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La Candidata Jueves, 8/1/17 Chapter 36: Gerardo or Your Family

Vice is nice but incest is best” could have been Caligula's motto; now it appears to be Cecelia's., thanks to her mother, the Agrippinilla of our tale. One can only imagine what her parents had been like for her to push her own daughter into something as perverse as this. Caligula and Nero would be proud of her.
  • D.D.

Chapter Thirty-Six: Gerardo or Your Family

Regina looked inside Cecelia's home and from the door saw Emiliano in only his briefs. She ordered him to get dressed immediately because she was bringing him home. He refused. She told him to get dressed so she could speak with Cecelia. He backsassed her by saying that things were fine until she showed up. Cecelia demanded to know what this was about and told her she would not be threatened in her own home. Emiliano said they were busy. Regina got tough with Emiliano and ordered him to get dressed so she could talk with Cecelia. He insisted that they talk in front of him. Cecelia sent him back to the bedroom so she could talk with Regina. After she smirked at Regina in a Mean Girl manner.

Before you reproach me, he's in love with me and he called me a little while ago. He was very desperate. He came to me and I take good care of him.”
How long have you been fucking my son? Alonso knows about this.” Cecelia turned around in shock to face her.
Neither woman knew that Alonso was just outside in his car and telling Hector to find out what was going on. He had no intention of being discovered by either his wife or his former paramour.
Don't interfere with my private life,” Cecelia said. “Besides your son came here for me to help him. He wouldn't be in this situation if you would listen to him.”
So I should be grateful that you are fucking a boy who could be your son? Besides that he's also your boss's son. Why are you doing this?”
Because he's lost. He's sad. I understand him. Regina, your son is at the point of losing control of his life.” She looked like she wanted to smile.
What is this? Your justification for your immorality? Your abuse? Emiliano is a confused youth. And immature. You should have a little prudence.” 
That's why he called me. He came to me for help when you are too wrapped up in your own problems to take your proper place with him.”
I don't understand you. I don't know what your game is. I don't understand why you're getting involved in all this.”
I truly say don't pressure Emiliano because you'll only make it worse.”
I do not need your advice. I will talk to my son.”
You can't if he won't go with you,” she said with the same supercilious expression.
Emiliano!” Regina called. “Talk to him.” After shouting his name for the third time she went up the stairss.

Gerardo arrived home to find Ximena sitting on the floor. She started crying as he embraced her. It was the same old song in a worse key, complaining that everything has gone wrong because he was with Regina. She went on about being abandoned. Gerardo tried to comfort her and tell her that his relationship with Regina had nothing to do with her. However, she did not accept this.

Loreta went to see Mario about confronting Omar about Lorena. Mario told him he would need a favor in return and that Omar wanted to see Lorena dead and buried. He would see what the possibilities were but he would have to go home and wait. Mario then called for his men to escort him out. Lorena's life would depend on Loreta's decision.

Teresa was at the roulette table again. She looked either bored or sick.

Emiliano still refused to leave with Regina. She reminded him he had school the next day. Cecelia told him to, mostly because she did not want more arguments that evening. She sarcastically thanked Regina for her visit. Regina kept an eye on her until they left. She told Emiliano not to complicate things. As they went out the door she sat on the steps and took a deep breath. She clenched her fists briefly, probably thinking of her usual medicine for this sort of thing.

Nayeli made a drug deal and rushed back to Chivo's car. He told her to be careful if she wanted to work with him.

Natalia was upset at virtually being a prisoner in the house. She cried. José comforted her and they kisssed. Natalia had second thoughts about this. José told her he was in love with her and suggested they leave. He kissed her hand as Alonso arrived. She noticed just in time to avoid the possibility of Alonso seeing what had been brewing for a while. Natalia managed to handle Alonso's curiousity calmly enough for the moment.

Ximena begged Gerardo to give Teresa one more chance. He told her this was not possible because she can't control herself and they could not control her. Ximena told him that Teresa was working for Mario, which got his attention.

The following morning Jose asked about what happened with Alonso. Natalia told him it was not important, then asked him to get her out of there.
I want to be with you all day,” she said. They kissed.

Emiliano told his father that he had been expelled from school. Alonso wasn't quite ready to buy this and asked where he had been the day before. He said he was being questioned. He did not want to return to school, saying he wanted to go and work for him. Alonso walked away, saying nothing, but not pleased. Regina was on her way out and there was a mild confrontation. She reminded him that Cecelia was old enough to be his mother. This did not faze him. However, he went on about her reactions.
You don't want me to be with Cecelia, you don't want me to be with Ximena. Would you rather I be with Hugo?” He started walking away.
Where are you going?”
To listen to music.”
What about school?”
Talk to Dad.”
What do you mean?”

Marcia woke up in time to see Omar fully dressed and about to leave. He was not interested in talking to her. In fact, he didn't even stop to apply his perverted touch before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Ximena took a phone call from the hospital, then told her father that Teresa was in the hospital. She had passed out again at the casino the night before. She had not told him of the previous time “because you were busy.” He finally told her to go to school and he would take care of this situation.

Alonso paid a visit to the principal of Emiliano's school. She correctly concluded that this was about his expulsion, assuming that he intended to donate money to readmit his son.

Cecelia was leaving for work. She wore a white blouse and skirt, but the blouse was designed to be open in the back and she wore it over a black brassiere. Whether that was to ignite Alonso's desire or due to her own background it was impossible to say. She got an unpleasant surprise when she opened the door to find Regina, who had not yet rung the bell.
You again?”
Yes, again. This time we can speak calmly.”
No, I can't. I'm on my way to work.”
You can call Alonso or Mauro to say you'll be a little late.”
Cecelia made a petulant sigh of annoyance.
What more do you want to know?”
What do you want with Emiliano? Do you want to manipulate Alonso? Manipulate me? What do you want?”
Do you want the truth?  I warn you it's going to hurt.” 

Lorena woke up on a bed in the middle of what looked like a storeroom. Mario walked in with a plain white-bread sandwich and a glass of orange juice, which he placed on a table. She asked who he was. He did not answer, but told her that she was in a bad spot and that Lareta was desperate to save her. He was going to use her just as she used Omar and Lareta. He caressed her face while saying that it was a shame she had made such powerful enemies. He rose to leave.
What are you going to do to me?”
That depends. I'm waiting for a call from Lareta. If he does as I ask, you're free. If not, you know what I'm going to do.”
She probably never ate the sandwich.

Gerardo escorted Teresa out of the hospital. She looked as though nothing had been wrong in the first place. He demanded an explanation about her association with Mario.

Emiliano was the only recourse I had to avoid your husband's advances.”
Are you using my son?”
You think I want anything with your husband?”
You are disgusting. You are... words fail me, Cecelia. You have no limits.”
It's your husband who has no limits.”
I don't want you near my son. And more, I never want to see you again. Do you understand?”
I'm sorry, but I won't leave Emiliano. I will not stop seeing him because that would suit you. I can control him. Because neither you nor your husband can control him.”
At first I thought you were fucking my father. Later I thought you were doing so with my husband. It turns out you're fucking my son. You can fool around with as many men as you like but you can't mess with a mother's love.”

Mauro looked through some files at his desk when Magda came in with a tablet on which she showed him the first campaign commercial for Alonso. The poor boy they had taken from the slums talked about how Alonso is helping his father and cares about people. He approved and told her to contact the others. When he mentioned Ceceila and Emiliano she tried to get him to stop. He then needed to contact Omar.

Israel and his daughter-in-law talked about the expensive coat she had stolen. She was concerned – but only for a moment – that her friend could get into trouble over it being missing. Israel told her not to worry. He would sell anything she would steal and soon “We can live as we deserve to.” She asked sarcastically if he thought he was winning the lottery.

Regina confided the recent events to Daniela as she tried repeatedly to get her father on the phone. He had arranged for Cecelia to work for Alonso and needed to know about this; in fact, she was sure he knew. She was sure Cecelia was manipulating Emiliano and that this was not leading anywhere good. She was almost sure that Alonso knew. She stepped out of the room and almost began to cry. Daniela changed the subject, telling her she would have to address the worker and she would have to do it alone because Gerardo wasn't in the office.

Mauro held a meeting at which he was being told that Alonso wasn't making good on his campaign promises. These pirates of industry were demanding compensation of some kind. Mauro somehow managed to keep a cool head.

Omar talked with the owner of the café in which Marcia worked. He wanted everything the man knew about her. He repeated that word at him.

Mario met Ignacio, who wanted to know whether he had learned anything about Nayeli. He was desperate to find her, trying to do the father to father appeal. Mario told him that his people were working on it. They were interrupted by one of Mario's goons.

Emiliano thanked Alonso over the phone as he met with two of his classmates. He told them there would be a party at his place and there would be girls. Professional ones.

Natalia and Jose arrived at a secluded house, likely one that had belonged to her family. It would now be their love nest.

Ximena was at home when Gerardo walked in with Teresa, who immediately attacked Ximena, calling her a traitor. Gerardo jumped in and restrained her as Ximena got out of her grasp. She fought him and he told her to calm down. She tried to attack Ximena again but Gerardo told his daughter to go back downstairs while he spoke to her mother. When she complied he questioned Teresa about Mario.
I want to know what you've been doing with Mario. And I want the truth because I will find out.”
I work in a real estate office.”
And spend the whole day in the casino?”
Yes. Just investigate me.”
Go and get your things. I want you to go back to your house. Get your things.”
Go and get your things.”
She tried to pull a little-girl pout manipulation on him, but it was completely ineffective. She finally went into the next room.

Regina met with constituents to explain the financial difficulty and that Alonso would be fighting her. They told her that they stood behind her. Mario entered without knocking, telling her that he was responding to her messages. One of the others suggested that perhaps he could help. Mario pretended that it would please him to do so. They then shook hands with both Regina and Mario, who must have been laughing to himself at that moment, and left.
Tell me the truth. Do you expect me to help with your campaign?” he asked.
If you want to help me, get Cecelia out of Emiliano's life. You know she's been boinking him.”
Mario was caught off-guard, but it barely showed.
Cecelia with Emiliano? That can't be.”
Of course it can. You know.”
I swear I don't know anything.”
You arranged for her to work with Alonso.”
But Cecelia with Emiliano... it's impossible.”
How is that impossible? Why?”
Because she is a serious woman and there is the age difference –”
You can't talk to me about age differences or those other things. I saw them. And you know what she said when I confronted them? That she preferred him to my husband. Get her out of my son's life. Now, Father.”
Mario was truly at a loss.

Gerardo forcibly escorted Teresa and her suitcase to the curb and hailed a cab. He put her in the back seat and gave the address to the driver. She ranted at him that she couldn't believe he was doing this to her and that he would regret it. As the cab pulled away he called Ximena but got her voice mail. He left a message for her to call him as soon as she got the message to let him know where she was.
She was walking down another street leaving a desperate voice mail for Emiliano to call her as soon as he heard the message.

The café owner reported to Omar that Marcia was from a provincial town, a good and reliable worker, and that was all he had. He asked whether Omar had a problem with her and he said he did not. He only wanted to confirm that she was trustworthy. The café owner excused himself and went back to work. Omar actually looked disappointed but that could just as easily have been because Lareta arrived. Omar told him to sit down. Lareta did, but told him that he was tired of being treated like a servant. He left. Omar made a call, then saw the new campaign ad on a TV monitor.

At the same moment Alonso and Cecelia were watching the ad in his office. She had been telling him about the encounter with Regina, and that “I told Regina I was using Emiliano to control you.”
She was furious, wasn't she?” he laughed.
Well, yes. Yes. I've got to tell you something, Alonso, your wife is very dangerous.”
What could she have that makes her dangerous?” he laughed.
She has something you don't have. Morals.”
Morals? She has morals? Well, yes. In politics. And in politics it's a weakness. That shows how vulnerable she is and how powerful I am.”
He was more smug than he had any right to be and she knew it.

Hector went up to Emiliano's room at his summons.
I want you to hire three strippers,” the boy said.
Hector had not expected anything like this. Emiliano told him he was giving a party for his friends. His grandmother was out, his father wouldn't give him any trouble “because you're was not to tell anyone.” Hector did not reply. Emiliano began cracking the verbal whip and Hector left the room.

Cecelia stopped by to visit Isela before going home after work. She told her about Regina catching her almost in the act with Emiliano. Isela could not have been more pleased. Cecelia became worried about what Mario might do. Isela said that Mario would not be able to do anything. She told Cecelia she should just concentrate on managing Alonso and Emiliano. “Only you can control Alonso.”

Mauro told Alonso they were on the brink of an economic crisis. Alonso didn't want to believe it. He said he was obliged to listen to him but not do as he said. Omar came in without knocking and Alonso assumed that he was there to reproach him for the way he treated Marcia. However, he was wrong. He wanted Lareta “to have an accident. He threatened me. I want him to die.” He was willing to give up Marcia in exchange.

Noemi lay in her bed while Mexico's version of Nurse Ratched sat in her room reading a magazine while she watched over her. Someone knocked on the door. Noemi told her to see who it was. She opened the door and Cecelia entered, not waiting to be invited.
What are you doing here?” Noemi asked.

Gerardo walked into Regina's office without knocking and grabbed Mario by the lapels. He demanded to know what Mario was up to with Teresa. Regina and Daniela separated them. She demanded that her father explain this, but Mario said “Whom will you choose, your family or this animal?”


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Mario's reaction may have been missed by Regina but not by us. He is weirded out by this. He doesn't know about Isela's plan to destroy Regina but he will do something about it once he finds out; this would interfere with his Master Plan. Until Regina finds out what he's been doing he will benefit if she is elected. However, she will have his number before that; I think that winning the election is the finale.

Sauce for the goose.... good for Natalia if José is sincere. It bugs me a little that he is significantly younger than Alonso. Also, how is he going to protect his mother from Omar and his goons? If Natalia can front him some money to get his mother to a safe place... I hope we'll see that soon.

As for Teresa, maybe Gerardo will get lucky and she will have a brain tumor. Death may be the only thing that gets her out of his life.

Nayeli's involvement with Chivo puts her on the Dead Girl Walking list. I don't see her making it to the end of this story.

Considering the levels of deception that Mario, Omar, and Alonso have carried out it would not surprise me if Alonso turns out to have been Magda's son and was switched with a dead or deformed baby. To compound that, perhaps both Magda and Natalia were deceived in the process.

Thanks for the very clever and complete recap, Urban. I loved the "Vice is nice . . ." Yes, Nayeli is a "dead girl walking". I am hoping Teresa can join that club.

So bizarre and downright creepy for Regina that Emiliano ( line the dog he is) obeyed Cecilia and not her.

So, Alonso bails his son out of his expulsion mess with no obvious consequences and the next thing the brat is doing us planning a party with strippers.

BTW, why would Héctor think that getting strippers (really hookers) for Emiliano for another secret party is okay? Didn't!t Hëctor gave to break up and hide the evidence of the last party? Isn't Alonso the one who pays Héctor his salary?

Nice to see Omar concerned about something beyond his divorce eventhough it be murder. Surprise: ."Marcia" has now become negotiable.

I loved the look on Mario's face when Regina to,d him that Cecilia was sleeping with Emiliano.


That was priceless. For a second he looked like he was really going to lose it.

Alonso could blow a gasket when that party causes a problem, and it will. However, I sometimes think he allows Emiliano to get away with crap just to be contrary to Regina.

Either that or the old "boys will be boys" mentality that allows him to cheat but Regina not.

I had an ex who threatened to cheat on me if I ever gained a pound. Although he was also a Leo he was no Jorge Salinas, so he was in no position to make such a statement. I pointed out that cheating is the worst insult anyone could make to someone they had made a vow of fidelity to. It went right over his head, which is one reason I ditched him.

Back to our tale... I wonder what Alonso's parents were like when he was Emiliano's age. Natalia clearly loves him in a normal maternal way but one must wonder about Omar.

Thank you so much, Urban! Havent seen the episode but the recap was great. Rome was such a fascinating place...so much advancement and depravity working side by side.

Im sorry you had a partner like that...I am constantly shocked at the things people say to people, especially when they are in no position to demand anything.

As for our tale, boys will boys is the name of the game. Omar and Natalia were probably outwardly loving and Alonso saw that and wanted to emulate it in his own life. Having said that, Omar probably always told Alonso that a side piece is not uncommon so theres that.

Really good UA and thanks.

"She tried to pull a little-girl pout manipulation on him, but it was completely ineffective"

Teresa and Emiliano should hook up next.

Two people disappointed me last night, I want more of them. Regina still allowing Mario to barge in unannounced when she has people in her office and Ximena calling Emiliano for comfort.

Why does Ximena keep calling Emiliano? These kids are obviously clingingti any sort of affection because every time shes with Emiliano he is either drugged, trying to force himself on her or trying to get drugged. Add that to he cheated with Nayeli and how he treated Hugo, I wouldnt want Emiliano in my life at all.

UA: You're agreeing with me that Regina will eventually become President ?

Alfredo: I'll have no problem with Emiliano getting whacked!

Thank you Urban. So now Isela is encouraging Cecelia to control Alonso and Emeliano through sex and she seems to be succeeding. She is also making sure that Regina knows about this. I also loved Mario's shock when he realized that Cecelia was having an affair with Emeliano. I also found Cecelia's comment to Alonso interesting - that Regina had morals. Of course, Alonso dismissed this with scorn. What is Omar proposing? Is it that Lareta should be murdered and get Marcia in exchange? Does he also want her murdered or to become Mario's prostitute?

Excellent recap, Urban! Emiliano just gets creepier and creepier, though Cecilia is right that he's on the point of losing control of his life. In the real world no underage kid would be expelled from school (presumably even a private one) without the parents being informed. It's interesting that in corrupt telenovela Mexico even an expulsion can be fixed with a bribe. Otoh, this would be a great reason to send Emiliano off to military school. Speaking of expulsions, I once served on a school board. As in most US school districts, I believe, there's a fairly lengthy process plus a school board hearing before a student can be expelled, and we were by no means rubber stamps for the school authorities ("You call that a knife? That's a charm for a charm bracelet and it's still on the bracelet. It isn't even sharp.") Of course, Emiliano probably attends a private school, which may have different rules.

Thank you for the recap Urban, great job as always.

Tofie: I completely agree about Ximena being a disappointment because she is constantly calling Emiliano. IMHO he is probably the biggest loser in this TN, not the most corrupt, or the dirtiest, or the most annoying, but definitely the biggest loser. So Ximena could do a lot better even if she hooked up with El Chivo...

I am actually surprised at Mario's reaction, it was too subtle, which is more evidence that he has no soul. He is the devil himself.

Marcia is now yesterday's news. Omar is ready to move on.

I actually feel bad for Hector, having to do all of the dirty work for the brat. And he gets treated like trash. I hope there is something better for him in the horizon, but I doubt it.

Thank you Urban for a wonderful job, I really enjoyed it.

Ximena really has some bad emotional problems. She is such a mess and needs therapy badly. As for Nayeli, I think we will find her dead soon. She is walking a very dangerous road. The thing is she doesn’t have to, but she just chooses to.

I’m glad Gerardo put Teresa in a cab and sent her away. Now I am wondering what kind of mischief she is going to get herself into now? Of course she will blame everyone else, especially Regina for her predicament. She is so toxic and that toxicity has ruined Ximena. Teresa is all about herself and extremely narcissistic. She doesn’t really love anyone or put anyone else’s needs above her own.

I am not enjoying the José and Natalia stuff. But it’s not as bad as the Marcia/Omar affair. I wonder why Omar was asking Marcia’s boss what he knows about her? I wonder what his next move is and if Marcia will be dead soon. Maybe he thinks that no one will notice if she is suddenly “gone.” All she had to do was say the word “marriage” and that sure did turn him off. All he wants is a prostitute, not a wife. And with a wife, all he wants to do is beat her and drag her down.

Oh give me a break with Emiliano! Strippers? And he wants Hector to be silent on this? Doesn’t Hector report to Alonso?

Cecelia is just sick, so sick. She could have walked away from her mother’s and Mario’s bad influence and gotten a good job in the USA if she went to school here. How in the world do people live with themselves when all they do is crap like this and live their lives totally without morals? As she told Alonso, Regina has one thing over him: Morals. Regina seeks to do the right thing personally and in front of people. But her family doesn’t appreciate that aspect about her. Emiliano just wants a phony mother who gives into his every whim. Her parents and in laws just want her to be in Alonso’s shadow. Alonso just wants a showpiece for a “first lady”. He deserves to be nothing but alone.


Hector could end up on the Dead Pool list if Alonso caves to anything that will earn him points with his offspring. But strippers in the house should be a line that this brat can't cross.

I'm actually surprised that Cecelia talked about morals. The way she behaves we would expect her to laugh at the word.

Urban, maybe Cecelia does want to give lip service to what is right and what is wrong. But she certainly doesn't live it.

The ick factor of sleeping with her nephew aside, Ceceila serving up the young blonde prostitute to Mario did it for me. She knew the girl would die and she didn't lose any sleep so whatever she does now is downhill.

Of course "La candidata" could always pull one of those telenovela switcheroos and it will turn out that Cecilia isn't Mario's daughter after all. However, I'm not holding my breath.

I've thought of that one. DNA testing has only been around for a little over 20 years, so no proof available when she was born.

If this is what will happen Mario will kill Isela with his own hands.

Tofie, let's not forget the Ick Factor of boinking both a father and a son. so Cecelia is headed for the deepest level of Dante's Inferno.

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