Monday, January 15, 2018

Enamorándome de Ramón, 1/15/2018: Gran Fin…Por Fin!

Skipped Scenes in Blue
Previously: Fabi keeps asking Francystco where her daughter is, but as he is about to tell her where Ana is, Francystco passes out. While Ramón tries to hold Fabi back, Fabi curses and yells, “Damn you! You can’t die! Tell me where my daughter is! Tell me! Francystco! Francystco! Where is she?” As Ramón manages to pull Fabi away from Francystco, Francystco coughs and passes out.

Outside, Juana worries that they are taking too long and wants to go inside, but Antonio tells her the cops are doing their job. As Juana insists that they may need her help (yeah, right! if they really do, send in the parrot!), she sees Fabi and Ramón walk out and asks them for the baby. After Ramón tells them that Francystco was not able to tell them anything and that he is dying, Sofía yells from the patrol car, “Don’t even look for her! By this time, that child should be dead!” Fabi tries to dart toward Sofía, so Ramón holds her back, but Juana turns into Calamity Jane as her pigtails twirl furiously and she grabs a pistol from a cop. After she pulls Sofía out of the patrol car, Calamity Jane yells, “Get out! Get out! You tell me right now where my granddaughter is, or you die right here!” Ramón tries to tell Calamity Jane to let Sofía go, but Calamity Jane won’t be stopped.
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Enamorándome de Ramon, Friday January 12, 2018; Grand Final, part 1; Taken: The Search for Ana

We begin where we left off last night: “Fabiola keeps playing with her baby as Francisco looks on but doesn’t move. Just then, a woman arrives and asks Fabiola is she knows where a church is. Fabiola walks away for a moment to show the women where it is and then bids her a good day. When she turns back around, she finds that Ana is gone and begins to scream for help…  “

The lady asking for directions just walks off [I am wondering why Fabi didn’t go running after her to find out something and gotten her description to give to police.] Juana comes back and says she couldn’t have been gone for more than five minutes. A few helpful bystanders say they are calling the police.
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Enamorandome de Ramon #115 1.11.18: Two Big Coincidences & One Evil Plan

Hello all! Well, here we are, the end of another story. Not the best story but one of the best patios I've had the pleasure of being a part of. It's true what they say, "the worse the novela, the funner the patio," and this has never been more evident than during this subpar story. 

Regardless of it's shortcomings, it was fun to recap and discuss the actions (we thought about them more than the writers did) with all of you. 

To the recap team of RGVChick, Sandie and Cynthia: thank you for taking this journey with me. I know there were some slow and hard times but we powered through it. I couldn't have asked for a funnier or more dependable group to share recapping duties with. Thank you!

As for our loyal commentors: Kirby, Diana, Susanlynn, JudyB, Lucio, Nina, Carvivlie, Steve, and many others. I thank you for sticking with us through the hard and fun times. It's been a pleasure. 

See you at the next one! :) 

Sofia declares that she will win back Ramon’s love because he will be hers or else.

The next day, Ramon takes Fabiola to their new home and Fabiola is over the moon. She wonders when Ramon did all this and gives him a big kiss. As Juana hands Andrea and Jorge the baby so they can see her up close, Antonio and Margarita congratulate the couple on their new home and baby. Ramon then goes to show Fabiola the nursery, and Fabiola loves it, but she wonders what they will call the baby. They joke to about naming her Ramona or Fabiola but ultimately decide on a name they both liked: Ana. They smile and hug each other.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Enamorandome de Ramon #114 1.10.18: A New Hope & An Old Threat

Osvaldo is shocked to learn all Julio did to his family. He reprimands Julio for always lying to him, selling his car and Virginia’s shop for money, and for being a hypocrite. Julio tells him he will get better, but Osvaldo tells him it’s too late as he will be in jail forever. He limps away as Julio cries.

Jorge sits down with Augustina, who shows him various pictures of his grandmother and his parents. Just then, Ramon arrives, and he sits down with Jorge to see the pictures as well. The three of them smile as they see them.

Pedro goes to visit Juana, who cries is in his arms, to offer his full support.

Jorge asks Augustina to take him to his parent’s house and she obliges. All three of them go off and visit the different houses and talk to various neighbors before Jorge goes to see his father’s grave and visit the local church. They then go off to meet some of the local fisherman and Jorge, for the longest time, has a big smile on his face.

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Enamorandome De Ramon #113, 1/9/2018: All future doors are now closed for Julio and Ozzie, as Jorge looks into his past

Patio if all goes as planned, this is my last Recap for this TN. I want to thank all that took the time to read and comment on all of our recaps, it is a labor of love. I did enjoy it as much as it was possible to enjoy, there were some pretty dumb episodes, but then there were some very heartwarming ones and overall it did what it set out to do which was to keep us entertained. I for one can say I've had a blast recapping and commenting on this TN and will miss this group of followers. On to the next one I say, although I don't know which one it will be for me. In the meantime you can find me on the CAER patio.

Repeated Scene: Julio cries like a baby that he is so sad that Betito died and does not want Juana to leave him now, but she insists that he must sleep to get over the drunken state he is in. He states he loved Jorge so much because they had looked forward to Betito with so much love. Fabi and Ramon find that Andrea’s money has disappeared due to Julio using it to gamble.
New scene: Juana comes out to find out from Fabiola that Julio gambled away all of Andrea’s money. Fabi calls Maggie to let her know what Julio did.
Benito gets home and Adalgisa tells him that Luisa had gone to see her and that she is thinking of asking Finito for a divorce, but she needs a little time to convince Finito that they are not right for each other.
Back at the Medina’s Antonio and Maggie find out from Fabi that Julio gambled away all of Andrea’s money. They are all shocked how Julio was able to do this to Andrea.
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Monday, January 08, 2018

Enamorándome de Ramón, #112, 1/8/2018: The Fallen Gambler and the UnSon Hero

Alt. Titles:
A Losing Loser Loses it
Who's (NOT) Your Daddy?
A Loser's Sh*t Hits the Fan
Geez, You're Adopted? Don't Worry, Be Happy 
Julio has some 'Splainin' to Every One
Julio is at the casino and has just won so he takes a swig. Meanwhile, Juana prays to St. Jude (Dr. Parrot must be on the farm spreading his wings…or has been sent out to look for Julio, we can't trust Juana with a drone, can we?) asking that nothing bad happened to Don Julio. She thinks it’ll be enough when he finds out his son was near death and they had to amputate his leg. Juana asks that St. Jude protect Julio where ever he is…and whatever the motive was for him to disappear, that he be forgiven. Juana you may want to reconsider that forgiven part.
Luisa and Finito arrive at their home as Finito comments that he thinks Benito made up the story about going to see Nabor. Luisa wonders why he thinks that since Benito and Nabor have been friends for a long time. Finito questions the comments Benito made, but Luisa thinks he shouldn’t make a big deal of it; he should consider the source. Finito insists that Benito was insinuating something…and Benito couldn’t stop looking at Luisa. When Luisa thinks Benito was just trying to rile up Finito and suggests Finito ignore it, Finito smiles and agrees…it’s not worth getting upset with each other. After Finito decides to go rest and tells Luisa he will wait for her, Luisa thinks he may want some action and wonders what she should do. (Is she concerned that in the heat of passion she will get her Bs and Fs mixed and call him Benito?)

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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Enamorándome de Ramon; Capítulo 111, Friday, January 5, 2018; Two singing birds and an amputee

We begin where we left off yesterday as Os is bitten by the viper, Rulo not knowing what to do, who finally leaves Os who is in a great deal of pain, in the stream to fend for himself.

Andrea arrives at Antonio’s just as he is arriving home. She explains that Julio is in charge of the money that her parents left for her, but the truth is because of his behavior of late, she doesn’t trust him. So she asks Antonio to go through the expenses with her because she just doesn’t like Julio’s attitude after dealing with trying to help out Medfer’s expenses when they were shut down. Then she mentions that she remembered that Julio also sold Os’ car and lied about it, saying that it was stolen instead. Antonio nods and agrees to help, but also lets her know that he has never gotten along with Julio and did not like the idea of having to confront him like this. She asks if he wants to think about it and he says, “There is nothing to think about. You can count on me.”
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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Enamorandome de Ramon #110 1.4.18: Snake Bites & Love Cookies

The doctors try to revive Porfirio’s body but he flatlines and they call the time of death.

In the waiting area, Margarita can’t calm down because they have no news on Porfirio. Just then, the doctor comes out and tells him the sad news: Porfirio has passed away. Margarita breaks down crying in Antonio’s arms, incredulous that her beloved friend has died.

Ramon goes to see Julio in his office to pick up the money. He thanks Julio as the money will help him fix the pending cars, so they can get paid, but Julio ignores him as he doesn’t know anything about cars. Ramon, slightly dejected, bids him goodbye as Jessica walks in to tell him his appointment is there but Julio can’t see her and orders Jessica to call his accountant to deposit the money he asked for his taxes. Jessica obliges and leaves.

Ramon calls Fabiola to tell him that he got the money, but he confesses that Julio was insufferable. Fabiola can’t understand why but they both assume he’s stressed because of Osvaldo. Ramon then hangs up when he receives a call from Antonio, who reveals that Porfirio has passed away and he can’t pass by the hostel. Ramon gives him his condolences and then hangs up and calls Fabiola back to tell her what happened. Fabiola is shocked to hear Porfirio has passed as well.
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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Enamorandome de Ramon #109 1.3.18: Untraceable Dumdums & Untimely Deaths

Osvaldo throws Rulo’s phone down to the ground and chides him for talking to Dalia by himself when they agreed to do it together. Rulo warns him to not cross because Dalia is his woman and she would never betray him. Dalia calls Rulo again but he doesn’t answer this time.

At the station, Dalia and the detectives deduce that Rulo and his cohorts are having problems from the little they heard. Either way, they still don’t know where they are, and the call didn’t last long enough to pinpoint it. Dalia swears she heard Osvaldo on the call when he stopped Rulo from telling him their location. The detectives suggest they give Rulo some time to call back as he probably won’t answer know.

Ramon goes to visit Fabiola to tell her that they were able to get some parts, but the rest are very expensive, and they need more money. They agree to call Andrea after to dinner, so they can ask her for more money. Just then, Juana comes from out the kitchen and they fill her in on the latest news.
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Enamorandome de Ramon #108, 1/2/18: Dalia sets a Trap for the Trio of Tontos but it’s not working.

Porfirio let’s Antonio know that the police has frozen his assets while they investigate if the money was legitimately earned. Antonio is upset because not having access to his funds limits what he can do to continue paying his workers. Porfirio then breaks the bad news that his shop will not be allowed to open during the investigation; also he may lose his shop if they prove it was bought with illegal funds. Antonio says that the shop was but by Ricardo and himself with work money.

Julio’s phone rings but he is in the shower, Juana picks it up and it is Julio’s secretary Jessica she is about to give Juana a message when Noe pushes the speaker button and interferes by saying that it is about his debt. Jessica hangs up and tells him he can’t do that, he says she can’t tell him what to do. Julio comes out of the room and sees Juana with his cell, he says “what are you doing with my phone?” Juana explains that she answered because it was from his office and that Jessica did not even leave a message because someone interrupted about a debt. “What else did you hear?” “No nothing else because the call was dropped.” Julio grabs the phone away from Juana very rudely and Juana is visibly upset but just walks away. He dials the phone, clueless as to how he just treated Juana.
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Monday, January 01, 2018

Enamorándome de Ramón, #107, 1/1/2018: The Three Amigos on the Run OR Too Stupid to Know They’re Stupid

[Previously: Everyone is toasting Julio and Juana when two cops come in to arrest Antonio for drug trafficking.] Antonio quickly stands up insisting that they are making a mistake; and Marg asks to see the warrant. After reviewing it, Marg gives Antonio a “you’re S-O-L” look; so the cops cuff him as Antonio asks where they could have gotten such an idea. The arresting cop explains how they received an anonymous tip; and when they went to conduct a search at his business, they found a large amount of drugs. Diego cries and holds on to Antonio as Juana grabs Diego and Fabi shouts that they will have to take her too, since she is part owner of the shop. After Antonio tells Fabi not to worry because this is his problem, the cops take him away.
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramon, Capítulo 106, Friday, December 29, 2017; Antonio gets Arrested!

We open with yesterday’s ending: “In the church, in front of the priest, Luisa and Finito both accept their promise to love each other faithfully. The priest then asks if anyone has any reason to stop the wedding as Adalgiza walks in and looks at them…

Finito looks back too, and Finito’s assistant (can’t remember his name) also looks back, gets up and spirits Ada away and out of the church. She cries and tells him she loves Finito, but he tells her that when you love someone you wish them well. She finally walks away. Luisa and Finito take their kiss as husband and wife and everyone congratulates them. Finito gives his assistant a big hug and thanks him.
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #105 12.28.17: Sexy Nurses & Buff Cops

Ramon tells Fabiola that he is there to support her, despite very clear legal advice, and kisses her. Francisco walks in, puff out his chest, and tells them Ramon wasn’t supposed to be there before walking away after Ramon declares that he’s there to support Fabiola. Ramon then decides not to enter the court with them but offers Fabiola is full support in spirit. They kiss again and then Fabiola leaves with her lawyers.

Julio comes out of the bank with Juana and Andrea, hoping they can all go to the bank to present the POA, but Juana wants to check on Fabiola and the bachelorette party preparations. Julio shrugs, as he also wanted to take them to lunch, but they decide to go together on Monday.

In court, Carlos states that Francisco wants to sell the clinic and split the profit in half. Margarita states that they will buy it and Francisco asks them for 5 million even if it only cost 3 million when they bought it. Francisco explains that the clinic has gained equity, but everyone knows he’s just stalling. Francisco offers to sell it to someone else, but he will choose the real estate company lest Fabiola and her lawyers sell it for less just to get rid of him. Everyone agrees, and the court is dismissed.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #104 12.27.17: Plan to Fail & Fail to Plan

Rosendo locks Sofia up in a small room until she learns to obey him. Sofia protests but Rosendo reiterates that he will force her to obey him if he must. He orders Chato to keep guard by the door and let him know if anything happens.

Adalgiza goes to tell Benito that Finito doesn’t want to see her anymore because he found out about the pictures. She tells him that there is little else they can do now and tells him that they should let the wedding go on. Benito won’t give up though, he tells her that Luisa is the love of his life and he must make her see it.

Luisa goes to see Fabiola to make sure she’s well enough to go to the wedding. Juana doesn’t think she’s well enough, but Fabiola will at least go to the ceremony. Fabiola and Juana then decide to plan the bachelorette party for Luisa, who has a giant list of people to invite from the building. They decide to have it in the apartment and Andrea will invent the games.
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Enamorandome de Ramon #103 12/26/17: Three die, and Sofia gets new accommodations

Repeated scene

Roxana calls the police to denounce Daniel who has gone into the church to meet Marta. A while later Roxana calls the police again and tells them that she is desperate to have someone come arrest Daniel. Daniel comes out of the church and sees Roxana. Points a gun at her and tells her that she will pay for having called the police on him.

New Scenes

Police sirens are heard approaching the church, as a police car gets to the scene Daniel tells the officers not to get any closer or he will blow Roxana’s head off. He then forces her to get in the car and he takes off to try and get away from the police. Roxana pleads with him to let her go and not to hurt her anymore, he hurt her enough when she went to jail because of him. Daniel tells her to shut up or he will shoot her. The police continue their pursuit. A tractor cuts the police off and Daniel gets a bigger distance between him and the police but down the road there is a police car parked in the middle of the road. When Roxana sees them she takes the wheel and forces the car off the road. They crash against the side of a hill and Daniel is killed instantly. The officer Nicolas Esquivel calls the police in Mexico to let them know that Daniel has died and that Roxana Herrera Rubio is on her way to the hospital.
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Monday, December 25, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #102, 12/25/2017: With Murderous and Two-Faced Friends, Who Needs Enemies?

Alt Title: Gun Totin' Frienemies and a Cockamamie Supremacist Granny
[Previously: Fabi doesn’t want any more medication; she doesn’t want the meds to hurt the baby. She begins to cry and asks Juana why all these terrible things have happened to them.] Juana replies that no one knows why God does what he does, but Juana thinks only blessings will follow. Fabi shares Ramón’s plans to get an apartment, but Juana wants Fabi to return home with her in the meantime, and until she feels better. They talk about all the food Juana will prepare for Fabi…whatever Fabi feels like having.

At MedFer, Rulo tells Chava about the video showing Darío going into Francystco’s building; he hopes that won’t cause them problems. Chava the Brainless suggests that if Darío is caught and names them, they can say they don’t even remember him, but Rulo points out that Darío is living with him. Rulo needs to find him; there is no other way.
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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramon; Capítulo 101, Friday December 22, 2017; Hortensia Blackmails Francisco into dropping charges, but Fabiola gets stabbed in jail

(Tonight’s recap was actually written by Alfredo because yesterday was only one episode and he had all this leftover recap (great stuff!) because he thought Thursday was going to be another double episode into one. I’m posting this for him, but adding the screenshots. Thank you Alfredo!)

Julio tells Hortensia that she has everything she needs to take care of herself and storms off. Once alone, Hortensia declares that she is still the head of the family and she will be respected until the end of her days on earth.

The detectives show Francisco the security tape of Dario, but the detectives think there are too many inconsistencies in his statement as he first said it was Ramon, then that he was confused and now he seems to recognize him. Carlos reminds the detective that it’s not his job to judge and the detective nods, but he finds it strange that Francisco also has no idea who the man who attacked him is, especially because said man went only to his apartment, didn’t take anything, and only attacked him. Francisco tells them that it’s their job to figure out his attacker’s motive and the detective tells him not to worry as they will find out what it is. Francisco looks like nervous wreck at this point.
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #100 12.21.17: Paper Planes & Search Warrants

Hortensia plans to institutionalize Andrea because she is no longer safe in her apartment. She then goes to put away the groceries.

Sofia calls Dalia, who chides her for not being present when things need to be paid, but Sofia wants to know about Ramon. Dalia goes to answer when Rosendo walks in and takes the phone away from her. He reminds her that the police are after her and she can’t have contact with the outside world or they will find him. Sofia doesn’t think things should be that way, but Rosendo could care less and storms off.

Ramon calls Juana, who can’t help but worry about the Medina sisters, and then asks him how it went with Cuellar. Ramon tells her about Cuellar’s plan, but Juana doesn’t think it’s a good idea because he should just let Sofia and her father go. Ramon has already accepted though and he explains that they only need to tap his phone, so they can trace Sofia’s location and her father’s since they are likely together. Juana would rather talk to Pedro, but Ramon asks her to leave him be and then asks about Andrea. Juana confesses that she is still missing, and Jorge is distraught. They both agree that Andrea shouldn’t broken up with him in person before hanging up. Dalia then arrives and tells Ramon that Sofia hasn’t come to work for two days and the garage is likely to go under soon. Ramon feels bad, but he suggests she find another job, as hard as it will be, before she’s left with nothing.

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Enamorandome de Ramon #98 & #99 12.20.17

Enamorandome de Ramon #98: Lying Spouses & Drugged Cousins

Francisco declares that Ramon, his wife’s lover, attacked him and threatened to kill him. He explains that he was at home when someone knocked on the door. When he went to open it, Ramon attacked him and threatened to kill him unless he removed the adultery charge against Fabiola. He wrestled Ramon to the ground and went to go get a gun in his bedroom, to fire a warning shot, but Ramon attacked him again and hit him various times in the head. Throughout his statement, Francisco remembers the truth: Dario beat him to a pulp.

Luisa gives Ramon the sandwiches Finito brought him as well as a soda. He thanks her and then a police officer comes and tells him that the police need him to say his statement again because the victim, Francisco, has declared that he beat him up. Ramon is confused and shocked as the officer leaves and he asks Luisa to tell Juana what just happened and how complicated his case has become. Luisa obliges as Ramon wonders what will happen now.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Enamorandome De Ramon #96/#97: 12/19/17: Ramon never, ever learns!!!

Repeated scene:
Sofia informs Frank that Fabiola is not at Maggie’s house. Frank says “how do you know?” Sofia tells them that Ramon was there earlier and mentioned Fabi. “I guess that means she is with him”. He thanks Sofia and she says as long as you keep them apart I will be satisfied, and then Frank says “count on it” and smirks his extremely annoying smirk.

New scenes:
Juana and Julio show up at the farm and bring Jorge and Andrea a cake. Julio gives Jorge a business card from the lab that can test the earth to check toxicity levels. Then Julio asks if they have made up their mind about the franchise. Andrea says that they have agreed to get the franchise but they want Julio to administer it because they don’t know anything about franchises. Julio is excited about their decision.
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