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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #65, Aug. 9, 2017: Out with the (G)Old, In with the New(s)

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity.

Memories in italics. 

Cut scenes in blue.

[Repeated scene] Laura is sitting in a restaurant waiting for Milton when he runs up to her in a panic and tells her they need to get out of there ASAP and go to a more secure location. As he talks to her, a man places a bullet in a rifle and a small red dot appears on Milton’s shirt. He turns to look out the window, looks at his down at his shirt, then up to the rooftop where he sees the sniper…Milton is shot. Laura screams and looks up to catch a glance at the sniper as he leaves the rooftop.

A New York Run

Erasmo advises Tadeo that there is a run to New York soon, but warns that it a hard, long haul. After Tadeo tells him the work doesn’t matter…he just wants to go, Erasmo senses something else is going on and asks Tadeo what he is running from. Tadeo responds that he just needs to be alone so he can forget about stupid things he has in his head. When Erasmo wonders if it has to do with the music business, Tadeo explains that he just doesn’t have the courage to continue with that. Erasmo, trying to be understanding tells him being a musician is not a big deal anyway. When Tadeo asks if he will help him get the run to New York by himself, Erasmo says yes.

Lurking Thoughts

At the Cabrera home, Ryan is with Joe discussing the robbery. He thinks it’s strange and thinks that they were in such a hurry that they may not have even realized what they took. Joe agrees…they didn’t just take the knife, they also took some jewelry and some money. After Joe asks if Estela has said something to Ryan about who El Dorado is, Ryan tells him that she doesn’t want to say anything, just that El Dorado is someone close to them. He will continue to insist that she tell him more, but Joe wonders if Ryan isn’t also using this as an excuse to continue seeing her. Ryan avoids the question, and tells Joe he just wants to make sure Danilow doesn’t get to El Dorado first. He then tells Joe that he hasn’t heard from Steve and wonders if he has gone on a trip with his cousin.

The Notebook (on a USB)

Laura sits in the lobby of Milton’s workplace as Robin, Milton’s assistant, comes to meet with her. He confirms to Laura that she was the last person Milton interviewed. When Laura asks him if he knew what Milton was going to ask her, he tells her he has no clue. He gives her Milton’s USB that may help her figure out his suspicions. He has already read everything, but has no idea what conclusions Milton may have come up with…maybe she can figure out something.

I Just Called to Say…

Genesis is making a sandwich in her apartment when she receives a call from Steve. She immediately asks him where he is, but Steve avoids the question and tells her he just called so she wouldn’t worry. Genesis demands to know why he betrayed Ryan…why he gave the shares to Danilow, but Steve can only say that he doesn’t want her getting involved as it may place her in danger…he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Genesis points out that that is what Asdrúbal would say and accuses him of being just like the roach, Asdrúbal. Steve tells her he just wanted to hear her voice and hangs up.

I Can(‘t) See Clearly Now…

Laura is at her ranch with Rosario. She has read all of Milton’s notes and tells Rosario she can’t make heads or tails out of it…nothing is clear. All she can deduce is that he only had suspicions, no conclusions as to who El Dorado is, but everything she has read points to Ryan as the primary suspect. She is afraid that if the police get a hold of the report, they will go after Ryan. Rosario, who has been looking at postings all the while, shows Laura a posting of a picture of Ryan and Estela together. She thinks rumors will fly…people will start wondering about her marriage…if they are separated. Laura wonders if Ryan has already made his decision as to whom he wants to be with. Rosario warns her that all this may lead to danger, but Laura doesn’t care whether it’s dangerous or not; she will not allow an injustice to be made. She needs to make Estela give her a lead as to whom El Dorado is.

Like Pulling Teeth

Laura goes to talk to Estela who is still at Ryan’s apartment. She doesn’t want to take too much of Estela’s time or inconvenience her or Ryan. Estela tells Laura that Ryan is still living with his mother; she plans to get an apartment in Santa Monica as soon as possible. Laura blurts out that she needs to know who El Dorado is; if Estela doesn’t reveal the name, Ryan will be in a lot of trouble. She alerts Estela that Milton, a reporter, was killed and he had the theory that Ryan is El Dorado. Estela explains that if she talks, it may not be enough to protect Ryan….and she loves him…she luuurves him sooo much. She realizes Laura is getting hurt by her words, and she apologizes…she shouldn’t have said it like that. Laura dispels what Estela said and pleads with her to just give her something that can lead her to El Dorado. Laura mentions that El Dorado’s henchmen had an office in the basement of a restaurant owned by Nestor Aguilera. Estela denies ever having been there but knows that it existed; however, El Dorado never talked to her about his business dealings (do you see her nose growing?). When Laura asks if she knew Nestor, Estela denies it. Laura finally gives up and tells her that it’s too bad that her fear of El Dorado is greater than her love for Ryan. She hopes she and Ryan will be happy, but doubts it as long as El Dorado is out there. When she starts to leave, Estela stops her to congratulate her for the success of her presentation. Estela confides that, as a child, she wanted to be an artist or singer, but her father never permitted it.

Threats Fly

Danilow is at the prison to meet with Asdrúbal who has only agreed to meet with him because he wants to know what stupidities Danilow is up to. Danilow just wants to tell him that, even though he won’t tell him who El Dorado is or where Marcelino’s money is, he knows that Estela Carrillo is alive and threatens that he will make her talk no matter what it takes. Asdrúbal cautions him that El Dorado will hunt him down and he is the one that will be doomed. Danilow sneers and tells Asdrúbal that he is not scared…he (Asdrúbal) showed him how to defend himself. Asdrúbal again cautions Danilow not to do anything else that will upset El Dorado…El Dorado is arming himself and may just come out of hiding. When he does, he may retaliate against Danilow for all the stupidities he has done and for taking his name when he just lent it to him. Danilow counters that Asdrúbal assumed El Dorado’s name too; so El Dorado may just do to him what he did to Nestor Aguilera (aka Lucio Galvan). Before Danilow leaves, he tells Asdrúbal to tell his boss that he is going to make his woman talk.

A Hunting We Will Go…

Laura and Chava are at Nestor’s old restaurant looking for anything that could lead them to El Dorado. After Laura explains that El Dorado had Nestor controlled, Chava reminds her he is there to help her with ideas, but they may find nothing since the DEA has already been through everything.

Laura and Chava continue looking around the restaurant until Chava opens the door that leads to the basement and calls Laura over as he looks down the stairway.

Laura and Chava are in the basement of Nestor’s restaurant still searching for a clue. Laura doesn’t think they will find anything since the DEA had already done their own investigation, but she is hopeoing that they missed something. While walking around, Chava tries to think, “If it were me…I would hide it….” He visualizes he would hide something in the tank of the restroom. Then he sees the bathroom and walks toward it. He opens the door and is not pleased with the odor (phew-eee!) so he covers his nose. He then goes to the tank lid and lifts it slooowly; he looks in and reaches down into the tank. He shouts out to Laura “BINGO!” When Laura walks over, he gives her a small box wrapped in plastic. All of a sudden, they hear a man ask, “What are you doing here?” As Chava hides the box behind his back, they see he is pointing a gun at them.

Chava tries to calm the man and tells him to put down his pistol; they are not armed. Chava explains that they are just curious about the place since they had heard there was a raid there. The man questions why they are there if they know the DEA took everything. The man then looks at Laura trying to figure out if she is really Regia or if she just looks like her. Laura confirms that she is Regia. When the man grabs Laura by the arm, Chava steps in front of her, but the man raises his pistol at Chava and tells him to step back. The man tears into Laura blaming her for his girlfriend leaving him…all because of her songs that tell women that they are tough and better off alone. Laura retorts that that is not the message she sends with her songs; she just says that if a woman is alone, it could be that there isn’t a man who values her. She tells him to look in the mirror (Man in the Mirror?) and think about what he did to make her leave. Chava tries to get Laura to apologize to the man for coming, but Laura puts her counselor hat on and wants to get the man to apologize to his girlfriend; he must have done something to lose her. The man somewhat agrees and wants to know what he should do to get her back. Regia suggests he treat her with respect and that he should tell her that he wants to be with her as her partner, not her master.

After the man asks what they are doing there, Laura asks him if he knows Nestor Aguilera. The man confirms that he knows him, but adds that Lucio Galvan, aka El Dorado, had him killed. Laura is curious as to how Nestor came to be involved with El Dorado, so the man tells her he was one of El Dorado’s associates ever since they started with the money laundering, but El Dorado had him under his control by threatening to kill his wife and children. Laura informs the man they need to keep looking so they can find something to help them find Lucio Galvan. The man then tells them that he kept something that the DEA didn’t take and pulls out an old baseball card from the 1950s. Laura looks at the card as Chava asks what it is. They look closely at the card with the baseball player’s name, Lucio Galvan, and now realize that El Dorado just stole the name, so it’s a false name.

Let Me Shine
Ryan arrives at his apartment and asks Estela what it is that she wants. Estela has been thinking about what they had talked about and she has come up with an idea…she wants to stop hiding and reveal who she is. Ryan thinks it will only help El Dorado find her faster, but Estela thinks that by the time they finish, El Dorado will have come and gone, lost in circles. After Ryan asks her to explain her plan, she tells him she wants to announce publicly that she is Estela Carrillo.

Ryan is skeptical about Estela’s plan. Estela argues that if she goes out to a Furia event where there will be reporters and cameras, her presence will be known quickly and El Dorado will come for her. Ryan reminds her that Furia is not an option…Danilow has run him out of Furia; however, there is an event for Horacio Palencio that night and there will be many reporters, cameras, etc. Since he was the one that recruited Horacio, Danilow sent him an invitation. Estela thinks she should go with him so she can make the announcement there (and so she can dig the knife a little deeper into Laura).

Estela wonders if Ryan is worried that if they go together Laura will see them and get upset. Ryan tells her that the past is where it is…it’s not a secret, he doesn’t want to hurt Laura with something that no longer means anything to him. Estela makes a pitifully sad face and tells Ryan she understands so she will go by herself. She adds that there is no use in being in his apartment one more day; she will move to her apartment.

Ryan wishes things weren’t as they are, but it’s best that they keep a distance from each other. He assures her that he cares about her, but doesn’t want to do anything that he will regret later.

The Big Bad Wolf’s a Comin’

Danilow is in Horacio’s office telling Horacio that Asdrúbal made a good point. He is sure El Dorado is out there…stalking him like wolf…just waiting for the right time to shred him to pieces. Meanwhile, Horacio is looking through the web and sees that Milton was killed. Danilow panics and thinks it was El Dorado’s doing, but Horacio doesn’t think so since he was killed by a sniper. Danilow insists that it was El Dorado and they are probably next…they need to snatch Estela.

Tell It Like It Is

Laura is back at her ranch and tells Chava that Nestor got his revenge without caring if he got killed. She remembers the video Nestor made on the laptop she and Ryan took when they went into Nestor’s house and recalls his words: With this I pay back El Dorado, to see if he stops his games and shows his face. She tells Chava that what they didn’t know was that Nestor was close to Pedro Carrillo. When she tells Chava that she thought Estela knew him, but Estela denied it, Chava wonders if maybe Estela was just too young and doesn’t remember. Laura dismisses the conjecture saying that Estela was already older when everything happened…she wonders why Estela lied. Chava wants Laura to just put everything on the table and asks her if she is actually doing everything because she is afraid Ryan will go back to Estela. Laura denies it…but then says she just isn’t sure. He urges Laura to open the box they found. Laura hesitates for a moment then opens the box where she finds some letters addressed to Estela Carrillo. She thinks the letters never reached Estela…maybe El Dorado intercepted the letters and kept them from her. Laura then takes out a photo of Estela and Ryan and suspects that neither knew they were being photographed because both Estela and Ryan had their backs to the camera. Laura tells Chava that Estela couldn’t have been the one to hide the box where they found it since Estela told her she had never heard of the restaurant... but she could have lied. Chava urges Laura to open the letters, but Laura refuses because they are not for her (QTH?? utter nonsense…the box wasn’t for her, but that didn’t keep her from opening it.) Chava is blown away (just as we are).

Laura paces and is frustrated with trying to fit all the pieces together and thinks there are no good leads as to who El Dorado is…she wonders what’s missing. Chava tries to help Laura figure it out; he reminds her that Milton had told her he couldn’t finish the investigation until he talked to her. So he thinks she has the answer; she just needs to figure out the question. Laura agrees and tells Chava they need to go to Milton’s office.

Let Me Handle It

Ryan is with Joe and tells him that Estela was not happy when he told her he didn’t want the media to see them together. When Joe wonders if he misses Laura, Ryan tells him that he doesn’t want to hurt either one but admits that he misses Laura very much. He also knows they won’t be happy if Estela is close, but Estela is the only one that can lead them to El Dorado. Joe suggests that he take over handling the situation with Estela; and Ryan agrees that it would be best. Ryan then asks about Luisa; and Joe responds that he needs to go meet with her since he just got information on her legal situation.

The Paper Chase

Laura and Chava are at Milton’s place of work with Milton’s assistant, Robin. As they walk to Milton’s office, she explains that there has to be something in his office that indicates what Milton needed to finish his report. Chava assures Robin that Milton will appreciate it from heaven. Robin had already thought of going through all of Milton’s things because the police requested that they be handed over. When they walk into the office, Robin is dismayed to see that the office is practically empty. He cries out that everything is gone—notes, photos, clippings. He worries what the police will think when he tells them everything is gone; he will be in a lot of trouble. When Chava asks who else would be interested, Robin wonders who also. He explains that the police don’t think Milton’s assassination is related to his work because he was killed by a high-powered rifle. Another assistant comes in and they ask him if he saw anyone go into Milton’s office. The young man tells them that, yes, there was someone in the office; he thinks it was a maintenance man and he left less than 5 minutes ago…he was wearing a blue overcoat and carrying a box. Laura and Chava rush off and split up—Chava takes the stairs and Laura goes toward the elevator. When Laura spots a man in a blue overcoat getting into the elevator, she yells out telling the man to WAIT!! STOP!! But the elevator doors close just as Laura reaches the elevator. Laura runs to the staircase where she meets up with Chava and tells him the man went down in the elevator. They take the stairs and whooosh…they’re downstairs and spot the man again. SuperChava runs after him like a speeding bullet and tackles him causing him to drop the box. As Laura catches up, the man quickly gets up and Chava starts to run after the man, but Laura tells him to let him go; they have what they need.

All Boxed In…

Later in the evening, Laura and Chava are back at the ranch taking everything out of the box. Chava anticipates that this will take much work. As Laura looks through all the information, she is sure there must be something that can help them figure out Milton’s conclusions. Chava finds a note with Estela’s name that indicates “no photos.” They then find an old yearbook from San Bernadino High School that has a picture of Estela, but it has been marked out. Laura reads the inscription: …talented student…honors in acting class…dreams of going to Hollywood to become an actress and wants to go to exotic places… When she finishes reading, Chava assumes that El Dorado messed up all of Estela’s dreams, but Laura tells him it was her father who didn’t allow her to follow her dreams.

Chava thinks Laura is very lucky to have Rosario there taking care of Paloma while they work on everything. Chava sees that Laura is mulling over something. Laura thinks that everything indicates that Asdrúbal is El Dorado…he spent so much time in that basement. Chava wonders if he was the one that kept Ryan’s letters, but he may also have been following El Dorado’s orders. He urges Laura to open the letters so they can expel their doubts. He hands one of the letters to Laura. When she opens it, she reveals that it isn’t a letter; it’s a fingerprint report of prints taken from a glass…and it’s those of Estela Carrillo. Chava jests that Milton must have been in love with Estela because everything he has is about Estela; there is nothing on El Dorado. Laura suspects that Milton was right at the heels of the real El Dorado.

Laura opens the other letter and notices that it is not from Ryan; it’s not his writing. She reads,
“Your father gave me orders to not to take my eyes off of Ryan, but since a long time ago, I can’t keep my eyes off of you. Every day that passes, I desire you with all my soul. I can’t wait for the day that your father gives me the order to kill the man that has you every day.”

Laura shares with Chava that Estela said her father had a hitman following Ryan. She assumes Estela was being followed too; and the hitman that followed them took the photo and fell in love with her. Chava continues looking through Milton’s notes and finds one with a question. It may be the question Milton wanted to ask her: “Where is the best place to hide, if not in plain sight?” Laura doesn’t think that was the question; she thinks Milton would have a more concrete information. Soon after, Genesis calls to remind her that she has a presentation to go to. After she hangs up, Laura tells Chava that she needs to stop because she has to go to an event; they can continue later. When Chava notices that she’s not too excited about going, Laura explains that she doesn’t want to encounter Ryan.

Double Agent Emerges

Danilow is on the phone talking to Nazario and wants to know where he is. Nazario responds that he is there taking care of his last order and following Estela. After he hangs up, Nazario immediately makes a call to someone and tells him/her that Danilow has no clue he was the one that sent the package from his new boss. He will wait there for further orders since he now works for him/her.

Free at Last

Joe is at the prison with Luisa (who is wearing the same jacket with patches) walking beside him. He tells her that the hearing for her appeal has been initiated; if everything goes well, she will not have to go back to prison. When Luisa thanks him, he tells her that they only handled the work; Laura and Ryan paid for her lawyers. Luisa responds that she needs to thank them too. As they walk, Luisa asks Joe what became of Blake’s remains. Joe responds that he has been wanting to talk to her about that.

Woman in Gold

In their fancy duds, Ryan and Horacio are waiting for the presentation to begin. Ryan tells Horacio not to be nervous and assures him that even if he’s not at Furia any more, he will continue to manage his career; they will make a great team. Meanwhile, Laura is entering the room wishing she hadn’t come, but Genesis promises to stay with her in case she runs into Ryan. When they approach Ryan and Horacio. Ryan tells them how happy he is to see both of them, but it is obvious that Ryan and Laura are uneasy. After an awkward, silent moment, Genesis suggests that they (Genesis and Laura) go get something to drink. Laura, unable to continue being close to Ryan, agrees. After they leave, Horacio notices that everyone seems to be walking out and wonders what is going on; he jests that it seems as if the president had arrived. They follow everyone. As Genesis and Laura are getting their drinks, they also notice all the commotion and go see what is going on.

Outside, Estela walks toward the bottom of the stairs in her itty bitty shimmery gold dress as all the reporters take pictures of her. She throw kisses at them and turns posing like a model. Horacio and Ryan stand close to the top of the stairs. When Horacio sees her, he admires her beauty and wonders where she has been hiding. Genesis, who is with Laura a short distance away, overhears Horacio and sarcastically remarks that Estela doesn’t seem to be hiding much. Ryan tells Horacio that the woman is Estela. As Laura looks on, she remembers Chava’s words: “Where is the best place to hide, if not in plain sight?” She thinks to herself, “It’s her…Estela Carrillo is El Dorado.” Genesis continues to criticize Estela, but Laura is in a daze and doesn’t really hear a word. When Genesis asks her if she is okay, Laura affirms that she is fine.

Horacio and Ryan walk to a lower level of the staircase as Estela walks up (in her SUPER short shimmery gold dress) and greets Ryan with a hug telling him (loudly) what a coincidence it is to see him there. Ryan introduces Estela to Horacio as Laura watches looking disconcerted. Horacio, who is quite impressed with Estela’s looks, tells her he is grateful to God for gracing them with such beauty. Genesis stands beside Laura who looks more distraught. Estela admits to Horacio that she has always wanted to be an actress. He thinks she is well on her way since there are already so many reporters and cameras present. Estela is lavishing in the compliments, but reminds Horacio that the presentation is for him, blah, blah, blah. She then tells Ryan that, for sure, everyone will know Estella Carrillo is back. Genesis still worries about Laura and asks if she is feeling okay. Laura again affirms that she is fine; it’s the pregnancy and she needs to go to the restroom. Ryan watches Laura as she leaves while Estela notices that he is watching Laura.

Horacio P is honored to accompany Estela, and she is delighted to be there with him. As he excuses himself to go for the interviews, Ryan tells Estela he should accompany Horacio since he is his manager, Before he leaves, Estela wants his opinion of how she looks…does he like her…is she beautiful. After Ryan tells her she looks very pretty, she gets closer to him and whispers that she knew he’d like the dress since it is very much like one he bought for her in New York. A reporter who seems to be captivated by Estela approaches them and wants to know who she. She looks thrilled with the attention and responds, “I’m Estella Carrillo Infante” while Ryan stands and watches. As the reporter proceeds to take a photograph, Estela gets close to Ryan and poses.

Meanwhile, Genesis is in the bathroom with Laura who continues to look flustered. Genesis demands that she not lie to her. She tells Laura she shouldn’t worry…even though Estela came in looking like perfection and it’s obvious she wants to stay with what belongs to Laura. Genesis confides that even though Laura hasn’t mentioned anything, she and all the girls at Furia know she left Ryan because of Estela. Laura tries to change the subject, but Genesis advises Laura not to let her guard down.

Genesis agrees to do as Laura asks, but now Laura must do as she asks…she wants assurance that this will not affect her performance tomorrow. Laura reassures her that she will be fine…she would never do anything that would affect her performance, especially since her sponsors have been so supportive and generous.

Disturbing Memories

Mercy is sitting at her vanity as she looks at Walter’s picture. She curses him as she tells him that what she did with Pedro, he requited with not just one, but with many. But to have a child with a…

Mercy stands in front of the bed where Walter reposes and complains about the amount of medications he has to take. She tells Walter it’s for his own good and asks him if he needs anything else. Walter needs to talk to her. He knows he told her that he would leave everything to Ryan, but it pains him that he just can’t forget his other son. When Mercy retorts that he shouldn’t punish Ryan, Walter explains that his hope is that his two sons work together to take Furia to a higher level. Mercy reminds Walter that there is the ranch that Nazario, the murderer/hitman, takes care of…that should be enough for his other son. Walter tells her he never wanted to be so distanced from his sons but his work consumed him. Mercy chides him for having plenty of time for women, while she was there taking care of him. Walter asks her to not start, so she backs off.

Mercy goes to the bed and sits down. She opens her nightstand drawer to get her pill bottle, but when she sees it’s empty, she throws it back in.

A Desperate Mercy

Mercy is at the pharmacy and asks for Nick (who gives her all the pills she wants). The pharmacist advises her that Nick is not there and asks for her prescription. Mercy complains that they already have all her information, but hands him the prescription she made up. After the pharmacist immediately notices that the prescription is falsified, Mercy slides him a $100 bill and assures him that it is not false. Offended, the pharmacist refuses the money and asks her to leave, but Mercy gets agitated and demands that he give her the pills. As Mercy continues demanding her pills, the pharmacist calls over the security officers and tells them she is trying to buy medication with a false prescription. The officers grab Mercy’s arms and tell her to go with them, but Mercy refuses to go with them until she gets her pills. As the officers pull her away, Mercy looks back at the pharmacist pleading for her pills.

The Forgotten Dead

Luisa is at the morgue and approaches Blake’s body that is half-covered with a sheet. She confirms that the body is that of Mr. Blake and is astounded that his friends left him there there…without a proper burial. The mortician tells her that is what usually happens when a person dies shamefully…everyone just seems to run from them. As Luisa looks at the body, she looks intently at Blake’s tattoo and comments that she had never seen it before.

Hiding Out

Steve rushes in to his hide-out where Jimmy sits without a shirt (and has the same tattoo as Blake!). When Jimmy asks if anyone saw him, Steve assures him they are safe from Danilow and his people. Jimmy doesn’t think they should be hiding; the gang had enough muscle to have gotten away. When Steve tells Jimmy they can’t stay there much longer, Jimmy asks what Steve did with his share of the loot. Steve responds that he has it hidden…he kept it as a reminder of all the stupidities he committed. Jimmy tries to justify that what would have been best just to get rid of all the Mexicans from this country. He chides Steve for the situation they are in; El Sagrado put a price on their heads because of him. Steve yells at Jimmy to shut up. If he doesn’t shut up, he knows what will follow.

OOPS…Did I do That?

When Estella tells Ryan she knows he wishes she hadn’t followed through with the plan, he worries that El Dorado may now know that she is alive. Estela assures him that El Dorado won’t do anything; he is SUPERcautious. She doesn’t think he will come after her while she is out in public. Ryan wonders if when they catch El Dorado, she will realize her dream of being a star and travel the world. Estella puckers her lips and tells him all she dreamed of was having a calm life with her love beside her. She starts to swear that she was locked up for so long… when Genesis approaches them and tells Ryan he is missed at Furia…it’s just not the same without him and Joe. Estela chimes in that the best thing that happened to Ryan was leaving that place; after all he told her, it seems he should have left sooner, but he insisted on staying. Genesis confides that she has only stayed because of Ryan’s mother…as soon as she can, she will leave to go work with Regia. As she continues, Genesis “accidently” stumbles and spills her drink all over Estela’s killer dress (yay, Genesis!) and immediately apologizes saying she is such a…but Estela finishes her sentence with “fool.” As Estela looks down at her dress, Ryan assures Estela that the stains are not noticeable. He takes a tissue and starts to wipe off some of the spilt drink and tells her it’ll be fine after she goes to the restroom to clean up.

Can’t Breathe Easy

Danilow is in his office with Horacio who tells him the accountant looked over all the figures and was able to take a bundle of money…they were successful in cleaning all of Marcelino’s money. When Danilow admits he was worried, Horacio tells him not to breathe easy; now he has to figure out how to make up for all the money he has to return to the other clients since they lost so much when Regia left. Morgana slithers in asking how things are going and wanting to know if Danilow has set up a big gig for her. Danilow mocks her asking if she really thinks the show is going to be huge. When Morgana retorts that he is the owner of this company…he can do anything, Danilow chides her for thinking he has the money to pay for such a show…the company has been going down ever since Regia left. After Morgana suggests he get her a sponsor with big bucks, Danilow leads her out and tells her he has too much work to do. He gives her an elevator look as she leaves and tells her that with her there, he can’t work…she doesn’t let him concentrate. When Horacio asks what he intends to do about Morgana, Danilow suggests they book her at the Monarch Auditorium, but Horacio doesn’t think they will give them the time of day since Regia left them hanging out to dry. Danilow wonders why Laura hasn’t come to rake him over the coals and fears that her silence is not a good sign.

A Shot in the Dark

Estela enters the restroom to clean herself up when she sees Laura. Estela shows Laura what her little friend did to her, but then thinks she shouldn’t have worn the dress since it attracted sooo much attention. She only wore it since she hadn’t been out in so long… Laura scoffs and asks, “Really, you hadn’t been out?” Estela doesn’t understand why Laura would ask that question when Laura knows the situation she was in. When Estela asks Laura if she is upset because she is with Ryan, Laura blurts out, “You are El Dorado. You played the victim and we believed you. You are truly a good actress.” Pretending to be in disbelief, Estela accuses her of retaliating against her because Laura thinks that now that she is back, Ryan will come back to her. She swears she doesn’t know where Laura gets her ideas. Laura questions why she appeared at this time and why she preferred to continue the capo’s game and leave Ryan if she loved him so much. Laura asks, “What is your game, El Dorado?” Estela chides her for continuing with the idea that she is El Dorado. She takes out her claws and threatens Laura that if she continues with her idea and places the idea in Ryan’s head, she swears she will regret it!


So Laura has a lead on ED and the first thing she does is confront the person she suspects…hmm…Milton just got killed so this is not high on the list of good ideas. That being said, I'm glad she investigated and, lo and behold, Chavalin is a man of many gifts.

As Julie noted in the other recap, Estela is currently holding Genesis' drink down her dress LOL!

Recap is in the mail!!

Loved Genesis for doing that!! Puuurfect.

I'm so glad Steve and Luisa are back. Did you all notice the tattoos??? What a are Blake and Jimmy linked?????

Heh..I guess we have all wanted to pour a drink on someone. #justme?

So the bitch has come out of the dark dungeon. She come sashayin out there in a dress so far up her butt you can see from here to eternity. That heffa
Know exactly what she's doin. And Ryan
Drinking that stupid flavored coolade
Where stel's concerned. If shez not ed
Why is she threatening laura? What She
Gonna do if Laura tells Ryan she's ed?

STEVE'S ALIVE!!!And so is his dopehead
Cousin. Now what?

Recap is up! Thank you for the recap, RGV! And for taking the time to identify the cut scenes. Ugh even when Univision is not editing, they are editing!!! And they deleted the Steve and Genesis scene and Mercy's flashback. Wow.

Thinking….so does that mean that Jimmy part of some secret group with Mr. Blake or does that mean that Jimmy is Blake's son??? It would be ridiculous since Steve would technically know him but twister things have happened. That or it was part of a group tattoo of Jimmy got when he and Steve were rolling around doing hate crimes.


Thank you, Rgv Chick!

Personally, I am a little bugged that Ryan isn't more concerned about Steve's whereabouts.

Alfredo, Jimmy (and maybe Steve, have we seen him shirtless?) could have gotten that tattoo as part of a hate group/gang not even knowing that Blake had anything to do with it. Maybe Blake started it but stayed in the shadows. Or maybe the gang is fairly old, and Blake was a member back in the day.

Luisa said she'd never seen that tattoo on Blake before. Does that mean she's seen him shirtless before and it wasn't there? Or does it mean she never saw him shirtless?

Your very welcome, Alfredo.

I don't know how Univiosion cut be cutting scenes at this point. What was really strange was that they ADDED a scene that was not in the Mexican version--the one where Genesis tells Laura that she will do what she asks and then asks her not to do anything that would affect her performance the next day.

I'm thinking the tattoos are from a racist group--that's the only thing that I can think would tie the two gringos together...Blake never mentioned a son..unless he had disowned him?? Now I'm wondering if Steve has the same tattoo...since he ran with the same gang as Jimmy. If he does, then that would mean that Steve knew Blake..and knew how to find him when Laura was taken by Blake. Maybe that's why Ryan opted to have Joe help him when they went looking for the green agenda book. Oh my goodness, the questions these tattoos raise!!

Julie, our comments crossed....we're on the same page!

It's strange that Luisa would have never seen Blake shirtless, you'd think she would have helped him dress and undress when he first turned blind...unless he had Johnson help him with that...BTW whatever happened to Johnson??

I noticed something funny - when Robin meets Laura, he introduces himself as Milton's assistant but doesn't give his name. And in the captions, when Laura speaks, it says "Laura," but when Robin speaks, it just has the usual ">>". Rather odd.

And how irritating that those two scenes were cut. They're not absolutely crucial, but every time I remember how they showed a rerun on July 3 (but not July 4, wtf???) and on Friday they showed Rosa de Guadalupe at 10, it really burns me that they're cutting scenes and that they spliced several pairs of episodes together. Not cool, man! Not cool!!!

I noticed the Robin thing too!! I was anxiously waiting to hear his name.

BTW you're welcome Julie :-)

Yeah, Julie, the cut episodes could have aired in the stupid repeat episode slot. Now I'm pissed.

RGV, I think Blake called him a traitor and threw him out of the house after Logan told Blake to take a hike. He must've dressed Blake if it was Luisa. Maybe Blake developed a system of finding his clothes?

During Blake's final desperate hours I think he told someone (or muttered to himself) that Johnson had abandoned him.

Probably Johnson took off after Joe and Ryan broke in and stole the green journal. They probably had to knock him out to get in. When he came around he would have realized that Blake was close to being ruined and there'd be no profit in hanging around any longer.

Oh, is that what happened to Johnson? I didn't remember seeing him after the break-in, but that's what I get for sometimes "watching" with my ears (which aren't very reliable) rather than my eyes!

Milton's assistant getting some character development lol he identifies himself by his relationship to MIlton rather than his own name. WIll he be the important reporter from now on or is Chavalin stepping up?

You have such a good memory, Alfredo. I had forgotten that Blake had said everyone abandoned him. I wonder if Luisa will go looking for Johnson. Probably not, maybe she got rehabilitated in the short time she was in jail.

Gotta breakfast bunches await :-)

Rgv Chick, one of your finest recaps yet. Sensational doesn't seem quite adequate.

"I Can(‘t) See Clearly Now", "She tells him to look in the mirror (Man in the Mirror?)" and "Morgana slithers in" were among many favorites.

"Danilow is at the prison to meet with Asdrúbal who has only agreed to meet with him because he wants to know what stupidities Danilow is up to" had me smiling away. "Before Danilow leaves, he tells Asdrúbal to tell his boss that he is going to make his woman talk". Oh, Dan. Poor, deluded Dan. I's still curious as to what will befall dastardly Danilo but he is definitely second tier now that we are thisclose to finding out who ED is.

So, Genesis knew Steve was alive before we did. Well, I’m glad he called her. Rather ashamed, I also admit I kind of forgot about Steve until he appeared - too many other things going on.

"Joe suggests that he take over handling the situation with Estela; and Ryan agrees that it would be best". I disagree. Estela is poison for everyone…

I was glad to see Chava doing something constructive and being proactive. Anything is preferable to having him moon over Letitia, waiting to for a pat on the head like a lost puppy. Private investigative work should surely be on the horizon for him.

Interesting comments all on the tats, Jimmy, Steve and Blake. Jimmy and Blake are tied together but how? Some secret association? Do we know anything about Steve's parents? Might he have the same tattoo and be Blake's son?

I can't believe Luisa is out of jail. Did I miss her scenes of admitted guilt and remorse? She is a dangerous person who should be kept behind bars until she is rehabilitated, which I doubt will EVER occur.

I also enjoyed Genesis "spilling" her drink in Estela's cleavage. So Estela wants to be an actress? Looks like she already has it "down pat". Her posturing and posing was nauseating.

Julie, I share your irritation at the cut scenes, the one with Mercy and Walter seems crucial.

So Mercy is goin' to jail. Again, if I wasn't so wrapped up with the ED mystery, I'd be more interested. I wonder if this will be the nail in her and Joe's relationship or if this will get them back on track.

I don't think we are supposed to comment on the previews, so I will simply say, I'm totally confused. Has Estela been the red herring and ED IS actually someone else? If so, it has to be someone we know. I'm backtracking and will put my money on Walter rising from the dead...

Rgv Chick, this was amazing. Thank you for your time, care and cleverness.


WOW RGV Chik, the left out parts were important. Thanks for a "Stellar"...recap. Most of it makes sense now.
Don't want to alienate the Laura fan club, but Estela makes Laura look like the Pillsbury Doughboy. If I were Laura and Estela showed up looking like that, I'd run to the bathroom and spend the whole night looking in the mirror crying too. I like that Estela mentioned to Ryan the matching Lingerei. #badgirlsaresexywithoutabun

Estella has long legs, muscle definition, and appears to be healthy and in shape. Yes Laura does have an hourglass figure, but so does a blow up doll. There is just no comparison. #isawtreetrunks

Chava seems to be cut from different cloth than almost all the other men in this show except Ryan HE HAS A CAR. Veeeer importante.

How long's Blake been dead now a few months? #smellyandripe

Glad Steve is alive, but...cuz Jim, meh.....#useless

Ahhh the whir of school buses all morning. #dontgooursidetilllater

Since the only two people I like are Paloma and Estela, (huh?) I was so happy to see Mercy busted. She's an addict and she knows better. She has excuses for using drugs which she tries to pass off as reasons. #dirtymommy

Will this be the straw which broke the camel's back? Will Linsay take him back? Will his kids recognize him? Is Linsay still available? Who got the house?

And no, I don't even like Chava, because he is eating out of the dumpster when he could be sitting inside at McDonalds. #chasingLetmeisstupid

It is nice to see DaniLow's cohorts falling one by one. AssBun in jail, and now NativityScene has betrayed him. Things are beginning to move in the right direction.

Let's look at this:
Girl A: Don't need No Stinkin Man, Men can go to Hell, I am strong,, blah blah blah ad nauseum.
Girl B. I want to be with Youuuu, I Luuuuurve you.

It's a hard choice Ryan.

I think Chava could do better than McDonald's. I'd say like a TGI Friday's at least.

And Estela? I don't think she really wants to be an "artist" - she wants to be STAR!

Right about Chava. He is a great guy who just does not realize it.

Star for sure. If she is bad would some stardom change anything?

Kirby: What's up with Logan's campaign for Riverside, CA Mayor ?

Good morning, all. Just getting ready to read the recap, but I just had to comment about Esteala's sparkly gold mini dress that barely covered her assets. Subtle, no? I am not El Dorado (wink wink) . I just like to sparkle.

Thank you Kirby and Diana.

The writers are playing a cat-and-mouse game with us in regards to El D's identity. They give us a little nibble then they take the bait away...just to keep us intrigued, and I must say they are doing a really good job. Laura's conclusion is based on suppositions...ANYONE close to the Cabreras is in plain sight. I agree with Alfredo; she jumped the gun and knowing how dangerous El D is, she didn't seem to care about putting herself in danger. That's the one thing I dislike most about Laura--I understand placing herself in danger when it comes to Paloma and doing anything to protect her. But this has nothing to do with Paloma...she's doing it to prevent an "injustice." Not at all smart of her...wher is her love for Paloma now?

Diana, I agree, Chava has so many more good qualities than most of the men and he deserves MUCH better that LetMe. Julie, definitely a TGIFriday type!

I thought it amusing how Nazario turned on get what you ask for...

Kirby, in comparing looks, I agree that Estela has Laura beat hands down (or legs up..whichever) but when it comes to character and personality, Laura has contest! Yes, I're thinking barn material LOL

Susanlynn, that dress was so tacky. It was hilarious to see Estela say "I think I overdid it" as she wiped the wine off her breasts. Yah, think????

Laura hit the nail right on the head though...where is the best place to hide but in plain sight and the only person who has been hiding is her very gold dress.

So Natividad is working for ED?

Kriby, Ryan is realizing that a woman fawling over you all the time gets old quick. Laura doesn't need him and that is precisely why she's attractive.

Julie, TGI Friday's is good but Chili's is better ;)

RGV, she should've at least told someone her suspicions, may Chavalin, in case something happened to her.

Rgv Chick, yes, cat and mouse game is perfect (loved your description).

Chava is redeeming himself (for his poor taste in women!) Sigh...

I am smiling in that I think Laura is far more beautiful than Estela. In every way. But I respect everyone's opinions and am happy we don't always agree - food for discussion. :)

Julie, yeah, Estela does want to be a star! Well she's got the mugging and preening for the camera down pat.

Rgv Chick, Dan is now down to 1 person - Horacio, who I feel is a rat waiting to abandon ship once the heat gets too intense. Calao was the one friend Dan did have.


OK, if we don't like the idea of Estela being El D, let me propose an alternative that I hatched last night.

Not long ago, someone (I think Rgv Chick or Susy) said maybe it was Joe. I didn't think so, based on the nature of the conversation Joe had with Estela. But there's a way that could work: Maybe Estela never actually saw her captor and doesn't know it was Joe.

A lot of El D's behavior can be explained if Joe secretly hated his "best friend" Walter. He's trying to keep things nice for Mercy, but that's as far as his niceness goes. That's why El D protected Ryan (because Mercy didn't want him hurt). That's why El D wanted Ryan to split up with Laura (because Mercy didn't want them together). That's why El D wanted Laura to become Furia's biggest star (because Joe knew they'd make a lot of money). Etc....

And PonyBun told Morgana she wasn't El D's type because El D's type is Mercy.

Joe knows PonyBun is Mercy's long-lost son and doesn't want her to know, but I think PonyBun knows.

Biggest hole in my theory is that El D wouldn't help Danilo rescue Paloma, which would have been important to Mercy.

What do you think, sirs?

This theory works on some levels, Julie, it wouldn't be the first time that the villain was actually revealed to be the best friend or that person you would trust blindly.

The biggest hole for me though is the chain on Mercy's baby. Joe was shocked (IMHO) when he saw the chain and didn't know about it till Mercy showed it to him. Or am I just assuming that ED is all seeing and all powerful?

Diana, ITA Horacio will run as soon as it gets tough, but Danilow still has Morgana..she doesn;t do much other than make problems, but she still luuurves Danilow.

Julie, good theory. In regards to the hole in your theory...maybe AssBun made the decision on his own, without consulting El Dorado. If he were truly Mercy's son, maybe he'd be jealous of Mercy's sudden love for Paloma??

Alfredo, maybe Joe's shock was to see that Genesis had the chain.

That could also be true. Would Asdrubal do something without consulting ED though? If there is anything good in his is his immense loyalty. To the wrong cause, of course, but loyal nonetheless. Though he could be jealous of Paloma, this is true. Ugh so many things to confirm still.

LOL, Alfredo. I agree...too many things to confirm...too many "could be's" and "what if's" Once I see a clue, my mind just goes every which way...

Rgv Chick, if El D was Joe, then even if BunMan didn't tell him about Paloma, Joe would have heard about it from Mercy - right? I think they knew about that?

But Joe reacting to the chain could have just been a dramatic touch.

There is still the problem of why Talisman was referring to El D's old lady, though. If Joe is El D, then who is the woman? Oh boy, was it Mercy? (Couldn't be - Mercy would have wanted Paloma rescued.)

Julie, your theory definitely has merit.

I think a few of us mentioned Joe being ED "in passing". I remember saying it would be a delicious touch. I've also noted he looks very intent lately and there seems to be great intelligence in those eyes.

It WOULD explain his "coldness" concerning his children. Could he be with Mercy as means to an end?

It's fun to speculate. Could it be we are actually finding out who ED is tonight??


I can't figure it out but I'd still put suntan lotion on El Dorito.

Chava might redeem himself by going three whole episodes without humping LetMe's sewing machine.

Logan? Campaign? Ah dunno.

Joe's clandestine ulterior motive would be a digestible replacement for lust/love as an explanation for his interest in Ms. Xanax.

Would his hair fit under the golden Dorado hat though?

OMGoodness...I think early on, someone, maybe Julie, had looked up the meaning of "dorado." Well, just to refresh my memory, I just looked it up again and this is what I found:

"a South American freshwater fish with a golden body and red fins, popular as a game fish"

Was the gold dress more than attraction grabber??

Kirby, I'm jealous of that eagle...I want to fly up high and spread my wings...maybe fly into some rain :-) Beautiful pic!

Alfredo, "Would his hair fit under the golden Dorado hat though?" and Rgv Chick,
"Was the gold dress more than attraction grabber??" had me laughing out loud.

Thanks, I needed that!


Chickie..Thank you for that excellent recap. I loved your clever subtitles .

Diana, I have to agree with you that Laura is prettier than Estella who to me has a rather coarse , harsh look. Maybe guys like that. Also, their shapes seem similar to me. Both have an hourglass figure, and Estella's sand might have settled in the lower half a bit more than Laura's #justsayin

Steve, I don't remember Logan ever running for mayor. He's a state senator. That's a better job to have, from most perspectives. For some reason, he thought that getting Blake elected as mayor would give him better access to the governor, but I think Mr. Brown would have said "no thank you" to Mr. (Blake) Green.

Rgv Chick, I did look up the definition of Dorado early on, but didn't report my results, which had nothing to do with fish! It was "golden man", referring to a tribal chief, but that just made me think of Goldar, an oversized flunkie bad guy in the Power Rangers universe. Neither Joe nor Estela could be mistaken for Goldar, though Talisman reminded me of him a little.

Julie..I never thought that Joe was El D., but I do think that Joe has been giving Estela some odd looks... Lust?..suspicion? Was there a reason that Mercy would not look at the photo of Bunny when Joe tried to show her ? Why did Joe want her to see it!

Mercy is really spinning out of control with the pills. Evidently, Joe's charms are no longer enough to soothe her anxiety.

Luisa is astounded that Blake's friends didn't have him buried. Really? What friends?

Susy, that struck me as strange too. Maybe I'm taking Luisa's comment the wrong way, but I thought she had been with him long enough to know that there wasn't anyone in his life who would have claimed him. He didn't interact with anyone except when he was using them. If you claim a body, I believe (ICBW) that you are legally obligated to dispose of it - at your own expense. Who would Luisa expect to do that for Blake?

Unless Jimmy is Blake's relative and she knows him from her druggie days?

Thanks, Rgv Chick. Fabulous recap. Thanks so much for going beyond the call of duty and giving us the clipped scenes.

Hmmm, so Estela was sporting a gold dress. I’m sold on her being ED. That girl's got a mammoth ego and loved being dressed as The Golden One (El Dorado > La Dorada?) right under the noses of all those fools searching for ED.

Yep, Estela has a body that won’t quit, but not the sparkle of our feisty Laura. Diana, I agree "Ryan is realizing that a woman fawning over you all the time gets old quick." My guess is Estela is realizing her "assets" aren't enough. Insecure much, dearie? Maybe she saw the longing in Ryan's eyes when he saw Laura.

I vote Jimmy got himself mixed up in the same cult as Blake before his rehab, but that he isn't Blake's son. I sure hope he’s not his son cause I’m so done with the Blake storyline.

Love that Nazario is double-crossing Danilo. Sweet!

Note to the Univision editor: César Évora is a big star. His doing a guest appearance in Doble Vida is a big deal. If you had left his cut scene in and showed just a smidgen of it in the previews running throughout the day, it would've boosted Univision's ratings last night. Folks who aren't already following Doble Vida would've tuned in just to check out César Évora as Walter Cabrera. So, please make your bosses happy and quit with the editing.

Julie..or maybe Steve is Blake's son. They both had sandy colored hair.

The guy who took the box of Milton's bulletin board notes..was he the same guy mopping behind Milton in the office the other night? Is it Nazario?

You're very welcome, Niecie. I agree..."Estela has a body that won’t quit, but not the sparkle of our feisty Laura." I also agree with others, Laura is also a beautiful woman; and as someone said yesterday, sh is beautiful inside and out. The difference is that Estela is more sculptured...more of a "model" type than Laura, so physically, IMO, she would be more appealing to men.

Woohooo! I hear rain...but I shouldn't say it too loud; I might scare it away.

SusanLynn. I don't think the sweeper was Nazario, but he could have been the sniper and the man who took everything from Milton's office. My question is: if he was there sweeping, why wouldn't he have taken everything right after Milton left the office instead of waiting until after Milton was dead?

And it is nice and sunny here.
Something for everyone!!

Excellent Rgv Chick.

Let it rain. Let it rain.

Niecie, one of the reasons I tuned into this initially was for Cesar. Those dulcet tones. What a let down for all of us that wanted to see every bit we could of him. And as you noted, he is a major star. What a disappointment it must be to see your work on the cutting room floor. Granted, most of this has been lean protein rather than filler, but there were a few Leticia and Morgana scenes that could have been shredded instead. Every cut scene, particularly the scene where Tona and Fausto were caught were pivotal. We, the audience deserved to see these. Ack.

Diana glad that you are finally getting some rain . We are enjoying the same weather as Julie ..sunny , no humidity, and only in the upper 70s\lower 80s. ..good mowing weather.

In the RL news, Julian Alvarez linked to money laundering. Wonder if he will lead them to Furia jajaja

Yes getting rain...beautiful!!

RGV Chick: What's this rumor about Steve being Logan's biological kid ?

In other news down here in my home state of TX: former TX Governor Mark Wells White, Jr., has been laid to rest with full military honors at the TX State Cemetery in Austin this afternoon.


Steve, I think you're confusing Logan and Blake. Blake is the one that was running for mayor and committed suicide. Blake and Jimmy, Steve's cousin, sport the same tattoo; so the speculation is how the two are linked. The popular vote is that they were from the same gang/cult...not blood-related.

RgvChick this was an award winning episode. And your recap put it over the top.
For $1000.00 question "who is ESTELA CORRILO"? "EL Dorado". Poor Milton had the answer And Laura had the question. Neither the Two ever met cuz he got offed.
I wonder if that little old guy that
Danilowererer thinks is workin for him
Is the guy that estela/ed sent to stop
The answer to the question from being outed.
She was dressed in gold now all she
Need is oscar, cuz shes actin Her ass
Off. And shes threatening laura. Whats a girl to do when shes been outed? Or
Not. So many questions.

Mercyme is addicted to those Tictacs.
How are they gonna last when she's takin 3 to 4 or 5 at a time. And those Tictacs are not $100.00 a pop.

I can see estella being Eldorado.I mean it's been 3 years and Ryan has pretty much moved on with his life got a wife and one and a half kids which means he's forgotten all about her and so she got pissed off and she wants to take revenge because Wally and mercy wouldn't help her dad out so she decided to go dark. Well somebody is El Dorado and if it isn't Stella who is it going to be? somebody That will totally probably shock us to our undies. Questions questions questions And we still haven't gotten an answer yet and it's another month.

Thank you Ms Chick.

Nina - it's not another month. It's another WEEK! (roughly)

Question: what was Nestor and/or El Dorado doing with a baseball card from the 1950s?

Another question: "[Robin] explains that the police don’t think Milton’s assassination is related to his work because he was killed by a high-powered rifle."

Wut? Are there designated weapons for killing people in different professions?? These aren't Batman villains, they're not going to feed him into a printing press or something just because he's a journalist.

If they meant that they didn't think Milton had enough journalistic clout to merit being murdered, that's a different story... except if they hit him with a high-powered rifle it sure looks to me like they meant to do it. And there wasn't (apparently) much else in Milton's life besides journalism.

Even if Milt had been nothing more than a grade-Z celebrity gossip columnist, that's not to say that he couldn't have pissed off the wrong celebrity - perhaps one who's involved with gangsters (coughcoughcough)

So that was a weird thing for the police to tell the Boy Wonder.

I think I knew that Julie, I just forgot. Iam happy about it being another week roughly, cuz another month of this NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Julie, Maybe the real Lucio Galvan was someone's favorite baseball player and since they wanted an alias they used that name...since the baseball player is dead?

I too was baffled by the police thinking that the shooting was not related to Milton's work. Maybe their logic is that the sniper intended to do random shootings?

Thank you, Nina. " She was dressed in gold now all she, Need is oscar" I love the way you oscar is probably what Estela would really like to have for all the performances she's been putting on to snag Ryan.

Ack!! I am working on tonight's recap. Rgv Chick provided very detailed notes, so I thought this would be a breeze. I was wrong! Univision (or perhaps Televisa) took out several scenes that were in the Mexican version... and added a few scenes that were not!

So I am adding the scenes that are missing. Some of them are interesting. And then I am trying to trim this whole thing down to a manageable length.

Take your time, Julie. It was an intense episode and I know you'll do an awesome job as you always do. Stupid Looneyvision is making us all looney!

Their first looniness is not Givin is closed caption. Or are they In charge of that? I know I told AlFredo I was going to call them again but I didn't get around to it cuz I had a long day rather busy day, I'm going to do it tomorrow. God willing!

Oops. I meant to post a discussion header like an hour ago. It's up now.

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