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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Jenni Rivera, La Querida del Centauro2, El Señor de los Cielos & más: Week of July 3, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Corazón Valiente
• 12-2PM—Volver a Amar
• 8-9PM—Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio
• 9-10PM—La Querida del Centauro2
• 10-11PM—El Señor de los Cielos

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Looking forward to seeing the recap.

El Señor de los Cielos: jueves

- Okay, that document Rivero got from Ignacio Miravalle's assistant's mother in the previous episode? It's actually an interview with Aurelio Casillas conducted by one Cristina Salgado (a reporter who appeared in season three and ended up getting whacked IIRC), and Rivero damn near runs over to Garcia's prison office to show it to her. As he puts it, Aurelio habla...y habla...y habla in the interview. Iggy Azalea, you just might get a little revenge after all.

- Emiliana, trying to keep a low profile in Colombia, ends up at a bar looking for a man named Arnulfo. Arnulfo is a friend of Felina's, and she put Emi up to it in the name of helping her get her ish straight while on the run; after checking in with Felina via phone, Arnulfo gives Emi $2M in cash and apparently puts her up temporarily in his place. Turns out Arnulfo has at least a passing interest in emeralds, since Colombia has a booming mining interest in it, though when Emi asks about that he tells her that those jewels never brought anybody happiness.

Arnulfo also gives Emi a retroactively futile warning: in trying to stay under the radar (and considering how she looks and dresses, the only way that actually works is if she wears a muu-muu and a latex Paquita la del Barrio mask), she really needs to avoid the attention of one man in particular. This man, who actually first appears in the bar before Emi finds Arnulfo, is one Andres Belen--and he's an almost stereotypically sleazy-looking guy in a white suit and white hat, who runs into Emi and Arnulfo later and invites Emi to his ranch for drinks. Alone, of course. Emi thankfully is skittish enough to blow him off and bounce with Arnulfo in tow.

- Felina, still watching over her new ward Pilar, gets a visitor in prison: Super Javi, who's there to make her a proposition. Aurelio wants to get her out of prison, and all he wants (according to Javi) is her silence since he's going after Emi. Felina's initially WTF about this, though she does persist that she's got nothing to do with Emi, but admits she's got to get out of prison...and she agrees to the deal.

Super Javi bails for the SUV he came to the prison in...which has Aurelio in it, and he's satisfied that this part of things is proceeding as expected. Aurelio then tells Super Javi that he can go ahead and support Monica after all, "but not too much"; he wants her kept on a leash.

- By extension, Monica ends up rocking a tight black dress at an auto repair shop somewhere in Medellin. She's there to see a man named Paisa, who Javi turned her on to; Paisa, who turns out to be a guy working on a Mustang, is a seemingly low-end drug dealer. Monica wants to buy some drugs from him so she can get her business going again, and on cue Work Hubby Ramon produces a bag full of cash. Paisa has a pretty good poker face, but only takes a few stacks of bills from the bag--he's only got yay much merch, about six bricks' worth, to give her for that. Monica's not happy about it, since she says she needs six times that much, but reluctantly agrees to the deal.

This brings her to a house elsewhere later to pick up her drugs, and the man she meets there gives her only four bricks and says that's all he can give her. Monica, somewhat shrewdly, correctly guesses this was Super Javi's doing and gives him a call to bitch about it--also correctly assuming that Aurelio had to be responsible for this--but Javi's in the middle of setting up a crew for Felina's prison breakout, so he can't talk to her right now. They end up agreeing to meet later.

- Tata's social media obsession (complete with gold MacBook) gets blasted by Ismael when he drops in on her at Gaudy Condo after getting back to Mexico. Tata, going full Tuti, has the ultimate Real Housewife response to this: what's the point of having money, she claims, if you can't make people jealous with it?

El Señor de los Cielos: jueves (2)

- The rest of the time, Ismael and Grenas the Techie are still sorting out the damage done by Esperanza's giving up Aurelio's bank accounts to the DEA/CIA; it's all kept conveniently vague, but Ismael does note that they can pull money from some accounts in the Cayman Islands to keep things going.

Esperanza, meanwhile, attempts to keep Aurelio's "You gonna die, bitch" call to her going long enough for him to be traced by claiming both signal issues and wanting to meet him to sort everything out. Aurelio utterly isn't having it, though, and with Vitaminas next to him with an eye on his watch (nice bit of super-long continuity, since Aurelio and Pablo Escobar both knew the score about this back in S1) he blows her off with the usual nowhere-to-run-or-hide spiel and hangs up.

Esperanza, naturally, is really not crazy about this turn of events. CIA Director Colon, however, isn't fazed; from here on out, he declares, Esperanza Salvatierra no longer exists--and on cue Salazar gets a folder with her witness protection new identity in it (which Colon orders him not to look at). Turns out Esperanza is now or rather will be a lady named Martha, and she's moving to Colorado (Esperanza at least can crack a joke about being somewhere with legal marijuana). Salazar and Esperanza maintain the "goodbye forever" spiel for Colon, even while every couple of minutes Salazar's asking if Esperanza still remembers that damn post office box number or she's wondering if whatever the fork his plan is will work. But finally, before hopping on a plane to leave Los Angeles, Esperanza finally runs out of forks and tells Colon "Congratulations, you woke the sleeping bear. Good luck." And she's off to Colorado.

- Bizarro Pena Nieto's still hanging out in Cancun with Jaime Rosales, who talks nice views from a penthouse and real estate and tourism...and crime in tourist areas, which isn't good for "anyone." Wouldn't it be good, Jaime wonders, if crime could somehow be drawn away from the tourist areas? To his credit, BPN at least has enough morality saved up after his presumed bacchanals (the prostitutes are conspicuously absent at this point) to side-eye Jaime for that.

- Oh, and that anti-Victor attack force Balki the Engineer was heading up outside Tamaulipas? It's maybe a dozen-plus people, and it's "assembled" (quotes mine, and deliberate) at some construction site or so on. And Victor and his guys, including Skinny and Baby Girl, get to show up and execute a surprise attack of their own--they apparently nail a good chunk of Balki's troops and wing him in the shoulder. (Victor wings Balki with what looks like an M1 or a leftover A-Team Ruger 10-22, but then this is the same guy who sniped a helicopter Battlefield 4-style last season.) Balki ends up hiding behind a bulldozer scoop, calling Aurelio and demanding some backup while blasting him for not being there to support him and leaving him out to die...


Bill C: Colon is the Director of Central Intelligence ? I thought he was the Director of the DEA ?

1.) Esperanza better HOPE Aurelio doesn't find her in the Centennial State in CO. I mean that guy is the evil version of Yago Vila.

2.) BPN's Cancun vacation hideout is BLAH. But the Prostitutes will likely come to the "special party".

3.) At least we know that Victor is pretty much consistent in wanting BPN whacked.


Salazar said a few eps back that Colon is CIA--why a CIA officer is heading up whatever operation the DEA branch Salazar is attached to is engaged in since it wasn't explicitly referred to as joint I don't know, but I suppose technically El Chema sortakinda set a precedent with Jeremy Andrews and Henry Ostrosky--and wanted to get one big collar under his name before he retires. Going with that, Colon also ordered Salazar back to Mexico to apparently hunt down more information about Aurelio and his assets towards the end of this episode; Salazar gave Rivero a heads-up about that, but warned him that it was currently only for him to know about (continuing the whole Team Rivero vs. BPN thing, since thanks to this all three of them will be south of the border again).


Bill C: Whatever happened to Tim Dowlings ?

I don't remember why, but Aurelio took Tim out last season. Officially, since his body was never found, he should still be missing and presumed dead.


Not surprised about Aurelio whacking Dowlings.

It seems that law enforcement agencies are incompetent to stop Aurelio.


Bill: thanks!!! god great recap!!

it got me in -thru this show, cause i dont watch naarcoJeffe/capo nothin...
gee, i might be on board with this show, i watch with hubby...

ok-i am still checking Felina, it!! she is gonna bounce, emi good luck...

ok- white suit guy..must be he is a new player..

ok-DEA, witness protection got it, girl friend is in love with the agent??

either way she has pulled up...

ok-the ambush, aurelio aint gonna make it back to save nobody

ok-law enforcment does not have the funds to play this game...
everybody is paid off..

ok-the vacations spot / real estate scene was too deep....

ok ..let's see who is alive by monday

Steve : don't even think about body count, you will go nuts!



Got her ass whup at college camous,

ok- got her briother ass whup protecting her

-ok- Trini the husband is a violent nutjob.. jealous and abusive,
lord how many times is she going to go back to him!!!

Yuck..that sex must be banging.. or she doesnot know better..




HALIMACANDY: I'm not going to bother because it's likely around 600+.

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