for Texas.

Has anybody checked in on SusanLynn after that scene with AssBun. I hopeo she is OK.

Here's the translation of what Danilow told Laura during the last scene:

"Just tell me to do it, and see, I will (makes the throat slashing gesture) all the bunch of %&$# that have you here. Beginning with the repulsive "blind animal"...that's the one you're most wanting to go after, right? Furthermore, I even thought of bringing back Isidro at gun point so he could sing his song about my Palomita, but, well, he can't loosen his tongue."

Yeah, Kirby, Danilow should have done more slicing and a lower level.

Haven't heard from SusanLynn...those scenes with AssBun were really HAWT...Ryan should take lessons. Maybe Sue is in recovery?

In recovery? I was thinking in the AIRPORT ! Ja :-)

LOL...maybe she's already drinking a margarita...or eating...uhmmm better stop there LOL

I just figured out where Maria got her the Beyonce Wiglet..I just saw a picture of Beyonce on "The View"...same bleached blonde frizzy 'do LOL

Rgv Chick, it never occurred to me that Paloma's "mother" might not have been. You would think after all this time I would be a bit more suspicious when warranted, right? Ack.

That would make sense and honestly? I was having a hard time fathoming that that sweet, wonderful girl came from such despicable origins.

You also raised a good point about badbun's order regarding Danilo. So, he made that decision on his own without ED's sanctioning it? He has gone to the ends of the earth to protect Dan (likely under ED's orders) and now he will kill him without it?

Lovely shot Kirby.

I was thinking last night the Genesis/badbun kissing (et al) scenes were pretty well choreographed. I was thinking of volunteering to be a stand in :)


Wow, Kirby, that is an amazing photo...looks like the sky is on fire. The silhouette of trees makes it more striking.

Diana. go ahead and volunteer as a stand in...I go with you and volunteer as a "lay in" jajaja

Sharpen your pencil Mr. Boudreaux, looks like you may be busy soon.

You know, I don't know what to think about DaniLow. Earlier he seemed so arrogant and just plain despicable. Now it is like he almost knows his days are numbered and doesn't even care, and may as well whack a few who he sees as even worse than himself. OR...he is beginning to actually delude himself that he is the new and improved El Dorito and thinks no one will touch him.


Man ! Genesis, I was afraid if AssBun removed that containment apparatus those things might explode. !

"lay in" - excellent Rgv Chick!!! Wish I'd thought of that...

Kirby, I vote the latter. Not even reality can dampen Dan's spirits. He thinks he is invincible, delusional as that may be, He's gone off like a loose cannon and barely been "reprimanded" so why should he start changing now? He doesn't realize though that the tide has turned and he's off the "protected" list as badbun is going rogue. I have to say that he is pretty fearless and he is relentless in protecting Paloma. The world would not be a very safe place for her without him in it.


I vote the latter too, Kirby. She and MorgaDDDa are unreal...I wonder if someone pricked them with a needle, they'd go whooooshing off...

I was thinking about the stabbing of the y'all remember (some time back) Laura having a flashback...she was in a swimming and came up to the side of the swimming pool, grabbed a knife and stabbed someone's hand? I wonder if that will ever be explained...or could it be a writer's blunder?

" go whooooshing off.." Oh ! I had thought more like when I accidentally stepped on a tube of that silicone caulk I dropped. #messymessy

Yeah, in a way I don't want DaniLow gone yet, he is still useful in an assassin kind of way. When Paloma is safe for once and for all, then flush him like the smelly guy he thinks he is.

I don't recall exactly where in the courtroom circus we were last night, but it flashed over to DaniLow when something was said and he looked ready to kill at that very moment. As much as he deserves to be disposed of, his one redeeming thing is his 'relentless', "anything-goes" protection of Paloma.

Kirby, that court scene was when Ryan and Blake were going at each other and the judge ordered them to be quiet. I agree, Danilow, looked like he was ready to strike...he reminded me of a raging bull.

Thanks. He is scary.

And I still think Mary looked better in that Dollar Store Halloween wig than with her first hair.


I was half expecting DaniLow to pull out one of those ridiculously large pistols and shoot Blake right on the spot.

I had already decided that those Gold, Green, Red Lame' jackets were actually designed with enough metal in the outer fabric to thwart the metal detectors at the door.

Wow....finally had time to stop in at the patio saucy comments .'s nice to know that I have been missed by my cyberfriends.

Gee. Where should I start? Well, first of all, thanks, Chickie , for another raucous retelling of this continuing tale.
Second, Diana, thanks for the heads up on mi sweet baboo Marcelo, being in Ramon. Third, Alfredo, I will be watching Ramon!

Now, about those speculations about those scenes of Badbun and Gen and why I went missing 😎...... All your suggestions sounded good , especially the airplane and Marguerita. However, here are the real reasons I have been absen....1)I was reading and lost track of time last night. I tuned into The show about 9.10 just in time to see Badbun and Gen rolling around on the floor behind her desk while Mercy was picking up garments from the floor. 2) In the summer , I sleep late because once school starts We get up at 5.30am on weekdays 3) I check CompuServe Outlander online before coming to the patio because there is a lot of news now about season three starting on Sept 10, and I need my Jamie fix. 4,)We have some family events happening right now... Good things...not bad things, but things that are preoccupying me

So, about Gen' s anatomy..Diana, do you remember the debate that I had with Carlos years ago about whether those same features were real or faux on another tn actress that he fancied?

The comments about the rooster made me think of my favorite joke that my friend Sterling told me years ago. You saucy folks will like it!

Thank you, Rgv Chick!

Fausto, if a whore's life isn't worth anything, what is YOUR life worth?

So I guess Genesis really is a sex addict. Does BunMan already have everything he needed to get from Furia, or is he going to hang around Genesis a little more? If so, he'd better make it quick, because Genesis can't lie for Crystal Light and she'll soon get fired if they continue fooling around in the office.

Again they cut out the Maria and Mark scenes! I don't care deeply, but I do care shallowly that they seem to be excising an entire storyline. Maria invoking Tom's name/disavowing her real father could actually come back to haunt her.

Rgv Chick: "Another GONG--don't they confiscate all of a person's belongings when they are arrested? So why hadn't they found the cell phones before?? GONG! GONG! GONG!" I don't remember them being arrested? When was that?

Also - I guess they confiscate the stuff that's on you (other than your clothes) when you're arrested, but I don't think they can do anything with it unless there's a court order explaining what kind of evidence they have probable cause to look for.

You mean the one "Why did the Rooster cross the road?"
Cause there was an RGV Goat on the other side.

Steve so honestly and openly (now) has tried to talk to Geneasy and she was not even nice last night telling him with great glee and malice that anything he might say is irrelevant, as he has already been replaced. NOW, I hope AssBun does have what he needed (from DaniLow's office) and dumps her just as mercilessly.

Will she go and listen to Steve if that happens or just move on?

Genesis is going to feel really, really, really stupid when she finds out what she did.

My rooster joke courtesy of my friend Sterling who grew up on a sheep farm .....

A farmer had a very randy rooster who went after all the animals on his farm...the hens,the ducks, the geese, the sheep, the pigs,the cows. The farmer warned his randy rooster that his wild ways would be his death some day. Then, one day, the farmer saw the rooster lying on his back at one end of the meadow and his bull standing at the other end. The farmer Walked up to the rooster and said, "I told you that your wild, wicked ways would kill you one day." The rooster opened his eyes and whispered.... "Shhhh....buzzards.,"

SusanLynn, that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

Julie, Laura took Tina's and Fausto's cellphones when she first locked them in the van. She had them on her when she turned herself in...that's why she asked Joe if they still had the costume she wore and to bring it to her.

OH. Got it. (about the phones)
Rooster... buzzards... LOL

Funny. That goes a long way toward explaining the common Rooster/Hen ratio.

Nope, Genesis is going to say 'Whew, that was close, NEXT ! ?'

No seriously, I have not a clue what the Genesis character is doing in this show, unless she and her assets just needed some screen time, as it appears she is kinda just starting out in TNs.

But she is sure a 'Hit it and Quit it' girl.

Tona, not Tina...

It really pissed me off when I heard Maria tell her friends that TomAss was her father. So Ocampo is not only saying that Mexicans (kids) deny/lose their heritage, they are also ashamed of their parents???

I was glad to see that Nina has gotten out of the pro business, though. Despite her past, she seems more level-headed and humble than Geneasy. I hopeo Steve considers that.


I was going to include this in the recap but decided it was a little too much...

Maria, lying through her teeth, says she is half gringa…her father is a gringo...his name is Tom Allen! ...and all of the sudden the earth shook, the skies darkened, thunder roared, and lightening bolts came crashing down as TomAss's blazing hand reached from the depths of hell grabbing Maria by her bleached-blond strands and pulling her to him. He embraces her saying, "Now you are mine!"

Thanks, Rgv Chick. I too cannot believe this is the first TN you've recapped. Your coverage of last night's blockbuster episode is excellent. Lots of great lines, but this was my favorite: nine girls walk in as all watch attentively, including a visibly panic-stricken Toña and Fausto (they probably wish they had worn Depends)

Just finishing all the comments. You folks are hilarious. Up to now, Genesis's boobage has looked real. I'm thinking she wore her special Wonderbra for the afternoon delight in the office.

When those poor teen prostitutes entered and just stood silently in a row, I cheered. That was must-see TV. I finally feeling like this is really ultimas semanas.

Where is Mrs. Blake? Who in hell would have a baby for Mr. Blake? Even Luisa wouldn't go there.

Genesis is weird. She wants fidelity in a relationship, but doesn't want do any "work" in a relationship. I guess BadBun is more her speed. Daring sex in the office and doesn't try (like Steve) to get to know her better, just asks about Furia. BadBun, easy. Steve, way too much work.

He informs her that evidence has been gathered to prove more cases of discrimination. She appreciates what he is doing, but is dismayed that he knows more than the victim’s sister, although she is not surprised as that seems to be the norm in this country.

Genesis, maybe. But maybe Steve found out more because he asked questions and waited to hear the answers, instead of going off on the people you need to help you build the case. Listening and gathering information is not your strong suit. Bet you don't even know where BadBun lives and haven't asked him where his writing has been published so you can look it up.

Laura's whole tale was riveting. Seeing baby Paloma was the first ray of sunshine she'd experienced since Fausto brought her to that hell hole. I'm glad she didn't shoot Osiel. Seeing her clunk him on the head with a rock in the their struggle and him hurtling down the canyon was so much better.

But why is Laura asking Danilo of all people to keep Ryan away? Ryan is not a white dove either. He can deal with her problems. Plus, does she not remember Danilo hates Ryan and didn't hesitate to order the late Calao to kill him?

This is a jury trial, right? I'm assuming the front row on the left is the jury. The casting department fell down on making the jury look like America. They should've thrown in a few different ethnicities. But then Blake is sitting next to the prosecutor who's suppose to be representing the People, not Blake.

Niecie, Laura is not asking Danilow to keep Ryan away. She is asking him for a favor that has to do with the possibility of him going back to trial. Why she is asking Danilow instead of somebody who really cares is beyond me. I suppose we'll find out more on Friday.

Their Nina,(not our NiNa), said she started 'working' to pay for school. Though possibly not the best choice, but better pay than McDees, she at least had an admirable reason to do it. Still not the best but far better than "The only way I could make enough money to pay for my drug addiction."

Blake sitting by the prosecutor, and a wheelbarrow full of other lulus in the courtroom serve only to prove that people in Mexico truly do not have a viable Justice system and know very little about it. Or that is another message RO'C has deftly delivered.

In reality Blake is just another witness or spectator. It is The People of California vs Laura Oveido.

Rgv Chick - Oh, that trial! Your recap made it clear, but my mind leaped elsewhere. It'll be interesting to see how Danilo carries out Laura's wishes. I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me that there would have to be a new trial since Ryan's only witness has been revealed to be a fraud.

Kirby, actually Nina said that she had gone into prostitution because she couldn't dedicate herself to studying where every thing was full of "no, no, no you're not good," But as a prostitute, everything became a world of YESes.

OK Thanks, I think maybe I was doing more wishing than listening. Funny how that works. Cause I was thinking,
where I went to school, the Tri Delts, Phi Mus, or Zetas seem to be getting more action than Nina.

Kirby, it's hard to figure out what they're saying and sometimes things get mixed up in the translation. When Nina and Steve were talking in his apartment, she was telling him that things were coming along but working with numbers was a little difficult for her. I assumed she was talking about a new job, but it could also have meant that she went back to school. The conversation was not specific enough to tell which was the true version. Oh well...

Niecie, Mrs. Blake is dead - Mr Blake was "recently widowed" when he first "met" Laura, so we will probably never see her even in a flashback. You have to wonder what she died of, married to a guy like that.

And "maybe Steve found out more because he asked questions and waited to hear the answers" - yep, hit the nail on the head. Genesis has no patience. She gives up too easily. That is not anyone's fault but her own, and honestly, maybe Steve should realize that she's not really his type.

Nina is super-diligent, and she doesn't give up for anything (except at school). In that way she is a lot more like Steve. I too am confused as to what she's up to now - a job, school - I had the impression that she might be doing some kind of research to help Steve.

Say, what does Steve do for a living? I assume he's not independently wealthy.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks, Julie. At least, the poor woman is out of her misery.


Niecie and Julie, from what I understood, Mrs. Blake died during childbirth.

Sacrilegious typo.
That is gooood news about Nina, at least if they start going out she will not feel the need to mail Steve an invoice.

Kirby, I understood your first comment ( with the sacriligeous erro) perfectly well.

Julie, ive always wondering what Steve does other than be at Ryan's beck and call, play basketball, and now make sure a bad cop goes to jail. He seems to spend a lot of time at that rehab place...maybe he's a counselor?

Yeah but you and I are always on the same page in the Hymn Book. :-)

Alfredo, darlin you done it up good.

That courtroom action was pretty good.
Those people are coldblooded. You know
That slime at the bottom of the barrel
?They're under that.
I'm sorry Danilo has developed a taste
For blood. And rape. Cuz seeing him in
The courtroom last night rootin for
Ryan when he was standing up for laura
I thought that was great. And the look on his face.But then he goes and tells
Laura about cuttin isodro's tougue out
And satisfied about killing people for
For folks he cares about...NO.I can't.
Rosary you sure know how to ruin what would have been a fun character to like. How was he suppose to bring the
Guy back to testify for her if he cut
His tongue out? Or part of it?

And what the night of the living dead
Is wrong with blindblake? He was gonna
Kill a healthy baby and take her heart
Out? No testing.I've watched enough
Medical shows that have shown that if
That heart is rejected by that body no
Life for the patient. I would think that he would replace his baby with a healthy one.Well what can I say?He's a
Dumbass. A respectable Dumbass. Nobody
Will take the word of a ho over his.Ok Right.
Genesis,gen,Genesis. Sittin at the devils table eatin his fixins to forget about a broken heart and other
Stuff is just gonna make it worst when
She Discovers she gave it away to somebody Thats just as bad or worse than the jerk that killed her brother.

I don't know about mercy. She's gettin
All geared up to teach paloma to call
Her"moma". Fathers need not to apply.

I watched those girl walk into the courtroom, some Of them looked to be
From 13 to 20. Faucet and twoton will
Be in prison a long time. If they live
To see it. What goes around will come around.There's probably people In there because of those two dumbasses.

Nothing tonight. Ok then. Kirby you work magic with your Camara. And it
Really does look like the sky is on fire. Beautiful. And the duck, I think it's a duck, on the horses back,I think it's a horse,lol. Interesting pair.

Thank you Alfredo.

Maybe Genesis and Nina should have just switched jobs.

Yeah, what is Steve's job? Remember when we were asking the same question about Tomass? Steve might be a counselor at that drug rehab place. My friend's ex daughter in law went to a rehab facility for alcoholism , and now she is a counselor. I wonder of that is common.

Most nights, it's already time for the next episode when I can comment. With soccer on tonight, I can at least thank Alfredo, Rgv Chick, and Julie for recent recaps.

Despite the courtroom trial glitches, it's been riveting to hear Laura tell her story. Blake is a most despicable creep, with no feeling for others. Back when the snake bit Fausto, I was hoping for his death or at least losing a leg. Tona and Fausto pointed to themselves when they tried to leave the courtroom.

I was pleased to see the crew of young girls come in to testify, but it was also sad to see how young they were.

Thank You NiNa. It is a cattle egret, so named because they like to ride around on cows. (It's a cow)
Great lookout place and an occasional horsefly for a snack. You guys have them up in N Fla, out in the country.

Sue, exactly. Nina Luuuurves Regia and her music and Genesis luuuur........never mind. Still hot there? , Rained here today. :-)

Hi La Paloma! Glad you could check in... yeah, I really thought Fausto would lose a leg, too.

So I guess Tona never found the heart that she promised to St. Skeletor... or maybe she meant a figurative heart of some kind. Or maybe she did present a heart, but Santa Death said "hey lady, there are some things that even I won't do."

Hey, the Gong Show is on tonight! I shall be entertained.

Julie, since Double Trouble is not on, I am watching, sort of, "Most Evil" on that Justice Network/John Walsh channel.
They are talking about the Zodiac Killer, but he is a lightweight compared to our Double Evil sorcerers.

Julie...evidently Skeletor is also not a fan of Tona. I was hopeoing that Fausto was going to lose body parts gradually like the guy in Pasion.I am watching "Dirty Dancing.,"

Kirby. Still hot here , but I got caught in a downpour coming home from dinner which cooled things off a bit.Looks like we will be in the high 80s until next week.☀ I am trying to remember how cold I will feel in January ❄ ⛄and enjoy the heat .

SusanLynn, how I wish for the high 80s got to 103 here today and no chance for rain :-/

Julie, I've watched the Gong Show and can never figure out what criteria they use to rate the contestants. It seems very different from the originall Gong Show.

Aw hell, I wish I had cable. I'd probably watch Justice Network day and night.

Rgv, there are no criteria. There weren't any criteria on the original show either, I don't think. Given the nature of the competition, it's like comparig apples and screwdrivers, so it's inevitable that some people are going to appreciate a plate-spinner more than a ventriloquist, and vice versa.

Chickie..I cannot stand extreme heat. It makes me feel cranky and lethargic. When we took the family to Disney World last November, I thought the temps would not be high and the crowds not too big. .wrong on both counts. We had a downpour earlier this evening. Have you gotten any rain lately?

SusanLynn, last week I got a small shower... maybe a quarter inch of rain. I'd go out side and as I walked, the dirt underneath the dirt that stuck to my shoes was completely dry. Needless to say, everything was dry by the next day.

Chickie...I will add you to my prayers and maybe do a little rain dance for you tomorrow.Ah, nature, sometimes too much rain and sometimes not enough

Thanks, SusanLynn, appreciate it :-)

Like I said the other day: With all the wildfires we had here, I have been praying for rain for six months. But I forgot to mention I can't use it all at once.

Whoever invented AutoCorrect can burn in Hello.

Happy Friday

Good Morning!

Kirby, as the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours" ...except in the RGV...for now. I better be careful what I ask for; it is, after all, hurricane season.

Looking forward to tonight's episode...hopeoing that the gavel won't fall too harshly on Laura.

Just looked at the Brownsville radar and it looks pretty dusty in your neck of the woods. Lately every time I walk outside it starts raining so I've been telling it to go west but it's not listening

They just showed a preview of Double Trouble On DA but I wasn't paying attention and missed it.


Thanks, Kirby. Mother Nature has a mind of her own and is very stubborn. I try not to complain too much because I know there are places that are in worse conditions...either too much of something or not enough.

IE is apparently convinced I am a robot as it will no longer post my comments.

Hopefully, I will fare better in Chrome.

Interesting and thoughtful conversations to end yesterday and to begin today.

I can see Steve with Nina. Not a pairing I would have envisioned initially, but it appears they are communicating, which is more than Genesis and he were able to do. I'm not sure Genesis is emotionally mature enough for a meaningful emotional, adult relationship. She seems to want fidelity but without commitment if that makes sense.

I was shocked that Laura and Paloma had no backstory. I thought she had been with Paloma for weeks, growing more attached by the moment. But they bonded the moment they met. Laura was instantly smitten. I wondered how that occurred so instantaneously but then you put it in full perspective Niecie: "Seeing baby Paloma was the first ray of sunshine she'd experienced since Fausto brought her to that hell hole".

It appears there are many kinds of love at first sight!


Diana, what person (with a heart) wouldn't be smitten by a baby...and more so knowing that baby is being left in such a horrid place. Paloma was lucky that Laura, such a strong and determined woman, happened to see her when she did. Had she been given to someone else to care for, she may not have had a chance.

I was thinking...NO ONE in this TN has had a "normal" past. They are either involved with criminals, are criminals, or have had a tragic past. Even Paloma, innocent as she may be, has had so much danger in life. How "real" is that?

Diana, I'm glad you're not a robot!

I don't know if I'm going to watch Ramon or not, but one thing I miss about comedies is that they more often include some food pr0n. We haven't seen much food in this TN. Even when we do, I usually can't tell what it is (unless it's cold, sauceless spaghetti).

Although, now that I'm thinking about it, most of the food pr0n I've seen was in Osorio "comedies" and there isn't enough food in the world to compensate for Osorio's sense of "humor."

Of course, there was plenty of food in Querida Enemiga, which wasn't a comedy. I guess what I really want is another food-oriented TN.

Good morning. I thought that I could avoid the temptation that is the patio since there was no episode last night, I am.

Diana, I always love your way with words . They lift my spirits. "Many kinds of love at first sight!" But then, I love babies and fall in love with them all.My favorite toys were baby dolls. I am the person who always volunteers to hold the baby at any gathering. My baby girls were small..under 6 lb. A friend described my tiny newborns as a little bigger than a bag of sugar.

I was scanning the recap and noticed that Laura testified that she took the gun from a "frequent flyer." We just signed up in a frequent flyers thing. Is it like that? Do you get points that go toward a freebee? Sorry, I am trying to avoid cleaning my closet.

No..she took a gun from a frequent client.!!! it like a frequent flyer?

Happy Friday, all!

I'm going to try out Ramon. 8 o'clock isn't the best time for me, but I'm hungry for a comedy. I sure hope it's funny.

Julie - I'm hungry for a food-oriented TN too. In the absence of Doble Vida last night, I started watching the last season of the Sopranos that I missed. At one point Paulie made a great breakfast for Tony on a boat. Don't know what it was, but the dish was piled high on the plate and looked delicious.

Chickie..yeah, not much stability priest, no psychologist, no happily married couples. We do have lawyers, police, judges, and social workers. So different from older tns that featured family members (parents, grandparents, siblings)and priests to act as guides to the lead actors as they went through their troubles.That strong family element in tns seems to be disappearing.

Rgv Chick, I myself find myself melting in a puddle anytime a baby (or young child) is near. So I completely understand Laura's falling in love with Paloma. I was touched and inspired by her instantaneous fierce determination that she would protect Paloma with her life.

I've had some unkind things said to me over the years over the fact I don't have children. "you don't know what it's like", "you haven't experienced motherhood", etc. Hurtful. I guess I doubted myself and felt that perhaps you had to be a mother to love so deeply and completely. I completely respect the mother/child bond and imagine there is nothing deeper.
But here, Laura proved that there are times love can transcend any definition. How hopeful...


Diana, I completely understand as I am in the same situation. And yes, love transcends any definition...and species too! I love my nieces and nephews dearly...and would do anything to help them and protect tehm. I even feel smitten with the baby chicks and kid goats...and get very attached to, yes, love has no boundaries.

I thought perhaps meeting Paloma gave Laura the strength and the motivation she needed to get both of them out of there. It's one thing to be in a bad situation and feel like you can't get out of it without risking your life. Seeing a helpless baby that doesn't even have the option to try and no one else to help, and will DEFINITELY die if you fail, that's a whole different equation.

I mean, all of that in addition to her extreme cuteness.

Maybe the client had something like a Subway (sandwich) card, buy 10, get 1 free?

Kirby, I saw that preview you missed...all I can say is that it's going to be another action-packed episode.

Julie, I agree...although Laura had already planned to use the gun to escape...the baby gave her the "adrenaline" to make sure they both got out of there as safely as possible.

Julie. Yeah, that is how are frequent diner card works at our favorite local diner.. .one meal free after paying for ten.We have a card that they punch. Also, CVS gives you CVS dollars for buying certain items . However, I am not sure if the brothel had a marketing genius to institute this idea.

((((Diana))))..people can be unknowingly or knowingly hurtful. A few months after our baby boy died, we went to a class reunion, and as we were dancing, an old Beau asked me why Hubba and I didn't have children.

I am lucky that no one has ever given me a hard time about not getting married or having children. That is... I think I am lucky... but then I wonder if the reason they don't bug me about it is that they think they know why, and if I knew what they thought, it would hurt my feelings. #gettinginsultednowfornogoodreason

So are we assuming that Soto died of natural causes? Danilo didn't do it, Horacio didn't do it, but could Bunny have done it? (I can't think of anyone else who would.)

I remember your sharing that with us Susanlynn. God bless...

Sending an enveloping hug,


Julie, I like your idea of Paloma giving Laura that extra dose of courage and determination. Leaving Paloma to such a terrible fate was unthinkable and no doubt it fueled her resolve to escape.

As we saw little of Soto and know relatively little about him, I'm not quite sure if we are supposed to feel anything than polite sympathy or not. Just another notch on someone's belt. OT, the actor who seems to have played much bigger parts in the past, seems to have been wasted her. I think he had a heart attack but I will say Talisman killed him. I've been so fixated on demonizing Tona and Fausto, Talisman has rather fallen by the wayside. He might have committed enough atrocities to be on their level but at this point, murder seems secondary to kidnapping and torture.


When people ask questions like "why don't you have kids," what are they expecting to hear? Most likely, the answer will either be something that is difficult to talk about ("gypsy curse," "we had one, but it was abducted by aliens," "health issues"), or else it will be something that people tend to disapprove of ("I can't afford to have a kid AND all of the Star Wars action figures," "I'm always leaving things in the car," "hate their drooling little faces").

I would THINK that after trying out this question on a few different people, the quality of the answers would discourage them from asking anyone else. But that doesn't seem to be how it works.

You are right about Talisman, Diana. I think we haven't fixated on him more because he's the one character whose motives aren't intriguing. He doesn't do anything without his employer's permission and foreknowledge. He is loyal and dependable, even if he has no idea what an "electrical fire" is, so we never expect any surprises from him. He doesn't seem to have any plot-related motives of his own, so there's never been much reason to puzzle over him.

("I can't afford to have a kid AND all of the Star Wars action figures,"

Thank you Julie! That was perfect. Somehow, you managed to make me laugh and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!

Some days I don't know what I'd do without our little group.


In the brothels you don't actually get a free one. The benefit you are entitled to after some arbitrary number of visits is she actually talks to you that one time. But just like the airlines you must accumulate AND use your Frequent Forker points in an agreed upon time span. They, like the airlines again, don't want you showing up twenty years later with a briefcase full of coupons.

Some days I don't know what I'd do without our little group.

Diana, you can say that again. You folks are the best!

Maybe its his dogged loyalty to BunMan and ED, but I do admire Talisman in a way. He is consistent, dependable, and was so efficient taking out Calao to prevent him from killing Ryan in his sick bed. Love the scowl he always gives Danilo. But his willingness too tamper with Paloma's breathing machine when she was hospitalized is a dealbreaker. The man has no heart.

ITA strange that Soto's death was off screen. They've shown us his stress and nervousness. Why cheat this veteran actor of a death scene? I wondered if the actor had a sudden other engagement and left.

Yes we do have cows here in The North
But my knowledge of cows is limited to
Milk+cheese+whatever else comes from cows. Let's see,bromabulls,longhorns
Herfers, and I'm not even sure they're
Spelled right. Seem like I do remember
Seeing a bird on the back of a cow. At
Least I thought it was a cow.And egret
Does sound familiar. But it is rather comical seen that word on the back of the big animal, and cute.

That's the Persistent Porker program. After ten visits you get free penicillin.

That's almost as funny as comparing Apples and Screwdrivers.


Whaddya mean where did I get this peanut? Um ..Uh I FOUND it.
S'matter you loooose one or something?

Thank YOU for the squirrel!

Hrrrmmff..I don't see a name on this nut. And I need a snack because I have to go...

And feed Junior.

Look closely at her tummy

Awww, how cute, Kirby!! what a precious pic, thank you!

Wow...lots of interesting quotes since this afternoon...Frequent Forker, Persistent Porker. You guys!!!! I think I opened up a can of worms before I went to the movies. Detention Hall?

We went to "Dunkirk,"... OMGee.It was fantastic , and it was so refreshing to see a story about real bravery and real men trying to survive a war eand other real people trying to help. I was transfixed and moved to tears. Hubba watches a lot of old WWII movies , but this one really impressed me. The review I read gave it 3stars. So if you like history , especially WWII history, try to catch this one on the big screen. The scenes of the spitfires flying and fighting were amazing.

Julie, I saw a poster for the new Thor movie, and a good preview for Justice League ( Wonder Woman is in it,)

You are welcome, but I am just the camera operator. Those furry tailed rats put on the real show.

Can't wait till tonight. Yipee !

Sysanlynn, I am so glad you posted that, because I'm about to leave work in a few minutes and I was debating whether to see Dunk or not. My choices are 7:45 or 10:30, which are too early and too late, but maybe I'll make the early show. High time I watched something about real-life superheroes for a change.

I wasn't going to see Justice League, because I like my superheroes better individually, plus I don't like this particular Batman. But then I saw what Aquaman looks like, and changed my mind. But THEN I found out that he's getting his own movie, and other people I like are in it. So I will prolly skip Justice League as planned.

Yeah, detention for me for sure.

Julie..ohhh..Aquaman is a very handsome guy. I think that the actor played the dragon lady's hubby in Game of Thrones. He has long ,dark hair and blue eyes, and is a very big guy.

I knew Hubba would like Dunkirk, but I was absolutely mesmerized. I read a review on the way to the movie that helped me understand what was happening. You have to understand that they show three views..the air, the sea, and the mole ,( which is the enormous pier on the beach.

For you entertainment...

RosyO has thrown so much into this TN, why not a little bit of a psychothriller...

MILTON is the real El D!! He has a split personality with the Milton ego trying to take down his alter-ego-El D! He's going through all the motions to keep his alter ego from finding out what "Milton" is doing.

Disclaimer: I really don't think this is true...just another of my wild ideas.

Milton is a mystery. I wonder if we are going to get some twists and turns.

Susanlynn, I spent half the movie trying to figure out what the Mole was! I almost skipped the movie because I thought I was too late to catch the beginning (after the 20 minutes of trailers), but they hadn't even started the previews yet due to an unexplained technical problem.

Anyway, I'm glad I went. It really put into perspective what makes someone a hero, the way we measure "success," and how clear one's priorities become when their options dwindle to virtually none. It also increased my dread of the ocean.

MILTON as El Dorito? Why not. Or, maybe El D is Milton's ez-girlfriend and he's not dealing with the breakup very well.

Actually, I can't tell whether he's interested in El D specifically, or if he's interested in gangsters in general and is getting closer to El D only because he happens to have a little pull with Laura.

I hain't seen tonight's episode yet, though, so maybe another piece of the puzzle was revealed tonight? More tomorrow.

OT..Julie..The Mole was the name of that gigantic pier that went out into the ocean that they were using to load the soldiers into the ships. The only reason that I know that is because as we were driving to the movie, I was reading an article about the movie in today's newspaper.

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