Friday, August 11, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #67, Friday, 08/11/17 Is Ryan very smart or just a sickening kind of stupid?

Since I have no way of knowing the differences between the Uni and the Mexico version, I'll just recap everything that I saw (I think it's the original episode that aired). 
My thoughts about Ryan are in italics.
Estela and Ryan are reminiscing about their plan to go to a Paradise Island in Brasil back in the day. She is laying it on very thick, diabetes patients be warned: nobody ever loved her like he did, nobody ever made her feel like he did etc etc... 
Ryan flinches - did she ever fall for ED?
No, never, he held her captive, how could she when all she dreamed about was to return to him. Ryan can't help but think about it, but the accusation makes her furious, she'd like to forget all about it. Ryan doesn't understand, since just days before she was scared out of her mind. Yes, but staying scared won't help her heal, she needs to move forward. 
Kissy faces, but Ryan rejects her eventually, saying that passion is all good and swell, but this time around he won't do the same mistake, he wants something that lasts. So off to bed he goes. No sex for Estella tonight.
(Is the guy playing a long con, or is he just that gullible?)

Joe and Mercy talk their holiday plans. But she's more interested in the fact that he's a traitor who lies more than she does, so she innocently asks if he thinks that his wife could send an anonymous letter to the authorities, saying that he was involved in the money laundering. He says that this is highly unlikely to succeed, and that is when Mercy goes for the kill: an anonymous letter about her lover destroyed her relationship with Walter, who then decided to give Danilow part of Furia. So, Joe is practically the cause of all evil. 
He tries to defend himself, he only sent that letter to free Mercy. But she's crazy mad, because of the secret he's been keeping but also because he allowed for her to take all the blame, never revealing who the lover was. So she throws him out of her house.

At home, Laura and Rosario are checking the evidence they have against Estela again. Laura knows something is missing, but what? Rosario looks at an old article and Laura notices something written on the back: "Where" followed by a dollar sign. She can't figure out what that would mean, though. 
Rosario mentions how there is talk on the Radio about Ryan and Estela, the IT couple these days. They're even saying that they're preparing to go on a trip. Laura wonders where that might be, which gives her an idea that has her running out of the house and straight to Ryan's place. She finds him half dressed and asks directly where he and Estela planned to go on their honeymoon. Ryan explains that they wanted to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Playa Pineiro (or something). 
Just then Estela shows up and acts as if she just went out to buy breakfast after a night full of passionate soulmates lovemaking. The women get into it, with Laura pointing out that she's not the one who's a homewrecker and that she's still wearing Ryan's ring. Ryan just watches them bicker (aren't you turned on just a little bit, Ryan?), but Laura leaves rather quickly. 
Inside the house, Estela says that she would love to see Mercy this afternoon, try to patch things up with her. Ryan thinks it's too soon, but he reluctantly agrees and goes to get dressed. She immediately phones someone, asking them to take care of something because she can't wait any longer.

Laura meets Chava and tells him that she thinks Estela has money or other important interests in Brazil, why else would she want to go there? If she has the money to invite Ryan on such an extravagant trip, it means that she is ED (and Ryan should put the pieces together, too, right?) She wants Chava to do his Internet magic and find out stuff, Chava suggests telling Joe what they know and ask for his help. 
Laura has to go, she has a fan event in the after-noon. Chava is proud of her, through all her pain she still finds time for this.
And talking about the fan event, they're promoting it on TV, too. Luisa, who is in a hotel room, getting phone-rejected for yet another job, finds the information intriguing.

Nina and Genesis have prepared the event, they even set up a cool trailer for Laura to prepare in. She'd like to rest a little bit before she meets the fans, so they leave her alone. But there is a short circuit that get a fire starting, while Laura is all alone in the trailer. She desperately tries to open the door and the window, but both are stuck (hmmm!!!I smell trouble).
Eventually Nina and Genesis do get back to the trailer and when there is no answer to their knocks and smoke starts coming out, they realize that La Regia is in trouble. They ask for help, and lucky for them, Luisa shows up, breaks the door and takes a fainted Laura out.
After a quick mouth to mouth Laura opens her eyes. She feels good enough to continue the event, but only shares with Luisa the fact that she doesn't think the fire was an accident and she's looking forward for the fire-men's report. Luisa agrees, and more so, accepts Laura's job offer, to be her bodyguard.
While Laura is nearly getting herself killed, Danilow drops by the ranch and finds all her investigation on the table (because that's where one leaves delicate life or death information). He grabs the USB port and leaves.

Mercy and Lizzy meet at a restaurant to talk about Joe's legal situation. Mercy asks Lizzy not to reveal anything damning if she is forced to testify against him for the money laundering. Are they divorced yet? Isn't there a law protecting spouses from testifying one against the other? 
At first Lizzy doesn't want  to cooperate, but Mercy points out the fact that if found guilty, Joe will stay away from their kids for a very long time. Lizzy admits that she doesn't know much anyway, she did hear him talk with Ryan about some Furia problems that got Joe very upset, but that's about it. 
Now she realizes that she can't force Joe to be with her. She was just jealous because he left her for a younger woman. Mercy points out that youth isn't eternal, but Lizzy is smart and she should start living her own life.

Just as she's leaving, Ryan calls her to ask for a meeting with him and Estela. Mercy agrees, but just to tell them both that she disapproves of the relationship because he's married. Maybe she would have said yes three years back, but not now after all the pain Ryan has suffered. Estela is not proud that things are like this, but Ryan says that she's a victim, too. Mercy doesn't believe a word out of her mouth, so she just goes to another room. Pretending to want to go to the bathroom, Estela follows Mercy and tells her that she will take Ryan far away from her and she will be left all alone. Mercy is a little shocked that Estela would reveal her true face just like that, but Estela is not afraid: Mercy has kept so many secrets from her son, he would never believe another word coming out of her mouth . She despises her for having been with Pedro Carillo and even worse, for having abandoned her child. Saying this, Estela shows Mercy the necklace.  
Mercy accuses Pedro of stealing the baby to make her suffer. Ryan shows up just then and immediately sides with Estela, even if Mercy is shouting for him to see the truth. The scene gets totally unreal, when Mercy collapses on the floor because they practically start making out in front of her (Really, Ryan, are you that dumb?

Earlier in the show Danilow asked Horacio to gather all the documents that involve Ryan in the money laundering. Now that he has it all and the USB port, he tells Horacio that he plans to send Ryan to jail. Horacio doesn't understand why Danilow is still after Ryan who is no longer part of Furia, but Danilow gets mad and screams that he is EL DORADO, the one and only!
Just then Tadeo comes along, asking to talk to Horacio about his music career. He eventually refuses any Furia promotion, because Horacio thinks that in order to succeed, he needs a "beard" and a change of look. Oh, and what they do in private, can stay in private. Tadeo despises this type of thinking, so he storms out, just as Horacio is trying to explain that he loves women, but he has an open mind. 

Letmehavedoublestandars comes to Laura's event to talk about the problems she has with her kids. Laura, Genesis and Nina ask her to cut Tadeo some slack, be as accepting and proud of him as she is of Maria. She seems to be listening to their advice.

At the hospital the doctors tell Ryan, Joe and Estela that Mercy is in a coma, after a brain seizure. Joe is inconsolable, while Ryan goes to see his mom to beg her no to abandon him: they fight all the time, but he loves her ad she's all that he has left, after his father died.

Laura introduces Luisa to Paloma and Rosario. Paloma likes her immediately, but Rosario has doubts because Luisa reminds her of Blake.
Chava calls Laura to tell her that he found a house in Rio de Janeiro that is owned by a corporation with Dorado in its name. This has to be Estela's house, right? (Yeah, because "dorado" is such a rare name is Spanish) Since the authorities are surveilling him, he can't do any serious hacking. Laura goes to search the USB port but can't find it. She and Chava realize that the only one who could have taken it was Danilow. They need Joe's help, so they call him, only to find out about Mercy. 

At home, Estela is on the phone with someone - she's upset because her order was to kill, not scare (so I guess that explains the trailer incident). Asdrubal shows up, freshly escaped out of jail. She threatens him with a gun, they make out (they have "that" kind of relationship) and just then Ryan shows up at the door and lets himself in with a spare key that is under the doormat. 
He just wants to take a 5 minute nap, he's very tired after being at the hospital with Mercy. He goes to the room, where there are huge stacks of just bought clothes. Estela apologizes for splurging, but Ryan doesn't even seem to notice it (he does get the strange face again, just for a minute; how long is this con supposed to be, anyway?) , he jumps into bed directly. Oh, and Asdrubal is hidden under said bed.

Morgana is doing her usual music routine, that Danilow finds very boring. he receives a package that both he and Horacio are too afraid to open, so Morgana does. It's a pair of boots from Salgado(?), which makes Danilow very happy and Morgana as confused as always. 

Sometimes later, Ryan decides that it's time to go back to the hospital. Estela would love to accompany him, but if Mercy sees her and has a bad reaction... Ryan says... nothing, again! And then he's out the door.
Asdrubal thinks that Ryan is an imbecil (at this point, he could be very right). Estela just wants him out, since the police are looking for him. Why didn't he wait for her to get him out? He couldn't, someone thinking he was ED tried to kill him.  

This is where my episode ends. I hope they didn't decide to air two in one or whatever else they do these days, because I'm tired and I won't check Uni again... Zzzzz.....


Adriana, this was good and quick. You did a good job with what you had to work with.
Ok first, who stays at the hospital for hours and goes home to take a 5 minute nap? Ryan looked like he knew somebody was in that room. I don't think he's dumb,hes just actin dumb.

Speakin of dumb who leaves evidence spralled Out on the dinning room for stupid Like Danilo to come and steal?Laura.

Joe and mercy is over? Why maybe so.
Probably should be.

So esty tried to have Laura knocked
Off. It was probably old natividad.
He should go to a rest home for retired hitmen.

Is this the Last week comin up?Hope
So. Danilo is gettin stupider and stupider.And morgana should just
Just let it go. Her hips are moving
More than her lips. She is clearly
Not a singer. Ok gotta the
Weekend. Rain rain rain.

Adriana, Thank you.

Wow! Thanks, Adriana!

Nina, I had the same thought about Ryan's 5 minutes power nap. Mercy met them in the afternoon and fainted soon after. How much time did Ry spendby her bedside?an entire evening? Just a silly plot device to get Estela's men in the same room, imo.

Good Morning!

Adrianna, thanks for the speedy's great! Just some quick thoughts before chores and errands...

I think Joe is still lying...something else was behind the message to Walter.

Ryan has lost just about all the points he had...he has just a few because of his little speech to Mercy, but to continue seeing Estela and actually going to rest at her apartment when he has his own apartment and house was utterly sickening. He shows no respect whatsoever for his marriage.

From tormenter to what a quick turn around for Luisa...maybe that liplock with Regia sealed the deal LOL

Have a nice day, back later


Merci, Adriana, for that quick and clever recap.

Good morning, all. Just a few comments....

Ryan, button your d**n shirt up before you answer the door. Jerk. He and Es have not slept together, right? I hope that means that he is playing her to find out the truth. If not..goodbye, Ry.

So great to see Laura give Es the ring finger and point out her wedding ring on that finger.

Bunny reduced to hiding under beds. How the mighty have fallen..under a bed..under Esteala's wicked spell. Dope

When I saw Luisa, I had a funny feeling that she was going to become Laura's bodyguard. Mouth to mouth?...dream come true???

Thank You Ms Noel. quite a nice read this Saturday morning. For the show, itself, I am calling it the GONG ! episode.
Like NiNa said, who leaves all evidence and a USB drive out laying around? GONG
How many times does DaniLow just walk in before you change the locks? GONG !
Where was the normally everpresent sidekick Rosario or Chayo whatever her name? GONG !
Where did the Winnebago come from? A gift from a secret fan? GONG !
And how did the fire start and all the windows and doors lock? GONG !
If you can not break out of one of those beer cans on wheels you should perish. GONG !
How did Luisa get it open when Thunder Thighs couldn't kick her way out? GONG !
Don't people ever fart when they are hiding under a bed? GONG GONG ! !
Isn't her apartment 15 miles away in Santa Monica, not next door? GONG !

Happy Gong Saturday


Oh I left off one. If Ryan has fed himself, gotten a drivers license and dressed himself and learned to wipe his own.........sweaty brow, he HAS to be playing along to cook HotStela in her own oven. How brave.

Susy do you like your heartthrob calling her 'Patron'? I admit she has "Beat me, bite me, burn me, make me write bad checks" written all over her.

Adrianna: I do enjoy surprises.

Kirby: Ryan now making out with Estela ?

Susanlynn: Did Danilo the Drug-Lord kidnap our Protagonista again ?

RGV Chick: Abortion Barbie (AKA Morgana) would do horrible on "American Idol".

Thanks, Adriana. Great job.

But she's more interested in the fact that he's a traitor who lies more than she does

Touché! You nailed Mercy.

(Is the guy playing a long con, or is he just that gullible?)

I’m back at the Ryan table on the patio. When Estella’s not gazing straight in his face, the look Ryan has is one of suspicion. Ryan arrived so closely after Asdrubal that I think he knew Ponytail was hiding in there. Now is Ryan working his plan without informing Laura or are they both doing a giant ruse together, and is his plan any good? Beats me. But I did appreciate him with his shirt open and his chest wet. Been a shortage of beefcake shots here lately.

She despises her for having been with Pedro Carillo and even worse, for having abandoned her child. Saying this, Estela shows Mercy the necklace.

So Ryan came in on the end of this argument and didn't hear about the baby. Estella has the necklace. Last we saw it, Asdrubal gave it to Genesis. Why is Estella so worked up about Mercy "abandoning" a baby? Cause the baby is her half-brother or half-sister? Hmmm, Mercy is in denial about something. She hates Estella, but the The Golden One seems to have info about her missing baby that she'd want to have, right? DZ was on the local news tonight saying a lot of stuff would get decided in the final weeks. The news announcer should've corrected him, "Hey, ya'll got a lot of stuff to resolve in just one week punto.

Asdrubul and Estella are so hot together. Too bad the cynical hitman can’t see she’s only using him. Ryan’s the one she’s obsessed with.

he [Danillo] receives a package that both he and Horacio are too afraid to open, so Morgana does. It's a pair of boots from Salgado(?), which makes Danilow very happy

Funny scenes like that make Danilo goofy like in his days before the murdering and raping. The writers can’t seem to make up their mind about him.

Niecie, the thought that Ryan saw Assdrubal and that's why he came did cross my mind, but why was he in the neighborhood in the first place? Nothing about that scene made much sense, so I'm just calling it a plot device for now.
Ryan does get all these strange faces, but if he's fooling Estela, I dont't think Laura's in on the secret. I guess we'll find out soon enough, one way or the other.
Goofy Dani is actually very funny, too bad the writers didn't keep him light -it would have improved the show and given Laura a real alternative for a galan.

Kirby, the fact that it took Luisa, a woman, to save Laura from the burning trailer in a place filled with regional music lovers (many of whom were men) tells us that women can definitely do everything alone. Why weren't more people around to help when Luisa was kicking that door down?


Adriana, yep, they should've kept Dani light. After he gave Laura horse tranquizer to have his way with her, I've been seeing him as an arrogant pampered frat boy who thinks he has a right to do anything in pursuit of his own pleasure. He is totally amoral, except for his feelings for Paloma.

Just remembered Genesis gave Joe the necklace. Hmmm, so does this mean Joe and Estella are working together and he gave her the necklace?

Adriana, true. I had given them the benefit of the doubt and assumed most of the people didn't know anyone was in there. It was only right before the door came open that there was even a whiff of smoke.

And say what you will, girls, a 250 pound guy still has a better chance of bringing down a door than a 125 pound woman.

Kirby..heh..yes, Esteala does look like a "beat me, bite me..." Kind of gal. And I did like Bunny calling her "Patron.," very...respectful. They are a Mexican Bonnie and Clyde.

I am confused about the traveling necklace. Bun>>>Gen>>>Joe>>>Es ?????

Adriana Noel, this was sensational. Loved every single word.

"(Is the guy playing a long con, or is he just that gullible?", "(aren't you turned on just a little bit, Ryan?)and "(Yeah, because "dorado" is such a rare name is Spanish)" were only a few of your fabulous lines. Very well written.

Favorite moment was Laura giving Ryan and dEspicable the middle finger ring salute.

Next favorite was watching badbun’s lips on Estela’s gun. Was his calling her “patron” respectful or a tad bit mocking? Their scene was the sexiest of this series. And they were only kissing.

"So, Joe is practically the cause of all evil". I'm starting to wonder if that might be true. While obviously cunning, was Estela clever enough to do this on her own? Could Joe be the true puppetmaster? As you noted Niecie, he had to have given Estela the necklace - there doesn't seem to be any other explanation. Joe has been keeping many secrets and obviously doing manipulation from the side.

We have all accepted Estela is ED. But did "revealing" herself to Danilo mean we've accepted that at face value? Or, am I reading too much into this only as Joe is not who we believed him to be?

despicable certainly revealed her venom when Mercy collapsed and Ryan asked her to call the ambulance. A cool, cruel customer indeed.

I think Dan still doesn't believe Estela is ED. Could he be right?

In terms of what Ryan thinks, Kirby you said it best "he HAS to be playing along to cook HotStela in her own oven". There is only so far you can stretch credibility for a galan, and his is now at the limit.

"Paloma likes her immediately, but Rosario has doubts because Luisa reminds her of Blake". Of course Rosario has doubts! The woman is a cold blooded machine. So, now not only is all forgiven, but she has a job and a life in the bosom of Laura's family? Color me confused. And not happy. This is a little too magnanimous of Laura. Forgiving is one thing. This is something else completely.

"Mouth to mouth?...dream come true??? OMG Susanlynn. too funny.

The more I see, the less I'm convinced everything is as it appears.

It seems Joe seems upset at Mercy's condition. I think it's genuine but who knows?

Adriana Noel, this was great.


Something just occurred to me.

The necklace was likely stolen when Mercy's place was ransacked.

I still can't figure out why he emailed Walter about Mercy having a lover. Maybe it was because he wanted her for himself and hoped this would split the couple apart?

Too much confusing info for me at this time.


And we are no closer to finding out who Mercy's child is.



Diana..I kind of think that Luisa is really grateful that Laura forgave her and befriended her when they were in prison together and Laura's peeps were beating her up. I get the feeling that Luisa has not had much love or family in her life. And then...Blake..bllleecchh. I think that Luisa will now be a friend , supporter, and protector of Laura and her family for life, and one can never have too many of them. Laura has gathered quite a few female supporters around her..Paloma,Rosario, Gen, Rita, and now Luisa. After losing her aunt thanks to evil Fausto, she has created her own family of friends. Yay, Laura.#girlpowerisreal

Susanlynn, I am a wholehearted advocate of women surrounding themselves with loyal, supportive women. I am fortunate enough to have (and have had) such amazing, wonderful friends in my life.

Luisa showed a somewhat sense of appreciation that Laura was kind to her in jail but never showed remorse.

I admire Laura's ability to forgive but stand by my assertion that bringing Luisa into her home (at this early juncture) is too risky with her young daughter. Having one of Paloma's captors so close just doesn't sit right with me.


Diana...I understand your point. I guess I think about that beatdown Luisa gave Faust-ow !! :-) That was so great ! I wish that she had had a chance to give him a few more beatings. Well, we shall see what unfolds. I was kind of hoping that Luisa might just protect Laura from Es and give her a couple smacks! Wishful thinking!

I don't remember Genesis giving the necklace to Joe. I know he held it to look at it, but he gave it back to her (unless there was another occasion when he asked for it), so I think it's the necklace was stolen when Mercy's house was ransacked...even Mercy said it had been stolen a few days ago.

Kirby, you're so right about all the GONGS. A couple more are the smoke that didn't come out of the Winnebago until well after the girls started trying to open the door. There was enough smoke in the Winne to make Laura pass out yet when the girls walked up there ws no smoke that could be seen through the windows. The otehr GONG was Paloma's reaction to Luisa, a person that was keeping her from her and Laura had told her Luisa was evil. You'd think Paloma would have been scared to see Luisa.

Next generous thing Laura will probably do is pay for Blake's funeral.

I really don't think Ryan knew Asdrubal was there, he would have known then that Estela had been lying all along and called her on it. I do see the skeptical looks, but as he said, he has noticed how Estela has changed and it seems he is not liking it. He's definitely in my doghouse right now.

Now here's my seemed to me that Estela's reproaches about Mercy abandoning her baby were extremely'd think SHE was the stolen baby. I don't think she would be that harsh if it were Asdrubal...she doesn't really seem to care about him.

...a person that was keeping her from her MOTHER...writing too fast...

Susanlynn, I thoroughly enjoyed the beatdown Luisa gave Fausto! I am only sorry she couldn't do the same with Tona. Ahhh, wishful thinking. I am thinking their sordid storyline has ended without (sadly) us not being privy to at least their capture.

RgvChick, yes, Estela was harsh toward Mercy, but I thought that came from a place of hate. I'm not sure I'm remembering everything correctly, but I think Estela blames Mercy for just about everything that is wrong with her life (including Pedro whom she supposedly hates).

I had thought Asdrubal was the lost child. Now I'm not so sure. It can't be Estela as having her in love with her brother isn't feasible.


Chickie..yeah, Es really hates Mercy, but if she is the missing bebe ,then she and Ry are siblings. Would the writers go there?

Both Asdrubal and Estela view Mercy with vicious venom.

Maybe there is much more to Mercy that we have been shown.


Diana, " think Estela blames Mercy for just about everything that is wrong with her life (including Pedro whom she supposedly hates)." Very true, but Estela herself said that was besides the point, then she started her attack about the baby.

Susy, "Would the writers go there?" I sure hope not, but these writers have been crossing all kinds of boundaries all along.

I'm so confused about the two necklaces. Young mother Mercy had one for baby Ryan and for baby X/Y. So the one Asdrubal (who surely got it from Estella) gave to Genesis is still with Genesis. And the one Mercy used to keep and dropped or something when she argued with Pedro three years ago, I thought for the missing baby, was really Ryan's (I guess he didn't care to wear it?) got ransacked. Anyhoo, it probably doesn't matter.

"Would the writers go there?" I don't know but things are adding up. Estella hates Mercy with a red-hot passion. Estella isn't the type to care that much (if at all) that Baby Asdrubal got abandoned; she is all about herself and what he does for her as a lover-employee. Asdrubal has never tried to see Mercy. His hate of Mercy is second-hand, part of his blind love for Estella and making her enemies his enemies. I'm glad for anybody to punch holes in the theory that Ryan and Estella are too close for comfort.

"still can't figure out why he emailed Walter about Mercy having a lover. Maybe it was because he wanted her for himself and hoped this would split the couple apart" HUH? Women do it all the time, especially in TN's. And that is in esence what he told Mercy, that he wanted to speed up their (Mer/Wal) breakup.

But to tell you the truth the only ones I trust are Paloma and the horse in the famous rain stall.

Would the writers go there? It is HARD to unBunny hop someone.

One more GONG-able question: Do they tell the writers when this is ending? Or just let them continue piling Yule logs on the fire then show up one day with an extinguisher and a FIN sign?

Niecie..That is a good point about Es not caring about anyone but herself. She seems to use everyone , and I guess Bunny is a good lover and an obedient henchman. If Urban were here , she would tag her a narcissist. So..if she has this red-hot hatred for Mercy is it because she is the missing bebe? #itspersonal And as Kirby noted, you cannot unbunnyhop someone, and I cannot believe that the romance between Ry and Es was chaste. Yikes

Kibry, "show up one day with an extinguisher and a FIN sign" yup, yup, yup...with lots of GONGS!

OK This is the answer. I had to dig deep into my inner dog to figure this out about Ryan and HotStela.
Any dog, if he likes her, or even thinks he might like her if he could get her pants off is gonna be doing some tail wagging. HotStela is a boiling hot cauldron of estrogen and any dog can see that. And Ryan's tail is not wagging. He is setting her up.

He can't tell Laura because he understands that Laura is almost as big a flake as Estela. She is just barely acceptably to the left of Estela on the Hot—Crazy Matrix, so he can't trust her not to blow this for him. She is impulsive, and does not think things through.

If he were not setting her up there would be a helluva lot more going on than some wagging, you'd need a bucket of cold water. He side steps that with the line used a hundred times of “I want to take it slow and do this right.” which in 99 cases means the opposite. One of the oldest lines in the book but the kind of malarky men know most women will fall for.

Dr Feathers

Susy " ...was chaste..".she goes on and on talking to Ryan about them making luuuurve and where and when and how, so it is a forgone conclusion that it happened. I was thinking the same thing as you last night when she mentioned something to that effect.

Kirby, aka Dr. Feathers, what you say makes a lot of sense. If Ryan is setting Estela up, he deserves one of NiNa's oscars. And you're right about Laura, she's too hotheaded and would probably mess up his ruse.

In regards to "not chaste", do you remember how Estela was reminding Ryan how she had to drink something then had him drink out of her mouth? Then Ryan said that was when she showed him aaall about luuurve...I took that as meaning love making...yuk, yuk, shameful, shameful.

What kind of bird is that, Kirby? Interesting stripes on the chest...

Gee, Kirby, I wish that I would have had access to your words of wisdom when I was 16 and thought everyone told the truth . #theydont

Chickie..yeah,that was an eww moment to me. Sharing a chocolatecovered strawberry or an appetizer plate of baconwrapoed scallops is one thing , but I like my beverage straight from the glass not via someone's mouth thank you. #kinkyoryucky

Here's something I read online...

Roses are red
Wine is red
Poetry is hard

#yourewelcome. ,............#avoidingchores

It is a 'Red Shouldered' Hawk. Double first cousin to a common 'Chicken Hawk' as it is called down South. The bird called a chicken hawk is actually a Red Tailed Hawk. The birds are identical to the naked eye. The red tail is about 1/3 larger, both male and female, and has a distinct red tail. The red on the Red Shouldered is, obvio, on the shoulders, if you will, Otherwise, they look about the same, same coloring, stripes, and body look. And they both usually live and hunt in the same area. Both tails are striped across, but the shoulder hawk's tail is brown and white stripes and the tail hawk is rusty red and white stripes.

Bottom View


They definitely got it on back in the day. Remember the flashback of them postcoitus with Ryan in a towel and Estella wearing nothing but black bikini bottoms? Caraymates, this is not looking good.

Kirby/Dr. Feathers, appreciate your digging deep into your inner dog just for us.

Susy you are so right. That Iambic pentameter, and Limericks used to foul me up royally.

I do better when I am not trying to make it rhyme.

Niecie Woof !

The thing is, if HotStela own this estate on some obscure island, she may have a huge organization with many employees, not just Nativity and AssPaper....BunWipe.. BunMan.

So if Ryan leads her on and then springs the trap she will most probably then want to have him, Laura, Danilow, Mercy, Paloma, and his dog killed.

Kirby..but remember Laura's new secret weapon.......Luisa. #shhhhhh

Didn't Paloma ask who Luisa was? I am confused by that. Luisa was there at the ranch with Blake when they came to kidnap Laura and Paloma, and at one point they were all together with Paloma in that room. After that, Paloma was asleep in the car, and I can't SWEAR they were ever together in the kidnap house (I remember thinking that was strange). But even if that time at the ranch with Blake was their only scene together, Luisa's appearance is distinctive enough that Paloma should have remembered her.

Laura leaving the USB drive out for Danilo to find was bad enough (she knows by now that he pops in whenever he wants to) - what bugged me was that she hadn't made a backup, either. GONG!

I still think Ryan is playing Estela. He must have thought it was extremely tacky of her to upstage Horacio Palencia at his own event, but he didn't show the slightest disapproval. Susanlynn, YEP on the narcissm thing with Estela.

Diana, the idea that Joe is running the show over Estela's head is an interesting one. But so is the possibility that Estela's peeps stole the necklace from Joe. (Or from Mercy. I don't remember if Genesis gave the necklace to Joe - she said had no use for it. I would have taken it if I were Joe, but then if I were Joe, a LOT of other things would have been different too. Hey, could be they stole BOTH necklaces...)

Estela could be the lost baby. And if there was a baby-swap with RYAN, then Ryan isn't Mercy's son. I know that's a crazy idea, but something crazy seems to be happening.

How fast can Danilo run in a pair of turtle boots? Because that other guy can't even walk.

If the theory that Estela is Mercy's lost child is true, and I believe it is, than what I find even worse than the sibling thing is the fact that Estela actually knows that Ry is her brother!! She was gerting too personal with Mercy, as you all noticed, foe this not to be about her. Who willingly seduces their brother??? (Excuse me while I go throw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Jewels, Luisa was the one 'brainwashing ' Paloma telling her her Mother (Laura) was bad and that is why the people on TV hated her while Lau and Pal were kidnapped in that house where they only let Paloma talk to Laura through the door. It was Louisa the whole time... GONG !

They could have at least done the standard TN disguise...a different hairdo, but knowing these guys and girls, at LooneyVision, they probably think that is so effective that we wouldn't recognize her. :-)

Julie, I was curious about the scene with Paloma too so I checked. Paloma asked Laura what Luisa was doing in her house so she does remember her. My issue with that is that Paloma did not hesitate to talk to or go with Luisa who did a 180 with her character...actually playing with Paloma and "flying" her out to the swings.

Let's hope that there was a baby swap with Ryan...if not, the writers are really sick people.

" run in a pair of turtle boots?" I don't know, but if it is under a hundred miles an hour, he might be careful when he wears them because he is beginning to look a lot like a bullseye.

I would not put it pass the powers that be to go there.estela is running on sheer hate. She's out for blood. If
Shes the baby,whose Ryan's momma? And
Why does asbun hate mercy. Y'all this
Is gonna probably blow us out of the
Water when this big mystery is outed.

And as for Danilo I don't have any kind of good feelings about him at all I don't care if he loves paloma, all the blood he spilled and the rape has just totally erased that love. He shouldn't even be allowed around Paloma after drugging and raping her mother. I don't know what the hell the writers or the producers were thinking but they really dropped the ball with his character, there is nothing funny about murdering people at the drop of a hat and not even taking a moment to hiccup before after he's taken their life and he has totally No Remorse whatsoever for druging and raping Laura. And I know the people he killed were,some of them were just as nasty as he was,not that doctor he kidnapped to get the skinny on Steve...Oboy, they really messed up His character.

Adriana I think estela is nasty enough
And filled with so much hatred to be
That abscene to have sex with her brother. Yuck Yuck, Double Yuck!!!!!!

I cannot believe the writers are going with an incest storyline. I find the possibility as nauseating as you do Adriana Noel.

But what could the palatable truth be?

A) The lost child is no one in the story leaving Ryan and Estela not related
B) The lost child is someone in the story (e.g. Asdrubal, Nina) but not Estela
C) Julie's theory that Estela IS Mercy's child and Ryan was the child switched at birth (also noted by Rgv Chick) so is not Mercy's.

Wouldn't it be wild if Danilo was the child switched at birth? But I digress.

I'm racking my brain as to how Joe fits in all of this. I think he does care for Mercy and think he will have far more of a difficult time dealing without her than she will without him.

Kirby, Luisa has done a lot of terrible things. Messing with Paloma and trying to turn her against her mother was despicable. Love your avatars today. Well, I love them every day so no difference.


Nina, what is unsettling to me is that Estela seems to worship the ground Ryan walks on. She is doing everything in her power to protect him.

I understand loyalty in a relationship. But Estela seems to be taking things a step beyond. She is so fierce and so hateful to Mercy. It is as though she is battling for Ryan's life. And soul. Is it the love of a woman for a man or is it the love of a woman for her flesh and blood??

Very disquieting.


It happened to a friend of mine several years ago. He went on Maury Povich and found his long lost twin brother. In the process his lowlife Mother and a younger (hoe) sister turned up too. All them moved in with him, he lived down the street from me. He confided to me one day out on the boat that his younger (19 or 20ish) sister insisted on sleeping with him, then about the second night she came to bed naked and wanted to snuggle. ? ? ?

What a sad story Kirby.

Real life. Sometimes, harder and stranger than fiction.


The guy's Mom moved a couple other children and boyfriend in, and before long there were about ten people living in a 4 bedroom house. It finally got so bad that my buddy moved out and out of town and stopped making the mortgage payments. The twin he had gone to such great lengths to find was a druggie. I never heard from him again. The bank eventually came in and kicked all the freeloaders out and sold the house at auction.

#becarefulwhatyouwishfor was a can of worms your poor unsuspecting buddy opened up. Real life is often stranger than fiction. I suppose all kinds of things happen that are unbelievable. I know that it is common for first cousins to marry in some cultures. And in ancient Egypt, siblings married to keep the power in the family.

There has to be a reason that Es hates Mercy so vehemently. Could it just be Mercy's history with Pedro or something more? Does Bunny just hate Mercy because Es hates her?

Susy I would assume HotStella hates Mercy based on something only Ped Carillo's daughter would know.

Now that leaves a lot of possibilities, but many of our speculations do not necessarily fall into that circle.

I think she hated Merc before she ever met Ryan, and that is part of why she signed up to court him as a way of getting to FurryMerc. She is about the right age to be a daughter of Mercy and Ped Carillo. If Merc had her and then abandoned her/gave her up for adoption and PC rescued her or something that could account for it. In the real world many times when that happens the person simply writes that parent off and has no further interest in them. But in TNs that is a life's work of hate.

Now with Bon Bon i have no clue. The simple answer is that Mercy is much more adept at making people hate her than like her, but in this TN there has to be a genealogical reason.

Yeah SusanLynn I knew my buddy's little sis was a ho ho , because I had taken her boating before he ever showed up. At first I felt I should clue him in, but in the end I am glad I kept my muzzle shut.

You have to remember that BonBon is hopelessly in love with Estela. i'm sure she has filled him with a lot of dirt andhate for Mercy; and because he luuurves her so much, he hates whoever has hurt his luvbunny.

You know it came across my mind a few day ago about it being danilo,but nah,
That left as quickly as it came. More
Questions, No answers

Thank you so much, Adriana. THis was a real treat. And a big belated thank you to Julie and RGV, the recapping duo ;) You gals had two great episodes and you did them justice. Thank you also for adding scenes only from the US version. Where the hell does Uni even get these scenes???

If the leaps in logic and Ryan's current behavior are an indication of how season 2 is going to go…I am not interested. Wow, what duds.

I am dying to know if Estela has always been like this or if she became like this after the whole "seduce Ryan for revenge" plot. She's an unreliable narrator so I wonder if those flashbacks are Ryan's, her's or just a nostalgic dream they both have but that was never really as they plant it.

I also think Estela has to be Mercy's baby (though I know what that implies). Asdrubal doesn't make any sense at this point because he is a foot soldier, who simply followed orders, and Estela doesn't seem to care much for him so I doubt she will go through this elaborate plot just to help him get revenge. If anything, he has helped her through everything out of love.

And if Estela is Mercy's baby, and if she knows about Ryan, when did she find out? Was it before, during or after revenge plot? Did she kill Ryan for revenge? And did Pedro steal her from Mercy? Also, did Pedro know she was Mercy's baby because ewww, then he sent her after her own brother too. I've seen elaborate revenge plots for some lubricous reasons but just because your ex fling went with someone else?? God, Pedro, maybe you deserved to die.

And that's true about the necklace…Did Joe give it to Ryan who gave it to Estela? Does anyone remember? Necklace #1 was found with Pedro's body (which was Ryan's). Necklace #2 was with mystery baby, then Asdrubal, then Genesis, then did Joe take it to Ryan and that's how Estela got it? THis is worse than plot earring from EDCLP.

And if Asdrubal is not mystery baby, why did he say that the necklace was from his mother to Genesis? She wouldn't care either way.

The Joe email thing was so extra though. I get that Mercy needed any answered to the question she asked in the beginning about Walter and the will but then that means that Estela's plan hinged on something that hadn't even happened yet? I'm sure Estela would've found a way into Furia but the fact that she found it through Danilo and that only happened because of Joe is bizarre…

Also, did no one change the ranch locks when Danilo moved out? Huh?

I hope that this is not like the cellphone they kept showing in Vino , and never amounted to anything. Does Mercy have a deeper, darker secret than having a missing baby and a drug problem ? Did Walt think that the baby was kidnapped, but Mercy actually gave the baby away for some deep, dark reason? Like maybe he\she was Pedro's ? I wonder if there is some connection to Dan's mother, Walt's mistress. Dan has said more than once that she never showed him love. Mercy does seem devoted to Ry to the point of wanting to run his life . Always a bad idea when your kids are adults. Best to keep your mouth shut.) Also, Mercy seems to be hated by many....Dan, Es, Bunny. Maybe it is the hats.


How do I hate thee,LetMe count the weighs. :-)

Diana, I am never good at figuring plots out, but you have me thinking. If Ry and Danilo were switched somehow out birth, and Dan is the child of Walt and his mistress and Ry is the child of Walt and Mercy and Es is the child of Pedro and Mercy , Ry and Es would not be related..right?

"And if Asdrubal is not mystery baby, why did he say that the necklace was from his mother to Genesis? She wouldn't care either way".

Alfredo, Asdrubal's assertion that the necklace was from his mother did (and still does) ring true. There would have been no motivation for him to lie. I think he was grateful to Genesis for sheltering him. But it wasn't as though he was in love with her. It must not have meant much to him. That or it was too painful to keep. If it was Estela's, I can't see her letting it out of her sight for a minute, let alone her giving it to Asdrubal.

Susanlynn, "maybe it is the hats" made me laugh. Great line. It's a bit ironic though that some who have committed far more evil deeds than Mercy have found forgiveness (Luisa comes immediately to mind). While Mercy's made many mistakes, a lot more vitriol will need to be revealed for me to understand why she is so reviled.

Nina, I had also considered the idea Danilo might be the lost child too.


"I think she hated Merc before she ever met Ryan".

Very interesting Kirby!

So much to think about. So many fascinating theories.


And that is where it gets confusing for me, Diana, because he isnt spearheading revenge plot a Fueiq but ED (Estela) is and she doesnt seem to love him so why is she helping him?

A triple baby switch should solve this mystery!

I think the fact that Mercy hasnt changed her ways or tried to make amends is part of the reason. Luisa is trying and it shows. Mercy is screaming at people and hating on everything.

I'm just glad there are no direct flights from LA to Sarasota. :-)

Luisa's story is of a lost soul who never knew any kind of love, and mistook whatever Blake was handing out for that.
Now that she has seen someone truly give something without asking for anything in return looks to have been an Epiphany for her and probably a life changing event. IE: I believe her change is genuine and can she can be trusted.

Mercy lies when she tells you she is not lying.

And we still have the Steve, Jimmy, Blake mystery....what a random plot to introduce last minute along with El Sagrado.

extra can got out somehow. :-(

Alfredo, earlier I asked if the writers know it is a week until the end.

Kirby, Im scared they are setting up all these plots for season 2 but I definitely still not interested. Estela is beautiful but not interesting and 3veryone has had a lobotomy except Laura in this last month.

Mercy seems to be getting more and more neurotic (guilt???,) And less and less interested in Joe ( wait? What? How? Why? ) If Es is the missing bebe, Pedro must have told her that Mercy gave her up \didnt want her\gave her to him???? He must have fanned those fires through the years. Was Pedro abusive to Es? Is that why she hates Mercy so much? Did Pedro know that Ry was switched at birth and not related to Es? Otherwise, he would not have told Es to go after her own half brother. I wonder if the writers know where this is going.

Can we even confirm Ryan was Walters? Was mystery baby Pedros? I dont remember any conversation proving either or.

Diana, I'm with you regarding the necklace not meaning much to AssBun. Why would someone who kept a necklace for so long just give it away to someone who just helped him...doesn't make sense.

I think Mercy's baby was kidnapped. I don't think she gave it up. When she was yelling at Estela she asked what Estela knew about her baby....she asked what Pedro had done with the baby and asked if Pedro was behind the whole thing.. she was in Avery agitated state so I don't think she was holding back on her thoughts.

I. Regards to Jimmy, he's up to something. He was talking on the phone with someone saying that they had to stop those Mexican narcotraffikers when Steve came in and got after him for talking to racists. So Jimmy is up to no good and appears to be plotting something.

Alfredo, yes, I think we assumed a lot of things that may prove to be false...who are the parents of Es, Ry, and Dan . I hope that Mystery Baby is not a big disappointment after all our speculation. Will a lot of threads be left hanging at the end of this season?

What show is coming on after Doble ends?

Ooohh, maybe Mercy wanted a baby girl so she adopted one ..that would aolve everything!

Who is older Ry or Missing Bebe!

Mi Marido Tiene Familia. A Juan Osorio "comedy." Lol

If Estela and Ryan are related then thats incest in three novelas over the past 12 months. Game of thrones syndrome?

Also what happened to Ryan fighting for Laura? It jumped from serenade at the ranch to faux italian at lunch...what?

Alfredo, maybe Game of Thrones opened the floodgates in depicting incest. Let's hope that there is some twist here that avoids that situation.

By the way, shouldn't Ry be upset and curious about how much Es hates his mother?

Alfredo, Ryan told Joe that as long as Estela was around, he and Laura wouldn't be happy. maybe he's hoping to resolve everything before moving forward with Laura.

Susy, does Ryan even know that Es hates his mother?

I dont think Ryan does. Plus Estela is great at hee deer in headlights look.

RGV, wait thats his excuse or reasoning foe doing nothing to win laura back????? No, Ryan, no.

Im glad Laura gave Estela the finger even more now. So she knows whos who.

Susanlynn, I guess it could be worse. At least they didnt grow up together

And again, if Ry is really thrilled by Es's surprising reappearance after thinking that she was dead, how can he resist bunnyhopping? Is he that noble? If your one true love suddenly reappeared after you thought that you would never see them again, wouldn't you want to reconnect immediately?

Susy, "if Ry is really thrilled by Es's surprising reappearance after thinking that she was dead, how can he resist bunnyhopping?" That's a good argument for substantiating the theory that Ryan is playing Estella to get to the truth.

Yan is like the main guy in Forgrtting Sarah Marshall. No interest in sleeping with her after she dumped him. As Ryan even said, pasa
Sion doesnt last so I thought hed try harder with Laura since he found love.

RGV good point. Usually no matter how long the breakup, when you get back together you always try to catch up as though you have a Bunny Hop Backlog to work off.

That worthless conniving racist backbiting Jimmy wants to do something to those sweet hard working Mexicans who bring truckloads of drugs to our children. Those Gringos are all the same.

OK here is another two dollar question. Does HotStela plan on continuing on with her career as the Big Dorita all the while hiding it from her true luuurve RyBaby the whole time? That's a lot of work.

Thanks for checking on Paloma's reaction, Rgv Chick. Weird, I thought Blake was the one brainwashing Paloma. If it was Luisa too then it is really weird for Paloma to like her!

Kirby - Ew. What a story. That poor guy.

It is possible that Estela hates Mercy for something she believes to be true, but isn't. In VEA, Juan hated what's-his-name because he believed is father's version of what had happened between them.

No one had ever helped PonyBun before, so I can believe that it meant something for him to give the necklace to Genesis.

I just thought of something, so I watched a portion of episode 1...the racist shooter had the same tattoo as Blake and Jimmy! Wow, the writers thought to link episode 1 to the last episodes...

That might make a pretty fgood romantic comedy. A beautiful hot Narco Boss chick and a Darren from Bewitched hubby who suspects something is not quite right, but can't catch her.

Her occupation could get her into all sorts of crazo funny situations with 55 gallon drums of money and dead bodies one glance away from being discovered.

So Jimmy and Steve were oart of the gang that wanted to plunge the foundation back to its drug infested rat hole days? Did not expect that one. Thanks, RGV!

I wonder if Paloma pixks up on the fact that Luisa feels different even thoufh she said those things to her in he past.

Pedros version of the evens, Julie? Cpuld be.

Kirby, she will.distract him with her gold get ups.

Kirby, " Does HotStela plan on continuing on with her career as the Big Dorita all the while hiding it from her true luuurve RyBaby the whole time?" good question. She told Danilow that she didn't need any associates...she wanted to be the only one to launder money at Furia. So that would imply that she wants to continue. But then she told Ryan that she wanted them to leave as they planned, so that would imply that yes, she wants to give everything up...The woman is a big contradiction.

I think Estela wants to take Ryan away, not because she loves him, but because she wants to take the only child Mercy was left with and she doesn't think Mercy deserves to be a mother to any one.

Julie, yeah he was a super nice guy who had spent about ten years in the military and got out, bought a house, looked up fam...BOOM Disaster.

I think her stated plans to Ryan are just a weekend get away, or she is probably lying, or both.

Kirby, "A beautiful hot Narco Boss chick and a Darren..." that kinda sounds like Get Smart but on the other side of the law LOL

She's definitely in quadrant 4 in the Hot/Crazy Matrix.

Kirby,your neighbor's situation is awful! I totally love the synopsis of the narco story, though. Maybe that's what season two is about, huh? After all, this IS called La doble vida de Estella Carillo. Maybe Laura was just an intro, a sort of an origin story (oh, the horror!)

I just think it opens up all sorts of hilarious situations if Ryan is suspicious, and jealous, with good reason. Like finding a man's sock where it should not be and Estela trying to explain it some way other than "Don't worry 'bout him, he's DEAD, Hon."

Of course PonyBun can still be in the picture. Triangles are always more interesting than a straight line.

Her henchmen can always be just out of sight protecting Ryan unbeknownst to him.
"Stel, I would have sworn I caught a glimpse of some fella pointing a gun at me, but when I chased him down, I realized I was mistaken and he was actually committing suicide. Hmmm!

But they have to get a talking animal too, like Mr. Ed. No offence to chickens RG they just don't have lips. (do they?)

Good morning, everybody!

Julie, I like the baby switch theory. I'll accept anything over incest! This TN has a lot of 'splainin to do in one week. I can't see us getting at the mystery about Mercy's missing baby without flashbacks, so I sure hope they don't get cut.

Rgv Chick, wow! so the tattoo from the racist terrorist in episode 1 is on Jimmy and now (thanks to Danilo's torture and doping) recovering Jimmy is rabid Jimmy. Goodness, we have more than enough with the main storyline, now this. Ugh.

Asdrubal and Estella would make a good evil couple counter to Ryan and Laura's good couple. Estella's stock went up with me in that scene with Asdrubal. The big wrinkle though is Asdrubal tolerating Estella's obsession with that "imbecile" Ryan.

I'm convinced Ryan is scamming Estella and still committed to Laura, but it's just dumb that he and Laura are off in their separate corners sleuthing and not working together. Got a feeling we're going to hear Ryan say he stayed separated from Laura for her own good, so Estella wouldn't come after her. A lot of good that has done since Laura was stuck in the burning trailer on Estella's orders.

Kirby, this show does need an animal or too. I'm disappointed Danilo's horse didn't get a bigger part. Rgv Chick, a chicken would work for me. My grandmother used to raise chickens, and one in particular had a lot of personality. Stole all our hearts and would eat in the kitchen with us.

Good Morning.
I've never seen a housebroken chicken though.........................just saying.............:-)

I wonder if someone from the Rio Grande Chicken Farm might know?

"Rio Grand Chicken Ranch" rolls off the tongue nicely, but my recent research indicates there is some ambiguity in the 'Chicken Ranch' term.


Good Morning!

Niecie, yeah, the "Ryan is scamming Estela" theory seems to be more and more plausible...he does give her those cold looks at times and has remained guarded in respect to giving in to her advances.

I was thinking about Danilow and El Sagrado. I remember when they were first introduced, Saggy's last name was Pineda. I thought about it at the time, but have been forgetting to mention it...that was Porfirio's and Ursula's last name...I wonder how they are Saggy their father? uncle?

Housebroken chicken?? I think NOT!! LOL I've had baby chicks inside and they don't even hold back when I have them in my hand. And Kirby, no, chickens don't have lips, but they do have what seems to be a small tongue...just firmer. Although I have heard the term "chicken lips" but, since I was curious and looked it up, it refers to someone who has very thin lips or hardly any lips (since chickens don't have lips).

Thanks. Chickens are out. I suspect the same applies to horses too. It is hard to beat a talking dog.

'Specially if he can type too. :-)


My dad and his siblings were shocked that my grandmother would let this chicken in the house. They said she'd never tolerate that when they were growing up. I'm sure she was feeling empty nest syndrome. Don't remember whether the chicken was housebroken but I don't remember a mess either, which my grandmother would've surely made us clean up! I think the chicken had indoor cardboard boxes or something.

Well, I do have some very tame hens. I had one that was sick for a while and I would always have to hold it when applying meds. When she got over her illness, she'd hop on my arm when I would go out to feed them. I named her Molly because she was mali-ta (sick) :-)

I'm glad we got this chick thing solved before Church. :-)

We simply have to teach Rain Stall to talk for Season two.

I'm disappointed the horse didn't have a bigger role. All he ever got to do was get sick so that Danilo could find out about the psychedelic tranquilizer.

If we need an indoor animal, I vote for a parrot who insults Danilo every time he sees him.

Remember when Danilo was getting haunted by ghosts? I wish they'd come back.

So ol' Turtlefeet is related to Profirio and Ursula? Hasn't he guessed what happened to them? Any chance he already suspects Danilo?

And what is with all these people hiding spare keys around their doors? Ryan, really? Estela, REALLY??

{sigh} I really hate for this TN to end...only for one reason...this patio will shut down :-((


Chickie chickie chickie...this patio moved from Vino El Wino to Double Dummies almost intact. We will make up something when the time comes.

Chickens in the house? Sounds just fine with me! I love animals - all of them. Yes, even insects that I pick up and carefully put outside again.

Was it FELS where Eduardo Yanez' character had a magnificent horse? There have been a few of them along the way. What beautiful animals. I am staying with the thought the poor horse in this is still well, healthy as a horse (sorry, couldn't help myself).

Julie, I forgot about Danilo's ghosts. They seemed to be with him when he was doing drugs. They seem to have vanished but I'm in the dark as to whether or not he is still indulging. The lad needs whatever few functioning brain cells he has left.

This patio is amazing. I really hope a few more of you will come over to Ramon. It has a wonderful cast and so far, has been very, very good.

I think we are still in for a few surprises this week. I am really curious to learn more about Joe and his motives...



I'm fine with animals in the house as long as they have approximately the same personal habits as me. Shower and shave every morning, pick up after yourself, don't leave the seat up,

Diana, I was wondering too about Danilo's habit. I haven't seen any evidence of it but he is just as delusional and grandiose as ever.

He certainly had some spare laying around to give to CousinJimmycrakhead.

I would say Danilo isn't "using" now, although as you pointed out Kirby, keeps a "when needed" stash.

I'm still smiling at his absolute reluctance to believe Estela is El Dorado. He can't get past seeing her at the gangster lawn party, immediately (and wrongly) surmising she was/is ED's "woman".

"Grandiose" is a great word for him Julie. I still can't (totally) hate him. I would wager he will stick around for Part 2.


Danilo is so excited and proud to be El Dorado. Isn't that like wearing chum pants to go swimming in shark-infested waters?

Chum pants is good Julie.

It ties in with something I flipped over to on LooneyVision with some kid and a Bengal tiger shipwrecked and living for months in a lifeboat.The life of Pi. Have been looking for 3.14159....but hasn't been spotted yet.

Kirby, do my eyes deceive me or did you, a man, say you don't like the toilet seat left up? OMG! YOU ARE ONE
IN A MILLION. I can't get the men in my life to put the toilet seat down for nothing after they've finished their business.

Also "double dummies" lol, that's just

And what the hell is wrong with these men in the show?They're getting upset because Laura sings songs about women being independent and they get upset because they think a woman belongs in the house and Pregnant and Barefoot and sreving them? what century are they living in? They are so funny.

Finally have a chance to say "hi.," I had to get up at 4am and spent much of the day in our car, a plane, and a rental car. The last part of the trip, here's what I saw out of the car blueberries...trees...yard sale....trees.. Repeat.

Welcomed grandgirl #4 on August 12. Hubba is so outnumbered .

CONGRATS, Susy! You must be so proud...Yay girl power!!

Congrats! grannySusy! This is a good year for girls. My friend just became
Grama to twin girls. GIRLS ROCK!!!!

Very happy for all of you Susanlynn!

Wishing nothing but the utmost happiness for the new granddaughter!


"chum pants"

I am laughing our loud in my cube. Good thing I'm the only early bird today.

Hysterical, Julie.


Susanlynn, best wishes and congrats to your family, especially your outnumbered husband!

Psyched that the show is on tonight.

Yes NiNa, years ago some slim trim little bow ornament lovingly did not want to wake me and navigated into the bathroom in the dark only to discover her slim trim behind would fit inside the bowl at which time she changed her mind about not waking me.

I never forgot.

@HotGranny: It's not directly your fault that your offspring produce only females. It has to do with choice of mates on their part also. Cheer up.

IE: Congratulations Susy. It was worth the trip wasn't it.?


Yay Susy!

Two little ducks sittin' on the grass
What a nice way for time to pass!

Let us just lay here, enjoying the day,
While Kirby and his camera are away.

:-) :-)

O M G I'm famous !

What a beautiful shot. The ducks look so calm and serene.

Appreciate it Kirby.


ThanksDiana. Suburban wildlife, especially waterfowl (ducks) which have lived in retention ponds for ten or fifteen generations seem to be losing their fear of humans and cars. Though not like domesticated ones, these two would wander out of a nearby retention pond and casually wander across lawns and streets.

These two came waddling through a few times and I wondered how they would feel about some shelled corn (in the orange Tupperware) in this pic. They reminded me of the people who go to one of those 'All you can eat' self serve buffets (I will not go) and eat their first meal while circling the food with plate in hand. #ifyouhaveanythinggiveittoeverybody


That's great Kirby! You certainly enticed them to stay. I'm not surprised you have repeat visitors! It's apparent your "subjects" trust you implicitly.

I'm not a fan of restaurant buffets in general and of "all you can eat" in particular. Enjoying food is one thing but eating more than you want simply to get your "money's worth" isn't good.

Since you were feeding these fine feathered friends though, I'm surprised they ever left! :)


Heh heh. I call those serve yourself (into a heart attack) all you can stuff down buffets "The Trough"

Seeing someone sneeze onto the food was enough for me to decide that bottled water was all I really wanted. But I am picky.

So how much longer will La Dorita put up with Ryan's lame ass excuses before she wrestles him down and has her way for old times sake.? We men don't have the "That Time' excuse to fall back on and sometimes when management says we are not interested the shop floor contradicts them.

I don't like bland, lukewarm food. I also don't like walking around in a busy area with a plate of food. Bad things happen.

I think Ryan can actually get away with this "take it slow" thing for a little while, as long as he continues to stroke her ego in other ways. Mentally, she has been conducting this relationship all by herself for three years (if she's truly interested in him at all, and isn't using him for some other purpose, which is what I think is really happening). It appears that as long as she thinks he belongs to her, the little technicalities don't matter.

In other words, she'd have sex with him if she thought it would keep him in line, but since he's already in line she won't push it?

Estela almost had me convinced that she is totally in Luuuurve with Ryan and only wanted to run away with him and protect him if need be. But after the BunUnderBed incident I think she is playing everyone.

When she gave DaniLow his instructions to erase any connection between Ryan and anything illegal I was Uni- CORN fuzed again.

I see, Julie, if the nail is driven in, why look around for a bigger hammer. Makes sense.

Unless there is a unicorn nearby.

I don't think Estela has any love for anyone except herself, and maybe not even that. Kirby, I think you're right, she's playing everyone just to get whatever she wants whenever she wants without blinking an eye when she tramples over anyone.

Last week of the rollercoaster ride, hope they let us off with a complete ride...not too many unresolved issues.

Kirby, unicorn should be careful with the night'mare'...hehe

Yeah... if this roller coaster ride quits before it's properly done, I will NOT accept a raincheck! I've had enough of that for one summer!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend...something like that.....
I don't like you, but if you try to kill the other people I don't like I might like you. Team Estela

Hooo MAN, Stela and BunBoy in bed, HOT HOT...I thought my TV was going to look like a Salvador Dali painting.

I saw a hot scene during the 20 seconds of Ramon when I turned on the TV. I'm glad someone in TNs is getting some.

Estela and BunBoy are so BAD they are GOOD... Whew !
Why are nice people just not sexy?

I bet Baskin Robbins doesn't even sell vanilla anymore. :-(

All I saw on Ramon was Ramon crying hanging onto a wrought iron fence. I assumed he had crashed his drone on the other side and couldn't get in.

Discussion header is up.

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