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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #66, Thur Aug 10 2017: The Woman with the Golden Gun

Or is it "The Golden Woman with the Regular Gun"?

Recap by Rgv Chick and Julie!

Estela threatens Laura that if she continues with the idea that she is El Dorado and if she places that idea in Ryan's head, she'll be sorry. Estela storms out of the restroom as Genesis comes in to look for Laura. Laura breezes past Genesis, saying they'll catch up later.

Playing with the Mexican and US flags on his desk, Danilow tells Horacio that he's bummed that they're making all of this money from the private concerts, but don't get to keep any of it because they have to give it all to gangsters. He is fed up. Horacio reminds him that Asdrúbal is keeping the money for now, and they need to pay Marcelino; eventually they'll get their money back.

Danilow has a great idea: they can get Estela to tell them who El Dorado is, and get their money back from him. Horacio warns him that he always gets into a mess because he doesn't think things through. Danilow accuses Horacio of not knowing how to "smell the business" (giggle). Horacio replies, "What I smell is that they're going to shoot us." Danilow asks Horacio to get Marcelino to give them a couple more days.

Laura calls Chava from outside Ryan's apartment. She insists that she is sure (about Estela being El Dorito). Laura has sent Chava a photo of the lock on Ryan's door and wants his advice on how to pick/bust it. Chava asks why she didn't call him to come help her, and suggests that she look for a hidden key. (You'd think she would have tried that first.) She remembers where Ryan keeps his extra key and finds it. Once she is inside, Chava urges her to get out, but she won't turn back now.

Laura finds a photo of Ryan and Estela. She tells Chava that it is the same photo that they found in the box, except this photo was taken from the front. She thinks the photo in the box was taken by Pedro Carrillo's goon while he was surveilling Ryan and Estela. Chava nervously says that every secret agent needs a partner, so he'll come join her. Laura tells him there's no need; Estela is busy amusing herself with Ryan.

In Morgana's apartment, Danilow questions why she is exercising. She says she has to get into shape for her return to the stage. (Was she out of shape before?) He is grumpy, so she goes for a bath. Alone, Danilow looks at the latest social media postings showing Ryan and Estela together at Horacio Palencia's event. The first article says that La Regia was supposed to sing, but didn't. The next photo shows Laura at the same event, looking unhappy. Dani mutters that he and Laura are not finished yet, especially if she is carrying his baby.

Chava calls Laura to say that he is on his way. Laura continues snooping, and finds Estela's small blue case under a chair. She opens it and pulls out the pistol just as she hears the door open. Laura raises the pistol and points it at the door as Estela walks in with Ryan behind her. Instead of screaming "eek!" and acting afraid as usual, Estela merely asks, "what are you doing here?" Ryan tells Laura to put the gun down. Laura lowers the gun and says she doesn't want any problems. Ryan reminds her that trespassing can lead to problems. Why is she here? Laura explains that she came looking for proof that Estela is making fools of them. Ever since she appeared, El Dorado has been close, because Estela IS El Dorado. Ryan looks at her in disbelief as Laura tells him that Estela's kidnap and subsequent escape were lies. She repeats that Estela is El Dorado.

(Mexican version only) LetMe is on the phone with a crank caller who is telling her that America is for Americans. She needs to take her kids and go back to Mexico. When LetMe hangs up, Maria asks her what they said, but LetMe doesn't tell her.

Erasmo introduces Tadeo to Martin, who will be Tadeo's partner on a long drive to New York. Erasmo suggests that Martin go home and rest up for tomorrow. Martin leaves.

When Tadeo worries about the length of the trip, Erasmo reminds Tadeo that he had said that he wanted to go far away. Erasmo wonders if Tadeo is having second thoughts. Tadeo explains that he isn't really running away from music or himself. When Erasmo asks what he is running from, Tadeo confesses that he likes men... he is gay. Erasmo tells him that parents can sense things about their children, and he had already sensed that Tadeo is gay. Erasmo advises Tadeo that it isn't a matter of it being good or bad, and he can't interfere with Tadeo's feelings, but Erasmo will need time to get used to the idea. He gives Tadeo a comforting hug, and Tadeo looks relieved.

Laura wonders if Ryan thinks she is making it all up. How can he doubt her? She accuses Ryan of thinking that she's retaliating against Estela for causing problems between them, but Ryan doesn't think their relationship has anything to do with this. Laura urges him to think about everything; if he does, he will see the truth.

Estela admonishes Laura for thinking that she could actually kidnap herself, escape, and throw herself in a grave. She was unconscious in that grave; who makes themselves faint just for fun? She says Laura is making this up because she is hurt; it's not Estela's fault that she just happened to appear on the day of their wedding. When Estela swears to Ryan that she is not lying, Laura assures him that she is. She dares Estela to look into Ryan's eyes and swear that she isn't El Dorado. (If Laura thinks Estela is El D, why does she think Estela would be incapable of lying to Ryan's face?)

Ryan ignores this challenge and pleads with Laura not to repeat the mistake she made with him when they first met; she shouldn't say things that aren't true. (Estela looks smug.) Dismayed, Laura tells Ryan that she's warned him and has tried to look out for him, but it's not worth it any more. Laura walks out.

Joe has rescued Mercy from the police station and taken her home. He says she was lucky that the doctor at the police station noticed the bad state she was in and spoke up for her. Mercy admits that she has a problem, but she blames it on the situation with Ryan, missing Paloma, and seeing that the company she built with Walter sinking so quickly. Joe doesn't think anyone will judge her if she jumps ship. He and Ryan need her whole and strong. Mercy admits that she has missed Joe's care and compassion. She thinks about the fights they've had lately, and blames them and her bad mood on the return of Estela. Joe urges Mercy to give herself an opportunity to get to know Estela. There's a lot that Mercy doesn't know about her, and Walter didn't know either... or did Walter know about Ryan's relationship with Estela at all? Mercy responds that Walter didn't find out about Estela until after she disappeared.

Estela expresses regret that she has harmed Ryan's marriage to Estela. She says Ryan's baby is very important, and perhaps she should stay away until Ryan finds out if the baby is his. Ryan says he'd really be hurt if the baby turned out to be Danilo's. Estela says it hurts her to see Ryan suffer. It must be really painful to know that the woman he loves was with someone else. (¡GONG!) Estela adds that she should change the subject because she knows it's upsetting to him! Then she tries to get frisky with him. Ryan scoots away from her and asks if she's sure El D doesn't know about this place. She's SURE. She asks if he wouldn't like to go to bed. He says yes, and lets her kiss him; but he doesn't return the kiss. He says "goodnight" and goes to bed alone.

(Mexican version only) Joe again urges Mercy to give Estela a chance, and to think about everything Estela went through. Mercy remembers...

Mercy walks into the bedroom as Walter reposes in bed. She tells him that Pedro Carrillo is lurking around Furia looking to get in. He is down on his luck. Walter scoffs that Pedro's bark is worse than his bite, so she shouldn't worry. Mercy tells him that may be so, but his daughter DOES bite and reminds him what she did to Ryan. Walter dismisses her statement: "That's life. You never know who you are dealing with." Mercy thinks that there must have been a reason why she never really wanted to meet Estela, especially now that she suspects Estela was after Ryan for revenge. Walter wants to meet with Pedro, but Mercy doesn't want him to. She offers to meet with Pedro herself (I'll just BET!). After Walter wonders why she would want to meet with Pedro, she assures him it's only to make sure Pedro doesn't get close to any of the Cabreras.

As Mercy walks out of the bedroom, Walter receives a text message, "You wife has a lover."

(Not in Mexican version) Laura and Chavalin tell an incredulous Rosario what Laura has figured out about Estela. Rosario thinks Laura has spent too much time talking to Estela (and letting Estela get into Laura's head).

Next morning, at a bistro, Estela says this place reminds her of a restaurant in Little Italy. Ryan recalls the restaurant and that they always ordered the same thing. He does not want to lose sight of her, especially since she made her debut last night. If El Dorado comes close to Estela, he will have to deal Ryan.

Estela is disappointed that Ryan didn't invite her there just to be close to her, and chides him for only wanting to catch El Dorado to get things cleaned up at Furia and reconcile with Laura. She knows he loves Laura. Ryan explains that he has to be on good terms with Laura; she is the mother of his child. However, he cannot forget everything he and Estela lived together. He cares about Estela and wants to try to reestablish their relationship.

(Saaay WHAT?! This is a total 180 from how he was the night before! Is she as suspicious as we are?)

Surprised, Estela leans over to kiss Ryan, and he reciprocates. She is so excited she wants to give him a surprise at her apartment that night and assures him he will love it! As she starts to leave, Ryan tells her he worries that she is out and about alone. She reassures him (what happened to her timid-as-a-mouse routine?) and tells him she can take care of herself. She doesn't want him to follow her, as that will ruin the surprise.

Danilow walks into Laura's home. In his uniquely obnoxious way, Danilow says he's here to cheer her up since Ryan has gotten back with Estela. He opens a jewelry box with a substantial gold bracelet. Laura ignores the bracelet and asks Dani how and when he is going to clean up Furia now that he owns it. Danilow evades the question and wonders what it is that she wants. Laura retorts that she doesn't want what is in front of her; even when he drugged her he couldn't have all of her (cuz she thought he was Ryan). She asks him to leave. Danilow wants to see Paloma first. He says it's one thing if Laura hates him, but he and Paloma get along well.

As Laura tries to get Danilow to leave, Natividad calls Dani to say that there might be an opportunity to snatch Estela. Danilow tells Natividad to wait for him. He warns Laura that he will return to finish their conversation later. He hurriedly kisses her cheek, and I think I see Ariadne Diaz fighting hard to stifle a smile.

Asdrubal paces anxiously in his cell, then takes a phone from his shoe. (A shoe phone? I am having severe flashbacks of Maxwell Smart right now.)

Sorry about that, Chief!

He gets the "not in service" message and becomes agitated. He listens to a radio report about Ryan, who swore to love Regia and is now going back to his old girlfriend Estela Carrillo. As the radio host with the glass-breaking voice continues telling Laura's life story, a guard advises PonyBoy that he has a visitor; and the sight of this visitor will change his mood.

Joe is using his laptop on the couch when Mercy comes in chattering a mile a minute. (Not in a frenzied way, just in an uncharacteristically cheerful way.) She admits that she is dependent on the pills, and maybe Ryan got that from her and it wasn't Steve's fault. Joe tells her not to worry about it and just follow the doctor's orders. He gets up to make a sandwich (with cheese, please!), and Mercy intercepts a call from Lindsay. Lindsay (who appears to be calling from a restaurant, like, not from the lobby or coatroom, but from her table whilst eating) greets Mercy with a snide, "from lover to secretary." Linds needs Joe to care for the children while she is out of town. Mercy wonders how she can ask that after refusing to let Joe see the children. Isn't he a "bad example"? Lindsay informs Mercy that Joe has been visiting the children, and wonders if Joe is not confiding in Mercy because he is getting tired of her. Mercy snaps back that she will give Joe the message.

Danilow stands in front of an apartment door, with Natividad right behind him. Danilow is wearing his very goldest goldy-gold jacket. He asks Natividad if he is certain that Estela is there. Natividad confirms it and asks Danilow if he came alone. After Danilow affirms that he is alone, Natividad pulls out his gun and tells Danilow he is ready. Danilow tries to open the door, but it is locked; Natividad suggests that Dani use his belt buckle to pick the lock. As Danilow turns his attention to his belt, Natividad hits the secret knockout switch on Danilow's head with his pistol, and it's snoozeville for Danilow.

Laura is waiting for PonyBun in the visitors' area. She hesitates before sitting down. PonyBoy sits reluctantly. He expresses surprise to have a visit from her. Laura smirks and asks if El Dorado didn't tell him that "he'd" been found out. Asdrúbal smiles wickedly and asks if she liked El Dorado. Isn't he handsome? Laura flippantly retorts that El Dorado is not her type. El Dorado is more PonyBoy's type. Laura brandishes the letters she found and assumes Asdrúbal wrote them; she now knows why he and El Dorado wanted to separate her and Ryan: because Estela is El Dorado.

Asdrúbal claims that Estela can't be El Dorado because everyone knows that El Dorado and Pedro Carrillo hated one other. Laura counters that it wouldn't be the first time a father and daughter hated each other, especially when her father forbade the relationship. Pedro Carrillo never expected them to fall in love, did he? Asdrúbal laughs and suggests that Laura should be a writer instead of a singer. Laura says she'd start her novel with the letters from a hitman who fell in love with his boss's daughter. Laura picks up one of the letters and starts reading: "I would never dare to send you a letter such as this. You would probably make fun of me. When your father hired me to follow you..." [more]

(Mexican version only) Joe is back on the couch looking at places for his and Mercy's trip. He asks Mercy which she prefers. Mercy, however, is not looking at what Joe is showing her; instead she looks at an email account she doesn't recognize as the one he usually uses, and asks Joe about it. After Joe explains that is a secure account he uses for his clients, he receives a phone call and walks away to answer it. While he is away, curious Mercy starts looking through his email until she finds one sent to Walter that reads, "Your wife has a lover."

Laura continues to read from the letter, "I always knew I was invisible to you, especially when you started seeing that idiot who took everything from me." Laura notes that all the letters are dated, and the last one was just a few days before Estela "disappeared." She teases him for being so corny, and asks whether they became lovers before or after Ryan. Everything makes sense to Laura now; Estela needed him out of the way, and he is now in prison as El Dorado to protect her. Asdrúbal warns Laura that if she is there to get him to confirm her rubbish, she is wasting her time.

Laura is curious as to why Estela wanted her at Furia and asks Asdrúbal if she wanted to use her as a scapegoat in case things went awry at Furia. Asdrúbal suggests that there is her answer... if Estela were actually El Dorado. Asdrúbal asks that she leave the letters since there is nothing else to read. Laura gives him a pitying look and calls him a fool: he is there locked up day and night, while Estela is with Ryan just as she was three years ago.

In a large home somewhere, Danilow sits tied to a chair with a bandana over his eyes. After Natividad shakes him and tells him to wake up, Danilow scolds him for being a traitor. Natividad mocks him for being like all the Cabreras. Nati confesses that Walter pretended to hire him to take care of the ranch, but in reality he was his father's hitman. Danilow demands to know who El Dorado is.

Natividad calls for "Chula." This gets Dani's interest, and Nati reminisces that Walter had a weakness for women too. The blond woman who handed the knife to Ryan several weeks/months ago (not to be confused with the blond woman in the white dress in the opening credits) stands behind Danilow. Natividad leaves. Chula unties Danilow and pulls him up. Danilow tries to flirt with her even as she drags him out of the room.

Chula takes Danilow into a large office and warns that she'll be watching with cameras. She unties him and takes off the bandana covering his eyes. He sees someone wearing a hat, sitting in a big chair facing away from him. He cries out, "Dad!" and pauses then says, "Whatever it is, just pop it out! Show your face once and for all! So much protection... so much scheming in being my godfather! You saved my life several times, and furthermore, you let many of my slipups pass." He stares as the person in the chair just sits there mysteriously and asks, "Hey, whose body is taking your place at the cemetery?" He waits a moment, but when there is no reaction, he starts yelling, "You are the most stubborn of the stubborn, show me your face!" As he finishes yelling (and the dramatic music gets louder), the person swivels the chair to face him and it's... Estela Carrillo!!!

(Everyone act surprised, as if they never considered this possibility. There should be screaming, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, dramatic swooning. If anyone has a fireplace, please throw your brandy glass at it.)

Um... so... yay for girl power?

And now for a steamy scene with nudity: Asdrúbal is in the prison shower when another prisoner comes in and announces that they've found a guard who will let them sneak out in a garbage truck. They just have to pay him off. Asdrúbal's got money, right? Asdrúbal wearily replies that everyone has to pay their own way. The other prisoner sneers that he will then get Asdrúbal out of prison feet-first. He shows off his knife (where was he hiding it? He's nekkid!), he tells Asdrúbal that he will be known as the one who killed El Dorado.

Back to Danilo, whose tiny brain cannot process the data in front of him. Estela has to explain it to him with apples. He can't believe that she controls all of this and has all these people working for her. Estela smirks and responds, "Because of boobs like you, I invented El Dorado. He's a ghost, so that I can be respected in this world of machos where it is thought that a woman can't have them (makes a gesture of carrying testicles) better placed than you all do. It worked. If anyone saw El Dorado, what would they do? They would bow, waiting for my orders." Danilow assumes, "And that way you evaded the law, so that they wouldn't know they were after a woman." Estela claps and says, "Very good, now you're understanding how the business is." (At Sea World, he would be given a sardine.)

Asdrúbal continues to fight the prisoner until he pins him against the wall and asks who sent him to kill him. When the prisoner doesn't respond, Asdrúbal slits his throat, then walks away.

Danilow wonders, "OK, so you passed yourself off as a dude. But why did you want me to launder money?" Estela replies that in doing so, she was able to protect other interests. Danilow figures it out, "Ryan! I would take care of the dirty work while he remained clean." Dani proposes that since he did such a great job posing as El D, they should form a partnership. Estela impatiently says that Furia is for her alone, and will launder money only for her. Ryan must remain clear of all of this.

Danilow comes back with, "Well, no such luck because Ryan and his peeps are up to their ears in this." (He reaches for her ear and caresses her hair. She tolerates his touch coldly.) Estela tells him to make everything that ties Ryan to the laundering disappear. Danilow says he will do it only if she gives back the money she stole from Marcelino. Estela smiles.

At the ranch, Rosario seems to have accepted Laura's claim that Estela is El D. She thinks she must be very dangerous, to have turned against her own father. Laura explains that Estela's father treated her badly. Chava adds that she may have even had her father killed. Laura insists that they need to find the proof to unmask Estela so Ryan can see who she really is. Chava repeats Milton's question, "What better place is there to hide than in plain sight?" Laura really doesn't think that is the question Milton wanted to ask her; she thinks it was something more concrete.

As Laura is thinking, Genesis walks in and tells Laura they need to meet with a sponsor. Laura admits that she had forgotten, so Genesis offers to help her get dressed with makeup and all.

Estela informs Danilow that she is the one who sets conditions. He is lucky she doesn't kill him. When she reiterates that she wants Ryan cleared of the money laundering, Danilow asks again that she return Marcelino's money. Estela mocks him because she knows he will screw this up as he always does, but she offers to let him keep the "El Dorado" name. Danilow reminds her that he set up his own laundering business. She laughs; that was Nestor's idea. She gives him two days to bring her everything that ties Ryan to the laundering business. Asdrúbal told her everything.

Danilow wonders what will happen if he doesn't comply. Estela says he's being watched, so he should not even consider defying her. Danilow questions why, if she didn't want to hurt Ryan, she didn't target another company; then figures she wanted revenge. He asks who she was punishing... his father?... but then dismisses the thought because his father is dead. When he determines it's Mercy she wants to punish, Chula jabs him with a syringe. Estela tells Chula to take him away.

Laura, Genesis, and Nina prepare for La Regia's meeting with their sponsor. Laura sings her praises (not literally) for MetroPCS. Nina records a message from La Regia that she will post all over social media.

At night, Estela greets Ryan in her apartment. He tells her she looks beautiful. The Estela he knew is back... the one who would drive him crazy. Since the first day he saw her, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. No other woman even comes close to her.

Estela is ecstatic and, showing him the apartment, tells him that everything is for him and asks if he likes what she did... he nods. She asks him if he remembers the night she offered him a drink and he wouldn't take it until she offered to take a drink so he could drink from her mouth. Ryan remembers and tells her she then showed him all about love. Estela confides that she dreamed of marrying him just as they had planned. She thought about it every day she was held captive. Then she wanted to meet his mother so she could tell her she was going to steal her son and travel the world. She had also planned a surprise - a trip to Rio de Janeiro where she would take him to a small island.

As Estela embraces Ryan, she asks him if he would go away with her and leave everything behind. Ryan pushes her away and gives her a cold look.

Next time: Laura gives Estela the finger - the ring finger, that is!


Julie, you don't miss a thing! What a great connection...thanks for the laugh. AssBun look reeeally good in the shower... I think I'm going to replay that scene several times :-D

By the way, this was kinda/sorta the premise for Remington Steele. Laura (yeah that was her name) wasn't very successful running the detective agency under her own name. No one wanted to hire a female detective. So she made up a new agency and named it after a legendary-sounding but imaginary man to attract more clients.

Alas, then a real person showed up claiming to be Remington Steele, and there the similarity ends (unless some guy named El Dorado shows up and starts running things for Estela).

I am heading down the home stretch with the recap now.

The writer's kept us fooled about El Dorado's identity up to the very last minute...with Danilo calling out "Dad"

"...(unless some guy named El Dorado shows up and starts running things for Estela)." Now that would really be something! Maybe that's what they will incorporate into the 2nd season.

Recap is done!

Having a man take over El D's business would be a real letdown! All along, the idea has been that a woman can succeed in roles that are traditionally held by men. Organized crime is not exactly the hill I'd want to die on in the name of feminism, but if anybody's going to take Estela down, it really has to be another woman. Otherwise, all the lectures and messages of this TN will have been completely wasted.

Someone on the show said the other night that El Dorado was leading a double life. That is what the literary scholars refer to as a "big fat clue"!

Julie and Rgv Chick, talk about "girl power". You two are awesome. Intelligently written yet with heart and great humor.

Jewels all: "She says she has to get into shape for her return to the stage. (Was she out of shape before?", "Danilow is wearing his very goldest goldy-gold jacket", "Um... so... yay for girl power?" and "(At Sea World, he would be given a sardine) were but a few examples.

While I relished Estela's "reveal", I had to smile that Danilo (thick as a brick as always) refused to believe the "obvious". I think the actor is enjoying every on screen moment. His likeability oozes and as you noted, I think "Laura" was working hard not to smile during their gift given but not accepted scene. BTW, that was a very nice bracelet. I was hoping he (and we) would see Paloma. I'm missing the little tyke.

Best scene was Laura taunting bunisback, throwing his words of love and devotion back in his face. It did not appear badbun took the humiliation well. I'm not quite sure why Laura went there. Was it just to taunt him - to prove she knows the truth?

"Joe urges Mercy to give herself an opportunity to get to know Estela". Hummm. Why? And even more shocking "Lindsay informs Mercy that Joe has been visiting the children"? Joe is hiding things - I'm wondering if he is to be trusted.

"Ryan explains that he has to be on good terms with Laura; she is the mother of his child. However, he cannot forget everything he and Estela lived together. He cares about Estela and wants to try to reestablish their relationship". Did he really mean that? I know that was before Laura spilled the secret, but I thought he meant every word. He is not worthy of Laura.

"He gives Tadeo a comforting hug, and Tadeo looks relieved". I like Tadeo and even though this storyline is not my favorite, am glad he and his father have reconciled.

Julie, I wasn't absolutely sure Estela would be in the chair until we saw her. I've been clinging to the possibility of Walter returning for some time.

I am also curious if Estela either killed or had her father killed.

I should feel satisfied now that ED has been revealed, right? Then why do I feel so uneasy? I feel there are more secrets bubbling right beneath the surface, boiling and ready to emerge.

Thank you both. This was masterful.


Good Morning! Woke up trying to get over the shock that Estela is El Dorito...NOT! The other more recent spoiler was the previews for last night's episode...where they kept saying, "Laura enters the house of El Dorado..." oh well, at least that won't be left hanging for 2nd season.

Fabulous job on the recap, your wit!

It is really a shame that they are cutting very important scenes. The flashback with Walter reveals that he definitely knew Mercy was having an affair; and the scene where she finds the same message in Joe's email may be the hammer the drives in the nail to the demise of that relationship...and all so they could add a scene to promote MetroPCS...that really sucks!

RGV Chick: What's Estela's game here ?

Diana, "Was it just to taunt him - to prove she knows the truth?" It may have been to taunt him, but I also think she was hopeoing that he would at least admit to writing the confirm her suspicions. That would give more credence to her theory that Estela was either El Dorado or "close" to El Dorado.

I, too, am really curious if Estela was the one to kill her father. Pedro was stabbed to death which is usually a crime of passion. I think if Asdrubal had gotten one of his men to kill him, as he insinuates, Pedro would have been shot, throat slit or something less personal. However, the prints on knife were not in the database, so they are not Estela's since her prints were identified with the glass Milton took. Another mystery yet to be resolved...

I was surprised, but very impressed with Erasmo's reaction. It was a huge weight off of Tadeo's shoulders; and it must be a relief to know that one of his parents is understanding and accepting his choices.

Based on that cold look Ryan gave Estela at the very end, I'm thinking he was playing her all along. That turnaround was just too quick; I'm really surprised Estela accepted it so quickly.


Thanks OUR Queens. Puuuuurfect. Both of you.What an effort to piece together all these pieces. Like putting a bowl of spaghetti back like it was. WOW.

Woo Hoo Team Stela all the way. Now the show title fits
The double life of ESTELA CARILLO...
Not Chubby Laura don't need no Man Ha.

I'm ready for Season 2 now. She wants any trace of a connection to Ryan cleaned up. The girl loves her man, and actually can do more about it than just sing a song. Go Girl. Now that's Girl Power in action.

Danilow was having a rough night. Even El DoritA's henchie is hot.

I had to make a brief escape from Bombardier Hell to come express my happiness. I have the engines in both Sea Doos apart and the expansion chambers sent out to have new sacrificial anodes welded in. Salt Water. Grrrr

I wonder...does El Dorita need a reliable driver? I should have this project buttoned up shortly.

Steve, Estela wants Ryan all to herself. She wants to continue laundering money at Furia without any associates, and she seems to be taking vengeance on Mercy, Ryan's mother. The question is why does Estela have against Mercy? Esteal accused Mercy of breaking her father's heart which made him treat Estela the point of making her whole life miserable. Could that be the only reason behind all the intrigue and attempts to destroy Furia?

Kirby, based on Estela's obsession with Ryan, she may not want another "driver" ...but it never hurts to try LOL

Wowee wow, Julie..You are in fire!! I always appreciate your clever,snarky recaps. Thank you for some morning smiles.

Is Ry that dumb and fickle , or is he setting Es up? He seems a little too in a little too fast. And dropping Laura like a hot potato after assuring her on too many occasions to count that he is totally devoted to her ! Really, dude? If he has pivoted this quickly and completely to Es...Good-by, loser. Laura , run for the hills far away from all these people .

So..did Joe send the text to Walt that Mercy has a lover? And exwife says that he has been seeing his kids . hmmmm Joe seems to be a different guy than we have been led to believe .

I enjoyed the part where Navi told Dan to use his belt buckle to pick the lock and Dan thought about it as he gazed at the buckle. And that gold jacket.

Shower scene with Bunny. Did Es send that guy to kill him?

Just noticed that Chickie deserves my thanks, too. Thank you!!! Loved the recap of all the crazy.

#WAITWHAT, there was an email on Joe's laptop over three years old? On most emails, you would have to scroll through 184,372 newer emails to find one three or four years old. If Joe sent it, he either really liked Walter, and wanted him to know what his wife was doing, or he is a little bitch. I sort my inbox by 'newest first'

As the baby is most likely DaniLow's, it is time for Laura to cut her losses and go hook up with DaniLow. He does like kids, Paloma at least. And by the time she is tired of him somebody is bound to have killed him, so it is a win win.

If the only thing Estela wants to do is some simple money laundering, more power to her, just don't keep murder in your toolbox like DaniLow. Keep Ryan out of it and Happy Happy Joy Joy.

How much rain did the RGV Chicken Ranch get? :-) Just enough to settle the dust or soaker? It has rained so much here that the desperate mosquitos are breaking the rules and biting in broad daylight in direct sun. ? ? ?

Ryan promised Laura he wanted to spend his life with her as long as Estela stayed dead. SURPRISE ! Sorry Lorry

Wonderful job, girls, you had me laughing out loud several times.
I keep waiting for Ryan to show us a glimpse of "I'm fooling Estrella to find out the truth" but I don't trust him anymore. I'm really starting to believe that Laura was only a surrogate, someone to keep him warm at night while Estella was "away".
Is it too soon to think of #newseasonnewgalan?

"As the baby is most likely DaniLow's, it is time for Laura to cut her losses and go hook up with DaniLow. He does like kids, Paloma at least. And by the time she is tired of him somebody is bound to have killed him, so it is a win win". Hmmm. Loved your avatar though Kirby!

Rgv Chick, yes, I was happy for Tadeo. I have a very, very bad feeling about his driving that truck. First, it seemed monstrous. His partner seems a slight lad, which worries me as well. I'd feel better if he had a large, in charge experienced partner. Hub drove tractor trailers for 50 years. A very hard life and at times, extremely dangerous. I have a sinking sensation. No spoiler, just my gut feeling.

Estela is certainly devoted to Ryan. She was able to truly love and protect someone.

Susanlynn, the guy who tried to kill badbun was initially working for Milton. You may be right in that Estela wants bb dead so she ordered the hit.



Kirby, I need to check but I 'm pretty sure Mercy found a folder with Walter's name on it and that is how Mercy was able to find the message so quickly.

Before I comment on Tadeo's trip I want to apologize to Julie...I forgot to include some information from that scene in the Mexican version:

Erasmo introduces Tadeo to the young man that will be accompanying him on the haul to NY. When Tadeo sees he won't be going alone, he has second thoughts. That's when Tadeo tells Erasmo he shouldn't run from himself or music and confesses that he is gay (maybe he got a "feeling" when he saw the young man). At the end of the scene it is clear that Tadeo changed his mind about going to New York.

Kirby, Franklin dropped about half a dollar's worth of least it wasn't a quarter. I'm thankful for whatever I get. Thanks for asking :-)

Big fat clue or no, I was practically convinced it was Joe, right up to the moment it was revealed to be Estela. I am still suspicious of him. Why wouldn't he tell Mercy he was seeing his kids? Does he think she's too delicate to hear it? (That will surely be his excuse.) Not to mention that Joe told Walter that Mercy was having an affair... while Walter was sick in bed!

And why did Joe defend Estela to Mercy? That was a red flag to me.

I've tended to think that Walter is dead because Mercy would probably know if he wasn't.

I thought Laura went to BunlessMan to see if he'd be more apt to talk if she told him that the jig was up. And to rub his nose in the fact that his dear Estela is getting together with Ryan, leaving Bunny twisting in the wind.

Diana: "Did [Ryan] really mean [he wanted to rekindle things with Estela]? I know that was before Laura spilled the secret," actually no, it was the day after Laura told him Estela was El D! That's why I was surprised that Estela took him at his word. And for all we know, maybe he really meant it, but his cold reaction to Estela at the end of the episode casts some doubt on that.

Regarding all the cut scenes, notice that ALL of Walter's scenes are getting cut. I wonder if Univision saves money if they leave out the show's biggest star (Cesar Evora).

Rgv Chick: I'm wondering about Estela's motive for messing with Mercy too. NoBuns told Joe that Mercy was a horrible, awful, rotten person. Did he tell that to Estela, or did Estela tell that to him? And how would either of them know? They both seem to hate her. I kind of hate her too, but I think I know her better than they do.

"Like putting a bowl of spaghetti back like it was." Kirby, one of these days you will have to do a guest recap or something... you've got quite a way with words yourself. I'm glad the sacrificial anodes are welded in. Unfortunately, I suspect Estela won't hire any driver who doesn't look good in a dress.

Adriana, hopefully Ryan was only playing Estela. He was awfully quick to take her back, but he went to bed alone just the night before.

Susy, I had a slightly different impression of Tadeo and Martin. I thought I heard birds singing. Somebody in this mess deserves to have some romance... Oh! Thanks Rgv. I watched the scene but didn't realize that Tad decided not to go to NY. I thought he was still going, but with the realization that it wouldn't distance him from his problems.

If Ryan is still devoted to Laura and 'workin' La Dorita to expose her, he is sure taking one for the team. You can't ask for a better wing man.

There is not enough trust between Mercy and Joe to float a gnat turd in. It appears with good reason too, on both sides.

I don't know why Tadeo would change his mind about driving to NY, unless the copilot appeared to be an ax murderer or something. Girls....I can never figure them out.


Diana, I had a bad accident trying to pass one of those tractor trailers right after I got my driver's license when I was 16. It was my fault, but I have been scared to death of them every since. Every time I see one, I comment to Hubba about how difficult they must be to drive. I don't even like to miss them when I am a passenger. It must be a difficult job.

Eraser seems pretty accepting of Tadeo. That was nice to see. I wonder if Eraser and Bonnie are still having problems? Will he end up back with Letmesew leaving Chavallin alone. Maybe he and Rosario would make a nice couple.

Thanks Julie. The sacrifice is going on as we speak. I have a welder but I can't do aluminum. That's for the experts when it has to be watertight. :-(

I think Tad is still going, but not looking forward to it now. But a week trip would seem like a month alone, Daddy knows best. There are only so many people you can chat up on your cell phone.

But I really
or her spawn or exes or future exes.

Julie..yes, I was wondering if Tadeo was going to have a new love interest since Waldo has evaporated. Where's Waldo? I hope he can keep away from Horacio..because..Horacio.

If Ry is playing along with Es , it would have been nice to tell Laura. I think the baby is Ry's because would the monkey writers really make the baby DumbDan's after all they have put Laura through? The answer is unfortunately probably "yes."

Julie..We should have been keeping a list of all Kirby's "bon mots." He has such a unique view of the world.

Susy, I had an accident with an 18-wheeler just last year. I wasn't hurt, but it was rough on my car. I hate to think that there are people driving those things who aren't SURE they want to!

Yeah, if Ryan is up to anything he really needs to loop Laura in. Communicate, people! Communicate!

Kirby, I see now that you sent them out to be welded... sorry... I don't read so good.



1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel Flores

10.) Cartel Los Salgados Backup Team

11.) Lucio Galvan

12.) Porfirio Pineda

13.) Ursula Pineda

14.) The Henchmen from Cartel Los Artos

15.) Henchmen from Los Artos Vehicle

16.) Trinidad Huerta AKA El Calao

17.) Tomas Allen

18.) Soto the Accountant

19.) John Blake Green

20.) Genesis' brother, Emerson

21.) El Talisman

22.) Marcelino Salgado's Sicario

23.) Leticia's Baby

24.) Ausencio Granados

25.) Milton

OT...Julie. They train truck driver's at the community college. You don't want to get behind..or in front of those student drivers. Tadeo looks pretty small to be handling that big rig. Yikes.


Ok, here's a couple of GONGs for you:

In the flashback Mercy had, she walks out of the bedroom right when Walter gets the email that says his wife has a lover (how could she have know about email?); and

When Mercy is looking at Joe's laptop, the email that is sent TO Walter is at the very TOP of the email list. I thought she had seen a folder but, no, it was just the main email page.

SO! Why would Joe have an email that was sent to Walter telling him that his wife was have an affair? He must have sent it because he told Mercy that was his secure account.

Steve, you need to add Dr. Fragoso to your list. He's the innocent doctor Danilow shot.

SusanLynn, you just discovered another GONG. There's no way Tadeo could drive the rig; he needs a special license for that. In fact, does he even have a regular license...we've never seen him drive anything.

Correction...the email on Joe's laptop was on the "Sent" page, not the main page...but it was at the top of the list...still a GONG...

CHickie..yeah, you cannot just decide one day, "Hey, I am going to be a truck driver" least not in the United States..Rosy!!!

Rgv Chick, maybe Mercy didn't know about the email Walter got, but was snooping through Joe's stuff out of general curiosity (wondering what else he is hiding from her besides seeing his kids). She wasn't expecting to find that email to Walter, but it rang a bell for us!

That email would have been at the top of the list if this really is an account that Joe seldom uses. Maybe he created the account specifically to send Walter an anonymous message, and he sorts his mail first to last? (I prefer to sort that way if the list is short.)

But yeah, GONG for Tadeo not having to go to driving school. Maybe Martin was going to do all the driving, and Tadeo was going along just to sing songs and hold Martin's Gatorade?

OT.Julie..So glad you were not hurt. I was thrown out of the car onto the shoulder and ended up in the hospital.

Haha "Tadeo was going along just to sing and hold Martin's Gatorade." Helpful. Who would have control of radio?

Thrown out of the car?? That's horrible! :-(

No (AM/FM) radio on the trip to NY. Tadeo is going to sing songs about all the things they drive past, and about his family, and all of his experiences and feelings. Occasionally he will use the CB radio to broadcast his gift of song with the other drivers nearby.

Late in the evening, they stop at a diner for food. While Tadeo is in the bathroom, Martin takes off without him! Enough is enough!

You have to have what is referred to as a 'CDL'. Commercial Driver's License, increased liability limits on your insurance etc in addition to having passed the Commercial (truck) drivers test. Like in FloriDuh you have to go to class and then pass a driving and written test to get a Motorcycle certification on your car license. When I went I was the ONLY one who did not lay a bike down on the pavement. I was so proud. But they are not your bikes, they are class bikes.

I'm sure thankful we got that email snafu straightened out. I was looking at mine here with a jaundiced eye now. Thanks RGV.

LOL Julie, nice scenario for Martin and Tadeo.

Regarding the email Walter got, Julie, that was shown in Mercy's flashback. If it's her memory of what transpired, she shouldn't have know about Walter getting the email because she was walking out of the room when he got it. And, yes, she was snooping on Joe's could be the way that Joe sorts his emails, but the account wasn't just for Walter; there were emails sent to other clients.

Still, the writer's are making it obvious that Joe sent the email...question is: WHY?

Kirby, yup, that's the license I was referring to. Good for you for not laying your bike down!!

Kirby, luuuve that eagle, THANKS!

I am thinking the ICC or some Federal agency which oversees nationwide trucking also makes the drivers keep logs and limits the contiguous hours one person can drive. It is nowhere like the FAA and pilots, but I believe it arose years ago when truckers were notorious for taking bennies (speed) to stay awake for days at a time to make long hauls. Diana would know about this I am sure, being married to one of these marathoners. I could not do it. I hate to even drive someone else's car.

Want it?

I couldn't fit the whole bird in the space Goofle allowed me. It has some shell in the beak. Like an oyster or something.

Sure, I'd like it.

I also heard that truckers or anyone with a job that requires long hours of driving will have to be tested for sleep apnea.

Yeah, Julie, that definitely would be grounds for abandonment. Guy has to lighten up. Downer. #thestruggleisreal

Kirby...I am impressed by your motorcycle skills. I have never been on a motorcycle, I never even owned a bicycle. I learned on my friend's bike which had no brakes, so I learned to just jump off. You probably should not do that on a motorcycle.

Kirby, yes, you are required to have a CDL license and here in MA, a self certification form along with a DOT physical (renewed yearly).

Most companies are using electronic logs. There are very strict rules on everything including the number of hours you can drive. Breaks and off duty are strictly enforced. If you are caught in traffic (often beyond your control) and running out of time, you have to get off the road and somewhere you can park, pronto. to drive even one minute over your "time" is a very serious infraction.

Hub always took this job very seriously and was a safe and courteous driver and got many safe driving awards. I'm glad neither of you were hurt Susanlynn and Julie on your close encounters. I am rather on the other side as I never mind being with or near trucks.


Rgv Chick, I believe there are several criteria that might cause a physician to check and see if sleep apnea might be a factor. I think a high BMI and large eck size are several.

There are strict testing for any type of Haz Mat endorsement too.


neck size.

Love the majestic bird Kirby.

Something is "up" or "off" with Joe. I wonder if the writers are toying with us. Now that we know ED, maybe they want to keep the guessing game going as to who else is circling the drain.


LOL, we see things that people shouldn't be able to see in flashbacks all the time. I remember recapping someone thought-bubbling in someone else's flashback once. I try not to think about it!

Diana, in my experience truck drivers are usually unfailingly courteous and professional. I encounter dozens of trucks every day on my longish commute to and from work, and never worry about most of them. But you never know when someone is having a bad day, getting stung by a bee, or whatever, so I still keep a lookout.

I've missed you guys. All the recaps have been great (long, but good summer reading). The comments are always top-notch on this tn, so I have to read every one. I'm back at Aug. 1 so I don't know when I'll catch up.

Keep us posted on end of S/1 and beginning of S/2.

OT - Susanlynn: Help! As an armchair grammarian, I always want to use proper English in writing rather than what is currently popular in the spoken (and written) English. So, what do you teach your international students in regard to--"It's me; it's him; if it was/were him," as opposed to "It is I; it is he; if it were he?" In an unreal subjunctive situation, I used, "If it were he (he told her), he would have used the gun immediately." For some reason, it just doesn't sound right and I want to use "If it were him...." What do you say?

Anita, so glad you are back!

You have been missed.


Anita...Ask me anything ..because I have time. All three of my classes were cancelled due to low enrollment. For the first time since I started this job, I have no classes. Que lastima

What you are asking is pretty formal . I guess it should be " If it were he. " English grammar is getting less and less formal. We do not even cover this in my intermediate English class. My biggest problem is having them memorize the five kinds of pronouns and use them correctly..subject, object, possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives, and reflexive. The biggest confusion is people using object pronouns when they should use subject. Example : John drove to the mall so that he (NOT him) and his mother could buy a gift. People think that because the pronoun is in the middle instead of the beginning of the sentence it us an object pronoun. Big problem for my students. Also, He is taller than I. (NOT me)

Anita..p.s. Outlander season three starts September 10. There are lots of trailers on YouTube!! Squeeee

Susy, so sorry your classes didn't make, but, the way I see it, everything happens for a reason. Maybe someone up there thinks you need a longer break; or maybe you'll be needed elsewhere...only time will tell.

Thanks, Rgv Chick and Julie. You two are fabulous and your recap was a blast. I could feel the energy in your writing. Ya'll got a rip-roaring episode and ran with it, like:

Instead of screaming "eek!"

As Danilow turns his attention to his belt, Natividad hits the secret knockout switch on Danilow's head with his pistol, and it's snoozeville for Danilow.

Estela claps and says, "Very good, now you're understanding how the business is." (At Sea World, he would be given a sardine.)

Doble Vida has been intense from the start, but last night from Asdrubal fighting nekkid in the shower to The Golden One revealing herself, I almost got the vapors. This has been a crazy fast-paced show –- don’t think I fell asleep on it once.

But what isn’t fast-paced is Ryan and Estella still walking down memory lane together. I was so ticked when he let Estella keep her arm on him all doing his argument with Laura. But like some of you are saying, Ryan has completely turned so I’m thinking he is playing Estella. When she went on about Laura’s pregnancy and Ryan said he’d be put out if the kid isn’t his, I got pretty sure he’s scamming Estella. He will stick with that kid whether it’s a Danilocito or not.

Love Laura confronting Asdrubal in prison to show him what a fool Estella is making of his devotion and self-sacrifice. I think Laura was hoping he’d turn on Estella and give Laura something she could use to take her down. But nope, he’s sticking with his narco princess boss.

Loved the ED reveal even though we pretty much figured it was Estella. Kudos to whoever first way back when suspected ED was Estella. I was slow to get on that train. Last night, I actually liked Estella a little bit, when she was sticking it to Danillo.

LetMe is on the phone with a crank caller who is telling her that America is for Americans. She needs to take her kids and go back to Mexico.

Maybe that was Erasmo’s wife disguising her voice, trying to be rid of his first family. No one else has reason to care what LetMe does or has her phone number, not that I care.

Walter dismisses her statement: "That's life. You never know who you are dealing with."

Hmmm, could this apply to Joe? Is he out for revenge about something too?

We never see Lindsay at home with the kids. She always looks to be out and about. hmmmm

Lindsay is always out and about... and not far away from a bar, I've noticed.

Susy! Sorry about the cancellation of your classes!

Full disclosure: I don't actually know what kind of fish are given to obedient sea lions and such at Sea World. I was just trying to think of the name of a little fish. Sardines? Anchovies? Guppies? (Nemo?) (Bueller?)

Niecie, I didn't give much thought as to who would be crank-calling LetMe. I thought maybe it was one of Maria's ex-friends from school. I never considered it might be Bonita. Hopefully this isn't Tom's even more evil twin or something. At any rate, what LetMe "needs" is a phone with caller ID, and the discipline not to answer unfamiliar numbers. It's never the Dialing for Dollars guy!

Susanlynn - OT. Thanks for the grammar lesson. May we all benefit from your knowledge, good humor and many, many stories. BTW, I ponied up the money to get Starz, just to watch you-know-who in real time. But I want to be surprised, so I don't want to watch previews.

Kirby: Who's Lindsay ?


RGV Chick: Is it safe to say Danilo is the young version of S&M: more dangerous ?

Now that this TN is getting a 2nd Season (is Univision taking a page out of Telemundo's Playbook of Super Series ?), it's increasingly likely we're going to see the Body Count get to the 50's or maybe 60's.

Lindsay or Linsey, something like that, Steve, is Joe's ex wife. The gorgeous blonde who is forty two times as attractive as Mercy.

"Niecie, I didn't give much thought as to who would be crank-calling LetMe. I thought " It could have easily been someone on the patio !

You have my vote for the crank caller being someone from Maria's school.

RGV it prob was from Brat's school. But I don't care. I'm with them, she needs to take her hooptie ass back to Mexico. We are not short on nut jobs as it is here in the USA.


Kirby said, "Want it?" still waiting...

Julie RvgChick, an award winner here.
The recap, thank you ladies. That big reveal wasnt all that big. We already
Knew thatlying liar was ed. And she dont Even deserve caps anymore.

I don't think Ryan is as dumb as he's acting. I was watching how he was lookin at eztela when she was talkin
Down to Laura with that "he believes
Me over you"smugginess.I think Ryan has a plan, and he better be careful cuz The girl is crazy for revenge. She
Made a Phone call to somebody about
Laura. Just guessin, but she want lau
Out of his hair. I don't think she's in love With Ryan all that much or at all.She wants revenge on mercy & wally
And what better way to do it than to
Ruin furia. Which is the place papa wanted to laundry all those dead presidents. Maybe she was mad at daddy
Or maybe they made up. Who knows with
This twisted sista. Maybe she might
Even know where the missing baby is.

Who is the missing baby? Asdrubal, if
He was a boy orNina if she was a girl?
More questions.And we'll get some more
Answers tonight? Maybe.

Danilo is a sack of stupid. Done.
Lindsey has a lot of time on her hands. Girl need to get a life.Her own
Would be good.
That phone probably made mercy want another dose of Tictacs.

Thank you ladies. Y'all should get Oscars. :)


RGV I sent it. Woo Hoo showtime. And a major storm blowing in.

Kirby..started raining steadily here about 4.00. I hope on it finds its way to Chickie.

Yeah, we have had too much, it is our hurricane season, but it has been desperately dry in the Rio Grande Valley. She and I are very close to the same Latitude, so we should have about the same tropical weather. But it isn't happening.

Susy, according to weather report,, no rain and temps in the 100s for the next few days.

Kirby, where did you send the pic to, I haven't gotten it.

I mail out a few to some of the others. They are muuuuch better on a big 24 to 28 inch monitor, cause the originals are really high resolution with a lot of detail.

I wonder if Stevey is still around?

Gosh I haven't heard from him in a while.
OT: PonyBun and La Dorita are hot together. That's the new power couple.

Yes, Es and Bunny are hothothot. ..but then, to me , Bunny would be hothothot with anyone..or by himself.

Kids, please try to stay on topic... LOL

Julie, which Stevey?

Kirby, yes the power couple look good together but Dorita didn't look to happy.

:-) :-) :-) Susy......

Susanlynn, I am truly sorry your classes didn't materialize.

"knowing" you these many years, I know you are an excellent teacher and inspiration. You often say so many things I hadn't thought of or offer a wise perspective.

I know you are always a busy lady but hopefully you will have a bit more time to hang on the patio.


She wasn't happy because he showed up when he hadn't been told to and she was going to get hoppy with Ryan.

On Topic? nice.

Rgv Chick, it's this Stevey:

WOW I was trying to watch that Ramon show, a Romance comedy right?
Man the Spanish and cats have one thing in common, there sure is a lot of wailing and carrying on falling in Luuuurve.

Kirby, yes, lots of wailing and drama on Ramon right now...haven't seen much comedy yet. Hopeoing the comedy part starts's still been pretty good so far.

Julie, thanks for explaining who Stevey is. BTW has anyone heard from Princess Juju? I've never "met" her but I remember she was having some problems at the beginning of DV.

Julie, Chickie, Diana..thanks. I am disappointed that all the classes were cancelled, but it is what it is. I have plenty of family responsibilities to keep me busy.

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