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La Candidata, Chapter 42: Alonso Uses Emiliano Again!

Regina and Gerardo are making love. They  both don’t want to let go. Gerardo says

 “I want this moment only for us”

“You know that can’t be, as a matter of fact we should not even be here, I should have been stronger”

“I wish that Teresa wasn’t pregnant, I know it was a trap, but when the baby is born I will love him as much as I love Ximena.”

“I don’t want the baby to separate us”

“It’s not just the baby separating us, it’s everything”

Regina says “you know I love you, and I will love you all my life, but I have a son and I am selfish for being here”

“No you are, not selfish you are the perfect woman for me, I will love you always”

Natalia and Jose discussing what Omar had asked him to do.  Jose says that Omar did not count on the fact that Jose would fall in love. Jose tells her to run away with him out of the country. .

Gerardo looks as Regina walks away. She is heart-broken, and so is he.

Ignacio calls Andres, about Nayeli

 “Nayeli again, she ran away, I am afraid they are drug dealers”

“Ok I will handle don’t make any mistakes”

Hernan tells him to wait and to investigate first, because it’s curious how Alma dies from a drug overdose, and now Nayeli is implicated with a drug ring.

Ignacio calls Almiron he is with Mario, Almiron tells Ignacio to relax he will handle it. As they are talking

A car drives up starts shooting, Almiron fires back, Mario jumps into SUV. Almiron drives away with Mario.


Hernan and Ignacio talking about how he wants to make an announcement on TV about the disappearance of his daughter. Hernan tells him he will support him.

Alonso on phone with Regina saying Emiliano went crazy

“He came to my office and tried to hit me, if you don’t do anything I will take him out of the country, take care of Emiliano he is your son.”

Marcia on the phone, Chino walks in and takes her phone locks her up in the room, she starts trying to open but can’t, Chino takes phone to Omar he reviews the phone and tells chino to check out a number that comes up on her phone a lot. Chino obliges.

Omar gets a call from his goons informing him that Mario got away

“Useless, now go finish what you started, and don’t come back here without having killed him, or I will kill you”


Mario and Almiron get to the house.

“Don’t you think it prudent to lay low while this boils over?”

“Those idiots are not going to scare me; I know Omar is behind this”

“Did the guy you capture talk”

“Not at first, but we applied some pressure and he confirmed it was don Omar who is behind this”


Isela calls and say cops are investigating Alma’s death

“How long do you think it will take them to get to the cabaret, and then to me”

“don’t worry I will pull some strings to stop investigation"

“Well you better do it because I am not going to stay quiet”

“Don’t threaten me, I’ll talk to Alonso”

He hears messages from Marcia and could care less. “She earned it” smirks


Natalia at Jose’s mom's house. His mom is scared for Jose. Natalia promises she will take care of Jose.

“I know nothing will happen to you, but my Jose they are going to kill him, you are responsible for this”

“You are right but I am going to defend him with my life”


Isela telling Cecilia that Alma investigation is opened. Talk to Alonso or his son is going to jail. Cecilia says

She will do her best Mauro walks in and says

“Bad news? “

Cecilia tells Mauro that they are investigating the death of Alma. Well Mauro doesn’t think it’s that big a deal but Cecilia tells him that

Alma was the girl talking to Gerardo about the prostitution ring and that’s why they are investigating.  Mauro will talk to Ochoa to stop investigation but Cecilia has to stop seeing Emiliano he is complicating everything


Almiron tells Mario to turn on TV.  Ignacio is on the television asking for people to help him find Nayeli.  Hernan says that Nayeli was involved in a drug ring.  Noemi comes in and says

“Are you also involved in that?”

“You are going straight to hell”

“Where do you think you are going because your elevator goes to the level down into hell, and in case you get to heaven I will come looking for you to burn in hell with me”


Omar comes to Marcia what the hell do you have to do with Mario? Tell me everything.

“I want an explanation and don’t dare lie to me”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tell me the truth”

“I never called him Omar”

“You called him several times”

“Did you know him before me?”


At the morgue the pathologist tells Andres about the body thy found, she was murdered, the papers she had were fake but they are trying to identify her

“I called you because she was wearing this”, he hands Andres a bracelet with Nayeli’s name on it

A thug that is sitting within ear shot of pathologist makes a call


Ximena sees an article about Nayeli on computer, begins to cry.

The call the thug made was to Almiron who learns that Nayeli is dead.

He promptly informs Mario


Nayeli is dead. Ignacio finds out in Gerardo’s office. Andres says they found a girl’s body

“Is it my daughter? ANSWER Me”

“She had a bracelet with her name”

“God, they killed her they killed my daughter, it’s not her right?”

“It’s not her, it’s not her”


Cecilia goes to see Hernan. She wanted to congratulate him about his work.

“What did you come to as? I am not going to stop any investigation.”

 “Don’t get my mom involved in this, don’t hurt me “

“I asked you the same.”

“Please don’t do it or you will end up worse”

“Don’t threaten me. So that you know you are no longer in my plans”

“So that you know you were never in mine”

 “Tell me something new”.  (YAY!!!)

 Regina, with Emi.

“I heard I am sorry"

“Why what do I have, everyone I get near dies. Florencia, Nayeli”.   And then lets it slip “Otra chava” (other girl)

Regina asks him what girl?


Cecilia complains to Mauro,

“That idiot Hernan we have to stop him.  He continues to investigate Alma’s murder, they are going after my mother, then me and they will get to Alonso, my mother will not be quiet”

“You are going to pressure the channel. If you have to make him disappear...”

“Stop your dad is here with Alonso”


Alonso and Mario talking about the Alma investigation

“There is no connection to Emi right?”

“They can’t go for Cecilia it’s her mother have her do it”

Mario does not like that answer so he says

“Your dad tried to kill me. I have one of his thugs you want him to be turned in? No right? then take care of Isela”

“Why do you have so much interest in Cecilia’s mother?”


Back with Regina and Emi….he doesn’t tell her that the girl he was referring to is Alma, instead makes up a story. 

“Ximena was good but she is the daughter of your lover.”

“I am not going to see him anymore, I swear”

  “ Why?”

 “Because it hurts the ones I love”

Emi complains that she is telling him this so that he also leaves Cecilia, Regina says no.

“Reflect on Cecilia, you are smart.  You have to choose right.” She kisses him he backs away

As she is walking away she looks down

Finds cocaine. “What is this?”


At Ignacio’s tereTere shows up to give her condolences

“You lost a daughter but you are having another one”

“This baby is yours”

“What did you say?”

“What you heard you are going to be a father”


Gerardo walks in, Ignacio asks him to kick her out. Gerardo obliges.

“Andres please take me to the morgue”


Regina keeps questioning Emiliano

Alonso says “Mario I know you have businesses with her, but there is something else”

“No it’s just businesses, but if anything is leaked we are all going to be implicated”

“I have evidence” says Mario

“You are playing with fire”

“If you don’t stop your father you both will fall with me”


Regina: “it’s cocaine, do you think I’m stupid?  This is bad.”

“Don’t you see what just happened to Nayeli?”

“I am not going to lose you to a woman or to drugs”


Cecilia sees Mario as he leaves Alonso’s office.

“I told him everything.”

“You told him that…?”                   

“No not that”

“But if he ever finds out who you are you will regret having slept with Emiliano”

“Tell me why did you tell your wife I’m your daughter? She is going to tell Regina”

“No she won’t she feels humiliated”

“Oh humiliated, how am I going to deal with all this crap?”

“If you have a little love for me stop bothering me because I am fed up” and then he walks way.


At the morgue, Ignacio identifies Nayeli.  Screams, cries, falls to the floor

Regina and Alonso

“We have to talk we have not done things right I am willing to do whatever to save my son”

 “We are destroying him” shows him the cocaine.

“Who gave it to him?”

“He says a friend”

“Help me; help him let’s go to a psychologist”

Alonso takes advantage of how vulnerable Regina feels and pitches his agenda about getting back together.

“Give me a chance, he needs us together. “

“You are playing dirty.”

“I don’t know how you can’t sacrifice anything for your son?”

 “I have sacrificed everything”

Omar tells Chino “Take her to the basement you are to watch her”

Addressing Marcia, “tomorrow you call Mario and ask to meet you, that way I can get rid of both” Chino pulls her by the hair and drags her to the basement.

Ignacio and Gerardo at morgue. Ignacio tells him to Take care of Ximena, Gerardo says he will

“I am going to have my vengeance. Just promise me that my daughter’s death will not be in vain”"

“I promise”


Gerardo at Ximena’s bedroom, as she sleeps, kisses her

“I am going to protect you always. I will take care of you”


Alonso to Regina, “I want to thank you for making him understand. I will love you always. I will do everything for Emiliano that was it “

Regina gets a call from Gerardo. “Sorry for calling you. Nayeli’s death makes me think. “

“I feel bad about Ximena.” Regina then says “I am guilty too. He is full of problems I did not take care of him. “

“I made her responsible of her mother that was a mistake.” “It’s hard to let you go “

“Ours is impossible that is why we have to hang on to our kids. We have to take care of them"

“Don’t hang up I have to listen to you breathe, at least one more minute.”  She sighs deeply.


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Thank you so much, Sandie! Marcia's scenes this episode were tough. She should've left, empty-handed, days ago or grabbed as ugh as she could with two hands and run. Omar definitely has to have something going on with him because, if he was never a beater, it seems strange that he would suddenly become one. He is definitely paranoid about betrayal and he keeps getting betrayed from all sides.

THe best for me was Mario and Alonso going toe-to-toe, no masks or pretenses. Mario has helped Alonso more than he knew and it's time to pay the piper. Little does Alonso know that Mario, who has been content in the shadows, can do more damage than Omar or him. Mario is right about Omar, he needs to be controlled.

Urban asked a question about time passing and, since Noemi is still wincing in pain, I say this novela does an episode a day, give or take, or it's probably been two or three months since Florencia's death. Man, how quickly things fall apart.

Emiliano is spiraling but at least Regina realizes that they need outside help since Emiliano won't listen to either of them. I had hoped Alonso's talk with Regina was honest but then I remembered it's Alonso and he is only willing to help so that another scandal doesn't hurt his campaign.

Thank you, Sandie. The recap was very enjoyable.

So glad that Regina found the cocaine. Alonso was his usual hypocritical self asking Regina if she could not sacrifice anything for her son. Yes, Emiliano does need professional help. It sure took them a long time to get to that decision. While talking about professional help, when is Gerardo going to get some for Ximena?

Great to see Hernán give Cecilia the brush off.

So Teresa's little announcement to Ignacio about the baby being his was to make him feel better some how?

Alonso is clearly on to there being more between Mario and Isela/ CeciliaI cannot wait until he finds out the truth.

Just like it is always about Alonso, it is always about Cecilia.


Hernan was so funny, Jarifa. No I won't stop any of these news stories or investigations because I know you don't care about me. BYE!!!!

Ignacio seeing Nayeli's body and screaming was heart wrenching. I wish Teresa would've made the announcement loud enough for Gerardo to hear but alas.

Alsonso thinks it'a all about business, little does he know…I do worry about Emiliano finding out the truth or would they decide it's better to hide it from him?

Alfredo, maybe if Emiliano found out the truth, it would be less "crazy making". It all might make sense. Then he might be able to recover, leave home literally /figuratively, and create his own identity independent of his family. I cannot see him emerging as a healthy adult if he never learns the truth about his family.

Jarifa: Everyone is pimping out Emiliano these days!

Gracias, Sandie.

I don't think Emiliano is ready for the truth. He needs a shrink toute suite. He is desperate for his father's approval in ways he doesn't understand and he needs to know that in the long term he doesn't need it because he needs to be his own person. He needs to become a person who can stand on his own. Regina can help him with that but she can't -- and shouldn't -- baby him.

Just as Gerardo should not do that with Ximena. He does, however, need to keep Teresa away from her.

Ignacio should tell Gerardo about his involvement with Teresa. We're close enough to the end of this that he needs to find out ASAP.

UA: Emiliano will probably end up dead before this train-wreck is finally over!

Great recap, Sandie. Ah ha! Uni just postponed the Regina/Gerardo sex scene rather than cut it out. It was awfully dark next to that campfire, though. :) Whoa! Now we know Teresa's baby is Ignacio's. But is she telling HIM the truth? Will Omar kill Marcia or will she get him first? That stairway looks awfully convenient! And by now, even his thugs may find him a danger. OT: Jarifa: El bienamado. I think you're probably right about Odorico's being the first corpse in the cemetery. Not only did he collapse on the beach, he has been clutching his chest off and on. And no way is he going to let Dr. Serrano examine him for a heart condition!

Thank you all for your comments.

Urban: I do agree Gerardo needs to find out about that baby ASAP, I think a way for this to happen will be thru Andres. If Andres gets his hands on Nayeli's phone. I don't see Ignacio confessing to Gerardo.

And agreed the Hernan/Cecilia seen was funny. I enjoy Hernan being part of the good guys, and telling Cecilia he is not his little toy anymore.

I am curious about Andres, is he a good guy? why did he plant that bug in Regina's office a few episodes back.

And lastly yes, the heart wrenching scene with Ignacio was great, he did a good job portraying the heartbreak a parent must go thru.

SpanProf: OT Very interesting. : ) I am two episodes behind. I cannot wait to catch up this weekend. Looks like there are 97 episodes total so we still have a while.

Thank you, Sandie-- I really enjoyed the dialog-laden recap. I missed almost everything Gerardo and Regina were saying to each other since I was watching their scene intently. Silvia is one actress who normally does love scenes quite realistically, as do her partners. This one was a little insipid, but I guess we needed them sitting up to talk to each other, realizing this was their last time to be together.

I was really shocked by Nayeli's death at the hands of the creep. I was so sure she left that message to Ignacio, hinting she might take her own life. Then as she was skipping down the sidewalk, I realized it was all an act. Still, I wish she hadn't died. Yes, indeedee, someone needs to see the picture on her phone. What if it's Ignacio that gets it back with her personal effects? He certainly wouldn't want it publicized. OTOH, it might prompt HIM to demand a DNA test on the baby. I'm wondering if we are going to have to wait 7 or 8 months of their lives to find out.

I'm being drawn in more and more to Jose and Natalia's relationship. Could they possibly be the only two who end up happy? We know her track record, but this seems different. I don't think they can run away together with Jose's mother. They would have nothing to live on and I don't think Natalia is ready to give up the house and all its contents.

Somehow, I don't feel sorry for Marcia. She let herself be used by Mario for money. She pretended to be in love with Omar for goods and luxury. She woke up to his true nature too late. OTOH, I don't want to see any woman mistreated and we certainly have had mistreatment touch EVERY single woman in this story so far. I guess that is GG's signature touch. How each responds is at the crux of the story.

Thanks Sandie. As others have mentioned, I think it is unlikely that Teresa will not have a miscarriage. The doctor said it was a difficult pregnancy. The actress who plays Teresa is doing a magnificent job of being a real problem. It was interesting to meet José's mother. It is unfortunate that a seeming pleasant woman is being dragged into Omar's net of potential victims.

SpanProf: That's the big question whether Ignacio knows that the baby is his, considering Tessa is know to LIE!

Anita: Marcia brought this on herself! It's only a matter of time before she joins the growing Body Count.

We're likely to find out 7 to possibly 8 more months before the truth is revealed.

Sandie: I do NOT trust Andres at all!

The way Teresa told him was just disgusting but I hope he doesn't forget this.

Hey everyone--the recap will be up in the "pre-dawn" hours of Friday. Hang on till then.

Sandie, I loved all your snippets of the conversations. They just really flowed together to make the big picture, so thank you for your work on this recap.

Teresa just makes me angry! I cannot believe how she waltzes into Ignacio's and tells him not to worry, she has one cooking in the over to replace his dead daughter. Can anyone be more nasty?

So is Omar holding Marcia hostage? I guess he is not going to allow her to leave. She's his prisoner now. She thought she was in for a good time, but it sure didn't turn out that way.

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