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Enamorándome de Ramón, Friday August 11, 2017; Episode #4: A Funeral; and Sofía with Ramón on the Run

We begin with Sofía being accosted by one of her father’s thugs. Ramón finds her and helps her escape. The thug calls Sofía’s father to let him know. Then her father tells his henchman to find out where Ramón lives. Meanwhile Ramón and Sofía decide they are going to get a few things at his house and go to Mexico City. However, The thugs go to Ramón’s employer and get the address at gunpoint. On the way back to Ramón’s place, they see the thugs are already there, so they decide to make a run for it with whatever they have.

Sofía’s father advises his thugs to be on the lookout out of Tijuana to look for the couple trying to leave town.

Antonio receives a phone call regarding the funeral. He wants Diego to attend to say goodbye. Roxanna seems against it at first, but then says he is right. He goes over to invite the employees to the funeral.

Andrea and Fabiola carry their parents’ ashes into the church and have a hard time relinquishing them, so their uncles take the boxes and lay them down on the counter. They start saying goodbye as they continue to cry.

Ramón and Sofía wait by a bus stop and wonder if they have enough for a “camion”. (I am not sure if he really means a big rig truck or a bus. However it looks like they are waiting at a bus stop. “Camión” is a big rig truck and perhaps they are looking to travel on something like this made for passengers which is common in Latin America.). Looking at how much money they don’t have, Ramón asks Sofía if she is sure she wants this because he really doesn’t have much to offer her right now. But she tells him not to worry because he really does have everything to offer. They seal the deal in a kiss….Then Ramón gets out on the street to thumb for a ride.

After the funeral, the Medina-Fernandez family gathers at the family’s home. Juana offers to make some coffee and something to eat. The start looking a happier times with Katy and Ricardo and start laughing. Some of the pictures are of them in costumes from some costume parties they attended, as they loved dressing up in costumes. Everyone seems to be able to laugh a little except for Hortensia (well it is her son who died, I can’t criticize too much because I probably would not be able to laugh either if my son died.)

They decide to sing a song to honor Katy and Ricardo, so Jorge picks up the guitar and they all join in singing this ballad that sounds a lot like “Pescador de Hombres”.

A pick-up truck drops off Ramón and Sofía at a little café. They order something to eat and Ramón overhears the truck driver behind him who is on the phone regarding his truck that broke down. Ramón offers his help to the driver and lets the driver know that he is a good mechanic and will work on his truck.
Back at the Medina-Fernandez home, they finish singing the ballad and decide to sing another. However, Hortensia is just not in the mood and starts crying and leaves because she wants to be alone. Antonio and Diego say goodbye and leave. The quesadillas are ready but Virginia decides to also leave. Francisco looks at Fabiola lovingly and asks if she still wants to marry him. She says “of course I do.” Then they kiss.

In the kitchen, Julio seems to be sucking up to Juana telling her how good her quesadillas are. I’m sure he just wants that money.

Ramón fixes the big rig and they can get on their way. He explains that it was an electrical problem and offers that they ride along with him just in case the electrical beaks down again. They drive for a while and Sofía goes to the back of the cab condo to get some sleep.

After a while, Ramon and the truck driver see some men waving them down in the road. The truck driver says, “no worries, it’s just Federales”. But Ramón looks again and realizes it’s Rosendo AKA Sofía’s father’s thugs looking for them. They have to make their escape very quietly as the truck driver tries to stall them. Ramón and Sofía hide in the bushes down the hill while the thugs search the truck. After the thugs search the truck, he is let go.

Hortensia, at her plays cries over a photo of her son. She feels all alone and Margarita overhears her crying about how everyone is leaving her and that soon Margarita will be moving out. But Margarita comes to her to say she is not leaving. She is taking a job with Porfirio and will stay right there with her.

Sofía’s father and the fiancé she left at the alter conspire to get Sofía back. He says that she humiliated him in front of his family and friends. So what if he got another girl pregnant, that’s no big deal and Sofía’s father agrees. He says they demand “RESPECT” shows the gun saying that is what gives respect. Then they drink to that.

Antonio reads a story to Diego and Roxanna calls. She tells him she is coming in the morning to take him to school.

Ramón and Sofía continue to escape on foot and find a small house to spend the night with a nice lady who lets them in.

Next morning Juana serves the girls breakfast and Fabiola says that she and Francisco are going to continue to go through with their wedding plans. Fabiola asks Juana if she would please use some of the money so that Francisco could open up his own practice. But this makes Juana angry and says she doesn’t even have the money yet and here Fabiola is trying to tell her how to spend it.

At the little house in the middle of nowhere, it’s morning and Ramón and Sofía are having coffee and some breakfast that the nice lady served them. Sofía is frightened and Ramón tells her that her father’s cartel isn’t going to be looking for them out in the hinterlands. The nice lady sends them off with food and water. But it appears that somewhere along the way, Sofía hurts her ankle and can’t walk. Ramón tries to give her some first aid and he promises to protect her.

Margarita goes to Porfirio’s office and takes the job with him. He shows the new “licenciada” to her new office.

Roxanna arrives to Antonio’s, but Diego is sick and running a fever. They call the doctor who examines him and writes a prescription. Poor Diego seems to have the flu.

Francisco sees a friend at the hospital who asks if he married Fabiola yet. He explains that Fabiola’s parents just died and left one million dollars to the maid.

Julio is having his morning coffee and Virginia is just getting up. She asks if he wants breakfast, but he says he will have something later at the office. But instead he goes over to see Juana to suck up to her some more and have breakfast with her. She offers to make him some huevos rancheros and he says he will eat in the kitchen with her. She tells him that Fabiola had asked her if she would invest in a practice for Francisco. He asks if Francisco asked her himself and she said no, just Fabiola. He tells her that if Francisco wants his own practice, then he needs to do it himself. He also offers to “help” Juana decide how to best invest this money. (I smell a rat!) He offers to take her to the market. (What a suck up!) Virginia seems to catch up with him outside and finds out that Julio just had breakfast with Juana. So she goes over to tell Hortensia. Then Hortensia goes over to tell Juana to get out. Hortensia makes accusations that Juana is after Julio the same was she was after Ricardo. Fabiola and Andrea are left with their mouths wide open, extremely shocked by their abuela's actions.


Maraming Salamat po Cynthia!

Thank you, Cynthia.

"He also offers to “help” Juana decide how to best invest this money. (I smell a rat!)" - Julio is obviously circling the money. It is clear that he is tired of his wife, loves money loves gambling. Gold diggers didn't take long to appear. The second one is Francisco. Even though we haven't heard him say it, but what Fabiola said about buying a practice for him, is obviously his idea. I am sure he planted this idea into her head in such a way that she thinks it is hers. And she is gullible and immature to swallow it.

What is this with Virginia going to complain about Julio to his mother? Does she think Hortencia will tell Julio to behave and he will obey? I think Julio will just get annoyed and ignore Virginia even more. I see her marriage is in trouble.

El Bocanegra seems to have more power than federales, putting roadblocks on the exits from Tijuana, searching outgoing trucks. There is no way Sofia can escape, or hide for long. And Ramon will en up paying for it.

Thank you, Cynthia. I was out to dinner with friends and did not see this episode , so Unappreciated your recap.

Mi Marcelo (Julio) seems to have a see gambling problem .

“Looking at how much money they don’t have” was my favorite line of many Cynthia. What a treat to read one of your excellent recaps again.

“Camión” is a big rig truck and perhaps they are looking to travel on something like this made for passengers which is common in Latin America”. Thank you. You always give us new information. I love learning!

“So what if he got another girl pregnant, that’s no big deal and Sofía’s father agrees”. Bad boys without charm.

“Francisco sees a friend at the hospital” – (I think that was Augustin, Roxana’s boyfriend?) “He explains that Fabiola’s parents just died and left one million dollars to the maid”. Telling him money was left to the maid seemed like an odd tidbit to reveal. Could it be Francisco is more interested in money than love? Of course I say that only as he is not the galan here.

I think Virginia knew exactly what she was doing in appealing to Hortensia. Hortensia has made no secret of the fact she is unhappy that Juana was left the money. Tattling to her likely had the desired affect – firing on the spot.

“It is clear that he is tired of his wife, loves money loves gambling” was spot on Lucio! But, but, he is Marcelo Cordoba! He has to be perfect, right Susanlynn?

And Lucio, yes, it does appear that El Bocanegra is omnipresent. I’m not sure there is a safe haven for them anywhere. But, I’m wholeheartedly rooting for them, even though I know it’s in vain.

I’m looking for Antonio’s storyline to be developed. The restless Roxana does not appear to be his final destination. I would like it to be Margarita, but a besotted Porfirio will likely stand in the way.

Loved the screen shot Cynthia. Thank you so much for recapping this so splendidly.


Hey unappreciated???? No..that was supposed to be " so much appreciated"..sorry! #remembertoproofread

Hey, I don't have all the characters names down pat yet, so if I miss saying the character's name, it's because I didn't catch it or haven't seen them enough yet to recognize the person. As for Francisco's "friend" who came to the hospital, I just did not recognize him at all, so I didn't give him a name. So thanks for helping me out. It sometimes takes me a good couple of weeks before I get everyone's character names straight. I certainly appreciate all of you who comment and give me a better perspective with getting to know these new characters.

Susanlynn, I knew what you meant. I know the havoc that doing text messaging does on what you want to say and how the auto text seems to "think" you want to say a certain thing. Then you don't notice it and you hit send. I've had that happen to me too. I think sometimes the autocorrect thing on the text stuff changes what I originally said.


Diana..I much prefer Marcelo playing a good guy. I wonder why he has never gotten galan roles. He is so goodlooking, and I like his voice. How do you like the silver hair?

Cynthia...thanks for understanding! When I an commenting while trying to get stuff done ,I am careless!! So glad that we will be watching this show together and that I will get to read your recaps again!! Hope that you and yours are well. How are the oranges and lemons doing???

Cynthia, I am smiling because honestly, there are only about 4 or 5 characters whose names I know - and for whatever reason, Augustin was one of these. My short term memory is poor so it takes me much longer to learn than most.

Susanlynn, I like Marcelo either way :) Good OR bad, bring him on! I have a feeling the lovely "Marisol" is going to melt his heart. I think he has many bad qualities but haven't seen anything that indicates he is irredeemable. Yet. :)



Thank you, Cynthia. Great job.

Just a couple of little minor notes: "Camion" can also mean bus; the song they were singing is "Las Golondrinas" which is a sad farewell song, usually sung when someone dies, much like "Amazing Grace" is sung during some memorials; and Sofia didn't hurt her ankle, she developed blisters from walking so long in those shoes, though she has no choice.

You recappers are doing an awesome job.

Diana..Do you think that Julio and Marisol will end up together? I think that in Pasion they were buddies .

I do Susanlynn!

Yes, they were friends in Pasion. Her soulmate in that was Alberto Estrella. Sigh. Some have all the luck, don't they? :)

Thank you for explaining Sofia's shoes were the problem Anon. I can't recall seeing anything like those before. Sort of a cross between hospital shoes, but with a really, really high wedge. Not really complimentary to the wedding gown. I totally agree - Alfredo and Cynthia are awesome.


Cynthia, great job on the recap!

Virginia seems to be a whiner and she runs to Hortencia because she thinks Hortencia can control Julio...NOT! Either she is totally blind or just a complete idiot to ignore waht goes around her.

Is it me or does Juana seem to have a liking for Julio? I hopeo she doesn't get taken by his sweet talk.

And, yes, that was Agustin talking to Francisco at the hospital. When Francisco told him that he was postponing his marriage plans because his girlfriend's parents had been killed, Agustin commented that it was a coincidence that his girlfriend had family that had also perished in the plane crash.

Diana, "I’m looking for Antonio’s storyline to be developed. The restless Roxana does not appear to be his final destination. I would like it to be Margarita," That would be a nice pairing, but I haven't seen any chemistry between them, have you?

Rgv Chick, perhaps "chemistry" might have been too strong a word. It wasn't an overt physical chemistry. But I sensed a real warmth and connection in their scenes together - they clearly like each other.

Ahhh. I was wondering if Augustin and Francisco knew they were "with" women from the same family. You've explained they don't know that connection. Yet. Thank you!


Diana, yes, I noticed that Marg was all smiley and giggling talking to Ant in his apartment.

She was Susanlynn!

And Ant seemed disappointed she wasn't able to come to dinner with him and his adorable son...


Esmeralda Pimentel from "ECDLP" is on this TN.

I hope that Hortensia is not keeping Margarita from leaving home by having dependency issues. Margarita & Antonio lit up around each other the other day.

Roxana just wants to leave her responsibilities of being a wife & mother so she can have fun times. But being in a relationship and caring for children is not always fun times. She may love Antonio & Diego but her primary focus is herself and her fun times. The only reason she's trying to kiss up to Antonio is because he's decided to move on. As he moves on with Margarita (or anyone else), Roxana will then try to get Antonio back. I don't see these two getting back together successfully until Roxana decides she will put up with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother in exchange for the love of her husband and child and as long as Roxana's focus is on herself and her fun times, I don't see that happening.

Hi Anon 207, great to see your comment!

I think Margarita living at home suits her fine. At least for now. I believe she thinks her mother needs her and doesn't seem to be the adventuresome sort. That said, I don't think Hortensia has put too much pressure on her to stay (well, at least what we've seen).

Unless there is more to Roxana's backstory, I think everything you wrote explains the situation perfectly. Roxana seems to yearn for excitement that a caring marriage might not always be able to provide. I am already rooting for Margarita and Antonio.


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