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La Candidata, Wednesday 7/5/17 Capitulo 23: Teresa goes bonkers (or as I like to call it Regina Gets hit by a Triple Whammy!)

Regina and Gerardo continue to kiss, they give in to their passion, but Regina’s brain is racing a mile a minute and she stops and says this is bad.
“Sorry Gerardo, this is bad”
“This is good” says Gerardo
“This is what we both feel; this is the strongest thing we have ever felt”
“No, the consequences, did they see us?”
“I don’t care if they did, only you matter and my daughter matter”
Regina begins to explain that she can’t do this and uses Emiliano as an excuse. He needs her and she can’t do this.
“Also think about the war with Alonso, about the people in the senate, the people that need us”
“Those are just excuses”

“No they are not just excuses, I can’t think about just me and you shouldn’t either”
“We both decided to make separate lives, and this can have consequences not just for us but for many”
“We can’t be irresponsible”
“Irresponsible? Are you happy in your life?”
“What kind of a life is that?”
“It’s the life I got”
Gerardo tells her that this is an opportunity they are getting and they should not let it pass them again.
As Alma is coming out of the senate building, Roke grabs her by the arm and tells her that Isela wants to see her. Alma is deathly afraid, and tries to get away, but to no avail. Roke is a big guy.
Magda is trying to reassure Alonso that everyone will be there, but Alonso knows better. He whines about how Omar and Regina will not be there and the news media will devour the news. He calls Mauro and asks to be communicated with the president, yells at Mauro that no one will disappoint him.

Hernan is chasing Cecilia; she does not want to talk to him. She is hurt that he suspects her of Pacheco’s death. All he wants is to help her out but she is shutting him out. She tells him she is busy with all of the Governor’s event, the press accreditations, briefings, etc. etc. Hernan tells her fine, but tonight he will be at her apartment for answers and won’t leave even if the Governor shows up.

Alma is at Isela’s getting grilled, Isela tells her that she is a traitor and that she should go ahead and continue talking to the senator,  but she needs to understand that they will use her and then abandon her and she will have no one to turn to because she has betrayed her “family”. Alma looks around and sees a menacing Roke peering in thru the window just to make the point that she is indeed in trouble.

Alonso is on the phone with who I assume is the president and he is saying that he knows he has his support, but he wants everyone else to perceive that.  A knock at the door Emiliano walks in and hears the rest of his father’s end of the conversation. As Alonso continues to tell the person on the other end that he has to show his support. He hangs up and walks over to Emi. He tells him that they are in a firestorm, and that it is up to him to make sure the event is a success.
Regina continues at Gerardo’s office. She changes the subject and begins to tell him about the issue of Nayeli buying the pills, and possibly selling them as well. She lets him know about the drug fest they had at her house. Gerardo says he will talk to Ignacio. Then he changes conversation and asks Regina if she is going to Alonso’s campaign launch. She does not get a chance to answer because Daniela knock’s to announce that Mario is waiting for her.
Regina says “tell him to wait” but of course no one makes Mario wait, and he Waltzes in and chides her “since when do you make me wait” oh wait “I get it you are inviting the opposition to your husband’s campaign launch” Gerardo at that moment excuses himself and leaves Mario with Regina.
Now it’s Mario’s turn to go on the attack. He begins by telling her what is wrong with you, “you are here talking to the man that attacks me, attacks your husband without reason”
“What is going on with him Regina?”
“Is it because of that man that you are not going to the most important moment of your husband’s political career?”
At Omar’s house, wrangling part deux, Magda goes to talk to Omar about Alonso’s campaign launch. And of course, Omar plays the victim and says “oh now he remembers me, instead of defending me against his mother, he believes all the lies she tells” then he goes on to sing the same song about being cheated on, and how humiliated he is, and blah blah blah, Magda does her best to try to convince him to go to Alonso’s campaign launch and Omar says have his mother and wife support him. “It seems Regina is not going, are you going to do this to him today in front of the whole world?”
At Gerardo’s office Ignacio is informing Gerardo that they have a witness that confirms that Cecilia has ties to prostitution, drugs
“It is a bomb, we need it right now”
“We don’t need any more smoke and mirrors, we need facts, certainty”

Gerardo takes him into his office and tells him about Nayeli, buying and distributing drugs.
“No, no who told you that?”
“Regina, she found them in Emi’s bedroom with other friends all drugged out”
At Alonso’s office he is grooming Emiliano to be his weapon against Regina. Emiliano says he doesn’t understand why Regina is so selfish and does not support Alonso’s campaign for president. They continue the chit chat and Alonso convinces Emi that maybe Regina needs her son to remind her that she should support Alonso.
At Regina’s she tells Mario that she knows Alonso sent him to convince her to show up to the launch for his candidacy for president. He denies that he was sent there by Alonso, but regardless he tells Regina that if she does not go to the Event, the news media will not be discussing Alonso’s campaign for president but instead will be talking about how his wife does not support him.
“Is that the advice that the idiot Gerardo gives you?”
“I will not allow you to insult Gerardo”
“How dare you come here to give me any advice?”
“I am your father and have more experience in this than you do; you are wrong get away from that man and come back to your family”
They continue to argue, and Mario says you should do this for your family. She says what family are you talking about, “It’s incredible how you are never present, but you are always aware of what goes on with Alonso and with me. You are always in the shadows, manipulating everything and being accused of horrendous acts.
“I do what I can for you and your husband so you can be successful, sometimes that means doing complex things that I do not regret”
“Oh yes you help but only partial help, for example, El Curevo is in Jail and has been processed but we still don’t know what happened to Susana”
“El Curevo confessed that Susana left the country, she was scared and ran away”
“see for every question I have an answer”
“oh well, thank you for your help and for your answers”
“but the blindfold has fallen off and that is why I am, skeptical about supporting Alonso”
 Mauro is fuming about a cancellation to the event,  and others have not even answered  the invitation, he asks Cecilia how it’s going with the Media and she confirms that only a few small news sources have confirmed. They are freaking out when Larreta walks in and says that they better postpone the announcement, because they are going to be humiliated with Omar and Regina not supporting him, and worse of all the party will be the laughing stock.

Ignacio is telling Daniela that he will not let Regina get away with anything, Daniela says
“you should be thankful that Regina opened your eyes to what your Daughter is up to”
“I don’t need advice about my parental qualities or how I run my family”
He continues spewing venom and reminds Daniela that due to Emiliano a young woman was murdered. Daniela tells him he has no idea what he is saying, always accusing without any evidence.
At that moment Emiliano is wandering the hallway and Ignacio grabs him by the shirt and tells him to stay away from his daughter. Emi is shell shocked. She hulk gets in the middle and pushes Ignacio away, tells Emi not to pay any attention to Ignacio.

Emi walks away with his tail between his legs, and goes into Regina’s office. She gets up glad to get a visit from her son, but he is there on “official family business” but first he tells her his encounter with Ignacio and says, “nothing happened Daniela saved me, but you told him something about last night right?”
Mauro and Cecilia walk into Alonso’s office
“what’s new?”
“Larreta wants to postpone the announcement”
Alonso explodes and tells them that Omar will be there and that Emiliano is at this moment talking to Regina. Everything will be a success.
“The next time you doubt me I will fire you both”
Ignacio approaches Ximena at school and asks about his daughter “I want to ask you about my daughter, what do you know about her friends is it true that she is selling that junk?” Ximena suggests that he talk to his daughter about that.

Noemi comes over to tell Natalia that Mario will come by to pick them up for the Event. Natalia says she is nervous about seeing Omar again. Noemi reassures her, she will be with her the whole time and Omar will never touch her again.
Emiliano is arguing with Regina about getting into his business, he wants her to stay away from his friends, and from his women. Regina argues that she is doing it to protect him. He is abusing drugs and she won’t allow it. They continue to argue, and then Emiliano says
“let’s stop arguing, I just came here so you can accompany me to dad’s announcement”
“sorry to disappoint you, but I am not going”

At Isela’s, Mario arrives and Isela informs him that she has handled Alma already, “you eliminated her?”
“NO, are you crazy”
“so how is she handled?”
“we made an agreement”
“Isela they are prostitutes they will do the will of whoever pays the most”
“I will handle her just give me the address”
Isela refuses and says these are her girls and she will handle it. The reason she called him over was because Ignacio is trying to destroy Cecilia
Ignacio is doing his best  detective work and is spying on his daughter. He gets a call from Teresa who is suffering  from cabin fever, she needs to get out. Ignacio can’t come right now he is busy handling a problem related to his daughter.
Tere calls him trash and Ignacio says you are selfish and all you care about is you. At that moment he sees his daughter get in a car with a young man.
He hangs up on Tere. She’s not happy.

Emiliano doing his best to guilt Regina into going to the event. He accuses her of never doing anything for Alonso or for Emi. “If you don’t do it for dad, do it for me, think about my future, and the future of this country” He walks out on her leaving, hurt and disappointed.
Cecilia asks Magda to please handle passing out the credentials to the press. Magda tells her to go change, because she should create an impact as part of her strategy

At Gerardo’s office he receives a call from Regina, she will come over. This is overheard by his secretary Nieves.  He asks that they not be disturbed when the Senator comes over.
As Nieves walks out, hurricane Tere makes a landing

At a bar Mario meets with Almiro, asks if anything has surfaced from the cameras installed at Gerardo’s house. Almiro says nothing yet.
“I want you to handle one more thing, I want you to find out what Ignacio , Gerardo’s chief of the press is up to”
I want you to follow him, find something we can use, this time don’t screw it up. I want him far away from my daughter Cecilia.
At the senate building Emiliano is picked up by his father. He could not wait to find out what Regina said. Emi informs him that Regina is not going, then Alonso begins to accuse him of not doing his part. Emiliano says he tried his best.
“if your mom doesn’t go it’s because you did not keep your word”
“I am fed up with you guys”
Alonso continues to yell at him and wants to know exactly what Regina said.
At Gerardo’s Tere is asking him for money. Gerardo won’t give her any because she has everything she needs and she does not need to go to the casino. And from now on anything that you handle with Ignacio you will handle with me.

“you are selfish because you don’t give me what I need, you just want to get rid of me so you can continue to go to bed with Regina”
she says she will go ask her and walks out of the office, with Gerardo chasing after her. In the hallway she runs into Regina and begins to accuse her of having an affair with her husband. She raises her voice and says let everyone find out that you guys are having an affair.

Gerardo orders her to leave, as she does Regina walks back into her office. Leaving Gerardo to handle all of the looks from their coworkers.
Ignacio continues to follow his daughter in the car with the young man. They make a stop at a seedy side of town. And two drug dealers approach the young man asking for their money. The young man says he did not get the money yet, news that is not well received by the drug dealers. One of them takes out a gun and shoots the young man dead as Nayeli watches from the passenger side of the car. She screams in panic, and begins to run out of the car. Ignacio is witnessing all of this. The drug dealer grabs Nayeli by the neck and places her head on the hood of the car with the gun pointed at her temple. Ignacio has at this time run out of his car and is yelling “NO, NO, leave her, shoot me” as you hear sirens in the  background.

“You are going to pay everything that is owed to us” Nayeli is screaming, the drug dealer hears the sirens and leaves Nayeli and takes off.The police arrive and take her, throw her in the back of the police car, and the other young man that was in the car with Nayeli is also placed in the same squad car. No handcuffs, no search for weapons, just throws them both in the car as they take-off, Ignacio was screaming, “she is my daughter, what did you do?” Police car leaves all he can do is say calm down.

Gerardo walks into his office, sad. Daniela is consoling Regina in her office.
Alonso takes Emi to his office still yelling at him.
Jose arrives at the Governor’s house, he is waiting for Natalia. He is just trying to do his job. But if she want’s today will be the last day she sees him. She accepts that he takes her to the event, and he says I just want to take care of you, she ignores him and walks away.
Mauro is on the phone trying to convince people to come. Alonso walks in and says that the only way to get those people to move is with money.

“fill up that hall, and doesn’t matter how much it costs, it’s not our money anyway”
Almiro drives up to were Ignacio was left after her daughter was taken away. Almiro offers to fix his daughter’s problems and to erase her criminal record. Ignacio knowing how the game is played asks

“In exchange for what?’
“for you to stop investigating Cecilia”
The third strike comes to convince Regina to go to Alonso’s event. Noemi, is there to prevent her from making the same mistake twice. Referring to Gerardo Martinez, who is a “nobody” “You deserve a better man in your life and that man is your husband”
Cecilia comes into the office where Emiliano is waiting for Alonso.  She is wearing a white dress and looks beautiful. Emi sees her and begins to complement her A la Alonso, and Cecilia thanks him and says he is exactly like his father. (she doesn’t know how right she is). Alonso walks in and complements her on how beautiful she looks.

At Regina’s, she tells Noemi that she learned her speech well.  Noemi tries to guilt Regina into attending the event. She says that it is a favor to pay for all of the things that Noemi has done for her. Never mind the fact that the things she did for Regina were her obligation as her mother. Noemi takes out a flask to toast for Regina’s failures, Regina yanks flask out of her hand and throws it. Continues the guilt trip, and tells her she is married to the Governor and she is obligated to attend for her husband and for her family. Regina burst out of her office.
At the event Omar walks in sees Natalia wants to walk over but Mario holds him back. They announce Alonso San Roman Suarez as the new candidate for president, and he enters followed by his entourage, everyone that was paid to be there claps and pretends to be happy. Alonso begins to look for Regina, and thinks to himself “if you don’t come I will make your life a living hell”

In a car Regina receives a call from Gerardo, who is asking her not to go and not to be part of the farce. Regina looks defeated.


Due to the subject matter of this novela there will be strict moderation of the comments. Anything about current or past real-world political situations will be removed. Discussion will be limited to the story, the production values, and the actors' performances. Also, episode discussions will be closed once the next episode's recap is posted.


You can tell you are a telenovela addict when you watch the same novela, or favorite scenes, over and over again until you just about have the dialogue memorized!

Maybe there should be Caray discussion asking which was your favorite novela scene, along the lines of 'best telenovela' or 'most beautiful wedding'.

Thanks, Sandie. The recap was excellent. The title was so appropriate and so good.

The worst part last night was Alonso berating and blaming Emiliano if his mother ends up not coming to his candidacy announcement. He was truly vicious.

I sure hope that Regina does not show up with a fake smile next to Alonso on the dais but I am afraid they got to her.

My favorite line last night was when after Regina listens to her mother Noemí's coercion and thanks her for all she has ever done for her, she also thanks her for always giving Alonso credit first for everything.

Thank you so much, Sandie! Very important happenings and conversations happened and you captured them perfectly:

Favorite scene was Isela and Mario. She tells him she took care of the problem and he immediately things she had her killed. Wow.

Tbh I hate that despite the fact Alonso can get physically violent with Emiliano, he still takes his side. Wow.

Regina slapping the door in Gerardos face after Teresa attack. Lol! Poor girl was done by the time crazy got there and Noemi was the icing on the cake.

Even if Regina shows up, shes no longer blind. God knows if shell put a fake smile just to subside everyones fears and then derail the whole thing another way.

Natalia and Jose <3

Great work, Sandie.

I suspect that Regina will arrive late due to a traffic problem or some such thing and Alonso will make good on his threat, which he has already begun. He has hounded her again and again about Gerardo when nothing justified it and in the end will drive her right into his arms.

Teresa already has worked on this because she's a zero-sum player as well. "If I can't have him nobody can" is her thing. She wants to destroy him and anyone else who refuses to be her slave. Ignacio had better watch out.

Ignacio had also better face reality about his daughter. She will probably become a casualty sooner rather than later.

Noemi thinks this is the world of Donna Reed. She is too far removed from reality for me to hope she will ever see the light.

Sandie: Good recap.

Jarifa: I do NOT believe Alma will be long for this world much longer.

UA: What does Alonso have planned for our leading Protagonista ?

Steve, ITA. I cannot see Mario taking the chance she could talk again.

Excellent recap, Sandie! I especially liked "hurricane Tere makes a landing! I missed all but the last few scenes because of aerobics, but your recap makes it easy to keep up! It looks as if Alma is going to be Isela's counter-spy. Should be interesting, though I agree with Steve and Jarifa that she's probably not long for this world.

Thank you everyone,

Alfredo: WOW is right Mario assuming that Alma was "taken care-off" as easy as pie for him. Murder, a couple of trash bags, and duct tape that is as commonplace to him as having a cup of coffee in the morning.

Urban and Jarifa: I agree, I don't see how Regina doesn't show, with all the pressure that was applied on her. I am especially disappointed with Noemi, as a mother she should put Regina first and f*&%#k everyone else.

Overall I was impressed with the speed of this episode, and how everything came together. Most dramatic scene IMO was the drug dealers interaction with the young man, and the reaction Ignacio had. The angst of his witnessing what was happening, and his daughter in the middle of it all. He reacted as any father or mother would. You are right URBAN, Ignacio better start paying close attention to his daughter or she will end up Over dosing, with a bullet to the head, or in jail.


Jarifa: I'm surprised there hasn't been a crossover event with other TN's into "La Candidata".


I have been pleased with the pace of this novela overall considering the amount of plots and subplots that they have managed to keep coherent and relevant.

I know we're not supposed to make political comparisons, but evidently a crucial vote on the possible override of our governor's veto of the budget bill has been delayed because someone released some hazardous material and the capitol is on lock-down, with haz-mat people trying to clean things up. Even "La candidata" wouldn't have anything that outrageous! ("El bienamado" possibly).

Evidently no hazardous materials were found and our state capitol is open again. Definitely "El bienamado" material!

Jarifa: I noticed the political party of Alonso, which is called the PRN. Aren't the producers kind of referring to them as the real-life PRI ?


Let's not go down that path, amigos. You all know why we are not making references to real-world politics in these discussions.

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