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Enamorandome de Ramon #3 8.10.17: Doctor Visits and Budding Romances

Pedro tells Juana that the insurance company will give her the money next week but Juana doesn’t know how to react. He understands her position and offers to help her, in the time of his friendship with Ricardo. He advises that she open a bank account for the time being but Juana asks him to elaborate.

The sicario warns Ramon that the punch was just the beginning if he doesn’t tell them where Sofia is but he tells them that she is at the bus stop. They punch him again and he hands them the earrings as proof that he’s telling the truth.

Margarita arrives home to find Hortensia with Porfirio, a longtime friend, and hugs him deeply. He laments what happened with her brother and Margarita thanks him; she remembers how excited Ricardo was when he left. Hortensia leaves them to talk and margarita hugs him again, happy to see him.

Antonio fixes his blazer in the mirror and laughs when he sees Diego doing the same. He then receives a call from Margarita, who tells him that a friend came to visit and she won’t be able to make dinner. Antonio laments it but hangs up and tells Diego that it will be a man only lunch.

Porfirio tells Margarita that his life has been more of the same but he wants to know more about her. She tells him that she chose not to renew her contract with her previous employer and is looking for work. Coincidently, Porfirio is looking for a smart, intelligent woman to help him at his job. Margarita smiles and promises to think it over. He then goes to leave and reminds her that she’s beautiful.

The sicario calls Rosendo, who instructs him to take Ramon to him but leave the other two employees at the limousine shop. They oblige as Sofia arrives in a taxi and demands to know where Ramon is. Valente tells her that the men who are looking for her took him so she gets on Ramon’s bike and chases them.

Antonio arrives at the garage with Diego, who goes to help Lucho with a car. Antonio then goes to his office and looks at the picture of himself and Ricardo. He smiles and then begins to work but is interrupted from Dalia, who needs him to sign some invoices. She asks him how he feels and he prefers to throw himself into work to deal with his grief. She tells him that they all miss Ricardo too and Antonio asks her to please entertain Diego should he get bored. She nods and goes but Antonio leaves a few seconds later.

The sicarios bring Ramon to a ranch where Rosendo is waiting for her. He asks Ramon if he knows where Sofia went but he shakes his head. Rosendo tells him that the earrings are worth a lot more money than he will ever see so he assumes Ramon did something to her. He points a gun at Ramon’s head and tells him that he wants to know what or he will die. Just then, Sofia storms him and orders him to lower the gun.

Augustin and Roxana are cozy on the couch and he asks if she wants a beer. She does but he finds that they don’t have any and offers to go buy some. He goes downstairs as Antonio arrives but they pass each other without a word (so I assume this means that Antonio doesn’t know about Roxana’s new beau). Antonio goes upstairs and knocks on the door but Roxana is shocked to find him there and tells him that she’s in a robe because she just got a message. She lets him in and asks about Diego before going to change but Antonio is suspicious of the whole situation.

Sofia begs her father to let Ramon go. Rosendo tells her that she has caused quite the mess because he made a deal with Timoteo. Sofia says she would’ve honored it but then a pregnant woman came to the church and said Timoteo was the father; she was not willing to marry him after that. Rosendo explains that the woman is lying but Sofia doesn’t believe it. Rosendo doesn’t care though and orders her to marry Timoteo.

Antonio explains that Diego told him about a trip she was planning to take but Roxana explains that it’s not a sure thing, she was just wondering because of work. Antonio wonders if it is or if she has another man in her life. Roxana shakes her head, tells him she has friends but nothing serious. In fact, she’s not sure if leaving him was the best decision. Antonio then receives a call from Pedro, who tells him that airline is spending the bodies back but there is still plenty to do, including identifying the bodies. Pedro proposes he do it instead of the girls or Hortensia. He agrees to be at the airport in an hour and hangs up.

As Rosendo calls Timoteo to tell him what is happening, Ramon chides Sofia for even showing up, especially after they agreed she wouldn’t. Sofia couldn’t bear to leave him but they can’t say more as Rosendo comes and tells her that Timoteo is still willing to marry her. Sofia thinks it’s great that he would rather sell her off than lose his business but Rosendo reminds her that she has everything because of his business. He then gives her back the earrings and tells her to pay favors with anything but them before ordering his men to take her to the house. Once alone, Rosendo orders his sicario to drop Ramon off anywhere as he only did what Sofia ordered. He does warn Ramon to not get in his way again and leaves. The sicario puts bag over his head and leads him out.

Julio is at the casino again, drinking and losing money. Mystery Blond from last night is there again, observing. Julio then receives a call from Antonio but he ignores the call.

Antonio calls Virginia and asks about Julio but she assumes he’s with a client. She suggests he send him a text but asks him what is wrong. Antonio explains that the bodies are on the way to be identified and asked her to let Julio know, should he call her. He hangs up and Roxana offers to go with him to airport but he would prefer that she go pick up Diego. She nods and then hugs him. She tells him that she’s with him in his grief and he thanks her. Once Roxana’s left, Antonio calls Fabiola and tells her the news. She begs him not to make her identify the bodies but he will take care of it. He hangs up and Fabiola tells Andrea and Juana the news. Fabiola begins to cry and tells them that she doesn’t want to see them like that before wondering why they had to die.

Pedro tells Hortensia and Margarita the news about the bodies and Hortensia thanks him before hanging up. Margarita asks Hortensia not to torture herself with how they may look but Hortensia is happy to at least have somewhere to go and grieve them. Margarita reiterates that she won’t leave Hortensia alone and Hortensia hugs her before thanking her.

The sicarios arrive at a field by a highway and throw Ramon out of the car before driving off. As he takes off the sack, another car arrives with Sofia inside. They look at each other for a second before the car drives away.

Jorge arrives at Fabiola’s to bring Andrea the notes for her class. Juana nods and tells him the news about the bodies before taking him to the kitchen. Andrea hugs him tightly when she sees them and then Fabiola explains that Antonio with Julio to identify the bodies. Jorge calls Antonio and asks if Julio is with him but he confirms that he is not. Jorge offers to go with him and leaves as the girls hug each other.

Roxana is ready to go but Antonio asks if she has her cell phone. She confirms she does so he asks about the one on the table. Roxana explains that it is her work phone and Antonio nods. They leave but run into Augustin at the front entrance. She explains that Antonio is her son’s father and he’s taking her to go pick him up. She introduces Augustin as a friend but Antonio hopes she enjoyed her massage and storms off as Roxana and Augustin argue.

Moments later, Augustin chides Roxana for calling him a friend but Roxana explains that she didn’t want to light that fire right now as they called Antonio to identify his sister’s body. Augustin wonders why they were going together but Roxana explains they were not but Antonio wanted to tell her in person the news. Augustin thinks she’s leading Antonio on or she would’ve told Antonio that he was her boyfriend. He tells her that he is in it for the long haul but she must decide what she wants. He then storms off too.

Julio continues to bet and finally wins. Mystery Blond continues to observe him as he makes another bet.

Augustin packs his things as Roxana comes and tells him she loves him but Augustin knows she’s unsure of what she feels for him. She begs him to understand as she feels pity for Antonio and kisses Augustin to show him she’s serious about her feelings. He kisses her back.

Antonio calls Fabiola and asks if he can drop off Diego as he goes to the airport. She agrees and hangs up before telling Juana that she is going downstairs to get Diego.

Ramon stumbles home and closes the door. He sits down on his couch and thinks about how he met Sofia and all the good times they had before their separation. Sofia in her room thinking of the same thing. She cries as she does.

Julio arrives home to find Virginia waiting for him in bed. She asks if he came from the airport but he is confused. She tells him that Antonio went to go identify the bodies and he curses his luck. He calls Antonio but finds that the phone is off. He storms out.

Jorge is waiting for Antonio, who comes out at that moment and hugs him. He apologizes to Jorge, who doesn’t mind, but seeing the bodies was harder than he though. Just then, he receives a call from Julio, who apologizes but he had a meeting, though Antonio already identified the bodies. He hangs up as the airline employee comes to give him further instructions.

Ramon is sleeping when he hears someone pounding on his door. It’s Sofia, who has escaped from her home. He asks if her father knows but he doesn’t though he will find her when he realizes she escaped. She begs him to let her stay the night, at least, and she will leave tomorrow. Ramon will have none of that and tells her that they will fight to be together. He kisses her, deeply.

The next day, a servant goes into Sofia’s room but finds that she has left. She informs Rosendo, who orders his main sicario, Jacinto, to find her, no matter where she is.

Post coitus, Ramon makes breakfast and then goes to wake up Sofia with a kiss. She thinks he’s incredible and asks him to remind her what happened last night before breakfast. He is more than happy to remind her.

Antonio arrives at Fabiola’s and finds the girls and Diego having breakfast. Diego tells him that they let him stay up late but Fabiola tells him to be quiet so he can stay with them more often. Juana then takes Diego to wash his hands as Fabiola asks him how everything went. He explains that the bodies have been identified and they will now be taken to the funeral home. They nod as Diego comes back and Antonio leaves with him. Fabiola then tells Juana that Antonio will inform them of when the funeral will as Jorge comes through the door. He tells them that Antonio let him in and then gives Andrea a gift: a tablet so she can communicate with them. Juana then receives a call from the neurophysiologist and informs them that they have an opening for her in two hours. They all smile.

Over breakfast, Ramon tells Sofia that they will move to Mexico City once he’s said goodbye to Valente and his boss. She offers to go with him but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea lest Rosendo or his men be there. He tells her that he will say he hasn’t seen her if they ask. She prefers not to be alone and asks again if she can go with him. He finally relents.

Roxana and Augustin, all smiles, hug and kiss each other goodbye. He asks if she will tell Antonio about them but Roxana asks for some time. She kisses him again, hoping he doesn’t doubt her love again, and they leave.

Ramon goes to the shop and sees Valente, who welcomes him with open arms. He explains that he wouldn’t be there without Sofia, who was a big help. Valente nods but suggests he forget Sofia though Ramon explains that she left her house and they are going to try to build a life together. He asks Valente to tell the boss thank you for everything because he’s leaving Tijuana today. Valente understands and offers to help him however he can. Ramon thanks him and leaves.

The girls, Juana and Jorge wait in the waiting room for the neurophysiologist, who comes and asks Andrea to come into his office. She pulls Juana along and the doctor closes the door. Inside the office, Juana explains that Andrea, unlike Fabiola, had a hard time reacting to her parent’s death. He asks Andrea about her relationship with her parents and she confirms that it was good. The doctor understands and explains that human beings react in a variety of ways to their loved one’s death and her condition is one of those. He promises to work with her throughout various sessions but Andrea wants to know what they will work on. The doctor confirms that they will talk about her emotions to see if they can sort out what is affecting her.

Lucho and Diego work on a car as Roxana comes and says hi. She explains that she came to pick Diego up but will go talk to Antonio first. She leaves them and finds Antonio in his office with Dalia, who informs them that they are behind on a few payments. Antonio though he would take Diego to her but Roxana needs to talk to him. Dalia leaves but Antonio doesn’t want to hear any more lies. She apologizes for what happened but he thinks she shouldn’t have said she regretted her decision to leave him if she had another man in her life. She reiterates that she misses a lot of things that they shared but he asks her not to play with his feelings. She apologizes again and explains that she left him because she woke up one day and was shocked to see how monotone their life had become. He wonders why she didn’t tell him but she doesn’t know. He tells her that she caused him a lot of pain but he will rebuild his life like she has rebuilt hers. She doesn’t want to lose him but Antonio reminds her that they will always be in touch because of Diego though things will be different from now on.

Sofia is waiting for Ramon on a park bench when she sees a woman selling sweet bread. She buys one but doesn’t notice Jacinto sneaking up behind her. The woman thanks her and wishes her lots of luck before leaving. Once alone, Jacinto grabs her and warns her that Timoteo won’t like knowing that she has a new boyfriend. Sofia screams and tries to shake him off as Ramon comes run and separates them. Jacinto shows Ramon his gun and warns him not to try anything…


Thank you, Alfredo . I was not able to watch the show, so I especially appreciate your detailed recap. There are so many characters, but I think that I have most of them straight now.

Ramon seems to be playing with fire.

Is Roxana having second thoughts about Antonio?


Thank you Alfredo. I fell asleep through part of it for some reason. Thanks for filling in the blanks for me. I need to watch the video over again, so thank you for all the details that I missed while I was snoozing. (I have no idea why I fell asleep. I think I closed my eyes during one of the commercials).

I am really enjoying this and it is purely because of your excellent recaps Alfredo. Otherwise, most of this would be lost on me and totally over my head.

This is the third stellar recap you've done. Thank you, thank you.

"Antonio fixes his blazer in the mirror and laughs when he sees Diego doing the same" was adorable. Antonio is SO serious though! He needs someone to lighten him, and I suspect it's not Roxana.

Roxana is hedging her bets, isn't she?? "Roxana shakes her head, tells him she has friends but nothing serious. In fact, she’s not sure if leaving him was the best decision". Did she leave seeking greener pastures? She is lying to her current boyfriend and lying to her estranged husband. Is she a bad person or merely confused? I love little Diego. What an angel.

"Margarita arrives home to find Hortensia with Porfirio, a longtime friend, and hugs him deeply". I thought Porfirio was clearly smitten but Marg seemed to be savoring an old friend, nothing more.

And now for the highlight. Ramon and Sofia. I love this couple! Romeo and Juliet on the run. I don't care that their relationship is chemical and sexual. It is combustible and totally believable! I don't want them to split for Fabiola. She is understandably weepy so perhaps it isn't fair as we haven't really been able to see what her personality is.

Alfredo, again, you are THE man. Thank you!


Thanks, Alfredo.
Almost no cuts in this episode. Only these scenes, covered by Alfredo: "Antonio arrives at the garage with Diego, who goes to help Lucho with a car." - actually pretty cute scene, and "Sofia in her room thinking of the same thing. She cries as she does."

Two men fulfill different needs of Roxana: Antonio stability and family, Augustin - something new and adventure. She is trying to have them both. I don't see that working out. She is also a liar and manipulator.

Jorge (you cal him Julio, Alfredo) is very sweet. Proactively seeking to help Andrea, then Antonio.

Ramon and Sofia - cute couple. The problem is the father. With this father you either get his blessing or you are dead. And blessing does not look likely.

Thank you so much, Susanlynn, Cynthia, Diana and Lucio!

I'm glad the cuts were minimal but how were the CCs?

Lucio, I heard Julio and I looked at the cast list too and it read Julio. Please let me know where you saw Jorge and I will make the changes to confuse people.

Am I the only one who isn't really interested in Sofia and Ramon? Besides the father, I know it won't last because his one true love (based on the trailers, commercials, etc.) is Fabiola. Unless this novela shows me something different, this just seems like detour to the main road.

Roxana is definitely hedging her bets, Diana, but she does crave two things in two different men, Lucio. The problem is we didn't see the day-to-day with Antonio but that can definitely kill any sparks. She probably misses what Antonio represents but can't bear to go back to that (possibly) "boring" life. I hate that she is essentially playing with both men though, especially Antonio, who is already suffering enough.

I'm glad Andrea relented and went to go see the specialist. Now if only Fabiola would only see a specialist about her bratitis, that'd be great.

bratitis - ha, good one Alfredo!

Yup, I am transfixed by Ramon and Sofia. I can't imagine what is going to break these two up as they seem so devoted. And real. Whoops - maybe it will be daddy not dearest...Fab doesn't seem too interesting right now and after Sofia's verve and fearlessness, I can't quite see how Ramon gets interested in Fab (her being gorgeous of course is one reason).

"Two men fulfill different needs of Roxana: Antonio stability and family, Augustin - something new and adventure". Well said Lucio. I agree that she won't be having her cake and eating it all that much longer.

A lot going on and I'm excited at the prospect of many characters getting together. Whether they will get along remains to be seen!


I was thinking about the eventual breakup and I was sad to think that she herself may die. I wonder if that is the thing that will kick this whole thing into high gear, Sofia's death. And if it happens in front of her father, he is sure to blame it on Ramon (if he manages to get away). **Pure Speculation**

Fabiola has a lot of growing up to do. Sofia, possibly because of her father's business, has been forced to grow up. But I do like that she appreciates Ramon enough to help him out and then love him enough to run away with him.

Alfredo, it crossed my mind too that Sofia might die which makes me sad. I just can't see them splitting up and that seemed like the only possibility, barring her being sent to some foreign land. Even if that would occur, she is too spunky and proactive to "stay put". Some were not meant for cages...


Oh! I understand my mistake, Lucio. I will fix it now. Thank you for that! Yes, Jorge is great and I see the sparks between him and Andrea flying...but they are

Alfredo, excellent recap! The show airs at a difficult time for me so sometimes I read the recap before I watch the show...and it really helps!

I'm not liking Roxana...she wants the best of both worlds, but it seems she want to go back with Antonio a bit more than staying with Agustin...just basing it on her body language and how she looks at each. Either way, she's playing both of them.

Diego is so the curly locks.

I agree...Ramon and Sofia have LOTS of chemistry. If they are separated, Ramon will suffer the most, IMO. She seems a little immature and flighty.

Alfredo, I noticed the Jorge/Julio mix up too...sent you an email.

Thank you for that, RGV!Sorry again for any mix-ups.

Diego was adorable in A Que No Me Dejas too. Great novela to whoever hasn't seen.

If Sofia leaves him, I doubt Fabiola will be the ideal person to get him out of his funk. We shall see.

Yes, I don't see Fab as being very bubbly. She might be kind though. We will have to wait and see.

Sofia's father seems like a lowlife who won't be beneath threatening to hurt Ramon if she doesn't leave him. Seems they aren't destined to be together and I'm sorry for that.


Besides not being bubbly, Fabiola is probably not in the best place emotionally to make anyone else feel better. I doubt her relationship with Francisco is helping much as he's barely there and she has her sister and crazy grandmother to deal with.

Strange but this is the first novela I have seen where most of the main characters are all related through the same family. This is going to be crucial for the flow of information which is always the best part.

I think the other may be Destilando Amor but I never saw that one.

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