Saturday, December 16, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #92 & 93; Friday December 15, 2017: Fabi escapes, captured again, but the Bully goes down!

After hitting Franc on the head with a glass, Fabi gets a taxi and goes to a hotel as far as she can get from Franc.

Julio and Juana arrive at Horrortensia’s place. Julio dismisses and pays Rebeca. Hortensia doesn’t think she has had breakfast yet, so Juana goes off to get her some. But when she comes back with the tray, Hortensia says she already ate. Julio tells Juana to have patience.

Franc wakes up from his unconsciousness very angry. He calls Fabi on her phone. She gets scared and leaves the hotel. (Unless he put a GPS tracker on her phone, I don’t know why she is afraid.) At the apartment, Franc takes a couple of aspirin and puts on an ice pack.
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #90 & #91 12.14.17

Enamorandome de Ramon #90: Lover's Laments & Unsolicited Advice

Ramon asks Fabiola to tell him if she’s happy, but she can only cry. After a moment, she repeats that it is for everyone’s benefit and walks away. The nurse then calls Ramon to one of the rooms and he goes but can’t stop thinking about Fabiola.

Outside, Sofia calls Oton and chides him for hurting Ramon. Oton explains that he couldn’t allow Ramon to take off their masks, so they took care of it, but Sofia reveals that Ramon wants to go report the incident to the police. Oton tells her that the problem is now hers, but Rosendo won’t be happy to see things get so complicated and will make them pay. Sofia reminds them that it won’t be her who does and hangs up.

Luisa tells Jorge that she hopes things get better soon and Jorge, with his bags packed, thanks her and goes. Once alone, Luisa receives a text from Rulo’s phone that states Finito is not who he appears to be, and she can see it with her own two eyes at his sub shop that night. She wonders who sent it the text and calls the number back.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #88 & #89 12.13.17

Cut scenes in blue

Enamorandome de Ramon #88: Kidnapped Wives & Shady Exes

Andrea asks Fabiola if Francisco locked her in the apartment. She struggles to answer, and Andrea goes to get a locksmith, so he can let her inside. Fabiola curses her luck and calls Francisco, who is basking in the overglow of a hanky panky, to tell him what is happening. He instructs her to tell Andrea that she forgot her keys in the car and stall because he is on his way. Francisco curses his luck as well.

Adalgiza asks Benito if he thinks Luisa still loves him. Benito isn’t sure anymore and Adalgiza suggests they give up on being with the one they love. Benito then asks Adalgiza if Finito ever fell for her because then he would have a chance with Luisa. Adalgiza doesn’t know but Finito told her today they couldn’t be friends because he doesn’t want to betray Luisa, even with his thoughts. Benito thinks that is the way back to Luisa’s heart because, if Finito is worried about his thoughts, that means he feels something for her. Adalgiza asks if he plans to break Finito and Luisa up but Benito will do something better: he and Adalgiza will make sure Luisa and Finito end up with the people they are destined to be with. Adalgiza smiles and nods.
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Enamorandome De Ramon #86/87 12/12/17: Fabiola has no choice. Really?

Fabiola sees the results of the pregnancy test and realizes that Ramon is the father of her baby because she is 3 weeks pregnant. Frank bursts into her office and startles her so she throws the test in the trash can and he sees it and realizes what it is and asks “why are you doing a pregnancy test?” he gets it out of the trash can and sees she is 3 weeks pregnant, immediately realizes this is another opportunity and begins playing the victim calls her a prostitute and any other term he can think of to insult her. Fabi tells him to stop insulting her and he tells her that here he is begging her to give him a second chance and all along she has been cheating on him with Ramon. He grabs her by the arm and yells at her, she begs him to stop. He tells her that this is not going to end like this and leaves.
Esteban calls Juana to let her know that Andrea has called that she is being arrested for selling fruit. Juana leaves immediately to go help her out.
Frank calls his buddy lets him know that Fabi wants to divorce him and needs advice. He will meet him at a bar to share a beer.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #84 & #85, December 11, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #84: No Money for New Lovers and an Impending Divorce

Cut scenes in blue
At Poorfi’s office, Poorfi enters to find Marg there. When she asks how things went, he asks her what she is talking about, so she tells him that Lydia told her he went to the see the doctor. She wonders if it was due to what happened the previous night; and if his nose was broken. He asks her to go into his office; and as she does, he gives Lydia a reproaching “Why did you do that?” look. When Marg asks what the doctor said, Poorfi replies he said that her boyfriend doesn’t hit that hard. When he tells her he is fine, she thinks Antonio is a savage, but Poorfi understands because if he feared losing her, he would do the same, or worse. Marg argues that Antonio knows that what they have is only friendship…and Antonio knows now that neither he nor anyone else will keep her from seeing Poorfi. When she tells him she wants them to continue forever, he responds, “until death do us part.” Marg smiles and agrees; and Poorfi gets pensive. Marg then tells him that the judge agreed to meet with them so they can present the reclassification of Roxana’s charge. Poorfi suggests that they need to prepare the argument that will convince the judge.
At the prison, Roxana tells her cellmate that the judge will review her case. As Roxana smiles, she comments that if everything goes as expected she will get her freedom. When the cellmate notes that her husband got her some good lawyers, Roxana replies that he didn’t do it for her; he did it for Diego. She will never forgive Antonio for taking advantage of her situation to take Diego from her…he will pay for that. The cellmate advises that she wait until he gets her out, then she can go after him; for now she needs to be on her best behavior.
At her office, Sofía calls Lauro Graciano and tells him she wants to see her father. Graciano tells her it won’t be easy since her father is in a maximum security prison and is under strict supervision. When she insists that she is his daughter and they can’t prohibit her from seeing him, Graciano tells her he will see what he can do, but he needs to talk to her father to see if he will accept her visit. 
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Friday, December 08, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #82 & #83 12.8.17

Cut scenes in blue

Enamorandome de Ramon #82: Confessions of Love & Plenty of Threats

Porfirio tells the doctor that he is in his hands and will proceed with whatever plan of treatment he chooses.

Andrea and Jorge at hugging by field in the garden close to the main house. Andrea is quiet, and Jorge asks her about her thoughts. Andrea smiles big and confesses that she never thought she would own a vegetable farm but now she does and she’s excited about decorating the main house. Jorge thinks it looks beautiful even without the renovations and they can come and stay in the house on weekends and watch the sunrise and sunset. He tells her it will be like paradise, but she tells him that paradise is being in his arms. They kiss passionately as the farm employee, Esteban, watches.

Adalgiza and Benito look at Fredesvinda as she readies breakfast. They think it’s strange she is walking around like nothing happened, but they hope there are no graver consequences. They go over to her and think she looks great and Fredesvinda agrees because she woke up full of energy. They explain that she looks very good despite being struck by lighting but Fredesvinda doesn’t remember. Either way, she is still on this earth because she has a mission in life that she has not completed though she has no idea what mission it could be. She then sits down to eat as Benito and Adalgiza stare.
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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #80 & #81 12.6.2017

Cut scenes in blue

Courtsey of RGV and Myself:

Enamorandome de Ramon #80: Lighting Strikes & Accidental Kisses

Osvaldo lays beaten on the ground. As Jorge is home on his computer, Osvaldo, who has somehow managed to get up and find a phone, calls asking for help because he has been assaulted and is very hurt. Jorge tells him he’s on his way and runs to tell Julio that Osvaldo has been assaulted. After Julio asks too many questions that Jorge can’t answer, they rush off.

At a restaurant, Valente helps Guero in to meet Dalia. When Dalia asks what happened, Guero tells her Rulo jumped him and he didn’t have a chance to react. Dalia will tell off Rulo the next day, but Guero doesn’t want her to make matters worse; if Antonio finds out he’ll run both of them off. When she realizes Valente is sitting at their table, she wonders what Guero and Valente were doing together, so Guero explains that Valente was passing by when he saw Rulo beating him; Valente stepped in for him. Dalia thanks Valente and notes that it’s the second time he has put Rulo in his place, but Valente tells her he didn’t even realize it was Rulo until he got closer…even less did he know it was Guero that was getting beaten…he would have done the same for anyone else. After Guero thanks him, Valente starts to get up to leave, but both Guero and Dalia insist he stay; so he does.
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Enamorandome de Ramon #78/79; One gigolo down, Two sexists out, and Three is a crowd.

Univision has combined two episodes, this is the condensed version of episode 78 and 79. If you have seen a longer version of these episodes please feel free to share in your comments.

Repeated Scene:
The cat fight between Sofia and Fabi. Sofia tells her that she should not treat Ramon like that and Fabi tells her to Butt out. Sofia leaves and then Fabiola tells Ramon to “disappear from my life”

New scene:
Sofia is crying in her office when Ramon comes to tell her that these things should not happen. “What that you yelled at me or that you are still in love with her?” He tells her that he wants to give himself an opportunity with her. But she tells him to forget about going out tonight.
Outside of Medfer the two burglars that had been casing the area jump over the fence. Ramon notices a car alarm going off at Medfer and goes to investigate. When he gets there he sees flashlights inside and decides to investigate by jumping over the fence, he knocks over a tool and burglars hear, one of them has a gun and comes out to investigate. He sees Ramon and points gun at him. Ramon begins to fight with him and gun goes off.
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Monday, December 04, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #76-77, 12/4/2017: If He Calls Out Her Name, He Don’t Luuurve Ya

Univision has brought out the shears and started cutting and combining episodes!!
Cut scenes in blue.
Episode #76
Previously: Blanca questions Ramón about his relationship with Sofía: are they trying again? He denies it and tells her he just wants to start his life over again.
Antonio arrives at Andrea’s apologizing for being late. When Andrea asks about Roxana, Antonio shares that she will be transferred to the prison; bail is not allowed for the crime she committed. For now, he will tell Diego that she is on vacation. When Antonio tells Andrea he will return for Diego tomorrow, she tells him they will go to the farm tomorrow. Antonio has no clue what she is talking about, so she explains how they bought a farm. Antonio is pleased since purchasing land is always a good investment, especially if it can be cultivated. When Andrea offers to take Diego so he can take care of Roxana’s situation, he is very appreciative.
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Friday, December 01, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #75 12.1.17: One Foot Too Short & Five Years Too Late

Roxana calls Daniel to tell him that she was arrested at the airport because the police found drugs in his bag. Daniel tells her he will be right over but calls his associate, Morales, and tells him to disappear before leaving.

At home, Osvaldo lounges about and asks Jorge about Luisa because she hasn’t arrived and he’s hungry. Jorge tells him that she asked for the day off, so he shouldn’t wait for her, and then tells him that he is going to the car wash and then to visit Hortensia. He chides Osvaldo for not visiting her yet but Osvaldo waves him off and Jorge leaves. Osvaldo then receives a text from Ofelia, who tells him that she had a great time and wants to see him at the same hotel. Osvaldo smiles to himself as he texts her back.

At the park, Margarita explains that should Roxana not show up to the custody hearing, it will be a win in Antonio’s favor as but would should she doesn’t care about Diego. Antonio nods as he receives a call from Roxana, who reveals that she’s been arrested for drug trafficking. Antonio and Margarita are shocked.
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #74 11.30.17: Moving On & Moving Up

Sofia accepts Ramon’s offer but asks if he would rather order in. Ramon suggests he cook for her, but Sofia confesses that she doesn’t have much in the refrigerator. Ramon thinks there is always something they can, and they go to the kitchen too see what they can whip up.

Osvaldo is winning endlessly at roulette when Ofelia comes and tells him that she loves winners. Osvaldo smiles as she hands him a piece of paper and leaves. He opens it and reads that she is waiting for him at a hotel at 11pm and the room will be in his name. Osvaldo smiles, satisfied.

Ramon opens the kitchen door and brings the meal to the place as Sofia goes to get a bottle of wine. As Ramon opens it and she serves, Sofia confesses that she’s glad he’s happy. Ramon confesses that he feels good around her, but she laments that he doesn’t feel more for her. Ramon suggests they drop it, but Sofia finds it very difficult not to mention it. Either way, they should toast to their booming business and hope that they have more clients in the future.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #73 11.29.17: Misplaced Affection & New Illusions

Hortensia overhears Francisco plans with Fabiola but commits the cardinal sin of confronting Francisco, who takes matters into his own hands and sedates her, while an unsuspecting Luisa texts Benito out in the living room. When Hortensia’s asleep, Francisco explains to Luisa that she was complaining about some pain so sedated her. Luisa understands as Hortensia is insufferable and Francisco asks if she will be staying the night. Luisa explains that Julio will take care of Hortensia throughout the night and Francisco offers to stay and wait so he can explain Hortensia’s condition. He is worried about the pain Hortensia complained about and the cold. He then goes to check on her as Luisa prays that Hortensia doesn’t blame her for her woes.

At the casino, Julio loses another roulette swing and leaves the table. He then receives a call from Luisa who tells him the situation with Hortensia and asks if he’s on his way, so Francisco can explain. Julio tells her yes and hangs up.

After the tour of the grounds, Juana is ecstatic about the possibly of owning a vegetable garden (huerta). Andrea admits that she loves the country, even though she grew up in the city, and Juana tells him that he can take off the” for sale” sign as they are buying it. The owner is happy to hear it and Juana hugs Andrea.

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Enamorandome de Ramon #72, One possible funeral, one possible wedding, and a baby?

Repeated Scene:

Fabi in bed thinking that Frank doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she treats him (Fabi news flash: YES he does!)
New scenes:
Adalgisa is worried that Benito has not gotten home. Benito shows up drunk, she chides him for getting drunk for Luisa because she does not deserve it. He then tells her that Luisa threw a bucket of water on him, so she takes him to the room to help him change his clothes. He passes out and then she gets an idea and begins to undress him. The next morning Benito wakes up naked and Ada is next to him, she tells him that they made love, Benito looks shocked.
Frank goes into the room and Fabi is still in bed, tells him that she is not feeling well after what he tried to do to her last night so she is not going to work.Read more »


Monday, November 27, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #71, Nov. 27, 2017: Treacherous Women and Whining Alley Cats

 Previously (courtesy of Alfredo A): Once alone, Ramon asks Fabiola why she hasn’t been able to look him in the eyes. He asks if it’s because of all that is about to happen when she asks Francisco for a divorce. Fabiola tells him that she can’t leave Francisco in the lurch, but Ramon argues that their night together showed him that she still loves him, and it was like they had never been apart. Fabiola argues that she respects the man she married, and Francisco supported her when he disappeared on their wedding day. Ramon reminds her that he never meant to leave her the day of their wedding, but Fabiola thinks they should pretend their night together was a sweet dream that has now ended. Ramon begs her to promise him to never leave him, but Fabiola can’t and gets in the car. Ramon won’t get in, no matter how much Fabiola begs him too, so she drives off. Alone and broken on the street, Ramon wonders what he will do now...
Sofía tries to call Ramón, but the call won’t go through. Valente walks into her office and she quickly asks for Ramón. She wonders what he is doing with Fabi if she is a married woman, but Valente tells her you can’t rule the heart; Ramón loves Fabi. He has told her several times; and she will have to accept it, especially now that Ramón and she are associates. She shouldn’t mix love with business; if she does, she will lose him. As he leaves, Sofía cries.
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Friday, November 24, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #70 11.24.17: Magical Nights & Harsh Mornings

Ramon hands Fabiola his cell phone but they find that it doesn’t have signal. They try to find one, so they can call out and get some roadside assistance.

Antonio takes Diego to the police station, so they can talk to the police. Margarita arrives moments later and goes to them. Diego is not too happy to see her, but Margarita explains that her job is to help people, as she once told him, and she’s there to help him and Antonio. Diego nods and they walk inside the police station.

At the university, Andrea tells Jorge about her talk with Sara. They both agree that she’s a hypocrite, but Jorge warns her to be careful as Sara can be spiteful. Either way, Andrea is happy to know who her real friends are and Jorge nods before kissing her. His phone rings then and it’s Julio to ask him for a favor: take care of Hortensia after Luisa leaves because he must work late. Jorge agrees and hangs up. He then tells Andrea and she shrugs before receiving a call from Juana, who tells her that she will be back late but left dinner for her. She thanks her and hangs up before telling Jorge that she will be alone all night, so he should sneak away for a few hours and see her. Jorge smiles and kisses her.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #69 11.22.17: Redhot Cougars & White Hot Chemistry

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :D

Hortensia tells Julio that Luisa must be plotting against her with Juana, but Julio just rolls his eyes.

Adalgiza is looking at magazines as Fredesvinda prepares dinner. She receives a text from Finito, who tells her that it was fate they met today and asks her how she feels. Adalgiza tells him that she feels better and thanks him for his kind words that afternoon when Benito walks in. He tells them that his first day went well but storms off to his room. Adalgiza worries that Benito will never forgive her for showing him the photo of Luisa and Finito, but she soon receives a poem from Finito and smiles to herself as she reads.

Over dinner, Dalia tells Valente and Ramon that Antonio is a ball of nerves, not just because of Ramon’s shop, but also because Roxana took Diego without Antonio’s permission. Dalia wonders if Roxana took Diego out of the country but Valente reminds her that Roxana needs Antonio’s permission to do that. Ramon laments that Diego is missing, and Dalia is surprised as there is no love lost between him and Antonio. Ramon doesn’t resent Antonio though, especially after all he helped him when he first arrived, and suggests the three of them do whatever they can to help.
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Enamorandome de Ramon, #68 11.21.17: Fabi and Ramon kiss and don’t make up, But Jorge and Andrea do.

Patio, my apologies for the condensed recap, the episode was deleted by accident. So I got most of what I remembered.

Fabi is standing staring at Ramso, when from behind Ramon touches her shoulder and with that sultry voice asks her why she is crying. She turns around and looks at him longingly. She asks him “why did you ruin my life?” he replies with “why did you tear up my life?” Ramon tries to explain for the 100th time that he had been ready to go to the civil court to be married to her but that he was kidnapped. And that Sofia had been there to ask him not to get married, and had been there only by chance, and the kidnappers took her too. Fabi says she does not believe him. She will not accept any of his explanations.

At their picnic Jorge and Andrea declare their love for each other they kiss each other and Jorge takes off his shirt and helps Andrea take hers off.

All Ramon wants to know is “are you happy with Francisco” Fabi does not answer “I feel the same way, what we both feel is unmatched” he then gets close to her and gets his answer when they kiss each other. As they continue to kiss, Sofia shows up and startles them. Fabi says there is your “just by chance” and gets in her car and leaves.

Sofia chides Ramon because she thought he was there to work, “yes I am here to work” and he heads on to the shop.
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Enamorándome de Ramón, #67, Nov. 20, 2017: Let Downs, Put Downs, and Turn Downs…How Many Downers Can There Be?

Previously: Agustín storms back into Roxana’s home and demands that Roxana tell him that the baby isn’t his…and if she did it just to stay with Antonio. She made up all those lies just to blackmail him. Roxana heartlessly admits she did it because she didn’t think he was good enough of a man…or of a father to her child. He damns the day he met her and storms back out.
In their auto shop office, Ramón thinks they did well for a first day. Sofía had no doubts since he is the mechanic and the main attraction for the shop; anyway, he is hers. Ramón is taken aback to hear her say that he is hers; so she quickly backpedals and tells him he is her associate. When she notes that all their dreams are coming true, she kisses him, but he tells her not to do that again and reminds her that they agreed to be associates and friends…only.  She tries to argue, but is interrupted by Valente who wants to know where they are going to celebrate. Ramón suggests the taco place so they go. Sofía is disappointed but goes with them anyway.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Enamorandome de Ramon #66 11.15.17: Grand Openings & Grander Schemes

Santiago tells Andrea that he has been thinking things over and he’s realized that she’s always been committed to him and nothing would have changed if he never found out about Jorge. Even though he now knows about Jorge, his feelings haven’t changed so he wants to continue their relationship. They kiss, happily, and then call Juana over to tell her that they are moving to Chile, so Andrea can continue her studies and Santiago can work. Juana is sad that Andrea is leaving but happy that she’s happy, so she gives them their blessing and they hug. Juana asks Santiago to take care of Andrea and Andrea proposes Juana visit them while they are they, she may even want to stay. Juana tells them that they will discuss it when the time comes but they should go get dinner before it gets cold. They all agree and go but Juana’s tears continue to flow.

Francisco (who is a jack-of-all-trades doctor) comes out of the OR and tells the Medina family that Hortensia’s operation went well but she will be in a medically induced coma for the time being. Once they bring her out of it, they will be able to see if there will be any lasting side effects. The family is happy and thanks Francisco, but Fabiola tells them that it was thanks to Ramon as well, who brought Hortensia to the hospital quickly. Francisco frowns but quickly recovers and tells them that someone should stay with Hortensia tonight, just in case. Fabiola volunteers and Julio decides to leave after offering to stay tomorrow. Francisco will tell Fabiola when Hortensia is in her room and leaves. Antonio then offers to bring Fabiola and Margarita a coffee and goes to get it.
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Enamorandome de Ramon #65, 11/14/17: Chemistry is chemistry and neither distance nor trickery will get in the way of destiny

Repeated Scene:

Sophia and Ramon continue to discuss the auto shop. Ramon has made up his mind and they will set up shop at the location that Sophia already paid for. He will just have to deal with seeing Fabi.

Juana having a consultation with Dr. Parrot about how her romance with Julio is not meant to be and she’ll have to accept being on her own especially since the girls are leaving.

New Scenes:

Juana calls Fabi to let her know about having cashed out the shares to give her the money, Fabi tells Juana about how Ramon is opening up a shop right across the street. Juana will have a talk with him because she does not agree with that decision. Fabi thanks Juana for the money and taking her side on this issue.

Juana calls Ramon wants to know where he is because she has to talk to him. He is at Luisa’s she will come over so wait for her. (Run Ramon run)
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